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Complexe SportXpo de Laval
Cher joueurs et joueuses,
Nous vous présentons notre forfait ÉTÉ 2022.
Nous vous offerons:
 4 contre 4 avec Dek Laval
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Différentes niveau pour  chaque soir de la semaine ,
Une grande bar/terrasse pour prendre un verre avec vos coéquipiers
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Thursday August 11

Fatal Demons let downs doom them in losses to Assadi Consulting Inc

It didn’t take long for the Assadi Consulting inc to catch the Fatal Demons off guard on Thursday night. N.Tsatsaronis scored twice in a minute, and the Fatal Demons had to be wondering what went wrong. Sometimes you just need to shake off a bad sequence and put it quickly behind you. The Fatal Demons were able to overcome a forgetful start by responding almost immediately thanks to S.Ruggiero bagging a pair to pull his club within one. Suddenly there was a game that needed almost the full length of time for the Assadi Consulting inc to squeeze out a close win. Similar to the first encounter, the Assadi Consulting Inc stormed out of the gate again on two quick tallies by B.Vassilakis and T.Bozinakis before ending the frame up 3-1. The difference in this contest was that the Fatal Demons took advantage of some undisciplined action-from their opponent. They used three straight power play goals to finally find themselves in front for the first time of the night. Things appeared to be going fine for the Fatal Demons carrying a slight 4-3 lead until the last 90 seconds of the game when this contest took a complete 180 turn. J.Courteau levelled the score right before T.Langiano put the final dagger to hand the Fatal Demons their second loss.

(6)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Fatal Demons(4)

(4)Fatal Demons vs Assadi Consulting Inc(5)

Brewers finish strong after split with RCGT Knights

Unable for either side to get that first win, the Brewers did have the better finish in the end banking three very important points to the standings. Both teams are presently fighting for that last playoff spot which made tonight’s two encounters very crucial. The Brewers grabbed two leads in the first match but weren’t able to put the game away as the RCGT Knights kept battling back. However, they did find a way to close it out in the second game by winning the opening frame 2-0 on goals by B.Burns and F.Bchara while getting a big shorthanded marker later in the contest thanks to D.Verta. The only thing left over by then was for C.Stavriadis to preserve a clean sheet. Unfortunately for the net minder, M.Kardum spoiled his moment with only 30 seconds remaining. With this win, the Brewers gave themselves a slight 4 point cushion lead in the standings.

(2)RCGT Knights vs Brewers(2) S.O

(4)Brewers vs RCGT Knights(1)

Armos adjust in second game after embarrassing loss to Assadi Consulting Inc

Luckily there was a second game for the Armos to try and get it right. Unable to get anything going in the first encounter, the Armos were deflated early surrendering five first period goals to a team that was clearly ready to play. T.Bozinakis and N.Kokovidis each scored twice, and P.Assadi barely moved in net getting almost no action. Things did start to slowly change-from that point on for the Armos. And even though the first encounter was over and done with, they did manage to win the frame in hopes of carrying some positive energy entering the second match. To their credit, they did just that by keeping up with a solid opponent. The Assadi Consulting Inc did keep themselves in the drivers seat by playing in front, but the Armos kept pushing back every time that saw D.Charbonneau and D.Galloro use two late goals to force a shootout. The Armos were hoping that B.Vassilakis would miss on the Assadi Consulting Incs last shootout attempt, instead the d-man decided to take a slap shot that just found its way in to level the score.

(5)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Armos(1)

(6)Armos vs Assadi Consulting inc(6) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tasso Bozinakis of the Assadi Consulting Inc. Dressing for the first time this season, T.Bozinakis was clearly influential throughout the entire time of a double header night racking up a total of ten points as a defenseman.


Monday August 8

Kings remain hot in double rout of Big Timer

Two strong starts gave the Kings all the room they needed to close out a pair of wins and continue on their winning ways. A.Olewinskiy and D.Lomabradi each scored twice, and A.Pietracupa was nearly perfect allowing only C.Nitu to get the better of him. The Kings looked like they were on their way to winning in an identical fashion in their second encounter, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. The Big Timer never threw in the towel as they kept battling back to stay within a reasonable margin. A.Fonrose set up three goals while C.Nitu and S.St-Louis potted a pair for the Big Timer, who finally found a way to generate some high end scoring chances. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t match a team that was able to continue their onslaught throughout four entire periods. G.DeLuca did lead the charge with a hat trick while P.Stroubakis was right behind him bagging a pair.

