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E Division

Thursday June 21

(3)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(4)

Stellar R.Pampena stifles Bramabulls

The outcome of a hockey game is decided by many factors. Some are more pronounced than others, depending on the game itself. However, in tonight's case, it was safe to say that the goaltending was responsible for the positive outcome. R.Pampena was absolutely stellar keeping the game close numerous times. With that, came the confidence of his teammates in front of him, who played just as good in order to edge out a solid hockey team. The SBS Trashers took advantage twice on the power play while remaining focused on a game that had its hot moments. F.Gentile continues his tear by netting two markers while G.Bampos and Joseph Scalia collected three points each.

(2)Chaos vs Mighty Drunks(9)

Mighty Drunks continue to stride in perfect season so far

In all three periods, the Mighty Drunks broke the game wide open. They averaged three goals per frame and got plenty of balanced contribution-from all their players. J.Magri and Y.Dube had two goals each and O.Caillet barley pulled a sweat allowing only two goals on 20 shots. This is the fifth game that the Mighty Drunks have yet to taste defeat. As for Chaos, G.Drake scored once while setting up their sniper S.Burrell.

(2)Les Rouuuges vs Carnage(0)

P.Turturici helps Rouuuges shutout Carnage

Les Rouuuges were able to push away Carnage on Thursday night. D.Mansour and A.Henein each scored while P.Turturici turned aside 22 shots to earn a shutout. Regardless the chances that Carnage had during the encounter,P.Turturici was committed to stopping everything. The net minder enjoys the challenges and wants nothing more than to be the difference maker. This win helps improve Les Rouuuges to an even record six wins into the season.

(3)Nighthawks vs JLR Brossard(4)

G.Pisanelli sparks hat trick in tight win

G.Pisanelli netted a hat trick, including a late game winner shorthanded to edge out the Nighthawks. Even with a solid defensive effort, the Nighthawks weren't able to contain the JLR Brossard forward. The chances were there-from the two sides along many goal posts. If not for the goaltenders, this contest could have spiralled out of control. R.Ricaurte of the Nighthawks and his counterpart P.Assadi put on quite a display making brilliant saves after another. P.Santullo scored two out of the three goals in the loss with the help of B.Deslauriers, who assisted on all three goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Giancarlo Pisanelli of the JLR Brossard. No matter how closely the Nighthawks played him, the skilled forward still found a way to score three times that included the winner in a shorthanded situation.

D & F divisions

Wednesday June 20

(6)Fat Roy vs Les Raymonds(3)

Les Raymonds can't overcome Fat Roy's perfect record

It's safe to say at this point that Fat Roy won't be dropping many games this season. After doubling up Les Raymonds 6-3, Fat Roy still remain undefeated just shy of the mid way mark of the season. However, nothing was close-from being decided up until the very late stages of the match. Fat Roy entered the final frame down 3-2 before putting on an offensive output resulting in four unanswered goals. B.Deslauriers tied it early in the third period and capped it off late in the game to finish with four points. Les Raymonds led 3-1 at one point and never once trailed up until there was only three minutes left in the game. G.Delia did more than his share scoring twice in the loss.

(4)Punishers vs United Armenians (3) O.T

Captain John Fidrilis, Punishers stay red hot with O.T winner

The Punishers keep showing that they will continue to play their best hockey no matter who they face. Even though they nearly suffered their first loss, teams will realize that it's never over till it's over when facing that kind of line up. The United Armenians went up 3-2 thanks to Y.Derohannessian's go ahead marker that left only two and a half minutes to kill off. Unfortunately for the United Armenians, it took only 30 seconds-from that point on for a quick response by the Punishers. P.Dupuis tied the game which eventually forced the extra time. Once both sides hit the sudden death frame, the odds were good that this contest would end in the five limited minutes due to the amount of fire power-from both teams. Only one minute had gone by when it was all said and done. Already with a goal in the second period, J.Fidrilis captured the moment by riffling his second to help keep his team undefeated after four games.

(10)Hellfish vs Golden Knights (3)

Small bench keeps hurting the Golden Knights

Surely, the Golden Knight didn't expect a positive result because of their short bench, but there was no reason why they should have conceded four goals in the first period. By going down that early, this game was already done with as both sides just went through the motions before completing the night. Most of the damage was caused by three players. M.Chartrand found the back of the net four times, F.Benhamadi struck twice along with three assists, and C.Flikas buried a pair as well while collected two helpers. The only consistent element going for the Golden Knights so far this season is the play of Y.St-Georges. The skilled forward keeps producing every game and tonight wasn't any different as he notched all three goals in the loss.

(1)Kentucky Blue vs Winter Soldiers (6)

Winter Soldiers came out hot, J.Mckenzie and N.Gikas each score twice

From the drop of the ball, the Winter Soldiers came out flying scoring three goals on only a few shots. The second frame was much of the same for the Winter Soldiers as they added three more goals to their already comfortable lead. Two out of their six tallies came with the man advantage. J.Mckenzie struck twice as did N.Gikas with the games last two goals. Their only slight hic up came in the second period when James Tutino took advantage of a power play for the Kentucky Blue. A.Bitsakis never budged after that as the net minder rode the way to a well earned victory.

(1)Fat Cats vs HBHA Masters 37+(5)

P.Lapointe goes on a hat trick rampage versus the Fat Cats

It wasn't till the ten minute mark of the third period that the HBHA Masters put this game beyond doubt. The Fat Cats hung in there keeping the game very close but couldn't contain one particular player. P.Lapointe's presence was felt as the power forward strung three starlight goals for his club, every time with the help of J.Pantelis feeding him. The only bright moment for the Fat Cats occurred when F.Gentile capitalized on the power play. C.Stavriadis faced his fair share of chances and couldn't have asked for a better display between the pipes.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Fidrilis of the Punishers. Thanks to their captain's overtime winner, the Punishers have yet to drop a game so far this season.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday June 18

Carmoni forget the past with two convincing wins

Goals came and they came often for Les Carmoni on Monday night. After taking the opening contest 3-1, Les Carmoni cruised for their second straight win over the struggling Tocas. The down fall began only as of the second period of the last game. M.Gagnon, who dressed for a first time this season made an immediate impact posting three out of the seven goals that went in. Another key piece in his first game was A.Dayan, who tallied twice. The Tocas limited offense combined for only two goals in both matches. P.Corbin earned the two wins between the pipes allowing only two goals on 30 shots.

(1)Tocas vs Carmoni(3)

(7)Carmoni vs Tocas(1)

Potent power play saves the night for Les Reds

All but one aspect of their game was working at a high level for the United Arms. They got balanced scoring in the opening contest earning a 3-2 win, and nearly doubled up their success by the second game only to fall apart giving up four late goals. Les Reds pushed the pace and somehow found enough room to rally-from a 4-2 deficit. It did help that four out of their six goals came with the man advantage. That was one department that the United Arms couldn't address which ultimately doomed them in the end. A.Zarzour scored twice on the power play, and M.Monteschio finished off a perfect passing play to put Les Reds sup 5-4. The United Arms took the opening game thanks to a game winner-from N.Torikian, who went on to add two more goals in the second encounter.

(2)Les Reds vs United Arms(3)

(4)United Arms vs Les Reds(6)

G.DeMarinis's quick response re assures two wins for the Corporation

While the opening contest may have seemed a little more convincing for the Corporation, the same can't be said for the second game. The Chic Choc, thanks to a pair of goals-from E.Gacem appeared to have the Corporation on the ropes up until G.DeMarinis replied only seconds later to regain a slight lead. With only five minutes remaining, the focus was set to play out the clock while making sure not to take chances. L.Dias challenged the few shots he received and remained steady to collect a second win in net. Apart-from his winner, DeMarinis collected two points in the earlier match while J.Scalia finished with only three goals considering the amount of golden opportunities he had.

(4)The Corporation vs Chic Choc(1)

(2)Chic Choc vs The Corporation (3)

Mighty Boyz captain J.Palmitano secures a tight win versus Dr Block

By finding an open area late in the second game, J.Palmitano swept the ball right under R.Pelletier to mount a late comeback. The Dr Block, despite dropping the opening game 3-1 were only 80 seconds away-from taking the match. G.Piche and his captain D.Provost combined for six points during that encounter with two out of their four goals coming on the power play. Then, in a blink of an eye, things fall apart for the Dr Block, who were stuck going empty handed. Teams have started to realize that it's never over when playing against a side that has the speed and some highly skilled players that can hurt you at any given time. It's almost safe to assume that M.Testolina would have scored at least once out of the eight total goals in both games, but it wasn't the case as the highly skilled forward set up three teammates instead. J.Palmitano notched two goals in the second encounter, and M.Palmieri earned a pair of hard fought wins between the pipes.

(3)Mighty Boyz vs Dr Block(1)

(4)Dr Block vs Mighty Boyz(5)

Hustlers save their best for last in split with Mighty Drunks

If not for one bad period, the Mighty Drunks would have banked six clean points versus the Hustlers. Their best moments came as of the second period of the first game where they strung three straight goals en route to a 4-1 victory. That surge continued its momentum right into the second contest. E.Felesakis and P.Arkalis made the score 2-0 after eight minutes. By that point, the Mighty Drunks looked like they could do no wrong. However, they are playing the Hustlers who by no chance would go down that easily. B.Vassilakis planted the seed of what was to come by striking late in the frame. Then, only one minute into the second period, A.Stamiris used another one of his lasers to go right through the net minder. Still, this contest was up for grabs but the Hustlers felt more determined to win it to avoid going empty handed. Surely their moment would eventually arise when J.Rochon powered his way to making an incredible pass to T.Bozinakis, who had enough time for an espresso and a biscuit before putting the ball in the back of the net. All in all, both sides played great hockey which justifies a split.

(1)Hustlers vs Mighty Drunks (4)

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Hustlers (3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nareg Torikian of the United Arms. In a close battle with Les Reds, N.Torikian provided the winner and was nearly the cause of a second straight win after notching a pair of goals in the second encounter.

E Division

Sunday June 17

(5)Lynx vs Fatal Demons(6)

Fatal Demons look dormant early until second period surge

It was all Lynx, at least for one solid period. Despite the slow start, the Fatal Demons refused to go down as they completely took over as of the second frame. Three consecutive goals had gone in before the Lynx would eventually level early in the third period. By that point, two minutes and change had gone by for the Fatal Demons captain to regain their lead. P.Santullo snapped a 4-4 tie, and for a second time during that frame, J.Mason bagged his third to even the score. Unfortunately for the Lynx, they couldn't go long enough without keeping the game tied or find the opportunity to pull ahead. Instead, A.Jalilvand put the Fatal Demons back in front with his second of the contest. Even though the Lynx pushed really hard at that point, they just couldn't find the breaks, especially with P.Assadi holding the fort.

(8)HC Mutts vs Butchers (1)

Butchers can't overcome a slow start to their season

Unless they address adding a couple of key pieces, the Butchers will be stuck going through hard times this season. They may manage decent starts keeping the games fairly close, but will be nowhere to be seen as the games go on. The HC Mutts exposed a slower side by pretty much winning every loose ball which only translates in loads of ball possession. And when a club has the talent while keeping the ball for long periods, it's only a question of time that they will make you pay. This win came with no stars or heroes except for an overall team effort. M.Maggiore and G.Perri had two markers each while T.J Hui helped set up three goals. He may not have been overly busy, but P.Delli Colli did make enough saves to avoid a closer contest.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Austin Jalilvand of the Fatal Demons. By being at the right place at the right time, the slick d-man collected three points that included the winner with only six minutes left in a 6-5 win over the Lynx.

E Division

Thursday June 14

(5)Mighty Drunks vs Carnage (3)

Mighty Drunks respond with 4 unanswered goals to remain undefeated

Despite a two goal deficit, the Mighty Drunks proved again that they mean business this season. Their four unanswered goals secured a fourth straight win in as many games. Carnage was clearly the better of the two sides for nearly half the game putting themselves in the driver's seat with a 3-1 lead. However, once P.Chartier scored the Mighty Drunks second goal, the confidence started to shift, and it showed enormously by the third as they completely dominated the frame. Y.Dube struck twice during that span while J.Magri still shows that his slap shot has enough mustard to beat a goaltender-from far.

(3)Nighthawks vs SBS Trashers(2) O.T

Captain P.Santullo works overtime to end 3 game drought for Nighthawks

Finally, the monkey came off the Nighthawks back. Its three games that there's been a sense of frustration but that all changed thanks to a collective team effort. The Nighthawks smothered the SBS Trashers as long as they could, and during the process, they chipped away with a pair of goals-from the very same L.Dulcetta. And while everything felt fine for most of the match, concern began to loom when D.Bruntetti got his team on board. It took four minutes-from that point on for P.Nadeau to even the score. Still, the Nighthawks remained focused and only looked ahead trying to avoid another loss. After playing out its dying minutes, both sides settled for the extra time to settle the score. Only 20 seconds had gone by for P.Casacalenda to feed M.Chenier in motion, who used a hard wrist shot toward the net that tipped off his captains stick. P.Santullo got credited the winner to finally end a sour winless drought for the Nighthawks.

(6)Bramabulls vs JLR Brossard(5)

Bramabulls outlast depleted JLR Brossard

Neither goaltender will remember this contest warmly. Even if the Bramabulls looked to have an easier night, this contest was far from- convincing. Both sides played to a 4-4 third period before the energy levels of the Bramabulls kicked in. D.Verta and M.Maggiore scored back to back goals to take command of the match. The JLR Brossard attempted a comeback thanks to a late tally-from N.Goncalves, but the time just wasn't there for the equaliser. Many key pieces were missing-from the two sides. But regardless not having their full rosters, the JLR Brossard put up a real good challenge with only two change ups versus two solid lines of the Bramabulls.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pat Santullo of the Nighthawks. The captain led the way to help end a three game losing streak. Twenty seconds into overtime was all it took for Santullo to end the match on a tip in goal.

D & F divisions

Wednesday June 13

(5)Winter Soldiers vs Horsemen (5) S.O

Winter Soldiers salvage point thanks to J.Mckenzie late equalizer

The Winter Soldiers struck very late in the third period to force the extra time and collect an extra point to the standings. After scoring late in the second period for a 3-2 lead, J.Mckenzie came through once more tying the match with only 35 seconds remaining. Neither side was than able to get it done in overtime and in the shootout. N.Gikas tallied in the breakaways for the Winter Soldiers as did C.Doulis of the Horsemen. J.Hionis had a big night for the Winter Soldiers scoring once while setting up two teammates. The same could be said for the Horsemen captain V.Pandza, who scored twice in the third period to help force the shootout.

(4)Golden Knights vs Les Raymonds(7)

Les Raymonds score 4 goals in third period to beat Golden Knights

G.Delia scored an early third period goal to snap a 3-3 tie, and Les Raymonds just rode a hot stretch adding three more by the end of the frame. Despite being tied after 30 minutes of play, Les Raymonds felt something brewing ahead of them. A.DeCarolis and Y.Leroux added their second during that span as both players combined for nine points. On two occasions, the Golden Knights did take the lead but couldn't hold on to it long enough or build-from it. E.Larocque was their best player bagging two goals while setting up Y.St-Georges.

(4)Punishers vs HBHA Masters 37+(1)

Punishers power past HBHA Masters 37+ with furious third period

It was during the second intermission that the Punishers addressed what was needed in order to finish strong. It wasn't like they didn't play well enough or create decent scoring chances. But when you go two periods without scoring, the mind set to change all that was in the making. P.Karvouriaris sparked it all with his first of two while N.Pitsikoulis and C.Stamadianos each struck on the power play. The Punishers felt they had it in them to take it in the end. Clearly, the effort was there and the opportunities came naturally resulting in a four goal surge. For two straight periods, the HBHA Masters 37+ played exactly the way they wanted keeping an offensive threat off the score sheet. Maybe the only thing missing for them was getting that second goal that could have changed the dynamics of the third period.

(6)Fat Roy vs Hellfish(5) O.T

Fat Roy avoid miserable night

It took overtime to get the win, but Fat Roy can't be too pleased as to how things finished in the end. It's never a good feeling when you blow a 5-2 lead with four minutes left on the clock .The Hellfish came out of nowhere producing three quick goals during that span that included F.Benhamadi's second just shy of the buzzer. Normally that kind of momentum carries over but not in this case. The sudden death frame was two minutes old when Fat Roy regained their joy. B.Deslauriers gave his teammates something to smile about by bagging the overtime winner after just falling apart. As much as he deserves praise, Fat Roy wouldn't have gotten there if it wasn't for Y.Gazura's hat trick and J.Pantelis's pair of goals.

(4)United Armenians vs Team Haiti(0)

N.Chiminian nets 3, G.Follano stops everything, United Armenians explode in third

Playing a difficult opponent, the United Armenians weren't at their best for two periods. But they rebounded for the final 15 minutes as they scored four unanswered goals to get in the win column. Surely it helps when one player takes it upon himself to get the ball rolling. In tonight's case, N.Chiminian provided much of the offense by sparking g a natural hat trick. However, the win was attributed to a couple of other factors as well. First off, G.Follano was absolutely brilliant in net to earn a shutout, and second being that the United Armenians remained focused not swaying away-from a disciplined game plan.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicko Chiminian of the United Armenians. In the third period alone, the United Armenians forward went on a scoring frenzy riffling three goals en route to a 4-0 win.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday June 11

Hustlers pull it off in second contest after drawing even with the Punishers

Even though both sides couldn't get it down in the first encounter it became quite clear that the Hustlers would eventually walk away with the extra points. Their tactical battle came into play by the second game. A.Stamiris and T.Bozinakis each riffled canon bombs only a minute apart and the Punishers knew they were in a whole lot of trouble. Just to make matters worse, S.Govas put the final dagger using his patented wrist shot for a three goal cushion. The Punishers fought hard in both games overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the opening contest to force a shootout. They did have the miss fortune of going up against C.Stavriadias, who was absolutely stellar making one big save after the other.

(5)Punishers vs Hustlers (5) S.O

(3)Hustlers vs Punishers (0)

Maxime Beauvais, timely for the Dr Block

Maxime Beauvais was just what the doctor ordered for the Dr Block. In the dying moments of the second contest, Beauvais was able to not only tie it but win it in the shootout. He was the only player out of the five combined attempts-from the two sides to score. The first match up was nearly a carbon copy of the second one with both sides drawing even .Surprisingly enough, neither team was able to win any frame. Two goals were traded in the first period of the opening game while both sides exchanged one in each period of the second encounter. This was a duel that the net minders needed to be on top of their game. R.Pelletier of the Dr Block and M.Melo of the Mighty Drunks gave every possible chance for their clubs to take the win or wins.

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Dr Block(3) S.O

(3) Dr Block vs Mighty Drunks(2) S.O

Corporation chemistry kicks in early for two wins over Carmoni

As the game got underway, it was clear that the Corporation were bringing the energy and jump required to defeat Les Carmoni. Every single player was on the same page making lots of crisp plays resulting in a total of eleven goals in two games. The first one ended 5-0 with L.Dias stopping all 18 shots. Finally, Les Carmoni would get on board to tie the match 1-1 until a late first period bullet by D.Ramada regained momentum for the Corporation. That tally sparked four more to go in by the second period to close off a solid display. It's not often to have every single player score on the same night but the Corporation were able to do it in this case with their seven players dressed.

