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E Division playoffs

Thursday December 13(Semi finals)

(7)Raging Rhinos vs Smooth Sailors(2) Game 1

Second period explosion sets the pace for the Rhinos

Despite their horrific start allowing two shorthand goals on the very same power play, the Smooth Sailors put it past them with a heavy response late in the frame. However, once the second period hit, the Smooth Sailors fell apart at the seams. The Raging Rhinos took over completely striking four times without any push back. M.Nikas was part of the onslaught earning his hat trick after notching his clubs two shorthanded goals early in the game. Only three players found the back of the net out of the seven that went in. A.Papazian and J.Tzanetakos shared two goals each and F.Levasseur kept the door shut for two straight periods.

(5)Smooth Sailors vs Raging Rhinos(2) Game 2

Smooth Sailors Thwart Rhinos stars and even the series

S.Liparota had two goals and an assist and the Smooth Sailors found a way to slow down the Raging Rhinos high scoring players. The Smooth Sailors knew they had to come out stronger and did a great job early on winning the opening frame 3-1. And even though the second period belonged to the Raging Rhinos courtesy of a lone goal-from S.Pilon, the Smooth Sailors would eventually take over by the third. Liparota and C.Fragkiudakis wasted no time netting goals only minutes apart and G.Follano wasn't going to let this one slip away after a three goal cushion.

(3)Raging Rhinos vs Smooth Sailors(5) Game 3

Momentum continues over into game 3, Sailors advance to final

The Smooth Sailors couldn't have scripted a better end to their night. After being embarrassed in game one, this series flipped the other way with the Smooth Sailors earning two big consecutive wins. In the span of only five minutes, the Smooth Sailors put on an impressive display. Four different players had scored before M.Broccoli buried his second late in the game to secure and seal the series. The Raging Rhinos did have the better start jumping out to a 1-0 lead but quickly found themselves fighting -from behind.

(7)JLR Brossard vs Legends(6) S.O Game 1

Unlikely hero Joe DeStefano saves the day for JLR Brossard

If not for a very late goal by J.DeStefano, the JLR Brossard would have found themselves trailing in the series. Instead, the hardnosed forward not only scored once but struck for a second time late in the game to force a shootout. This contest swung back and forth several times with the JLR Brossard bouncing to a 3-0 lead. Then, after regrouping in between periods, a strong message was sent-from P.Santullo and the Legends would take over with a massive wave of goals. Five straight had gone in for the veteran side before a late push by the JLR Brossard complicated matters. With the shootout as the only determining factor, M.Gagnon and Payam Assadi came through for the win while A.Jalilvand was the only player to beat Pedram Assadi.

(2)Legends vs JLR Brossard(11) Game 2

Legends overpowered by superior opponent

To summarise this match up, the JLR Brossard were plain and simple the better of the two sides. Plenty of broken plays led to counter attacks. And when you have to go up against lines and duos consisting of J.Rochon, P.Assadi , J.Pantelis and G.Pisanelli just to name a few, you're asking for trouble. That kind of talent will almost never miss when given decent chances. The Legends had no choice but to go for it, but in doing so, a deadly counter attack would just make matters worse. Payam Assadi scored the most earning a hat trick.S.Robineault struck twice and nearly every player recorded at least one point in the onslaught.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joe DeStefano of the JLR Brossard. If not for his two goals that included a huge late marker, the JLR Brossard ran the risk of playing two consecutive games in order to pass the semi final round.

With the E Thursday division down to only two teams, the JLR Brossard will face the Smooth Sailors for all the marbles. Both these teams have arguably the top two guns of the division. G.Pisanelli being one of them for the JLR side,and M.Testolina for the Smooth Sailors. Since offense won't be the deciding factor, both teams will need to figure out each others tendencies to limit the damage. An obvious point will rely on the goaltenders to remain sharp. G.Follano and Pedram Assadi will perhaps be the reason why either team will be hoisting the trophy when it's said and done.

F Division playoffs

Wednesday December 12(Semi finals)

(7)Knights vs Mighty Drunks(6) Game 2

Desperation kicks in third period for Knights to level the series

An average two periods of hockey kept the Knights scrambling for answers. Knowing that it was now or never, a massive third period push ultimately put them over the top to extend the series with the Mighty Drunks. Y.St-Georges single handily carried much of the load as he's been doing for most of the season. In tonight's case, the highly skilled forward struck four times while setting up two teammates. Most of his damage occurred when it counted the most by the third period where he riffled three goals along with a helper. A.Jalilvand contributed as well with five points that included two goals. The Mighty Drunks felt that they let this one slip away but still had a shot at redeeming themselves in a third and deciding game.

(4)Mighty Drunks vs Knights (2) Game 3

V.Mancini powers Mighty Drunks to punch ticket for the final

In the short span of fifteen minutes, V.Mancini did a whole lot to help send his club through to the final. The slick forward scored twice, set up a goal and added some grit visiting the penalty box for at least four minutes. Both sides' traded early goals up until Mancini created a gap helping provide a significant 3-1 lead. A.Jalilvand did narrow the margin to only one with his second but that was as close as it got. The Mighty Drunks made it a point to shadow Y.St-Georges a little closer and did a perfect job keeping him off the score sheet. He didn't receive many shots but O.Caillet gave his club a chance to play with the lead which made a big difference.

(5)Decepticons vs Carnage (6) Game 2

Carnage sticks to last week's game plan

By simply applying hard work and keeping it simple, Carnage would once again edge out the Decepticons with an identical score as last week's game. Another consistency that played into the win was the constant threat of M.Pace. The Carnage forward never takes a night off as it's the only way he knows how to play. Pace scored two goals while setting up J.Bourlakos and D.DiGiacomo Jr's game winning goal. Considering how dominant he was only a week ago by netting a hat trick, the Decepticons were stuck playing without N.Delia. They did get some balanced scoring-from M.Deninno and Y.Leroux but it just wasn't enough in the end.

(1)Left Wings vs Underdogs (5) Game 2

Never say die Underdogs bring it to the limit

Whether it was complacency-from the Left Wings end or that the Underdogs were that much hungrier, this game wasn't close at all for what was on the line. The Underdogs clearly showed that they wanted it more. J.Eid benefited with a late first period power play goal and the snow ball effect was in motion for the duration of the game. The Left Wings, no matter how hard they tried just weren't able to keep up with a quicker side. The win came with scoring efforts-from five different players along with stellar goaltending by M.St-Laurent. Since game three was only moments away, the Left Wings already had the thought on how to approach their biggest match of the season.

(3)Underdogs vs Left Wings(1) S.O Game 3

Down to the wire, Underdogs survive wild finish

They would have loved nothing more than to end it in regulation but the Underdogs couldn't hold off a devastating buzzer beater-from J.Tzanetakos. With that tally, each side were stuck playing a five minute sudden death period and possibly a shootout to decide who would further their season or end it earlier than hoped for. But it wasn't in the overtime period that a winner would prevail. After sending some of their highly skilled players to take the breakaways, the Underdogs would eventually win the shootout and advance to the final. E.Salhany barely beat B.Verducci as the ball slowly tricked behind the net minder while M-A Haber used a sneaky move at the last second to fake out Verducci securing the victory. On the other end of the court, M.St-Laurent had the difficult challenge of going up against players such as J.Adamou and G.Gaitanis but still managed to deny both attempts.

(3)Horsemen vs Fat Cats(13) Game 2

Fat Cats pull away in second half of the game

For about half the game, this contest was still very up for grabs. Each side traded three first period goals and the Fat Cats only led 4-3 till the ten minute mark of the second period. Then, the Horsemen fell off a cliff and the Fat Cats kept whaling away with goal after goal. S.Hrivnak led the way with four markers followed with G.DeMarinis and J.Mancini as both players each tallied twice. The turning point perhaps occurred late in the second period when the Fat Cats strung two late goals for a four goal cushion. It was evident by then that the Horsemen lost motivation as they saw their season slowly bleed away giving up six more in a row.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Val Mancini of the Mighty Drunks. In his clubs most important game of the season, V.Mancini went on a tear, scoring two goals while adding an assist en route to a 4-2 win over the Knights.

The F1 & F2 divisions are now down to its final two teams. The F1 will feature the top two teams going at it with the Underdogs taking on the Fat Cats. This series will be determined on if the Fat Cats can match the intensity and work etiquette of the Underdogs. If they can, than look for the Fat Cats game breakers to make the difference, if not, the Underdogs will grind it out with their resilient style. As for the other final, Carnage will take on the Mighty Drunks for the big prize. Both teams are similar in many respects except for one key component. The Mighty Drunks have to make it a point on how to slow down M.Pace. If they figure that out than they'll have a chance, if not, look for Carnage to prevail.

D Division playoffs

Tuesday December 11(Semi finals)

(5)Punishers vs Bramabulls(7) S.O Game 1

A.Moffa's late goal saves game 1 for Bramabulls

A.Moffa was able to force a shootout when bagging his second goal very late in the game. In the shootout, G.Follano excelled denying two breakaways while A.Mirolla and M.Maggiore made sure to bury their chances. Both sides knew the importance of winning the this encounter, especially how tight this series would be. The Bramabulls did plenty of good things except for containing a key player-from the other side. And although they understood his threat, C.Gingras still got his way riffling four out of the five Punishers goals. With game one going in the Bramabulls favour, the Punishers had an hour to patiently wait and regroup to try and extend the series.

(2)Bramabulls vs Punishers(5) Game 2

Punishers clearly ready in bounce back game

Challenged by their captain J.Fidrilis to compete harder and raise their level of play, the Punishers stormed back with authority in order to force a third and deciding game. This contest was completely dominated-from the Punishers riding a 4-0 lead heading into the third period. The only time the Bramabulls got on board came fairly late in the game, and twice with power play goals-from the every same A.Moffa. Apart-from that, nothing went well for the Bramabulls. After setting up A.Laramee to get the ball rolling, C.Gingras eventually reminded his opposition that he wasn't done just yet. Gingras went on to add the Punishers last two tallies to secure a must win game.

(3)Punishers vs Bramabulls(1) Game 3

Game three hero A.Laramee sends Punishers to big dance

There was no doubt that A.Laramee was the key component of this important game. By providing his clubs first two goals, the Punishers would never look back completing a well earned accomplishment. The Bramabulls didn't address their foes-from game two and that was to get the better start. Only six minutes had gone by when Laramee spread his magic. Still not out of it yet, A.Mirolla kept the Bramabulls playoff hopes alive by cutting the lead in half. Unfortunately, one of the major problems that kept the scoring low for the Bramabulls was the play of A.Bitsakis. The young net minder remained cool and collective, and unless it was a grade A scoring chance, Bitsakis would not falter. Looking back, the Bramabulls had to figure out a way to try and capture the lead in their last two games in order to have a chance. The Punishers did their part and showed why they are deserving of reaching the final.

(8)Capitals vs AREZ(1) Game 1

Capitals continue onslaught into playoffs

Whether its the regular season or the post season, the Capitals had nothing changed-from their game. AREZ realised this despite formulating a disciplined game plan to limit the damage. C.Bezeau hit the net twice for a 2-0 lead and eventually added his third early in the final frame to complete a hat trick. By going down as early as they did, AREZ had no choice but to open up the game. And by doing so like struggling to get out of quick sand, the desperate side just kept sinking deeper. S.Morello took advantage collecting four consecutive points that included two goals. The only bright spot for the AREZ came in the third period when A.Zarzour finally got the better of C.Fortin. This loss would give J.Constantin one hour on how to dissect a very difficult opponent that barely has flaws in their game.

(2)AREZ vs Capitals(5) Game 2

AREZ couldn't put themselves in comfort zone

The one area that the AREZ have that is effective is their play with the lead. However, for a second straight game, they just couldn't get that first goal to try and make life difficult for the Capitals. Instead, the reverse happened and a duplicate scenario-from game one translated into this contest. The Capitals did all of their scoring in the first two periods that saw M-A Morin and his captain M.Champagne notch two goals each. AREZ did continue to fight winning the final stretch courtesy of P.Kawkab and J.Hassan but it just wasn't nearly enough. Even though the Capitals played this one with only eight players, it just didn't matter for how skilled they are. Perhaps, it would have been more difficult if they trailed but it wasn't the case largely thanks to C.Fortin, who was absolutely brilliant throughout the entire series.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to A.Bitsakis of the Punishers. With goaltending so important at this stage of the season, Bitsakis did not disappoint winning back to back games where he limited the Bramabulls to only three goals.

With both series coming to an end, the league leading Capitals will take on a very resilient Punishers team. Even though the Capitals won the season series 2-1, the Punishers did take the last one to hand the Capitals their only loss. There is no doubt that both these clubs are loaded with talent in all areas of their game. With that being said, the small details will come into play between winning and losing. Look for staying out of the penalty box as perhaps the most important thing to avoid for how well both sides move the ball.

4x4 Monday

4x4 Monday

Monday December 10

Chic Choc get shocked in first game come back in style to take the series.

After two disappointing losses last week for the Black Eagles, the team decided to show up in game 1 and surprises everyone by playing a hard fought battle and making the first place teams life difficult. S. Bois-Chasse did the majority of the damage scoring three for his club. The first place team decided in the next two games to play more to their style and demonstrate why they finished first by routing the Black Eagles. From goalie F. Gaudet-Peloquin playing solid in between the pipes to the multiple offensive weapons finding the back of the net. The Chic Choc used their entire bench to reach the finals.

(2) Chic Choc vs Black Eagles (4) Semi Finals Game 1

(4) Chic Choc vs Black Eagles (0) Semi Finals Game 2

(2) Chic Choc vs Black Eagles (1) Semi Finals Game 3

Two long time rivals exchange wins and need a mini game to come out with a winner.

Both teams have come accustomed to playing against each other as both teams have been in the division for a while. The Degenerates came out punching in this one making sure their opponent would be feared the whole night long. That game style worked during the first game as the Degenerates took a commanding five goal lead and P. Assadi made sure to turn every shot he faced away. But it was the 1 Timers goal to demonstrate that they were push over on this night and fought back into the series taking the game to the shoot out as P-A. Surprenant and T. Daigneault were the only contributors each notching a pair of goals. J. Courteau on his own decided that the Degenerates would win the series and made sure the momentum switch would not last as he individually scored another two goals in the last mini game.

(0) 1 Timer vs Degenerates (5) Semi Finals Game 1

(4) 1 Timer vs Degenerates (3) S.O. Semi Finals Game 2

(0) 1 Timer vs Degenerates (3) Semi Finals Game 3

Carmoni upset in quarters as The Corporation reaches the semis.

The Corporation showed up in fashion tonight making sure they reach the semis. The Corporation are well aware of what the individuals on their roster can provide them and will be expecting a lot more from them to make sure the remainder of the playoffs go just as well. F. Gentile and Y. Derohannessian were the main contributors for The Corporation as they each scored a hat trick in game 1 and 3 respectively. L. Dias also played three solid games pushing away as many shots as he faced being at the top of his game.

(3) Carmoni vs The Corporation (4) Quarter Finals Game 1

(6) Carmoni vs The Corporation (5) S.O. Quarter Finals Game 2

(1) Carmoni vs The Corporation (4) Quarter Finals Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Frederick Gaudet-Peloquin of the Chic Choc. After a bad first game the net minder turned up his game and only allowed one goal the remainder of the series to ensure his club makes it tto the finals.

The 4X4 Division 1 semi finals match ups are as follows:

Division 1

(1) Armadillos vs The Corporation (5) The Corporation are a top confidence level having upset their opponent to make the semis, the Armadillos are no strangers to busting bubbles and they will try just that in that series.

(2) Legacy vs Punishers (Mon) (3) Two very evenly talented teams match up in this series with a lot of playoff and hockey experience. Only time will tell who comes out on top, but the most talented players will need to shine.

The 4X4 Division 2 finals match ups are as follows:

Division 2

(1) Chic Choc vs Degenerates (3) The Chic Choc will need to play a similar style of game to come out on top on this one while the Degenerates will be expecting everyone on the bench to help out and contribute somehow.

E Thursday + Sunday

E Thursday + Sunday

Sunday December 9

(6) Lynx vs Brew Crew (7) Semi Finals Game 1

Brew Crew stun Lynx with unexpected second period. Late push not enough to capture game 1.

Lynx start off game in the best fashion by taking a two goal lead thanks in part J. Lang. But you can never count out the Brew Crew you got right back into the game and put the Lynx on the ropes and kept on punching taking a commanding four goal lead into the third period. Unfortunately for the Brew Crew the Lynx started fighting back and slowly cut down the lead. Until M. Rheaume scored his second of the game with less than two minutes to go. J. Lang was able to score two more goals in the final two minutes but the time ran out on the Lynx chances of tying up the game.

(3) Shockers vs Butchers (4) O.T. Semi Finals Game 1

Tight game between two teams gets decided in overtime.

Both teams are aware of how important the playoffs are and it seemed like both teams brought their A game. As each team went back and forth exchanging the lead until the final buzzer of regulation. With six different players finding the back of the net. With the extra frame starting up it was anyone's game. With C. Chirola notching the game winning goal with his shot finding the back of the net as M. Harrison had no chance on that one.

(5) Lynx vs Brew Crew (4) Semi Finals Game 2

Lynx don't make same mistake twice, make sure to control the lead until the final buzzer.

With over an hour to think about what went wrong with the first game the Lynx needed to make sure to keep the game close this time around and not dig themselves a huge hole. But D. Colatosti was going to make sure to not make life easy for the Lynx as the veteran forward scored the first three goals for his club. As the game was all tied up in the third, the Lynx finally got in front and S. Catalano shut the door the remainder of the way to secure the win.

(3) Lynx vs Brew Crew (2) O.T. Semi Finals Game 3

Game goes the entire distance with an extra frame needed to decide a winner.

It only takes one extremely talented player to switch on the light switch when the game is on the line to take the game to overtime. The Brew Crew had an extremely great start with N. Harvey and M. Rheaume each finding the back of the net and taking a two goal lead. But R. Beaver could not watch his season come to an end on this night, and the extremely talented forward single handedly scored two goals to take the game to overtime. Where J. Labadie was able to solve and find a way to beat C. Muccino to take his team to the finals.

(5) Shockers vs Butchers (4) O.T. Semi Finals Game 2

Butchers come so close to end the game on so many occasions but Shockers end game early in overtime to ensure a mini game.

The Butchers demonstrated that every time the Shockers were going to take a lead that they would retaliate and score a goal to tie it all up. As this happened on four different occasions where the Butchers were not going their first game victory go to a waste. The butchers tried so hard to overcome that hump in the third but M. Harrison shut the door until J. Blunt was finally able to score in overtime to send this game to a mini game.

 (4) Shockers vs Butchers (1) Semi Finals Game 3

With the momentum shift in full swing and the Butchers feeling tired Shockers take over.

With an important game three on the line and everyone's season on the line it all came to the last fifteen minutes. It seemed like the Butchers were all gazed out as they did not have enough juice left in the tank to play any longer. The Shockers being fully aware of the situation took control of the game and continued to hammer the nail in the coffin by mounting an three goal lead to make sure the Butchers could not get back into it.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joel Labadie of the Lynx. With a final push needed and a final goal to send his team to the finals Joel came out big for his club ensuring that his team has a chance for the final.

The E Thursday + Sunday finals match ups are as follows:

E Thursday + Sunday

(1) Shockers vs Lynx (2) The top two teams of the regular season will go head to head in the finals. Both young teams are accustomed to playing on a high stage as each team has made it to the finals in recent seasons. Each team will need to play to their strength and shut down the opposing teams forwards to have a chance to win.

Masters 35+ division

Masters (35+)

Friday December 7

(6) Bramabulls vs HBHA (3) Semi Finals Game 1

Bramabulls get thing started on the right foot with a dominating performance.

From the initial ball drop the Bramabulls seemed like they were playing at a higher level. The team decided to bring their gameplay to a whole other level. Defenceman F. Dominianni made sure his blistering slap shot was feared all night scoring two goals for his club. While M. Pololos was the sole player from HBHA to seem to have an answer for C. Muccino.

(6) The Peters vs Stones (4) Semi Finals Game 1

The Peters too much to handle in the first game of the semis.

The Stones knew they would need to limit their opponents’ chances and play a defensively responsible game and let the few opportunities make the difference in this game. Unfortunately, once the game started the game plan was out the window and the tones were trying to play an offensive minded game. R. Placentino the talented forward came out big for his club solving R. Ricaurte on multiple occasions and completing his natural hat trick in the third period. The Stones used a team effort having four different players find the back of the net.

(3) Bramabulls vs HBHA (4) Semi Finals Game 2

After an hour-long break, HBHA comes up with a new game plan to come up with the win.

With over an hour to think about what went wrong with the first game the HBHA needed a better start and a better team effort to come up with the win. With the starting the same way as the last one the Bramabulls coming out strong and taking a one goal lead into the second. C. Stavriadis came out strong stopping every ball he faced and allowed his team to come out strong and slowly gain momentum. As the third period started the tides shifted as M. Pololos and G. Vouloumanos finally got their team a lead they could control and come out with the win. The Bramabulls tried firing with all cylinders but it was to late we needed a game 3 to decide this series out.

(1) Bramabulls vs HBHA (2) Semi Finals Game 3

With the momentum on their side the HBHA continue their strong play and come out with the win.

With the momentum on their side it all came down to a decisive game three to decide the winner and the one moving forward to the finals. With every player on both benches knowing how important this game was for their club played to the top of their talents. J. Kontitsis came out big scoring both goals for his club and making sure the captain lead by example. While on the other side M. Diaco was the sole player to solve C. Stavriadis.

(9) The Peters vs Stones (4) Semi Finals Game 2

Game 2 not much different from Stones as The Peters continue to roll on all cylinders.

With an hour break and enough time to calm the troops and to come up with a new game plan, it did not seem like it did much help as the results were very similar. It seems like as the game wore on the Stones did not have the legs or the man power to run after The Peters as they controlled the second and third period. M. Denino who just showed up for the second game made his mark scoring two goals and R. Placentino continued to be explosive scoring another four goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Kontitsis of the HBHA. The captain lead by eample in the most important game of the playoffs and found the back of the net twice ensuring his club made it past the semis and into the finals.

The Masters (35+) finals match ups are as follows:

Masters (35+)

(1) The Peters vs HBHA (3) Both teams play a very similar style of play. A hard nose style where each player will pay the price to go into the boards and in front of the net. THE Peters have a bit more firepower that HBHA will need to be aware of and make sure those players are always accounted for.

E Thursday

E Thursday + Sunday

Thursday December 6

(3) Shockers vs Smooth Sailors (5) Inter Division

In an impressive battle of both teams Smooth Sailors come up on top at the end.

Two evenly matched up teams went up against each other tonight and the entertainment value of the game did not give out. With the game tied up at three goals a piece in the third, both teams started to play an undisciplined game and got into a penalty issue. Until L. Pennimpede scored with two minutes to go on the game. As the Smooth Sailors continued the undisciplined game, they gave all the necessary chances to the Shockers to get back into it, but J. Palmitano scored an empty netter to put the game away.

(2) Raging Rhinos vs Legends (3)

With entire standings left to be decided with the last game of the season, both teams had to bring their A game.

With the standings and the season coming down to the most crucial game of the season everything needed to be laid out and left on the playing field. Everything got decided in the second quarter as the Legends seemed to have the upper hand. With J. Courteau, A. Zarzour and E. Gabrielli were each able to solve N. Mauro. R. Ranieri did just enough stopping 28 shots and containing the high-powered offense of the Raging Rhinos to only two goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Rino Ranieri of the Legends. With the most important game of the season on line deciding important playoff matchups. The veteran netminder stood on his head and limit the high-power offensive power of the Raging Rhinos to only two goals on 30 shots.

The E Thursday semi finals match ups are as follows:

E Thursday

(1) Raging Rhinos vs Smooth Sailors (4) Both teams have a talented and deep offensive lineup, as this series seems like a high scoring affair. Both teams will need their goaltenders to step up and make those important saves when it all comes down.

(2) JLR Brossard vs Legends (3) JLR will need a full bench in this series as the Legends will never stop running and going after the ball. With the high-powered offense going up against a more defensive minded team it will be entertaining to see who prevails.

The E Sunday semi finals match ups are as follows:

E Sunday

(1) Shockers vs Butchers (4) The Shockers have demonstrating their willingness all season long and this series will be no different, but you can never count the Butchers out as they always have a few tricks up their sleeves.

(2) Lynx vs Brew Crew (3) Experience vs the young guns who will prevail? Only time will tell as both sides play an extremely different game style both games in series should be entertaining to watch and should have multiple storylines.

F Wednesday

F Wednesday

Wednesday December 5

(6) Carnage vs Decepticons (5) Semi finals Game 1

Late push not enough for Decepticons to get back into the game.

From the initial ball drop it seemed like the Decepticons were always a step behind their opponents in what should have been the most important game of the year. As Carnage started mounting a significant lead thanks in large part to G. Gammieri and M. Pace who each scored a pair of important goals. As the Decepticons finally woke up in the third, N. Delia was his usual self scoring a natural hat trick but it was to late to come out with the win.

(5) Underdogs vs Left Wings (7) S.O. Semi finals Game 1

Tight game comes down to the penalty shots to declare a winner.

A tight game saw both teams go pound for pound in the scoring department until the penalty shots, where a winner was finally declared. Both teams are known for their hard-working ethic and used a group effort to find the back of the net. F. Nasser was the sole player from the Underdogs who found the back of the net twice while J. Adamou and D. Provost Jarry did the majority of the damage scoring five goals together. The Underdogs will need to be more careful of the heavy hitters from the other side.

(7) Fat Cats vs Horsemen (3) Semi finals Game 1

Fat Cats all about business in their first playoff game.

A team that sees success on a yearly basis knows way to well how to deal with the pressure and to turn up the intensity when needed. Tonight, was no different as they brought forth their best effort and showed the Horsemen, they will have an extremely difficult battle to come out on top. The Fat Cats used their entire lineup tonight to take advantage using six different goal scorers and G. Sangiovanni was at the top of his game pushing away almost twenty shots.

(8) Mighty Drunks vs Knights (4) Semi finals Game 1

The Knights allowed the Mighty Drunks to walk all over them during the first two periods.

From the initial ball drop the Mighty Drunks were all over the Knights having goalie S. Sauk number scoring eight unanswered goals. Once the hole was to big to overcome the Knights finally woke up in the third and starting to slowly clay themselves back into the game. But the hole was to large to overcome. The Knights will need a better start if they wish to get a better result in their next game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Adamou of the Left Wings. When the going gets tough the best player on the field will always find a way to increase his gameplay and come up on top. Tonight, was no different as he scored three very important goals and set up another one.

D Tuesday

D Tuesday

Tuesday December 4

(1) Capitals vs Punishers (4)

Punishers start the night off strong dominating the Capitals.

From the start of the game the game the Punishers started the night in the most productive way. C. Gingras continues to cause havoc on the division and got his team to a strong start scoring two unanswered goals. Midway thru the second J. Rochon got his team on the board but that was all the Capitals were able to muster on this night.

(6) Arez vs Punishers (2)

Second game does not go as planned as Punishers don’t have the legs to close it out.

Both teams kept it close for the longest time as they each scored two goals a piece. But as the game wore on it became evident that the Punishers were tired from their previously played game and that it would not be easy to close this game out. Arez took advantage of the tired other side as four different players scored to take a commanding lead and halt any potential risk of the Punishers coming back into the game. With this important win Arez secures their place in the playoffs ending their season on the right note.

(8) Bramabulls (Tues) vs The Blast (1)

Bramabulls finish season in fashionable way, entering the playoffs with momentum.

In a very important night, nothing seemed like it could go wrong for the Bramabulls who certainly wanted all the chips in their hand entering the playoffs. The team scored in bunches and the majority of the bench accumulated multiple points. C. Fragkiudakis was the sole player to solve M. Dorismond twice as he accumulated a total of four points. While on the other side G. Follano played a solid game pushing away all but one shot.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Patrick Haber of Arez. In the most important game of the season the Arez needed all their players to step up and come up big to secure their spot in the playoffs. Patrick Haber did just that scoring two important goals and setting up another one.

The D Tuesday division semi final match ups are as follows:

(1) Capitals vs Arez (4) The offensive juggernaut is going up against the hard-working team. The Arez will be in your face from the start of the game until the finish, the Capitals will need to be patient and wait for their opportunities.

(2) Punishers vs Bramabulls (3) The two talented teams will match up and demonstrate their offensive capabilities during the entire night. Both teams will most probably go pound for pound and will need their goaltenders to stand on their head to try and get a slight advantage.

35+ Masters Quarter Final

Masters (35+)

Tuesday December 4

(3) Hawks vs Stones (6) Quarter finals

Late push wakes up Stones and saves their season.

With the playoffs starting, a new season began for all the teams. The Stones did not bring their A game early on in the game the game demonstrating that this do or die game may be over before it started. The Hawks bounced on their opportunities and took a one goal lead into the second. When the Stones finally woke up thanks in large part to M. Gagnon and K. Tsoukalas who each scored two important goals to help their team move forward to the semis.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathias Gagnon of the Stones. Mathias put everything he had on the court in such an important game making sure his team go to see the light of day and move on to the semis.

The Masters (35+) division semi final match ups are as follows:

(1) The Peters vs Stones (5) The Peters will demonstrate their offensive power while the Stones will need the A game of everyone on their roster to minimize the possible damage The Peters may create.

(2) Bramabulls vs HBHA (3) Two teams playing a closely identical game will see both teams battle until the last minute. Each captain will need to come up with a strong game plan to try and gain any type of advantage.

4x4 Monday

4 X 4 Monday

Thursday December

J. Courteau caused havoc from the initial ball drop until the dying seconds of the game.

Whatever the Degenerates did tonight it seemed like the Black Eagles did not have an answer for them. The Degenerates were all over the placed and controlled the game especially power forward J. Courteau who caused the majority of the havoc for his club scoring a total of seven goals and setting up another one. The Black Eagles will need to forget about this night real quickly and get back to their better ways with the playoffs right around the corner.

(0) Black Eagles vs Degenerates (7)

(2) Black Eagles vs Degenerates (4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Degenerates. The skilled power forward continued to cause havoc in the division scoring seven goals against an unmatched opponent.

The 4X4 Division 1 quarter finals match ups are as follows:

Division 1

(4) Carmoni vs The Corporation (5) In there do or die game anyone can prevail, both teams will need a full bench to compete and keep up with the other side, this one should be a buzzer beater.

The 4X4 Division 2 semi finals match ups are as follows:

Division 2

(1) Chic Choc vs Black Eagles (4) The Chic Choc will need to continue their dominant offensive game and keep bringing it to the other side. The Black Eagles will not be able to go pound for pound against their counterpart and will need a strong defensive showing.

(2) Timer vs Degenerates (3) Two long time foes match up in the semis with both teams having lots of playoff experience each one will play a patient game and wait for their chances to jump on a quick lead.