(7)Kings vs Big Timer(1)

(5)Big Timer vs Kings(8)

Degenerates escape slump on crazy finish with Snipers

Maybe the Degenerates just needed some time to get their act together as they looked much better on Monday night compared to their last couple of weeks. It didn’t come easy, but it came never the less. The Snipers thought they had forced a shootout when their captain A.Khanafer scored a late power play goal with only ten seconds left on the clock. That was until a quick play led to A.Desrosiers beating the clock with only 4 seconds giving the Degenerates a crazy ending to a bad sequence. Its always nice to win a game and end a streak ,and its another to build off it. To their credit,  the Degenerates went for it for a second straight time knowing that it was going to be just as difficult. They did manage a better start building a 3-1 lead,  but had to deal with the Snipers responding on two occasions that levelled the game. Luckily enough, the Degenerates found themselves on a power play toward the latter stages of the game. S.Marricco was right there on the door steps to tap in a rebound to put his club back in front. The power forward would then add another to complete his hat trick right before J.Melo bagged his third of the night feeding an empty cage to solidify two nice wins.

(2)Degenerates vs Snipers(1)

(3)Snipers vs Degenerates(6)

J.Courteau hat trick sets trend for a pair of wins for Assadi Consulting Inc

J.Courteau broke out for the Assadi Consulting Inc riffling all three goals that just held up for a close 3-2 decision over the Altius. Perhaps his big moment came late in the game when the Assadi Consulting Inc found themselves on the power play where Courteau smelled his third one coming with the man advantage. The win set the trend for more to come for the Assadi Consulting. Again, J.Courteau was there making the difference by snapping a late first period tie to put his club up 3-2.The Altius did respond right away courtesy of P.Arkalis’s power play goal. As much as they kept this one close, the Altius were playing with fire having only one player to change with. Eventually, fatigue caught up to them when Y.Gazura buried is second fairly late in the contest for a 4-3 lead.-From there, D.Desmarais would add insurance, and the Assadi Consulting Inc made sure to take advantage of a situation that was there for the taking.

(2)Altius vs Assadi Consulting Inc(3)

(5)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Altius(5)

Horsemen explodes in second match after being shutout to Country Club

The Horsemen’s offense came alive right after they went empty handed in a 3-0 loss to the Country Club. M.Dupuis was superb controlling the game the best he could resulting in an impressive shutout. The Country Club needed only S.Beaudin’s goal to hold up, but got some insurance thanks to C.Payette and J-S Lowe increasing the lead. There was no doubt the Horsemen needed some sort of a spark if they planned on splitting their mini series with their opponent. And who other than your captain to set the example. It took only 6 seconds into the second encounter for V.Pandza to finally get the ball rolling for the Horsemen. Sometimes it takes only a slight spark to turn into wild fire. In the first six minutes alone, the Horsemen struck five times to grab immediate control of the situation. Five different players scored before B.Rubino chipped in for his second while M.Kardum was able to add two more for a hat trick. Even if the score indicates a lopsided affair, C.Stavriadis had to be really good for the amount of chances the Country Club generated.

(3)Country Club vs Horsemen(0)

(8)Horsemen vs Country Club(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Assadi Consulting Inc. After scoring all three goals in the first game that led to a 3-2 win, J.Courteau scored another key marker and assist in the ensuing match helping solidify a second straight victory.


Tuesday August 2

Team White make heroic late comeback but fall in overtime

(6)Team White vs Team Purple(7) O.T

Team White was able to force overtime thanks to a pair of late goals-from Jeremy Provost, but ultimately fell in the end when A.Porfido rattled off his second of the game. The momentum kept bouncing back and forth with neither side ever able to pull away. Team Purple appeared to have some breathing room when A.Porfido made the score 6-4 with only five minutes left in the game. Still, Team White kept pushing and got rewarded because of their never quit attitude that resulted in two late markers. After their crazy finish to the game, the stage was now set to see who would grab the victory. Already with three helpers, S.Fraga sent the ball toward the net where A.Porfido was placed just at the right spot to tap in his second and secure a close 7-6 win for Team purple.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Angelo Porfido of Team Purple. His two key goals that included the overtime winner helped propel Team Purple to edge out Team White in what was a close back and forth battle.

Team Yellow getting heavy production by A.Gold, A.Zakararian and P.Desforges

(6)Team Orange vs Team Yellow(10)

Team Yellow dug deep into their three main guys to get most of their scoring done on Tuesday night versus Team Orange. A.Gold and A.Zakaraian each had hat tricks, P.Desforges chipped in with a pair, and all three players combined for an impressive 15 points. It certainly went Team Yellow’s way as they took command of the game which put the onus on Team Orange in order to find solutions. They did have some spark plugs in their line up as well with D.Lipinski leading the charge on a hat trick along with B.Monette and W.Mendoza creating offense combining for five points. The problem for Team Orange was that they were stuck chasing the game which creates plenty of risk for the opposition to come back and hurt you on odd man rushes. Team Yellow made the most of their chances every time they would come back on a counter attack exploiting a defenceless net minder. B.Verducci , to his credit did make plenty of stops to keep the contest respectable, but there is only so much your goaltender can handle.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Alex Zakarian of Team Yellow. Zakaraian was able to create plays by setting up three teammates while finishing them as well on a hat trick.