(0)Carmoni vs Corporation (5)

(6)Corporation vs Carmoni(3)

Heart breaking loss carries over for Vitamin C

Unable to recover-from the opening contest, the Vitamin C were nowhere to be seen by the second game. The 1 Timer kept the pedal to the medal and out duelled their opponent 6-2 right after taking a close 4-3 win. T.Daigneault and his captain J.Dias took care of the scoring notching two goals in each in the first meeting. The second game saw J.Guye-Perrault lead the way with three goals that included the winner. This was a good bounce back night for the 1 Timer after suffering a pair of losses only a week ago. The same however can't be said for the Vitamin C, who collected four out of a possible six points last week against the Chic Choc.

(4) 1 Timer vs Vitamin C(3)

(2)Vitamin C vs 1 Timer(6)

Close but just enough for the Degenerates to prevail twice

A win is a win no matter how slight the margin of victory. But as much as the Degenerates may blame themselves for not being fine tuned and crisp enough, lots of credit does go to the United Arms who made things very difficult in both matches. The first game was only decided because J.Pantelis was at the right place at the right time to snap a very late 1-1 tie. As for the second meeting, both sides opened it up a little more but the game was just as close with the Degenerates playing with a very slight lead. Q.Joseph collected three straight points while S.Sicuso eased the tension providing a two goal cushion late in the game.

(2)Degenerates vs United Arms(1)

(3)United Arms vs Degenerates (5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jason Dias of the 1 Timer. The captain was at his best on Monday night providing two big goals as part of an overall four point performance.

E Division

Sunday June 10

(5)HC Mutts vs Fatal Demons(4)

Third period goals pave way for HC Mutts victory

The HC Mutts had just come off their worse period of the season conceding three in the second period to fall behind 3-2.Unhappy with what had just transpired, things did turn around in the last fifteen minutes of play. N.DeGregorio was the first of three players to score while setting up R.Mercadante on the power play for a 4-3 lead. The Fatal Demons managed to respond moments later thanks to F.Benhamadi but that only lasted so long. Sixty five seconds was all that was left in the game when the HC Mutts regained their lead en route to a close 5-4 win. A.L'Heureux got credited the winner after receiving a perfect pass-from T-J Hui. N.DeGregorio had a multi goal performance in the win while the Fatal Demons captain P.Santullo did the same in the loss.

(10Lynx vs Butchers (0)

Lynx pounce on a depleted Butchers team

You're just asking to play with fire when the body count isn't there versus a sharp and quick hockey team. The Butchers, for a third straight game tried to keep it close knowing that at one point things would get out of hand. Most of the mess occurred by the late stages of the second period. The Lynx added two late goals in that span before going on a massive rampage by the third period. P.Stroubakis, J.Lang, J.Labadie and J.Proulx each scored twice. He didn't face many shots but S.Catalano wasn't budging to earn a 13 save shutout.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicolas De Gregorio of the HC Mutts. By scoring twice while setting up a key power play goal, the HC Mutts took a close contest versus the Fatal Demons.

E Division

Thursday June 7

(2)Nighthawks vs Mighty Drunks(5)

Teams in opposite directions continue their trends

While everything is going great so far for the Mighty Drunks, the same can't be said for the Nighthawks. Both teams entered the night riding mini streaks with the Nighthawks hoping to end a slow 0-2 start to their season. And while the first period showed signs of hope, the second frame was when things fell back to earth for the Nighthawks. In the short span of only three minutes, the Mighty Drunks pounced on three opportunities to gain total control of the match. It didn't even matter that the Nighthawks were awarded a golden five on three opportunity. The Mighty Drunks barely gave them room to keep the ball long enough. The basic strategy of putting constant pressure paid dividends for the Mighty Drunks who are rolling along with a perfect 3-0 record.

(10)Bramabulls vs Chaos(0)

Bramabulls hit cruise control early in lopsided affair

The Bramabulls grabbed an early lead and Chaos was stuck enduring a brutal night. After netting four in the first period, the Bramabulls dazzled their way through the second with five more before ending the game earlier than usual. N.Sbarra celebrated three goals, P.Bertone was right behind him with a pair, and C.Muccino stopped close to 20 shots to earn the shutout in net. It was clear heading into the night that the Bramabulls, being last season champs would prevail in this contest. Unfortunately for Chaos, they weren't able to put up a good challenge like they did only a week ago versus the JLR Brossard.

(8)Carnage vs Les Rouuuges(2)

Carnage stomp Les Rouuuges by 8-2 score

After falling somewhat dormant, Carnage's offense exploded as of the second period en route to an 8-2 win. Carnage dominated much of the game but the first goal did come-from the other end. Unfazed, Carnage got the ball rolling as of the second period posting four goals to end the frame strong. Then, with only fifteen minutes remaining, four more tallies went in and Carnage regained their 500 status with a 2-2 record. F.Catanzariti had the most goals for a hat trick while S.Azzie was heavily involved bagging two markers as part of a five point performance. Its one thing to lose but Les Rouuuges weren't too pleased on how they dropped the ball for two straight periods.

(5)JLR Brossard vs SBS Trashers(7)

SBS Trashers pull away with third period outburst

A powerful offense proved to be too much for P.Assadi and the JLR Brossard. The SBS Trashers erupted with four third period goals-from the hands of two players. J.Scalia had already potted a first period marker before completing his hat trick in a yawning cage. The other two tallies belonged to their cornerstone d-man P.Hodhod. Both sides played to an even 3-3 game until the final frame. Despite their being only fifteen minutes-from that point on, the SBS Trashers had the advantage going in due to the lack of bodies-from the JLR Brossard's end. Even though the JLR struggled to get their breath, G.Pisanelli looked like he could have gone an extra mile as the skilled forward was unfazed scoring three times while setting up a goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Frankie Catanzariti of Carnage. In what was a dominant win from-his club, Catanzariti found the back of the net three times to lead all teammates in the goals department.

D & F divisions

Wednesday June 6

(3)Golden Knights vs Fat Roy(9)

Fat Roy pound Golden Knights in easy 9-3 win

Fat Roy put a hurtin on the Golden Knights Wednesday night. However, it wasn't until the second period that this contest slipped into one direction. Only up 2-1, Fat Roy distanced themselves by adding four unanswered goals by the second to carry a favourable 6-1 lead. Surprisingly only A.Jalilvand was able to score twice out of the nine that went in. The new additions of Y.Gazura and J.Velenosi went noticed immediately to the existing fire power as both players combined for seven points. The Golden Knights knew they entered the night playing with fire having only seven p-layers dressed. Despite the loss, Y.St-Georges picked up-from where he left off participating in all three goals.

(2)Team Haiti vs Fat Cats(5)

G.Bampos power play goal helps secure win for Fat Cats

Even though the Fat Cats were slightly up in the third period, G.Bampos re assured his teammates that this game was stapled for the win. Team Haiti pulled within one and played thirsty to level up until a costly penalty came to bite them. Bampos made the score 4-2 with just over four minutes remaining. Five different players found the back of the net for the Fat Cats with G.DeMarinnis bagging the winner. Team Haiti had some good sequences but aren't where they would like to be just yet.

(4)HBHA Masters 37+ vs United Armenians (2)

HBHA Masters use two power play goals to rally past United Armenians

Every area of their game appeared to working in full force except for one. The United Armenians took control-from the get go sparking goals in both the first and second periods while getting exceptional goaltending-from G.Follano. They scored once on the power play courtesy of M.Yeramian and had killed off two penalties before playing with fire. By visiting the penalty box two more times, the HBHA Masters 37+ would eventually make them pay. T.Bozinakis and A.Stamiris each scored with the man advantage to help provide a slight 3-2 lead with just over three minutes left on the clock. L.Williams went on to add an empty net marker to cap off a four goal rally.

(4)Les Raymonds vs Hellfish(6)

Les Raymonds late push not enough against F.Benahamadi's hat trick

A late second half push was not enough for Les Raymonds on Wednesday night. They fell 4-0 before A.Henein got on board by the eleven minute mark of the second period. Even though they didn't throw in the towel and fought hard to battle back, they just couldn't contain a key piece-from the other side. F.Benhamadi is a consistent threat and tonight was just another day at the office for the forward who sparked three out of his clubs six goals. After scoring twice late in the second period, Les Raymonds continued their push by the third adding two more goals only to fall short by a pair.

(3)Horsemen vs Kentucky Blue(4)

Three blown leads leave Horsemen in a downer

What more can one player do to get the job done? On three straight occasions, T.Mader would provide the Horsemen with a lead only to see it answered every single time. While that appears to be an extraordinary set of events, what makes matters worse for the Horsemen is that they gave up their third goal on their very own power play. M.Pinella tied the game fairly late with a man short for the Kentucky Blue. And then just to put the icing on the cake, T.Oliveira would put the final dagger on the Kentucky Blue's power play.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fares Benhamadi of the Hellfish. If there is one player than can be relied on for the Hellfish, F.Benhamadi is that player. Once again he stirred things up notching half of his teams goals for the hat trick in a 6-4 win over Les Raymonds.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday June 4

A.Zarzour hat trick completes perfect night for Les Reds

Les Reds rode A.Zarzour's hat trick by the second game to collect a pair of straight wins over the Tocas. Despite trailing in the opening contest, Les Reds made a push notching two late goals in both frames for a slight 2-1 victory. That game looked to be headed for overtime until a late mishap enabled M-A Piche to take advantage. Even though the Tocas had the opportunity to erase a heart breaking loss, they just couldn't keep pace with a more determined side. Les Reds got the early jump thanks to a pair of first period tallies-from A.Zarzour. Then, with only one period remaining, the energy levels started to show with Les Reds out running and out playing the Tocas. A.Zarzour finally netted his hat trick on a perfect feed -from M.Zarzour, who set up two quick goals during that frame. This is a fourth straight win for Les Reds after dropping their first two of the season.

(1)Tocas vs Les Reds(2)

(6)Les Reds vs Tocas(3)

M.Palmieri shutout helps split matters with Punishers

If not for his brilliant opening game performance, the Mighty Boyz would have struggled to get any points on this night. M.Pacifico and his captain J.Palmitano each scored in the first encounter while Palmieri was sharper than a razor blade between the pipes to earn a shutout. The Punishers, although were snake bitten knew that it was only a question of time before erupting. The second game was when the flood gates opened with both sides trading plenty of chances resulting in ten goals combined. A.Dayan sparked two quick markers for a 4-2 Punishers lead after one period. The Mighty Boyz then somehow battled back with two straight of their own only to find themselves trailing seconds later. It was C.Gingras's power play goal and ensuing insurance marker that would eventually decide the outcome.

(0)Punishers vs Mighty Boyz(2)

(4)Mighty Boyz vs Punishers (6)

Degenerates dazzle their way through the 1 Timer

By applying some basic ball control, the Degenerates would create enough chances to oust the 1 Timer twice on Monday night. N.Goncalves and J.Pantelis were dynamic combining for five points in the first game resulting in a 4-1 decision. Still, the end goal wasn't accomplished and the Degenerates were thirsty for more knowing that they played an overall solid game. At no point did they take the 1 Timer for granted. In the first seven minutes alone, P.Paikopoulos, known as the snipester, bagged two out of his clubs three goals. That kind of lead provided more than enough of a cushion for the two wins despite a wild second period.

(1)1 Timer vs Degenerates (4)

(7)Degenerates vs 1 Timer(4)

Dr Block open season with 7-0 blowout

Dr Block rolled a 7-0 thumping to the hands of Les Carmoni. Who better than the captain to lead the way as D.Provost posted three goals along with a helper in the first encounter while adding another by the second game for a 3-1 result. Les Carmoni went nearly four full periods before finally getting on board. Several players earned a few points on this night. J.P Noth being one of them striking three times as part of a seven point performance while L.Provost also buried a pair. With this being only their first week of the season, teams will immediately get the attention of the Dr Block, who looked quite impressive on Monday night.

(0)Carmoni vs Dr Block(7)

(3)Dr Block vs Carmoni(1)

F.Pace's late ripper provides extra point for Vitamin C

Both teams looked like they were each trading a win. But with time winding down in the second contest, F.Pace changed all that. The veteran d-man used a hard low slap shot that just found its way behind L-P Beaupre. Vitamin C just came off a 4-1 win before sending the second game into extra time thanks to their captain. By then, it was up to the goaltenders to take over. S.Sauk had a good start denying the first shot attempt but couldn't deny the next two. On the flip side, L-P Beaupre stood his ground needing to stop only two shooters. The Chic Choc didn't have their best night but won't be complaining knowing that they could have gone empty handed.

(1)Chic Choc vs Vitamin C(4)

(3)Vitamin C vs Chic Choc(5) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andre Zarzour of Les Reds. By using his hands of magic, the highly skilled veteran makes it look so easy at times. Les Reds collected two clean wins with the help of Zarzour's three goals and one assist.

E Division

Sunday May 3

(4)Butchers vs Fatal Demons(8)

Fatal Demons pull away in third to double up Butchers

There was only so much the Butchers could have done on Sunday night. By going up against a stacked Fatal Demons team with only eight players can only spell disaster when it's said and done. However, it wasn't until the late stages of the second period when the margin started to widen. P.Paikopoulos buried his second for a 4-2 lead and despite K.Kersaint responding for the Butchers, the Fatal Demons would never look back adding four more tallies. D.Ugaldez scored twice in the third period for a hat trick. For long stretches, the Fatal Demons dictated the pace putting the Butchers on their heels. If not for G.Zapatelli's brilliant performance, this contest would have gone out of hand early on. The Butchers understand and will need to make it a point to come fully loaded if they plan on getting any sort of success this season.

(5)Lynx vs HC Mutts(4) O.T

HC Mutts four third period goals not enough to beat Lynx

Depending on how they want to look at it, the HC Mutts can take positives despite dropping this contest. They finally found their groove early in the third period when they got on the score sheet. Four different players found the back of the net to overcome a 0-2 deficit before sending the match into overtime. In hopes of carrying that sort of momentum, the HC Mutts nearly got it done with a golden opportunity. Instead, S.Catalano made a spectacular save which enabled M.Nols to walk in and riffle a wicked wrist shot to beat J.Capaldo. The Lynx looked fine for two periods getting most of their offense- from R.Beaver and J.Labadie as both players combined for seven points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Michael Nols of the Lynx. With the game on the line, M.Nols put everything on his wrist shot to decide a hard fought battle with the HC Mutts.

E Division

Thursday May 31

(1)Les Rouuuges vs Mighty Drunks(5)

Mighty Drunks roll all over Les Rouuuges

If things looked promising only a week ago in their shootout win over the Bramabulls, the same can't be said in tonight's case for Les Rouuuges. The Mighty Drunks showcased a relentless and complete game that made them look like an opponent few teams want to play. The game was put out of reach early in the second period with the help of J-P Bertrand's second goal for a substantial 4-0 lead. Still, Les Rouuuges couldn't get out of their funk and only got on board when the contest was way out of reach. After showing a near perfect display in net, O.Caillet saw his shutout taken away with just over three minutes remaining.

(3)SBS Trashers vs Carnage (2)

Joseph Scalia plays for the big moments

Despite a quiet night on the score sheet, Joseph Scalia made his single tie breaking goal count on Thursday night. Carnage fought hard to battle back-from a 0-2 deficit only to see it disappear into thin air. They worked a solid power play getting both goals-from S.Giannoulakis and J.Bourlakos. In hopes of building off that confidence for a better fate, a disappointing end followed instead. Both net minders did more than their part with R.Pampena getting the slight edge over his counterpart B.Madonis. The win came also with the help of F.Gentile's three points that included two perfect feeds.

(7)Bramabulls vs Nighthawks (2)

Nighthawks hang on as long as they could

For about two periods and change, the Nighthawks kept idle with last season's champions. However, unless they played a perfect game along with lights out goaltending-from R.Ranieri, there was almost no chance that they would prevail. The Bramabulls carried a slight 3-2 third period lead that went into overdrive by the end of the match.  They added four straight markers with no replies-from a beaten tired side. J.Palmitano, M.Testolina and D.Verta, three players that played together all game combined for a massive fifteen points. Even though the Nighthawks formulated a tight checking game plan, it's inevitable that those three particular will find a way.

(4)Chaos vs JLR Brossard(10)

Wild first period was as close as it got for Chaos

Surely both sides did not expect seven goals in only one period alone. Prior to the night, the men in orange had tallied only once in two games before erupting three times by the end of the frame. The only problem was that the JLR Brossard did it one better for a 4-3 lead. The question at that point would be if Chaos can continue to score knowing that the JLR Brossard would get their share of goals. Unfortunately, they hit a wall going empty handed until the final instances of the match. With so many weapons to choose- from, Y.Gazura, K.Tsoukalas scored the most with hat tricks but Gazura did lead the way collecting seven points. As for Chaos, M.Roach, K.Agapitos and M.Villeneuve did a fine job earning two points each.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fil Gentile of the SBS Trashers. In a close 3-2 win over Carnage, F.Gentile was involved in every goal scoring once while setting up two teammates.

D & F divisions

Wednesday May 30

(7)Fat Roy vs Kentucky Blue(1)

B.Deslauriers rings up 4 goal game

B.Deslauriers tortured the Kentucky Blue goaltending corps throughout Wednesdays match up, scoring four goals in what was an unexpected lopsided affair versus the Kentucky Blue. His dominant night helped improve Fat Roy's good start to the season's 2-0 record, with the club scoring 16 goals in only two games. The Kentucky Blue's only answer came in the first period thanks to James Tutino. It's somewhat uncharacteristic for the Kentucky Blue to score only one goal considering the way their offense has been piling it on since the previous season. Perhaps it was just a question of a bad night coupled with the fact that Fat Roy isn't a pushover squad.

(5)Golden Knights vs Horsemen (4)

Strong second half guides Golden Knights past Horsemen

Backed by Y.St.Georges three goals and L.Laroque's pair of tallies, the Golden Knights were able to edge out the Horsemen. They survived a 2-0 scare by responding in a big way as of the second portion of the match. Once they levelled the score after two frames, the snow ball effect continued its motion by the third. The Horsemen had the better start and a decent finish posting two goals but were nowhere to be seen throughout the second period and long stretches of the third. The loss came with scoring efforts from- four different players.

(0)Fat Cats vs Punishers (4)

P.Karvouriaris and N.Mackeen at it again

It's always nice to know that both goal scoring and goaltending can be relied on. And even though it's only their second game so far, the Punishers have no doubt that P.Karvouriaris will continue his pace up front while N.Mackeen will take care of the back end. The Punishers won every period and didn't give up much to a team limited to only 21 shots. The dagger came late in the second period when Karvouriaris doubled the lead for the Punishers. By then, the Fat Cats focused on nothing more than to get that one goal but kept getting denied every time. M.Arkalis and C.Gingras also added tallies for the Punishers, who look staked and promising only two games into the season.

