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Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday November 25

United Arms secure important top two seed in close battle with Altius

(4)United Arms vs Altius(3)

The United Arms failed to hold a two goal lead versus the Altius, but A.Zakarian and A.Papazian scored third period goals that just held up in the end. The Altius were stuck chasing the game in order to battle back. P.Arkalis was eventually able to score an incredible high light reel goal early in the third period to even the score. The problem was that the United Arms would regain another two goal lead which made the mission that much harder for the Altius, especially with R.Ricaurte guarding his cage. They did narrow the margin fairly late on the power play thanks to M.Arkalis, but time just wasn’t there for an equaliser. This contest was treated like a playoff match between the two sides. The winner knew that it would guarantee them a first round bye which places them straight into the semi finals. In a division this competitive, the United Arms are glad to skip that first round do or die match up.

Panthers alarm clock set at the wrong time

(7)Panthers vs Armadillos(8)

The Panthers were playing the same old tune in the first portion of their game. Getting off to slow starts is something the Panthers have yet to figure out. Again, they fell behind but managed to put a solid effort till the very end only to keep falling short. Five out of their seven goals all came in the third period, and it still wasn’t enough. With this unfortunate result, the Left Wings will need to drop their game next week if the Panthers are to get in. For now, it will be a long waiting game for a team that know they can challenge with anyone, even the first place Armadillos like they did in this particular contest. The Armadillos thought they were in for an easy night after building a 3-0 lead. L.Panetta had a dominant performance scoring three goals and an assist and was perhaps vital to why the Armadillos squeaked this one out. If by chance the Panthers fail to get in, it would be unfortunate for a team that lost six of their games by only one goal.

M.Chartrand, P.Carone pace Horsemen to 6-3 win over Fatal Demons

(3)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(6)

It’s a game of mistakes, and the margin of errors are very slim. The Fatal Demons basically made more mistakes compared to the Horsemen and ultimately paid the price. In the end, it was one brutal second period that decided this important match up. The Horseman capitalised four times during that stretch to put themselves in a commanding position heading into the third. The Fatal Demons did push back creating chances, but couldn’t hit the back of the net enough times. That’s perhaps M.Vinciguerra wasn’t having it as the net minder stood firm enabling his club to play with the lead. M.Chartrand and P.Carone each scored twice, D.Greco was quarterbacking the attack-from the back end while D.Sarno’s for check led to some turnovers. Overall, the Horseman played to their strengths and got the three points they deserve. As for the Fatal Demons, it looked apparent that a short bench just doesn’t fit an older teams make up.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Armen Papazian of the United Arms. The sniper was productive and clutch for his club bagging the winner as part of a three point performance.