4X4 Monday

Sunday December 2

1 Timer run out of gas near the end of the second game allow the Black Eagles to steal valuable points.From the initial ball drop, the 1 Timers were in full control of the game, controlling not only the majority of the scoring chances but also the scoreboard. T. Daigneault was a force to be reckoned with tonight scoring four unanswered goals. But as the second period of the second game came to an end the potent offense of the 1 Timers dried up and allowed the Black Eagles capture the second game of the night and splitting their contests.

(6) 1 Timer vs Black Eagles (0)

(3) 1 Timer vs Black Eagles (5)

Monday December 3

Armadillos learn from their first game errors and eliminate all potential scoring chances from the Punishers.The Armadillos seemed like the team to beat tonight, from a great start to game one scoring four unanswered goals in the first period to completely collapsing and allowing the opposition to regain control and score six goals against them. S. Athanasopoulos and K. Tsoukalas were the main reasons of the comeback scoring two goals a piece. Once the second game started the Armadillos did not make the same mistake twice by essentially eliminating all potential scoring chances and taking a comfortable lead into the second period. The Armadillos used a team effort to score all four goals and C. Stavriadis pushed away all the shots he faced in the second game.

(6) Punishers (Mon) vs Armadillos (5)

(0) Punishers (Mon) vs Armadillos (4)

Degenerates not able to contain J. Farrese who single handily carried his team to the win. The Degenerates should have had one game plan tonight and that was to contain J. Farrese. The skilled forward was all over the place for his club contributing migratorily on the offensive side of the game collecting nine points. The Degenerates were not really able to produce much on a very silent night until the second game where F. Nasser scored two important goals, but that lead was short lived.

(0) Degenerates vs Chic Choc (5)

(3) Degenerates vs Chic Choc (8)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Farrese of Chic Choc. The skilled forward carried his team in the last two games of the season collecting nine points in the making to prove his worth at the most opportune time.

Premier League

Premier League

Monday December 3

(9) Black Knights vs United Armenians (2)

Black Knights too much to handle tonight as they convert the majority of their chances.

The United Armenians try on a nightly basis to perform and play a strong defensive game. Unfortunately for them, the Black Knights took advantage of their chances and scored multiple goals on G. Follano. S. Musacchio and G. Gelinas were the sole players to score multiple goals as J. Gagne continues to produce on a nightly basis producing another five points. G. Jerjian and R. Vartazarmian were the sole players to produce and show some sort of life for the United Armenians.


Tuesday December 4

(6)GK vs Black Knights (4)

First place goes to GK after defeating Black Knights in final show down.

This game was the last game of the regular season in the Premier division before playoffs begin next week.  The outcome of the game was important to both teams as the winner of the game would clinch 1rst place and home field advantage.

The first team to score was GK P. Genereux with 1:30 gone in the 1st  period giving GK a 1-0 lead.  Black Knights strike back quickly with J. Gagne slap shot from center ice tying game UP 1-1.  As the 2nd  period began we could see the intensity and skill.  Black Knights had a few defensive break downs allowing GK to score 2 goals taking a 3-1 lead.  Black Knights struck back O. Wahid gets the goals making it 3-2 at this point.  GK answered back with a goal from K. Vincent making the score 4-2.  The intensity of the Black Knights showed as they were able to tie the game with 2 goals from S. Rodrigue and a beautiful power play goal by Y. Tifu.  Both teams walked into the 3rd  period tied.  The final minute of the 3rd period decided the game, J. Gagne was sprung on a breakaway only to be turned aside by the GK netminder.  On the transition play J. Bradley was able to put a shot passed G. Vermette  giving GK a 5-4 lead with 1 minute left.  With everything on the line for Black Knights they pull there goalie, but only to have GK score in the empty net securing the win 6-4. 

Defensemen C. Mackenzie said after the game that he has not seen great hockey like this in a while. 

Playoffs begin next week with the semi match ups as follows

GK  vs  (4)  United Armenians Black Knights  vs  (3)  River Rats
E Division


Sunday December 2

(4) Shockers vs Lynx (3)

Late push cut short as T. Debonis secures the win.

The two top place teams in the division went up against each other tonight trying to secure their dominance entering the post season and making sure momentum is on their side. The Shockers got off to a better start grabbing a commanding lead with J. Blunt producing the majority of the offense. As the Lynx started to mount a comeback, cutting the lead down to one. T. Debonis made sure to secure the win. With less than a minute to go the Lynx were able to cut the lead once again but time ran out on their comeback.

(6) Butchers vs Fatal Demons (8)

Fatal Demons produce in numbers in their last game of the season.

With one last game to the season the Fatal Demons wanted to leave everything on the table by showing off the offense they were suppose to have all season long. By taking an early lead thanks in part to the offense they received by their defenseman. K. Araujo is known for his offensive skill carrying the majority of his team scoring three goals and producing an assist. While on the other side E. Nardelli scored half the goals and was able to complete his natural hat trick with less than 2 minutes to go.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tyler Debonis of the Shockers. With less than a minute to go the talented forward any hope of his opponent successfully mounting a comeback by scoring one last goal.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 30

(3)Bramabulls vs HBHA(6)

D.Andrade’s hat trick lifts HBHA past Bramabulls

D.Andrade made every shift count on Friday night. The hardnosed forward kept his foot to the pedal and by doing so he scored once in every frame to record a hat trick. It’s what comes to be expected from-players who work hard while having the skill to do good things with the ball. The HBHA have a pool of solid players as do the Bramabulls, but it was J.Kontitsis and his crew that approached the game in the right manner. By grabbing a 2-0 first period lead, the HBHA put themselves in a favourable position, and the Bramabulls felt like they were hitting a wall every time to try and bounce back. P.Charbonneau made plenty happen despite the loss scoring once while setting up two teammates.

(3)Hawks vs The Peters(4) O.T

The Peters strike late to edge out Hawks

There were many pesky players in this battle between the Peters and the Hawks. With that kind of intensity, everyone tends to elevate their game and fight hard on every play. Sometimes it goes one way and sometimes the other but in the end only one play decided the outcome. The Peters smelled blood when the Hawks took a late penalty and made them pay thanks to M.Crialese fighting hard to pounce on a loose ball. Both teams relied on good defense which often translates into good offense. The Hawks played close to one another and simply waited for their opportunities having no choice against some highly skilled players. The game could have tilted more in the Peters favour if not for P.Assadi, who was stellar between the pipes. As frustrating as the loss was for the Hawks, bringing the Peters to its final moments of a game can only have positive implications moving forward. A.Moscato had a good outing scoring twice in the loss.

(4)Hellas vs HBHA(10)

HBHA out number Hellas in landslide

It’s what came to be expected. Hellas has seen their season fade away by never addressing an important problem in order to compete, and that is a deep roster. Even though the players have the skill set and capacity to compete with any opponent, the required pace just isn’t there over the course of a hockey game. Their only chance is to start strong, build a lead and bear down defensively while getting exceptional goaltending. Neither of those factors came into play. Instead, The HBHA stormed out of the gate with three first period goals and never looked back en route to an easy win. P.Doulis bagged a hat trick while L.Loizou and his captain J.Kontitsis riffled two goals each.

(6)Bramabulls vs Stones(3)

Captain A.DiPerna sets the tone for Bramabulls

The Bramabulls captain absolutely set the tone with his play, which was just on another level. After getting his team off to a great start on two goals, A.DiPerna wasn’t done yet adding two more helpers to maintain control of the match. The whole team was able to follow his leadership rebounding-from an earlier loss. Marco Diaco, also matched his captains performance that included his patented slap shot late in the game. Both sides entered this contest with nothing on the line. The Bramabulls knew they were facing the HBHA no matter what place they finished in. As for the Stones, fifth place was locked in due to their favourable differential over Hellas.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony DiPerna of the Bramabulls. Unhappy with the way things ended versus the HBHA, the captain made it a point to rebound his club with four points in the second match of a double header night.

These games conclude the Maters 35+ division regular season. With the top three teams secured a semi-final spot, the fourth place Hawks will need to take on the fifth place Stones to see who will advance. That game will be played Tuesday at 8:00. The winner will eventually take on the first place Peters on the Friday in a best of three semi-final round. The other game features the HBHA and the Bramabulls.

E Division

Thursday November 29

(5)Smooth Sailors vs Legends(6)

Smooth Sailors fight back late before falling to Legends

Its never enough no matter how big the lead is against the Smooth Sailors. But rather than playing-from behind, the Legends put themselves in a better position early on winning the first period 3-1.A.Jalilvand provided two big goals for the two goal cushion and E.Gabrielli couldn't have scored a more beautiful marker late in the second period for a 5-1 lead. Gabrielli was trying to kill off a penalty but did it one better by battling out of a corner with a player on him only to find himself in front of the oppositions net where he faked out the net minder for a high lite reel goal. Nobody-from the Legends expected it, including Gabrielli. If the Legends planned to play the same way by the third than their night would have been stress free. Instead, the air changed and the Smooth Sailors took over. C.Palermo, A.Rapone and M.Testolina each took turns finding the back of the net. The only problem for the Smooth Sailors during that sequence was that S.Koulieris completely fooled R.Ricaurte on a quick wrist shot. The Smooth Sailors came close a few times to tying the game but R.Ranieri remained focused in net no matter how much pressure was coming his way.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Enzo Gabrielli of the Legends. Gabrielli scored on an incredible individual effort late in the second period shorthanded to put his club in the drivers seat heading into the third period

F Division

Wednesday November 28

(4)Fat Cats vs Horsemen (10)

Horsemen Maul Fat Cats in must win game

The urgency of what was a must win game kicked in for the Horsemen on Wednesday night. Not only they got the three points to almost secure a playoff sport, but won by a reasonable margin to nearly guarantee one. The six goal difference gives them an enormous chance to extend the season where they'll hope to duplicate what they did versus the Fat Cats.  G.Sangiovanni had a nightmare start allowing five goals in the first period alone. Maybe the Fat Cats didn't approach this contest with much care but surely they couldn't be happy on how brutal it ended. J.Rabchuk piled on four goals, T.Zermalias buried a pair for the win while J.Mancini did more than his share posting three goals in the loss.

(5)Left Wings vs Kentucky Blue(2)

S.Longo's third period madness puts Left Wings in driver's seat

For a regular season game, this contest was treated as a do or die match up for the two sides. The formula was quite simple, win and your likely in, or lose and chances are you're out. The Left Wings had the better start mounting a 2-0 lead after one period with goals-from G.Gaitanis and J.Tzanetakos. With the onus on the Kentucky Blue to try and fight back, they just couldn't score in time. The match was already 4-0 and put out of reach when M.DeTorre finally got his club on board. Prior to the goal, S.Longo was absolutely electric in the final frame posting three goals for a quick hat trick. This result secures a playoff spot for the Left Wings. As for the Kentucky Blue, unless they win by a seven goal margin in tomorrow's match with the Underdogs, then their season will come to a halt.

(4)Knights vs Carnage (5) O.T

Knights fail to protect massive lead, collapse in overtime

The Knights regular season ended with a thud on Wednesday night. From-everything being roses, turned into an instant downfall when it was said and done. The worse part about it was that Carnage used three third period goals all coming in the last two minutes of play. In any event, that kind of downfall is unacceptable no matter what the circumstances. The only positive the Knights can-take from this is to assume it's never over until it's over, a valuable lesson that will stick with them with the playoffs looming only a week away. And while the Knights look at this as a collapse, Carnage may have a different perspective on it. By never giving up, they got rewarded on late heroics-from four different goal scores. P.Stroubakis was behind setting up M.Pace's late equaliser and J.Di Marco's overtime winner.

(4)Decepticons vs Underdogs (7)

Big third period helps Underdogs strive for first place

By winning a huge third period, the Underdogs gave themselves a chance to pass the Fat Cats in tomorrow's last regular season game for first place. The Underdogs demonstrated that they were a hungrier team and used their energy to pull away. W.Abboud and his captain J.Constantin did much of the scoring with two goals apiece. F.Nasser and M-A Haber were also contributing factors as both players combined for six points. Even though it won't be their ultimate goal, the Underdogs will attempt to defeat the Kentucky Blue for a first place finish.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sonny Longo of the Left Wings. In the third period alone, the quick forward damaged the Kentucky Blue's playoff hopes by bagging three markers.

The F1 division semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Underdogs vs Left Wings(4) The Underdogs will battle the entire time and unless the Left Wings match the work ethique look for the division leaders to prevail

(2)Fat Cats vs Horsemen(3) Two teams heading in opposite direction may factor the Horsemen to cause a surprise. But if the Fat Cats get back to their winning ways the task will be difficult

As for the F2 division, the match ups are as follows:

(1) Carnage vs Decepticons(4) Even though Carnage is a well rounded squad that has a deep line up, there will no guarantees in this series. The Decepticons carry the luxury of having a few game changers such as N.Delia, Y.Leroux  and M.Deninno just to name a few. And unless they are properly contained, this series can go either way.

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Knights (3) It wasn't too long ago that the Knights stunned the Mighty Drunks with a 2-1 victory. The reason why it was so shocking was due to the fact that the Knights did it with a very short bench. Unless the Knights repeat a similar performance, look for the Mighty Drunks to grind it out.

F Division

Wednesday November 28

(4)Fat Cats vs Horsemen (10)

Horsemen Maul Fat Cats in must win game

The urgency of what was a must win game kicked in for the Horsemen on Wednesday night. Not only they got the three points to almost secure a playoff sport, but won by a reasonable margin to nearly guarantee one. The six goal difference gives them an enormous chance to extend the season where they'll hope to duplicate what they did versus the Fat Cats.  G.Sangiovanni had a nightmare start allowing five goals in the first period alone. Maybe the Fat Cats didn't approach this contest with much care but surely they couldn't be happy on how brutal it ended. J.Rabchuk piled on four goals, T.Zermalias buried a pair for the win while J.Mancini did more than his share posting three goals in the loss.

(5)Left Wings vs Kentucky Blue(2)

S.Longo's third period madness puts Left Wings in driver's seat

For a regular season game, this contest was treated as a do or die match up for the two sides. The formula was quite simple, win and your likely in, or lose and chances are you're out. The Left Wings had the better start mounting a 2-0 lead after one period with goals-from G.Gaitanis and J.Tzanetakos. With the onus on the Kentucky Blue to try and fight back, they just couldn't score in time. The match was already 4-0 and put out of reach when M.DeTorre finally got his club on board. Prior to the goal, S.Longo was absolutely electric in the final frame posting three goals for a quick hat trick. This result secures a playoff spot for the Left Wings. As for the Kentucky Blue, unless they win by a seven goal margin in tomorrow's match with the Underdogs, then their season will come to a halt.

(4)Knights vs Carnage (5) O.T

Knights fail to protect massive lead, collapse in overtime

The Knights regular season ended with a thud on Wednesday night. From-everything being roses, turned into an instant downfall when it was said and done. The worse part about it was that Carnage used three third period goals all coming in the last two minutes of play. In any event, that kind of downfall is unacceptable no matter what the circumstances. The only positive the Knights can-take from this is to assume it's never over until it's over, a valuable lesson that will stick with them with the playoffs looming only a week away. And while the Knights look at this as a collapse, Carnage may have a different perspective on it. By never giving up, they got rewarded on late heroics-from four different goal scores. P.Stroubakis was behind setting up M.Pace's late equaliser and J.Di Marco's overtime winner.

(4)Decepticons vs Underdogs (7)

Big third period helps Underdogs strive for first place

By winning a huge third period, the Underdogs gave themselves a chance to pass the Fat Cats in tomorrow's last regular season game for first place. The Underdogs demonstrated that they were a hungrier team and used their energy to pull away. W.Abboud and his captain J.Constantin did much of the scoring with two goals apiece. F.Nasser and M-A Haber were also contributing factors as both players combined for six points. Even though it won't be their ultimate goal, the Underdogs will attempt to defeat the Kentucky Blue for a first place finish.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sonny Longo of the Left Wings. In the third period alone, the quick forward damaged the Kentucky Blue's playoff hopes by bagging three markers.

The F1 division will be completed once the Kentucky Blue and the Underdogs take action on Thursday night. That game has plenty of significance for the two sides. The Underdogs will look to overtake the Fat Cats for first place while the Kentucky Blue will need to play the game of their lives in order to make the post season.

As for the F2 division, their regular season has come to an end. All four teams will be heading to the playoffs in a best of three semi finals. The match ups are as follow:

(1) Carnage vs Decepticons(4) Even though Carnage is a well rounded squad that has a deep line up, there will no guarantees in this series. The Decepticons carry the luxury of having a few game changers such as N.Delia, Y.Leroux  and M.Deninno just to name a few. And unless they are properly contained, this series can go either way.

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Knights (3) It wasn't too long ago that the Knights stunned the Mighty Drunks with a 2-1 victory. The reason why it was so shocking was due to the fact that the Knights did it with a very short bench. Unless the Knights repeat a similar performance, look for the Mighty Drunks to grind it out.

D Division

Tuesday November 27

(6)Capitals vs Bramabulls(0)

M-A Morin overwhelms Bulls with four goals

The Capitals keep rolling through the division thanks to a four goal performance by M-A Morin and a 25 save shutout out-from C.Fortin. Both sides remained scoreless for just over half the game before C.St-Hilaire got the Capitals on board. It was shortly after that M-A Morin started to cause fits for the Bramabulls. In only one minute, Morin strung together two goals to help close out a dominant second period. The problem for the Bramabulls didn't stop there despite having one entire frame to bounce back. Clearly, M-A Morin wasn't done yet has he added two more tallies for his fourth of the match. The Bramabulls knew going in how difficult the challenge would be, and even though they lost the game, this wasn't what they were expecting. The good news was that they had a second game looming giving them enough time to bounce back-from a disappointing performance.

(3)Punishers vs The Blast(0)

A.Bitsakis stops all 27 shots to earn a shutout for the Punishers

Surely the Punishers cant say enough about the play of A.Bitsakis. Its one thing when you have scoring power up front along with a solid defence, but when you add the final piece between the net, you became that much harder to beat. The Blast realised it in this contest unable to solve Bitsakis at any moment. The goaltender was never once phased stopping everything his way which only built confidence for the players in front of him. A.Laramee scored an early goal for the Punishers and eventually added his second by the four minute mark of the third period. Then, just to reassure the win, P.Karvouriaris capped it off late on a power play marker.

(1)AREZ vs Bramabulls(3)

Third period goals end dry spell for the Bramabulls

The Bramabulls must have been wondering if they were ever going to score in a double header night. After going scoreless versus the Capitals only an hour earlier, the same problem seemed to carry over, at least for two entire periods. Up until that point, P.Haber had scored for AREZ with the games lone marker. Sometimes it takes only one tally to break the ice and end a frustrating cycle offensively. And surely enough, that goal eventually came early in the third period for the Bramabulls. A.Moffa finally figured out C.Malkoun and the Bramabulls had something to celebrate about. Still, the mission wasn't accomplished as both sides were fighting for the win. Unfortunately for the AREZ, a tripping penalty enabled C.Palermo to pull the Bramabulls in front for the first time all night. By that point, over eight minutes was remaining for a response-from the AREZ. But with the Bramabulls committed to bear down and defend while getting exceptional goaltending-from G.Follano, that goal never came.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M-A Morin of the Capitals. Anytime a player scores four times in a game, its because he has nose for the net. M-A Morin showed his ability once more striking four consecutive times against a team that prides themselves on good defense.

Masters 35+ division

Tuesday November 27

(3)Hellas vs Hawks(6)

Hawks bounce back after slow start

With both teams playing on a depleted line up, a good start would usually suggest for a favorable finish. Hellas put themselves in that position building a 3-1 lead just prior to the half way mark of the match. Knowing how crucial the next tally would be, Q.Joseph was able to provide it for the Hawks. Then, as the second period was winding down to its final moments, P.Santullo beat S.Sauk just in time to level. Both sides still had fifteen minutes to prevail, but clearly the momentum was on the Hawks side, who had no pressure in what was a meaningless game for them. However, the same couldn't be said for Hellas as they were fighting for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, and even though the two teams were short, Hellas had nothing left by the third period. P.Santullo added his second as did S.Robineault to secure a double up victory.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to George Nehme of the Hawks. The veteran d-man had just finished playing two games prior to this one and showed no signs of fatigue by winning plenty of battles along the boards.

Premier division

Monday November 26

(3)United Armenians vs GK(6)

K.Kuczmarski, A.Mirolla rally GK in third period

K.Kuczmarski and A.Mirolla made the court their personal play ground in the GK's rousing third period rally. Up until that point, the United Armenians seemed poised to collect their first victory carrying a 3-2 lead heading into the final frame. Then, in the span of less than a minute, K.Kuczmarski and A.Mirolla began connecting and took over scoring two goals each. Kuczmarski had already tallied early on before completing his hat trick late in the game. All it took was one dominant period to make the difference. The United Armenians had everything going for them and couldn't have asked for a better match except for a slight let down that shifted the contest. T.Pham notched the other marker along with two helpers for the GK while Y.Nazarian, C.Fragkiudakis and D.Budaghgan each scored for the United Armenians.

Tuesday November 27

(2)River Rats vs Black Knights(5)

Black Knights, River Rats rivalry alive and well again

Tuesday night's game between two familiar opponents had all the elements of what a hockey game has to offer. For those who prefer skill, there was plenty of it, for those who appreciate solid goaltending, C.Stavriadis and G.Vermette were on top of their game and finally if good intensity is what you are into than this match did not disappoint. With the help of a good start, the Black Knights pulled ahead after one period for a 2-0 lead. D.Provost-Jarry had an immediate response early in the second period for the River Rats, who hoped to finish the frame stronger knowing that this contest could easily go down to the wire. However, the Black Knights weren't interested in playing a cautious game as they kept the pressure that resulted in two more tallies courtesy of L.Bourgault and D.Landucci. Similar to how the second period began, the River Rats tallied another quick goal, this time-from M.Cerone. Even if the River Rats trailed for long stretches, one thing's for sure, is that they'll never give up. That kind of message is clearly sent by some of their leaders such as M.Richard, F.Dominianni and M.Crialese just to name a few. The River Rats nearly made things interesting to pull within one when awarded a power play. Instead, G.Vermette remained sharp as the Black Knights best penalty killer keeping the two goal margin. Other key factors for the win included P.Musto's heads up play resulting in four helpers along with Y.Tifu winning many face-offs for instant ball possession.

(11)GK vs United Armenians (4)

GK respecting United Armenians-from the get go

Unlike their previous game only a night ago, the GK made it a point to not take their opponent for granted. Their early onslaught of four first period goals allowed them to play with less pressure for the duration of the match. The United Armenians did eventually find their touch posting two goals-from G.Jerjian and ATachedjian but failed to win the second frame. By that point, the GK just went about their business scoring when the chances occurred. K.Vincent led the way with goals in every frame for a hat trick. Next in line saw J.Bradley chip in with a pair as part of a six point performance. As much as the players put up a good showing, coaching teams plays a big part in it as well. D.Nguyen settled his troops prior to the game sending an important early message. And although G.Missakian has a different view point-from behind the bench, his vision is hailed and strikes the ideal balance between being hard liner and a player's coach. By running plenty of practices coupled with some hard decision making, G.Missakian will often get the full capacity of his players.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paolo Musto of the Black Knights. Somehow, the veteran keeps finding a way to remain in full form. Musto was responsible for setting up four of the five Black Knights goals in a 5-2 win over the River Rats.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday November 26

1 Timer caught sleeping early but wake up to finish strong

The 1 Timer appeared as if they were not ready for the opening game with the Chic Choc. At no point during the opening frame did they look interested in playing allowing five consecutive tallies. With J-R Lemay leading the way on two markers, D-O Trinque brought it a step further bagging three straight goals for a hat trick. Surely, the 1 Timer were only looking ahead knowing that this contest was left to dry. And by eventually regrouping, the men in orange flipped the script, at least by keeping it very close. Neither team was able to grab a lead after two periods leaving all but a shootout. Each side then sent three of their confident players to show off their skills. However, the skill set was drawn more-from the net minders. Y.Belkassem of the Chic Choc was the only player to score while F.Peloquin stood tall once again denying all three shooters after posting a shutout in the previous match. M.Ethier scored twice for the Chic Choc while T.Daigneault and J.Guye-Perrault combined for four points for the 1 Timer.

(0)1 Timer vs Chic Choc(6)

(4)Chic Choc vs 1 Timer(3) S.O

C.Stavriadis helps even the score with Legacy by recording shutout

Despite their slow start, Legacy used only 25 seconds in the second period to get the ball rolling. Good teams know how to pick their spots and it showed when G.Pisanelli and D.Bertrand erased a two goal deficit in no time. By the end of it all, breakaways were required for a potential outcome. Since team's don't have a scouting report on certain players, Legacy felt that their captain G.Panagiotopoulos would be the right fit to throw their opponent off. Unfortunately, some oily hands got in the way, and D.Bertrand had to come in to take care of business en route to a 3-2 victory. Unhappy with the way things ended, the Armadillos made it a point to play a perfect game .A scoreless first period turned eventually tuned into a barn burner with the Armadillos striking three straight times. J.Kontitsis, P.Lapointe and M.DoCouto all took turns finding the back of the net while C.Stavriadis reminded everyone what a huge factor he continues to be for the Armadillos.

(3)Legacy vs Armadillos (2) S.O

(3)Armadillos vs Legacy(0)

Corporation rebound-from opening game embarrassment

With the Punishers deserving all the props for what they did early on, the Corporation had some looking in the mirror to do after the period was over. Down 4-0 in a two period format versus the Punishers, every single player knew the odds were stacked for anything funny to happen. The only thing that the Corporation tried to do was to beat M.Melo at least once. Despite peppering the net minder with enough shots along with glorious chances, nothing was working. Melo was simply that good and the Punishers had only the next game to worry about. However, relying on brilliant goaltending can only take you so far. Granted, Melo was sharper than a razor blade denying at least a hand full of scoring chances early on but how much can one man do. Eventually, and by putting together a stronger effort, the benefits started to pay off for the Corporation. P.Stroubakis used his speed resulting in four points that included hat trick. G.DeMarinis was also primed as the intense forward bagged two nice goals. After being left alone in the opening game, L.Dias had more help in front of him and was a key part for the victory making many key stops.

(4)Punishers vs The Corporation (0)

(6)The Corporation vs Punishers (3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Perry Stroubakis of the Corporation. By utilising his speed and vision, the highly skilled forward had his hand involved in four goals that helped rebound his team-from an embarrassing loss.

Tuesday November 27

Les Carmoni cruise in both wins over Black Eagles

Les Carmoni had no issues in both their wins as they cruised to an 8-1 victory while capping it off 5-2 in the second encounter. C.Desmarais, L-C.Desmarais and J.Gosselin each took turns bagging two apiece. The only bright spot that the Black Eagles took was when S.Bois-Chasse broke P.Corbin's shutout. Other than that, the Black Eagles were just focusing for the second match. They did manage a better outing but still ran into the same problem of giving up three first period goals. It took only five minutes into the encounter for Les Carmoni to dictate the terms. M.Jobin opened and closed the scoring in the win while F.Bois-Chasse and D-A Demers took care of the offense for the Black Eagles.

(8)Les Carmoni vs Black Eagles(1)

(2)Black Eagles vs Les Carmoni(5)

Thursday November 29

One little minute was all it took for Legacy to trade wins with Corporation

Entering tonight's games, neither teams were to concerned on how the standings would be affected. Both sides have isolated their positions and the focus was only to play the game. However, it still did require an all out effort with the two sides wanting to win regardless. The Corporation battled extremely hard with only five players by taking a big second period en route to a 4-3 victory. On the flip side, Legacy weren't many either having only two changes to their bench. Even though its a meaningless match, Legacy do have plenty of pride and wanted nothing more than a split. The problem was that the Corporation wasn't going to make it easy for their opponent. They led throughout most of the encounter thanks to Y.Derohannessian and P.Stroubakis combining for six points while getting some incredible saves-from C.Confuorti. And no matter how valiant the effort was, its just never over against some of the talent that Legacy has. Down 4-3 with only one minute remaining, the big guns decided to kick in. First, G.Pisanelli used a blistering slap shot to tie the game, and then with only 6 seconds left on the clock, P.Assadi was at that right place at the right time to pounce on the winner.

(4)The Corporation vs Legacy(3)

(4)Legacy vs The Corporation(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Cameron Confuorti of the Corporation. Apart from-making enough basic key saves, the net minder stole the show with high robbery stops on at least three occasions that should have been sure goals.

E Division

Thursday November 22

(4)Smooth Sailors vs Raging Rhinos(7)

Late Smooth Sailors push falls short

There's a funny thing about furious comebacks. If you complete one, it tends to wipe away all the sins that had been committed beforehand .But if you fall short, penance must be paid. That was the case with the Smooth Sailors in this particular contest. After falling behind 5-1 heading into the third period, the Smooth Sailors decided to wake up. C.Fragkiudakis notched his second right before Marco Diaco made it a one goal game. By then, the Raging Rhinos made sure to feed an empty cage to avoid any late disasters. The win came with scoring efforts-from seven different players with S.Labrecque leading the way accumulating five points.

(1)Butchers vs SBS Trashers(0) Inter-league

Butchers, C.Confuorti shut out Trashers

Despite having only eight players dressed, it didn't matter for the Butchers for how well C.Confuorti played between the pipes. The Butchers made it a point to play a sound defensive game while simply waiting for their breaks. Entering the game, the SBS Trahsers had the pressure to come out on top as their playoff hopes was on the line. And no matter how hard they tried to get at least one goal, something kept standing in the way. C.Confuorti was simply that good, displaying incredible saves while making the basic ones look so easy. With that kind of performance, the Butchers just fuelled-from it and kept working hard knowing that they had a chance. The contest looked like it needed extra time up until S.Robineault decided otherwise. After receiving a perfect pass-from S.Govas, the sniper put all his might into it giving R.Pampena almost no chance.

(5)Legends vs JLR Brossard(7)

JLR Brossard kept responding on Legends push back

Neither side really played their best hockey but it's the final result that counts in the end. The JLR Brossard always had the upper hand by playing with a lead. And it seemed like every time the Legends would come back, the JLR Brossard would respond. The difficulty of containing G.Pisanelli is a constant problem for all opponents that try to limit the damage. It seems no matter how hard every team tries, Pisanelli keeps finding a way. Tonight's case saw the highly skilled forward participate in five straight goals that helped set up M.Croteau on two occasions.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Cameron Confuorti of the Butchers. On a night where the Butchers were sometimes under siege, the brilliant young net minder put the team on his back and led them to a hard fought 1-0 victory.

