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Winter 2023

Ball Hockey Tournament at Centre SportXpo de Laval

The Endurance Cup will take place on December 9th, 2023. Places are limited. Register now by contacting us at 450.963.0963.

 INSCRIPTION Automne 2023-
Saison commence Septembre 
SportXpo de Laval
Cher joueurs et joueuses,
Nous vous présentons notre forfait Automne 2023.
Nous vous offerons:
 4X4 avec Dek Laval
Nous proposons:
Différentes niveau pour  chaque soir de la semaine ,
Une grande bar/terrasse pour prendre un verre avec vos coéquipiers
Pour plus d'informations ou pour vous inscrire, veuillez nous contacter via messenger, ce sera un plaisir de vous servir.

Sunday October 1

Kraken pull away late to defeat Blackhawks

(11)Kraken vs Blackhawks( 8 )

As likely expected when a game ends with such a high score, both teams engaged in what was a spirited affair. May players contributed on the score sheet showing their capability of generating a ton of offense. For a very long stretch, this contest was up for grabs until a late surge by the Kraken put them over the top. Their strongest moments occurred in the last ten minutes or so with C.Cusson stringing back to back tallies to complete his hat trick. A big driving force for the Kraken was the consistent smart play driven by C.Decotis. On nearly every shift, Decotis made something happen whether it was his for checking to recuperate the ball or simply making the right play. There weren’t many dull moments as both sides played with intensity, making it an exciting game for the few that were watching. Ultimately, the strong finish enabled the Kraken to edge out the Blackhawks in a high scoring game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Decotis of the Kraken. His ability to do all the little things right often pays off. Tonight, the skilled forward produced many big plays that resulted in a bunch of points.

Despite valiant effort, Flyers fall short to the Bruins

( 8 )Bruins vs Flyers(6)

The Bruins stormed out of the gate on a bang scoring four consecutive goals by only the ten minute mark. It was a kind of pace where you’d figure would end in a complete landslide for how one team was ready and dialled in while the other have yet to sip their coffee. That being said, the Flyers caffeine intake started to kick in, and all of a sudden there was an actual hockey game going on. The Flyers went on a tear rattling off three straight goals to finally enter the competition.  Form-there, they just kept responding the Bruins goals with tenacity and determination, frequently narrowing the score gap. While the spirited fight was there for the Flyers, they never quite made it in time to even the score. The Bruins were always one step ahead and made sure to secure their slight lead despite a push back. Unfortunately for the Flyers, they couldn’t get there in time as the Bruins rode out the clock to secure the win. M.StMartin led his teammates with four points, Z.StMartin followed up a point less while E.Gabrielli and S.Vitali shared two goals apiece.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Andy Benedetto of the Bruins. The net minder, apart-from a shaky stretch was a rock for his side enabling them to play with a lead throughout the entire match.

Melissa Barbiero comes up huge notching overtime winner for the Canadiens

(4)Wild vs Canadiens(5)

In a thrilling overall match up between the Canadiens and the Wild, Melissa Barbiero emerged as the hero scoring the game winning goal to secure a 5-4 win over the Wild. The game was a roller-coaster of events for the two teams. Goals kept getting traded giving no indication on who would prevail. It was a contest that featured exiting plays, strong goaltending and intense back and forth action. As the game finally entered overtime, Melissa Barbiero capitalised on a critical scoring opportunity, finding the back of the net to seal the win for the Canadiens. Her heroics were met with jubilation-from her bench, as they celebrated a hard fought win over a tough opponent in the Wild. It was a type of game that saw both sides having to grind it out with no real massive point getters. M.Danesi did howver have a strong three point game for the Canadiens. In net, M.Tzouvadakis was able to get the win over his counterpart B.Verducci as both goaltenders gave their side a legit chance to win the game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Melissa Barbiero of the Canadiens. Her clutch performance in the extra period showcased her ability to rise to the occasion when her team needed it the most.

