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HBHA Seniors Masters 35+ Champions

Friday April 28(Finals)

(5)HBHA Seniors vs Hawks(1) Game 1

HBHA Seniors too hot for Hawks in re match of final

There was no revenge for the Hawks, at least not in this contest as the HBHA Seniors eased to a 5-1 win to open up the series. Unable to kill off two straight penalties in the first period, the Hawks ultimately paid the price having to trail the rest of the way.  T.Koutlis and T.Baltzis converted in the second period providing a three goal cushion which was more than enough for C.Stavriadis as the net minder was his usual self denying every ball his way. The Hawks didn’t have a good transition game at all, and that was because the HBHA Seniors waited for plays that they would either intercept or cover their man properly to cause a turnaround. With that came their chances with scoring efforts from-five different players en route to a 1-0 series lead. In order for the Hawks to get back in the series they would have to adjust their game plan to have a chance.

(7)Hawks vs HBHA Seniors(6) S.O

Hawks return favor in must win game

It wasn’t a pleasant way to play but the Hawks did what was needed in order to force a third and deciding game. The defense kept it simple by dumping the ball into the corner for the wingers to gain some control in the offensive end. With that came some ball possession that led to a few scoring chances. It’s not often the HBHA Seniors give up more than a goal or two but this game was completely out of character for the defending champs. E.Colella surprised C.Stavriadis a couple of times that resulted in a hat trick. The HBHA Seniors actually led 3-1 only to see their lead disappear as the game went on. The Hawks failed to win it in regulation time when K.Papapostolou scored with less than two minutes to force a shootout. With their season on the line, A.Zarzour came through to rescue the Hawks. The shifty forward scored once in the first round and a second time to beat Stavriadis with a pair of crafty moves.

(4)HBHA Seniors vs Hawks(0) Game 3

Make it two in a row, HBHA Seniors crowned once again

The HBHA Seniors left no doubt on Friday night that they are presently the kings of the Masters 35+ Seniors division. With only one period to take it all, the HBHA Seniors regained their composure and played a perfect match. Once T.Baltzis opened the scoring, the Hawks felt the pressure which only made things worse. J.Kontitsis, captain of his club put a massive blow for a 2-0 lead leaving barely minutes on the clock. The captain had a good final game collecting three points that included an empty net goal. C.Stavriadis also bounced back after a subpar performance in game two to capture a shutout. This was a game that the Hawks needed that first goal in order to have a chance. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t a good enough performance. But despite the loss, the Hawks did put up a real challenge for forcing the mini game considering how bad they’ve fared in their last few meetings with the champs. On behalf of, congratulations go out to John Kontitsis and the rest of the HBHA Seniors for winning a second straight championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Kontitsis of the HBHA Seniors. The captain had four goals and two assists while making the necessary adjustments to bounce back in a game three mini game.