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E Division

Thursday November 1

(7)Legends vs SBS Trashers(5)

J.Courteau masterful in 5 goal performance

Scoring five goals in one match is not something that happens very often yet J.Courteau has done it again. The right handed sniper scored all but two goals in the Legends 7-5 victory over the SBS Trashers. Most of them came within a second of touching the ball on one timers. With the game going back in forth in what was a see saw effect, the Legends rode a big third period to get it done. The SBS Trashers looked in fine form early on jumping to a 2-0 lead. Then, it was the Legends turn responding with four straight goals up until the SBS Trashers regained momentum with three of their own. Still, the game wasn't over, and that's when the Legends had the final say striking three times in only three minutes.

(7)Fatal Demons vs Raging Rhinos(7) S.O Inter-league

Raging Rhinos gave up to many to settle for tie

The Raging Rhinos feel like they wasted an opportunity to bank three points to the standings only to settle for a 7-7 draw. After all, they did take a 5-0 lead and had the Fatal Demons on the ropes. And while everything appeared to be headed for an easy win, a major turn of events occurred. The Fatal Demons, from-being stalled, managed to put it into fifth gear and take over the match. Six out of the next seven goals all belonged to the trailing side that saw A.Jalilvand score twice. Still, the opportunity was there for the Raging Rhinos to take the contest in overtime after N.Katsifolis took a late holding penalty. With the amount of space given due to a 4-3 power play, the Raging Rhinos failed to capitalise. Instead, a shootout was required where both sides traded one goal apiece. While the Fatal Demons had more balanced scoring, the Raging Rhinos saw A.Papazian and S.Longo do most of the damage as both players combined for nine points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Legends. The sniper is in a league of his own, this time bagging a massive five goals that enabled the Legends to get past the SBS Trashers.