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F Division

Wednesday May 17

(7)Les Raymonds vs Publiks Crew(0)

Les Raymonds thrilled with season opener

Les Raymonds kicked off the summer season strong with an impressive 7-0 win over the Publiks Crew on Wednesday night .After making a few changes to their lineup, the new additions did a great job replacing some of the missing spaces-from last season. It was a match that didn’t heavily rely on M.Deninno, who quarterbacks Les Raymonds almost better than anyone. Tonight, the scoring came-from six different players that included two goals by N.Richer-Bond. The Publiks Crew kept it close in the first half of the game but saw their chances fade away as the game went on. Unable to get any scoring done, the Publiks Crew went up against a stubborn net minder in A.Mancini, who denied every ball his way. It may have come as a lopsided loss, but the Publiks Crew will take the time to address certain areas in their game that will only make them better with time.

(13)Bramabulls vs Mtl Huskies(6)

High scoring Bramabulls win run & gun battle

The Bramabulls wasted no time early on running down the Mtl Huskies with a 5-1 score after only one period. That was just the beginning of what was a shooting fest between both sides. Despite the bad start, the Mtl Huskies started to find their groove by the second netting three markers but still dropped the frame by a goal. By then, the Bramabulls were well on their way to an easy night. L.Mancini led all scorers bagging a hat trick while M.Zampino, J.Palmitano and N.Cinquino each scored twice. The Mtl Huskies got their scoring done by only three players. J.Mancini, A.Buoni and R.Francesco all got the better of A.Grieco netting two goals apiece. It may not have been the result they wanted, but R.Estrela and his deep bench have plenty of positives that they can grab. If not for their bad start to the game, this contest would have potentially gone to the wire against a very established club.

(5)Les Agents Libre vs Primetime(8)

Primetime outlast Les Agents Libre to start season strong

There wasn’t much to be disappointed for Primetime as they did plenty of things right in their season opener. Although it wasn’t a perfect game, A.Kavaldjian and his squad came prepared boasting a 3-1 first period lead that enabled them to dictate the match the rest of the way. T.Shpindler and his captain A.Kavaldjian were able to find the back of the net on two occasions. C.Stamadianos did collect the most points with three perfect feeds along with an early second period marker. Like in most circumstances of many hockey games, a good start is very vital to any outcome. Les Agents Libre didn’t get that on this night but showed plenty of good things after the first period to battle back. A.Kobayati scored twice in the loss while L.DeCubellis collected a pair of points.

(5)Horsemen vs Acolytes(4) S.O

Horsemen spark third period magic to pull rug under Acolytes feet

Unable to hold off a late tally and a third period shorthanded goal, Les Acolytes felt like they left empty handed on Wednesday night. It’s a kind of loss that you want to get rid at the beginning of the season rather than in a very important playoff match. G.Panagiotopoulos came through in the shorthanded situation while P.Cardillo provided the equalizer with only 39 seconds left in the game. Even with that bad sequence, Les Acolytes failed to capitalize on a golden opportunity by overtime. With plenty of room on a 4 on 3 man advantage, M.Vinciguerra worked wonders stopping every threat his way. If that wasn’t enough, the steady net minder brought it a step further denying all three shootout attempts by Les Acolytes. The Horsemen needed only goal to complete their late push that came courtesy of M.Kardum.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Vinciguerra of the Horsemen. The net minder managed to kill off an overtime penalty while stopping three straight shootout attempts.