Panthers thump Kings

(4)Kings vs Panthers(14)

In a one sided and high scoring affair, the Panthers dominated the Kings, securing a resounding 14-4 victory. The Panthers offense was firing on all cylinders while the Kings  struggled to keep pace in this lopsided matchup. The Panthers offensive onslaught was relentless, as they continuously found the back of the net throughout the whole game. Conversely, the Kings had a tough time containing many of their opposition and struggled to create scoring opportunities of their own. Often, this happens when a team is overall quicker than you as ball possession becomes the pivotal reason as to why games get out of reach. The limited amount of ball control was evident for the Kings as they spend their time chasing rather than dictating the pace. Overall, just a bad night for a side that has the potential to do more. The Panthers had a bunch of players occupy the score sheet with A.Gravel leading the charge with seven points. Other notables include L.Katsifolis, S.Sicuso, M.Chenier and Melissa Barbiero just to name a few as they all chipped in with a bunch of points as well.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Freddy Vigliotti of the Panthers. Regardless who would have been the goaltender due to the lopsided score, F.Vigliotti needed to be good early on in which he was allowing only a total of four goals by the end of the game.

Predators establish early lead, Sabres respond a little too late

(9)Predators vs Sabres(5)

By executing their game plan effectively, scoring multiple goals and controlling the flow of the play, the Predators couldn’t have asked for a better start. They displayed solid offensive and defensive play, making it challenging for the Sabres to generate scoring opportunities. Scoring efforts came-from P.Stroubakis, who buried a pair and M.Kardum that was able to find the back of the net on three occasions. Everything was going perfectly for the Predators until the Sabres finally woke up on a late surge. They managed to make the game more competitive, but couldn’t gain enough ground as time was winding down. The Predators early lead proved to be enough to secure the victory. The final score reflected the Predators dominant play for most of the game, even though the Sabres made a push to narrow the gap.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Vince Romero of the Predators. After getting his first goal, V.Romero went on to set up three more tallies to merit the honour as his clubs most valuable player.

Islanders cruise in easy win over Red Wings

(9)Islanders vs Red Wings(5)

The Islanders barely wasted time to get the ball rolling versus the Red Wings. They scored almost at will while limiting the Red wings to only one goal in 42 minutes. T.Sauk was seeing and saving everything in sight as the net minder remained stubborn in net frustrating the opposition. Apart-from C.Pizzuto scoring twice, the Islanders got balanced scoring in this tilt. The Red Wings were no where to be seen up until a time when it didn’t really matter much. They scored four of their five goals in the remaining minutes that included a nifty penalty shot marker by M.Russo. That was his second-from a side that had issues burying their chances. The late surge may have shown some character  throughout their bench, but it came way to late. L.Folini needs a better pep talk the next time the Red Wings enter the dressing room.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tyler Sauk of the Islanders. In a less urgent situation, T.Sauk gave up his goals very late when the game was put to rest. Prior to that point, Sauk was practically unstoppable making save after save that left the Red Wings stuck searching for answers.


Thursday September 28

Chiefs hang on to nail biter vs Altius

(3)Altius vs Chiefs(4)

Despite finding themselves scrambling for a pair of goals, M.David and P.Arkalis were able to overcome the deficit to put the Altius in an advantageous position. However, their celebration was short lived as C.Gosselin responded immediately with a quick counter attack. The Chiefs not only took the lead with half a frame remaining, but managed to hang on to their momentum, eventually securing victory in a tightly contested match. It was a game filled with excitement and rapid shifts in fortune, ultimately favouring the Chiefs for their second straight win of the season. A big part of the win could be credited to P-O Girouard. The goaltenders skills and quick reflexes were instrumental in thwarting numerous scoring chances-from the Altius. Its not to say that M.Melo wasn’t as crucial for the Altius on the flip side of the court. The difference was simply that P-O Girouard was busier in net facing a ton of high end chances. Captain J.Gagne helped set up three teammates for the win while M.David was the Altius’s top performer bagging two goals.