F Division

Wednesday November 21

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Kentucky Blue(5)

Kentucky Blue edge Mighty Drunks on two late goals

Despite a tenacious team performance for nearly the entire game, the Mighty Drunks were unable to force extra time in their 5-3 loss to the Kentucky Blue. Locked in a 3-3 battle in the closing minutes of the third, the Kentucky Blue reeled off two late goals-from M.Broccoli and D.Landucci to take the match. The Kentucky Blue could have avoided the late drama if not for their delay of game penalty early on that led to a team goal for the Mighty Drunks. Once the second period began, J.DeSua helped set up P.Delli Colli on two occasions to get the ball rolling. Then, with both teams trading early goals by the third, a late push-from the Kentucky Blue sent them over the top.

(4)Knights vs Horsemen (3)

Y.St-Georges hat trick gives Knights 4-3 win over Horsemen

Y.St-Georges stole the show in this contest versus the Horsemen. He played a role in three of the four goals to complete a hat trick and was a terror-from the drop of the ball. The game was very evenly matched with both sides going scoreless in the first before trading two goals each by the second. It was in the final fifteen minutes of play that their top sniper came through for the Knights. After snapping a 2-2 tie, Y.St-Georges brought it a step further providing a two goal cushion only moments later. The Horsemen did respond late courtesy of M.Kardum but couldn't reach for an equaliser in time.

(5)Carnage vs Decepticons(3)

G.Gammieri's two big goals propels Carnage past Decepticons

If there was one area of their game that they could have tried to avoid was the amount of trips to the penalty box. The Decepticons wasted too many of their minutes with a man short and ultimately paid the price in the end. Carnage did have the luxury of playing with the lead forcing the Deceptions to make high risk plays. They did pull within one towards the end of the second period but that was as close as it got. G.Gammieri collected two second period points before adding his second early in the third for a two goal margin. J.Bourlakos would eventually ease the tension for Carnage by adding a late insurance marker.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yannick St-Georges of the Knights. His dominant play resulting in three goals keeps inspiring the Knights game in and game out.

D Division

Tuesday November 20

(0)The Blast vs Punishers (3)

A.Laramee scores twice, A.Bitsakis earns shutout as Punishers blank Blast

A.Centis and A.Laramee had their hand in all three goals for the Punishers while A.Bitsakis never once flinched to earn a shutout. The Punishers played sound defense throughout the entire game limiting the Blast to only 12 shots. For how well the Punishers boxed out their opponent, the Blast needed to score first in this contest. Bitsakis wasn’t busy but still extremely hard to beat barely giving up any rebounds. E.Laramee opened the scoring and added his second for a 2-0 lead courtesy of a power play goal. This was a first of two games on a double header night for the Blast, who had no choice to look ahead and forget what just happened.

(3)The Blast vs Bramabulls(5)

Despite scoring three, The Blast goes empty handed

After failing to score in the previous encounter versus the Punishers, the Blast did find some of their scoring touch against the Bramabulls. The problem however occurred in the latter stages of the match. Perhaps it was a case of some fatigue as three late goals-from the Bramabulls ultimately doomed the Blast. Tied 2-2 and with less than half a period remaining, the Bramabulls put it into gear. It was-from that point on that the Blast couldn’t keep pace giving up three straight markers. And while the Bramabulls have the horses to beat you any given night, two particular players caused most of the havoc. A.Moffa and A.Mirolla were simply uncontainable as both players shared four points each.

(7)Capitals vs AREZ(3)

Slow start has no bearing for Capitals

Even though the Capitals didn’t get the start they wanted trailing 2-1 after one period, it just didn’t matter to the D Tuesday division giants. That being said, it did take a big third period in order to distance themselves-from a resilient opponent. AREZ couldn’t have played a better game up until that point. There work etiquette enabled them to keep pace while knowing that as long as the game remained close, a chance for a win would be conceivable. Unfortunately, the Capitals aren’t your average grinding team, and unless you can play a full out 45 minute game, the chances are minimal for a positive result. The onslaught was led by C.St-Hilaire, who scored at key times to collect a hat trick while C.Bezeau was able to close it out on two late goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alec Laramee of the Punishers. In a low scoring affair with the Blast, A.Laramee collected all three possible points that included two big goals.

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Masters 35+ division

Tuesday November 20

(8)The Peters vs Stones(5)

Captain J.Morina goes natural with first period hat trick

It took the Peters captain less than twelve minutes into the hockey game to complete a natural hat trick. At that rate, it looked like the Peters were going to smoke the Stones out but it wasn’t the case at all. Rather than calling it quits, the last two periods were very even with both sides trading the same amount of goals. By then, the Peters weren’t playing desperate knowing that the pressure was all on the Stones to mount a comeback. And while they did battle, they couldn’t gain any ground. J.Pantelis had a multi goal game in the loss. As for the Peters, only three players tallied out of the eight goals that went in. Leading the way, J.Morina notched half of them while R.Fazi and M.Deninno chipped in with a pair.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Johnny Morina of the Peters. There was no doubt that the captain was on top of his game. In the first period alone, J.Morina sent a strong message posting three unanswered goals as part of a five point performance.

4 vs 4 Division

Sunday November 18

1 Timer enjoy a field day with Degenerates

When the few players started to walk into the dressing room and realised that there was way too much room to get dressed, that's when the Degenerates knew that there night would be long. Five players going up against a deeper younger team involves only one game plan and that's to box your opponent out and wait for your few chances. Unfortunately, neither worked and the 1 Timer did pretty much what they wanted in both games. T.Daigneault scored his clubs first two goals followed with K.Gagne, who also bagged a pair. The Degenerates did try and regroup for a better second encounter but failed miserably giving up four goals prior to the end of period. By that point, they just waited for their night to end. The 1 Timer added seven more goals in the second game that saw only three players find the back of the net. Leading the way was S.Gravel ,who sparked a hat trick while J.Guye-Perrault and K.Gagne chipped in with a pair. Plenty of those markers came with the help of T.Daigneault accumulating four more helpers to complete a productive night.

(5)1 Timer vs Degenerates (1)

(2)Degenerates vs 1 Timer(7)

Monday November 19

Legacy avenge Carmoni after dropping the ball

Luckily for Legacy this was only a regular season game. A slight 1-0 lead along with a power play to cap off the contest normally would hold up for such a team but not in this particular case. Les Carmoni pulled their goaltender just to have the same amount of players on the field and benefited when M.Baccari shot-from his own end to beat a screened M.Cormier. Then, barely seconds later, D.Desmarais made everyone's jaw drop with an incredible move to beat Cormier for a second time. That kind of finish only made Legacy angrier and primed for some pay back. After a quiet performance in the earlier contest, G.Pisanelli decided it was time to play. The skilled forward wasted no time making his presence felt scoring twice in the first period before completing his hat trick by the second. E.Girouard provided some insurance with a pair of late goals and T.Bozinakis was the master mind behind most of the offense setting up five markers.

(2)Les Carmoni vs Legacy (1)

(6)Legacy vs Les Carmoni(2)

Armadillos smoke Corporation twice with identical scores

It wasn't pretty, but perhaps expected when weighing the circumstances. The Corporation knew their night was going to be difficult against a stacked and much deeper bench. And even though there was an effort to battle, it just wasn't good enough. The Armadillos kept it simple breaking up plays while using a deadly counter attack. With quarterbacks such as G.Bouchard and K.Koutsogiannopoulos, the forwards have only to find themselves in open areas and bury their chances. Those plays happened way too many times resulting in 14 goals in only two games. G.Bouchard was the only multi goal scorer in the opening match as was P.Lapointe in the second meeting. The only highlight-from the other side of the court was the play of G.DeMarinis, who scored three out of the Corporations four goals.

(2)The Corporations vs Armadillos (7)

(7)Armadillos vs The Corporation (7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Desmarais of Les Carmoni. The captain scored an incredible goal at an unbelievable time during the game. The match was tied 1-1 when Desmarais used his magic to fend off a defenseman while faking out the net minder.

Premier division

Monday November 19

(2)United Armenians vs Black Knights (4)

Late second period goals give Knights edge over Arms

Just when the United Armenians put themselves back in the game, the Black Knights would pull away even deeper. A.Melkonian gave the United Armenians plenty to celebrate after getting his club on board to tie the game 1-1.All it took was barely two minutes for a quick response-from the Black Knights. S.Musacchio snapped the tie right before M.Viau provided a two goal cushion. As deflating as that was, the Black Knights widened the gap early in the third period and the United Armenians knew they were done despite plenty of hockey left over. R.Vartazamian did have the finally say with the United Armenians last goal of the contest. M.Stinziani opened the scoring for the Black Knights sharing two points with his teammate A.Desrosiers. After facing 26 shots, G.Vermette took the decision over his counterpart G.Follano.

Tuesday November 20

(2)GK vs River Rats(6)

River Rats ride 6 goals in final period

It didn’t look like there was much happening for the River Rats in the first tier of this contest. Still, they only trailed 1-0 with loads of hockey left over. K.Kuczmarski opened the scoring for the GK, and L.Augustin was feeling fine in between the pipes riding a clean score sheet. That was up until the final frame hit. Whatever message was sent in between periods definitely worked for the River Rats. A team that looked discouraged to get on board was able to flip the script by striking six times. During that span, five different players took turns finding the back of the net that included two-from M.Crialese. The sniper was able to snap a 2-2 tie before sealing it late for his second of the night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Max Crisalese of the River Rats. As the only multi goal scorer of the game, the right handed sniper buried two goals, including the tie breaker that enabled the River Rats to never look back.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 16

(4)Stones VS HBHA (8)

HBHA does not let go of gas peddle, double up on the Stones

With the numbers on their side, the Stones should have played to their strengths on this night. But the eight man crew on the HBHA side took advantage of their chances and buried as many as they could early on to put the Stones in a hole. G. Lallis, P. Doulis, and D. Andrade did the most damage each bagging a pair of goals while the Stones used a group effort having four different players find the back of the net.

 (5) Bramabulls VS Hawks (3)

A tight battle comes to an end in the third when the Bramabulls find a way to get ahead

Two evenly teams matched up in their first game of the night as both teams exchanged three goals apiece during the first two periods. New addition G. Nehme to the Hawks left his mark early for his club notching two important goals to keep the game all tied up. Until the Bramabulls took control of the game in the third and took control of the faith of the game. J. Palmitano and M. Argiris each did their share notching a pair of goals for their club.

 (8) The Peters VS Hellas (6)

High scoring affair resolved with less than three minutes to go in the game

 Both teams decided to only play offense during the majority of the game as they each scored multiple goals. Until the Peters decided to shut the door with three minutes to go to insure the win. K. Araujo was a havoc all night long for the Peters, as the skilled defenseman had P. Furdaro's number scoring four goals and setting another one up. While on the other side only J. Morina and S. Mancini were the only player with a multi goal game.

 (4) Bramabulls VS Hawks (1)

Second game of night does not bring forth different results as Bramabulls win for a second time

With their second game of the night with only an hour rest final results do not really defer. With multiple players leaving from the Bramabulls they were left playing with a short bench, but it was the Hawks who seemed tired as the game wore on. Near the end of the second quarter the Bramabulls took advantage of their chances and took the lead. M. Argiris and M. Crapis were the lone players to find the back of the net for the Bramabulls. While A. Moscato was the sole player to solve C. Muccino during th second game who stopped forty shots.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mario Argiris of the Bramabulls. The skilled forward found the back of the net four times and stepped up in  big way in both games when the games were all tied up on this night.

E Division

Thursday November 15

(4)SBS Trashers vs Legends (3) O.T

J.Scalia gives SBS Trashers what they deserve in OT versus Legends

Certainly the effort was there-from the SBS Trashers. They controlled much of the play, they hit the goal post a few times only to find themselves trailing 2-0 by the second period. The only difference up until that point was that they couldn't control their luck. However, that would eventually change as they netted the next three goals. J.Guerriero and P.Hodod combined for four points and the SBS Trashers took their first lead of the game. But the Legends did get a great opportunity to reply and send the game into overtime. M.Chenier received a perfect pass in the slot area-from M.Destounis and made his chance count with a potent one timer. The SBS Trashers knew the importance of winning this game if they plan on making the playoffs. Luckily enough, J.Scalia kept their hopes alive. The sniper tipped in a goal with only two minutes left in the game.

(4)JLR Brossard vs Raging Rhinos(5) O.T

Third period goals spark wild rally for Raging Rhinos

A  S.Pilon goal one minute into overtime was the decider as the Raging Rhinos rallied to stun the JLR Brossard. For two straight periods, it appeared as though the JLR Brossard would have no issues collecting easy points. After all, they scored four times with G.Pisanelli bagging a pair, and defended fairly well allowing only two goals. Then, as perhaps desperation kicked in, the Raging Rhinos changed the script on two quick goals. With the game deadlocked 4-4, neither side felt comfortable taking crazy chances which eventually sent this contest into extra time. It was by then that S.Pilon celebrated the victory with his second of the night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joe Scalia of the SBS Trashers. If not for his sudden death winner, the SBS Trashers chances of making the playoffs would have been on life support.

F Division

Wednesday November 14

(5)Decepticons vs Horsemen (6) S.O

Horsemen use third period rally, defeat Decepticons in shootout

The Horsemen scored three third period goals to rally for a 6-5 shootout win over the Decepticons. With the Horsemen trailing 4-1 after two periods, P.Sidhom,T.Zermalias and the captain V.Pandza all scored within a three and a half minute span. It's never a nice feeling when you control the game for well over two periods only to find yourself in a coin toss situation. Still, the Decepticons could have salvaged their night but fell once again in the short end. That's because T.Mader and M.Chartrand each scored in the breakaways while M.Deninno was the only Decepticon to get the better of M.Vinciguerra.

(3)Fat Cats vs Left Wings(6)

Fat Cats meet their match, lose first game after eight starts

When looking at the standings prior to the game, many would be on board on who would prevail. And while maybe that applied to the Fat Cats, the same couldn't be said for the Left Wings, who took the division leaders by surprise. A good early start that included a shorthanded goal was just what the doctor ordered for the Left Wings. By trailing 3-0, the Fat Cats were now forced to overcome what felt like a big mountain to climb. They did win the next frame 2-1 thanks to a pair of power play goals but still had a lot of work ahead of them. The Left Wings made it a point to keep defending well while remaining disciplined in order to avoid another penalty. Surely enough they held on to the game plan and benefited as well by posting two quick goals. G.Gaitanis scored twice along with an assist while J.Adamou quarterbacked most of the match resulting in four helpers.

(2)Knights vs Kentucky Blue(8)

Two good periods not good enough for the Knights

If this game had only two periods instead of three, the Knights would have felt fine with their overall game. Instead, they were stuck enduring an embarrassing final fifteen minutes of play. Granted, the Kentucky Blue do have the horses to make some teams heads spin for how quick they can be. M.Dettorre is one example as the skilled forward took over scoring twice in the third to complete his hat trick. James Tutino used an early third period power play goal to begin the onslaught while capping the night with the Kentucky Blue's eight tally of the game.

(6)Fat Cats vs Underdogs(5) O.T

Underdogs poor five on five play enables Fat Cats to prevail

Unable to kill four power play chances is one thing, but to allow a shorthanded goal late in the game is totally unacceptable. J.Constantin had every reason to be steaming knowing that his club deserved better. For the Fat Cats, they just went about their business and took advantage every time it presented itself. Perhaps, their biggest goal came late in the third period when D.Mili tied it up shorthanded. Even if the Underdogs didn't capitalise on their very own power play, they should have at the very least not concede one. The sad part was that there was more heartache to come. The Fat Cats were awarded another power play, this time in overtime where S.Hrivnak made sure to end it with his second of the contest. Looking back, the Underdogs may have felt paralyzed when it was said in done. It may have come as a frustrating loss but the Underdogs had no choice to look ahead in their double header night.

(1)Knights vs Underdogs (8)

Three players combine for all 8 goals, Underdogs have something to smile about

With both teams playing earlier and without a win, the odds were good that somebody would collect a victory. In this particular case, that team was the Underdogs even though they had no rest in between games. Surprisingly enough, only three players out of a total of eight goals that went in would score. M-A Haber and F.Nasser shared hat tricks while A.Sayed chipped in with a pair. On four straight markers, D.Mansour played the set up man. The only time the Knights got on board was in the third period when C.Ladas spoiled C.Malkoun's shutout.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sean Hrivnak of the Fat Cats. By collecting four power play points that included his second goal in overtime, the Fat Cats were able to mount an incredible comeback to steal-points from the Underdogs.

Thursday November 15

(1)Mighty Drunks vs Knights (2)

S.Sauk steals the show as Knights edge Mighty Drunks

S.Sauk was nearly perfect, stopping 34 of 35 shots to edge out the Mighty Drunks on Thursday night. The Knights had no choice to play well in front of their net minder, especially with only two spares to their bench. These types of games involve leads, a committed defensive effort along with solid goaltending. The Knights had all of it going for them. F.Bchara and K.Araujo took care of the scoring by the second period and S.Sauk kept frustrating his opponents up until the late stages of the game when Y.Dube finally solved him. By then, the Knights had all but four minutes and change to bleed the clock, in which they did en route to a remarkable victory.

D Division

Tuesday November 13

(2)Punishers vs Capitals (3)

Resilient Capitals keep finding ways to win

It doesn't matter how pretty it looks, just as long as they find ways to win. The Capitals had to overcome a sloppy first period where the Punishers completely dominated with two straight goals. The good news was that time wasn't yet an issue-from that point on. Usually good teams tend to adjust and find ways to improve. And that's exactly what happened when M-A Morin finally got the Capitals on board. Still, they did trail after two periods but the gap was narrowed to only one. By that point, the Punishers may have felt they needed the next one knowing that the Capitals were within striking distance. Unfortunately, that goal didn't come and the Capitals made them pay posting two in a row. One minute and change was all that was left over when P.Beliveau snapped the late tie.

(2)AREZ vs Bramabulls(6)

D.Verta has two goals, three assists as Bramabulls beat AREZ 6-2

D.Verta had two goals and three assists to help the Bramabulls end a three game losing streak with a convincing 6-2 win over AREZ. The contest was already 3-1 after only one period. The Bramabulls, despite lots of hockey left over, weren't taking anything for granted. A.Moffa posted his second just passed the mid way mark. Then, with only one period remaining, D.Verta stamped it by bagging his two markers to finish with an impressive five point performance. G.Follano was beaten only twice on 24 shots to help put the Bramabulls back on track.

(4)AREZ vs The Blast(3)

AREZ finish strong in double header night on two power play goals

A.Haddad and M.El Kassar each had a power play goal and the AREZ made the Blast regret taking too many penalties. The extra visits to the penalty box may have perhaps decided the outcome for how close it was. But it wasn't a power play goal that snapped a third period 3-3 tie. After getting on board late in the first period, A.Haddad still a little more in the tank by riffling his second right after G.Bien-Aime also buried his second for the Blast.Even though the AREZ played their sixth period in only three hours, the effort was in full force to protect the slight lead en route to a victory.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Danny Verta of the Bramabulls. In a desperate need for a win, D.Verta's two goals and three assists helped snap a three game losing skit for the Bramabulls.

Premier division

Monday November 12

(4)River Rats vs United Armenians (1)

River Rats jump on United Armenians early and never look back

The River Rats were in rhythm and the United Armenians looked rusty. Or, maybe the River Rats were just that good on Monday night. J.Lulic scored about a minute after the ball dropped, and M.Dettorre along with M.Crialese each followed for a quick 3-0 lead. The United Armenians knew that they would be chasing the game for most of the night. Unfortunately, that bad start didn't help their cause at all. If there was any consolation, the United Armenians did manage to not concede a goal-from that point on up until Mario Diaco put it away in a yawning net. It took over two periods before they finally got on board. After receiving a quick pass, G.Jerjian made sure to bury his chance. C.Stavriadis would have preferred a cleaner sheet but won't be complaining too much as he earned the win in net.

(3)Black Knights vs GK(4)

M.David, K.Kuczmarski power GK past Black Knights

The best laid plans by some top defensemen of the Black Knights couldn't do much against the searing hot duo between M.David and K.Kuczmarski. Each registered three points in orchestrating the GK's tight victory. The Black Knights didn't have the flow of their bench that they are used to. Regardless, the GK weren't many either which suggested for an even playing field. The turning point perhaps occurred late in the second period when M.David snapped a 2-2 tie. With the next goal so important, the Black Knights failed to level, instead, J.Bradley doubled the lead by the six minute mark. As the game was winding down, D.Duhamel riffled a beauty on the power play to pull the Black Knights within one. Unfortunately, time wasn't a luxury the Black Knights had and the GK were able to kill it off en route to a fourth win in only five games.

(4)Black Knights vs United Armenians (3) O.T

D.Duhamel scores when it counts, Black Knights top United Armenians

D.Duhamel came up big in the clutch for the Black Knights. Duhamel had two goals, with his first tying the game by the 9:15 minute mark of the third. By getting just enough time in overtime after awarded a power play chance, the sniper showed once again what a good release he has. His big shot gave no chance to R.Kenadjian, who had a very solid outing for the United Armenians. Prior to the madness, the United Armenians had control of the match building a 2-0 lead. The Black Knights only responded as of the late stages of the second period. Once J.Velenosi got his team on board, the effect trickled down to the rest of the bench. Velenosi added his second by the third right before Duhamel took care of the balance. Three straight goals came-from the Black Knights that eventually gave them their first lead of the contest. However, the United Armenians weren't throwing it in. J-A Belcher netted the equaliser with just over three minutes remaining to force the extra time. If not for an unfortunate holding call, the result could have potentially favoured the winless side considering how well they played.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew David of the GK. The GK forward capped his night with a flourish. M.David scored two big goals along with an assist to help lead his club past the Black Knights.

Tuesday November 13

(5)Black Knights vs River Rats(5)

Black Knights, River Rats settle for draw after back and forth action

It was certainly an entertaining set of events between the River Rat and the Black Knights on Tuesday night. The game literally went back and forth with the Black Knights leading every single time. Unable to grab a two goal cushion, the Black Knights kept getting frustrated on the response- from the River Rats. Both sides traded the same amount of goals in each frame with most of the action occurring in the first half. S.Musaccho, J.Uppal, M.Viau each scored once while D.Landucci posted the Black Knights last two of the game. The River Rats got their scoring-from J.Lulic, who struck twice along with J.Morina, M.Dettore and M.Argiris finding the back of the net as well. After a slow start for the net minders, G.Vermette and C.Stavriadis had strong finishes keeping eth score close. Vermette faced 17 shots for the Black Knights while Stavriadis saw a few more balls his way to remain idle with his counterpart.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Johnny Lulic of the River Rats. Out of his clubs five goals, Lulic was involved in four of them that included two tallies and a pair of assists.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday November 12

A.Kobayati scores quick hat trick as Punishers respond heavy in second match

A.Kobayati, who was somewhat silent in the first game, made plenty of noise in the following encounter. In a very short span, the Punishers d-man pretty much decided the game versus the Corporation. The contest was tied 2-2 when Kobayati showed his touch riffling three quick goals in the duration of only two and a half minutes. Everything was evenly matched throughout most of the night up until that point. The Corporation did make it interesting towards the end but the clock just kept bleeding for A.Centis to seal it in an empty cage. L.Dias took the opening game in a shootout with the help of F.Gentile and A.Jalilvand's goals while F.Russo returned the favour in the second game making big saves at key moments. It came in a losing cause but J.Scalia was very productive striking three times as part of a four point performance.

(6)The Corporation vs Punishers (5) S.O

(6)Punishers vs The Corporation (4)

An out-manned Kings team kept up as long as they could with Legacy

When Legacy decided to crank it up all the way, the Kings had no answers. T.Bozinakis, D.Bertrand and G.Pisanelli scored twelve points among them and dominated the Kings defence which were short staffed with only two changes on the bench. The Kings keep running into the same kind of problem on a weekly basis and that is to not have their complete line up show up. And when you go up against a team that's been together for well over a decade, it's only fitting that you won't get your way. Despite the losses, the Kings put up two good challenges especially in the second game where they just fell short. J.Velenosi helped create much of the offense accumulating a total of two goals and a pair of assists.

(6)Legacy vs Kings(2)

(3)Kings vs Legacy(5)

The SalumiVino player of night goes to A.Kobayati of the Punishers. In one single shift, Kobayati surged with three quick goals to even the series with the Corporation.

Tuesday November 13

Legacy duplicate effort handles Carmoni

Despite going down 3-0, Les Carmoni never threw in the towel. They scored three goals in only two minutes and all of a sudden there was a new game. However, that was until a costly penalty doomed them in the first encounter. Giving a team like Legacy the man advantage is a recipe for disaster. J.Rochon was able to regain the lead with the man advantage right before Payam Assadi sealed it late for his hat trick. In almost a similar event, the second game ended with a 5-3 score. Les Carmoni grabbed two leads during that game but were never able to pull away. Their down fall occurred once again in the remaining period when Payam Assadi came to haunt them for a second straight time. The cherry picking forward added three more goals for a second hat trick in as many games.

(3)Les Carmoni vs Legacy (5)

(5)Legacy vs Les Carmoni(3)

Thursday November 15

J-R Lemay and F.Peloquin set the tone for Chic Choc

Two goals-from one of your top snipers coupled with F.Peloquin denying 13 shots, the Chic Choc couldn't have applied a better game plan. It always helps when your best players perform while getting the right support-from a solid supporting cast. The first encounter ended 2-0 for the Chic Choc, who still had work ahead of them if they planned to sweep the Black Eagles. Unhappy with the way things ended, the Black Eagles were gunning for a better fight. This time, they did get on board with two first period goals-from D-A Demers and T.Pigeon that put them ahead 2-1.Unfortuntely, they couldn't sustain a full out effort. The Chic Choc used their experience by remaining patient enough before harping on their chances. J.Dumont scored early in the second to tie it up, and E.Gacem broke the tie with the help of J-R Lemay, who added two more points in the win.

(2)Chic Choc vs Black Eagles(0)

(2)Black Eagles vs Chic Choc(3)

Armadillos jump out On Corporation early, take both games

A couple of big plays in front of the net along with a power play goal summed up the first meeting between the Armadillos and the Corporation. K.Koutsogiannopoulos riffled a bullet with the man advantage and S.Kipopoulos tapped in his clubs third goal by only the 6:30 mark of the opening frame. The Corporation did play a little better-from that point on but there was no way they would get back into the match. There only focus became on how to approach the second encounter. After regrouping and reassessing what had just transpired, the men in yellow tweaked their game resulting in a better effort. Unfortunately, they still got the short end despite losing only 2-1. This particular game saw C.Stavriadis get more involved. If not for his timely key saves, the Armadillos may have walked away with a split, instead they banked six clean points.

(1)The Corporation vs Armadillos (5)

(2)Armadillos vs The Corporation (1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Frederic Peloquin of the Chic Choc. Apart-from letting in two quick goals all night, the steady net minder earned a 2-0 shutout and a close 3-2 result to collect a pair of wins.

E Division

Sunday November 11

(5)Lynx vs Smooth Sailors(4) O.T Inter-league

R.Beaver leads Lynx to overtime win over Smooth Sailors

For a few moments, it looked like the Lynx were going empty handed on Sunday night. Then, Y.Vanasse and R.Beaver stepped up again flipping the script by the 2:23 mark f overtime. Both players each scored twice with Vanasse tying the game late before setting up R.Beaver for the sudden death winner. Prior to the contest, even though both teams aren't familiar with each other, a close game was to be expected. The power play worked on both ends with each team scoring twice with the man advantage. This wasn't a case of many players chipping in on the score sheet rather than a few players stepping it up.For the Lynx, Y.Vanasse, R.Beaver an M.Barone combined for ten points while M.Testolina was an expected force for the Smooth Sailors finishing with three out of a possible our goals.

(4)Butchers vs Raging Rhinos (5) Inter-League

Butchers fall short in hard battle with Raging Rhinos

When looking back after weighing the circumstances, the Butchers will take positives even though they dropped the game.  It's never easy going up against a solid team like the Raging Rhinos with barley two lines. And despite all that, they nearly gave themselves a chance to go the extra distance. The Raging Rhinos played it right by pressuring and forcing constantly in hopes of creating chances. Eventually that hard work pays off and the Raging Rhinos made their opportunities count. J.Tzanetakos chipped in with a pair, but it was Y.Gazura's second goal that ultimately made the difference.

(3)Brew Crew vs Shockers(4)

PJ Gauthier sets up C.Debonis winner on perfect cross court pass

Just over a minute was all that was left for this game to go into overtime. However, that was up until P.J  Gauthier fooled everyone to find an open C.DeBonis to snap a late 3-3 tie. The defenseman earned a well deserved assist on that play. His pass was perfectly placed with a ton of power on it.Props to C.DeBonis for the very strong finish and for knowing where he has to be to score goals. That was the snipers second and third point of the game. The Shockers may have felt an easy ride heading into the third period up 4-1. But with the Brew Crew not calling it quits, a new game had developed. M.Pace started the comeback followed with his captain C.Palermo netting his second to level the game at three goals apiece. It was shortly after that moment when C.DeBonis regained the lead for good.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Randy Beaver of the Lynx. After setting up his clubs first two goals, R.Beaver wasn't done yet. The sniper went on to add two tallies that included the biggest one in the game coming in overtime.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 9

(2)HBHA vs Hawks (1)

Hawks fall to HBHA on late power play goal

For how well both sides played defensively, a special team's goal was required to make the difference between winning and losing. The Hawks took their lone penalty of the game and paid the price for it. After losing an important draw, J.Kontitsis was the beneficiary of a perfect passing play that led to the winning goal leaving only 13 seconds on the clock. S.Govas opened the scoring for the HBHA while setting up his captain for the winner. If not for the goaltenders, neither side would have had a chance. E.Parent made that one extra save to get the better of A.Mancini, who was just as brilliant between the pipes. Even though its only half way into the season,this game was very important for the two sides. The HBHA will now have a little more breathing room to avoid a dreaded fourth place finish to the standings.

(2)Stones vs Hellas(3)

M.Boutros helps win round one for Hellas in double header night with Stones

With so much on the line for both teams, this game was very crucial for a potential playoff spot. Both sides traded two first period goals suggesting a high scoring affair. But after regrouping in between periods, the message was sent for a more cautious style. Only one goal went in from-that point on which came-from M.Boutras, who netted his second for Hellas. As much as the Stones attempted their slight desperate comeback, nothing was going through S.Sauk. The net minder was solid and flawless for two straight periods that enabled his club to secure a huge win.

(3)Bramabulls vs The Peters(4)

S.Mancini scores late beauty right before J.Morina stamps winner

After all they fought through an intense 40 minutes and change, S.Mancini came through for the Peters with a blistering slap shot to beat C.Muccino on the short side. However, it wasn't Mancini's rocket that held up for the winner. J.Morina's marker that ensued shortly after came into play as the Bramabulls responded only moments later to pull within one. By that point, time wasn't a luxury they had and the Peters were able to hang on to a gratifying win. Plenty of hype was riding for weeks prior to this encounter. And when it finally got here, no one was surprised that it finished so close. Both teams drew even for two straight periods leaving only the last few minutes to decide it.

