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Punishers 4 vs 4 Champions

Monday May 15(Finals)

D.Ruiz and C.Gingras clicked all night, Punishers celebrate 4 vs 4 title

Dynamic duos have been the staple throughout the history of ice hockey and ball hockey. The combo between D.Ruiz and C.Gingras showed up once more as they have been doing all season long. Les Yables had the difficult task on containing both players as they combined for most of the offense in the two games. But hockey isn’t only comprised of some individual talents up front when the stakes are this high. In the opening contest, J.Meynard stopped three straight breakways to capture an important game one of the series. As for the second encounter, the Punishers slowly built their way to a 3-0 lead that appeared to be more than enough. It was only by the mid way point of the last period where Les Yables made things interesting. M-A Gervais finally solved J.Meynard on the power play, and L.Verdon scored minutes later to pull his team within one. That tally forced Les Yables to pull their net minder with 90 seconds left to their season. Unfortunately for them, C.Gingras came to the rescue for the Punishers by feeding an empty cage. That was Cingras’s third goal of the game as part of a four point night. D.Ruiz helped set up his linemate to collect his fourth point as well. This series could have easily gone either way if Les Yables could have managed to win the shootout battle in game one. But with room for only one winner, the Punishers did all the right things to string a pair of wins together. On behalf of, congratulations go out to John Fidrilis and the rest of the Punishers for getting the job done.

(3)Punishers vs Yables(2) Game 1 S.O

(2)Yables vs Punishers(4) Game2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Dylan Ruiz of the Punishers. The feisty forward was on top of his game at the most important time of the season by providing three goals and an assist.