J-R Turgeon posts 4 for Generals season debut win over Rated R

(7)Generals vs Rated R(3)

It took some time to get it going, but the Generals eventually got there by the end of the second period. It was during that late stretch that this contest had its defining moment. The Generals got goals by M.Pinheiro and J.R Turgeon to take a commanding 4-2 lead heading into the final stretch. From-there, they unleashed an offensive onslaught striking three more times to put the game out of reach. Its worth noting that J-R Turgeon had a massive impact in determining the score. The forward was on top of his game riffling four tallies along with an assist. Unable to hang in there long enough, Rated R just didn’t have the same kind of rhythm to sustain a full out game. The Generals have a load of talent that had Rated R no answers on how to slow them down. For now, its week one only, and S.DosSantos will soon forget a meaningless game that occurred in a young season so far.

D.Lombardi contributes significantly with 5 points for Black Knights

(7)Black Knights vs UW(3)

While the scoreline remained tight in the early stages, it was in the second period where the Black Knights truly erupted, putting together a dominant performance that left the UW struggling to keep up. In a five minute span, the Black Knights scored three goals to build a substantial lead. The UW did get that next much needed tally that come on the power play by J.Saydi. With the next goal being so crucial, A.Sayed was able to provide his clubs second power play goal to tighten the gap by only one. The Black Knights started to feel the pressure-from a team that seemingly put it together. Unfortunately, the momentum was cut short when S.Racicot regained control for the Black Knights by regaining a two goal lead. That tally left over six minutes to play where the Black Knights displayed their composure and determination to close out the game. Both sides had their power plays work in full swing trading two goals each. C.Ekonomakis was strong in net stopping 30 shots and allowing only three to get by him. But the bigger story of the game was the significant impact put forth by D.Lombardi. The power forward showcased his scoring ability once more by rattling off a hat trick as part of a five point game.

Fatal Demons hang on after strong start

(3)Krazy Train vs Fatal Demons(5)

A slow start by the Krazy Train found themselves constantly playing-from behind. As much as they tried to bridge the gap, the Fatal Demons maintained their lead throughout. Its always a challenging position when playing-from behind. And while finding themselves down 5-1 in the third period, the Krazy Train fought hard anyway scoring a pair of goals close the gap. By this point, time wasn’t a luxury they had as they were forced to pull out their net minder for the extra attack needing still two goals with little time left over. They did manage to control the play while attempting some shots toward R.Ranieri, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The Fatal Demons defensive strategy proved resilient, making it difficult for the Krazy Train to create enough room out there. In the end, the Fatal Demons came out stronger, and used the lead to their advantage the entire time. T.Langiano had a multi goal game while M.Mavroudis was playing the nice guy by setting up three teammates rather than scoring.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to J-R Turgeon of the Generals. His offensive prowess was simply unmatched scoring an astonishing fours goals and an assist.


Wednesday September 27

P.Camirand an absolute force striking 5 times for the Golden Knights

(6)Senators vs Golden Knights( 8 )

It was a game that displayed both sides trading goals as it kept going back and forth. Ultimately, the Golden Knights used their extra gear toward the end resulting in a close 8-6 victory. While both teams had the quality to carry a good chunk of the offense, its safe to say that P.Camirand  had an incredible night on the court. P.Camirand was a handful throughout the entire contest posting an incredible five goals and an assist  as he played a pivotal role to why his club got the better of the Senators. The Golden Knights used both their lines to their advantage. M.Lafleur used his wicked wrist shot to bury a pair. As for the Senators, it came to no surprise that T.Settino had an input collecting four goals that included a hat trick. Tonight’s difference was due to the fact that the Golden Knights had a little more balance up front which came into play.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to P.Camirand of the Golden Knights. Camirand  undeniably merits the honour after scoring five times along with an assist.

Blues wave of success finally comes to an end vs the Hurricanes

(10)Hurricanes vs Blues( 8 )

The Blues suffered their first loss of the season as they faced off against the Hurricanes, ultimately falling short with a final score of 10-8. Both teams came out strong trading a ton of chances as the game kept going back and forth. The offense was relentless as both goaltenders felt the pressure to perform under extreme circumstances. While the divisions scoring leader C.Arnoldo kept his pace going by adding four goals for the Blues, it was the dynamic between D.Lipinski and B.Monette that really stole the show on Wednesday night . The two players were definitely on top of their game practically involved in every play as they shared a whopping six points each. Sometimes, finding a turning point in such a high scoring affair can be arbitrary, but it can be argued that giving up three late goals by the Blues proved to be the difference maker.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Benoit Monette of the Hurricanes .His ability to find the open space and make the right play, resulted in B.Monette collecting an impressive three goals and three assists.

