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Deadlast E1 Thursday Champions

Thursday May 4(E1 Finals)

(1)P.E.Y.O vs Deadlast(7) Game 2

Deadlast respond with blowout win to even series

Deadlast blew out the P.E.Y.O in a must win game to even the series. C.Zafiropoulos and his squad began hot building a 3-0 first period lead. While the P.E.Y.O attempted to get on board with a power play chance, C.Chirola only made things worse by bagging a shorthanded goal. That was the skilled centreman’s second of three goals in a four point game. It was clear that Deadlast got undeniable massive contribution -from all their players. Anytime there would be a loose ball or battle in the corner, it was almost certain that a Deadlast player would gain control. When adding all that up, the opportunities came which enabled the many goals that went in. A.Kakivelis contributed with a pair while J.Sanoudakis had to deal with one slight sorrow when A.Jalilvand spoiled his shutout. After a dominating performance, Deadlast was definitely primed for the mini game. The only slight disadvantage for Deadlast at that point was that the P.E.Y.O would need only 15 minutes to be the better team.

(1)Deadlast vs P.E.Y.O(0) Game 3 O.T

J.Skafidas cuts through the high slot to riffle championship goal

Neither team cared who would score the game winning goal. All that mattered was that Deadlast can call themselves the best team of the E1 Thursday division. J.Skafidas was credited the winner 4:00 minutes into overtime as Deadlast captured the title with back to back wins. The play developed deep in the P.E.Y.O corner where Skafidas separated himself from a P.E.Y.O player and stormed through the high slot before riffling a wrist shot that barely gave S.Brown a chance. From-start to finish, the intensity level couldn’t be matched by the P.E.Y.O, who maybe in their defense could have used some help with less than two lines. As for Deadlast ,they did their part by coming prepared and it showed with their high level of play. Despite scoring only once in two games which is very uncharacteristic for a team like the P.E.Y.O, a 15 minute mini game was to their advantage. Unfortunately, a key glove save- from J.Sanoudakis may have been a key reason why the celebration took place on his bench rather than the other side. Both net minders were incredibly solid. S.Brown was an absolute force in game three which gave his club more than enough time to try and get only one goal. But in the end, the better side was Deadlast on this night which gives justice to this championship .On behalf of, congratulations go out to Costa Zafiropoulos and his deserving group of guys for winning it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jeremy Skafidas of Deadlast. The sharp shooter was able to crack S.Brown and give his club their biggest goal of the season.