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Venom winners of F2 division

Wednesday January 10 (F2 Finals)

(5)Venom vs Horsemen(2) Game 1

Venom surge by Horsemen to grab early series lead

A better start to the night definitely helped Venom get the better of the Horsemen. But despite being up 2-0, the Horsemen eventually overcame the deficit striking twice in just over a minute. The question at that point became how Venom would respond after playing a near perfect game for nearly two periods. That question was quickly answered thanks to one of their snipers .With the second period winding down, J.Courteau gave his bench plenty to celebrate by providing a huge go ahead marker. Although it was only a slight 3-2 lead, Venom was committed to grinding out the win. J.Quesnel-Vinet and Y.Gazura went on to add insurance, and M.Trivisonno made all the necessary stops to earn a gratifying victory.

(4)Horsemen vs Venom(2) Game 2

Horsemen refuse to go away

So how exactly did the Horsemen bounce back once again after being own 1-0 in a series? It was only a week ago that they pulled the rug from under the Armadillos feet with two incredible wins. With that being said, the Horsemen knew they weren't done, and pulled off another remarkable performance to level the series. This time, M.Vinciguerra out did his counterpart stopping nearly 30 shots that had only Courteau beat him on Venom's two lone goals. After somewhat of a slow start, the Horsemen only got on board as of the five minute mark of the second period. Once P.Sidhom cracked the ice, two more goals went in by the end of the frame and Venom knew they were in trouble. M.Mamoulides added some breathing room with an early third period goal which proved to be more than enough to force a third and deciding game.

(4)Venom vs Horsemen (0) Game 3

Pendulum swings back to Venom, winners of F2 division

Even though there was only five minutes for this game to start, both teams felt the intense anticipation knowing that 15 minutes or more would decide it all. With the first goal being so important, J.Quesnel-Vinet beat everyone to it by the five minute mark .The Horsemen had enough time t bounce back but only found themselves dug deeper when B.Deslauriers doubled the lead moments later. That tally may have turned this series into a virtual wake for the Horsemen, who knew that the odds were clearly against them. Just to make sure and erase all doubts, J.Courteau once again got his name on the score sheet providing a stapled 3-0 lead. Deslauriers went on to feed an empty cage and M.Trivisonno was sharp once more turning aside 8 shots for a shutout.

Both teams put forth a great performance that needed a mere 15 minutes to decide it all. Despite falling short, the Horsemen had a memorable run ousting the Armadillos with back to back wins, who had never lost till that point. But tonight the storyline belongs to Venom .M.Trivisonno was really tough to beat and J.Courteau rode a hot hand scoring at least once in all three games. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Mike Trivisonno and Venom for capturing the F2 Wednesday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Trivisonno of Venom. The net minder was cooler than ice on this important night capturing two massive wins that included a game 3 shutout.