G.Charron riffles hat trick, B.Verducci shines in net for Stars win over Oilers

(3)Oilers vs Stars(6)

The game was marked by tenacity on both sides, with the Oilers showing resilience by repeatedly fighting their way back into the match. However, the Stars managed to maintain their lead and secure the victory. A standout performance came by G.Charron of the Stars, who posted an impressive hat trick. His scoring prowess and offensive contributions played a pivotal role his clubs victory. No question he was a big difference maker since the final score was relatively low. When allowing only three goals at this type of competition, its because your net minder is dialled in. B.Verducci somehow had enough energy to put out a brilliant display of goaltending in his second game of the night. A strong goaltender can be the backbone of a teams success and is responsible for making huge and timely stops when the games are close. Luckily enough for the Stars, B.Verducci had the will and fight in him to collect a well deserved win between the pipes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Guillaume Charron of the Stars. G.Charrons’s contribution not only energized his teammates but also had a significant impact on the final score.


Monday September 25

Snipers grinding effort propels them twice over Sharpshooters

Both games as expected were intense and tightly contested. Although the Snipers had a little more breathing room in the opener, the second one needed every inch of the court in order to pair wins over the Sharpshooters. The victory only came in its final minute when A.Sayed broke the late tie. With the Snipers its all about playing by committee. They display excellent teamwork and coordination, allowing them to create enough scoring chances while applying a suffocating style when playing without the ball. The Sharpshooters actually played up leading 3-2 with less than a frame remaining. Unable to close out the deal, the Snipers were the ones who had the extra gear, and pull out a pair of grinding wins. You almost need a full out effort with a deeper bench if you plan on beating them. The Sharpshooters could have used that extra piece required in order to at least split. For now, they’ll deal with it since its only week one of the regular season.

(4)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(2)

(4)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(3)

Classics bounce back after tough opening game with Hustlers

In the first game between two familiar opponents, the Hustlers came out stronger, and were able to outlast the Classics by a narrow margin. While many contributed offensively, M.Arkalis arguably provided his clubs biggest goal as it stood for the winner. However, the Classics weren’t deterred by the initial setback. In the second encounter, they regrouped and carried a much urgent response. The Classics offense clicked harder with K.Kavan and M.Mavroudis netting a pair each. Since scoring wasn’t much of an issue, the Classics also exceled on their own end of the court by tightening up and making it harder for the Hustlers to maintain their offensive momentum. As the night progressed, it became evident that the Classics found their rhythm. With both teams splitting, the series now hangs in the balance as they’ll be eager to claim victory in their next showdown.

(5)Classics vs Hustlers(6)

(6)Classics vs Hustlers(3)

Dragons and Orient entertain in a an evenly matched mini series

In an action packed back and back games, both the Orient and the Dragons brought high octane offense to the court, resulting in a pair of games that ultimately ended in ties. In the first encounter, both teams demonstrated their prowess with an incredible display of offensive skills. Goaltenders were incredibly busy facing a barrage of shots that were nearly impossible to save. Despite the intense back and forth action, neither team could gain a decisive advantage, and the game concluded in a well-deserved tie. The excitement didn’t stop there in the second tilt. Fast-paced transitions, pinpoint passes, and accurate shooting were the order of the night. Goals continued to light up with both sides trading two power play goals each. The defense and more so the goaltenders tried their best to contain the offensive onslaught, but it was a challenging task. Somehow, neither side could have gotten it done for a second straight time which suggested for another evenly matched contest. Points were widely spread out with so much fire power to go around. Its worth noting that O.Wahid of the Orient made his plays and tallies look like a  magic for how patient and crafty he his. The forward produced five points along with a pair of spectacular goals in the two shootouts.

