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UHC E2 Thursday Champions

Thursday April 27(E1 & E2 finals)

(6)UHC vs French Connection(5) E2 Game 1 shootout

UHC fly high in 6-5 shootout win

A back and forth contest between the UHC and the French Connection ended in the UHC’s favor as the team captured a thrilling 6-5 victory in a shootout. The French Connection had the stronger start to the night thanks to a pair of power play goals by J-F Belanger. But much of the good stuff was saved for last. After a scoreless second period, the game retook its identity by the third with the UHC winning the frame 3-2.That sequence forced the breakaway competitions to decide a winner. The UHC used two shootout goals by S.DelGaudio and J.Pantelis and a pair of saves by J.Sanoudakis to capture game one of the series. It’s worth noting in the loss that J.Farrese was incredibly solid, collecting all four points that included three helpers.

(2)French Connection vs UHC(5) E2 Game 2

UHC penalty kill ultra-slick with shorthanded goals by J.Pantelis

Armed with one of the division’s better players in a shorthanded situation, J.Pantelis was dominant providing two huge shorthand goals that echoed all the way to his bench. The French Connection normally thrive with the man advantage but saw it bite them at the worse time during the year. The UHC went up 3-2 after two periods and scored a quick third period goal to put a strangle hold in the game. S.Simitsakos was just as clutch by netting his second after scoring only a minute into the contest. Knowing full well that their season was on the line, the French Connection ran into a team that decided to shut things down. J.Sanoudakis smelled glory at that point and made absolutely sure to let nothing by him. Then, with only two minutes remaining, it was the captain’s turn to put the final icing on the cake. B.Patel ended all worries with the series last goal that led to a second straight championship in a very short period of time for the UHC. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Bhavesh Patel, Costa Zafiropoulos and the rest of the UHC for winning the E2 Thursday division championship.

(3)Deadlast vs P.E.Y.O(6) E1 Game 1

P.E.Y.O down Deadlast to start series strong

Deadlast may have gotten an early spark but that was as good as it got. After netting two quick power play goals, the P.E.Y.O didn’t stop there adding to their lead by striking three more times. A.Jalilvand and S.Marashlian ignited two goals each and S.Brown got better as the game went on making it very difficult for Deadlast to bounce back. Both teams are extremely familiar with one another which will give C.Zafiropoulos an entire week to try and figure out how to even the series. He won’t make excuses but some of his players had just played before in the E2 division. But the same could be said for the P.E.Y.O, who were missing a top notched sniper in B.Deslauriers. Regardless the reasons, both sides have another one or potentially two more games to play and prove to the other who is the better team. For now, it’s the P.E.Y.O carrying bigger smiles as they’ll prepare and knock out a rival opponent.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jimmy Pantelis of the UHC. The selke trophy candidate did his usual playing at both ends of the field. Pantelis was able to collect five points in which two came shorthanded while adding a shootout marker.