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Masters 35+ division

Friday November 2

(4)Stones vs Hawks(5)

Stones fall short after third period comeback

The Stones gave a valiant effort in the third period to try and force overtime, but the Hawks barely hung on after giving up two late goals. The Stones weren't able to overcome a poor start forced to play catch up all game long. It seemed like every time the Hawks would pull away, the Stones would keep coming back. The only problem was that they ran out of time. P.Cardillo timed his run to bury the winner late in the second period. Four minutes had barely gone by when S.Robineault struck twice to get the ball rolling for the Hawks. If not for that quick start, this contest may have had a different result considering how well the Stones played.

(1)HBHA vs The Peters(4)

S.Mancini and M.Cerone fill the net twice for the Peters

It took some time but the Peters eventually figured out C.Stavriadis. The net minder knew he was going to be a target all game with a depleted line up to deal with. And when considering the circumstances, the HBHA will be keeping their heads up after this contest. The Peters only pulled away as of the third period where their superior bench outlasted a gassed opposition. S.Mancini and M.Cerone had two goals each, and J.Richer allowed all but one tally his way.

(7)Bramabulls sv Hellas(5)

Bramabulls playing with fire after slow start

Digging themselves a deep hole after only one period, the Bramabulls had to figure out how to overcome a predicament. Luckily enough, they had two scenarios going their way .The first being time and more importantly the second being the fact that Hellas had only three spares to contend with. If the Bramabulls weren't so talented up front, maybe a 4-1 first period lead would have been just enough. Instead, P.Charbonneau and M.Argiris had more than enough time to riffle two goals each along with M.Crapis netting the winner in the third period. Surely the Bramabulls felt that this game was going to be easier than they thought. And rather than taking Hellas seriously-from the get go a full out 45 minute effort was required in order to get the job done.

(2)HBHA vs The Peters(8)

Eight different goal scorers pace Peters

It wasn't pretty, but the Peters swept their double header with the HBHA. The first period was all it took to convince everyone where this contest was headed. After building a comfortable 5-0 lead,the Peters scored on the power play and shorthanded to take the second frame. By that point, the HBHA wanted nothing more than to get on board and spoil J.Richer's shutout. D.Tzimopoulos eventually got to Richer, who allowed one more tally shortly after. The win came with the help of no one in particular as eight different players had the pleasure of finding the back of the net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Richer of the Peters. In a double header night versus the HBHA, the calm and collective goaltender was sound surrendering only three goals.