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Raging Rhinos F2 Wednesday Champions

Wednesday May 3(F2 Finals)

(4)Black Venom vs Raging Rhinos(10) Game 1

Rhinos emerge victorious after trashing in game 1

The Raging Rhinos would do some serious damage in their opening game of the F2 finals. In a series that was built up to its hype, the Black Venom didn’t know what hit them. One of the few reasons was the dominance set forth by M-A Piche.T he highly skilled forward netted back to back tallies before completing his hat trick late in the second period. In addition to his madness, S.Pilon, J.Zannis and F.Remon overwhelmed the Black Venom net minder and defence providing two goals apiece. The Black Venom lost every frame and looked completely unprepared for a team that dominated the regular season. Luckily enough for them, this is a best of three series.

(0)Raging Rhinos vs Black Venom(6) Game 2

Black Venom took valuable notes after embarrassing loss

Perhaps it was a case of indigestion or lack of sleep, but the Black Venom showed why they finished with an 8-2 regular season record. A good character team is able to overcome even its worse moments and the Black Venom did just that only moments later to settle the score. This time, they did to the Raging Rhinos what had just happened to them by returning the favour with an embarrassing loss. The Black Venom turned the table by winning every frame that included three goals with the special teams. B.Deslauriers and J.Courteau, two very familiar names each scored twice while J.Meynard was outstanding stopping all 27 shots his way.

(1)Black Venom vs Raging Rhinos(2) Game 3

Raging Rhinos stuns Black Venom with late goal, winners of F2 division

S.Pilon scored a late goal as the Raging Rhinos snatched the F2 cup out of the Black Venom’s hands on Wednesday night. The series ended with the Raging Rhinos overcoming a 1-0 lead in a short 15 minute mini game. J.Baccari opened the scoring early for the Black Venom, a goal that went unanswered for five minutes. Then, F.Remon responded in a big way to level the game at one goal apiece. Both sides knew how important that next tally would be, and with only 40 seconds left in the game, S.Pilon gave his club something special to celebrate. F.Remon and D.Ramada set up the hero to help lead the Raging Rhinos to a hard felt championship. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Hovig Pilibossian and the Raging Rhinos for taking home the F2 Wednesday division title.