(2)Hellas vs Stones(10)

Stones respond with authority in must win game

Be ready, stick to the game plan and finish strong. That was basically the blue print for the Stones as they completely out matched Hellas in this contest. A relentless effort paid off, and the Stones can now look ahead in hopes of better things to come. If they can do what they did tonight versus Hellas on a regular basis, then they'll be just fine. Their strength lies in the middle with T.Settino and J.Pantelis occupying the role. Both players defend extremely well while able to put up some decent numbers up front. In this particular case, they combined for five goals for a total of seven points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Kontitsis of the HBHA. With the clock winding down, the captain riffled a huge power play goal that ultimately decided a close 1-1 game with the Hawks.

E Division

Thursday November 8

(10)Raging Rhinos vs SBS Trashers(5)

SBS Trashers struggles continue with loss to Raging Rhinos

Ten goals by the Raging Rhinos, including five in the second period alone keeps SBS Trashers stuck in the basement of the E Thursday division. It didn't take long for things to go south as three goals in only nine minutes put the Raging Rhinos up 3-1.S.Longo scored his first on the power play before adding two more for a hat trick. The court was definitely tilted on the Raging Rhinos side. If the SBS Trashers don't find solutions soon enough, there season will likely end earlier than hoped for. E.Panzera, F.Gentile and J.Scalia are putting up the numbers consistently combining for eleven points but it's perhaps their defensive game that needs some tweaking.

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Carnage(4)

S.Longo two goals and assist leads Carnage to double up win

After somewhat of a slow start, Carnage looked like a different team by the second frame. By the time the eight minute mark hit, the score was 3-1 and the Mighty Drunks didn't know what hit them. S.Longo picked up-from where he left off-from the Raging Rhinos game by striking twice in that short span while eventually setting up P.Stroubakis's power play goal. Both penalty units did a great job but the Mighty Drunks could have used at least one goal on the power play to give themselves a chance. E.Garon notched both tallies in the loss.

(7)JLR Brossard vs Smooth Sailors(5)

G.Pisanelli in a league of his own

For how good G.Pisanelli was on this night, the Smooth Sailors needed one extra body on the court just to keep up with the JLR sniper. It's perhaps safe to say that Pisanelli won this game on his own even though the few players dressed did a marvel job supporting one another. The Smooth Sailors learned their lesson a little too late. With the game tied 3-3 after two periods, J.Palmitano and his deeper bench should have dictated the terms, instead the JLR Brossard took it to their opponent all thanks to one player. Pisanelli pounced on a loose ball late in the match for the winner before feeding a yawning cage.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to G.Pisanelli of the JLR Brossard. The natural talent was sensational once again, this time netting six straight goals for his club to edge out the Smooth Sailors.

F Division

Wednesday November 7

(4) Mighty Drunks vs Decepticons(3) O.T

Mighty Drunks battle back take 4-3 overtime victory over Decepticons

In hockey, timely goals are sometimes required to make the difference between winning and losing. Luckily for the Mighty Drunks, M.Gibeault timed it just right by netting the overtime winner. Entering the frame, the Mighty Drunks took complete advantage being a man up after the Decepticons took a late third period penalty. The Decepticons looked to be in position of power throughout most of the match up until E.Garon levelled things fairly late in the third period. S.Archambault set up Garon for his third point of the contest. Despite the loss, N.Delia surprised no one that he buried two out of his clubs three goals.

(6)Carnage vs Underdogs(5)

J.Courteau hat trick helps carry Carnage over Underdogs

If the Underdogs could have applied what they did in the second period throughout most of the match, than they would have likely come out on top, instead they just weren't good enough for long stretches. The see saw effect ultimately went in favour of Carnage. After dominating the opening frame 3-1, two unanswered goals in the third period were needed to decide the outcome. In large part, three particular players came to rescue the situation. First one being J.Courteau, who finds the back of the net like its nothing, J.Vinet that scored twice along with two assists and finally G.Gammieri setting up four goals.

(7)Fat Cats vs Kentucky Blue(3)

Fat Cats down Kentucky Blue in penalty filled game

It was evident to the start of this game that both teams weren't backing down. However, a good start by the Fat Cats did set the tone forcing the Kentucky Blue to respond with a solution. The problem was that no matter how hard they tried, the Fat Cats would only get better with time. F.Gentile and M.Elfassy caused most of the problems for the Kentucky Blue as both players combined for seven points just prior to the second period ending. The final frame didn't change much expect for the fact of visiting the penalty box on a few occasions. The Fat Cats scored three out of their seven goals on their special teams that included two shorthanded.

(3)Horsemen vs Left Wings(2)

B.Rubino makes power play goal count

After a strong start to the game, the Horsemen had an even better finish. And that was because B.Rubino made his third period power play goal decide the outcome. The Left Wings did kill two straight penalties but couldn't do it for a third time that ultimately doomed them in the end. Prior to Rubino's winner, the Horsemen saw the same trio involving V.Pandza, M.Mamoulides and T.Mader take care of their first two goals. On the flip side of the court, G.Gaitanis was the only Left Wing to solve M.Vinciguerra, who was solid once more earning g the win in net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Bryan Rubino of the Horsemen. His ability to defend the way he does sometimes gets overlooked, but the Horsemen understand what their steady defenseman brings game in and game out. Tonight, he added a little more spice to his play by netting the game winning goal.

D Division

Tuesday November 6

(0)The Blast vs Capitals (3)

Capitals continue riding hot streak, 5 in a row

They have now won five in a row, and unless somebody figures out the Capitals, this streak may never be broken. Tonight's win came with the help of V.Bezeau's two consecutive goals along with C.Fortin denying all 28 shots his way. The Blast did waste a moment in the game that could have gone there way. Rather than scoring on the power play, the Blast surrendered their first goal shorthanded coming early in the second period. That missed chance ultimately came to hurt the Blast. M-A Morin went on to put the match away netting the Capitals third goal of the game just passed the mid way point of the final frame.

(4)Punishers vs Bramabulls(1)

Four goal second period keys Punishers win

N.Mackeen showed that he is more than just capable of making saves. By playing as a forward rather than his natural position between the pipes, N.Mackeen put up two out of the four Punishers goals versus the Bramabulls. That single frame was completely dominated-from one side. The Bramabulls had a chance to pull within one when given a power play but saw A.Centis score instead for a Punishers three goal cushion. A.Bitsakis was a big part of the equation for the win as the net minder was nearly perfect up until G.Bouchard beat him by the third period. Both sides met only a week ago and nothing much has changed with the Punishers duplicating the same result.

(2)AREZ vs Capitals(3)

Fatigue, non issue for Capitals perfect double header night

If there was one opportunity for somebody to hand the Capitals their first loss, this could have been it. All AREZ needed to do was to win the final frame of a hockey game. And as much as that sounds easy against a team that has yet to taste defeat, a 2-2 tie versus a more tired bunch normally favours the rested squad. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and the Capitals continue to roll over the opposition extending their streak to six games in a row. The deadlocked tie was snapped when the captain M.Champagne struck just shy of the mid way point of the period. AREZ did have enough time to bounce back but C.Fortin once again stood in the way earning his second win in only two hours.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nikita Mackeen of the Punishers. Whether he plays in net or as a forward, N.Mackeen will help either way. Tonight, he posted two goals that included the winner versus the Bramabulls.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday November 5

Black Eagles and 1 Timer split in goaltender battle

A Sylvian Gravel goal just under the three minute mark of the final frame proved to be the game winner as the 1 Timer went on to edge the Black Eagles 2-1 to start up the night. F.Koch turned in a solid performance allowing only F.Bois-Chasse to get the better of him. With the win, the 1 Timer tried to duplicate a similar outing in the second encounter knowing that the two sides would keep it close. Knowing how crucial the first goal would be, the Black Eagles wasted no time getting on board thanks to R.Boisvert. From-there, eight minutes went by when the very same Boisvert doubled ten lead. The Black Eagles had the luxury to dictate the terms forcing the 1 Timer to find solutions. Unfortunately, they kept hitting a wall in G.Page, who nearly had his shutout preserved leaving all but 10 seconds on the clock.

(1)Black Eagles vs 1 Timer(2)

(1)1 Timer vs Black Eagles(3)

Kings getting unlucky, fall short twice to Armadillos

Despite having their fair share of quality scoring chances, the Kings found themselves on the short end of the stick in both their games with the Armadillos. The first one could have easily gone either way but it was G.Bouchard's late tally that snapped a 2-2 tie. Then, with a chance to redeem themselves and settle the score, a bad start proved to be costly for the Kings. The Armadillos took advantage early on with goals-from K.Koutsogiannopoulos and D.Andrade. Still, the Kings weren't discouraged and battled back to make a game of it. L.Velenosi profited twice on the power play, but it was the very same G.Bouchard that came to haunt the Kings once again. The star defenseman, for second straight time, notched the winner that came in a shorthanded situation for his fourth point of the night.

(4)Armadillos vs Kings(2)

(2)Kings vs Armadillos(3)

D.Desmarais power's Carmoni early, But Corporation finishes strong sharing points

Eight minutes had barely gone by when D.Desmarais made minced meat out of the Corporation defensive game. If that wasn't bad enough, things only got worse with Les Carmoni adding three more markers to nearly hit the seven goal mercy rule. But as ugly and embarrassing it was, the Corporation knew that the madness would eventually end. Their first step was to finish strong in the last period of the first game in which they did winning the frame 4-1. And even though they couldn't mount the enormous comeback, the men in yellow knew the second encounter was theirs for the taking. However, they still had to go against a force bothering them all game and that was P.Corbin. The net minder kept denying an abundance of shots that primarily came on three on two plays. On most occasions when the Corporation weren't able to convert, Les Carmoni would counter attack only to hit a similar problem in L.Dias. Luckily enough for the Corporation, their net minder stood tall making key stops. Then, finally after a period and a half, F.Gentile was able to break the ice. R.Elias would double the lead on a rocket slap shot right before Y.Derohannessian filled an empty cage twice to split the miniseries.

(6)Les Carmoni vs The Corporation (4)

(4)The Corporation vs Les Carmoni(1)

Legacy reach finish line first in close race with Punishers

For three entire periods that included a shootout in the opening contest, neither team was able to come out on top. That was up until the final stretch of the second game that Legacy barely pulled away. The wild finish saw both sides combine for ten goals that included two empty net markers. P.Doulis got credited the winner by feeding the empty cage right before A.Stamiris did the same seconds later. While Legacy relied on balanced scoring, the Punishers did have A.Laramee and S.Athanasopoulos support most of their offense. Laramee scored a total of six goals and four assists while Athanasopoulos struck once along with six helpers.

(4)Legacy vs Punishers (4) S.O

(7)Punishers vs Legacy(9)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Bouchard of the Armadillos. So incredibly clutch, the quarter back defenseman was remarkable once again in both wins for the Armadillos. Both victories were decided because of Bouchard's two game winners as part of a four point performance.

Premier division

Monday November 5

(2)River Rats vs Black Knights(4)

Late goal by D.Duhamel lifts Black Knights over River Rats

The Black Knights came up with a big goal at the right time to beat the River Rats 4-2 on Monday night. Rather than heading into overtime, D.Duhamel avoided the extra time by striking with just over two minutes remaining. That was the first time the River Rats surrendered the lead. Prior to that moment, Marco Diaco and M.Argiris each scored to put their club in front. The River Rats would have loved nothing more than to build a two goal cushion knowing the Black Knights could at any point respond with an equaliser. Unfortunately, they weren't able to pull away as A Mezzagno and C.Pisanelli levelled on both occasions. Then, D.Duhamel took over by not only sparking the winner but by also closing it out in an empty cage. G.Vermette and J.Beaudry were both exceptional in net.  After facing close to 25 shots, Vermette got the decision over his counterpart.

Tuesday November 7

(1)United Armenians vs GK(7)

GK explode after United Armenians pulled within one

H.Jerjian's goal to pull the United Armenians within one was as good as it got for his side. It took only seconds-from that point on for the GK to respond in a heavy way. A slight 2-1 lead turned quickly into a landslide with the GK riffling five straight goals. It was a night that nobody needed to stand out as seven different players took turns finding the back of the net. K.Vincent, K.Kuczmarski and S.Hrivnak all scored once along with two helpers while L.Augustin had no issues collecting an easy win in net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to D.Duhamel of the Black Knights. With the game appearing to head for overtime, D.Duhamel changed all that by snapping a 2-2 tie while securing the match with an empty net goal.

E Division

Sunday November 11

(6)Brew Crew vs Legends(1) Inter-league

M.Pace scores 4 goals, Brew Crew rout Legends

The hallmarks of the Brew Crew recent surge up the standings have been their depth and the multiple ways in which they can win games. Some nights, goaltending and a solid defensive will carry them, and on other nights, their main guns up front will make the difference. This particular game had all the attributes for the positive result. Led by M.Pace, who riffled an impressive four goals, the Brew Crew simply had their way versus the Legends. It was a night that everything went right-from the opening faceoff. The Legends were stuck trying to kill a minor penalty for delay of game only to find themselves trail early on when D.Verta surprised R.Ranieri with a far shot-from the point. That good start paved the way for more to come. The only time the Legends got on board was late in the second period when the game was already put out of reach.

(4)Shockers vs JLR Brossard(3) O.T Inter-league

Shockers captain M.Blackman uses screen to bury O.T winner

With both sides having more than enough fire power offensively, it's almost a given that this game would end quickly in overtime. Actually so quick that it took barely a minute for the Shockers captain to get it done. M.Blackman came down-from his favourite spot being the off wing before using a screen shot that barely gave P.Assadi a chance. Prior to the sudden death frame, the JLR Brossard will be looking back at some missed opportunities right after they tied the game fairly late. Already with two goals, G.Pisanelli nearly had his third to complete a hat trick and take the game in regulation time. Unfortunately, that missed chance gave the Shockers their golden opportunity to earn the win. C.Debonis and M.Blackman each scored twice for the Shockers as did Pisanelli for the JLR Brossard.

(1)Fatal Demons vs Lynx(10)

Lynx score landslide victory of tired Fatal Demons

Right-from the get go, it showed that the Fatal Demons would be a step behind, especially with many of them playing an hour earlier with the Legends. Their only slight hope was to try and keep the game as close as possible for as long as possible. Unfortunately, that concept wasn't even close with the Lynx striking four times in the first period. R.Beaver opened it up netting the Lynx's first two goals as part of a four goal performance. J.Mason was expected to do some damage and didn't disappoint striking twice while collecting four assists. By the end of the game, it was just a night to forget for P.Santullo and the rest of his troops.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Blackman of the Shockers. With his two timely goals that included overtime winner versus the JLR Brossard, the Shockers captain merits the honour as player of the night.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 2

(4)Stones vs Hawks(5)

Stones fall short after third period comeback

The Stones gave a valiant effort in the third period to try and force overtime, but the Hawks barely hung on after giving up two late goals. The Stones weren't able to overcome a poor start forced to play catch up all game long. It seemed like every time the Hawks would pull away, the Stones would keep coming back. The only problem was that they ran out of time. P.Cardillo timed his run to bury the winner late in the second period. Four minutes had barely gone by when S.Robineault struck twice to get the ball rolling for the Hawks. If not for that quick start, this contest may have had a different result considering how well the Stones played.

(1)HBHA vs The Peters(4)

S.Mancini and M.Cerone fill the net twice for the Peters

It took some time but the Peters eventually figured out C.Stavriadis. The net minder knew he was going to be a target all game with a depleted line up to deal with. And when considering the circumstances, the HBHA will be keeping their heads up after this contest. The Peters only pulled away as of the third period where their superior bench outlasted a gassed opposition. S.Mancini and M.Cerone had two goals each, and J.Richer allowed all but one tally his way.

(7)Bramabulls sv Hellas(5)

Bramabulls playing with fire after slow start

Digging themselves a deep hole after only one period, the Bramabulls had to figure out how to overcome a predicament. Luckily enough, they had two scenarios going their way .The first being time and more importantly the second being the fact that Hellas had only three spares to contend with. If the Bramabulls weren't so talented up front, maybe a 4-1 first period lead would have been just enough. Instead, P.Charbonneau and M.Argiris had more than enough time to riffle two goals each along with M.Crapis netting the winner in the third period. Surely the Bramabulls felt that this game was going to be easier than they thought. And rather than taking Hellas seriously-from the get go a full out 45 minute effort was required in order to get the job done.

(2)HBHA vs The Peters(8)

Eight different goal scorers pace Peters

It wasn't pretty, but the Peters swept their double header with the HBHA. The first period was all it took to convince everyone where this contest was headed. After building a comfortable 5-0 lead,the Peters scored on the power play and shorthanded to take the second frame. By that point, the HBHA wanted nothing more than to get on board and spoil J.Richer's shutout. D.Tzimopoulos eventually got to Richer, who allowed one more tally shortly after. The win came with the help of no one in particular as eight different players had the pleasure of finding the back of the net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Richer of the Peters. In a double header night versus the HBHA, the calm and collective goaltender was sound surrendering only three goals.

E Division

Thursday November 1

(7)Legends vs SBS Trashers(5)

J.Courteau masterful in 5 goal performance

Scoring five goals in one match is not something that happens very often yet J.Courteau has done it again. The right handed sniper scored all but two goals in the Legends 7-5 victory over the SBS Trashers. Most of them came within a second of touching the ball on one timers. With the game going back in forth in what was a see saw effect, the Legends rode a big third period to get it done. The SBS Trashers looked in fine form early on jumping to a 2-0 lead. Then, it was the Legends turn responding with four straight goals up until the SBS Trashers regained momentum with three of their own. Still, the game wasn't over, and that's when the Legends had the final say striking three times in only three minutes.

(7)Fatal Demons vs Raging Rhinos(7) S.O Inter-league

Raging Rhinos gave up to many to settle for tie

The Raging Rhinos feel like they wasted an opportunity to bank three points to the standings only to settle for a 7-7 draw. After all, they did take a 5-0 lead and had the Fatal Demons on the ropes. And while everything appeared to be headed for an easy win, a major turn of events occurred. The Fatal Demons, from-being stalled, managed to put it into fifth gear and take over the match. Six out of the next seven goals all belonged to the trailing side that saw A.Jalilvand score twice. Still, the opportunity was there for the Raging Rhinos to take the contest in overtime after N.Katsifolis took a late holding penalty. With the amount of space given due to a 4-3 power play, the Raging Rhinos failed to capitalise. Instead, a shootout was required where both sides traded one goal apiece. While the Fatal Demons had more balanced scoring, the Raging Rhinos saw A.Papazian and S.Longo do most of the damage as both players combined for nine points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Legends. The sniper is in a league of his own, this time bagging a massive five goals that enabled the Legends to get past the SBS Trashers.

F Division

Wednesday October 31

(3)Horsemen vs Fat Cats(7)

Joe Scalia & F.Gentile fill the net twice, Fat Cats remain undefeated

The surging Fat Cats saw their usual suspects score once again while extending their winning streak to five games. Joe Scalia and F.Gentile each scored twice and S.Hrivnack accumulated four more points that included three assists. Entering the contest, the Horsemen virtually had no chance with only one change up to their bench. After going down 2-0 late in the opening frame, the Horsemen surrendered two quick goals by the second where they realized then that they had no more hope. There only positive point of the match came in the final fifteen minutes of play where they won the period 2-1.B.Rubino and M.Kardum collected two points each in the loss.

(5)Mighty Drunks vs Left Wings(4)

3 goals in first period lift Mighty Drunks past Left Wings

By getting that incredible start, the Mighty Drunks barely hung on to edge out the Left Wings on Wednesday night. Sometimes teams get complacent when playing with such a lead. Maybe it was the case for the Mighty Drunks or perhaps the Left Wings just woke up a little too late in their comeback effort. Regardless the reasons, S.Archamabults's last two goals for the Mighty Drunks was just what the doctor ordered to ensure the win. J-P Bertrand had an influence scoring once while setting up two teammates. As for the Left Wings, G.Gaitanis, J.Adamou and J.Milionis were the most productive combining for seven points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastien Archambault of the Mighty Drunks. In a tight battle with the Left Wings, Archamabault notched two very big goals that ultimately made the difference in the match.

Thursday November 1

(4)Decepticons vs Left Wings(8)

Newly added S.Labrecque nets 3 vs depleted Decepticons

The Left Wings felt pretty good piling on eight goals in what was an expected game to win. Unless the Decepticons were able to grab a one or two goal lead early on, the chances of a positive outcome was very slim with their short bench. Instead, the Left Wings smelled blood early notching two goals but it wasn't up until the second period that this game took one direction. It was by then that S.Labrecque stole the show riffling three unanswered goals in the span of only nine minutes. G.Gaitanis went on to add his second, and the Left Wings simply played the time to their advantage. Despite the loss, J.Guerrero also dressed for the first time and made an immediate impact bagging two goals and a helper.

D Division

Tuesday October 30

(5)Capitals vs AREZ(1)

S.Morello, C.Bezeau combine for big points in rout of AREZ

S.Morello was involved in the Capitals first three goals of the game in which C.Bezeau scored twice, while J-F Aumais stopped 19 shots for a convincing 5-1 win over the AREZ. It was only after one period and five minutes into the second frame when this game witnessed its first goal of the night. S.Morello broke the ice before feeding Bezeau twice for a 3-1 lead. L.Southern went on to add an insurance marker while setting up the empty net goal-from F.Chalut. Despite not scoring for two straight periods, AREZ put themselves back in the game with a huge shorthanded goal by P.Kawkab early in the third period. Unfortunately for the AREZ, it was during that same power play that the Capitals struck to regain a two goal cushion.

(1)Bramabulls vs Punishers (4)

Punishers down Bulls with dominant second period

S.Athanasopoulos's performance was noticeable on Tuesday night. Three out of the four Punishers goals all came with the help of Athanasopoulos primary helpers. The game was deadlocked 1-1 after one period. Then, the second period happened where the Punishers took over posting two unanswered goals. A.Dayan snapped the tie, and K.Tsoukalas provided a two goal cushion forcing the Bramabulls to open up and take chances. Despite having the fire power to make a game of it, D.Verta's lone first period marker was as good as it got. The Punishers would put a seal to it late in the game off an incredible passing play that saw the captain J.Fidrilis bury his chance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sandro Morello of the Capitals. After opening up the scoring, the veteran provided two perfect feeds to help lead his club to a fourth straight victory.

Premier division

Monday October 29

(7)River Rats vs United Armenians (2)

River Rats rout United Armenians

From-the opening draw, the River Rats handled the United Armenians for long stretches. Four straight goals had gone in before G.Jerjian finally got the United Armenians on board late in the second period. The River Rats did however remain strong throughout the entire third period bagging three more goals to put the match away. J.McKenzie along with M.Cerone each scored twice while M.Dettore helped set up three teammates. The United Armenians had some good looks and decent scoring chances early on but were stuck trying to solve D.Potvin. The goaltender faced 26 shots to earn the win over his counterpart G.Follano, who had to endure a few more-from a potent offense.

(3)Black Knights vs GK(4)

GK grind it out in win over Black Knights

As the shots continued to pour on G.Vermette in the third period, it was hard for one not to wonder, or even anticipate, a go ahead marker-from the GK. That tally eventually occurred when the Black Knights took a penalty. After moving the ball quick and precise, S.Bellefleur had the final touch regaining the lead for the GK. H.Nguyen went on to make it 4-2 with a goal that appeared to be more than enough. However, the Black Knights didn't concede and pulled within one shortly after. By then, the GK had all but a minute and change to kill off which they did to grind out the win. K.Gamache, K.Vincent and S.Bellefleur all had two points while M.Fortin stopped close to 25 shots for the positive result.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Simon Bellefleur of the GK. In a deadlock 2-2 third period tie, Bellefleur not only struck on the power play but was able to set up the winner on H.Nguyen's blade only minutes later.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday October 29

J-R Lemay and D-O Trinque feast over the Corporation

While the Chic Choc looked primed and ready to play, the same couldn't be said for the Corporation. Both wins came rather easy with the Chic Choc simply outworking their opponent. J-R Lemay and D-O Trinque had similar performances scoring two goals apiece in both games. At no point did the Corporation ever have the luxury to play with the lead. They did manage to overcome a 2-0 deficit in the opening contest but surrendered the next four tallies. The second game wasn't any better as a sluggish start put them far behind early. F.Peloquin, on a few occasions, denied some high quality chances that enabled a productive counter attack-from his teammates.

(2)The Corporation vs Chic Choc(6)

(6)Chic Choc vs The Corporation (2)

C.Stavriadis and Armadillos deny Carmoni in close battles

In order to beat the Armadillos, a few things need to happen. Les Carmoni couldn't have asked for a better scenario to go the maximum distance in the first encounter. Unfortunately, once they got there, they couldn't solve C.Stavriadis. The net minder did his part stopping both breakaway chances while G.Bouchard and P.Arkalis each scored to secure a 3-1 victory. Still, the night was only half over and Les Carmoni knew they could compete with the division leaders. The only problem was that D.Andrade immediately set the tone with an early marker. And as much as Les Carmoni attempted to level, C.Stavridis kept standing in their way. The Armadillos would eventually double the lead and put the game away thanks to G.Bouchard. Shortly after, P.Lapointe fed an empty cage for his third point of the night.

(1)Les Carmoni vs Armadillos(3)

(3)Armadillos vs Les Carmoni(0)

Black Eagles finish strong after slow start

One good period was all it took for the Black Eagles to split their miniseries with the 1 Timer. Prior to that, it was all 1 Timer as the men in orange stamped a 4-0 victory. T.Daigneault made his presence felt early on riffling two quick goals to get the ball rolling. A.Gagnon had three primary assists and F.Koch denied all 14 shots to collect a shutout. In hopes of duplicating their efforts in the second encounter, the 1 Timer did nothing right in the last twelve minutes of play. It was during that time that the Black Eagles took over the match. Although he didn't score, F.Bois-Chasse can be argued as to why the offense got going. His four assists was part of setting up D-A Demers twice, who also collected four points in the win. Some good news did come out of this for the 1 Timer. After being sidelined for about ten months due to injury, P-A Surprenant showed that he hasn't missed a beat as the sniper buried three goals and an assist.

(4)1 Timer vs Black Eagles(0)

(6)Black Eagles vs 1 Timer(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to P-A Surprenant of the 1 Timer. Despite being out of action for a while, the right handed sniper keeps finding the back of the net posting a total of three goals along with a helper.

Tuesday October 30

Fatigue catches up to Chic Choc after dominant first game

The Chic Choc did everything right to open up the night with the Degenerates. Despite having only two changes on the bench, the end result was gratifying. The win came with scoring efforts-from four different players and brilliant goaltending by F.Peloquin. Knowing that perhaps the Chic Choc would be a little tired in the second encounter, the Degenerates made it a point to start off stronger and get that early lead. That moment happened four minutes into the contest when F.Nasser finally figured out Peloquin. The goal would eventually trigger a snow ball effect that saw the very same Nasser notch his third for a commanding 4-0 lead. In most normal circumstances where a team builds that kind of a margin versus a tired group, an easy result is to be expected. However, it wasn't the case with the Chic Choc responding on three straight goals. J.Farrese, J-R Lemay and D-O Trinque collected two points each only to fall short of a wild comeback attempt.

(0)Degenerates vs Chic Choc(4)

(3)Chic Choc vs Degenerates (4)

E Division

Sunday October 28

(10)Shockers vs Butchers(1)

Shockers dismantle Butchers

Knowing that it would have taken a full roster in order to have a chance versus the Shockers, the Butchers knew the odds were stacked against them on Sunday night. The first period was all the Butchers had to show for before falling off a cliff. Once the second period hit, the Shockers made their opponent look silly unable to compete with a quicker team. T.Debonis and T.Debonis each shared hat tricks while T.Salberg chipped in with a pair. E.Girouard was the only player to get the better of M.Harrison, who had an easy night earning the win in net.

(3)Fatal Demons vs SBS Trashers(3) S.O Inter-league

E.Panzera's late goal forces shootout

The SBS Trashers secured a point after their captain came through tying the game fairly late. E.Panzera tallied with less than two minutes and the Fatal Demons were stuck banking one of instead three points to the standings. For two straight periods, the Fatal Demons took command of the contest with a slight 1-0 lead. Then, the SBS Trashers responded tying the game twice before heading into extra time. From -there, neither side was able to get it done in both the overtime period and in the shootout. E.Panzera did put his club ahead in the breakaways but that was up until M.Chenier responded with his third goal of the match to draw even.

(7)Lynx vs Brew Crew(3)

Third period surge powers Lynx over Brew Crew

Entering the third period with a slight 4-3 lead, the Lynx added three unanswered goals to distance themselves-from the Brew Crew. Perhaps, the biggest reason why the period favoured the Lynx was due to a pair of visits to the penalty box-from the Brew Crew .Those two chances immediately resulted into goals, and the Lynx were well on their way to another victory. R.Beaver regained his touch by striking once in every period to earn a hat trick while J.Mason surprised no one by accumulating four points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathieu Chenier of the Fatal Demons. In a 3-3 draw versus the SBS Trashers, the Fatal Demons forward scored twice in regulation while netting his clubs lone shootout marker.

Masters 35+ division

Friday October 26

(6) The Peters vs Hawks(3)

The Peters lean on special teams to double up Hawks

The Peters used a strong night-from their special teams to earn a decisive 6-3 win over the Hawks. Looking back, the Hawks self destructed allowing two shorthanded goals-from the very same M.Cerone. Rather than converting on their power play chances to pull away, the missed opportunities ultimately hurt the Hawks in the end. S.Mancini scored right after the draw to start the final frame and the Peters never looked back dictating much of the period.

(11)HBHA vs Hellas(3)

Dispirited Hellas no match for HBHA

A bodiless group played a major factor as to why Hellas had no chance versus the HBHA. It's never easy going up against a strong team, but when you don't have enough players on the bench to compete, the end result is to be expected. The down fall barely took eight minutes into the game where the HBHA notched three straight goals to get the ball rolling. From-there, Hellas tried to simply hang on and keep the game respectable. They did manage a better second period but where nowhere to be seen in third. L.Williams and P.Doulis each shared hat tricks with both players combining for twelve points.

(0)Stones vs Bramabulls(9)

Bramabulls bully Stones in 9-0 drubbing

A.Gendron, M.Argiris and J.Palmitano each scored twice and the Bramabulls had an easy night handling the Stones. Despite the onslaught, the Bramabulls needed the second period to distance themselves riffling six unanswered goals. There wasn't much the Stones could have done against a team that out competed and out worked them. R.Ricuarte fell victim to a barrage of shots and crisp passing plays that resulted in goals giving him barely a chance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marco Cerone of the Peters. At crucial points during the game versus the Hawks, M.Cerone was able to turn the tides by bagging two key shorthanded goals.