Team Red had no answers for dynamic duo M.Dearing and R.DiMarco

(1)Team Red vs Team Black(7)

M.Dearing and R.DiMarco put on an impressive display of playmaking and goal scoring for Team Black’s convincing victory over Team Red. The two players were difficult to contain due to their speed and ability to create a ton of chances. Team Red was stuck trying to slow them down, but were unable to as the game slowly kept tilting to one side. Both players collected four points each with M.Dearing taking care of the scoring on a hat trick while DeMarco was behind setting up three goals. K.Ferreira tallied Team Red’s lone marker to narrow the gap 2-1 in Team Black’s favour. This contest was ultimately decided ten minutes after that point where Team Black used three consecutive tallies for a sufficient four goal cushion. Its rare that a team allows only one tally in this sort of format. After facing just over 20 shots, A.Michailidis was near perfect conceding only one goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to A.Michailidis of Team Black. Beaten only once, Michailidis was sound between the pipes enabling his players in front of him to play with enough confidence that led to a well deserved win.

M.Lang responds immediately to secure close win for Team Green

(5)Team Blue vs Team Green(6)

Team Blue certainly had their moments as they kept battling back all game long only to lose it at the end where this game should have reached overtime. Even though they came out short, they do have plenty to feel good about for how hard they worked in order to give themselves a chance. E.Pouliot and F.Decoster each scored twice, and C.Arnoldo struck very late to even the score for Team Blue, which unfortunately got a quick response by M.Lang, who by then had tallied the games last goal to secure a wild finish. That was Lang’s second of the game sharing a similar performance with P.Santullo and M.Saia as both players also bagged a pair. Team Green carried the advantage of playing in front, but where never able to separate themselves with a comfortable margin throughout the entire contest. In the end, they did make that one extra play that decided this  contest.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Mike Lang Team Green. They say timing is everything, and M.Lang was just where his team needed him to be in order to decide a dog fight extremely late in the game.


Tuesday July 19

H.Bernier hat trick lifts Dek Lanaudiere to 4-3 win over Le Rinque

(3)Le Rinque vs Dek Lanaudiere(4)

In a 4-3 win over the division leaders, Dek Lanaudiere were guided by three goals and an assist-from H.Bernier. Both sides had themselves a wild ride in the second period with Le Rinque taking the frame 3-2 that evened things up heading into the third. You would almost had to figure that Le Rinque would have the edge as they started to find their groove. They just came off rattling three goals and looked to add more in order to preserve their unbeaten record. However, the Dek Lanaudiere wanted to make a statement of their own, and that was to show that they  can defeat anyone when things are working well for them. Even though it took everyone to pull their weight, H.Bernier was the main ingredient for the result as the sniper decided the outcome by snapping a 3-3 third period tie.

Undermanned Dek Laval stuck enduring the inevitable vs Dek Lanaudiere

(9)Dek Lanaudiere vs Dek Laval(1)

Having to play in a back to back game, the Dek Lanaudiere had a different challenge ahead of them that didn’t seem to slow them down despite coming off a hard fought battle with Le Rinque. The Dek Laval didn’t do themselves any favors either showing up with a depleted roster. The approach was simple, stay back, cover your man, and hope your net minder is there to steal the show. For a good stretch, the Dek Laval made the Dek Lanaudiere work for their money, but that eventually changed as time went on. Already up 4-1 after one period, this contest had no more meaning to it with both sides knowing the final outcome. M.Fleurant led the charge in the goals department bagging a hat trick while M.Metivier was right behind him chipping in with a pair. The Dek Laval’s only bright moment occurred in the first period when J.Belcher solved L-S Vienneau for a rare time.

M.Dettorre hat trick powers Centre SportXpo to easy win over Dek Ultimate

(0)Dek Ultimate vs Centre SportXpo(7)

Its what you should expect when a team comes stacked and ready to play at this level of competition vs a side that had a limited capacity of players. The Centre SportXpo have floored some deep rosters this season, and in doing so, have gotten rewarded. Tonight was an example of it as they man handled a side that just couldn’t keep up with them. Powered by a pair of first period goals-from M.Dettorre, the Centre SportXpo capped off a dominating 4-0 frame before ending the night earlier than usual by adding three more tallies for the seven goal mercy rule. Dettorre completed his hat trick, J.Gagne helped set up three teammates while F.Gagnon wasn’t overly busy collecting a shutout.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to H.Bernier of Dek Lanaudiere. There is no question that H.Bernier was the catalyst behind Dek Lanaudiere handing le Rinque their first loss this season. In all four goals, Bernier posted a hat trick while setting up a tally.