(6)Winter Soldiers vs Les Raymonds(2)

N.Gikas's slick hands lights up hat trick

One of the Winter Soldiers key players showed what he was all about on Wednesday night. N.Gikas scored three goals and added two assists in a 6-2 rout of Les Raymonds. The skilled forward worked his magic-from the get go doing pretty much anything he wanted. The score was already 3-0 after fifteen minutes of play with Gikas involved in every goal. Les Raymonds did have a better second frame winning it 1-0 but fell back by the third giving up three more tallies.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yannick St-Georges of the Golden Knights. In a game that could have gone either way, Y.St-Georges was the main reason why the Golden Knights got the better of the Horsemen. The forward scored three goals that included two in the third with one of them being the winner.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday May 28

F.Gaudet-Peloquin shines in both games versus United Arms

Goaltenders usually get too much credit for the good and too much blame for the bad. But in tonight's case, the Chic Choc net minder warrants the praise as he stood tall allowing all but one goal. After giving up his lone tally early in the opening game, the Chic Choc eventually responded and never looked back. Y.Belkassem had a multi goal performance while M.Ethier was behind setting up three goals en route to a 4-1 victory. The United Arms had the opportunity to put it behind them in the second encounter. Unfortunately, they were stuck trying to kill a penalty that resulted into a goal instead. S.Scott took advantage with a power play marker before setting up M.Ethier moments later. Unable to turn the tables, the United Arms felt their final blow when E.Gaem struck early in the second period, also with the man advantage. By then, it was about time management for the Chic Choc, who had no issues protecting their lead that enabled F.Gaudet-Peloquin to earn a shutout.

(4)Chic Choc vs United Arms(1)

(0)United Arms vs Chic Choc(3)

F.Nasser sets tone, Les Reds take both matches against Carmoni

F.Nasser picked up from-where he left off only a week ago, this time posting a hat trick to kick start the night for Les Reds. The only thing missing in the opening contest was a shutout by C.Malkoun, who nearly got it with 90 seconds left in the game. A.Zarzour set up two goals, and J.Constantin made sure to seal it by feeding a yawning cage. Les Carmoni weren't pleased with what had just transpired and hoped to rebound in the second contest to finish on a better note. Instead, it was the same song and dance reoccurring. Les Reds showed clearly that they were the better of the two sides handing les Carmoni another convincing loss. They struck five times with scoring efforts-from different players. It came in a losing cause, but D.Desmarais did provide both goals for Les Carmoni.

(4)Les Reds vs Carmoni(1)

(2)Carmoni vs Les Reds(5)

Mighty Drunks heavy response split wins with Tocas

After dropping the opening contest, the Mighty Drunks cooled off the Tocas to split the miniseries. The Tocas looked to be going nowhere early on after giving up two straight goals in less than three minutes. Then, with one play looking nicer than the other, the tides shifted, and the Mighty Drunks had no answers giving up six consecutive goals. R.Elias and C.Maltese had a major hand in the win as both players scored a pair of beauties each en route to a 6-3 win. As gratifying as that win came to be, the night wasn't over yet. The Mighty Drunks made it a point to bounce back-from an embarrassing loss. And although it took some time, the flood gates would eventually open by the final frame. The Tocas had played three solid periods before looking ordinary in the final stretch. P.Arkalis took matters into his own hands striking twice while adding his third late in the game for a hat trick. One good period was all it took for the Mighty Drunks to earn three points after a slow start to the night.

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Tocas(6)

(1)Tocas vs Mighty Drunks(6)

Hustlers keep proving they are a step ahead of everyone

Entering the night, the Corporation knew they would have their hands full versus the Hustlers. Even though they struck first, it really didn't matter in the end. The Hustlers would eventually do their thing by creating numbers resulting in goal after goal. D.Bertrand found the back of the net three times, and P.Assadi along with A.Stamiris collected three assists each. The second contest was just a carbon copy of the first one. Everything was close to being identical. The score was 6-2 and the Hustlers kept creating odd man rushes leaving the Corporation in limbo. This time, A.Stamiris led the goal scoring department with two markers while P.Assadi got credited the winner by finding himself in his office, which is behind the other teams defence.

(2)The Corporation vs Hustlers(6)

(6)Hustlers vs The Corporation (2)

Captain S.Sicuso caps off night by delivering two winners

It's not often a defensemen gets you that big goal for the winner, but S.Sicuso was able to do it twice versus the Vitamin C on Monday night. However, prior to the madness, the Vitamin C had all the indicators that they would prevail, at least in the opening contest. They won every loose ball and controlled most of the play that justified a 3-0 score after one period. By that point, the Degenerates sent a clear message to one another that they wouldn't go down that easy, even if they though the comeback seemed like a long shot. But crazier things have happened before and the Degenerates knew they had life when S.Sicuso got them on board. Then, in the short span of only 30 seconds, L.Folini set up P.Paikopoulos both times to level the score. The match was only one minute shy of overtime when Sicuso riffled a slap shot to beat S.Sauk. With that kind of momentum, the Degenerates made sure to not repeat the same mistake. They had the better start by grabbing the lead once again-from their captain. S.Sicuso's breaking ball styled slap shot somehow found its way behind S.Sauk. The Vitamin C, despite being down, had well over a period for the equaliser only to hit a wall. P.Assadi didn't have the start he wanted but definitely earned the end result by shutting the door for three straight periods.

(4)Degenerates vs Vitamin C(3)

(0) Vitamin C vs Degenerates(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastian Sicuso of the Degenerates. In both games versus the Vitamin C, the veteran defenseman decided the outcomes with two slap shots that had eyes.

E Division

Thursday May 24

(0)Chaos vs Carnage (8)

Carnage rout defenceless Chaos, 8-0

Carnage caught Chaos flat footed on Thursday night. Despite the lopsided score, this contest only took off as off the four minute mark of the second period for Carnage. S.Longo posted two quick goals that virtually convinced both sides that his game was done. Prior to his tallies, G.Gaitanis had scored twice as well while completing his hat trick shortly after Longo made it 4-0.Games like this aren't pleasant when you're on the losing side, especially for the net minders. R.Picard felt like a dart board being shelled numerous times. As for his counterpart, S.Sauk confidently made enough saves to earn a shutout.

(4)Les Rouuuges vs Bramabulls(3) S.O

Bramabulls rally 0-2 down before dropping shootout

F.Nasser and A.Henien scored in a shootout, and Les Rouuuges beat the recent champs after squandering a 2-0 lead. The Bramabulls were plagued by a slow start and looked to be going empty handed for two periods. But with the second frame winding down, B.Sansotta used a blistering slap shot to give his club life heading into the third period. The question at that point became who and when would the equaliser occur. Surely they felt confident and why not with the group of guys they have. After setting up his clubs first goal, C.Fragkiudakis wasn't done yet as his perfect feed found D.Verta to level the match. Neither side was than able to get it done in overtime despite the Bramabulls controlling most of the play.

(7)JLR Brossard vs Nighthawks(5)

N.Goncalves sharp shooting torment's Nighthawks

Some things just can't be thought. It's one thing to do it once and another to do it twice, but when three of your goals come with such precision, it's definitely due to a skill set that most players don't have. The JLR Brossard are fully loaded already and N.Goncalves shows that he fits right in playing with the right type of players. He did get plenty of help-from P.Assadi, who set him up all three times while adding a fourth feed late in the game. This match was close for a while until the late stages of the second period where the Nighthawks couldn't keep pace.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fadel Nasser of Les Rouuuges. From-setting up the first goal while notching the second, F.Nasser brought it a step further by bagging one of his clubs two shootout markers in a close 4-3 win over the Bramabulls.

D & F divisions

Wednesday May 23

(3)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(6)

Kentucky Blue second half surge too much for Hellfish

Three second period goals provided the spark they needed for the Kentucky Blue on Wednesday night. R.Montinaro's power play goal was the first of many more to come with James Tutino netting the dagger only seconds before the second period ended. All that momentum simply carried over into the third with T.Oliveira bagging his second of the contest. The Hellfish had a good start to the night posting two power play markers and kept their lead till the mid way point of the match. It's not characteristic for the Hellfish to fall apart the way they did, but that's not to take away-from the Kentucky Blue, who seem to have the tools to get it done.

(1)Winter Soldiers vs Fat Cats(3)

G.DeMarinis scores two goals as Fat Cats top Winter Soldiers

G.DeMarinis scored twice, and D.Brunetti provided the winner on the power play as the Fat Cats get themselves in the win column. The Fat Cats, along with G.Sangiovanni made it very difficult for the Winter Soldiers to get on board. There only tally came when it was a little too late courtesy of A.Kakivelis. By then, the score was 3-1 and the Fat Cats just tightened up to run out the clock. Tensions started to heat up by the latter stages of the game with both sides taking their fair share of penalties. It's not the start they wanted, but the Winter Soldiers won't be too concerned with the talent they have.

(3)Punishers vs Team Haiti(2)

P.Karvouriaris scores all three goals in Punishers tight win over Team Haiti

P.Karvouriaris really felt it on Wednesday night. The skilled forward was in rhythm all game long that resulted in all three goals for the Punishers. His first one came with the man advantage that snapped a scoreless drought in the second period. With both sides keeping it close, the third period did open up a little as both teams traded two goals each. H.Merone finally solved N.Mackeen later in the frame only to see that margin disappear seconds later when P.Karvouriaris buried his hat trick.

(9)Fat Roy vs Golden Knights (3)

Fat Roy upend Golden Knights with early flurry

After striking twice in the first period, Fat Roy lost sight of the Golden Knights by the second where they bagged four straight markers. At no point did Fat Roy slow down. Even by the third period despite not winning the frame exchanging three goals apiece. J.Pantelis had an easy night with three tallies while B.Deslauriers and A.Jalilvand were right behind him bagging a pair each. Fat Roy enjoyed their opening night collecting a convincing win. As for the Golden Knights, work needs to be done as they'll try and end a short slide.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris of the Punishers. In a tight 3-2 battle vs Team Haiti, the skilled forward scored all three goals to decide the outcome.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday May 21

St.Pats recover after slow start

In what was not a pleasant debut, the St.Pats pulled out the stops in the second period of the opening game to collect at least a point in the standings. They overcame a 3-0 deficit with goals only three minutes apart before settling for a draw. D.Desmarais had a monster game for Les Carmoni collecting points on every goal while netting his clubs lone shootout marker. The second contest was similar to the first one with Les Carmoni striking first. Then, before the period ended, S.Minkiewicz levelled the contest just shy of the buzzer. Neither side was than able to figure out the net minders in the following frame which led to a second straight breakaway competition. Out of the six combined shootout attempts, J.Formato was the only player to get it right. The St.Pats forward was able to score in both shootouts as the only player to figure out J.Meynard. The St.Pats managed to collect one win along with a tie by never once leading throughout the entire night.

(4)St.Pats vs Carmoni(4) S.O

(1)Carmoni vs St.Pats(2) S.O

Chic Choc edge out 1 Timer twice to kick start season

After grinding out a hard fought shootout win, the Chic Choc decided to go for a double. However, it wasn't till the latter stages of the second game where they pulled it together. The 1 Timer appeared to be in good shape for a very long stretch with G.Blais visioning a shutout up until they eventually fell off a cliff. Once L-P Beaupre broke the ice, the Chic Choc couldn't be stopped. That tally sparked D.Trinque to provide two quick goals handing the 1 Timer another devastating defeat. It may not be the start they wanted, but the 1 Timer know that both games could have easily gone either way.

(2)1 Timer vs Chic Choc(3) S.O

(3)Chic Choc vs 1 Timer(2)

Mighty Boyz run out of gas in split decision with Hustlers

If not for their electric start to the game, the Mighty Boyz risked going empty handed in their season debut with the recent champs. Instead, they came out charging resulting in three straight goals that barley held up in the end. J.Palmitano and M.Testolina, two names that will be often mentioned combined for all three goals that included a pair of bullets-from Palmitano. The Hustlers did begin their comeback posting two markers only to fall short. Even though they dropped the opening contest, the Hustlers felt very confident that they would respond with a victory. The Mighty Boyz didn't have the body count required to go the distance and it showed as they got bounced giving up five goals by the last period. P.Assadi led all teammates using his patented wrist shot bagging four goals while A.Stamiris added some mustard to his shots to beat M.Palmieri on two occasions.

(3)Mighty Boyz vs Hustlers(2)

(7)Hustlers vs Mighty Boyz(2)

C.Gingras enjoys a field day of hockey

C.Gingras, legitimately, never ceases to amaze. When you are that good, everyone tends to pay attention to you but maybe not in the case of Les Reds. They only realised it too late with the star player scoring along the lines of about eight goals in two games.  Maybe a tighter game plan would have helped. Nevertheless, he would still find his way on the score sheet numerous times no matter how you try and play him, especially with the fact of having a solid supporting cast. The good news for Les Reds is that they won't be confronting the Punishers in the playoffs as both teams are in different divisions. There only bright moment came when M.Piche was able to solve F.Russo for the only time in the night.

(0)Les Reds vs Punishers (5)

(6)Punishers vs Les Reds(1)

Captain S.Marricco beats the buzzer carrying the Tocas to a pair of victories

Leave it to the captain to get the job done. S.Marricco avoided the extra time by riffling his second just shy of the buzzer. This was one game that the United Arms shouldn't have dropped. A.Atamian had put his club up 2-1 with only 50 seconds left on the clock before things completely fell apart. R.Lavoie responded with an equaliser moments later, and S.Marricco put the final dagger to hand the United Arms a sour defeat. Unable to recover, the Tocas took advantage of a deflated side. The contest was nine minutes old when R.Elias provided a comfortable 3-0 lead with a power play goal. C.Maltese opened and closed the scoring while setting up his captain, and G.Castilloux was sharp in net allowing only three goals in two games.

(2)United Arms vs Tocas(3)

(5)Tocas vs Unite Arms(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sandro Marricco of the Tocas. The captain led the way posting two game winning goals that included a buzzer beater in the opening match versus the United Arms.

E Division

Thursday May 17

(3)Les Rouuuges vs SBS Trashers(5)

Two late goals power SBS Trashers despite short bench

Somehow, the SBS Trashers had enough legs in their tight 5-3 win over Les Rouuuges. The game was winding down till its final moments when the captain came through for the Trashers. E Panzera snapped the late tie, and A.Neri put the match to rest right after for his second of the night. Les Rouuuges, although had a sluggish start falling behind 2-0, was able to bounce back with three straight goals only to let it slip away. They failed to take advantage of a depleted side with only two changes to their bench. By managing their minutes properly along with brilliant goaltending-from R.Pampena, the SBS Trashers are very pleased with their season debut. F.Gentile set up three goals while P.Manousos struck twice.

(8)Mighty Drunks vs Chaos(1)

Chaos stuck shaking off rust

It's what came to be expected for a club that hasn't seen action in a while. Chaos had barely time to get their feet wet when this game was already out of reach. The Mighty Drunks stormed out of the gate sparking three first period goals, and added two more before conceding their only tally. It's a bad sign when S.Sicuso is able to score twice for any opponent. But crazier things have happened, and tonight was just one of those nights that Chaos will need to shake off. Other notables include D.Xiarchos and M.Gibeault as both players each scored twice for the Mighty Drunks.

(7)JLR Brossard vs Carnage(3)

JLR Brossard break open as of mid way point of match

It took some time but the JLR Brossard managed to shred the Carnage defence. They definitely have the fire power up front along with a strong core defence and stubborn goaltender. Once J.Pantelis tipped in a power play goal for a 2-1 lead, the game broke wide open for the JLR Brossard. N.Goncalves and P.Assadi had multi goal performances. Nearly every player participated in the scoring that just suggests how balanced they are. Even though they didn't get the result, Carnage made things difficult for a very long while due to their ability to roll three lines.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Remo Pampena of the SBS Trashers. Knowing that many of his key players were missing in action, the net minder was absolutely stellar on Thursday night. He pushed away close to 30 shots giving his club every possible chance to steal the game.

United Armenians winners of F2 division

Wednesday May 9 (F2 Finals)

(0)Venom vs United Armenians (4) Game 2

United Armenians back on even terms after long wait

On this night, the value of playoff experience was on full display. Sure they were sour about losing 5-3 a week ago to fall behind in the series, but instead of wasting time wondering what might have been, the United Armenians buckled down defensively and pulled out a 4-0 shutout victory. One of the key elements was to try and get that first goal. Both sides played to a scoreless opening frame before C.Fragkiudakis ended the spell five minutes into the second period. It took over a period of hockey-from that point on for the next goal with neither side able to find the back of the net. The United Armenians knew they weren't out of the woods just yet and made sure to secure all doubts when they erupted with three late markers. G.Follano had an up and down game one, but his solid play between the pipes is one of the biggest reasons why this series is back on even footing.

(3)United Armenians vs Venom(0) Game 3

United Armenians defy odds with back to back shutouts, winners of F2 division

It's not that they didn't believe they could win, but the United Armenians may not have expected to blank Venom twice to capture a difficult championship. With the United Armenians rolling three lines while getting the expected goaltending-from G.Follano, Venom felt that they were under siege throughout the entire night. Clearly the United Armenians meant business and came out to play knowing that it was a do or die situation. For a second straight game, they grabbed the lead and used it to their advantage. Y.Derohannessian proved to be the spark plug needed in this particular game as the crafty forward participated in all three goals that included a pair. All the work and effort put in-from the opening faceoff of the night, added up for the United Armenians. G.Follano was brilliant yet again, and Gabi Missakian applied the right game plan in order to get his club to bounce back and succeed .On behalf of, congratulations go out to Gabi Missakian and the United Armenians for capturing the F2 Wednesday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gerry Follano of the United Armenians. In the two most important games of the season, G.Follano was absolutely dynamite not allowing a goal.

Red Lite winners of Premier division

Monday May 7 (Finals)

(3)P-Ball vs Red Lite(4) O.T Game 3

K.Kuczmarski bats in a beauty to close out series, Red Lite crowned Champions

Trailing by three goals after an ugly first period, the P-Ball rallied to tie the game 4-4 only to see it vanish by overtime. Even though the push was great for the P-Ball, it just wasn't good enough in the end. The sudden death frame was only two minutes old when K.Kuczmarki's incredible eye hand coordination came into play. The Red Lite forward made something that looks so difficult so incredibly easy by batting the ball right past P-O Girouard. Prior to the goal, J.Gagne will be wondering for a while how he missed two golden opportunities to extend the series. The P-Ball captain wasted no time-from the overtime face off creating two very good chances for himself only to get denied twice by C.Lantin. This was the first of three games that could have easily gone either way. Unfortunately for the P-Ball, they didn't get that extra break necessary to make a series of it. Red Lite did the right thing by getting the better start which only put the pressure on their opponents to respond. They got scoring efforts-from five different players that included a sweet back hand breakaway goal-from J.Daoust. In the end, like good teams often do, they find ways to win. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Carl Ghilarducci and Red Lite for adding more hardware to their already full trophy cases.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Kuczmarski of Red Lite. By using his instincts and hand eye coordination, the Red Lite forward batted the series winning goal only two minutes into overtime.