( 8 )Orient vs Dragons( 8 ) S.O

(5)Orient vs Dragons(5) S.O

Assadi Consulting inc respond with a much better outing in second encounter with Degenerates

Unable to string a pair of solid games together, the Degenerates looked flat entering their second match vs the Assadi Consulting inc. The Assadi Consulting inc were able to bounce back, especially in the first period where they sent a strong message on four unanswered goals. N.Kokovides had major hand setting up three teammates while P.Assadi was sharper in net frustrating the opposition. The Degenerates still felt they had a chance despite a mental breakdown. The mind set was to get one and take it-from there. Eventually, they started to click and actually made it very interesting after posting back to back power play goals to pull within two. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get there in time as the Assadi Consulting inc fed an empty cage to close out the game. M.Tvaraonas had a second period tear scoring all three goals for his club. N.Chiminian had a very productive two games collecting seven points. By applying some simple strategies and determination, the Assadi Consulting inc got the final word in their split with the Degenerates.

(6)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(3)

(4)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ozair Wahid of the Orient. His ability to navigate effortlessly and evade defenders with success was on full display Monday night. The skilled forward collected five points along with a pair of nifty shootout goals.


Tuesday September 19

D.Greco, J.Tzanetakos dynamic duo dismantles Canucks

(9)Canucks vs Sharks(14)

Every time teammates D.Greco and J.Tzanatekos were on the court, there was no ignoring their magic which was on full display. They both play a similar game for how well they see the court. With D.Greco looking to be the play maker, J.Tzanatekos showed what a great finisher he his. The Sharks scored a ridicolous14 goals that saw J.Tzanetakos strike six times to cap off a productive nine point performance which was a point more than D.Greco, who collected six assists. While both players excelled, the Sharks had a good supporting cast to help compliment the dynamic duo. Playing a tight defensive game doesn't seem to be any part of the Sharks make up. As long as they continue to score at will, defending will be more of an issue for the opposition. The Canucks like to play a similar style like the Sharks, but they don't have the fire power to match, at least not in tonight's case. So by playing a run and gun, back and forth twisted game, the Canucks couldn't recover in time despite battling back. It really became an issue on how to address two particular players which ultimately made the entire difference.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jimmy Tzanetakos of the Sharks. When a player is riding a hot hand he becomes almost unstoppable. The forward was able to tear it up by scoring an impressive six goals as part of s nine point display.

Ducks rally-from 3 goal deficit but fall short

(5)Ducks vs Penguins(6)

The Ducks spotted the Penguins a three goal lead, battled to try to erase the deficit ,and then the club saw its losing streak extended to three games. A very poor and sluggish start was the downfall for the Ducks despite rebounding for a ten minute stretch. One strong sequence just wont cut it. The Penguins came prepared barley wasting time to putting a pair behind the Ducks net minder. S.Kalaydjian was the mastermind behind it all as the forward had an incredible night cashing in four times by the time it was said and done. Scoring in bunches often comes with some help, and S.Kalaydjian was glad to have his brother A.Kalaydjian and line mate M.Estrela support him. The trio were at their best causing plenty of mayhem that saw all three players combine for thirteen points. Somehow the Ducks had found themselves in front 5-4 when N.Macri buried his second with only ten minutes remaining. And rather than building off that momentum, the Ducks couldn't put together enough of an effort to ride out the clock.


The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Monika Estrela of the Penguins. She may not have found the back of the net, but the sneaky forward was the catalyst behind setting up five goals in order to get the offense going for the Penguins

The ISBHF, Swiss Streethockey and Host Organizing Committee are excited to announce that Switzerland will host the 2024 ISBHF Men’s & Women’s World Championships.
Season Divisions Fall 2023
Other News
Premier division

Tuesday March 3

(4)GK vs Capitals(2)

GK surge early in third period to top Capitals

Despite giving up the opening and closing goal of the game, the rest in between belonged to the GK. The Capitals managed to hang in there long enough but eventually realised it was done when M.David and F.Belisle each struck early in the third period for a 4-1 lead. It was clear that the up hill battle from that point on felt unrealistic for the Capitals having to go up against a team can shut anybody down. In his season debut, P-O Girouard did not disappoint forming his brick wall structure stopping close to 20 shots. The win saw four different players cash in with M.David’s third period marker holding up for the winner.