The 2022 Men’s A - Women’s A - Men’s Masters Nationals - Presented by Knapper begins Monday August 8 in Hamilton, ON. Keep an eye out on our social media for details on scores, players of the game and live webcast.

Congratulations to Canada, the 2022 ISBHF Men’s World Championship Champions pool A
Congratulations to Bermuda, the 2022 ISBHF Men’s World Championship Champions pool B
Congratulations to Canada, the 2022 ISBHF Women's World Championship Champions
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Premier division

Tuesday March 3

(4)GK vs Capitals(2)

GK surge early in third period to top Capitals

Despite giving up the opening and closing goal of the game, the rest in between belonged to the GK. The Capitals managed to hang in there long enough but eventually realised it was done when M.David and F.Belisle each struck early in the third period for a 4-1 lead. It was clear that the up hill battle from that point on felt unrealistic for the Capitals having to go up against a team can shut anybody down. In his season debut, P-O Girouard did not disappoint forming his brick wall structure stopping close to 20 shots. The win saw four different players cash in with M.David’s third period marker holding up for the winner.

(2)Montreal As vs Black Knights(5)

Y.Derohannessian’s late shorty seals the deal for the Black Knights

Y.Derohannessian couldn’t have picked a better time than to notch a shorthanded goal. Although the Black Knights were in front 3-2, that tally pretty much summed up the game between the two sides with just over three minutes remaining. It was an overall solid performance from the two teams with each side carrying the play. M.Ianovale struck first to get the balling rolling for the Montreal As and didn’t give up their first tally till the four minute mark of the second period. Once the game was tied, J.Gagne took over bagging two in a row to put the Black Knights in the drivers seat. A.Lemay did eventually respond to reduce the gap but it was all for nothing as Derohannessian struck shortly after with a huge blow.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Gagne of the Black Knights. Big time players know when to show up when the game is on the line. J.Gagne was proof of that once again for the Black Knights collecting back to back tallies after snapping a dead lock 1-1 tie.

Le Rinque crowned provincial winners

Saturday September 25

Le Rinque crowned provincial champions

(6)Le Rinque vs dek Boucherville(4) (Final)

The stage was finally set for some of ball hockey’s finest talent to compete at its highest level in what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon . After Le Rinque edged out the Dek Lanaudiere by a slight 3-2 margin in the semi final round, Dek Boucherville was left standing in the way for the ultimate feat. Prior to the regular season and their playoff run, Le Rinque entered as the heavy favourites, and instead of folding under the weight of their own greatness, Le Rinque did exactly what was expected of them: They won the Dek Elite division. The players hailed the atmosphere in the establishment giving them that little extra adrenaline during the warm up that helped get them into the game. Once the ball dropped, Le Rinque managed to swat aside their opponent, their bugbear throughout the regular season but not in the final where Le Rinque were dominant for most of the match. Le Rinque’s depth and class proved to be too much in the end. Though Dek Boucherville made things difficult, Le Rinque were able to play around the Dek Boucherville controlling most of the play which resulted in a glorious finish. Many different players took turns finding the back of the net, an attribute that didn’t involve relying on any particular players, but that of an overall solid performance. Le Rinque have always been extremely good for a few years now reaching plenty of finish lines making tonight’s contest just another day at the office for Dahn Nguyen and his players.  In the end, the better team turned it up like a silver bullet proving once more that they are the real deal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Dahn Ngyuen of Le Rinque for capturing the Dek Elite championship, and to Jocelyn Decarie of the Dek Boucherville, who took charge running a highly skilled team.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Karl Leveille of Le Rinque. Leveille was a force throughout the season, and especially when it mattered the most during the big game.

With this victory, Le Rinque will be the top seed representing Quebec at the 2022 Nationals held in Hamilton Ontario. The CBHA and TC were present to select players for camp in October for next years(2022) World Championships held in Laval.

Nationals 2022 Hamilton, Ontario

The 2022 Men’s A - Women’s A - Men’s Masters Nationals - Presented by Knapper begins Monday August 8 in Hamilton, ON. Keep an eye out on our social media for details on scores, players of the game and live webcast.

ISBHF World Champioships Laval 2022
Congratulations to Canada, the 2022 ISBHF Men’s World Championship Champions pool A
Congratulations to Bermuda, the 2022 ISBHF Men’s World Championship Champions pool B
Congratulations to Canada, the 2022 ISBHF Women's World Championship Champions