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Fat Cats winners of F3 division

Wednesday January 3(F3 Finals)

Fat Cats crowned champions with back to back wins

It showed from the very beginning of the night that the Fat Cats were confident going into this series. Despite allowing an early goal, the Fat Cats rebounded instantaneously with four straight markers prior to the end of the opening frame. Four different players scored during that span, but G.DeMarinis and P.Nadeau did eventually add another for their second of the contest. Deadlast saw that the Fat Cats were ready and needed to figure out how to slow the momentum in game two in order to have a chance. However, it was deja vu all over again. The Fat Cats had another strong early start, this time hurting Deadlast on their own power play when M.Elfassy scored shorthanded to open up the scoring. And just to make matters worse for Deadlast, S.Hrivnak took advantage of the very same power play to double the lead. Still, Deadlast wasn't out of it yet responding in a big way towards the end of the second period where they reeled off two power play goals by C.Papadatos and J.Pantelis. By then, the Fat Cats carried a slight 3-2 lead but managed to widen the gap on two occasions when J.Scalia set up M.Elfassy for his second and J.Guerriero for the last goal of the series. At that point, the Fat Cats committed to every shift making sure that Deadlast would get nothing by G.Sangiovanni. The net minder was crucial in both wins facing a total of 57 shots while allowing only five goals. This was a slam dunk season for the Fat Cats that not only took the regular season with a 9-1 record but accomplished something bigger by reaching the finish line before anyone else. On behalf of, congratulations go out to G.Sangiovanni and the Fat Cats for getting it done.

(7)Fat Cats vs Deadlast(3) Game 1

(2)Deadlast vs Fat Cats(5) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to G.Sangiovanni of the Fat Cats.Deadlast entered the post season with an incredible 67 goals for in only ten games. That is 15 more than the second place Fat Cats. In hopes of fuelling off their offense, G.Sangiovanni was an obstacle for the high powered attack by allowing only five goals in two games.