E Division

Thursday October 25

(8)Smooth Sailors vs SBS Trashers(5)

Explosion of goals favours Smooth Sailors

The Smooth Sailors and SBS Trashers just threw down two periods of the greasiest sloppiest hockey. The defenceless net minders felt isolated getting barely enough help. F.Gentile, who plays as a defenseman wished he never took the role as a goaltender in this particular game. It's never easy facing players like J.Palmitano and M.Testolina but Gentile was stuck with the mission of going up against two of the most dangerous snipers of the division. Both players took turns finding the back of the net with Testolina leading the way nothing a hat trick while his captain buried a pair. On the flip side of the court, A.Moffa isn't a stranger to scoring goals either. The quick crafty forward bagged three out of the SBS Trashers five tallies.

(8)Lynx vs Legends (4) Inter-league

Lynx ignite three quick goals in second period to down Legends

J.Lang, J.Mason and U.Cruz scored in a span of only 1:45 early in the second period, and the Lynx held off the Legends on Thursday night. From-there, the Legends wouldn't recover despite playing little better after that point. The Lynx would continue to control most of the play accumulating lots of ball possession that resulted in Mason's and Lang's second goals of the night. Entering the contest, the Legends had no choice to play a perfect game in order to defeat a quicker side. That definitely didn't happen with missing pieces out of the line up.

(4)Raging Rhinos vs JLR Brossard(8)

JLR Brossard stuns Rhinos with 5 third period goals

The Raging Rhinos weren't in bad shape after playing two full periods with the JLR Brossard. After all, they only trailed 3-2 and were in striking distance of evening the score. But for whatever reason, things just fell apart for the men in red who usually defend extremely well. Payam Assadi began the onslaught netting his second right before setting up three straight goals to finish with six points. S.Robineault and J.Poirier also scored twice in the win while Y.Gazura did the same for the Raging Rhinos.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Payam Assadi of the JLR Brossard. Every once and awhile the sneaky forward puts up a good game. Tonight, Assadi not only scored twice but was able to set up four goals to finish with a six point performance.

F Division

Tuesday October 24

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Underdogs (6)

Underdogs pair goals in every frame to down Mighty Drunks

Enough offense in every period coupled with solid defending was just what the Underdogs needed in their 6-2 win over the Mighty Drunks .Led by their captain, J.Constantin used a late first period goal to snap a 1-1 tie. The Mighty Drunks, for the longest time, gave the Underdogs a real run for their money. However, that did eventually shift towards the end of the second frame. It was by then that W.Abboud's power play marker along with M-A Haber's buzzer beater separated the two sides. The final fifteen minutes saw much of what had transpired early with the Underdogs taking the frame. The win came with an overall team effort involving six different goal scorers.

(3)Knights vs Decepticons(4)

Y.Leroux's second goal snaps tie in third, Decepticons top Knights

Y.Leroux had plenty to feel good about on Wednesday night. The skilled forward scored twice, including the tie breaking goal with less than five minutes remaining in the game to lift the Decepticons over the Knights. It was a contest that could have easily gone either way. The Knights did have the better start with the help of Y.St-Georges, who notched two first period goals for a 2-1 lead. The Decepticons took over as of the second frame where they surged twice on goals-from Leroux and M.Deninno. Still, there was plenty of hockey left over as both sides played it cautious hoping to avoid mistakes. Unfortunately for the Knights, who have been playing better hockey as of late, just fell short in the end.

(7)Carnage vs Left Wings(6)

Carnage nip Left Wings in high scoring affair

In a game featuring lots of goals, plenty penalty minutes with nonstop back and forth action, Carnage was able to emerge in the end. Even with the many aspects involved in this particular game, perhaps the most important one was the play of M.Pace. It's incredible how sometimes that one player can make the entire difference. Apart-from only one out of his clubs seven goals, the sharp shooter was at his best bagging four markers and two assists. His massive offensive output was one thing as was the timing of when he made it happen. Carnage trailed 6-4 at one point during the third period before Pace put on a show scoring twice that included a shorthanded goal to tie the game along with a feed on S.Azzi's winner.

(6)Horsemen vs Kentucky Blue(5)

Horsemen barely hold on after good start

It's always nice when a team gets the start they wanted to a hockey game. The Horsemen rode a four goal first period that had them up 4-2 after fifteen minutes of play. Luckily enough for that good start because the Kentucky Blue did turn it up a notch in the ensuing frame. M.Broccoli scored twice during that span to put his club in striking distance heading into the third. Unable to get the equaliser, the Kentucky Blue fell by a pair despite pulling within one shortly after. The win came with the help of two power play goals-from P.Sidhom and T.Zermalias along with balanced goal scoring.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marco Pace of Carnage. Plain and simple, M.Pace was that good on Wednesday night. The dynamic forward struck four times along with two assists providing some of his points at the most crucial time of the game.

D Division

Tuesday October 23

(5) The Blast vs AREZ(3)

Special team goals in third rally Blast over AREZ

For well over two periods, AREZ looked like they had the game under control. But by giving up the next three out of four goals on the special teams, all that hard work had nothing to show for in the end. Looking back, the AREZ will point to a missed power play chance early in the third period as the difference maker. Rather than building their lead, H.Merone notched his second in a shorthanded situation to pull the Blast within one. That lone tally was just the beginning of the end for the AREZ. From there, the Blast would add three more tallies that included power play goals-from F.Tremblay and J.Laviolette.

(2)Bramabulls vs Capitals (3)

Costly penalties doom Bulls in tight affair with Capitals

After grabbing a 1-0 lead heading into the second period, the Bramabulls did a fine job keeping the Capitals off the score sheet for nearly two frames. Unfortunately, a pair of penalties late in the frame turned a slight lead into a quick deficit. The Capitals couldn't score 5vs5 but made their chances count up a man when A.Boucher and M-A Bernier each scored with the man advantage. With the games next goal being so crucial, M-A Morin was able to provide it giving the Capitals a two goal cushion with still plenty of time left over. The Bramabulls did respond shortly after courtesy of G.Bouchard but weren't able to level. J-F Aumais was stellar facing close to 30 shots to earn the win against a potent offense.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Hendrix Merone of the Blast. Out of his clubs five goals, H.Merone had his hands in four of them that included two goals and two assists.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday October 22

Les Carmoni can't get over allowing 3 straight shorthanded goals

Rather then going ahead after being awarded a power play goal for delay of game, Les Carmoni didn't have time to realise how things went terribly wrong. Somehow, the Punishers torched their opponent with three shorthand goals all during the same minor penalty. The only part of the game that wasn't so bad was when they scored three straight to pull within one. Unfortunately for Les Carmoni, that was as good as it got. The Punishers would then take over and run out the score en route to an 8-3 win. The second encounter was clearly much closer but still in the favour of the Punishers. A.Laramee snapped a late 1-1 tie that held up while feeding an empty cage to staple a 3-1 victory. Both wins came with the help of a deep line up. J.Fidrilis picked a beautiful top corner to finish with four points while A.Laramee had two solid games collecting a total of four goals.

(3)Les Carmoni vs Punishers (8)

(3)Punishers vs Les Carmoni(1)

Hard work pays off for 1 Timer in split with Degenerates

Considering how both teams played one another, a split decision did justice for the 1 Timer and the Degenerates on Monday night. The 1 Timer relied on their pressure without the ball to force turn arounds while the Degenerates patiently waited for some crisp plays in order to score some goals. Both tactics worked, at least in one of the two games. The first meeting did go to the Degenerates when S.Sicuso riffled a wrist shot-from the slot area that barely got by F.Koch late in the game. As for the second encounter, the 1 Timer had the luxury to score first and play with the lead. E.Allen did level after finding himself completely alone of F.Koch. With the next goal being so crucial, T.Daigneault was able to put the 1 Timer back in front on a shot that left P.Assadi wondering how it went in. The lack of players and energy consumed the Degenerates enough to hit a wall. Despite the loss, the veteran side did generate some quality scoring chances only to hit a hot net minder in F.Koch.

(3)Degenerates vs 1 Timer(2)

(2)1 Timer vs Degenerates (1)

Black Eagles edge out Chic Choc after stalemate

Goaltenders G.Page of the Black Eagles and F.Gaudet-Peolquin of the Chic Choc showed off their skills after drawing even in the shootout. None of the six combined players were able to get at least one by the net minders. N.Bisson scored both goals for the Black Eagles while J-R Lemay and D.Trinque tallied for the Chic Choc leaving neither team to collect the win. With the odds stacked against a second straight draw, the Black Eagles would eventually prevail in the ensuing match. T.Pigeon had a big part as the forward opened and closed the scoring solidifying a 3-1 win. G.Page continued-from where he left off stopping 19 of 20 shots. Slowly but surely, the Black Eagles are starting to get the respect they deserve after a shaky start to the season. This marks four straight games that they collected at least a point.

(2)Black Eagles vs Chic Choc(2) S.O

(1)Chic Choc vs Black Eagles(3)

C.Stavriadis looks only once behind him, Armadillos unstoppable

The Armadillos simply refuse to let up. At this point into the season, it seems like it doesn't matter who they play. The Kings had to endure firsthand depth, skill, and exceptional goaltending-from C.Stavriadis. In both their wins, Stavriadis saw only L.Velenosi get the better of him. The Armadillos got some balanced scoring in their opening contest but had once again G.Boucahrd along with S.Kipopoulos net a pair in the second encounter. The Kings missed out on tying the game on the power play only to see a shorthanded marker put them down 2-0 instead. From there, the Kings would never recover giving up three straight markers.

(1)Kings vs Armadillos (4)

(5)Armadillos vs Kings (0)

Mistakes prove costly for Corporation

Even with the Corporation jumping off to a decent start, it just isn't enough when playing Legacy. On many occasions, the men in yellow had their chances but couldn't finish. The problem was that when Legacy got theirs, L.Dias would have almost no chance stopping quality shots his direction. Five different players got their names on the score sheet in the opening contest for Legacy while Y.Derohannessian was the only player to score all three goals in the loss for the Corporation. The second game was nowhere close to the first one with Legacy thumping their opponent. Something unusual did however happen. An unlikely hero took charge in the 7-0 rout and likely for the first time ever in his ball hockey career, G.Panagiotopoulos felt what it's like to be a goal scorer. The sturdy defenseman had scored once prior to the second game giving him the most goals out of a pool of snipers.

(5)Legacy vs The Corporation (3)

(0)The Corporation vs Legacy(7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to George Panagiotopoulos of Legacy. It's extremely rare for a defenseman to earn a hat trick but the Legacy captain had a night to remember collecting a total of four goals.

Tuesday October 23

Armadillos undefeated but not perfect

Eight games in, and the Armadillos have yet to suffer a loss.  That nearly changed against the Punishers as the two sides went at it in a shootout that could have gone either way.  Unfortunately for the Punishers, they couldn't hand the division leaders their first loss of the season. However, by going the distance, the Armadillos dropped a little point even if they took the breakaways with goals-from G.Djevahirdjian and G.Bouchard. Similar to the previous encounter, the second game was also close. This time, the Armadillos got it done in regulation with a slight 3-2 victory. K.Koutsogiannopoulos scored early in the second period for the winner leaving C.Stavriadis to do the rest and record another win in net.

(4)Armadillos vs Punishers (3) S.O

(2)Punishers vs Armadillos (3)

E Division

Sunday October 21

(5)Shockers vs Fatal Demons(3)

C.Debonis, M.Blackman lead-red hot Shockers over Fatal Demons

Two of the hottest players in the E Sunday division continue to play at another level as C.DeBonis and his captain M.Blackman each scored twice earning a fourth victory in only five games. At this rate, teams will need to figure out to over play when going up against the Shockers. The difficult part of formulating a game plan is that there are others just as dangerous offensively. For a very rare time, T.Salberg had a quiet night going empty handed. Even though the game suggests a close score, the Shockers were mostly in control despite giving up the first goal of the game.

(4)Brew Crew vs Butchers (3)

Butchers surrender four third period goals to hands of Brew Crew

The Butchers looked comfortable for two full periods carrying a 2-0 lead. Then, the third period happened. The Brew Crew woke up-from the dead scoring four times while out shooting and stunning the Butchers. Whatever was said in between periods definitely worked for the desperate side. The Brew Crew couldn't buy a win in their first four starts but that all changed as of Thursday night and in this particular game to get back on track. The comeback effort was led-from four different goal scorers. D.Verta and D.Colatosti collected two assists each that included the set up on M.Rheaume's game winning goal. This contest remained close thanks to the goaltenders. On one side of the court, C.Confuonti was stellar for the Butchers killing two straight penalties. However, it was C.Muccino collecting the win, who had to be solid as well for the close result.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin Rheaume of the Brew Crew. Sometimes timing is everything and M.Rheaume couldn't have scored at a better time for the Brew Crew. His game winner late in the game puts his club back in the right direction after a slow start to the season.

Masters 35+ division

Friday October 19

(8)Hawks vs Hellas(3)

Hawks recover with 7 straight goals after slow start

A game that started slow for the Hawks eventually turned into a barn burner. Fortunately for the Hawks, they took out the stops and solidified the win with an impressive second half of the game. Some quick passing and back and forth play created enough lanes for shots to come in. S.Fabrici dented the ball twice giving S.Sauk no chance to react in time. The Hawks, apart-from Fabrici, saw seven different players find the back of the net.

(2)HBHA vs Bramabulls(3)

Two late goals all for nothing for HBHA

The HBHA didn't look at their best-from the get go. They came out flatter than a six month old can of coke. Perhaps it was the Bramabulls simply better jumping off to a 2-0 first period lead. But with the amount of skill the HBHA posses, it was nearly impossible that they weren't going to score. However, that being said, it took nearly the entire game for M.Pololos to get his club on board. Then, only two minutes later, D.Andrade tied the game. Momentum would usually suggest a pattern to follow when a side takes over with a pair of key tallies. Unfortunately for the HBHA, it wasn't the case. The Bramabulls immediately regained the lead courtesy of M.Argiris. The highly skilled forward had set up F.Dominianni and Mauro Mignogna in the opening frame before notching the games deciding marker.

(4)Stones vs The Peters(7)

Stones give good effort despite loss

The Stones weren't hanging their heads Friday night after losing to a team like the Peters. After all, only eight players dressed and the game wasn't overly convincing. The Peters did do the right thing of dictating the pace early with three first period goals. While many would have thought that this contest would end up in a landslide, the Stones remained focused and resilient to keep it respectable. Their best hockey occurred in the third period where they won the frame 3-2.M.Russo struck twice and N.Mucci collected two points in the loss. As for the Peters, R.Placentino was the only player to score twice as part of a four point performance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mario Argiris of the Bramabulls. In a close 3-2 decision over the HBHA, Argiris participated on all three goals that included the winner late in the game.

E Division

Thursday October 18

(4)Smooth Sailors vs SBS Trashers(5) S.O

SBS Trashers beat Smooth Sailors in shootout thriller

Led by a pair of goals- from Joe Scalia, one that he tapped in mid air, the SBS Trashers went the distance to edge out the Smooth Sailors on Thursday night. Depending on how to look at it, M.Testolina was responsible for the good and the bad in the overall decision. The Smooth Sailors forward participated in all three goals including a pair, was also the reason why the SBS Trashers benefited twice on the power play. The feisty forward may have visited the penalty box one too many times which took him away -from a shootout attempt. With neither side able to get it done in overtime, P.Manousos and A.Moffa used perfect wrist shots to get the better of R.Ricaurte in the shootout.

(5)Legends vs Raging Rhinos(4)

Legends grind it out in win over Rhinos

Grinding out games may be the Legends best way to earn results. With the division being as difficult as it is, the formula isn't complicated.  Every player realises that they need to buckle down defensively while keeping the scoring chances simple. Tonight's example saw J.Courteau and Marco Diaco take care of much of the scoring as both players tallied a pair. By getting that required offence, the Legends defended well enough with the help of their net minder G.Platanitis. The Raging Rhinos may look back and not like the fact that they took ten minutes worth of minor penalties. Luckily enough, only one goal went in during that span.

(7)Brew Crew vs JLR Brossard(5) Thu & Sun inter-league

Finally, the Brew Crew get monkey off their back

Snake bitten in the win column for four games, the Brew Crew needed a different night to finally end the spell. The schedule didn't do them any favours going up against a ton of talent in the JLR Brossard. Despite facing off against players such as G.Pisanelli and C.Gingras just to name a few, the Brew Crew went about their business to get the job done. Their best moments occurred towards the later stages of the second period and early into the final frame where they struck four times. M.Rheaume fuelled the offense with three goals and an assist while D.Verta set up three different teammates. The JLR Brossard for a rare time had all their elements in play. Payam Assadi did get three assists but that's only because his line mates are that good. G.Pisanelli added two more goals to his collection in the lose.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Legends. The power forward never seems to take a night off, this time bagging two goals and a pair of helpers.

F Division

Wednesday October 17

(9)Kentucky Blue vs Left Wings(8)

J.McKenzie third period hat trick leads Kentucky Blue past Left Wings

Even though the two sides went back and forth several times, J.McKenzie found the ideal time to make his goals count. The Left Wings thought they had the game wrapped up or at the very least a chance to go into overtime up until the Kentucky Blue sniper decided otherwise. McKenzie had already two goals under his belt before bagging two very late markers to edge out the Left Wings. The encouraging part of this victory was that it was done with only a few players dressed. In addition to McKenzie's onslaught, D.Landucci was pivotal as well accumulating a massive seven points.

(3)Horsemen vs Decepticons(4) S.O

Horsemen rally in third but fall in shootout

P.Sidhom and M.Mamoulides tallied unanswered goals for the Horsemen in the third period to rally back and force overtime, but the team was unable to overcome the Decepticons in a shootout. A.Mancini made close to 30 saves while denying three shootout attempts. The only player to have any success on the breakaways came- from the hands of Y.Leroux. Prior to his winner, Leroux scored once and assisted on the Decepticons second goal. There has been a reoccurring theme for the Horsemen's offense involving the same players collecting points. Once again, P.Sidhom, V.Pandza and M.Mamoulidis were the only three players involved on the score sheet combining for eight points.

(5)Knights vs Carnage(4)

Knights rally for first win of the season

The Knights finally flipped the switch after stumbling at the start of the season. And what better way to end the drought by overcoming a 3-0 deficit. It showed that the Knights really wanted the victory despite a horrible start. The effort came-from everyone that saw five different players find the back of the net. P.Santullo set up two teammates before sparking the win with just over two minutes remaining. Looking back, Carnage will have to wonder how they started so well but finished so terrible. S.Broccoli was their most productive player with three assists.

(3)Underdogs vs Decpticons(1)

Fuel runs out for Decpticons in double header night

Its one thing to have the legs in the first portion of a game after playing an hour earlier, but it's another to try and keep up versus a relentless opponent. The Underdogs, despite dropping the first period 1-0, felt no pressure or worries that they would eventually bounce back. Once E.Salhany got on board, the stage was set for more to come. J.Constantin would soon enough snap the tie just shy of the mid way point of the game. The momentum shifted firmly in the Underdogs favour which forced the Decepticons to find solutions on how to even the score. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, C.Malkoun stood in the way along with a committed defence. The Underdogs secured the result late in the game courtesy of F .Nasser.

(4)Mighty Drunks vs Fat Cats(9)

D.Mili and F.Gentile share hat tricks in rout of Mighty Drunks

If this game was played in front of a big audience, many hats would have been thrown onto to the field from-the Fat Cats supporters. The rarity of two players scoring hat tricks occurred in this particular contest with D.Mili and F.Gentile achieving the feat. Perhaps it was somewhat expected that plenty of goals would have gone in. The Fat Cats have been clearly dominant this season and show no signs of slowing down with a deep roster. If it's not weapon it will be another .J.Scalia appeared to take a night off with only two assists while S.Hrivnak scored twice.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jesse McKenzie of the Kentucky Blue. The forward was praised by his teammates after riffling four straight markers in wild 9-8 finish over the Left Wings.

D Division

Tuesday October 16

(7)Capitals vs The Blast(2)

Capitals feast on Blast in 7-2 win

C.Bezeau and M-A Morin each scored twice and the Capitals had their way with the Blast on Tuesday night. For two full periods, C.Fortin never once looked behind him securing his cage. That was until S.Lacombe finally got the Blast on board early in the third period. However, the damage had been long done with the Capitals riding a sufficient lead. Apart-from his two goals, M-A Morin was a big reason why the Capitals scored so many by adding three assists.

(7)Punishers vs AREZ(1)

P.Arkalis scores hat trick as Punishers trounce AREZ

P.Arkalis enjoyed his night scoring in every possible way for the Punishers. The slick forward used a power play goal, followed with a shorthanded marker before completing his hat trick very late in the game. A.Dayan had a solid start to the third period where he buried two in a row to put the game out of reach. The Punishers couldn't have asked for a better game. Their only slight miss hap occurred late in the second period where M.Monteschio tallied for the AREZ.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Arkalis of the Punishers. In every possible situation, P.Arkalils was able to put the ball in back of the net.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday October 15

E.Gacem answers immediately to take opener

Twice the Chic Choc led by a pair and twice the Degenerates answered back to even the score. Unfortunately for the Degenerates, it took only 30 seconds for E.Gacem to respond and secure a 5-4 win to open up the night. Unhappy with the way things ended, the Degenerates wanted nothing more than to level the series. And they nearly did so if not for F.Peloquin occupying the pipes. The net minder literally stood tall barely giving any net on a few glorious chances. Both sides traded two goals apiece with J.Courteau and Q.Joseph scoring for the Degenerates while J-R Lemay netted both tallies for the Chic Choc. The only way to have decided the outcome at this point was in a shootout. Out of the combined six attempts, nobody had any sort of luck or success figuring out P.Assadi and F.Peloquin.

(5)Chic Choc vs Degenerates (4)

(2)Degenerates vs Chic Choc(2) S.O

1 Timer struggle in a night to forget with Black Eagles

The 1 Timer can't be feeling too good about themselves after tonight's encounter with the Black Eagles. At no point did they look good falling behind early in both games while unable to battle back and force a closer contest. Maybe it's because the Black Eagles were that much better winning many facets of both games. N.Bisson got credited the winner in the opening contest and C.Mauger-Lavigne was their most productive player bagging two goals and a helper. That was just the beginning for Mauger-Lavigne, who went on to add two more goals to close out a 4-1 decision. The Black Eagles couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Two out of their four goals came with the man advantage. Even though he didn't score, S.Bois-Chasse was behind setting up three markers.

(5)Black Eagles vs 1 Timer(2)

(1)1 Timer vs Black Eagles(4)

Corporation seeking revenge in cup rematch versus Carmoni

Even with some changes to their roster, some Corporation players haven't forgotten the recent final between the two sides. Both games would prove to be a good test to see how they would fair with one another. In the first nine minutes of the opening encounter, the Corporation demonstrated their hunger jumping off to a solid 3-0 lead. That cushion was more than enough to solidify a positive outcome. The question at that point would be to see if they can duplicate a similar result. Unfortunately for the Corporation, the tables did turn but not by much. Les Carmoni got two goals -from M.Croteau that included an empty net marker and the winner from-D.Desmarais. Despite dropping the contest, the men in yellow weren't disappointed knowing that they had to battle with a short bench. The father son combination between A.Zarzour and M.Zarzour clicked very well for the Corporation as both players combined for six points.

(4) The Corporation vs Les Carmoni(1)

(3)Les Carmoni vs The Corporation (1)

Kings battle but fall short twice to Legacy

There's no denying the gutsiness and the dogged nature of the Kings effort on Monday night. Despite being down in both games, the commitment level was at its highest even if they didn't get the results they hoped for. This was perhaps a case of two good teams that had one very key component being the major difference, which was experience. Legacy used their years of chemistry to manage the right plays at the right time that resulted in key goals. J.Rochon,one of a few snipers that Legacy has led the way scoring twice in both victories. Other notables included T.Bozinakis, who collected six points, G.Pisnaelli right behind him with five points and E.Girourad who set up three markers while netting one himself. As for the Kings, M.Orlando didn't take a night off adding five points to his collection.

(3)Kings vs Legacy (6)

(5)Legacy vs Kings(4)

Armadillos continue to ride the hot hand with G.Bouchard

G.Bouchard was absolutely terrific in both the Armadillos victories over the Punishers. With each passing game, teams will need to adjust on how to play the quarter back defensemen. The Armadillos didn't score much but managed enough to earn two wins over a depleted line up. Out of their six total goals, G.Bouchard was involved in four of them. The slick defenseman has all the elements of being threat with so much room in a 4vs4 format. Ball control, a precise shot and his long reach are just some attributes that makes him effective. The good news for the Armadillos is that they have plenty of other elements that will make them a challenge game in and game out. For now, J.Kontitsis and his troops will enjoy the ride as they expect nothing less than a successful season.

(2)Punishers vs Armadillos (3)

(3)Armadillos vs Punishers (1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Charles Mauger-Lavigne of the Black Eagles. His four goals and one assist enabled his club to collect six clean points versus the 1 Timer.

E Division

Sunday October 14

(3)Butchers vs Fatal Demons(2)

Scoring machine E.Girouard strikes 3 times to edge out Fatal Demons

E.Girouard and the Butchers simply weren't going to be denied Sunday night in their battle with the Fatal Demons. The sniper recorded another one of many hat tricks with the eventual tie breaking goal coming right after F.Casacalenda levelled the game for the Fatal Demons. For well over two periods, C.Confuonti kept frustrating his opponent stopping everything he saw. The only way the Fatal Demons got to him was on a deflection and a screened shot. Despite that little miss hap, the Butchers immediately went ahead and never looked back recording a third win in only four games. The good news so far for their turnaround season is that they strung two straight victories without some key pieces.

(5)Shockers vs Brew Crew(5)

Shockers push through in third period for intense victory

The Brew Crew's slight 2-1 lead heading into the third period just wasn't good enough. Perhaps it was because the Shockers were playing to win while the Brew Crew were playing not to lose. Regardless the reasons, the Shockers showed up when it counted the most and made the best of their chances. The onslaught saw four different players find the back of the net. J.Collins rocket-from the point evened the score on the power play. Then, barely a minute later,the captain took over as M.Blackman put his club in front with less than four minutes remaining. By simply working harder and playing more determined, the Shockers got what they deserved in the end. The Brew Crew did excel with the man advantage posting two out of their three goals on the power play.

(6)Lynx vs Fatal Demons(3)

Lynx exploit tired Fatal Demons

The gruelling effect of playing the Lynx in a double header night can wreak havoc on a team's focus. The Fatal Demons had just played an hour earlier and were now stuck going up against a younger and deeper side that wanted nothing more than to hammer their opponent. The Lynx sent an early message that this game was going to be dictated by their own terms. After grabbing a 2-0 lead heading into the second period, D.Zabitsky scored one his clubs two power play goals for a 3-1 lead. U.Cruz went on to add his second shortly after and eventually notched his third scoring once in every period. Unless the Fatal Demons got the better start to the contest, the inevitable was to be expected.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Uri Cruz of the Lynx. The Lynx forward was on top of his game striking once in every period that led to a 6-3 win over the Fatal Demons.

Masters 35+ division

Friday October 12

(9)The Peters vs Hellas(1)

M.Crialese draws immediate attention in 5 goal rampage

He barely got his feet wet but M.Crialese demonstrated what a threat he will be up front for the Peters. The sniper went on a scoring rampage posting three out of his five goals by the early stages of the second period. He was so efficient that Hellas was unable to slow him down no matter how hard they tried. But good goal scorers often do get the help required to be effective. In this particular game, J.Morina is perhaps the main guy who found the openings while distributing the ball with precision. The captain set up three goals while closing it out late in the game. R.Placentino also had a good start to his season accumulating four points.

(3)Stones vs HBHA(6)

HBHA pour it on after slow start

After coming out asleep in the first period on Friday night, the HBHA vowed to set the tone as of the second period. Six minutes was it took for a complete turnaround. The HBHA scored four straight goals during that span to take control of the match. J.Kontitsis led the way sparking three straight points while adding his third assist in the final frame. Even though the Stones did what they needed to do early on, they simply couldn't apply a solid game plan long enough. There one consistent player so far this season has been the play of J.Pizzuco, who participated in all three points in the loss. The Stones will need their top gun T.Settino along with some of his wingers to step it up if they plan on doing anything significant this season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Max Crialese of the Peters. His five goals and two assists is more than enough to convince anyone that he merits the honour.

2019 Mens Team Canada Roster Announcement

The Canadian Ball Hockey Association is pleased to announce the players and staff representing Mens Team Canada at the 2019 World Ball Hockey Championships...

The Canadian Ball Hockey Association is very pleased to announce the roster of Men's Team Canada along with the Team Staff for the 2019 ISBHF World Championship in Kosice, Slovakia.General Manager Daniel Medeiros states "We were looking across Canada for the right blend of skill, talent, work ethic, speed, size and chemistry that is going to get us back to the top of the ball hockey world, and we believe we have found just that."Team Canada is also announcing the names of the Team Staff who bring a wealth of professional experience to take care of the squad in Kosice.Goaltenders:Adam Butler - Cloverdale, British ColumbiaDave Yarham - Edmonton, AlbertaDefensemen:Joel Andresen - St. Albert, AlbertaDylan Churchwell - Langley, British ColumbiaJordan Crocker - Brampton, OntarioCody Donaghey - St. John's, NewfoundlandBill Marshall - Calgary, AlbertaPatrick O'Keefe - Mount Pearl, NewfoundlandBrian Szolga - Niagara Falls, OntarioCalin Wild - Winnipeg, ManitobaForwards:Landen Burkley - Edmonton, AlbertaIain Downes - Thorold, OntarioJordan Escott - St. John's, NewfoundlandShawn Hannon - Ajax, OntarioScott Holben - Edmonton, AlbertaDustin Kelly - Winnipeg, ManitobaRemi Laurencelle - Winnipeg, ManitobaJustin Maiolino - Loretto, OntarioDanick Martel - Drummondville, QuebecConnor Navrot - Martensville, SaskatchewanZach O'Brien - St. John's, NewfoundlandGianluca Pallotta - Beeton, OntarioMarcus Power - St. John's, NewfoundlandKevin Reid - Norman's Cove, NewfoundlandHead Coach - Ian Moores - Harbour Grace, NewfoundlandAssistant Coach - Alex Bovoletis - Toronto, OntarioPhysician - Dr. Ian Marshall - St. John's, NewfoundlandAthletic Therapist - Ryan Bennett - Oakville, OntarioRMT - Rolland Heider - Newmarket, OntarioEquipment Manager - Nathan Belliveau - St. John, New BrunswickGeneral Manager - Daniel Medeiros - Toronto, Ontario 
E Division

Thursday October 11

(6)Smooth Sailors vs Legends(3)

Smooth Sailors win every frame for double up win

By adding a pair of key pieces, the Smooth Sailors just got better and it showed in their 6-3 win over the Legends. M.Testolina and L.Pennimpede took care of most of the action as both players combined for eight points that included two goals apiece. The Legends knew they were in tough against a faster team. Luckily for them, R.Ranieri gave them a chance by keeping it as close as it was. The Smooth Sailors went on to win all three periods by a slight 2-1 margin. In addition to their newly dressed players, J.Palmitano and R.Sollacito were also very productive combining for six points.

