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Masters 35+ division

Friday November 26

Brewers cant take advantage of early break

(4)Brewers vs National(7)

The Brewers caught an early break on Friday night. They hoped it would bring them a long way. Instead, that early break was followed up with a breakdown which saw them go empty handed. National was waiting for their net minder to get dressed, and in the process, the Brewers were awarded two team goals for delay of game. You always hope to build on those situations, but maybe National is just that strong. O.Valiquette is one of many pieces that can hurt you. The sniper did his thing riffling a total of four goals with the last three all coming in the third period. The Brewers got their lone tallies-from the very same Joe. Stefano as the only player to figure out D.Massa. This was a first of two games of a double header night for the Brewers.

Chiefs comebacks fell short to Sonic

(6)Sonic vs Chiefs(4)

Just when the Chiefs thought they had seized control rebounding twice-from a two goal deficit, one bad sequence had them chasing the game for good. S.Azzi was able to put Sonic back in front for the third time passed the ten minute mark of the final frame which proved to be just enough for a well  earned victory. The Sonic were able to celebrate this gratifying win thanks to a bunch of committed guys that created havoc and plenty of momentum. Its what you get when you play very hard while getting contributions-from many different players. All six of their goals came-from different teammates, with M.Pace and A.Amicone leading the way collecting three points each. The Chiefs had high ambitions prior to the game for trying to capture first place. For now, it looks like the standings wont be changing much with only a couple of games left over.

Brewers put up a serious challenge in close loss to Armos

(5)Brewers vs Armos(7)

Anytime you play twice in only three hours, you always feel it, especially a seasoned team like the Brewers. To their credit however, the Armos were forced to battle till the very end in order to hit the finish line first. The Armos may have felt like their 2-0 lead was comfortable enough for how things went in the first period that changed as the game went by. More and more the Brewers pushed, won some battles, and potted the next two markers for an even game. Perhaps the pivotal moment occurred by the mid way point of the third period. In just over a minute span, A.Minassian and A.Fonrose each scored to put the game somewhat out of reach for the Armos. Up until that point, this was anyone’s guess for who would take it. A.Fonrose was out of action for a while but looked like he hadn’t miss a beat The hard nosed forward was in full force collecting three points that included two big goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Olivier Valiquette of National. They only played two periods, but that didn’t stop a real sniper-from burying four goals.