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The Premier League, better and stronger

This fall, we are shuffling the cards a bit in the Premier League, which has been a symbol of excellence in Quebec’s ball hockey scene for many decades. We are excited to announce that from now on, it will be known as the Premier /Heritage League. Already gathering the best teams in the province and nationally, this change will allow us to stay on top of the game and spice things up!

In addition to the traditional teams playing in the Premier League, we will now include teams with players representing their cultural heritage, such as Greece, Lebanon, Haiti, and many more to come. By doing so, the league will become even more competitive and will allow the “Heritage” team to prepare for the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation ( World Championships.

It is important to mention that all teams will continue to be able to participate in the National Championships div. A-D ( by winning either Division A or Division B of the Premier/Heritage League.

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