(9)JLR Brossard vs SBS Trahers(4)

High Powered offense kicks in for the JLR Brossard

The JLR Brossard big guns were on fire on Thursday night. Led by a few threats up front, G.Pisanelli took charge in the goal scoring department with a hat trick while J.Rochon and J.Pantelis were just behind him posting two goals each. Perhaps the key to the victory was the quick start to the game. The JLR Brossard wasted no time jumping to a 3-0 lead. Due to some missing links, the SBS Trashers were dug into a very deep hole despite a couple of periods remaining. They did fair well in the second trading two goals each but were nowhere to be seen in the third where the JLR Brossard pulled away for the win.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Testolina of the Smooth Sailors. His supersonic speed and ability to open up resulted in two goals and two assists.

F Division

Wednesday October 10

(0)Decepticons vs Fat Cats(8)

Fat Cats ride depth in lopsided affair vs Decepticons

There was too much that separated the two sides going at it on Wednesday night. The Fat Cats rode their superior depth and solid goaltending to walk away with the contest. J.Mancini, D.Mili and S.Hrivnak all scored twice and G.Sangiovanni had busier night's denying every ball his way. It took nearly ten minutes for the Fat Cats to get on board, but once they did, three goals went in before the period ended. They would add three more in the second and finish it off by the third with a pair to win every frame handily.

(5)Underdogs vs Left Wings(4) O.T

Captain J.Constantin nets OT winner, Underdogs edge out Left Wings

J.Constantin's goal with only 25 seconds left in overtime proved to be the difference. The captain's overtime winner was part of a comeback effort that saw the Underdogs battle-from behind in order to top the Left Wings. The contest had two tales to the story line. The first half belonged to the Left Wings as they come out more prepared that enabled them to play with the lead. Then, as the game started to shift over, the Underdogs put on the pressure to eventually even the score. Out of the nine combined goals, neither team had anyone score more than once. J.Eid did lead the way for the Underdogs with three points while E.Skotidakis had a solid game scoring once while adding three assists for the Left Wings.

(5)Knights vs Mighty Drunks(7)

Third period push falls short for the Knights

The Knights kept it close for two straight periods until collapsing early in the third period where they fell apart conceding three straight markers. With the score 6-2 in favour for the Mighty Drunks, this contest appeared to be over and done with. But by taking it a shift at a time, the Knights slowly clawed back into the game. J.Azoulay, Y.St-Georges and F.Bchara each scored, and all of a sudden the alarm bells started to ring for the Mighty Drunks. Luckily enough, time stared to run out and Y.Dube secured all doubts by feeding a yawning cage. That was Dube's second of the contest as the only multi goal scorer for his club. As for the Knights, Y.St-Georges surprised no one that he was able to put at least two by the opposition net minder.

(3)Carnage vs Horsemen (8)

Horsemen ride first period outburst in 8-3 rout of Carnage

The Horsemen came out of the gate in the first scoring four times that included a pair-from their captain V.Pandza. That kind of outburst only discouraged Carnage despite finally getting on board by the second period. Both sides traded two goals in the second frame before the Horsemen took the third with a slight edge. Once again, P.Sidhom made an impact. The relentless forward scored three more times while setting up two teammates. Carnage didn't help their cause early on where they visited the penalty box on four occasions. During that span, the Horsemen made them pay with two power play goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Sidhom of the Horsemen. At this rate, it looks like not many teams will be able to slow down the dynamic forward. Tonight, he netted three goals for a hat trick as part of a five point performance.

D Tuesday

Tuesday October 9

(0)Blast vs Punishers (5)

Special teams spark Punishers

Contributions-from all areas sparked the Punishers on Tuesday night. The Punishers rode special teams, goaltending, defensive play and timely goals en route to a 5-0 victory.   S.  Athanasopoulos opened the scoring shorthanded right before K.Tsoukalas doubled the lead with a power play marker. From-there, the Blast never recovered conceding three more tallies while going dry in the goal scoring department.   S. Athanasopoulos , after getting his club on board had the final say for his second of the night. A.Bitsakis made an early impression as the net minder held on to an early season shutout.

(4)Bramabulls vs AREZ(2)

A.Mirolla dazzles with three points for the Bramabulls

A.Mirolla and the Bramabulls bounced back quickly after a disappointing loss only a week ago. A.Mirolla took charge posting two goals and as assist while G.Follano stopped 23 of 25 shots. The Bramabulls felt confident that they would turn things around and it showed-from the drop of the ball. However, it was the AREZ who struck first early in the game courtesy of F.Nasser. Looking back, the AREZ will point to the special teams for their defeat. Two out of their four goals conceded came on the Bramabulls power play and on their own man advantage when Mirolla put his club up 2-1.That sequence kept fuelling their deep roster that eventually led to a 4-2 double up win.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Mirolla of the Bramabulls. By netting two key goals along with an assist, A.Mirolla propelled the Bramabulls to get in the win column.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday October 8

Degenerates apply boring style to benefit 4 points

If anyone planned on watching the Degenerates play on Monday night they were better of watching golf on television or perhaps staring at the wall for more excitement. Only five players dressed against a deeper younger side which could have only suggested for a boring style hockey game. The Black Eagles did their part controlling the ball while the Degenerates just hung back waiting for their moment. Considering the circumstances, the overall results were satisfactory for the few players dressed. P.Assadi allowed only one goal in two games while J.Melo and E.Allen did the scoring for the Degenerates. As for the Black Eagles, N.Bisson was their only player to taste the back of the net.

(2)Degenerates vs Black Eagles(2) S.O

(0)Black Eagles vs Degenerates (2)

1 Timer and Chic Choc clash in Dr Jekll and Mr Hyde performance

The set of events that occurred between the two sides can only be described as bizarre. In the first contest, the 1 Timer dominated their opponent and it seemed as though the Chic Choc forgot how to play hockey. Then, once the game ended, the complete opposite happened in the second encounter. This time, the Chic Choc made the 1 Timer look like they were the children on the court. A 6-1 dominant victory led to a thumping 7-1 loss in the span of only half an hour. Depending on how the two teams want to look at it, there were many areas of positives as there were negatives. The net minders weren't too happy but managed to trade lopsided victories. The 1 Timer had balanced contribution in the scoring department while M.Ethier, E.Gacem and Y.Belkassem each scored twice for the Chic Choc.

(6) 1 Timer vs Chic Choc(1)

(7)Chic Choc vs 1 Timer(1)

Legacy get rude awakening at hands of rival

Surely, Legacy can look at what happened to them on Monday night as only the first game of the regular season. After all, they did play a rival opponent that is just getting their feet wet in a 4vs4 format. Still, much more was expected as only the Armadillos really showed up to play. After earning a 4-2 win to open up the night, the second contest wasn't even close. Legacy had no fire, bite or passion to try and rebound for a split. Instead, the Armadillos only got better bagging five unanswered goals. P.Legatos and G. Bouchard each scored twice and C.Stavriadis reminded a familiar opposition how good he is in net. Apart-from giving up two early goals to J.Rochon, the net minder went flawless the rest of the way.

(4)Armadillos vs Legacy(2)

(0)Legacy vs Armadillos (5)

Smart play and focus came into play for the Corporation

Knowing how deadly the Kings counter attack can be, the Corporation made it a point to try and slow it down. That formula involved all six players committed to a man on man game. And while the defensive aspect was there, so was the offense. The Corporation timed their chances and benefited just enough times to get the upper hand. S.Marricco got the ball rolling striking twice in the opening contest. The second game saw A.Zarzour bury a pair as both players combined for eight points. Even though the Kings didn't get the results, their overall performance was a threat throughout the two games and they did it without key components such as M.Orlando and the Velenosi brothers.

(5)The Corporation vs Kings (1)

(2)Kings vs The Corporation (5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Bouchard of the Armadillos. In both games versus a difficult opponent, Bouchard did the most damage netting two goals and a pair of helpers.

E Division

Sunday October 7

(4)Butchers vs Lynx(2)

Butchers late goal stuns Lynx

Despite tying the game 2-2 at the mid way point of the third period, the Lynx ultimately fell to the hands of the Butchers. There wasn't much confidence entering the night for the Butchers, who knew it was going to be difficult with only eight players versus last season's champs. But by keeping it as simple as possible, the contest remained extremely close. Every player made it a point to stick with their man, and by doing so, the few chances required would eventually come. K.Kersaint and T.Karasek had the difficult task of playing centre that involved plenty of running to support the defence and the offence. Both players each scored while combing for four points. Perhaps the biggest reason why the Butchers got it done was due to their goaltender. C.Confuonti continues to impress earning another win in only three games.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Cameron Confuonti of the Butchers. By making it look easy at times, the young net minder was stellar stopping 22 of 24 shots-from a high octane offense.

E Division

Thursday October 4

(4)Smooth Sailors vs Raging Rhinos(5) O.T

Raging Rhinos top Smooth Sailors in overtime win

It was an exciting finish once again for the Raging Rhinos collecting their second straight overtime win in as many games. This time, D.Laurin put a stamp to it after a scramble in front of the net. The contest did go back in forth with both sides dominating sequences here and there. The Raging Rhinos went through a difficult second period giving up two straight goals but managed to bounce back by the third to even the score. The win came with scoring efforts-from five different players. As for the Smooth Sailors, the captain was once again relied on as J.Palmitano struck twice as part of a three point performance.

(4)JLR Brossard vs Legends(6)

Legends outlast JLR Brossard with four third period goals

While the JLR Brossard needed to pace themselves with a shorter bench, the Legends had the right body count to outlast their opponent. The effect eventually took place by the third period where the Legends took over the match. Already with an early goal to kick start the night, J.Courteau made his two others count to complete a hat trick. Prior to the match, the Legends tried to pay attention to G.Pisanelli. And as much as they were aware of his presence, the JLR Brossard forward still managed points on every goal. G.Lallis benefited twice that included a bullet to beat R.Ranieri.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Legends. The right handed sniper notched three out of his clubs six goals to help take a 6-4 win over the JL Brossard.

F Division

Wednesday October 3

(9)Left Wings vs Knights (3)

Left Wings hand Knights 9-3 thumping

For about two periods, the Knights can say that they held their own. However, once the final frame hit, it was all curtains for S.Sauk and his depleted line-up. The Left Wings did most of their scoring in the last fifteen minutes of play to run away with the match. During that span, G.Gaitanis scored back to back tallies to complete a hat trick as part of a five point performance. The Knights failed to give themselves a decent start when they still had enough energy. By giving up three first period goals, they just made it harder to try and keep the game close. S.Kalaydjian had a solid outing scoring twice in the loss.

(5)Horsemen vs Underdogs (6) O.T

Horsemen third period surge falls short to Underdogs

The Horseman put quite a third period charge to even the score and force an overtime period. And in hopes of feeding off the momentum, it was the Underdogs who had the final say. The match was ultimately decided when A.Khanafer scored three and a half minutes into overtime. The Underdogs had their up and down moments during the contest with a solid start where they opened up the game 3-1 after one period. M.Zarzour got the ball rolling striking twice early on. Even though it was a good push back-from the Horsemen, the losing side perhaps felt they deserved better. P.Sidhom was relentless accumulating four points that included a hat trick while his captain V.Pandza was productive collecting three points.

(1)Carnage vs Fat Cats(5)

Fat Cats score in different ways to oust Carnage

By scoring two power plays goals, one shorthanded marker, an even strength goal and finally one that fed an empty cage, the Fat Cats scored in every possible way on Wednesday night. The turning point came late in the first period when F.Atkinson struck first with a man short to put the Fat cats up 1-0. Then, only over a minute into the second period, J.Scalia doubled the lead on the power play. Carnage would eventually get on board to pull within two, but that was all that went through G.Sangiovanni. The win came with balanced offense involving five different goal scorers. One area that Carnage failed to take advantage of was their power play. The Fat Cats took an abundance amount of penalties early on and somehow managed to kill them off.

(4)Decepticons vs Kentucky Blue(6)

Kentucky Blue pair goals in every frame to beat Decepticons

By scoring twice in all three periods, the Kentucky Blue did just enough to edge out the Decepticons. Both sides traded two first period goals before a strong start to the second period put the Kentucky Blue up 4-2 .B.Travisano was the major reason why his club surged as the forward collected three straight points that included two key goals. Similar to what happened in the second period, the Kentucky Blue did the exact same thing in the third bagging two early markers. By that point, the game was out of reach with the Decepticons down by three. N.Delia did get the next marker for his second in the loss.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ahmad Khanafer of the Underdogs. By being at the right place at the right time, A.Khanafer was able to provide the win for the Underdogs with the sudden death goal.

Thursday October 4

(2)Horsemen vs Mighty Drunks(4)

Mighty Drunks double up Horsemen with 4-2 victory

Thursday night saw O.Caillet make 33 saves allowing only two goals to lead his club over the Horsemen. Both sides expected a big challenge but it was the Mighty Drunks taking control for the large part. Nearly two full periods went by before C.Doulis of the Horsemen finally solved O.Caillet. Then, barley two minutes later, Y.Dube provided a two goal cushion for the Mighty Drunks heading into the third period. The Horsemen did pull within one once more but never got the chance to even the score. The win came with four different players scoring that included an offensive output-from a defenseman. M.Beaudry quarterbacked three out of a possible four passes.

D Division

Tuesday October 2

(3)Capitals vs Punishers (0)

J-F Aumais, Capitals shut out Punishers to open up season

J-F Aumais showed his teammates that he hasn't miss a beat. The goaltender stood tall making over 30 saves to earn an early season shutout. With that kind of goaltending, the Capitals did just enough up front to capture the win. Three different players went on to find the back of the net with goals in every period. Perhaps the turning point occurred when C.Bezeau notched a shorthanded goal for a 2-0 lead. That missed opportunity came to bite the Punishers, who for a rare time went scoreless.

(2) The Blast vs Bramabulls(1)

Late goal not enough as the Blast hang on to close win

It took a significant amount of time for the Bramabulls to finally find the back of the net. Unfortunately once they did, B.Sansotta remained alone on the score sheet and the Blast hung on to a tight 2-1 victory. P.Chery opened the scoring in the first period followed with Rubens Morne third period marker that gave the Blast a 2-0 cushion. It was shortly after that Sansotta cut the lead in half. Despite having nine minutes left over to even the score, M.Dorismond didn't allow any more favours. The net minder held the fort stopping everything his way. When considering how much the Bramabulls outnumbered their opponent, this result may have come as a disappointment.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to J-F Aumais of the Capitals. In his first game of the season, Aumais gave his teammates plenty to smile about as the net minder recorded a 33 save shutout.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday October 1

Black Eagles adjust to finish strong in spilt with Chic Choc

When considering that the Black Eagles tasted their first ever competition in the 4vs4 division, the end result proved to be satisfactory. The Chic Choc did take the opening contest with balanced scoring 3-1 but couldn't make it two in a row as the Black Eagles finished off stronger. T.Pigeon and N.Bisson each scored while G.Page turned aside 18 of 19 shots to record the win. D.Trinque did make things interesting when cutting the lead in half for the Chic Choc. That goal still left over four minutes for an equaliser but the Black Eagles weren't concerned knowing that they had control of the match.

(3)Chic Choc vs Black Eagles (1)

(2)Black Eagles vs Chic Choc(1)

Kings emerging quickly in top division

The Kings have come to be defined by their exceptional young talent. Boasting the likes of M.Orlando, M.Broccoli and netminder M.Graziosi just to name a few, the Kings look to be in full swing no matter who they play. They did drop the opening contest to the Punishers but managed to even the series with a big shootout win. The second contest was much closer deadlocked 1-1 until a three man shootout was left to determine who would prevail. M.Colatosti solved M.Melo while M.Graziosi denied all three attempts his way. What makes this overall result gratifying for the Kings is that they did it without key components out of the line up.

(1)Kings vs Punishers (4)

(1)Punishers vs Kings(2) S.O

J.Courteau and F.Nasser deliver for Degenerates

After a slow start to their season, the Degenerates's intensity and superiorly emerged collecting a pair of victories versus the 1 Timer. Good ball possession came into play that saw J.Courteau and F.Naser combine for four points in the opening game. For those two players, that was just the beginning. The second encounter saw the same two add to their collection of points that resulted in a lopsided 6-2 victory. Courteau added two more goals while Nasser did the same along with a helper. As much as everything went fine for the Degenerates, the 1 Timer know that both games don't indicate their identity. The two loses came without their net minder F.Koch, who had to be replaced-from one of their better goal scorers. And considering the circumstance, K.Gagne did a great overall job allowing only quality goals.

(1)1 Timer vs Degenerates (3)

(6)Degenerates vs 1 Timer(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fadel Nasser of the Degenerates. The slick moving defensemen had a very productive night scoring a total of three goals and two assists.

E Division

Sunday September 30

(4)Butchers vs Brew Crew(3)

E .Girouard hat trick leads Butchers to 4-3 win

E.Girouard would score the go ahead goal past the mid way point of the third period earning himself the hat trick leading the Butchers to a gritty 4-3 win over the Brew Crew. The Butchers were looking to bounce back after a lopsided loss to the Shockers only a week ago. By adding a few extra bodies, the Butchers gave themselves a chance to get an important early result in the season. The Brew Crew never once led but evened the score each and every time the Butchers jumped in front. D.Verta scored twice while S.Fabrici struck on the power play in the loss. C.Contfuonti was another key reason for the win as the net minder was brilliant forced to handle twelve total shorthanded minutes.

(3)Lynx vs Shockers (2)

Shockers give up late goal, lose first game of the season

In just over three minutes, the Shockers were robbed of a sure victory. J.Mason tied the game late while Y.Vanasse was able to win it early in the sudden death frame. The Shockers did the right thing to contain the recent champs at least for most of the match. The only miss hap was taking three penalties that led to a pair of power play goals for the Lynx. Apart-from that, they closed out the middle of the court and waited for their opportunities. Both sides knew this contest was going to be as close as it was. Even though the Lynx are the defending champs, this game was still a good measuring stick against a talented team like the Shockers. Once again, C.Debonis took care of the scoring notching both goals in the loss.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Eric Girouard of the Butchers. There was no doubt that E.Girouard merits the honour of the player of the night. The sniper riffled three go ahead markers that included the winner in a close 4-3 win over the Brew Crew.

Masters 35+ division

Friday September 28

(5)Hellas vs Bramabulls(6) O.T

Bramabulls star sniper J.Palmitano gets it done in overtime

Maybe it's because it's the first game of the season but both sides couldn't be too pleased with the way things got started. Nine out of the eleven goals scored all occurred in the first half o the game. Hellas appeared to be fine igniting a 3-0 lead. However, the Bramabulls weren't going out without a fight and responded immediately to only trail 4-3 after fifteen minutes of play. The second frame did calm down with the Bulls slightly edging Hellas 2-1. Then, with only one period remaining, neither side was taking a chance. The goaltenders got the help they needed and did a solid job keeping the ball out of the net. After a long stretch without a goal, somebody was bound to end the drought and who other then the Bramabulls sniper. J.Palmitano collected two helpers and a goal before ending it by the three minute mark of overtime.

(4)Stones vs Hawks(7)

Hawks break out for 4 third period goals to beat Stones

The Hawks will have plenty of time to develop chemistry. For now, they are glad to know that they can score in spurts. The contest was at a 3-3 halt before things swung into motion for the Hawks. V.Miraldo tallied twice in the final frame to record a hat trick while getting the help of his line mates Y.Derohannesian and Q.Joseph. Even though the Hawks fell behind a couple of times, there was no panic in their game knowing that they would have easily bounced back. The Stones kept applying their defensive style that nearly worked in the end. Five minutes was all that was left when the Hawks pulled away with three straight markers.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Victor Miraldo of the Hawks. In a very tight game versus the Stones, V.Miraldo tallied three times to help separate the two clubs.

Friday October 5

(0)Hawks vs HBHA(6)

Flood gates open in third as HBHA surge with five goals

For about 34 minutes, the Hawks went toe to toe with the HBHA Masters. However, once P.Koutsogiannopoulos doubled the lead, this contest turned into a nightmare for the Hawks. The HBHA used their ability to finish on their counter attack. Since the Hawks were desperate to try and get at least one by C.Stravriadis, the play would open up for his teammates who had no issues running up the score. M.Pololos scored twice in the final frame while four other teammates took turns finding the back of the net. It wasn't like the Hawks didn't have their chances to score. The problem perhaps was that C.Stavriadis made the few key saves enabling his club to play with the lead.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Costa Stavriadis of the HBHA. Even though the score suggests a landslide, C.Stavriadis was stellar to keep the Hawks off the score sheet which eventually led to a third period onslaught for the HBHA.

E Division

Thursday September 27

(3)SBS Trashers vs Raging Rhinos(4) O.T

S.Labrecque snipes his second for winner as Rhinos down Trashers

Throughout the years, S.Labrecque has made a name for himself when playing with the Raging Rhinos. Tonight, he did not disappoint and quickly reminded all his teammates what he's capable of. After netting a late second period goal to put his team in front, Labrecque wasn't done yet by eventually notching the winner. Both teams looked to be evenly matched despite missing some key pieces. The SBS Trashers nearly ran out of time until their main gun evened the score. J.Scalia rescued his club late in the game for his second to force the extra time where only 20 seconds was left over prior to a shootout.

(9)Smooth Sailors vs JLR Brossard(7)

JLR Brossard sink by the third period

The goals kept coming one after another. A dizzying three periods of shots followed by baffled goaltenders fishing balls out of the net were left wondering how things got out of hand so quickly. For the two sides, the formula was quite simple, and was to just shoot on net. The JLR Brossard jumped off to a better start but were completely invisible in the latter part of the game giving up four unanswered goals. J.Palmitano carried a big load as the captain struck twice while setting up four markers. The Smooth Sailors had most of their players chip away with points that included a multi goal performance by S.Liporata. Perhaps, the turning point can be argued when a pair of third period penalties resulted in power play goals for the Smooth Sailors.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastien Labrecque of the Raging Rhinos. When it mattered the most, the Raging Rhinos sniper came through posting two big goals that included the sudden death winner.

F division

Wednesday September 26

(2)Knights vs Fat Cats(9)

J.Mancini lights up Knights with first period hat trick

A four goal first period by the Fat Cats took the Knights off their game on Wednesday night. The craziness started with J.Mancini bagging three quick markers before the period ended. Things did eventually settle down by the second but only got worse for the Knights in the third. By then, D.Mili went on to duplicate Mancini's offensive output with a hat trick of his own. The Fat Cats finished the way they started and had absolutely no issues getting the easy points. As for the Knights, like it's been the case in previous seasons, S.Sauk will need to figure out ways in order to compete with such clubs. The good news is that there is plenty of time to address areas of concern.

(3)Underdogs vs Kentucky Blue(2)

A.Zarzour, difference in slight edge over Kentucky Blue

Getting better with age isn't only used to describe wine and whiskey, it applies also to established players like A.Zarzour. The veteran had a hand in all three goals for the Underdogs,that included two that found its way behind N.Fragos. For two straight periods, the Kentucky Blue couldn't get anything by C.Malkoun. And even though they took charge riffling a pair in the final fifteen minutes of play, it just wasn't enough in the end. The Underdogs stuck to their game plan making things extremely difficult for their opponent. G.DeLuca and B.Travisano were the only two players to figure out Malkoun.

(3)Carnage vs Mighty Drunks(4) S.O

Y.Dube helps Mighty Drunks slip passed Carnage

A good start wasn't enough for the Mighty Drunks to take this contest in regulation. Carnage fell behind 2-0, and eventually grabbed the lead when C.Kalogeropoulos scored by the five minute mark of the third period. And as bad as that sequence was for the Mighty Drunks, M.Mogianesi restored some confidence to even the score only minutes later. Neither side was able to get it done with seven minute remaining along with a five minute sudden death period. In the end, it took a three man shootout to decide it. Out of the six combined players attempting to be the hero, only Y.Dube got it right. The Mighty Drunks forward came in with a hard wrist shot that just got by A.DeLuca. The win was attributed to other factors as well. O.Caillet being one of them as the net minder held his own denying three breakaway attempts. All three of the Mighty Drunks goals all came-from their defensemen while M.Pace was Carnage's best player striking twice.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andre Zarzour of the Underdogs. In low scoring game that was so close, A.Zarzour made all three goals count by scoring twice while adding an assist.

Vitamin C winners of 4vs4 division 3

Monday September 24(Division 3 final)

 S.Sauk's heavy response enables Vitamin C to hoist trophy

It took the longest path to get there, but S.Sauk and the Vitamin C reached the finish line. Part of their strategy to minimize the Chic Choc attack only took place as of the second game. The Vitamin C fell behind 1-0 in the series after giving up three straight goals to fall behind the eight ball. And despite their solid finish by bagging a pair, time wasn't a luxury they had. The good news was that they still had a shot at it. Perhaps the most important adjustment was to try and figure out how to score first. Nearly ten minutes had gone by when J.Macchiagodena cracked the barrier that finally gave his club its first lead of the night. However, this contest was far-from over, and unless the Vitamin C built on their lead, it would be up to the net minder to steal the show. S.Sauk demonstrated his value abruptly and dramatically making every single save necessary in order to preserve the lead and an important 1-0 result. With the series now tied, both sides understood how vital that first goal would be, especially knowing that they can heavily rely on their goaltender. Once again, it was the Vitamin C dictating the terms. J.DiMarco got to F.Peloquin-Gaudet as of the three minute mark of game three leaving all but nine minutes for a Chic Choc response. Unfortunately, no matter how much pressure they applied, the desperate side saw their offense hit another dry spell. The Vitamin C repeated the exact same thing they did in game two, and that was to bear down and shut the door. S.Sauk went three straight periods without conceding a goal, and perhaps was the major reason why his club got to celebrate. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Fabio Pace and the rest of his troops for taking it all.

(3)Chic Choc vs Vitamin C(2) Game 1

(1)Vitamin C vs Chic Choc(0) Game 2

(0)Chic Choc vs Vitamin C(1) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Scott Sauk. By shutting the door for three straight periods, the Vitamin C scored just enough in both games to celebrate a well earned championship.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday September 24

Kings deadly counter attack topple Degenerates

For the Kings, it was quite simple on what they needed to do. By simply forcing a mistake, the quicker side would counter attack creating numbers that would leave the Degenerates defence guessing. Despite dropping the opening contest, the Degenerates fought back-from a 3-0 hole but couldn't kill off 30 seconds in order to force a shootout. The second contest wasn't nearly as close. The Kings wasted no time peppering P.Assadi with four first period goals. Two of those tallies belonged to M.Orlando, who was simply too fast to keep up with. Overall, the Kings showed plenty of good things in their season opener and will be a difficult out for any opponent.

(4)Kings vs Degenerates (3)

(1)Degenerates vs Kings (4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Michael Orlando of the Kings. The forward showed what a force he is by utilising speed and skill that resulted in three goals and an assist.

E Division

Sunday September 23

 (6)Butchers vs Shockers (12)

Shockers making a strong Impression

When you're scoring in bunches, teams will often win. And the Shockers did just that in their 12-6 thumping of the Butchers to open up the season. Even with many different players finding the back of the net, C.DeBonis stood out a little more than everyone else. The highly skilled forward opened the scoring while adding three more by the third to finish with an impressive eight points. The Butchers did strike first courtesy of E.Girouard, who went on to complete a hat trick, but were nowhere to be seen as the game went on. They did manage to pull within one goal after trailing 4-1, but that was as close as it got. The Shockers were simply too fast winning nearly every loose ball that translated into loads of ball possession. Unless the Butchers address their fundamental need of dressing more bodies, their season will resemble the previous one.

 (3)Brew Crew vs Lynx(5)

Late Perry Stroubakis goal lifts Lynx over Brew Crew

P.Stroubakis scored the tiebreaking goal with just over a minute remaining, and the Lynx look like they haven't missed a beat after being crowned winners only a couple of weeks ago. Neither side took a lead after two consecutive periods. The match was so close that it took a perfect pass-from J.Mason to an open P.Stroubakis to get the job done. The Lynx took advantage with two power goals-from Y.Vanasse and his captain J.Lang. Despite the loss, N.Harvey helped keep the game close posting two goals for the Brew Crew. S.Catalano faced 30 shots to edge out his counterpart C.Muccino, who was also vital making key saves for the Brew Crew.

(3)Fatal Demons vs Shockers(7)

Shockers remain hot to sweep double header night

Playing only one hour prior to this match had absolutely no bearing on slowing the down the Shockers. As a matter of fact, it was the Fatal Demons who entered with a disadvantage having barely two lines. Regardless the situation, the Shockers just went about their business adding seven more goals where once again C.Debonis was a part of it bagging a pair. The Fatal Demons found themselves trailing 4-2 after only one period and never really recovered scoring only once in the next two frames. J.Bolonakis kept it close riffling two first period goals for the Fatal Demons. For a second straight game, the Shockers relied on balance scoring that had only C.Debonis score more than once in both games.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to the Shockers sniper. C.DeBonis fuelled his clubs offense striking six times while adding five helpers to jump start his season with eleven points.

Les Carmoni winners of Division 2

Monday September 17(Division 2 final)

Carmoni rejoice While Corporation fall in anguish

One detail was all it took between winning and losing on Monday night. After taking command of the series with a 4-3 win, the Corporation brought themselves that much closer to glory. It was in game two that things went crazy for the two sides. Both teams traded two first period goals before ending regulation time in a frantic finish. By exchanging three goals each, a shootout was now required to see if the Corporation would end their journey or if Les Carmoni would be able to extend their season. It took six rounds of breakaways before anything was decided. G.DeMarinis was the first player to finally score and put the Corporation up in front which forced M.Baccari to respond in order to keep his team alive. And not to disappoint, Baccari kept Les Carmoni on life support and shortly took it when J.Pantelis missed for the Corporation while L-C Desmarais was able to win it for Les Carmoni. Still, nothing was set in stone for the two teams, who now had no choice to play their best 12 minutes hockey. With so much on the line at this point, Les Carmoni managed to take three leads in game three to hold on to a nail biting 3-2 victory. This time, D.Desmarais was the clutch performer as the skilled forward snapped a 2-2 tie that would ultimately hold up. If there is one thing that Les Carmoni showed during their playoff run, is their ability to fight and battle until the very end. Their resilience got the better of Les Reds that also went into a game three match while doing the same to the Corporation. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Martin Croteau and Les Carmoni for taking the Division 2 title.