(2)Montreal As vs Black Knights(5)

Y.Derohannessian’s late shorty seals the deal for the Black Knights

Y.Derohannessian couldn’t have picked a better time than to notch a shorthanded goal. Although the Black Knights were in front 3-2, that tally pretty much summed up the game between the two sides with just over three minutes remaining. It was an overall solid performance from the two teams with each side carrying the play. M.Ianovale struck first to get the balling rolling for the Montreal As and didn’t give up their first tally till the four minute mark of the second period. Once the game was tied, J.Gagne took over bagging two in a row to put the Black Knights in the drivers seat. A.Lemay did eventually respond to reduce the gap but it was all for nothing as Derohannessian struck shortly after with a huge blow.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Gagne of the Black Knights. Big time players know when to show up when the game is on the line. J.Gagne was proof of that once again for the Black Knights collecting back to back tallies after snapping a dead lock 1-1 tie.

Black Knights winners of Dek Elite

Thursday August 24 (Final)

Black Knights dethrone GK Lite on back of J.Crivello double OT winner

(4)Black Knights vs GK Lite(3) OT(2)

The GK’s bid for a third straight title was denied by the Black Knights on Thursday night. It showed-from as soon as the ball dropped that the Black Knights didn’t want to sit back while applying an aggressive fore-check. And when they needed a save, F.Gagnon was there to back them up. The Black Knights owned much of the first period scoring three of the four goals by D.Lombardi, P.Abandonado and S.Racicot. They played a period expected of a team eager to end a series. The GK Lite had some scoring chances, but F.Gagnon kept standing in the way. While the first period was a step in the right direction, the final frame had a different story line. This time, the GK Lite were the ones that played with more urgency with their season on the line. As long as they got the next goal this contest was far-from being decided. Eventually, they got their thanks to G.Lubwele narrowing the gap by one right before K.Kuczmarski tied the game a minute later. Once the equaliser came, the two teams played the edgy ,defense stingy style that often wins championships. It came to that point in a game where neither side could have afforded a mistake. Luckily enough, the goaltending did not disappoint with F.Gagnon and P.Caouette keeping their clubs in it. The Black Knights and the GK Lite didn’t just need one overtime period to decide matters, but a second one before something was to give. There were enough big chances for somebody to play the hero. As long as both sides kept finding ways to generate a shot on net, something was bound to go in. That pivotal moment finally came courtesy of J.Crivello, who made sure to bury his chance and end the stalemate in what was a grinding and thrilling hockey game. In the perspective of the GK Lite, it may have felt disappointing knowing they were right there for a third straight title. The GK Lite didn’t relinquish their grip on the title without a fight. They never quit and left everything on the court which is expected-from a side with a winning pedigree. But tonight did belong to a side that’s just got accustomed to one another in a very short period of time. While many know the Black Knights have been around for several decades, 34 years to be exact, this particular group are fairly new to an ongoing legacy. It just went to show by putting together the right pieces along with the proper guidance anything is possible. Congratulations go out to the Black Knights for winning the Dek Elite Championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fred Gagnon of the Black Knights. Facing the GK Lite as a goaltender carries a ton of pressure. That being said, F.Gagnon was dialled in-from the very beginning making a bunch of key saves to help lead his team to a well earned victory.

2023 Canadian Nationals Men’s B - C - D, Women's B Championships
Official Canada Ball Hockey Nationals
Mississauga, ON
July 19-22
The CBHA is happy to announce the following teams participating and contending for the JACK CUP at the official Canada Ball hockey nationals.
We sincerely thank all team managers, coaches + players for your participation and cooperation to make these 45th Nationals the best yet!
Good luck to all those competing.
2023 World Masters to be held in Buffalo, USA

The ISBHF and USA Ball Hockey are excited to announced the host venue of the 2023 ISBHF World Masters Championships, held between August 30-September 3, 2023.

The Men’s & Women’s Over-35 event will be held in the RiverWorks Complex, in Buffalo, NY.