Hellfish winners of F3 Wednesday division

Wednesday May 2 (F3 Finals)

(4)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(3) Game 1

Late Hellfish tally burns Kentucky Blue

There really wasn't much separating the two sides with everything being equal. But as time was winding down to its final seconds, the Hellfish cracked the barrier on a goal thanks to their captain. M.Zitella usually takes care of his clubs back end but tonight he brought it a step further by providing the go ahead marker that secured a 1-0 series lead. The Hellfish did a fine job limiting a solid offense like the Kentucky Blue to only three goals while shutting them out in the third period. The win came as expected for the Hellfish. They got balanced scoring and made sure to apply their defensive system to frustrate their opponent.

(9)Kentucky Blue vs Hellfish(5) Game 2

Desperate Kentucky Blue responds to adversity

It was a level of desperation that didn't show in the previous game for the Kentucky Blue. There will to win was obvious-from the get go and who better than their sniper to take charge and lead the way. This contest was only fifteen minutes old when T.Oliveira did more in that one period that most players would need a whole season to achieve. His three goals made the score 3-1 which helped enable his teammates to feed off and continue-from where he left off. The Kentucky Blue had a massive offensive output striking three times with the man advantage and never once let go of the gas pedal adding three more by the third period. By then, Oliveira added two more tallies to finish with five goals while R.Estrela was just as heavy in the action collecting an impressive six points. The Hellfish used their strengths to capture game one but weren't able to contain the Kentucky Blue's strengths in game two.

(1)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(0) Game 3

Hellfish regain identity to capture F3 division title

It was clear by now that both sides knew what they needed to do in order to capture the most important game of the season. For the Hellfish, they had no choice to erase what just happened and stick to their game plan while the Kentucky Blue would simply approach this contest like they did in the previous game. The question became which of the two systems would prevail?  After pounding the Hellfish with nine goals, the Kentucky Blue found themselves hitting a wall. The Hellfish got back to their old habits making things very difficult for their opponents while patiently waiting for an opportunity. Just over seven minutes went by when C.Dapoulias got the Hellfish on board. Still, the Kentucky Blue had more than enough time to respond but kept facing the same problems. At no point did the Hellfish break away from-their game plan which led to a perfect game for their net minder B.Berducci. This is the second straight series that the Hellfish needed a game three result in order to pass. When teams have their backs to the wall and somehow pull through, it just goes to show how good teams will find a way to win. In tonight's case and throughout the playoffs, the Hellfish was that team and deserved everything they accomplished. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Mark Zitella and the Hellfish for winning the F3 Wednesday division championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Dapoulias of the Hellfish. His game three lone goal made the entire difference in a series that could have easily gone either way.

Wednesday May 2 (F2 Finals)

(3)United Armenians vs Venom(5) Game 1

United Armenians dig themselves a hole, unable to recover

The United Armenians were hoping for a better start to their series with Venom. Unfortunately it wasn't even close as they fell behind 3-0 before finally getting on board. From-the get go, Venom showed that they meant business dominating the first two frames for a 4-1 lead. J.Quesnel scored twice during that span while J.Parisella and J.Courteau chipped in as well. Despite things not going so well for the United Armenians they did show signs of life early in the third period when they bagged their second power play goal. But the damage had already been done by then as Venom clamped down defensively and played out the clock. With this loss, the United Armenians will have a week to collect their thoughts, and will need to come out bold in hopes of levelling the series.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Julien Quesnel-Vinet of Venom. The slick forward got the ball rolling with the first goal of the night while adding his second as the only multi goal scorer.

Premier division finals

Monday April 30 (Finals)

(4) Red Lite vs P-Ball(1) Game 2

P-Ball still seeking answers after dropping two straight

Sometimes a team can take some solace in a particular statistic, but the P-Ball will struggle to take away any positives-from their two losses versus Red Lite. The list of negatives are piling on, and unless they figure out on how to improve moving forward, this series won't last very long. They did adjust by avoiding many trips to the penalty box but still lost even strength battles that resulted in four goals. The contest was tied 1-1 till J.Daoust regained the lead for Red Lite. Then, with only a period remaining, O.Levasseur reassured the win despite their being six minutes left on the clock. No one in particular stole the show in the victory. Red Lite got scoring efforts-from four different players, and a solid goaltending display by C.Lantin, who denied all but one goal. Now that the series is two games to none in favour of Red Lite, its almost safe to say that an extraordinary set of circumstances will need to take place if the P-Ball plan on winning this thing. There approach will need to be focused only on what to do in game three rather than thinking too ahead.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Christian Lantin of Red Lite. The net minder remained cool and collective stopping nearly every shot he faced to earn a big win for his club.

Underdogs winners of 4vs4 Division 2

Monday April 23 (Division 2 final)

Underdogs pull it off with incredible comeback

When the Rebels scored two quick goals for a 3-0 second period lead, they had all but sealed to even the series with the Underdogs. Somehow it wasn't over and the Underdogs stormed back with three straight goals in only five minutes to force a shootout. They won the first game rather easily with a 5-2 result and needed only this contest to secure the championship. By sending F.Nasser and M-A Haber, the Underdogs decisions paid off with both players scoring in the breakaways. The Rebels didn't have the same luck unable to solve C.Malkoun, who denied both shootout attempts. Even though the Underdogs grabbed their 1-0 series lead, they knew that the second one would be that much harder to win. As the series turned into a battle of wills, the Underdogs put forth a burst of desperation in what was a remarkable comeback. Throughout both games, M-A Haber was their most productive player collecting a total of five points along with a shootout marker. In the end, it wasn't for nothing that the Underdogs finished first place in the regular season. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Joseph Constantin and the Underdogs for capturing the 4vs4 division championship.

(5)Underdogs vs Rebels(2) Game 1

(3)Rebels vs Underdogs(5) S.O Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M-A Haber. There was no denying that the number 18 showed up to play like he always does. Tonight, he was involved in so many ways that resulted in 5 points and a shootout goal.

Premier division finals

Monday April 23 (Finals)

(2)P-Ball vs Red Lite(5) Game 1

Red Lite makes an early statement

Maybe it can be argued that it's only game one of a best of five series, but Red Lite know how to win when it counts. This match just goes to show that the regular season record between both sides means absolutely nothing, at least for Red Lite. They were clearly the better of the two sides and it showed early on when they jumped to a 1-0 lead. Most of the damage occurred by the second frame where they broke the game wide open with three answered goals. The P-Ball isn't used to being snake bitten, and had to endure the frustrations of not getting on board until it was too late. There only bright spot came when their captain J.Gagne scored twice in a very short span. If there is one area that the P-Ball will address internally moving forward is their commitment to avoid taking as many penalties as possible. Tonight, they gave up three out of their five goals on the power play. K.Kuczmarski, M.David and Y.Labonte, who had a two goal night, each scored with the man advantage.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Kuczmarski of Red Lite. The crafty forward struck early and was dominant on the power play collecting a total of three points.

Brew Crew winners of E Sunday division

Sunday April 22

(3)Brew Crew vs Shockers(1) Game 1

Brew Crew set tone, capitalize on power play in game 1

The Brew Crew administered a thorough whipping on their special teams to jump start the series. They scored twice on four occasions and squelched the Shockers man advantage killing off four straight penalties .By the end of the match, D.Verta and S.Fabrici took full advantage of the opportunities while the Shockers missed out on their chances. Verta went on to add his second late in the game to secure the win. The Shockers did have plenty of shots and chances only to hit a hot net minder. C.Muccino earned the victory after allowing only a first period goal by T.Salberg.

(6)Shockers vs Brew Crew(3) Game 2

Power play comes to life in must win game for Shockers

The Shockers struggled mightily with the man advantage in their previous game. But after making the necessary adjustments, the reverse effect happened. Even though the Brew Crew took plenty of trips to the penalty box, they were never able to kill it off. All six Shockers goals came on the special teams with the first five on the power play. J.Blunt made his chances count by bagging a pair. The story of the match however was no other than M.Blackman. He was able to once again put a fingerprint on the result by scoring while setting up four goals. This contest was close and leveled 3-3 until two late goals by the second period doomed the Brew Crew.

(1)Brew Crew vs Shockers(0) O.T Game 3

C.Moutafis caps off a thrilling final with OT winner

Everyone imagines scoring a championship goal at some point in time. It's the last goal scored of the season and its sets off a lifetime of memories. In tonight's case, C.Moutafis captured the moment as the only player to find the back of the net. Unlike the two previous games, both sides played a little more cautious trying to avoid going to the penalty box. As expected, the net minders shined and the defense was extremely alert in hopes of avoiding mistakes. However, no matter how careful a team could be, something is bound to happen. The overtime period was only 1:30 old when C.Moutafis lifted the hearts of his teammates notching the biggest goal of the season. This series had everything possible that you would expect- from two competing teams.  It had plenty of goals, lots of penalties resulting in special teams, solid defense and outstanding goaltending. And what better way to close it off by going the extra mile in a game three overtime. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Chris Palermo and the Brew Crew for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Moutafis. His teammates won't forget that one single play that ultimately decided the championship.

Bramabulls winners of Masters's 35+ division

Friday April 20 (Finals)

(6)National vs Bramabulls(2) Game 1

National draw first blood with game one win over Bulls

The Bramabulls talked at length throughout the course of the week on how to try and contain a team that's running on all cylinders. Unfortunately, it didn't translate in this particular game. National did what they do best and that is to utilise their speed. After a scoreless opening period, the game broke wide open with National capping the frame 3-2.Then in the span of only one minute, the Bramabulls knew they needed to rely on the next game in order to bounce back. C.Dagenais and his captain M.Pinheiro each scored during an early third period span to put the game out of reach. That was the National's captain second of the game as the only multi goal scorer of the contest.

(7)Bramabulls vs National(6) S.O Game 2

G.Follano plays for the big games, dominates the shootout once again

J.Morina ran slowly back and forth toward the net, showing forehand, then leaning quickly to the left to fake a backhand before slipping it right in the top corner. In what was a must win situation versus a solid hockey team, and with everyone eagerly watching what would happen, the Bramabulls star player was a big reason why this series got extended. As huge as that goal would appear to be, his shorthanded marker in the third period may have been the series saving moment. National had the championship in their hands up 5-3 while being on the power play only to see it slowly slip away.The Bramabulls would eventually level the game on a power play goal by their captain A.DiPerna. Even though a shootout can be argued to be a 50-50 situation, every Bramabulls player was confident enough that G.Follano would pull them through. The net minder can barely remember losing in those circumstances after being there many times before.

(0)National vs Bramabulls(1) Game 3

P.Charbonneau scores unforgettable championship goal

With overtime looming in a scoreless game three mini game, the Bramabulls d-man delivered a moment of brilliance that won't soon be forgotten on either side of the court. Smart players often know when to time an opportunity. Charbonneau snuck in just at the right moment when he riffled a precise wrist shot to beat F.Lamarche. The corner stone defenseman keeps showing how much of a complete player he is. It wasn't long ago that he captured a championship with Bijoux. Now,only a couple of months later, he's hoisting the same trophy in a different uniform. Throughout the entire series, P.Charbonneau was essential for what the Bramabulls have come to accomplish. Apart-from his series deciding goal, Charbonneau scored twice in the previous game while playing a sound defensive series. The Bramabulls entered the night as slight underdogs, but by applying their fierce competitive nature, it just went to show that anything is possible. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Anthony DiPerna and the Bramabulls for their incredible run.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pete Charbonneau. The Bramabulls couldn't ask for anything more-from a very vital piece. Charbonneau scored three big goals while making sure the opposition would struggle to get any when he was on.

JLR Brossard winners of E2 Thursday division

Thursday April 19 (E2 Finals)

(2)Scorpions vs JLR Brossard(4) Game 1

J.Pantelis restores confidence for JLR Brossard

Escaping the first period up 2-0 in a playoff game can never be a bad thing. M.Gagnon scored both goals, and the JLR Brossard were feeling pretty good about themselves. Then, in only two and a half minutes, those feelings disappeared. The Scorpions battled back getting goals-from F.Martin and A.Singh where all of a sudden this contest was up for grabs. That's up until a late second period tally by J.Pantelis re stored the lead for the JLR Brossard. Knowing that the Scorpions had the ability to come back, the men in black made sure to tighten up while relying on their net minder. P.Assadi knew that he had to make nearly every save possible in order to earn the win, and he did just that to take a 1-0 series lead.

(8)JLR Brossard vs Scorpions (5) Game 2

JLR Brossard save their best for last, crowned E2 champions

It wasn't going to be easy but the JLR Brossard found a way to be the better side in the end. This contest could have gone either way with both teams trading five goals each after two periods. A pivotal moment that may have ultimately doomed the Scorpions happened late in the second period. Rather than going up by a pair due to a power opportunity, they allowed the JLR Brossard to level the game on a shorthanded marker by S.Bentivegna. That goal sparked plenty of fuel and motivation for the JLR Brossard, who were all over the Scorpions in the last fifteen minutes of play. Already with two goals and an assist, J.Pantelis kept his foot deep on the peddle that resulted in two more tallies. Both games were extremely close after two periods. It was by the third and final frame that the JLR Brossard separated themselves-from the Scorpions. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Pedram Assadi and the JLR Brossard for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jimmy Pantelis of the JLR Brossard. The crafty forward came through once again when it mattered the most. He scored a total of five goals that included the winner in game one to help lead his club to glory.

Bramabulls winners of E1 Thursday division

Thursday April 19 (E1 Finals)

(6)Bramabulls vs Legends(1)  Game 1

Six different goal scorers set the tone for the Bramabulls

This contest lacked the intensity for the Legends, who seemed to be playing in quicksand. From-the get go, the Bramabulls made their opponent pay the price. They used their speed and pretty much did whatever they wanted with the ball. The score was already 3-0 by the eight minute mark of the opening frame. N.Sbarra used a precise slap shot on the power play that stood up for the winner. Knowing that the end result was inevitable, the Legends were stuck taking notes on how to address their poor play heading into game two. Nothing went right, and unless they figured out a solution, this series would lack the hype.

(3)Legends vs Bramabulls(9) Game 2

Bramabulls stick to same plan, Legends never had a chance

Even though they took plenty of time in the dressing room to tweak a few things, the Legends simply couldn't compete with a superior hockey club. The Bramabulls did the exact same thing like in game one. They were always first on the ball and often danced their way to completing pretty plays. Despite the lopsided affair, the Legends hung in there for about a period trailing only 4-3. But once the second frame hit, it was all curtains.  M.Testolina was a menace riffling four goals while M.Maggiore was next in line posting a pair. The Legends had only one good thing going for them, and that was their power play. All four of their goals in both games came with the man advantage. It was almost a given that the Bramabulls would prevail in the end. When looking at their roster-from top to bottom, nobody can deny that they are lethal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Anthony DiPerna and the Bramabulls for capturing the E1 Thursday division championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Testolina of the Bramabulls. Quicker than a jackrabbit, the Legends couldn't keep up with his speed. Testolina went on to notch four goals while creating constant chances.

F division, playoffs

Wednesday April 18 (F2 & F3 semi finals)

(3)Fat Cats vs United Armenians (4) S.O F2 Game 2

United Armenians pull through after Fat Cats late collapse

The United Armenians were able to avoid going an extra round when J-F Aumais levelled the game late to force a shootout. Two minutes was all that was left for the Fat Cats to force a third and deciding game. Instead, they complicated their situation and went empty handed after sending three of their skilled players in the shootout. G.Follano remained calm stopping all three breakaway attempts while G.Sangiovanni missed it by one allowing only C.Khesiafy to get the better of him. The Fat Cats looked to be in good shape when J.Mancini provided his club its first lead of the night passed the mid way point of the third period. But with the United Armenians playing relentless hockey like they've done all year long, killing six more minutes felt like an eternity for the Fat Cats, who may have needed that extra goal rather than killing off the clock.

(3)Venom vs Armadillos (5) F2 Game 2

Armadillos enforce avoiding mistake-from last week

This time, the Armadillos got it right with their two goal cushion heading for the third period. At no point did they allow Venom to battle back. Despite trailing 2-1 after fifteen minutes of play, the Armadillos erupted by the second bagging four goals that left Venom wondering what went wrong. It took only five minutes with scoring efforts-from four different players to tilt this game in the opposite direction. Once the third period hit, the Armadillos were able to bear down and give Venom almost nothing to extend the series.

(2)Armadillos vs Venom(3) F2 Game 3

45 seconds, 2 goals and a ticket to the final

Its one thing to pull off something improbable once, but for it to happen twice, Venom should try playing the lottery for the way they advanced. This was the second time in only three games that either Venom was incredibly fortunate or that the Armadillos had a dark cloud following them. Regardless the reasons, J.Parisella and J.Courteau never gave up sparking back to back goals for a 3-2 Venom lead that left only one minute on the clock. G.Bouchard had made the score 2-1 for the Armadillos 30 seconds before the late madness occurred. Shock mingled with dejection for a team that felt they got hit with lightning twice. As for Venom, they are just glad to have reached the final where they'll hope to carry their good fortune.

(3)United Arms vs Hellfish(2) F3 Game 2

United Arms win on two late goals to even series

H.Jerjian and J.Sadek scored two and a half minutes apart, and the United Arms had extra work to do after levelling the series. Their only lead came when J.Sadek struck with 75 seconds left in the contest. The United Arms knew they had to play to their full potential in order to defeat a team like the Hellfish. And by rolling three lines while getting a solid team effort-from everyone, the end result justified the result. G.Jerjian and H.Jerjian are the engines that fuel United Arms as both players keep making a mark combining for four points.

(1)Hellfish vs United Arms(0) F3 Game 3

F.Benhamadi caps game three thriller

The Hellfish are glad they have F.Benhamadi as part of their line up. The relentless forward never gives up on any play, and by working hard the way he does, good things will often happen. The contest was just 90 seconds shy of being over when Benhamadi celebrated his clubs biggest goal of the season. It was a game and series that could have easily gone the other way, considering how well the United Arms challenged the first place Hellfish. Nothing ever comes easy when there is so much on the line. But with the ball being round for both teams, it becomes only a question of time on who will benefit. Tonight, the Hellfish seized their opportunity and will be moving forward with one more chapter ahead of them.

(2)Les Raymonds vs Kentucky Blue(6) F3 Game 2

Kentucky Blue continue their stride with 2 game sweep

Les Raymonds were hoping that their early 1-0 lead would be a sign of good things to come. Unfortunately, rather than playing ahead, they found themselves trailing only minutes later. The Kentucky Blue were on a mission and it showed throughout the entire contest. They paired goals in every frame while getting an outstanding performance from-R.Estrela, who buried three goals as part of a four point night. Just like in their previous encounter a week ago, this contest wasn't much different resulting in an identical 6-2 result.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fares Benhamadi of the Hellfish. With timing being everything, F.Benhamadi couldn't strike at a better moment. His lone goal late in the mini game sent the Hellfish through to the F3 finals.