(4)The Corporation vs Les Carmoni(3) Game 1

(7)Les Carmoni vs The Corporation (6) S.O Game 2

(2)The Corporation vs Les Carmoni(3) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Philippe Corbin of Les Carmoni. There were many times in all three games that the net minder kept it close by making a few big saves. With that, Les Carmoni eventually got their timely goals and did just enough to edge out the Corporation in what was an extremely close series.

4 vs 4 Division playoffs

Monday September 17(Division 3 Semi finals)

J-R Lemay and the Chic Choc get one step closer to glory

The Chic Choc identity is quite simple. With J-R Lemay being their top gun combined with a solid supporting cast and not to forget F.Peloquin occupying the net, the 1 Timer fell short in both their games. Lemay scored all three goals in game one en route to a 3-1 win while setting up both E.Gacem and S.Scott in the second encounter for a tight 2-1 decision. The 1 Timer never had the opportunity to play with the lead. Their limited offense saw only K.Gagne and C-T Perrault take care of the scoring. Unfortunately they weren't able to have M.Charpentier and an injured P-A Surprenant that were out of the line up. But regardless the missing pieces, the Chic Choc showed plenty of determination and an overall deep commitment to get the job done.

(1)1 Timer vs Chic Choc(3) Game 1

(2)Chic Choc vs 1 Timer(1) Game 2

Vitamin C rolls waves of pressure to over through Degenerates

All it took was an aggressive man on man coverage along with a solid for check for the Vitamin C on Monday night. They knew that things would work out rolling three lines versus a sometimes slower and more tied Degenerates side. That kind of pressure will only do well in the end. The Vitamin C got some balanced scoring in game one as they did in a tighter game two to sweep the series. Perhaps their key component was their net minder. S.Sauk, although wasn't entirely busy, still came up big with key saves to keep his club in front. J.Macchiagodena had a productive night collecting two helpers in game one while adding two points in game two that included the winner.

(1)Degenerates vs Vitamin C (5) Game 1

(3)Vitamin C vs Degenerates (2) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to J-R Lemay of the Chic Choc. The deadly forward participated in all five goals for his club that led to a pair of victories and a ticket to the final.

The Division 3 is now down to only two teams. The Vitamin C and the Chic Choc have one more road to cross in hopes of reaching their goal. In many ways the two sides are quite similar. Both teams have the bodies, the goaltending and a disciplined man on man game plan. If there is one slight edge, the Chic Choc have it in J-R Lemay. It will be up to the Vitamin C to adjust and be cautious of perhaps the most dangerous player on the court.

Hustlers winners of 4vs4 division 1

Monday September 17 (Division 1 final)

Hustlers, kings of the 4vs4 division claim second straight title

The defending champions provided an emphatic and reminder of what makes them such a difficult out in a two game sweep of the Punishers. By neutralising a pair of top guns while relying on a deep bench, the Punishers had no answers on what to do. E.Girouard, perhaps the key component in game one struck twice only two minutes apart right before their top 42 best player of all time sealed it with an insurance marker.  In hopes of trying to bounce back in the series, game two was a similar reflection of the first encounter. Again, the Hustlers dictated the terms and pace with loads of ball possession. In this particular match, a random forward benefited three times en route to a 4-2 win. It's what came to be expected-from a team that has no weaknesses in their overall game. From-their offensive threats to their quarter back defensemen's, and not to forget C.Stavriaidis guarding the cage, teams realise that they need two perfect games in order to take down the Hustlers. On behalf of, congratulations go out to George Panagiotouplous, Steve Govas and the many other veterans who had yet to slow down and miss a beat for claiming a second straight title.

(3)Hustlers vs Punishers (1) Game 1

(2)Punishers vs Hustlers(4) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Eric Girouard of the Hustlers. By getting his two quick goals in game one, the Hustlers went on top and never looked back to claim themselves another championship.

Winter Soldiers winners of F Wednesday division

Wednesday September 12 (F Final)

(3)Winter Soldiers vs Hellfish(2) Game 1

C.Kakivelis hurts Hellfish with late winner

This opening contest had all the elements of a playoff game. With so much on the line, there was no doubt that it lived up to the hype. The building had an additional buzz to it even before the ball dropped. Following a scoreless first period, both teams did much of their scoring by the second. The Hellfish capitalised twice on the power play with goals-from J.Crivello and M.Zitella while A.Kakivelis and D.Landucci found the back of the net for the Winter Soldiers. Still, the game was tied and up for grabs. It wasn't up until the twelve minute mark of the third period that this match got settled. K.Kakivelis played the hero to snap the tie and provide a crucial 1-0 series lead.

(4)Hellfish vs Winter Soldiers (7) Game 2

Winter Soldiers break out in third period to claim F Wednesday Championship

Even if everything didn't go right for two periods, the Winter Soldiers needed only one to claim the F Wednesday night title. The onslaught began as of the four minute mark of the final frame. C.Kakivelis had already scored early in the second before starting the trend by the third with his second of the contest. Then, only one minute later, and perhaps the deflating goal of the series, A.Chewinsky threw the ball toward the net-from centre court that somehow found its way behind B.Verducci. The Winter Soldiers knew from-that point on the series was there's. D.Landucci added two insurance markers for good measure. Perhaps, the only bad sequence the Hellfish played in the entire series occurred in the final frame of this match. Apart-from that, they kept it close and nearly had it if it wasn't for A.Bitsakis. The net minder was square to his net and played very sound goaltending to help lead his club through both games. On behalf of, Congratulations go out to Chris Marinakis and the rest of the Winter Soldiers for capturing the F Wednesday division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Costa Kakivelis of the Winter Soldiers. In both their wins, Kakivelis was instrumental netting the winner in game one while notching a pair at key moments of game two.

HBHA Masters 37+ winners of D Wednesday division

Wednesday September 12( D Final)

(4)Punishers vs HBHA Masters 37+(1) Game 1

HBHA Masters no match for Punishers in game 1

Now that the Punishers reached this stage of the season, their goal was quite clear for what they were playing for.  This statement result might have been to themselves more than the HBHA Masters, who will be searching for answers heading into game two. The Punishers looked calm and in control, confident knowing that they were the better of the two sides. After carrying a 2-1 lead into the final fifteen minutes of play, A.Dayan secured the first chapter by posting two big goals. While everything went fine for the Punishers, the HBHA Masters looked sluggish and out of sync. Their chances were few and far between. The first time they found the back of the net came very late in the second period courtesy of T.Bozinakis. Apart-from that, the HBHA Masters saw their offense remain dry. With game one out of the way, the challenge for the Punishers will be to do the same which might not be easy against a side that has the body count and experience to bounce back.

Poised HBHA Masters 37+ live another day

(5)HBHA Masters 37+ vs Punishers (1) Game 2

After sitting out in their previous match, C.Stavriadis felt the pressure to help rebound his team in the series. The good news was that Stavriadis was adamant that he would do so to force a third and deciding game. However, he did need some help up front after his club scored all but one goal so far. This time, the HBHA Masters found their touch torching N.Mackeen with three first period goals to finally get some control in the series. J.Bolanakis once again came through in time of need riffling his clubs first two goals of the contest. By grabbing a 3-1 lead after only fifteen minutes, the HBHA Masters beared down and made things extremely difficult for the Punishers. Just like the HBHA Masters were stuck finding ways to score in the previous match, the Punishers felt that same helpless feeling. Still, nothing was official after this contest, but perhaps the momentum may have favoured the HBHA Masters heading into game three.

A.Stamiris breaks Punishers hearts in sudden death overtime, HBHA Masters 37+ crowned winners

(1)Punishers vs HBHA Masters 37+(2) Game 3

Game three's are always hard to win. They become even harder when two very good teams face off against one another. But that's the situation that the Punishers and the HBHA Masters 37 + put themselves in. With the pressure being too great, and with the ball being round for the two teams, anything can happen at any point, especially in a sudden death period. For A.Stamiris, the dream of scoring the game winner came true. The d-man found himself rushing down his off wing to riffle perhaps his most important wrist shot that ultimately decided the series. The game was played cautious with both teams trading one goal apiece. Neither side was concerned with the goaltenders as they have been relied on throughout the series. Anytime these situations occur, anything can happen. What makes this victory even more gratifying is that the HBHA Masters dragged themselves out of a couple difficult moments, dating back to last week's semi final match with the Fat Cats. In addition to everything they have achieved so far, this is a first good step heading into the World Masters championships held in Bermuda. Preparation often comes into play with success. J.Kontitsis, had his plate full making plenty of key decisions considering how many players he had under his wing. On behalf of, congratulations go out to the captain, his assistants, and the rest of the HBHA Masters 37+ for getting it done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andrew Stamiris of the HBHA Masters 37+. When looking back at how epic this battle was between two rivals, everyone will continue to remember A.Stamiris's overtime goal that determined the series.

4 vs 4 Division playoffs

Monday September 10(Division 1 & 2 semi finals)

P.Corbin and Les Carmoni punch ticket to big dance

Les Carmoni moved a step closer to the second division final after they played out a thrilling three game series with Les Reds. By grabbing a 1-0 series lead due to a shootout win, Les Carmoni looked deflated early in game two dropping the opening frame 4-1. Les Reds made it a point to start strong and got their game back together to force a third and deciding game. Despite the loss, Les Carmoni finished off solid posting two straight goals, perhaps to send a message in the ensuing game. Now that both sides split, the stakes got really high in the final twelve minutes of someone's season. With the first goal so important, L-C.Desmarais was able to put Les Carmoni in front. From-there, D.Desmarais would double the lead and eventually add his second to close out the series. Many factors came into play but no one will argue that P.Corbin was a major reason for the two wins. The net minder won a pivotal game one in a shootout while earning a well deserved shutout in game three.

(2)Les Reds vs Les Carmoni(3) S.O Game 1

(3)Les Carmoni vs Les Reds(4) Game 2

(0)Les Reds vs Les Carmoni(3) Game 3

The Corporation storm out of the gate twice to sweep Tocas

Challenged by their CEO of the team to compete hard and raise their level of play, the Corporation did not disappoint on their effort early on in both matches. Five different players took turns finding the back of the net in game one with all five tallies coming in the first period alone. The Tocas did eventually respond with a pair but felt nowhere close to mounting a comeback. As much as the Corporation enjoyed a good start to the series, work still needed to be done in order to advance. They never once took their opponent for granted and it showed early on with three quick goals. J.Pantelis scored late in the first period and very early in the second frame to maintain the momentum. From-there, the Corporation kept pressing striking five more times to put the series away.

(5)The Corporation vs Tocas(2) Game 1

(2)Tocas vs The Corporation (8) Game 2

T.Bozinakis rescues Hustlers

T.Bozinakis scored two goals in only 25 seconds to rally the Hustlers to a 4-3 victory in what was a must win. Bozinakis came to the rescue after his club took it in the chin dropping a 5-0 contest in the previous match. The Mighty Drunks thought they had this series wrapped when P.Arkalis put his cub up 3-2 late in game two. It was at that point on that the Hustlers key component came into play to save the series. For two straight games, the Hustlers were anything but convincing. But once they got that late surge in game two, all indicators pointed to a turn of events. The third and deciding game was deadlocked 1-1 until J.Rochon ripped a hard low wrist shot through M.Melo`s legs. Despite putting some pressure with their season on the line, the Mighty Drunks just couldn't get the room and space to notch the equaliser. S.Govas would eventually erase all doubts on a late marker securing another trip to the final.

(0)Hustlers vs Mighty Drunks (5) Game 1

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Hustlers (4) Game 2

(3)Hustlers vs Mighty Drunks(1) Game 3

Mighty Boyz stunned twice in disbelief

The Mighty Boyz were in state of disbelief after blowing two great opportunities versus the Punishers. Both there loses can be looked back and have only themselves to blame. In the example of the opening contest, the Mighty Boyz appeared to be fine riding a 3-0 lead only to let it slip away. C.Gingras orchestrated the comeback by striking twice that included a very late marker. In the case of the second encounter, another incredible opportunity came to bite the Mighty Boyz. After all, they were up 3-2 while being awarded a four minute power play with less than four minutes remaining in the game. In most normal circumstances, those situations tend to hold up, but not in this particular case. After battling hard for a loose ball, C.Gingras came cruising in with his patented wrist shot to tie the game. The Punishers forward collected points in all three goals that enabled this series to go the extra distance. Still, the Mighty Boyz weren't done yet knowing that they had three very skilled players taking the breakaway's in the shootout. The problem however lied on the other side of the court with C.Kakivelis holding the fort. The net minder found a way to deny M.Dettorre, M.Testolina and J.Palmitano while getting the help of M.Gagnon, who stamped the series with the lone shootout marker.

(3)Mighty Boyz vs Punishers (4) Game 1

(4)Punishers vs Mighty Boyz(3) S.O Game 2

Division 3 regular season

Degenerates do just enough to secure top seed

The only bright moment for the Degenerates on Monday night was that they secured first place of the third division. Apart-from that, there wasn't much to brag about. The Chic Choc felt they deserved better after drawing 3-3 in the opening contest. If not for O.Caillet taking care of his net, the Degenerates would have gone empty handed. The second meeting had a completely different outlook with the Chic Choc clearly the better of the two sides. After grabbing a 2-0 first period lead, the second period was a complete landslide with the Chic Choc netting goal after goal. M-A Verville was the only multi goal scorer out of the eight goals that went in. As bad as the night ended for the Degenerates, they know that playing with only six players didn't help their cause. 

(3)Chic Choc vs Degenerates (3) S.O Game 1

(2)Degenerates vs Chic Choc(8) Game 2

Divisions 1 & 2 are now down to its final stage. The Hustlers and the Punishers got there with a splash of magic and will look at it as a sign of good things to come. Two even strength teams will collide but the Punishers may have a couple of highly explosive players in P.Karvouriaris and C.Gingras that may make the difference. However, if there is one team that knows how to contain a strong offense, it's the Hustlers. Look for this series to be just as close as the previous ones with both teams evenly matched. Division 2 will feature the Corporation taking on Les Carmoni.Both sides have the fire power up front with solid goaltending. Limiting mistakes while committing to a smart defensive game will favour whoever applies it best. And finally in division 3, the semi finals will be begin with the Degenerates squaring off against the Vitamin C while the Chic Choc take on the 1 Timer.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Punishers. There was no doubt that C.Gingras was the focal point of the night. The Punishers, if not for C.Gingras, would have been watching from-the sidelines in next weeks final. Instead, the clutch forward was once more absolutely dynamite collecting five out of a possible seven points that more importantly included a huge shorthanded goal to force the extra time.

Lynx winners of E Sunday division

Sunday September 9 (Final)

(3)Lynx vs HC Mutts(1) Game 1

Lynx set tone, draw first blood to open series

An average defensive and offensive performance, and an impressive game- from S.Catalano doomed the HC Mutts in game one. The tone was set fairly early for the Lynx, who scored once in every period. At no point were the HC Mutts able to regroup bagging their only marker late in the game. J.Lang used an early power play goal to ramp up his teammates. D.Zabitsky and P.Stroubakis also went on to score while S.Catalano was only two minutes and change-from recording a shutout. The Lynx played a prototypical playoff style game to put themselves in the driver's seat for game two. They got just enough scoring while relying heavily on a tight defence along with their net minder stealing the show.

(6)HC Mutts vs Lynx(7) S.O Game 2

Shootout drama favours Lynx, winners of E Sunday division

With J.Proulx scoring late to tie the game, the Lynx got their opportunity to finish it off in a shootout. M.Barone was able to score the decisive goal to secure the match and ultimately the championship. The Lynx appeared to look fine early on netting two unanswered goals in the first period but that all changed in a very short span. It took less than two minutes in the second period for the HC Mutts to finally break out of a dry spell. Three different players scored during that span and all of a sudden the momentum shifted the other way. The only problem for the HC Mutts was that they couldn't build on it with so much time left over. Eventually, the Lynx would regroup in the third where they finished strong winning the frame 3-2. Still, nothing was decided by that point but the pressure was definitely on the HC Mutts to prevail. Unfortunately, by scoring only once while allowing two shootout markers, the HC Mutts missed out on an opportunity to challenge the Lynx in a game three. Both these teams entered the night with high hopes and expectations knowing that they had the elements to take it all. However, with room for only one winner, the Lynx did just enough in game one to edge out a difficult opponent. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Jeremy Lang and the rest of the Lynx for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Santino Catalano of the Lynx. After a brilliant opening game allowing only one goal late in the match, the Lynx net minder won a huge shootout battle in game two to secure the E Sunday division title.

Bramabulls winners of E1 Thursday division

Thursday September 6 (E1 Final)

(5)Bramabulls vs JLR Brossard (3) S.O Game 1

Bramabulls slip past JLR Brossard in shootout

C.Muccino held off a pair of shootout attempts while M.Testolina and J.Palimitano got it right in the breakaways to secure an important game one of the series. The Bramabulls had to deal with the frustrations of seeing their slight lead replied every single time. The game was pretty even throughout the three periods that suggested this contest would only be decided in extra time. Both sides saw different players score having almost no choice to rely on a collective effort. Since the Bramabulls like to roll three solid lines, the JLR Brossard may have perhaps been stuck with a bigger problem knowing that they would need two in a row to get it done.

(10)JLR Brossard vs Bramabulls(8) Game 2

N.Goncalves 4 goals propels JLR Brossard to even the series

Even though the final score suggests that this was an all star game, neither player and especially the net minders had any fun with this particular contest. With defence thrown out the window, G.Follano and P.Assadi would pay the price in the end. But as bad as it was for Assadi, this is one rare time that he didn't mind knowing that it was just the result that mattered in the end. The JLR Brossard gave themselves a glorious chance in an ensuing 15 minute mini game to claim the title. N.Goncalves and G.Pisanelli had a field day combining for seven goals. Now that the JLR Brossard got their wheels going, would they be able to continue the pace in their most important game of the season?

(4)Bramabulls vs JLR Brossard(0) Game 3

Grinding effect came into play, Bramabulls out work JLR Brossard to claim another title

G.Follano was able to bounce back, and the Bramabulls did the right thing by striking first. The JLR Brossard had almost no choice to get on board first in order to have a chance. By rolling only two lines after playing two full games, it showed that fatigue clearly affected one team more than the other. The Bramabulls smelled blood once J.Palmitano opened the scoring. His line involving D.Verta and M.Testolina where involved in all four goals combining for seven points. A.DiPerna, even though kept the right collection of players together, the captain understood what it took to win. The commitment to rolling three lines while alternating two goaltenders in a marathon of games, are just two details that sometimes makes a difference between winning and losing. On behalf of, congratulations go out to A.DiPerna and the Bramabulls for repeating.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony DiPerna. Decision making is a big element to success. The Bramabulls leader made plenty of them and they all paid off leading to another championship.

Les Rouuuges winners of E2 division

Thursday September 6 (E2 Final)

(4)Mighty Drunks vs Les Rouuuges(6) S.O Game1

F.Nasser and A.Henein power Rouuuges in big shootout win

With game one so important, Les Rouuuges got their feet that much closer to taking it all. They would have gotten it done in regulation time, but penalty issues would stood in their way.Three out of the four goals that they gave up, all came on the Mighty Drunks power play. That was one area that Les Rouuuges had no answers for. As for the rest, they showed that they had the slight edge winning lots of battles while limiting dangerous scoring chances. However, it did still take a breakaway competition in order to get it done. P.Turturici felt confident that no one was beating him while N.Nasser and A.Henein took care of the goal scoring securing a significant game one.

(5)Les Rouuuges vs Mighty Drunks(3) Game 2

Joseph Constantin and Les Rouuuges hoist E2 division trophy

It's not something that comes easy, but Les Rouuuges felt confident that it was theirs in the end. N.Zahabi's shorthanded goal early in the game was perhaps an indication of where this series was headed. A.Guillaume doubled the advance, and added his second before the Mighty Drunks finally got on board. Even though there was plenty of time left over, Les Rouuuges may have confirmed it when posting two late markers prior to the second period. The Mighty Drunks did attempt a final push knowing that their season was on the line, but the damage had already been done. As time was winding down to its final seconds, the bench cleared as Les Rouuuges went on to celebrate a deserving championship. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Joseph Constantin and Les Rouuuges for capturing the E2 Thursday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alexandre Guillaume of Les Rouuuges. His back to back tallies in game two pretty much summed it up enabling his club to finish off a very successful night.

D Wednesday playoffs

Wednesday September 5(D Semi finals)

(3)Fat Cats vs HBHA Masters 37+(4) Game 2

HBHA Masters survive late scare to beat Fat Cats

The Fat Cats nearly gave themselves no chance against the HBHA Seniors on Wednesday night. With their net minder G.Sangiovanni missing along with a hand full of players unable to attend, this series appeared to be over and done with before it began. Adding to all that, the Fat Cats forfeited game one in order to conserve their energy in hopes of forcing a mini game. Still, the game needed to be played and the Fat Cats showed that they refused to roll over. It took nearly half the match before the Fat Cats got on board. The second frame ended with the underdogs up 2-1 leaving a dejected looking HBHA Masters bench in limbo. But with still 15 minutes or more left to go, experience, leadership and the extra legs shifted the tides. P.Doulis and S.Govas each scored a minute apart that finally put the HBHA Masters in front. Considering the circumstances, those two goals appeared to be enough with only four minutes remaining but it wasn't the case. S.Barrette was able to give life to the Fat Cats on a late equaliser. By then, both sides felt that this game was headed for a shootout only to see another extraordinary set of circumstances occur. A few seconds was all that was missing when J.Bolanakis avoided the extra stress to regain the lead for good.

(7)Punishers vs United Armenians (4) Game 1

Wasted opportunity leaves United Armenians in shambles

The United Armenians blew a big time chance to push their way through the Punishers. Unfortunately, they couldn't hold on to a 4-2 lead that slowing vanished as the game went on. The Punishers know that they have the artillery to strike when in need as they have been doing it all season long. And even though it's more difficult in playoff hockey, no one missed a beat in their come-from behind win. Four out of their seven goals came in the third period alone with their captain J.Fidrilis levelling the game at four goals apiece. Then, only minutes later, A.Centis and K.Tsoukals fed off the momentum striking twice in less than a minute. The United Armenians fought very hard for two full frames only to see a missed opportunity flash before their eyes.

(0)United Armenians vs Punishers(6) Game 2

Punishers slam door on United Armenians in series sweep

This time, the Punishers put themselves in the driver's seat early on. By taking a 2-0 lead after one period, both sides knew where this series was headed, especially the way things ended in the previous match. The Punishers kept their foot hard on the pedal and added two more by the second and the third to close out the night. It took no heroes as six different players found the back of the net. Perhaps their best player was on the other side of the court. N.Mackeen faced close to 20 shots to collect a shutout.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Bolanakis of the HBHA Masters 37+. In the dying moments of game two versus the Fat Cats, J.Bolanakis gave his club plenty to celebrate by posting the winner very late in the game.

The final will now feature the Punishers taking on the HBHA Masters 37+. Even though both teams are playing some fine hockey, the Punishers may have the slight edge in this series. The Punishers are able to get scoring throughout their line up and have a very potent power play. However, if the HBHA Masters can grab the lead, then things can potentially go their way.  The veteran side will know how to bear down and commit to a disciple man on man style of hockey if playing in front.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday September 3

Corporation bank just enough points to secure top seed

With the start of the playoffs only a week away, the Corporation and Les Reds met in two crucial games that would ultimately determine who would finish in first place. Prior to both games, Les Reds controlled their own destiny needing only to split with their rival opponent. However, a short bench versus an almost stacked team came into play favouring the Corporation. The men in yellow barely edged out Les Reds 2-1 thanks to a brilliant goaltending performance by L.Lucas. Knowing that Les Reds may have been tired in the second meeting, the Corporation made it harder on themselves by playing from- behind throughout most of the match. After evening the score several times, the contest went the ultimate distance to see who would prevail and secure first place. F.Gentile was sent first and made his breakaway count riffling a hard wrist shot to beat C.Malkoun. Les Reds, in an effort to draw even, couldn't get anything through L.Dias. That one extra point was just enough to set the stage and semi final matches between the four teams in the second division.

(1)Les Reds vs The Corporation (2)

(5)The Corporation vs Les Reds(4) S.O

E.Provost's evens miniseries with Hustlers on two big goals

Although they did manage a good start to their night, the Dr Block couldn't keep it together long enough in their 4-3 loss to the Hustlers. T.Bozinakis was the mastermind behind setting up D.Bertrand twice and J.Rochon for the winner that came with less than two minutes remaining. Despite the sour ending, the Dr Block just looked ahead in their next meeting. Unfortunately, they didn't get the start they wanted but definitely got the ending they were hoping for. E.Provost had a major hand in it as the defenseman tallied twice in only a minute. The Hustlers had seven whole minutes-from that point on to bounce back but couldn't get there. Perhaps the obvious reason was R.Pelletier. The Dr Block net minder faced tons of heavy shots making one save look easier than the other.

(4)Hustlers vs Dr Block(3)

(2)Dr Block vs Hustlers(1)

M.Arkalis nets late power play goal to trade wins with Mighty Boyz

The Mighty Boyz have one element to their game that can be their worst enemy. If they can avoid visiting the penalty box, then they'll be fine, at least in most cases. Their opening game had no issues with their captain J.Palmitano scoring twice en route to a 5-2 win. The first period of the ensuing match was somewhat identical to the previous frames with the Mighty Boyz dictating the pace with two unanswered goals. However, once the final frame began, a full moon effect was in play. The Mighty Boyz took a total of twelve minutes worth of minor penalties that would only spell a disaster. Three out of the four Mighty Drunks goals all came with the man advantage. M.Arkalis tied the game right before ending it with less than 2 seconds remaining. The win can also be attributed to J.Adamou, who was the primary assist man on his clubs last three goals. As frustrating as this loss was, the Mighty Boyz realise that it's only a regular season game and will only adapt moving forward.

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Mighty Boyz(5)

(3)Mighty Boyz vs Mighty Drunks (4)

J-R Lemay, E.Gacem & M.Ethier combine for a massive 25 points

With J-R Remy, E.Gacem and M.Ethier combining for a whopping 25 points, the Chic Choc were able to topple the United Arms twice on Monday night. Gacem and Lemay took charge in the first match as both players collected four points each to earn a 5-1 victory. The second game had an unusual set of events occur. Due to the heat, both net minders decided to watch-from the sidelines as of the second period. The United Arms were up 2-1 at that point before conceding eight straight tallies. The only reason why the United Arms gave up so many was because the Chic Choc struck six times in an empty net. M.Ethier had already bagged a pair before feeding the empty cage three times to finish with five goals and two assists.

(1)United Arms vs Chic Choc(5)

(9)Chic Choc vs United Arms(2)

Degenerates find a way to steal 2 points

The Degenerates didn't have much to brag about despite splitting the two games with the Vitamin C. After all, they had a poor start giving up three straight markers and never really recuperated despite losing by only one goal. In hopes for a better outcome, they still couldn't find a way to ever grab the lead. The Vitamin C jumped in front twice but weren't able to protect it. The only chance that the Degenerates had to walk away with something was due to the shootouts. P.Assadi allowed three of his teammates to get at least one since he was taking care of his net. After a pair of failed attempts, the captain came through to settle the score. S.Sicuso made sure S.Sauk bit just in time to slide the ball right behind him. That was the first and most likely the only time in his ball hockey career that Sicuso will ever score in a shootout.

(3)Degenerates vs Vitamin C(4)

(2)Vitamin C vs Degenerates (3) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Lucas Dias of the Corporation. With goaltending so important, there was no doubt that the Corporation goaltender was at his best on Monday night. Dias was only one minute away-from recording a shutout in the opening match while denying three shootout attempts in the second encounter to earn two big wins.

While division 3 is still in their regular season, divisions 2 & 1 will be headed for the semi finals. Here is a breakdown of the matches.

Division 1

(1)Hustlers vs Mighty Drunks (4) The Mighty Drunks need their main guys to do their thing while getting the supporting cast on board to contribute one way or another. In order to defeat the Hustlers, the Mighty Drunks don't have a choice to play a near perfect series.

(2)Mighty Boyz vs Punishers (3) Both sides have their fair share of game breakers. It will be essential for the two teams to commit playing sound defence while remaining disciple throughout the entire series.

Division 2

(1)The Corporations vs Tocas(4) Regardless where both teams sit in the standings, this series will be a tossup. The Corporation will have their hands full and need to be fully aware of the dangerous counter attack-from the Tocas.

(2)Reds vs Les Carmoni(3) Another match up that can go either way. Neither side lack any skill or hockey sense. The winner of this battle will come down to all the elements required in any series.

E Division playoffs

Thursday August 30(E1 Semi finals playoffs)

(6)Nighthawks vs Bramabulls(8) S.O Game 2

Nighthawks nearly pull off shocking comeback

After a barn storming second period continuing its progress into the third, the Bramabulls picked off from-last week's massacre igniting four straight goals that would appear more than enough for an easy win. However, something changed that both teams didn't really expect. The Nighthawks just continued playing and slowly started to mount a comeback. P.Santullo used his annoying frame to screen G.Follano scoring twice in only 45 seconds. His second tally reduced the gap by one setting the stage for his clubs most important goal. M.Destounis was then able to bury his second that came with just over a minute remaining that would eventually lead to a shootout. In hopes of avoiding a dreadful game three, the Bramabulls took care of business in the shootout. D.Verta and M.Maggiore each scored while G.Follano denied both shooters his way.

(6)SBS Trashers vs JLR Brossard(5) S.O Game 1

P.Manousos shootout marker stands after furious comeback

The SBS Trashers had a nightmare start to their series with the JLR Brossard. They went down 3-0and had to fight back with three third period goals in order to force extra time. Even though nothing was set in stone, the SBS Trashers felt confident with R.Pampena taking care of the pipes. Just like his counterpart P.Assadi, both goaltenders were stealing the show with six consecutive stops. However, something had to give at one point and that happened when P.Manousos finally solved Assadi . The JLR Brossard had most of their offense handled-from S.Robineault ,Payam Assadi and G.Pisanelli as all three players combined for eleven points. As for the Trashers, it was all about balance with five different players finding the back of the net.

(6)JLR Brossard vs SBS Trashers(5) Game 2

Top line continues to roll for JLR Brossard

The JLR Brossard , in a must win game returned the favour to even the series with the SBS Trashers. They paired goals in every frame with the same top line involved in most of the action. G.Pisanelli continues to be the catalyst netting two first period goals while setting up three straight markers. Two of his assists were part of helping S.Robineault notch a hat trick towards the latter part of the game. The SBS TRashers had their moments applying lots of pressure but weren't able to ever dictate the terms in this particular game. K.Hrivnack and P.Manousos were the most productive sharing three points each.

