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4 vs 4 Division

Monday November 5

Black Eagles and 1 Timer split in goaltender battle

A Sylvian Gravel goal just under the three minute mark of the final frame proved to be the game winner as the 1 Timer went on to edge the Black Eagles 2-1 to start up the night. F.Koch turned in a solid performance allowing only F.Bois-Chasse to get the better of him. With the win, the 1 Timer tried to duplicate a similar outing in the second encounter knowing that the two sides would keep it close. Knowing how crucial the first goal would be, the Black Eagles wasted no time getting on board thanks to R.Boisvert. From-there, eight minutes went by when the very same Boisvert doubled ten lead. The Black Eagles had the luxury to dictate the terms forcing the 1 Timer to find solutions. Unfortunately, they kept hitting a wall in G.Page, who nearly had his shutout preserved leaving all but 10 seconds on the clock.

(1)Black Eagles vs 1 Timer(2)

(1)1 Timer vs Black Eagles(3)

Kings getting unlucky, fall short twice to Armadillos

Despite having their fair share of quality scoring chances, the Kings found themselves on the short end of the stick in both their games with the Armadillos. The first one could have easily gone either way but it was G.Bouchard's late tally that snapped a 2-2 tie. Then, with a chance to redeem themselves and settle the score, a bad start proved to be costly for the Kings. The Armadillos took advantage early on with goals-from K.Koutsogiannopoulos and D.Andrade. Still, the Kings weren't discouraged and battled back to make a game of it. L.Velenosi profited twice on the power play, but it was the very same G.Bouchard that came to haunt the Kings once again. The star defenseman, for second straight time, notched the winner that came in a shorthanded situation for his fourth point of the night.

(4)Armadillos vs Kings(2)

(2)Kings vs Armadillos(3)

D.Desmarais power's Carmoni early, But Corporation finishes strong sharing points

Eight minutes had barely gone by when D.Desmarais made minced meat out of the Corporation defensive game. If that wasn't bad enough, things only got worse with Les Carmoni adding three more markers to nearly hit the seven goal mercy rule. But as ugly and embarrassing it was, the Corporation knew that the madness would eventually end. Their first step was to finish strong in the last period of the first game in which they did winning the frame 4-1. And even though they couldn't mount the enormous comeback, the men in yellow knew the second encounter was theirs for the taking. However, they still had to go against a force bothering them all game and that was P.Corbin. The net minder kept denying an abundance of shots that primarily came on three on two plays. On most occasions when the Corporation weren't able to convert, Les Carmoni would counter attack only to hit a similar problem in L.Dias. Luckily enough for the Corporation, their net minder stood tall making key stops. Then, finally after a period and a half, F.Gentile was able to break the ice. R.Elias would double the lead on a rocket slap shot right before Y.Derohannessian filled an empty cage twice to split the miniseries.

(6)Les Carmoni vs The Corporation (4)

(4)The Corporation vs Les Carmoni(1)

Legacy reach finish line first in close race with Punishers

For three entire periods that included a shootout in the opening contest, neither team was able to come out on top. That was up until the final stretch of the second game that Legacy barely pulled away. The wild finish saw both sides combine for ten goals that included two empty net markers. P.Doulis got credited the winner by feeding the empty cage right before A.Stamiris did the same seconds later. While Legacy relied on balanced scoring, the Punishers did have A.Laramee and S.Athanasopoulos support most of their offense. Laramee scored a total of six goals and four assists while Athanasopoulos struck once along with six helpers.

(4)Legacy vs Punishers (4) S.O

(7)Punishers vs Legacy(9)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Bouchard of the Armadillos. So incredibly clutch, the quarter back defenseman was remarkable once again in both wins for the Armadillos. Both victories were decided because of Bouchard's two game winners as part of a four point performance.