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Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday September 12

Sharks topple Ducks in high scoring affair

(11)Sharks vs Ducks(10) O.T

The Sharks threw everything they had at the Ducks early on, and luckily enough A.Benedetto stood his ground keeping the score low . If not for his key stops in the first portion of the game, the Sharks would have had a feast eating the Ducks alive leaving all but their beaks on a platter. Instead, they managed to weather the storm, and were able to avoid a disastrous start. Its not like the Sharks didn’t let up or slow down the pace. The difference was that the Ducks started to be more engaged as both sides went on a tear exchanging goal after goal giving no indicator on where this match was headed. On the large part, the Sharks played ahead up until a strong sequence that saw the Ducks grab a slight lead. But for how the game was going, this contest needed every available second in order to see who would come out on top. You have to figure on normal circumstances that scoring ten goals in a game is sufficient for a win. Not in this case with the offense rolling on all cylinders for the two sides. With regulation time ending in a stalemate, the two teams tested their luck in an overtime sudden death period. The Ducks had some early chances to convert, but couldn’t close out the deal as the Sharks had the final say when N.Macri buried his second for the winner. A bulk of the Sharks offense were concentrated by D.Greco, J.Tzanetakos, M.Porato and S.Panetta as all four players combined for 23 points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Daniel Greco of the Sharks. Looking to get his club back on track, D.Greco occupied both sides of the court back controlling the back end while providing a ton of help to his forwards.

F.Bchara late goal lifts Canucks over Penguins

( 8 )Canucks vs Penguins(7)

It doesn’t get much more clutch that what F.Bchara pulled off with just six seconds in the game. Both sides had to be convinced that overtime was needed with the match winding down. As long as you have enough time to take a shot on net, anything can happen. The Canucks found a way to create that last opportunity in which they made the best of to stun their opponent. And why not that it was F.Bchara to close it out. The power forward had a strong night leading his teammates with four points. Similar to the previous game between the Ducks and the Sharks, this contest had its crazy twists and turns with no indication of where its headed. Both sides kept going back and forth trading plenty of chances that could only suggest for an insane ending. Apart-from F.Bchara causing mayhem, T.Nardelli, S.Smith and M.DiLena had their hand in it as well combining for ten points. As for the Penguins, the trio between A.Kalaydian, S.Kalaydian and M.Estrela showed  flashes of  brilliance as all three players connected sharing eight points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Fadel Bchara of the Canucks. In  a contest that could have easily gone either way, F.Bchara made the games biggest play to help capture a close 8-7 win over the Penguins.