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E Division

Sunday December 3

(4)Fatal Demons vs Lynx(1)

Fatal Demons get rewarded playing sound playoff style hockey

Even if it's just the regular season, it's good to get a dominant effort- from start to finish. They did just that in their drubbing 4-1 of the Lynx on Sunday night. Four different players scored and R.Ranieri was flawless for well over two periods. By the time the Lynx got on board, the deficit was too large to overcome, especially how tight the Fatal Demons were playing. D.Ugaldez got credited the winner and R.Ranieri was brilliant allowing only one goal against a powerhouse offense. With the Fatal Demons thoroughly dominating the action tempers flared between the two sides by the third period. It just went to show how these two teams will be prepping for the post season.

(7)Wild Dogs vs Les Immigrant(5) S.O

Leave it to M-A Haber to get it done

The Wild Dogs are glad to have a player like M-A Haber to their lineup. When one single player scores all five goals along with the shootout winner, it says a lot about how significant he really is. At no point during the game did Les Immigrant address the problem. Instead, the Wild Dogs star forward pretty much had his way making one goal after the other look easy. Despite his dominant effort, the Wild Dogs were stuck in a back and forth battle with Les Immigrant that saw both sides trade three third period goals. With overtime solving nothing, a shootout followed and both sides sent three players to take care of business. However, only one team scored that included tallies-from Haber and J.Haddad. Les Immigrant did the smart thing of sending A.Saglam, who just came off a two goal and three point performance only to get denied by A-R Dandachli.

(2)Brew Crew vs Shockers(3)

Shockers score three straight to rally past Brew Crew

The Shockers hoped that this game against the Brew Crew would put them back on track after dropping their lone contest of the season only a week ago. And after trailing 2-0, the Shockers reminded everyone what they are all about. There resilient and relentless style led to a three straight tallies with two coming by the third period. J.Collins evened the score right before his captain J.Blackman took charge providing the go ahead that stuck till the end. What makes this result gratifying for the Shockers was that they overcame a deficit against a team that normally seals it shut. D.Bourque kept battling between the pipes confident that his club would bounce back and take the game.

(8)Team Cuba vs Sportek(2)

Team Cuba end season on high note

After an average regular season,Team Cuba look to be hitting their stride with this result versus the Sportek. However, it wasn't until the second period when the flood gates opened. Team Cuba exploded for six goals and the score was 6-0 before Team Sportek finally got on board. K.Kersaint had a monster game sparking three markers as part of a six point night. On a rare occasion, E.Girouard collected more assists than goals. The sniper decided to set up plays that resulted in four helpers while still adding one tally not to lose his touch.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mark Anthony Haber of the Wild Dogs. In what was an incredible night, the Wild Dogs forward carried his club igniting five goals along with a shootout marker for a 7-5 win over Les Immigrant.

The E division regular season came to an end on Sunday night. With the Shockers capturing first place, they will be the only team to skip the opening round and head off straight to the semi finals. The first round match ups are as follows:

(2)Fatal Demons vs Wild Dogs(7) The Fatal Demons are a deep playoff team and should pass in this match up. However, the Wild Dogs to have a potential ace in the hole. If M-A Haber continues at this rate, then the possibility of a major upset is in the making.

(3)Lynx vs Sportek(6) The Lynx are simply too quick for Sportek. Unless they get lights out goaltending along with solid coverage, this contest won't be close.

(4)Brew Crew vs Team Cuba(5) The Brew Crew gave it to Team Cuba during the regular season and will look to repeat the same fate. With this being a do or die playoff game, both sides will likely play a chess style match which will ultimately be decided by mistakes.