The F2 & F3 divisions are now down to two intriguing match ups. The F2 division will feature the United Armenians taking on Venom. Both these teams know that they can win. The United Armenians have the depth which has worked for them all season. Venom, will likely rely on their offense as they have enough game breakers to make a difference. Look for the United Armenians to apply constant pressure to eliminate any time and space from-Venom. With that said, Venom will need to figure out how to create chances if then plan on winning. The other final will also be a great test for the challengers. On the one hand, the Kentucky Blue have a pair of snipers that have been tearing up the division in players such as T.Oliveira and R.Estrela. As for the Hellfish, it's all about team effort. All they need to do is apply the same game plan that's been working for many seasons.

Premier division playoffs

Monday April 16 (Semi finals)

(6)Red Lite vs Black Knights(2) Game 3

M.David and Red Lite sink Black Knights

M.David may have single handily ended the Black Knights season on Monday night. Four out of the seven goals belonged to M.David alone. The skilled forward was simply ruthless finishing on every chance he got. The Black Knights knew they needed to strike first or at least keep it very close throughout the entire match. At one point, they did cut the lead in half courtesy of M.Stinziani, but that only lasted so long. It took only a pair of minutes after that for M.David to re store a two goal cushion. With only one period remaining, the Black Knights were forced to gamble in order to make a game of it. Unfortunately, when taking chances versus Red Lite, you're just asking for it. The red machine ended the series with three quick tallies only three minutes and change apart.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew David of Red Lite. No one will argue that he was definitely the best player out there. The skilled forward barely missed resulting in four goals.

The stage is now set for two ball hockey giants to go at it in a best of five series. Both sides know each other quite well with the season series belonging to the P-Ball. The stakes are high and both teams have something to play for. The P-Ball want to make a name for themselves and what better way than to do it versus a legendary hockey team. As for Red Lite, like all champions, they want nothing more than to remain on top and remind everyone that they are the best team in ball hockey.

4 vs 4 Division playoffs

Monday April 16 (Semi finals)

F.Russo, Punishers close off semi finals with back to back shutouts

The Punishers started things off just the way they wanted on Monday night. The contest was only a minute old when C.Gingras opened the scoring. By controlling much of the action, the Punishers would eventually pull away-from the Mighty Drunks, who struggled to get anything by F.Russo. Three of their four goals came in the second period with Gingras sealing the win for his second of the contest. The Mighty Drunks had a few moments to reorganize and figure out what to do in order to try and extended the series. Unfortunately, almost the exact same thing occurred in the second encounter. C.Gingras was able to score first, and the Punishers wasted barley any time adding three more before the period ended to put a stamp on this series. J.Chiropoulos chipped in with a power play goal as part of a three point performance, and for a second straight game, F.Russo didn't need to look behind him to collect two consecutive shutouts.

(4)Punishers vs Mighty Drunks(0) Game 1

(0)Mighty Drunks vs Punishers (4) Game 2

Hustlers pour it on early, Corporation couldn't recover

Only 2:30 minutes went by, and the Corporation knew they were in for a long night. A.Stamiris riffled two laser's right before D.Bertrand made the score 3-0.The Corporation did have a quick response after that but the hill was too high to climb versus a team like the Hustlers. Those early goals were able to stand up as part of a 5-2 result. Now that the pressure was on the Corporation to answer back, not much changed in the second encounter. The Hustlers continued-from where they left off eventually building a 3-0 lead. There was no doubt that they were ready to reach the finals. They were more decisive with the ball and used all their players accordingly to out play the Corporation. M.Dagenais, even though he had plenty of help in front of him, still had to make some key saves in order to keep the games out of reach.


(5)Hustlers vs The Corporation (2)

(1)The Corporation vs Hustlers(3)

Rebels progress to take series after dropping opener

When a team is unable to keep pace as the night goes on, the fate of an outcome can easily be predicted. But it's not to say that the Degenerates couldn't prevail in this series. They did win the opening game 2-0 which at worse case would have given them a chance in a game three mini game to pull through. However, with the Rebels starting to take control by winning almost every loose ball, the inevitable was in the making. They overcame a 1-0 deficit in game three with a rapid and deflating response of three goals in only 90 seconds. In that quick instance, the Degenerates saw their season flash before their eyes. H.Ethier could be considered as the master mind for the Rebels as the slick player participated in all four goals of the mini game. Both sides were lucky to have their net minders keep them in all three games. P.Boucher was a great help for the Rebels making timely saves while P.Assadi was equally impressive giving the Degenerates every chance possible for a better outcome.

(2)Degenerates vs Rebels(0) Game 1

(3)Rebels vs Degenerates (2) Game 2

(1)Degenerates vs Rebels(4) Game 3

Depth scoring sends Underdogs through to finals

One key aspect of all successful teams is the ability to use all their players and get contributions-from up and down the line up. The Underdogs have achieved this all season long and tonight wasn't any different. After collecting back to back wins, they managed to score a total of ten goals that saw nearly every player collect at least a point. One player did stand out a little more in the second contest. M-A Haber opened the scoring while posting back to back tallies for his hat trick. As good as the Underdogs are for finishing in first place, the 1 Timer couldn't be too pleased with their overall performance. They allowed too many chances in both games despite being slightly better in the first periods.

(4)Underdogs vs 1 Timer(2) Game 1

(4)1 timer vs Underdogs (6) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Hugo Ethier of the Rebels. After battling back-form a 1-0 series deficit, H.Ethier took matters into his own hands by scoring three times while adding a pair of assists.

With the semi finals coming to a close, four teams have one more step before reaching the finish line. The Punishers and the Hustlers have an abundance of talent on their rosters and no one could know for sure who will win in the end. Look for disciple to be a key factor as power play opportunities in 4v4 hockey is almost a guaranteed goal. The other semi final match up in division 2 will feature the Underdogs and the Rebels. Both these teams play a determined man on man game and have deep rosters. With mistakes being a big part of hockey, the team that limits their errors should take it home.

E Division playoffs

Sunday April 15(Semif finals)

(6)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(4) Game 1

Fatal Demons powerless on defending power play goals

Every time the Fatal Demons would visit the penalty box, they would pay the price. The penalty kill didn't work and the Brew Crew took advantage using the shooting lanes that they produced resulting in four power play goals. D.Colatosti struck twice with the man advantage with both goals coming in the second period. Then shortly after, S.Lodico scored in the same circumstances to give the Brew Crew more than enough of a cushion heading into the third period. Despite their slow start while getting themselves into trouble throughout most of the match, the Fatal Demons took something positive before the game ended, and was to string three straight goals together. Even though they knew it was too late, that push could only help pay dividends in a pivotal game two to come.

(6)Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(4) Game 2

Fatal Demons adjust to even series

By addressing a couple of key issues, the Fatal Demons got it right in game number two. First off, they limited their trips to the penalty box while grabbing the better start rather than playing-from behind. The Brew Crew had to figure out how to dig themselves out of a 3-1 hole after only one period. They eventually made things interesting by the third when S.Lodico pulled his club within one. But the Fatal Demons weren't rattled, and restored their two goal cushion thanks to D.Ugaldez's goal. The Brew Crew, like a cockroach refusing to die, had S.Fabrici narrow the gap once again only to see the very same Ugaldez cap it off in an empty cage.

(1)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(0) Game 3

D.Colatosti coming through in clutch for Brew Crew

The Brew Crew were able to regain their composure after suffering a tough defeat. With only fifteen minutes to decide a winner, it was only fitting that D.Colatosti would be the one to deliver. The hardnosed forward loves the big games and showed it by bagging the lone goal. He did place himself at the right place for a loose ball that had a slight confusion between the Fatal Demons defense. Both sides knew how incredibly important the first goal would be. And with the Brew Crew striking first, it was almost as if they won it with a sudden death winner considering how well they defend. C.Muccino had to kill off only four minutes and change in order to preserve the shutout and a pass to the finals.

(2)Shockers vs Lynx(6) Game 1

Lynx unload by the second period

Right- from the get go, the Lynx struck first but ended losing the frame 2-1.However, once the second period hit, this contest belonged only to the Lynx. J.Lang and Y.Vanasse each scored power play goals and the Lynx added three more tallies in the last fifteen minutes of play to send a strong signal that they are still the team to beat. Vanasse and his captain Lang weren't done yet as both players added tallies by the third right before M.Barone capped it off late in the match. After suffering two bad periods while spending way too much time in the penalty box, the Shockers would have an hour to address their problems in hopes of rebounding for game two.

(4)Lynx vs Shockers (9) Game 2

Heavy response by Shockers forces do or die match up

Clearly the Shockers had no choice to put their best hockey together. After taking a valuable lesson only an hour ago, the adjustments showed in this encounter. This time, they preserved their lead and limited their trips to the penalty box showing a lot more disciple which is usually required at this stage of the season. The key moment of the game occurred when the Lynx were given a power play opportunity to narrow the gap by one. Instead of making a game of it, the Lynx gave up the goal on a brilliant effort -from T.Salberg. That tally put the Shockers up 4-1 who never looked back to force a game three mini game. Another key element to the win came-from no other than their co- captain. M.Blackman was simply too good as he's been many times before. The talented forward was involved in seven of the nine goals that included a hat trick.

(3)Shockers vs Lynx(2) S.O Game 3

Down to the wire, E Sunday division will have new champions

It's what came to be expected-from the two teams. Both sides are so evenly matched that only a prolonged shootout would make sense on who would pass and who would be watching-from the sidelines.  The Shockers appeared to close off the deal in regulation time when no other than M.Blackman would strike first leaving only four minutes on the clock. Instead, a quick response by J.Mason leveled the playing field once more where both sides eventually duked it out in a shootout. At this point, the pressure was felt everywhere with so much on the line. D.Sauve of the Lynx created a loud cheer by getting the better of D.Smith. Then, after his team missed twice, the re occurring phenom came to the rescue. M.Blackman salvaged the Shockers season by beating S.Catalano to extend the tension for the two teams. It took only one more attempt after that to close off what was an incredible series. C.Debonis was the one to score immediately, and D.Smith ended the chapter by getting D.Sauve back with a crucial save.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matt Blackman of the Shockers. What more can any teammate ask-from one of their leaders. After collecting seven points in game two, the clutch forward scored his clubs lone goal in game three while prolonging the shootout on a must breakaway marker.

The stage is now set between two familiar opponents. The Brew Crew and the Shockers know each other way to well. With that said, they will need to take advantage of each other's weaknesses. The Brew Crew are an older and more experienced team that will use the necessary antics to frustrate their opponents. If the Shockers stick to playing hockey, their chances of winning are good, if not, look for the Brew Crew to prevail.

Masters 35+ division playoffs

Friday April 13(Semi finals)

(0)Devil Dawgz vs National(4) Game 2

National pound Devil Dawgz, punch ticket to final

Off to the finals for National. With goals coming in every frame, National was able to knock out the Devil Dawgz and further their quest for bigger and better things to come. O.Meilleur opened the scoring late in the first period, and F.Laurin wasted no time striking early in the second to double the lead. Despite the amount of time left over, the Devil Dawgz started to feel the pressure by then. It was just one of those nights that nothing went right. Surely it didn't help with F.Lamarche holding the fort. The net minder made every save possible to avoid any sort of confidence-from his opponents. Then, just to re assure his teammates, the captain put the final nail in the series. M.Pinheiro set up his clubs second goal before bagging two of his own.

(5)Chiefs vs Bramabulls(3) Game 2

Chiefs extend series after third period push

The Chiefs just felt that they couldn't let this one slip away. By pushing the pace as much as they could, they managed to score when it counted and force a third and deciding game. The winner came fairly late with S.Koulieris snapping a 3-3 tie. Already with a goal, F.Benhamadi tapped his second in a yawning cage. Both sides had plenty of promising looks but the goaltending was difficult to beat in this match. S.Pare stood tall in net just like his counterpart G.Follano of the Bramabulls. Since the Bramabulls couldn't close out the series, they were now forced to play their best period of the season in order to pass.

(3)Bramabulls vs Chiefs (1) S.O Game 3

Chiefs devastated in heart breaking loss

With just about 14 seconds remaining in the mini game, it looked like the Chiefs would pull through. Then the Bramabulls broke their hearts. They tied it by picking up a loose ball on the side of the net on a swipe-from P.Rivera. It was just an absolute stunning turn of events. Still, this series had to go the extra step after both sides failed to capitalise in overtime. The Bramabulls took game one in the same circumstances with D.Lonardi and J.Morina each scoring while G.Follano denied both attempts-from the Chiefs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gerry Follano of the Bramabulls. If not for his sequence of key saves, and for denying both shootout attempts, his club would be making different plans next Friday night.

Maybe it was only fitting that the top two teams met after all in the finals. Some may argue that the Bramabulls have National's number after defeating them twice in the regular season. But with playoffs being a whole different dynamics, only the Vegas odds makers would have an idea on who will prevail. Both sides have their strengths but National may have the slight edge due to their overall speed. A.DiPerna will need to play it smart and make correct decisions if he plans on popping champagne bottles.

E Division playoffs

Thursday April 12(E1 & E2 semi finals)

(1)Legends vs Raging Rhinos(3) E1 Game 2

Raging Rhinos level series in another close call

The Raging Rhinos rebounded with a pivotal third period to even the series with the Legends. Both sides traded goals in the first, and for a very long stretch, no one had solved the net minders until a perfect pass-from S.Labrecque was able to find A.Papazian for the go ahead marker. By that point, there was almost no chance that the Raging Rhinos would allow the Legends to bounce back. They played a near perfect match like they normally do, and made sure to cap it off forcing a third and deciding game.

(0)Raging Rhinos vs Legends(1) E1 Game 3

P.Santullo picks up the garbage late to send his club through

Throughout his entire ball hockey career, P.Santullo keeps preaching the same thing over and over, and that's to go to the front of the net. And while most of the time nobody listens, the hardnosed forward took it upon himself to set the example. The contest was less than a minute shy-from reaching overtime when Santullo picked up the garbage in front of the net to tap the lone goal of the mini game. It wasn't a complicated play just like the entire series. Both sides knew that any shot on net at any given moment could translate into a goal. Tonight, the Legends got their break and will now be moving on to the final after a hard fought battle with a difficult opponent.

(4)Carnage vs Scorpions (8) E2 Game 2

Short bench comes to haunt Carnage

It's what came to be expected-from a depleted line up. After surrendering two late first period goals, Carnage knew their uphill battle would take a miracle. Unfortunately, the bleeding didn't stop there with the Scorpions adding two more markers before Carnage finally cracked the barrier. J.Bourlakos and S.Scott did all of the scoring bagging two goals each in the loss. But the story of the match belonged to A.Singh. The crafty forward stirred up most of the action riffling two goals while setting up four teammates. If the Scorpions are aiming for what they should be, A.Singh will need to continue his magic in order to have a chance.

(3)SBS Trashers vs Bramabulls(5) E1 Game 2

J.Palmitano continues-from where he left off a week ago

One week after J.Palmitano used two shootout goals to get the better of the SBS Trashers, the very same player prolonged the nightmare. Palmitano assisted on his clubs first goal and then eventually added three tallies to avoid a third and deciding game .For the SBS Trashers, it would have been difficult to formulate a specific game plan on one particular player, especially how loaded the Bramabulls are up front. But in tonight's case, maybe they could have paid a little more attention on how to play him. Its two games in a row that the Bramabulls had to fight till the very end in order to get the results. The SBS Trashers came extremely close in game one and weren't that far off in this contest to pull off the upset. P.Nadeau missed the previous encounter and could have been the difference maker as the power forward struck twice to collect three points in the loss.

(6)JLR Brossard vs Werewolves(7) E2 Game 2

A game of no logic, Werewolves glad they prevailed

Back and forth, north and south, the sides swapped chances like Secret Santa gifts. This was a goaltenders nightmare the way things started. The Werewolves made the score 4-0 only ten minutes into the contest. On most occasions, that kind of lead is usually more than enough but not in this case. The JLR Brossard took notes-from the Werewolves play book and returned the favour striking five straight times. Now, if momentum would suggest where this game was headed, the JLR Brossard would be celebrating a two game sweep and a ticket to the final. Instead, the pendulum swung again and the Werewolves had the final say applying desperate pressure that would even the series. They do have D.Traversy to thank as the forward buzzed all game long resulting in four goals. Knowing that they would have a tough challenge ahead of them, the Werewolves played a hard fought match to give themselves a chance in game three.

(1)Werewolves vs JLR Brossard(4) E2 Game 3

J.Pantelis works his magic sending the JLR Brossard to E2 finals

In order to get things done, your best players needed to be your best players in crucial games. This was a great example of one guy making a huge difference. J.Pantelis not only snapped a 1-1 tie, but was able to add two more markers to put a final dagger in the series. However, certain events needed to happen in order for the JLR Brossard to dispose their opponent. First off, they needed an equaliser-from M.Croteau, and a power play opportunity shortly after that broke the tie. Once they took that lead, the Werewolves were stuck chasing a quicker side unable to get enough time with the ball. It wasn't the ideal way to go down, but the Werewolves are glad with their overall performance knowing that they almost got their without key components.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pat Santullo of the Legends. Being at the right place at the right time ultimately made the difference in the end.The Legends will be heading to the E1 finals thanks to his late tally that came in front of the net.

Now that all four semi final games are wrapped up, the main course will take place between two remaining teams-from their respective divisions. The E1 finals will feature the Bramabulls and the Legends. That series will come down to how the Legends approach it. They will need all aspects of their game to function properly, stemming-from their goaltending while making it a priority to play well without the ball. As for the E2 finals, the Scorpions will need to apply a similar game plan. The JLR Brossard have a slight offensive up side which will force the Scorpions to also play well without the ball.

F division, playoffs

Wednesday April 11(F2 & F3 semi finals)

(3)United Armenians vs Fat Cats(1) F2 Game 1

Special teams make the difference in win over Fat Cats

The United Armenians special teams flexed their muscles Wednesday night in a 3-1 victory over the Fat Cats. The power play went two for three in the game, while the penalty kill unit also chipped in with a goal. However, it was the Fat Cats striking first on a tally by L.Folini. The game only started to shift towards the end of the second period when Y.Derohannessian used a huge shorthanded goal to put his club in front. Then, with only a period remaining, the United Armenians felt they were that much closer to grabbing a 1-0 series lead when C. Fragkiudakis notched his clubs second power play goal. The United Armenians used every element necessary to take a playoff game. They got their timely goals, they played a committed defensive game while getting the expected goaltending by G.Follano, who allowed only one goal on 21 shots.

(3)Armadillos vs Venom(4) F2 Game 1

Two late goals drop Armadillos in series opener

The Armadillos ceded two late goals in the final two minutes and dropped a 4-3 decision to Venom. Y.Gazura provided Venom's first the lead of the night with only 26 remaining on the clock. Prior to his goal, J.Quesnel evened the score for his second of the contest after receiving a pass-from C.Moutafis, who also had a major impact collecting three helpers. It came as an uncharacteristic loss for the Armadillos. They played well enough to earn the win only to see it vanish in a blink of an eye. As good as this result is for Venom, game two will be that much harder if they plan on sweeping a team that won't repeat the same kind of mistake.

