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Masters 35+ division

Friday December 1

(5)National vs Devil Dawgz(2)

National aim to get on track

Despite being a playoff bubble team over the course of the season, National put out one of their best games in what was nearly a must win versus the Devil Dawgz. So much was on the line for the two sides seeking that that last playoff spot. With the second period winding down to its final seconds, F.Metellus beat the buzzer to put National up 2-1.That goal undoubtedly sparked the rest of his club to play a relentless third period that saw their captain M.Pinheiro take charge with two big goals. This was first of two games of a double header night for National.

(5)HBHA Seniors vs Bijoux(4)

Big John Kontitsis comes through for HBHA Seniors

When in doubt, look to your captain to get it done. J.Kontitsis scored a tie breaking goal with just under five minutes remaining in the game to beat Bijoux 5-4 on Friday night. Both sides depended on only a few players to get much of their offense going.The HBHA Seniors saw G.Vouloumanos strike three times while their leader J.Kontitsis riffled a pair. As for Bijoux , P.Charbonnneau was in fine form once again bagging three out of his clubs four goals. By the way the match was going, Bijoux had to deal with the frustrations of tying the game on four occasions unable to ever grab that lead.

(8)National vs Hawks(4)

Make it a double, National getting hot at right time

Prior to the night, National had only one win to show for but that suddenly changed as they doubled their success in only two hours. The Hawks were hoping to hang in there and keep the game as close as possible without their regular net minder, but that didn't transpire as National smelled blood-from the beginning. In that span of only two minutes, O.Meilleur and E.Vigneault each scored and the Hawks knew they had a long night ahead of them. But despite the goaltending issue, National was clearly the better of the two sides. They worked harder and out ran their opponent that resulted in a deserving victory. O.Meilleur led the way with a hat trick and E.Ferlatte was right behind his teammate with a pair of tallies.

(11)HBHA Seniors vs Blacksox(4)

Blacksox playing with fire get burned

Everyone eying the bench- from both sides knew exactly where this contest was headed. The Blacksox didn't even have a player to change with and were forced to remain on the field for an entire 45 minutes. However, that could work sometimes but not against the two times champions, not a chance. But the Blacksox went with the right approach, and that was to make things as hard as possible for as long as possible. And in the end, they did an overall fine job keeping the game very close for about twenty minutes. Then, it was all downhill as the HBHA Seniors ran away with the contest. G.Vouloumanos was really feeling it on this night as the forward collected his second hat trick on the very same night. S.Nicholson isn't known for his scoring but showed everyone around him that he can also find the back of the net. The steady defenseman riffled three rockets as part of a five point performance.

(3)Stones vs Hawks(4) O.T

Stones strategy to put Hawks to sleep nearly worked

Playing without three very key components, the Stones couldn't have asked for a better game. They led 2-0 and gave the Hawks barely any space to generate chances. It wasn't till the late stages of the second frame when S.Govas finally broke the ice. From-there, the Hawks controlled much of the play and kept pressing for their second goal. E.Colella eventually did tie it up and the Hawks went ahead by adding one more goal with three minutes remaining. But the Stones weren't done just yet, D.Ramada riffled a desperate shot-from half court that found its way through the Hawks net minder. However, the Hawks did get the final word and it came to no one's surprise that S.Govas would end it. After dictating much of the pace throughout the entire match, S.Govas used his patented wrist shot that found its way to the back of the net for a second time.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to George Vouloumanos of the HBHA Seniors. On a double header night, G.Vouloumanos collected two hat tricks to help give his club six points and sole possession of first place.