(1)SBS Trashers vs JLR Brossard(3) Game 3

Poised JLR Brossard hold off Trashers

With everything on the line, the JLR Brossard were able to advance to the final. Both sides knew the importance of striking first and who other than your best player to pull through. G.Pisnelli set the tone early minutes before M.Gagnon struck on the power play for a sufficient 2-0 lead. By then, the SBS Trashers had a big hole to dig but still weren't out of it yet. P.Manousos kept scoring for a third straight game to pull within one. Unfortunately, that tally may have come a little too late leaving only a minute for the JLR Brossard to kill off. In a close series that could have easily gone either way, the JLR Brossard had just enough in the tank to resist a resilient SBS Trashers team.

Two very solid teams will be going at it soon enough. As a collective unit, both teams have a lot in common in terms of skill and hockey sense. Both are led with highly skilled players such as M.Testolina and G.Pisanelli. However, perhaps the one area that may favour the Bramabulls is their ability to wear you down. By rolling three lines, the JLR Brossard may find themselves under constant pressure which will only force them to play better defence while needing the key stops-from their net minder P.Assadi.

E2 Semi finals

(13)Mighty Drunks vs Chaos(4) Game 2

Expected result sends Mighty Drunks through

When eying a bench that has no body behind it, the Mighty Drunks were already looking ahead. Still, they had to play and perform to make it official. After setting up his clubs opening goal, M.Gibeault added a pair for himself for a 4-1 lead by only the eleven minute mark of the first period. It was by that point that both teams were convinced of the final outcome. The only thing left over was to determine the final score. The Mighty Drunks continued their onslaught with Gibeault eventually notching a hat trick. M.Mogianesi and M.Beaudry, two players who play defence occupied a total of five goals with Mogianesi leading the way for a hat trick. As for Chaos, their captain R.Fyfe ended his season on a good note scoring two goals.

With Les Rouuuges watching-from the sidelines, the E2 final will be an interesting on. Neither side will rely on only one or two players but an overall team game. Les Rouuuges have the pride to give it all as do the Mighty Drunks with their deep bench. As in many cases when two teams reach this stage, all the small details will matter.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Giancarlo Pisanelli. Plain and simple, the JLR Brossard forward was that good. He collected an incredible eleven out of as possible fourteen points, and can arguably be the reason why his club won two straight to punch a ticket to the final.

D & F divisions

Wednesday August 29(F division Semi finals)

(4)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(5) Game 2

M.Broccoli came through twice at pivotal point, Kentucky Blue even the series

As frustrating as last week's loss was for the Kentucky Blue, they were able to set it aside with a bounce back victory. It did however take a pair of clutch goals-from M.Broccoli. The Hellfish trailed all game long and kept battling back to eventually even the score. That's when Broccoli scored shortly after for his second in only two minutes that would regain the lead for the Kentucky Blue. Still, the time was there for the Hellfish to force extra time, but P.Delli Colli wanted no part of it. The net minder remained focused for the duration which eventually forced a third and deciding game.

(1)Kentucky Blue vs Hellfish(2) Game 3

E.Medrano and D.Ugaldez combine at the right moment for the Hellfish

As shots and chances were being traded-from one end to another, it was hard to wonder or even anticipate who would prevail in the end. So many factors can decide a hockey game, but in this case it came down to chemistry between two long time teammates. The contest was dead even at one goal apiece when D.Ugaldez fed his familiar line mate E.Medrano for the go ahead marker. The Kentucky Blue may have slipped giving up the first goal to a team that you don't want to trail against. But by doing it twice, they just asked for trouble. The Hellfish made sure to protect their lead, and did so knowing that B.Verducci wasn't budging.

(2)Horsemen vs Winter Soldiers (3) S.O Game 2

Winter Soldiers learning nothing comes easy in playoffs

A.Kakivelis and C.Kakivelis scored in the last 30 seconds as the Winter Soldiers gave themselves a chance to regulate this round in a shootout. V.Pandza's third period goal to make the score 2-0 seemed to give the Horsemen a victory and a new lease of life heading into a game three. But with two very late markers coupled with N.Katsilakis scoring in a shootout, the Winter Soldiers avoided a scare in a do or die match up. Many series have different storylines but one will argue that M.Vinciguerra deserves the front cover. If not for his exceptional play between the pipes, the Horsemen would have no chance in keeping up with the Winter Soldiers. Unfortunately, some bad timing and a little bad luck went against the underdogs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Vinciguerra. Even though it came in a losing cause, no one will disagree on how good and vital the Horsemen net minder was in this series.

Now that the F Wednesday division is down to only two teams, the Hellfish and the Winter Soldiers have each other to deal with. One thing that the final won't lack is intensity. The Hellfish play a playoff brand of hockey which can only help them. In the perspective of the Winter Soldiers, the way they won against the Horsemen may just be what they needed. That adversity will only make them realise what it takes to win at this stage of the season. For the Vegas odds makers, this series has the probabilities of a coin toss.

D Wednesday regular season

(5)Punishers vs Fat Cats(2)

P.Karvouriaris keeps making a mess

At the very least, the Fat Cats knew they needed a good start. And when S.Barrette and J.Scalia each scored, that strong beginning came into play. The Fat Cats entered the night with only eight players against a team that requires every key element available. Things did hold up for two periods but that all changed in the final stretch. The Punishers wasted no time grabbing their first lead of the night thanks to no other than P.Karvouriaris. Then, nine minutes later, the Fat Cats knew they were done when C.Gagnon doubled the lead for the Punishers. Even though the Punishers got balanced scoring from-five different players, P.Karvouriaris had mostly everything to do with it, participating in every single play resulting in one goal and four assists.

(4)HBHA Masters 37+ vs United Armenians (2)

Two late goals punish the United Armenians

It may take a day or two, but Y.Derohannessian will be talking to his blade on how he missed a glorious breakaway to tie the game. Both sides entered the final frame levelled 1-1 before the HBHA Masters took control .P.Lapointe snapped a 2-2 tie putting the Masters back on track, and it was shortly after that point when Derohannessian missed his chance for the United Armenians. A.Stamiris would erase any doubt by bagging the games last goal. The win also came with the help of L.Williams, who got the ball rolling posting the HBHA Masters first two tallies of the match.

The D Wednesday regular season came to an end on Wednesday night. The top four teams will be playing right away in the semi finals. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Punishers vs United Armenians (4) When looking back at how both teams did against each other in the regular season, this series can go either way, even if the Punishers took the division. The United Armenians are stacked and very well coached by G.Missakian which will make things very difficult of the Punishers. However, with that being said, the division leaders do have few weapons including the scoring leader of the division P.Karvouriaris .The Punishers top gun finished with an impressive 28 points and looks nowhere close to slowing down.

(2)HBHA Masters 37+ vs Fat Cats(3) There aren't many weaknesses-from the two sides. Both teams, assuming that they are a full roster, this series can tilt either way. The one very important key element that the HBHA Masters 37+ hold, is in their team name.Experience is always a deadly weapon and the HBHA Masters have plenty of it.

4 vs 4 Division

Sunday August 26

Never say die United Arms turn the tables

The United Arms looked to be having a long night ahead of them considering how poor they performed in the opening game. They gave up five goals and couldn't get at least one by F.Koch, who stopped all 16 shots he faced. T.Daigneault was the only player to score twice with his clubs opener and closer. Now, in most circumstances these types of lopsided scores tend to favour the winners in an ensuing match. However, it wasn't the case with the United Arms responding with a pair of second period goals that led to a shootout. G.Jerjian was the only player to score while H.Jerjian denied all three attempts his way to earn the win. The 1 Timer played three straight flawless periods before allowing their only two goals of the night.

(5) 1 Timer vs United Arms(0)

(3)United Arms vs 1 Timer(2) S.O

Monday August 27

Mighty Boyz turn focus on strong defensive play

Many by now know that the Mighty Boyz identity is there offensive prowess, but tonight they also showed that they can defend just as well. The Punishers found that out by scoring only one goal in each contest. Game in and game out, M.Testolina along with his captain J.Palmitano continue to be a burden to all teams. Adding to that, the addition of M.Dettorre will just complicate things for the opposition. The Mighty Boyz already have a solid supporting cast and are that more dangerous when those three particular players play. Tonight, they combined for a ridiculous thirteen points in both their victories. M.Palmieri can also be put in the conversation of importance as the net minder rarely disappoints.

(1)Punishers vs Mighty Boyz(5)

(3)Mighty Boyz vs Punishers(1)

Hustlers use early spurt for a pair of wins

T.Bozinakis, J.Rochon and A.Stamiris each scored twice in the first period alone, and the Hustlers knew they were in for an easy night. The Dr Block only got on broad twice by the first period of the second game still to fall short 3-2 heading into the final stretch. With T.Bozinakis and D.Bertrand scoring only 30 seconds apart, the Hustlers wrapped up another successful night. C.Stavriadis had only G.Piche beat him twice with goals coming four minutes apart.

(7)Hustlers vs Dr Block(0)

(2)Dr Block vs Hustlers (5)

Short bench Carmoni kept it simple

Knowing that they had no change ups with four straight periods ahead of them, Les Carmoni couldn't have asked for a better outcome. They did the key thing of striking first in both games which ultimately forced the Degenerates to respond. Unfortunately, they ran into a wall lined up- from the centre court that would identify their man to clog the slot area. Almost every time the Degenerates would try to create something, Les Carmoni smartly counter attacked. A.Figiel and L-C Desmarais each scored in the opening meeting for a 2-1 win while three different players struck in the second contest for a second victory. In addition to what made both these results remarkable, was that their natural d-man M.Croteau occupying the pipes instead. The Degenerates had plenty of shots and decent chances only to beat Croteau twice all night.

(2)Les Carmoni vs Degenerates (1)

(1)Degenerates vs Les Carmoni(3)

Les Reds dictate pace right away leaving Vitamin C empty handed

In both their wins on Monday night, Les Reds showed they meant t business-from the beginning. They combined for six goals in the first two periods forcing the Vitamin C to play catch up all night. N.Zahabi led the charge with back to back tallies while M-T Zarzour was the mastermind setting up three teammates. The second contest saw the captain heavily implicated. J.Constantin participated in three of the four goals that included the games last two markers. Even with some games left to play, Les Reds look like they will take the second division barring any surprises.

(5)Les Reds vs Vitamin C(3)

(2)Vitamin C vs Les Reds(4)

Tocas catch Corporation snoozing

There weren't many bright moments in the opening contest, at least not for the Corporation. Most of their players approached it like a pond hockey game, and by doing so, they got burned. The Tocas caused one turn over after another resulting in five unanswered goals. Their main gun C.Maltese had a field day bagging four out of their seven goals en route to an easy 7-3 win. After paying the price for what just happened, the Corporation took a different mindset in the second encounter. At no point did they take things for granted putting out a full effort. With the game deadlocked 4-4, J.Scalia came through leaving only 15 seconds on the clock. That was his third goal in the two games as part of a five point performance.

(7)Tocas vs Corporation (3)

(5)Corporation vs Tocas(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joseph Constantin of Les Reds. With the playoffs just around the corner, the captain won't be taking any nights off knowing that his team needs to be prepared. Tonight, he collected two goals and two assists to help maintain first place.

2018 Bermuda Masters Championship

Bermuda 2018 Gold Medal Match.

Just want to congratulate Francois Chalut and all of team Canada on winning the Gold medal game today vs Canada Halton Leafs.

Also a congratulations to the Canada Halton Leafs on winning the Silver medal.  Canada is very proud of both teams.  

As for the Bronze medal congratulations to goes out to team Italy who defeated team USA 8-3 in a very tough match up.

Great job also to all the teams who participated in this Bermuda World Masters Championships 2018.

E Division playoffs

Sunday August 26(Semi finals)

(2)Fatal Demons vs HC Mutts(5) Game 1

HC Mutts strike first with dominant game 1

There was no let down for the HC Mutts in their series debut with the Fatal Demons. They may have allowed the first goal but rebounded with a strong finish winning every single frame. M.Nardi put together two key goals including the winner while M.Maggiore and S.Sacco collected three points each. The Fatal Demons were stuck playing with only two lines against a team that requires a few more bodies. The good news for them was that a couple of key pieces would be present for the following game.

(3)HC Mutts vs Fatal Demons(5) Game 2

Hungrier Fatal Demons come out flying

Whatever was said in the dressing room definitely worked for the Fatal Demons. By winning the opening frame with two late goals, the HC Mutts were now the ones stuck trying to figure out how to bounce back. Unfortunately, they never hit the back of the net until it was too late. D.Ugaldez scored twice, E.Medrano buried the winner, and S.Morante was really good when it counted the most enabling his club to play with the lead. This bounce back win would set up the most important 15 minutes or more for the two sides in a deciding game three.

(0)Fatal Demons vs HC Mutts(1) Game 3

Pendulum swings back in HC Mutts favour

With neither team able to collect two straight wins, this series went down to the wire. For how tight both sides would approach a short fifteen minutes, the importance of the first goal would be an understatement. Only three minutes went by when M.Maggiore tilted the tides. Maybe the only good news at that point for the Fatal Demons was that they had plenty of time to bounce back. And it wasn't like they didn't get their fair share of chances. The problem was that P.Delli Colli was absolutely brilliant. The net minder got the goal he needed and knew that the rest laid on his shoulders. After receiving close to ten shots, Delli Colli smelled victory which eventually led to a shutout and a ticket to the final.

(5)Lynx vs Butchers (3) Game 1

Bad start turns into a very good finish for the Lynx

At the very least to feel that they had a chance, the Butchers knew the importance of a good start to the series. And in the span of the game's opening six minutes, that good start was a reality. S.Robineault and M.Zampino provided the goals and the Butchers barley held on to a 2-0 lead because of an immediate response by M.Nols. This contest was only decided in the final fifteen minutes of play. Both sides drew even 2-2 after two periods before the Lynx took over by the third. The Lynx realised then that this series was going to take a maximum effort on their part. After all, they did win the division and entered as heavy favourites against a team with only two wins.

(5)Butchers vs Lynx(4) S.O Game 2

S.Robineault's late magic survives another day for the Butchers

0.6 seconds on the clock was what every single player looked at when S.Robineault scored to tie the game. The sound of the horn following that mini second meant that the Butchers would have a chance to force a third and deciding game provided they win in a shootout. And after both sides sent five players each, Y.Derohannessian was the only player to get it done. The Butchers crafty forward, who actually played as a defenseman in this particular game, used a hard precise wrist shot to beat S.Catalano short side. The Lynx still had a chance to extend the round on their attempt, but G.Zapatelli wanted no part of it by denying his fifth opponent. The result of this game set the alarm bells for the Lynx, who knew that anything could happen in only fifteen minutes.

(2)Lynx vs Butchers (1) Game 3

U.Cruz rescues Lynx from- massive upset

When the game was tied 1-1 with just about five minutes of play, both sides knew the next goal would most likely decide their fate. Luckily enough for the Lynx, U.Cruz may have provided their biggest marker of the season. The forward capitalised at the right time and the Butchers were stuck hoping for another equaliser. They did manage some very good chances only to hit a stubborn S.Catalano protecting his pipes. Unfortunately for the Butchers, they just couldn't get that extra bounce they needed to potentially cause a surprise. This series thought both teams some valuable lessons, but more so for the Lynx. The Butchers knew that they can challenge with their amount of experience despite winning one regular season game along with a forfeit. As for the Lynx, they will now know to take nothing for granted when it comes to the playoffs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to G-L Zapatelli of the Butchers. If not for his brilliant saves along with his shootout performance, the Lynx would have had a way easier time getting through this round.

With both series going down to the wire, it's safe to say that the final will live up to the hype. The Lynx and the HC Mutts resemble each other in many ways. Both sides are fairly the same age combined with plenty of hockey IQ and top notch goaltenders. The little details will come into play. Unforced errors, disciple and plain luck will be some factors that can determine the outcomes.

E Division playoffs

Thursday August 23(E1 & E2 playoffs)

(7)Bramabulls vs Nighthawks (2) E1 Game 1

Nighthawks have no answer for Bramabulls top line

When it was all over and game one went overwhelmingly to the Bramabulls, the Nighthawks searched for various ways to say it was only one game. Unless they play a perfect match in game number two, this series will end fast.  No matter how tight they tried and play some of the Bramabulls top guns, M.Testolina and J.Palmitano just to name a couple still found a way to get through the defence and net minder. Both players each scored twice and were a big reason why the game was put out of reach .The only time the Nighthawks got on board was when their captain P.Santullo scored on the power play. That goal reduced the gap by three which felt a lot wider considering how well the Bramabulls were playing. It's safe to say that the Bramabulls have a shoe into the final if they approach the next game the same way.

(0)Carnage vs Les Rouuuges(6) E2 Game 2

Les Rouuuges showed why they deserve to reach final

Maybe for one period Carnage showed some resistance in an effort to keep the game close. However, that all changed by the second period. Les Rouuuges knew they had the series when they struck twice late in the frame for a favourable 5-0 lead. Everything went right for a team that expected nothing less than to reach the big dance. They played exceptional defence, getting a brilliant goaltending performance by P.Turturici and very balanced offense that saw six different players find the back of the net. A.Guillaume scored a lone first period goal that proved to be just enough for the win. Now that Les Rouuuges passed this semi final round, they will need to patiently wait and see who they'll get next between the Mighty Drunks and Chaos.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Testolina of the Bramabulls. No matter how close they tried to play him, lightning speed is impossible to keep up with. The forward was simply too quick producing two big goals along with a key helper.

D & F divisions

Wednesday August 22(F division Semi finals)

(0)Kentucky Blue vs Hellfish(2) Game 1

B.Verducci earns shutout as Hellfish blank Kentucky Blue

B.Verducci put in a faultless display as his club blanked the Kentucky Blue on Wednesday night, allowing the Hellfish to grab an important 1-0 series lead. Verducci was rock solid shutting out a team that have the weapons to put the ball behind the net. By striking first early on, the Hellfish were able to dictate the terms. Both their goals came in the opening nine minutes courtesy of C.Dapoulias and D.Ugaldez. Even though time wasn't an issue-from that point on, the Kentucky Blue had no solutions on how to get on board. They managed 25 shots getting no sort of luck or any bounce their way. The good news for them is that they have another shot at it with the chance to force a third and deciding match. Its one thing for the Kentucky Blue to get shutout one game, but for it to happen twice, the order will be a tall for the Hellfish. A good start is always important in playoff hockey and the Hellfish will look to repeat a similar performance next time they meet.

(4)Winter Soldiers vs Horsemen (3) S.O Game 1

Winter Soldiers out last Horsemen after nine shootout attempts

At a 3-3 standstill, goaltenders A.Bitsakis and M.Vinciguerra saved a combine 17 attempts ending what was possibly the longest shootout ever. N.Katsilakis finally put an end to the breakaway marathon ensuring his club a 1-0 series lead. And while the extra time provided some theatre, the actual game can be argued was just as exciting. The Horsemen will look back at a missed opportunity to be in front in this series. After all, they overcame a couple of deficits before taking a 3-2 lead that nearly lasted the duration of the game. Unfortunately, by visiting the penalty box late in the game, the Winter Soldiers saved their night. J.McKenzie had already notched both his clubs goals before setting up M.Prahalis for the equaliser. This contest had many similarities between the two sides. The Horsemen also scored twice with the man advantage and saw T.Mader score two out of their three goals. In the end, it's always better to be up one rather than down, but that doesn't guarantee anything for the Winter Soldiers if the Horsemen play the same way in game two.

D Wednesday regular season

(1)HBHA Seniors 37+ vs Fat Cats(4)

G.DeMarinis and J.Scalia double dip in rout of HBHA

The Fat Cats relied on their own identity to get the job done versus the HBHA Masters 37+. They played well defensively, G.Sangiovanni allowed only one goal on 29 shots, and two of their snipers each scored twice to occupy the offense. As a matter of fact, they nearly kept a clean score sheet for almost the entire game. After going dry for well over two periods, J.Pantelis was finally able to get the Masters on board and spoil what Sangiovanni was thinking in the back of his mind. There overall performance against a solid experienced hockey team couldn't have come at a better time. This is a type of win that will only fuel the Fat Cats moving forward with only one game remaining before the real season begins.

(7)Punishers vs United Armenians (5)

Despite late rally, United Armenians breakdown short of buzzer

All that incredible work to fight back against the Punishers won't be appearing on a statistical basis for the United Armenians. This might be the right time during the regular season that a team may have to endure such a defeat. Even though the loss is hard to swallow, the United Armenians will only take positives-from their battle with the front runners of the division. They mounted a hard fought comeback with third period goals-from Y.Derohannessian and J-A Belcher to tie the game fairly late. Then, with only 15 seconds before reaching overtime, S.Athanasotoulos avoided the extra time to regain the lead for the Punishers. Two out of their seven goals came on the power play. The Punishers had a chance to avoid a complicated situation if they could have scored rather than give up a goal on their third man advantage. Instead, J-A Belcher evened the score with a man less and the United Armenians gave themselves a chance to steal the game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ben Verducci of the Hellfish. With every game so being important at this stage of the season, the Hellfish net minder did not disappoint stopping all 25 shots to earn a huge shutout.

4 vs 4 Division

Sunday August 19

Degenerates looked to bounce back after embarrassing loss to Chic Choc

If the first period was an indication of how the night was going to be, than the Degenerates may have just packed it in. A poor performance is an understatement for how terrible they played. By not guarding their man properly due to absolute laziness, the Chic Choc took advantage almost every time they had a chance to score. The game was out of reach thanks to the help of J-R Lemy, who was unstoppable collecting five points that included a hat trick. Still, the Degenerates knew they had another chance to redeem themselves. After collecting their thoughts and focusing on what was ahead, the veteran side went back to basics. This time, they were the ones to start strong resulting in four first period goals. N.Goncalves took the bull by the horns assisting once while bagging two straight markers. Now that the tables were turned, the Degenerates made sure to protect their lead and did just enough to split the miniseries.

(1)Degenerates vs Chic Choc(6)

(3)Chic Choc vs Degenerates (5)

Monday August 20

Mighty Boyz making case that they are a team to beat

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the Mighty Boyz may just be that team to beat on Monday nights. In both their victories, they scored a combined thirteen goals against a Dr Block team that finally had a full roster. Most likely their best asset is speed. M.Dettore made an already good team even better as the spark plug struck three times in the opening game. The Dr Block did have an opportunity to erase a bad game but made the vital mistake of taking a pair of penalties. By visiting the box twice, the Mighty Drunks seized the opportunities. J.Palmitano and A.Rapone each scored with the man advantage to get a head start heading into the final period. By then, the order was somewhat a little too tall for the Dr Block to bounce back and even the score. The win came with scoring efforts-from six different players that saw M.Dettorre once again lead the way with four points.

(7)Mighty Boyz vs Dr Block(4)

(3)Dr Block vs Mighty Boyz(6)

C.Gingras elevates play for Punishers double victories

In a night where he accumulated six points, C.Gingras was simply that good. Everything that the Punishers did right flowed-from their star player. The first encounter had Gingras net the winner fairly late in the game en route to a 3-1 victory. And as big as that goal was, Gingras brought it to another level by the second contest. The Punishers surged with four unanswered goals in the opening frame before trading three apiece by the final twelve minutes of play. Out of their seven goals, Gingras struck four times while setting up his captain J.Fidrilis. The only consolation that the Mighty Drunks will take-from the two loses is the fact of have only one spare on the bench. J.Adamou was definitely their best player scoring three out of their four goals.

(3) Punishers vs Mighty Drunks (1)

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Punishers (7)

Fatigue-from previous matches hinders Mighty Boys in back to back loses

Fatigue was present in the Mighty Boys two loses on Monday night and it proved to be a major reason why they dropped both games. From-the start, it showed that the Corporation had the extra step winning loose balls resulting in good possession and opportunities. However, it did take a late goal by J.Scalia to decide the opening game. The Mighty Boyz fought extremely hard to overcome a 3-1 deficit only to see it slip away with a minute remaining. After suffering such a heart breaker, the Mighty Boyz looked just as tired in the second encounter. Knowing this, the Corporation came out storming bagging three first period goals that included a key marker by G.DeMarinis just prior to the buzzer ringing. J.Pantelis would then add his second for insurance and the Corporation did what they needed to do to kill off the clock.

(3)Mighty Boyz vs The Corporation (4)

(4)The Corporation vs Mighty Boyz(3)

Hard works pays off for United Arms, but for only one game

If not for a hard fought battle along with a key play-from M.Boghossian late in the game, the United Arms would have gone empty handed on Monday night. Instead, they managed to force a shootout thanks to a one on one effort-from Boghossian that resulted in a late equaliser. Unfortunately their first match was as good as it got because the same couldn't be said for the second meeting. The Degenerates went full throttle scoring three times in both frames while not conceding a goal. P.Assadi, although wasn't too busy in net was left alone at times keeping a clean score sheet. The story of the match however was belonged to N.Goncalves, who just came off a productive performance on Sunday night adding five more goals to his collection.

(4)Degenerates vs United Arms(3) S.O

(0)United Arms vs Degenerates (6)

G.Gammieri's late marker trades wins with 1 Timer

Twice they led by two goals, and both times the 1 Timer couldn't protect their lead, at least not in the second game. The first encounter wasn't an issue with the men in orange edging out the Vitamin C 3-1. In hopes of capturing a second consecutive win, the 1 Timer have only themselves to blame. The contest was still very young when the Vitamin C fell behind 2-0 and 3-1 at one point. Perhaps a key turning point occurred when the 1 Timer took their lone penalty of the match. It was by then when the captain pulled even courtesy of a huge power play goal. F.Pace tied the game late in the frame to establish an even playing field in the final twelve minutes. Considering how many goals were scored in the first period, both sides decided to play it cautious the rest of the way. The only tally came very late thanks to G.Gammieri.

(3) 1 Timer vs Vitamin C(1)

(4)Vitamin C vs 1 Timer(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nelson Goncalves of the Degenerates. After playing only a night ago collecting three points that included two goals, the Degenerates sniper showed once again how it's done by bagging five more markers along with a helper.

Thursday August 23

One bad minute bites Tocas

Settling for a shootout loss wasn't much of an issue for the Tocas in the opening contest.  They knew the game could have gone either way and that it was just part of hockey. However, the second contest was where they really dropped the ball and have only themselves to blame. After all, they led 2-0 with power play goals-from T.Vassallo while playing strong defensive hockey. That lead stood solid for a good portion of the match up until M.Gagnon finally cracked the barrier. Now, it's one thing to allow a goal here in there, but to concede three straight in just over a minute is completely unacceptable, no matter what the circumstances. Les Carmoni felt something brewing and never gave to fight back and steal the win. And while many factors contributed to both results, perhaps a key component was the play of M.Gagnon. The offensive minded d-man participated in all five goals in both games that included three behind the net.

(2)Tocas vs Les Carmoni(3) S.O

(3)Les Carmoni vs Tocas(2)

E Division

Sunday August 19

(6)Butchers vs Fatal Demons(12)

Butchers keep taking it in the chin by the third period

Maybe one day there can be some third period magic for the Butchers, but until then, tonight was just another reminder on how horrible they were. The Fatal Demons showed absolutely no mercy exposing a sloppy Butchers team with six third period goals. Plenty of those markers came because of a lack of coverage. Every time the Butchers would push up to try and create something, the Fatal Demons would counter attack and capitalise. S.Koulieris used his solid front net presence to generate three straight tallies while B.Deslasuriers and A.Jalilvand each scored twice.

(4)Lynx vs HC Mutts(3) S.O

M.Barone sweet back hand fake secures top seed for Lynx

With interesting playoff implications, the Lynx were able to secure first place of the E Sunday division thanks to a pair of factors. First off, M.Barone scored the lone shootout marker while S.Catalano denied three straight breakaways his way. Prior to the extra time, the Lynx appeared to be in control of the match. After all, they did carry a 3-1 lead heading into the final period versus a team with only two change ups. Normally that would be enough for a team like the Lynx, but it clearly wasn't the case. The HC Mutts sent a little reminder that no matter what the circumstances are, that they won't be a push over .M.Maggiore was a big reason for the comeback as the quarter back set up two teammates while adding his clubs second goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Michael Barone of the Lynx. By scoring the lone shootout marker, M.Barone helped secure a first place finish that would have avoided a semi final match up with the HC Mutts. Instead, they will get a team with only two wins all season.

Both these games concluded the regular season in the E Sunday division. With all four team entering the playoffs, the semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Lynx vs Butchers (4) Without a doubt, the Lynx are the heaving favourites. The only way the Butchers have a chance is if they show up full squad and play their best game yet. Unless that happens, the Lynx will be thinking further ahead.

(2)Fatal Demons vs HC Mutts(3) If the regular season is an indication of what's to come, than many may suspect the Fatal Demons to pull through. They won three out of the four meetings including two in a recent double header night. Despite that being said, many will also agree that regular season stats mean absolutely nothing. In the perspective of the HC Mutts, they know that they have the talent and the speed to overcome a deep and heavy opponent.

E Division

Thursday August 16

(6)Mighty Drunks vs Chaos(0) E2 Semi finals game 1

Mighty Drunks cruise to easy playoff win over Chaos

It was anything but a tough test for the Mighty Drunks in this semi final match up with Chaos. They scored once in at least every frame and got the necessary goaltending-from O.Caillet, who recorded a shutout. The win came with the help of six different goal scores that included three feeds-from V.Mancini. Despite the loss, Chaos fared well in the first portion of the match considering they had only seven players dressed. Unless they stack up with more bodies, the Mighty Drunks know that they will be playing for all the marbles.

(6)Bramabulls vs Nighthawks (3) E1 regular season

Attention on the Bulls big guns opens path way for P.Bertone

That's the luxury of having more than a couple of weapons on your team. By focusing on a player or two, the door opens up for the rest of the line up to get involved. P.Bertone quietly made his presence felt by bagging half of his team's goals. For a very long stretch, the Nighthawks kept the Bramabulls in check but that lasted only so long. The game started to tilt one way towards the nine minute mark of the second period. It was by then that flood gates opened with Bertone striking twice in just over a minute followed with C.Fragkiudakis's late period marker. Both sides then traded two third period goals that saw L.Dulcetta bury a pair for the Nighthawks.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to P.Bertone of the Bramabulls. In a double up win over the Nighthawks, P.Bertone showed his value to his team by riffling three out of six goals.

That game concluded the regular season for the E1 Thursday division. The Semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Bramabulls vs Nighthawks (4) Plain and simple, the Nighthawks need every single thing to go right in order to have any sort of chance. Goaltending, committed defence and capitalising on their few chances is a bare minimum required.

(2)SBS Trashers vs JLR Brossard(3) Maybe is goes against their identity, but the JLR Brossard may have to lay back on their high octane style. The SBS Trashers will expose them in the counter attack, and unless Pedram Assadi gets the help needed in front of him, the JLR Brossard will be headed golfing earlier than hoped for.