(4)Hellfish vs United Arms(2) F3 Game 1

Balanced scoring lead Hellfish to double up win over United Arms

After striking early with a pair of goals in less than two minutes, the Hellfish never looked back in their 4-2 win over the United Arms. However, the United Arms did not go down without a fight. Twice they pulled within one which only forced the Hellfish to stay on top of their game. The only time they got some breathing room occurred early in the third period. D.Ugaldez used a big power play goal that provided a 4-2 lead, and B.Verducci felt confident that he would not let his club down earning the win in net.

(6)Kentucky Blue vs Les Raymonds(2) F3 Game 1

Kentucky Blue offense leads to dominant 6-2 result

For long stretches, the Kentucky Blue had their way versus Les Raymonds. They won every frame and had their better moments in latter half of the second period where they bagged three goals. Even though they knew the win was in the making, the Kentucky Blue cemented their victory with two quick goals by the third. S.Montinaro was the only player to score twice, and P.DelliColli had everyone's number except for A.Hussain, who netted both goals for Les Raymonds.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Julien Vinet-Quesnel of Venom. In the span of only a few seconds, the crafty forward was a big part of turning a late deficit into a vital victory over the Armadillos.

4 vs 4 Division playoffs

Monday April 9

J.Chartier, P.Boucher delivers when it counts

The Jokers, despite bouncing back to even the series just fell short in their most important game of the season. Both sides put themselves in a glorious position to advance to the next round. With twelve minutes only to decide things, the Rebels would catch the Jokers off guard thanks to an early tally-from J.Chartier. From there, the Jokers would press while the Rebels were holding on to dear life. The frustration level kept accumulating for the Jokers with the Rebels playing it tight coupled with P.Boucher denying every shot his way. The night started good for the Rebels taking a 5-3 result in the opening game up until the Jokers took over by the second to even the score courtesy of a pair of goals by A.Dayan and G.Botis. In the end, the Rebels did what they needed to do and got it done with an overall team effort not needing to rely on any particular player.

(5)Rebels vs Jokers(3) Game 1

(4)Jokers vs Rebels(2) Game 2

(1)Rebels vs Jokers(0) Game 3

1 Timer overcome hic up to advance

It wasn't the way they hoped things went, but the 1 Timer were able to overcome an opening game scare. They led 2-0 on goals by M.Carpentier and T.Daigneault and had only 51 seconds to kill off in order to grab a 1-0 series lead. Instead, they just complicated matters by allowing two very late goals setting the stage for a shootout. Luckily enough for them, F.Koch handled the situation just fine as he's done many times before. The net minder knew how important and crucial he would be in order to restore confidence back to his club, especially after collapsing late in the game. And because of that, he stood tall in front of the Walking Tall stopping all three shooters while getting the help of M.Carpentier, who was the only player to find the back of the net. That win made sure that the 1 Timer weren't going to take things for granted in game two. After trading a first period goal, the men in orange upped the ante by the second striking four consecutive times. T.Daigneault and K.Gagne each scored twice with Gagne collecting two helpers while J.Guye-Perrault was behind making four goals happen with perfect feeds. Once again, F.Koch made the difference limiting the Walking Tall to only one goal on 14 shots.

(2)Walking Tall vs 1 Timer(3) S.O  Game 1

(5)1 Timer vs Walking Tall(1) Game 2

These results conclude the opening round in division 2 of the 4vs4 Monday division. With both winners advancing, the semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Underdogs vs 1 Timer(4) At this point, the standings won't matter for the 1 Timer. They finished their regular season fairly strong while eliminating a good opponent. The Underdogs will need to play to full capacity in order to cool off the steam of their opponent.

(2)Degenerates vs Rebels(3) Last time these teams met, the Rebels gave the Degenerates a real hockey lesson. One of the key components in order for the Degenerates to go through will be their intensity level. Sometimes they show up to play while on other occasions they appear to me spectators on the court.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Maxime Carpentier of the 1 Timer. By scoring twice while adding the lone shootout marker, the 1 Timer forward was a big reason why his club will be playing next week.

E Division playoffs

Sunday April 8(Round 1, playoffs)

(7)Fatal Demons vs Sportek(3)

Fatal Demons stamp out Sportek, advance to semi finals

At last call Sunday, the Fatal Demons ordered up another round. The Fatal Demons are moving on to the semi finals after what they expected to do to Sportek in a 7-3 convincing win. There wasn't much of a battle considering the circumstances. Sportek had only two spares, and unless they played lights out hockey, this contest had the writing on the wall. B.Deslauriers was the only player to score twice out of the seven goals. Despite the loss, it came to no one's surprise that M.Dubicki was going to get his name involved as the skilled forward struck twice while setting up a goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Brian Deslauriers of the Fatal Demons. A sniper will usually find the back of the net when his team scores seven, and Deslauriers did it twice as the only multi goal scorer of the night.

This result sends the Fatal Demons off to the semi finals where they'll have their hands full with the Brew Crew. The other match up features two teams with similar characteristics. The Shockers will take on the defending champions Lynx in what will be expected to be a high octane series.

Masters 35+ division playoffs

Friday April 6 (Semi finals)

(6)National vs Devil Dawgz(2) Game 1

Devil Dawgz can't match up National's determination

The more time passed, the more National got stronger in their convincing 6-2 win over the Devil Dawgz. They just looked deeper and more dangerous by utilising their speed .The Devi Dawgz knew they were in a whole lot of trouble when S.Laplante beat the clock by only five seconds to provide his club a 3-1 lead. That goal sparked three more to come in the third period with Y.Lamarche bagging a pair. Unless the Devil Dawgz formulate a game plan to slow National down, this series win end in two.

(5)Bramabulls vs Chiefs(3) shootout, Game 1

Chiefs storm back in third, but fall in shootout

After protecting a two goal lead in the third period, a slight breakdown by the Bramabulls led to a pair of unanswered goals. The Chiefs battled hard and got rewarded thanks to a tap in goal by S.Koulieris and a blistering slap shot-from E.Colella. But regardless the comeback, the job wasn't done yet. Both sides had to endure the anxiety of relying on their goaltenders and skilled players to take the breakaways. In tonight's case, the Bramabulls out duelled the Chiefs. J.Morina came in with hard wrist shot beating S.Pare blocker side while D.Lonardi used a sneaky fake move to close out the deal. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they just couldn't figure out G.Follano, and will now need to wait a whole week in hopes of settling the score.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gerry Follano of the Bramabulls. The net minder never once flinched denying two shootout attempts while making key saves during the match.

E Division playoffs

Thursday April 5(Semi finals)

(6)Scorpion's vs Carnage (3) E2 Game 1

Three third period goals sink Carnage

The Scorpions explosive third period lifted them to a 6-3 win to grab a strangle hold on the series. Despite taking multiple trips to the penalty box, the Scorpions limited their damage by giving up two goals on the power play. A.Clark snapped a 3-3 third period tie to kick-start a three goal surge. Out of their six markers, the captain led the way with B.Douek bagging a pair. Carnage know that they can maintain pace with their opponent after keeping it close for the entire game. Players such as P.Stroubakis, who participated in all three goals along with J.Mason will always be a threat up front no matter who they play.

(4)Raging Rhinos vs Legends (6) shootout, E1 Game 1

Legends rally in third period to top Rhinos

There wasn't much of a difference the way both teams played. Since the checking was so tight, neither side had enough in close chances. Instead, they waited for a moment where they unleashed shots-from almost anywhere in hopes of it going in. The goaltenders were often screened giving them no chance to see the ball. The Raging Rhinos appeared to have control up 4-2 in the third period. But after conceding an early goal, D.Guarnieri used a deceiving wrist shot minutes later to even the score. That tally left only five minutes in the contest which eventually got decided in a shootout. It was there that S.Morante shined in net along with L.Dulcetta and S.Koulieris, who both scored to decide the outcome.

(2)Werewolves vs JLR Brossard(6) E2 Game 1

Werewolves pay price for coming out flat

There were a lot of ineffective to pretty bad sequences on the behalf of the Werewolves. With the stakes so high, they struggled to get the ball for long stretches which saw them chasing a hungrier side. The JLR Brossard are very mobile in the back and used it to their advantage creating plenty of chances up front. M.Croteau and Y.Gazura carried the load with two goals each while P.Assadi was more than content with his play between the pipes allowing only two goals on 25 shots. Another area the Werewolves struggled in was on their penalty kill. On only two occasions shorthanded, the JLR Brossard made them play twice with power play goals by P.Paikopoulos and M.Croteau.

(6)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(5) shootout,E1 Game 1

G.Pisanelli's late tally sets up the stage for J.Palmitano

Fourteen seconds was all that was left to kill for the SBS Trashers. Instead, G.Pisanelli banked the equaliser and the Bramabulls rose-from the dead to take it in a shootout. It wasn't up until the fifth round that J.Palmitano and the Bramabulls would swipe the rug from under the Trashers feet. As swift and focused R.Pampena was for the five breakaways, the net minder couldn't stop Palmitano on two occasions. The dynamic forward used identical wrist shots in the exact same spot to get the better of Pampena. Even though it's only game one, the SBS Trashers will need to deal with the sorrow of letting this one slip away, especially against a heavy favourite.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joey Palmitano of the Bramabulls. The forward pulled off an incredible feat bagging two key goals in the shootout.

F division, playoffs

Wednesday April 4 (Round 1 playoffs)

(4)Venom vs Fat Roy(2) F2 division

Power play goals doom Fat Roy

Special teams doomed Fat Roy on Wednesday night. Three out of the four Venom goals all came with the man advantage. Things had looked good for Fat Roy early on carrying a 2-1 lead after fifteen minutes of play. However, everything came apart by the second. J.Courteau's power play goal 3:45 minutes in tied the game at two and J.Quesnel followed suit eight minutes later to give Venom a 3-2 lead. Still, the time was there for an equaliser but Fat Roy saw their offense hit a wall unable to score for two straight periods. R.Ranieri shook off the first period by rebounding with two flawless frames to earn a big win in net for Venom.

(5)United Arms vs Winterhawks(3) F3 division

Special team's rips Winterhawks apart

The Winterhawks wished they could have played the game five versus five. Because whether or not they were on the power play or on the penalty kill, nothing worked for their special teams. The United Arms by contrast had the opposite effect. Not only did they strike twice with the man advantage, they managed to do the same in a shorthanded situation with two deflating goals. Remarkably, H.Jerjian was able to string back to back tallies in the disadvantage in only a five minute span to put his club in the driver's seat. That sequence put the United Arms up 4-2 heading into the third period where they never looked back. H.Jerjian capped off a brilliant performance with his third of the night. Even though it came in a losing cause, S.Laramee was considered one of the best players on the court by bagging all three goals for the Winterhawks.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Hovig Jerjian of the United Arms. Unable to be contained, the forward was lethal sparking two shorts handed goals while adding one more for his hat trick.

With round one out of the way, the four teams of the F2 & F3 division will be in action for a best of three semi final round. The breakdown is as follows:

F2 division

(1)Armadillos vs Venom(4) Venom have just one win in their last five games while the Armadillos have yet to drop one in the same amount of time. If momentum and good habits mean anything, look for the Armadillos to prevail in this series.

(2)United Armenians vs Fat Cats(3) One things for is that the United Armenians will play your typical playoff type game. They will roll three solid lines and will be relentless when playing without the ball. It will be up to the Fat Cats to measure up if they plan on moving forward.

F3 division

(1)Hellfish vs United Arms(4) So far the only downfall for the Hellfish was dropping their last regular season game. If they bounce back-from that hic up, the United Arms will need everyone to pull their weight while hoping for H.Jerjian to keep riding a hot hand.

(2)Kentucky Blue vs Les Raymonds(3) With three out of the top four scoring leaders belonging to the Kentucky Blue, Les Raymonds will need to apply a shutdown game plan in order to have a chance.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday April 2

Degenerates didn't have what it takes against Rebels

The only good thing the Degenerates did all night was to escape with a 2-2 tie in the first encounter. Apart-from that, the Rebels showed that they were clearly the better team by the second game. After being down 1-0 early on, the Rebels out played and out ran their opponent celebrating with five unanswered markers. E.Leveille didn't score but helped set up three teammates. H.Ethier struck twice and P.Boucher was definitely on his game allowing only two goals all night. The Rebels have shown throughout the season their ability to find the back of the net, and with that, look for them to make some noise in the playoffs.

(2)Degenerates vs Rebels (2) S.O

(5)Rebels vs Degenerates (1)

1 Timer tries to measure up versus Hustlers

Even though by contrast the 1 Timer isn't of the Hustlers caliber, why not take up the challenge before the playoffs start. It's not like they will meet with both sides in different divisions. The 1 Timer knew they had to play a near perfect game or games in hopes of gathering any positive results. Unfortunately they just couldn't measure up against a side that has tons of experience and loads of talent. In both games, the Hustlers went about their business ending off the night strong with two clear victories. They did most of their damage by the second periods where they buried eight of eleven goals. E.Girouard and T.Bozinakis shared three tallies each while D.Bertrand changed his role a bit setting up four goals. The 1 Timer got their scoring done by Y.Bernier and T.Daigneault as the only two players to figure out M.Dagenais.

(1)1 Timer vs Hustlers(5)

(6)Hustlers vs 1 Timer(1)

The Corporation gelling at the right time

The Corporation brought some good habits in their regular season finale on Monday night. Playing a team like the Mighty Drunks isn't easy so a full out determined effort was required in order to get the job done. Both games were extremely close but the Corporation found that extra stride they needed in order to prevail. J.Pantelis collected four goals posting two in each game while G.DeMarinis struck twice in the second encounter to close out a 4-2 victory. The Mighty Drunks had stretches of ball possession and were forced to create their own space because of the coverage. Eventually, P.Arkalis and M.Arkalis would break the barriers as both players shared four points. It didn't help either that L.Dias was sharp as a knife making every basic safe required that led to a pair of victories.

(2)Mighty Drunks vs The Corporation (3)

(4)The Corporation vs Mighty Drunks(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jimmy Pantelis of the Corporation. In two close games with the Mighty Drunks, J.Pantelis had a major influence on the results. The crafty forward produced five points on seven goals that included four markers.

Ten out of eleven teams will be heading towards the next step which everyone knows as the post season. Division 1 consists of four teams that will be placed in a semi final round. As for Division 2, the top six teams will advance with the Underdogs and the Degenerates getting an automatic semi final spot. That will leave four teams battling it out in the first round. The breakdown is as follows:

Division 1 Semi finals

(1)Punishers vs Mighty Drunks(4) Defending champs Punishers will look to pass this round. However, the Mighty Drunks can pull it off with the players they have. If they apply certain focuses and use their speed, than this series can go either way.

(2)Hustlers vs The Corporation (3) Just like the Punishers, the Hustlers are also favorites in this one. One thing's for sure, is that the Corporation will make them work for every inch and every second throughout the entire series.

Division 2 Round 1

(1)Underdog's first round bye

(2)Degenerates first round bye

(3)Rebels vs Jokers(6) The Rebels can sometimes be a goal scoring machine. With that said, the Jokers need to play it tight to have a chance or their season will end early.

(4)1 Timer vs Walking Tall(5)Statistically speaking, both teams are equally matched. This series will come down to who wants it more with an edge of luck. Both their strengths are placed between the pipes which come out to a wash.

FRANCIS BOUILLON former habs defenseman makes his debut in HOCKEYBALLE.COM league with Les Raymond....
FRANCIS BOUILLON former habs defenseman makes his debut in HOCKEYBALLE.COM league with Les Raymond....
FRANCIS BOUILLON former habs defenseman makes his debut in HOCKEYBALLE.COM league with Les Raymond....
Masters 35+ division

Tuesday March 27

(6)Stones vs Devil Dawgz(3)

Survival mode kicks in late for Stones

If not for some late heroics, the Stones would be watching-from the sidelines in the post season. But even though they did the improbable battling back-from a 3-0 lead while scoring four in the last six minutes of play, their season still remains on life support. For now, they'll live another day and will look to start off strong against the Chiefs if they can get some help-from the Bramabulls prior to their game. This win came with a full out effort that involved six unanswered goals. D.Ramada, S.Pilon, M.Salerno and J.Pizzuco all scored late in mounting a remarkable comeback.

Friday March 30

(1)Chiefs vs National(7)

National sweeps season series with Chiefs

About the only good news for the Chiefs on Friday night is that they don't play National again, unless it's in the playoffs. Three times both teams squared off and three times National made minced meat of out of their opponent. With that said, the Chiefs didn't help themselves either with only two spares. They actually played well for half the game being down only 2-1.Then, once the third period hit, this contest was nowhere close with National posting four straight goals. S.Huard and E.Ferlatte each scored twice and F.Lamarche had plenty of help in front of him allowing only one goal on 17 shots.

(3)Bramabulls vs Devil Dawgz(5)

Devil Dawgz seize opportunity to clinch playoff spot

After eying a depleted bench, the Devil Dawgz salivated with hope in their must win battle with the Bramabulls. However, it didn't come easy for the desperate side. The Devil Dawgz needed a huge third period in order to resolve their situation. Two of their big goals came on the power play. A.Jalilvand put his club in front for the first time by the very late stages of the second period. Once they went ahead, there was no way that they would allow any sort of comeback, especially with the Bramabulls gasping for air. P.Paikopoulos added an insurance marker right before B.Deslauriers put the final nail in an empty cage.

(6)Chiefs vs Stones(1)

Stones playoff hopes crashed with Devil Dawgz win

As they waited with anticipation and plenty of anxiety-from the stands, the Stones saw their season come to an end on Friday night. They needed absolutely for the Devil Dawgz to lose points while grabbing a win versus the Chiefs. Unfortunately, they didn't get the help they needed and were stuck playing some pond hockey instead. Both sides kept the intensity so low that would have most viewers shut their TV's if this was televised. The only good thing the Stones did was score late in the game to spoil S.Pare's shutout. D.Bellitto had a strong outing with two goals, as did B.Panarello famously known as the Breeze Panareeze who set up plenty of nice plays.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Steve Laplante of National. The crafty sometimes forward or defenseman was sound in his club's 7-1 win over the Chiefs. He broke up plays while creating plenty of chances resulting in three helpers-from the back end.

Friday night saw the regular season come to a close. With four teams advancing to the semi finals, the match ups are as follows:

(1)National vs Devil Dawgz(4) The Devil Dawgz will need all their players present while relying heavily on S.Sauk to shine in net. One thing's for sure is that National will get loads of chances because of their ball possession which will force the Devil Dawgz to pay attention without the ball.

(2)Bramabulls vs Chiefs(3) Two hardnosed teams that are structured will suggest for a good series. They both have the goaltending, defence and game breakers up front. Applying the bare basics may make the difference between winning and losing.

