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E Division

Thursday August 10

(8)Street Ballers vs Spartans(3)

Street Ballers close out season on good note

With three players netting two goals each, the Street Ballers cruised their way to an 8-3 win over the Spartans. J.Furtado, M.Mogianesi and V.Mancini were the ones to get most of the scoring done. Perhaps this little outburst to end the regular season is good news for the Street Ballers going into the playoffs. However, the challenge won’t be the same as they’ll face Carnage in a best of three series, but the promise is there if everyone shows up and plays a full out game. S.Sauk will be a factor moving forward. In tonight’s game, the net minder allowed three goals on 19 shots. K.Dicera, D.Quennville and J-M Ste Marie collected two points each in the loss.

(7)Bramabulls vs Raging Rhinos(8)

A.Papazian’s hat trick helps Rhinos to wild win over Bulls

In a closely contested contest, the Raging Rhinos defeated the Bramabulls 8-7 in a thrilling game on Thursday night. The Raging Rhinos made some adjustments heading into the second period where they put up four goals to gain a 6-4 lead. A.Papazian scored once in every frame that included a perfect top corner giving no chance to G.Follano. At no point did either side feel comfortable with the way things were swinging back and forth. A.Angelis broke a late 7-7 tie with less than three minutes remaining which felt like an eternity for his club considering how the game went. But it held up and the Raging Rhinos were glad to escape with the win. S.Pilon contributed with two goals and two assists for the Raging Rhinos while A.DiPerna and M.Marrone each tallied twice in the loss.

(3)Deadlast vs Dragons(4)

Sniper N.Goncalves bags hat trick, Dragons edge out Deadlast

As he’s been doing it all season long, N.Goncalves is no stranger to finding the back of the net. His league leading 22 goals and 33 points was definitely a contributing factor in this contest. The sniper buried a hat trick in a very close battle with Deadlast, who just couldn’t find a way to force the extra time. Despite peppering close to 40 shots on net, P.Assadi was on the receiving end making save after save to protect the lead. This was a first of two games of a double header night for both clubs. Deadlast had one hour to figure out how to bounce back and even the score.

(2)Carnage vs SBS Trashers(5)

SBS Trashers mean business in seasons end

The SBS Trashers are on one mission and one mission only as they’ll attempt to take home the E2 Thursday division title. Tonight, they sent a strong message to Carnage that may meet them in the final depending on what happens in the round before. Despite being out of action for a while, the SBS Trashers didn’t miss a beat. E.Panzera led the way with two out of his clubs five goals. A.Plescia and A.Farina haven’t found the back of the net to often this season but managed to put one in on this night. If the SBS Trashers get balanced scoring-apart form their main guns, then it’s almost a shoe in that they’ll hoist the cup in a few weeks.

(5)Deadlast Dragons(6)

Dragons celebrate twice, Deadlast go home empty handed

With an opportunity to even the score, Deadlast suffered a familiar fate to very same Dragons. The only difference was that more goals were scored in this contest. It didn’t matter that Y.Gazura gave his team every chance possible with five points. It just wasn’t enough considering how well he played. Maybe Deadlast needed to focus solely on one player after what happened earlier on. For a second straight match, N.Goncalves was the talk of the night. The right handed sniper put up two more goals and collected five points to win the scoring race. Defensemen such as C.Papadatos, G.Lallis, A.Jalilvand and L.Bavellas needed to tighten up on the scoring leader. For now, it’s a lesson learned and C.Zafiropoulos will take notes for when the real season begins.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nelson Goncalves of the Dragons. In two games, the sniper went on a tear bagging five goals in an eight point performance to win the E Thursday scoring title.

The E1 & E2 Thursday regular season came to an end on this night. Each side has four teams which will all participate in the semi final rounds. The match ups are as follows:

E1 Thursday semi finals:

(1)Dragons vs Deadlast(4) After taking 2 straight games against Deadlast, the Dragons will make a costly mistake if they enter the post season to overconfident. The playoffs are a brand new season and Costa Zafiropoulos will make sure to floor as many players possible in order to cause the upset.

(2)Bramabulls vs Raging Rhinos(3) Neither side really had the chance to play with a complete team all summer. All players are required in this even match up if they plan to go anywhere in the playoffs.

E2 Thursday semi finals:

(1)SBS Trashers vs Spartans(4) No question the SBS Trashers are the heavy favorites going in. The Spartans just finished playing for the first time as a new club and won’t have enough experience to go up against an established SBS Trashers team.

(2)Carnage vs Street Ballers(3) Both teams somewhat resemble one another. With limited goal scoring, defensive play and goaltending will decide who comes out of this one.