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D Division

Tuesday November 6

(0)The Blast vs Capitals (3)

Capitals continue riding hot streak, 5 in a row

They have now won five in a row, and unless somebody figures out the Capitals, this streak may never be broken. Tonight's win came with the help of V.Bezeau's two consecutive goals along with C.Fortin denying all 28 shots his way. The Blast did waste a moment in the game that could have gone there way. Rather than scoring on the power play, the Blast surrendered their first goal shorthanded coming early in the second period. That missed chance ultimately came to hurt the Blast. M-A Morin went on to put the match away netting the Capitals third goal of the game just passed the mid way point of the final frame.

(4)Punishers vs Bramabulls(1)

Four goal second period keys Punishers win

N.Mackeen showed that he is more than just capable of making saves. By playing as a forward rather than his natural position between the pipes, N.Mackeen put up two out of the four Punishers goals versus the Bramabulls. That single frame was completely dominated-from one side. The Bramabulls had a chance to pull within one when given a power play but saw A.Centis score instead for a Punishers three goal cushion. A.Bitsakis was a big part of the equation for the win as the net minder was nearly perfect up until G.Bouchard beat him by the third period. Both sides met only a week ago and nothing much has changed with the Punishers duplicating the same result.

(2)AREZ vs Capitals(3)

Fatigue, non issue for Capitals perfect double header night

If there was one opportunity for somebody to hand the Capitals their first loss, this could have been it. All AREZ needed to do was to win the final frame of a hockey game. And as much as that sounds easy against a team that has yet to taste defeat, a 2-2 tie versus a more tired bunch normally favours the rested squad. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and the Capitals continue to roll over the opposition extending their streak to six games in a row. The deadlocked tie was snapped when the captain M.Champagne struck just shy of the mid way point of the period. AREZ did have enough time to bounce back but C.Fortin once again stood in the way earning his second win in only two hours.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nikita Mackeen of the Punishers. Whether he plays in net or as a forward, N.Mackeen will help either way. Tonight, he posted two goals that included the winner versus the Bramabulls.