E Division

Thursday March 29

(10)Werewolves' vs Mighty Drunks (1)

Werewolves shred Mighty Drunks

The fact of having two change ups had zero effect on the Werewolves. K.Miraldo and V.Miraldo never missed a minute as both towers played the entire game making life very difficult for the Might Drunks forwards. While the defence and goaltending by L.Giannes wasn't an issue, neither was the attack as all seven players got their names involved. Surprisingly, it was K.Miraldo leading all teammates as the solid d-man struck three times for a hat trick. The only bright spot for the Mighty Drunks came when J.Morin spoiled G.Giannes's shutout.

(6)Bramabulls vs Scorpions (1)

Bramabulls continue to roll, C.Muccino misses shutout by two minutes

The Bramabulls know that they can take comfort when it comes to scoring goals. In tonight's case, six different players found the back of the net. The chemistry continues to be there which couldn't come at a better time.  Apart-from their madness up front, C.Muccino was nearly flawless allowing only one goal towards the latter part of the match. The win secures top spot for the Bramabulls in the E1 Thursday division with only one single loss in ten games. As for the Scorpions, despite dropping this contest, will also be celebrating a first place finish in the E2 division. 

(7)Carnage vs Mighty Drunks (4)

Mighty Drunks low in fuel of double header night

Regardless their situation in the standings, the Mighty Drunks wanted something good to show for in their second game of the night. Unfortunately, a lack of energy may have been the reason why they went empty handed. Carnage showed no mercy in their relentless pressure to make their opponent react. In by doing so, they created turnovers that resulted in some timely goals. After netting two quick second period markers, S.Amoroso and S-A Longo each added their second in a yawning cage. The Mighty Drunks did find a way to strike four times after a dry effort only an hour ago. P.Chartier, S.Archambault and Y.Dube collected three points each in the loss.

(2)SBS Trashers vs JLR Brossard(8)

JLR Brossard finishes March strong

The JLR Brossard have been a streaky team throughout the season. Often, this has led to stretches where the team goes from looking dominant, to dropping contests to teams that this roster really has no business losing to. Their 8-2 win over the SBS Trashers shows how concerning they can be to other teams, especially when considering that they did it with only two spares versus a team-from a higher division. Half of their goals came by Y.Gazura, who went on to add a pair of assists. M.Croteau was also heavily involved with six points that included four assists. On the large part, the SBS Trashers had pretty much all their players which isn't a good sign right now going into the playoffs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Miraldo of the Werewolves. The corner stone d-man played every single minute, never once getting off that resulted in him scoring three goals while being a part of allowing only one in 45 minutes.

The E1 & E2 regular season came to an end on Thursday night. The breakdown for a best of three  semi finals are as follows:

E1 division:

(1)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(4) Remo Pampena will need to stand on his head, and that's the least the SBS Trashers can do in order to have a chance. The Bramabulls will get their chances and opportunities and will need to only finish unless they keep hitting a wall.

(2)Raging Rhinos vs Legends (3) Both teams are stacked and very conservative. With mistakes being a huge part of the game, the team that makes the least should get the edge.

E2 division:

(1)Scorpions vs Carnage (4) If the Scorpions neutralise Carnage's key players, then they'll pass. Carnage will need to play a near perfect 45 minute game and rely on B.Madonis to bail them out between the pipes.

(2)Werewolves vs JLR Brossard (3) Both these teams may have incredible talent but are stuck with the same problem. Throughout the season, neither side had their full roster enough times. This series can only be gauged on how many players show up. If both teams are fully stacked, then look for a coin toss to determine the winner.

F division

Wednesday March 28

(1)Underdogs vs Venom(5)

Venom gets hot in second half

For nearly half the game, Venom had nothing going for them. In fact, it was the Underdogs playing with a slight 1-0 lead on a power play goal by P.Younes. Then finally, A.Jalilvand ended the spell just shy of the mid way point of the match. The game looked to be levelled headed for the third period, but J.Courteau changed all that to put his club up for the first time. That tally was a foreshadowing of what was yet to come. Venom would ignite three unanswered goals that included Courteau's second of the match along with B.Deslaurier's third point in that period alone. The Underdogs weren't playing for anything expect for pride and did a fine job for most of the night.

(3)Winterhawks vs Les Raymonds(6)

A.Henein hat trick powers Les Raymonds to strong season end

Les Raymonds didn't score first but that didn't matter. After playing to a 1-1 first period, Les Raymonds took control of the game striking four times by the second. During that span, A.Henein nodded a pair to complete his hat trick. M.Deninno did collect the most points scoring once while setting up three goals. The Winterhawks had the opportunity to secure a playoff spot with a win but couldn't get it done, and were now stuck to see what the RBK Knights would do in the later game versus the Kentucky Blue.

(5)Armadillos vs United Armenians(4)

Armadillos secure top spot in battle for first place

The last time both these teams met, the United Armenians took the battle with a wild 7-6 result. Now, weeks later, and with first place on the line, both sides figured this contest would go down to the wire as well.  It's what came to be expected with two teams dominating the division. The match was ultimately decided with about three minute's remaining on the clock. J.Urquhart played the hero breaking a dreaded 4-4 tie after receiving a pass-from G.Bouchard, who continues to shine adding four more helpers to his total .Looking back, the United Armenians may have felt they let this one slip away. Good teams usually protect a two goal third period lead but not in tonight's case as the United Armenians will have to deal with the hic up.

(4)Kentucky Blue vs RBK Knights(3)

Optimistic late rally ends in sinking feeling for Knights

It didn't even matter if the RBK Knights won the game or not. As long as they were able to push it to a shootout, then it would have been just fine for a playoff spot. Instead, they saw the life taken away-from them when T.Oliveira buried his third for the sudden death winner. That one single point was all the RBK Knights needed, and they nearly got it after a remarkable third period comeback. Unfortunately, they couldn't contain the hot hand of Oliveira, who finished his season with a solid 16 goals for second place in that category.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tyson Oliveira of the Kentucky Blue. Again, the sniper was significant for the win. Oliveira scored three out of his clubs four goals that included a back breaking overtime winner versus the RBK Knights.

The F2 & F3 regular season came to an end on Wednesday night. Both divisions will have the top five seeds advance with the fourth spot playing the fifth spot while the top three get an automatic pass to the semi finals. The breakdown is as follows:

F2 division:

(4)Venom vs Fat Roy(5) With their limited goal scoring production, Fat Roy will need to combine getting enough offense while making the game very unpleasant for Venom's high powered attack.

F3 division:

(4)United Arms vs Winterhawks(5) Goal scoring should be a wash for both teams. However, the United Arms have shown that they can defend better. Unless the Winterhawks tighten their back end, the edge will go to the United Arms.

Premier division playoffs

Monday March 26(Semi finals)

(2)Team Haiti vs P-Ball(6) Game 2

Team Haiti make P-Ball fight every inch

Nothing came easy for the P-Ball in their 6-2 win over Team Haiti. With everything being difficult, this match wasn't clear as to how it would end. Twice Team Haiti would pull within one showing no quit and a huge desire to win. Unfortunately for them and almost immediately, the P-Ball showed why they are almost invincible. B.Jutras used his second to regain a two goal cushion and M.Riel duplicated his teammates effort minutes later to sum up the match. Not counting the second half of the third period, Team Haiti battled neck in neck throughout the entire night making sure that this wasn't going to come easy for the P-Ball. If Team Haiti can stick to what they did tonight, game three will take another full out effort-from the P-Ball if they plan on ending the series early.

(2)Black Knights vs Red Lite(5) Game 2

Red Lite score 3 in third, pull away to take commanding series lead

J.Bradley and C.Lantin helped Red Lite keep up their winning ways on Monday night. Bradley had the go ahead goal in the third period and the surging Red Lite added two more to secure a 5-2 victory. C.Lantin was also very crucial for the result as the net minder was brilliant protecting his cage. Despite being down most of the match, the Black Knights stuck to their game. And in doing so, J-F DiIorio responded in a big way early in the third period to level the score 2-2. Both sides knew at that point how important the next goal would be. The tie eventually got broken thanks to J.Bradley's goal by the mid way point of the period. Again, the Black Knights found themselves behind but weren't able to answer the bell this time conceding the next two markers. With adversity hitting them directly in the eyes, the Black Knights will have their hands full if this series is to survive further.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes Christian Lantin of Red Lite. Even though he has a powerhouse in front of him, the Red Lite goaltender battled throughout the entire match to keep the game in favour of his club.

E Division

Sunday March 25

(1)Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(4)

Brew Crew power play connects to thump Fatal Demons 4-1

The Brew Crew scored a pair of power play goals to spark a 4-1 over the Fatal Demons on Sunday night. G.Nehme opened the scoring early on with the help of C.Palermo, who went on to add his second helper on C.Fragkiudakis's go ahead marker .With their slight 2-1 advantage after two periods, the Brew Crew went into full gear by the third period. C.Moutafis bagged back to back tallies to secure the win and a first place finish. Its two games in a row that the Fatal Demons can't seem to generate enough shots on net and scoring. S.Koulieris was the only player to get the better of C.Muccino, who gave up his only goal on the power play. This result solidifies the top four spots in the standings. The Brew Crew will most likely take on the Fatal Demons unless there is an upset involving Sportek or Team Cuba. The other semi finals will feature two young talented teams going at it between the Shockers and the defending champions Lynx.

(9) Lynx vs Team Cuba(3)

Team Cuba can't keep pace with a quicker team

In outrunning and outgunning Team Cuba 9-3 on Sunday night, the Lynx played much better than a team in desperate need of points. It was only a question of time that this contest would spiral out of control. Team Cuba, although trailed very early, kept it close for half the game. Then, with one goal leading to another, the difference of pace started to show with the Lynx out battling Team Cuba on nearly every play. Y.Vanasse set up five goals while J.Mason was their best closer posting a hat trick. Even if Team Cuba gets some help with Sportek losing in next week's game, they'll still need to find a way to defeat the Shockers if they plan on extending their season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Moutafis of the Brew Crew. In a heated battle with the Fatal Demons, C.Moutafis put all doubts to rest by riffling two unanswered goals in the third period.

E Division

Thursday March 22

(2)Werewolves vs Bramabulls(6)

M.Testolina lights up the Werewolves with hat trick

For M.Testolina and the Bramabulls, winning in this fashion has come to be expected. The spark plug is like catching a fly on the wall. If you miss, he will make you pay and tonight it showed once gain as he bagged half of his teams goals. But the scary part about it all is that the Bramabulls have many others in their arsenal of players. T.Karasek being one of them as the sniper buried a pair while adding an assist. Despite the lopsided score, the Werewolves put forth a good challenge and hung in there without many regulars to their line-up.

(5)Scorpions vs Legends(4)

Scorpions hang on in close 5-4 win over Legends

Being good for temporary stretches just didn't cut it for the Legends. The Scorpions did the right thing by keeping it simple. They would wait for a mistake and counter resulting in some golden opportunities. K.Rose used an early third period goal to put the Scorpions up 5-3 which was just enough to pocket three points to the standings. A.Singh got on board twice for the win while M.Chenier did the same for the Legends.

(5)Werewolves vs Carnage (4)

Werewolves avoid going empty handed

It didn't matter that D.Traversy played six periods of hockey in only three hours with a fairly short bench. Somehow, he had just enough energy to power two very late goals to help squeak out a hard fought win. Unable to use their deeper bench to their advantage, Carnage weren't pleased with the way things ended. P.Stroubakis did his part riffling two second period goals. This win shows that even with their backs against the wall, the Werewolves play some of their best hockey.

(5)Scorpions vs JLR Brossard(1)

Scorpions stay hot posting back to back wins

The Scorpions were definitely red hot on Thursday night. After collecting a win earlier on, they figured why not go for a second one. They got there by consuming most of their energy early on building a 3-0 first period lead. With that outburst, they were able to dictate the match the way they wanted. The pressure was now on the JLR Brossard to respond and make a game of it. Unfortunately for them, they kept running into a stubborn defence and net minder that saw their offense run dry. A.Jalilvand was the only player to figure out P.Patel, who collected his second win of the night. The Scorpions saw five different player score that included two with the man advantage. By collecting six points to the standings, the Scorpions have officially locked up first place of the E2 division.

(4)SBS Trashers vs Raging Rhinos(6)

Raging Rhinos ride wild in second period to top SBS Trashers

Three late second period goals was all that it took for the Raging Rhinos to get the better of the Trashers. That sequence occurred with the SBS Trashers in control with a 3-1 lead. But with one goal leading to another and another, all of a sudden this game took a massive turn. By then, there would be almost no way that the Raging Rhinos would give up their lead. F.Remon provided some comfort with his second which proved to be the winner.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Testolina of the Bramabulls. Unless you can match his speed, there aren't many players that can keep up with him. Tonight, he struck 3 more times for his league leading 16th goal of the season.

F division

Tuesday March 20

(0)Underdogs vs United Armenians (4)

United Armenians hand 4-0 shutout to Underdogs

As expected, the United Armenians were dominant- from the get go out shooting the Underdogs 13-8 that resulted in an early 3-0 lead. G.Jerjian and Y.Derohannessian undoubtedly got their names in as both players combined for four points. There wasn't much hope-from there on for the Underdogs, who struggled to get enough quality chances to break the ice. G.Follano faced 25 shots to earn a shutout and help maintain the best goals against so far this season for the United Armenians.

Wednesday March 21

(4)Winterhawks vs United Arms(3) O.T

Winterhawks win pivotal game

The challenge for the Winterhawks was to answer the bell on Wednesday night. They did, in a big way, and now surpassed the RBK Knights for that last playoff spot. S.Laramee sent his club in a frenzy by netting a huge overtime goal just 19 seconds in. It was an effort that the Winterhawks needed. They never gave up and played their best hockey in the final frame where they bagged two goals. F.Raymond struck twice and K.Lalande tied the game fairly late to force the extra time. With this win, the Winterhawks control their own destiny with only one game left in the season.

(6)Les Raymonds vs Hellfish(4)

Hellfish winning streak comes to surprising end

The Hellfish won't be celebrating a perfect 10-0 record. By dropping the opening frame 4-1, the Hellfish would not be able to recover despite making a solid late push. A.DeCarolis had one of his better games of the season as the forward sparked two first period goals while setting up A.Hussain to collect three early points. For the entire second period, neither side would get on board. The third period was somewhat a reflection of the first with both teams combining for five goals. The Hellfish would make things interesting with the help of D.Ugaldez's two goals but weren't able to get there in time. Sometimes a loss will only make you better as the Hellfish will take this as a valuable lesson with a bigger season ahead of them.

(4)Venom vs Fata Cats(5) O.T

J.Mancini scores overtime winner as Fat Cats topple Venom 5-4

Unable to kill off 90 seconds, a Venom 4-3 lead turned into a devastating loss. D.Mili came through for the Fat Cats late in the game by not only tying it but by setting up J.Mancini for the winner. In the span of only four minutes, Venom brought it up to another level resulting in three straight goals. J.Courteau, B.Deslauriers and J.DeSua combined for a maximum of nine points during that stretch that provided a 3-1 lead. However, that didn't slow down the Fat Cats as they quickly bounced back with a pair of tallies. Despite the comeback, Venom still regained their lead by the third period only to see it disappear once again, this time late in the third period. As much as the Fat Cats deserve praise for their comeback, Venom can't be too pleased knowing that they had the game in the palm of their hands.

(2)Fat Roy vs Armadillos(4)

G.Bouchard scores twice in less than a minute, Armadillos double up Fat Roy

In the blink of an eye, the Armadillos took a 3-2 lead after trailing 2-1. It took only 45 seconds for a defenseman to shift the momentum in very short period of time. G.Bouchard isn't just a regular stay at home and make sure to shut down the opposing offense type of player. With his ability to bring up the ball, the highly skilled G.Bouchard notched both goals to put the Armadillos in front 3-2.Once they grabbed that lead, Fat Roy hit a wall unable to even the score. G.Djevahirdjian added a power play marker for insurance securing a 4-2 victory.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Shaun Laramee of the Winterhawks. By setting up a late third period goal and by striking in overtime, the Winterhawks have now climbed into a playoff spot thanks to S.Laramee.

Masters 35+ division

Tuesday March 20

(4)National vs Bramabulls(5) S.O

Bramabaulls salvage win after ridiculous start

National generated a stunning rally-from a 4-0 deficit but ultimately fell in a shootout. That push came some time after the Bramabulls sparked four early goals in a very short span. F.Vellucci collected a hat trick at the speed of light and the Bramabulls looked to smoke National out of the building. But with O.Meilleur getting his club on board and with his captain M.Pinheiro striking just prior to the opening frame, this match was far-from over. National would eventually spark their comeback with the help of Pinheiro's second leaving both sides deadlocked for well over half the game. No one had scored since the 6:45 minute mark of the second period leaving only a shootout to potentially decide things. By then, G.Follano denied three straight players while D.Lonardi was able to solve F.Lamarche for the win.

(8)Chiefs vs Stones(4)

Chiefs catch Stones early en route to 8-4 win

An overall good start by the Chiefs proved to be the difference in this contest. A.Zarzour scored late in the first period before adding two more by the second for a comfortable 6-1 lead heading into the third. The Stones, although finding themselves in a very deep hole didn't call it quits just yet. Most of their offense woke up in that frame alone where they struck three times with the help of M.Gagnon's three points. Despite the late push, it wasn't nearly close enough. The Stones will now need two wins in their last two games in order to have a chance to making the playoffs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andre Zarzour of the Chiefs. The sniper made his shots count that resulted in three goals as part of a four point game.

Premier division

Monday March 19(Semi finals)

(8)P-Ball vs Team Haiti(1) Game 1

P-Ball opens postseason with blowout win over Team Haiti

It took just over two minutes for D.Martel and the P-Ball to suggest that this was going to be a long night for Team Haiti. That tally came shorthanded which was part of a four goal first period onslaught. D.Lagare had set up a power play goal before striking twice prior to the end of the frame. In hopes of inspiring his troops, R.Morne got Team Haiti on board early in the second period. However, a quick reply -from S.Deslauriers erased all hopes of any sort of comeback. By then, the P-Ball were still in total control and were firing on all cylinders completing another expected result.

(4)Red Lite vs Black Knights(3) Game 1

Determined Y.Labonte gives edge to Red Lite

Y.Labonte knows where to go to get the best of the Black Knights. On Monday night, he went there and helped push his generational rival down in a best of three series. Already with so many weapons, Y.Labonte keeps showing up for the big games. Red Lite edged out their opponents thanks to Labonte`s three points night that included two goals with his second being the winner. Despite it being only game one, the Black Knights know that they can't be falling behind or else this series can potentially end early.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yannick Labonte of Red Lite. The dark horse forward makes another significant impact bagging two goals and an assist.

E Division

Sunday March 18

(10)Lynx vs Sportek(2)

Sniper J.Lang plays different role setting up 5 goals

Knowing that it was going to be a difficult night, Sportek barely lasted one period to keeping it close. With the Lynx finishing solid late in the opening fame, the stage was set for the second period where they smoked Sportek with five more tallies. It's almost a given that J.Lang would collect at least one out of a possible ten goals. But the sniper decided to be generous instead collecting five helpers. The Lynx had nearly every single player collect points on this night. P.Stroubakis, Y.Vanasse, R.Beaver and J.Labadie each scored twice, and S.Catalano had to debate whether or not to take a shower after facing only 15 shots.

(3)Shockers vs Brew Crew(7)

Battle for first place heats up between Shockers and Brew Crew

The top two teams squared off on Sunday night. Only one looked the part as the Shockers were stymied by a lopsided third period. The Brew Crew play an annoying style of hockey that takes plenty of patience and discipline in order to be effective. For two periods, the Shockers looked fine and appeared to be in control. But once they entered the third, they were nowhere to be seen. The Brew Crew came out relentless and chipped away at the suspect Shockers defence that eventually resulted in four unanswered goals. D.Colatosti posted a late second period marker before adding two early in the third. That single stretch alone was the likely cause why the Brew Crew sits on top of the E Sunday division standings with a four point lead over the Shockers.

(4)Team Cuba vs Fatal Demons(1)

Team Cuba, not done yet

By putting up a gutsy performance, Team Cuba showed that they really wanted to win on Sunday night. Surely it wasn't going to come easy as it's been that kind of season-from the get go. But by keeping it close, you just never know which side a game will tilt. All four of their goals came in the third period alone. Q.Joseph released a shot-from centre court to put his club in front with a 2-1 lead. The Fatal Demons attempted to even the score by pulling out their net minder but lost the gamble as they gave up two empty net markers. As nice and gratifying the win was, Team Cuba still have to take one more game versus a difficult opponent in order to have a potential chance of getting in.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gianluca Zapatelli of Team Cuba. Apart-from giving up one first period goal, the net minder was lights out collecting a huge must win for his club.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 16

(7)Bramabulls vs Devil Dawgz(6) S.O

Bramabulls emerge with 7-6 shootout win over Devil Dawgz

By coughing up a couple of leads, the Devil Dawgz fell short on Friday night. The Bramabulls overcame a 2-0 deficit by the second period and used a late equaliser by A.Gendron to force the extra time. After going back in forth with plenty of space in overtime, neither side were able to get it done. It took a brilliant fake move in the shootout-from M.Mignogna to decide the outcome. Prior to his goal, C.Fragkiudakis had also scored leaving Mignogna to secure the win. N.Cinquino and A.Gendron each scored twice for the Bramabulls while the Devil Dawgz got scoring efforts-from five different players.

(2)Stones vs National(8)

S.Laplante 4 goals vaults National past Stones

Despite being out of action for a while, S.Laplante didn't forget how to play hockey. The crafty forward or sometimes defenseman put on quite a hockey clinic bagging four goals while setting up his captain M.Pinheiro twice. With National dictating much of the pace, the Stones had absolutely nothing going on. The only time they got on board was in the third period when they trailed 5-0.The impressive part of this win was that National did it convincingly with only nine players dressed versus a staked line up.

(3)Bramabulls vs Chiefs(2) O.T

Bulls go the distance twice to get it done

After grabbing an earlier shootout win versus the Devil Dawgz, the Bramabulls had to endure more minutes of a double header night. This time, they avoided the shootout by ending it on a four on three powerplay. P.Rivera was placed at the right spot picking up a rebound giving S.Pare no chance whatsoever. The contest was evenly matched, but the Bramabulls did the smart thing by grabbing the lead on two occasions. A.DiPerna, apart- from calling the shots as a captain, showed by example on the field by participating in all three goals. It's not the easiest thing for any team winning back to back games of a double header night, especially in a 35+ division, but the Bramabulls showed that it can be done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony DiPerna of the Bramabulls. The captain was involved in many plays over the course of two games. After collecting a pair of points in the opening contest, the captain had his hand in all three goals by the second game.

E Division

Thursday March 15

(6)Scorpions vs Raging Rhinos(8)

S.Pilon hat trick paces Rhinos over Scorpions

The Raging Rhinos got off to a slow start in the first, as they were outshot, out played and outscored 2-1.But after regrouping in between frames, the tides turned in their favour. S.Pilon was largely the reason why his club took over. The forward scored three in a row putting the Raging Rhinos up 5-2 in the third period. Then, S.Labrecque took the torch adding three more points that included two goals to put an exclamation point to the match. The Scorpions had good stretches but not long enough as they slowly fell behind the eight ball. M.Gil did more than his part in the loss striking once in every frame.

(3)Carnage vs SBS Trashers(2)

G.Cortese helps Carnage rally to 3-2 win

Patience paid off for Carnage on Thursday night. G.Cortese scored the winner after netting his clubs first goal along with setting up the equaliser courtesy of J.Bourlakos .Carnage didn't help themselves spending unnecessary time in the penalty box. If not for B.Madonis protecting his cage, the SBS Trashers would have run away with this rather easily. Instead, they couldn't capitalise, and eventually fell behind as of the four minute mark of the third period. Despite having more than enough time, the third period magic just wasn't there on this night.

(3)JLR Brossard vs Raging Rhinos(7)

Raging Rhinos don't miss a beat in double header night

There was definitely no lack of legs or energy on the side of the Raging Rhinos. They just came off a hard fought win an hour ago and showed no signs of slowing down in their battle with the JLR Brossard. Rather than getting them early on being fresh, the Raging Rhinos actually got better as the game went on. Five out of their seven goals came in the second half of the game. After finishing strong earlier on with three straight points, S.Labrecque still had more premium fuel in the tank by striking three consecutive times for his hat trick. This was also a first of two games for the JLR Brossard, who would need to wait an hour in hopes of bouncing back with a better outcome.

(3)Legends vs Bramabulls(8)

Four second period goals help Bramabulls sail past Legends

A second period outburst gave the Bramabulls a solid lead for good. Both sides traded two first period goals before the pace of the Bramabulls was too much to handle for the Legends. By using their speed and making quick passes, the Bramabulls benefitted with scoring efforts-from seven different players. M.Testolina was the only one to score twice while collecting a pair of helpers. The Legends knew they had a difficult task ahead of them without a whole line missing. Unless they played a perfect game, there was no chance that they would get the better of a superior club.

(10)JLR Brossard Mighty Drunks(3)

JLR Brossard finish on a high note

Clearly, this was a way better performance put forth by the JLR Brossard. However, the urgency only kicked in mid way through the match. After getting a pair of quick goals by B.Barile and N.Goncalves, the JLR Brossard never looked back en route to an easy win. Almost half of their offense came by the third period alone. Y.Gazura, M.Gagnon and N.Goncalves each scored twice while J.Pantelis was behind setting up four goals as part of a five point night. The Mighty Drunks struggled to score overall needing to rely on three power play chances in order to tally twice with the man advantage.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastien Labrecque of the Raging Rhinos. In a double header night, the Raging Rhinos forward was all over the court accumulating a total of six points that included five goals.

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F division

Tuesday March 13

(1)Fat Cats vs United Armenians (7)

Depleted Fat Cats pays the price

The Fat Cats were simply out matched on Tuesday night. From-the drop of the ball, the United Armenians were more aggressive knowing that their opponents had barely any players to change with. It took just over two minutes for three goals to go in. Then, things did calm down for a while up until G.DeMarinnis of the Fat Cats struck on the power play. Unfortunately for them, G.Jerjian was able to respond almost immediately for the United Armenians with his second of the game. The very same forward went on to add his third late in the contest to close off what was an easy 7-1 win.

(9)Kentucky Blue vs Winterhawks(3)

James Tutino nets hat trick, leads Kentucky Blue to 9-3 win over Winterhawks

James Tutino and the Kentucky Blue forced the Winterhawks defence and net minder to work hard on Tuesday night. By the time the first period ended, the Winterhawks fell behind 3-1 and knew that they had a hard hill to climb. The second frame wasn't any friendlier with the Kentucky Blue out scoring their opponent 4-2.James Tutino had notched his hat trick late in the frame and later added an assist to cap off the night. R.Estrela added to scoring bagging a pair as part of a three point performance. With only two games remaining, the Winterhawks will be forced to capture at least one victory if they plan on extending their season.

Wednesday March 14

(5)United Arms vs Les Raymonds(4)

A pair of late goals dooms Les Raymonds

Les Raymonds learned a valuable lesson-from this contest, that it's never over till it's over. With the game winding down to its final minutes, the United Arms not only levelled the game but won it moments later. There was just 90 seconds left on the clock when A.Melkonian tied the game at four goals apiece. Then, when both sides presumed this was going into overtime, changed when A.Keuhnelian shattered the tie giving the United Arms an incredible win. Prior to the dramatic finish, G.Jerjian sparked the United Arms with goals in every period that included two on the power play. Les Raymonds,despite their short bench, put up a real fight and nearly got there with the help of N.Delia and A.Cadieux-Volakakis's two goals apiece.

(1)Venom vs Fat Roy(2)

Fat Roy pulls off massive upset

It wasn't the prettiest hockey, but Fat Roy didn't care as long as they were able to pull it off. Somehow they managed the positive outcome with only two changes. That would make sense for a team that's been dominating all season, but not for a club struggling to earn wins. Whatever they did worked on this night as they needed only two goals to edge out a solid offense. One of the key moments came when J.Pantelis opened the scoring in a shorthanded situation. There other big moment happened when M.Makaros snapped a 1-1 second period tie. And finally there most significant reason why they won was due to their solid defending and sensational goaltending put forth by A.Mancini.

(7)Armadillos vs Underdogs(0)

Armadillos ground Underdogs in shutout win

D.Mattar was great stopping all 22 shots he faced, and the Armadillos cruised to a 7-0 win. Despite what the score indicates, this contest was close for a very long stretch. It only started to tilt towards the late stages of the second period. The Armadillos went-from a 2-0 lead to a four goal cushion before entering the last fifteen minutes of play. P.Lapointe and P.Karigiannis doubled their production scoring their second early in the third period. The Underdogs knew the importance of this match and unfortunately couldn't get the much needed result.

(2)RBK Knights vs Hellfish(7)

Hellfish aiming for perfect season

It's nine games in, and the Hellfish have one goal in mind. For the time being, they'll try and wrap up a 10-0 regular season record before bring it a step further by the playoffs. This contest was close while it lasted. After playing to a 1-1 first period tie, the Hellfish put it into gear by the second. Six different players had found the back of the net until R.Kelendji capped it off with his second of the match. While everything is roses for the Hellfish, the RBK Knights keep getting lucky that the Winterhawks aren't winning their games. With this result, the RBK Knights carry a slight two point lead over the Winterhawks, who do have a game in hand.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alberto Mancini of Fat Roy. Limiting a high powered offence like Venom to only one goal is quite remarkable. A.Mancini had a brilliant game with only seven players dressed to earn the player of the night.

Premier division

Monday March 12

(9)P-Ball vs Team Haiti(2)

Team Haiti short bench playing with fire

It's a result that came to be expected when two teams in opposite directions went at it on Monday night. With only two changes and yet to collect a point so far this season, it was a given that the P-Ball would get the better of their opponent. But as difficult a challenge it was, Team Haiti kept battling and made sure that the P-Ball would work for their goals. D.Lagare and P.Genereux chipped in with a pair each and M.Riel helped set up half of his team's goals. Despite their limited body count, Team Haiti did score twice in the second period courtesy of T.Dornival and C.Simeon. This game concluded the regular season for P-Ball, who won the division with a 10-2 record.

(8)Black Knights vs Team Haiti(2)

Black Knights take advantage and steam roll by Team Haiti

It was safe to say that the Black Knights would surely cruise throughout the contest. To make matters worse, Team Haiti had to play a second game of a double header night with not much of a change-from their previous encounter with the P-Ball. Their short bench caught up to them by the second period with the Black Knights adding three more markers for a safe 5-0 lead. Team Haiti did have a chance early on to level the game on the power play but surrendered a goal instead. M.Stinziani scored late in the first period with a shorthanded marker and the Black Knights would never look back. That was Stinziani's first of three with his hat trick coming with the man advantage. D.Duhamel and J.Velenosi were in on the offense as well with both players collecting four points each.

With the regular season coming to an end, it's that time of year again where four teams will be battling for the ultimate prize. The P-Ball will definitely be the team to beat moving forward. There first round matchup is against Team Haiti, who will need too many things to go right in order to have a chance. The other semi final match up features a pair of familiar clubs. Red Lite will look to knock out the Black Knights in their series as the slight favourites.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Stinziani of the Black Knights. The highly skilled forward scored three goals in every situation. His first came shorthanded, his second was even strength while his third came with the man advantage.

E Division

Sunday March 11

(2)Sportek vs Fatal Demons(12)

S.Koulieris scores 4 as Fatal Demons drop double digits on Sportek

Paced by their veteran up front, S.Koulieris and the Fatal Demons routed Sportek in what was a massive offensive output. However, it was Sportek converting early on with S.Dagenias posting his first of two. That good early start was a deception of what eventually came. Once the Fatal Demons responded, four goals had gone in the first period alone. Then, things only got worse for Sportek, who just stood there looking at the score board unable to stop the bleeding. The Fatal Demons added six more by the second period and two by the third ending the game earlier than usual. With S.Koulieris leading the charge up front with four goals, K.Araujo, A.Jalilvand and B.Deslauriers all chipped in with a pair.

(5)Shockers vs Lynx(2)

Captain M.Blackman ripping it up with league leading 16 goals

Seven games in, and M.Blackman is showing his true colors. The Shockers captain never really had issues scoring but nothing like at this pace. His league leading 16 goals for is six more than the next player in line. The score was already 3-0 by the early stages of the second period with Blackman striking all three times. Then, feeling somewhat guilty for taking all the action, he decided to set up C.Blunt, who capped off the night with his second in an empty cage. For nearly two periods, the Lynx couldn't get on board. D.Bourque held a tight ship, and went perfect up until Y.Vanasse got him on the power play. By then, there wasn't much the Lynx could have done with the Shockers determined to win and keep pace with the Brew Crew for first place.

(4)Team Cuba vs Brew Crew(9)

D.Verta's whopping 7 points crush Team Cuba's hopes

It was just a spectacular night for D.Verta, who scored three goals and added four assists for a team running on all cylinders. The Brew Crew have an overall solid team that buy into a system. But when you have a player like D.Verta causing havoc, your chances of winning are that much greater. The league leading Brew Crew showed no pity on this night as they dismantled a team desperate for points. Verta and M.Pace combined for five goals giving the Brew Crew a significant 5-2 lead early in the second period. As much as Team Cuba battled to try and keep it close, the Brew Crew were simply too strong on this night. The win keeps them in first place with a slight one point lead over the Shockers. As for Team Cuba, although not officially dead, they might as well prepare the paper work unless they can pull out a miracle.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Danny Verta of the Brew Crew. Every time he touched the ball, something good would happen. The forward had a monster game participating in seven of the nine goals that went in.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 9

(4)Bramabulls vs National(7)

M.Pinheiro, the Cristiano Ronaldo of Master's division was at it again

It was another great night for the National captain. M.Pinheiro was lights out again scoring a bunch of goals that ultimately doomed the Bramabulls by the third period. The game was fairly close after two frames until the magic kicked in. With both sides deadlocked at 4-4, M.Pinheiro then took over riffling three straight tallies to finish with four goals. He did get help of his teammates S.Laplante and C.Dagenais as both players combined for six points. As for the Bramabulls, G.Pisanelli and D.Lonardi were the only ones to strike with a pair each.

(4)Chiefs vs Devil Dawgz(5)

Relentless Devil Dawgz out do Chiefs

Even though the score suggests a close game, the Devil Dawgz had plenty of control throughout most of the night. S.Pare gave the Chiefs every possible chance to keep it close making sensational saves. But with Y.Gazura and A.Jalilvand clicking the way they did, it was just a matter of time that the net minder would crack. Both players were involved in four of the five goals combining for seven points that saw Gazura net a hat trick. On the flip side, the Chiefs also had two particular players causing havoc. Like on most nights, D.Galloro and A.Zarzour will get their names noticed and tonight wasn't any different with both players collecting two goals apiece.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yuri Gazura of the Devil Dawgz. Every time he would get on, the Devil Dawgz had lots of good things happen. His presence led to three goals and an assist and can arguably be said that he was the major reason why the Devil Dawgz edged out the Chiefs.

E Division

Thursday March 8

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Raging Rhinos(6)

Brutal second period gives no chance to Mighty Drunks

It was just another bad night for the sagging Mighty Drunks. They gave up six goals after two periods and had nothing going right. The only bright spot came by the third period where they won the frame 2-0.The Raging Rhinos simply out played them early and kept pressing making sure that they had the game under control. B.Burns and S.Pilon shared two goals apiece and B.Verducci was good when needed to be facing close to 30 shots to earn the win in net.

(4)Werewolves vs SBS Trashers(5)

P.Hodhod nets hat trick in dramatic fashion

As time was winding down in the third period, P.Hodhod's slap shot had just enough juice to beat the buzzer and L.Giannes for a thrilling victory. The Werewolves bench went completely quiet after putting out a solid effort for the entire game. It's not often defensemen collect hat tricks, but P.Hodhod is part of a unique breed of players. The complete d-man stabilizes the back end while able to be a threat on the other side of the court. In addition to his massive impact, Joseph Scalia wasn't going to be silent as he normally isn't. The sniper whaled away with a pair of tallies making him the only other SBS Trashers to score in this game.

(3)Carnage vs Legends (7)

S.Koulieris sweet hands deliver for Legends

S.Koulieris has spent his ball career scoring goals with his savvy hands and slickness. Although he may have lost some speed over the course of his long career, his play making ability along with his technique to finding the back of the net hasn't changed one bit. Tonight, he made it look easy twice while finding two teammates to finish with four points. The Legends did the smart thing by striking early several times in order to dictate the pace to their liking. With a few weapons up front, Carnage did apply some pressure and plenty of scoring chances but the damage had already been done.

(3)JLR Brossard vs Bramabulls(11)

Bramabulls goal scoring machine produces in bulk

The JLR Brossard showed that they didn't have a solution to slow down the Bramabulls. By the time the first period ended, the writing was on the wall. The Bramabulls scored two power play goals and added three even strength building enough of a cushion that would guarantee the win. Plenty of players feasted in the goal scoring department. M.Testolina led everyone by bagging three while his captain A.DiPerna, J.Palmitano, T.Karasek and B.Sansotta each had two on the defenceless net minder. Even though the Bramabulls may appear superior on paper, the JLR Brossard have plenty of quality players and should have done better early on to keep the game close.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Hodhod of the SBS Trashers. The solid defenseman was the one to provide the offensive outburst with three goals that included a late dagger en route to a 5-4 win over the Werewolves.

F division

Tuesday March 6

(4)United Armenians vs Venom(3)

United Armenians use late power play goal to edge out Venom

A late penalty turns into a sour finish for Venom as M.Yeramian decided things with just over 15 seconds left in the game. Regardless the bad ending, Venom had control of this match striking twice in the second period. It wasn't until the nine minute mark of that frame that the United Armenians got on board. And once they did, the momentum shifted their way. J.Belcher tallied late in the frame and C.Khesiafy gave his club its first lead by the nine minutes mark of the third period. However, Venom did respond right away with J.Quesnel's third point of the night which forced an unpredictable finish. But with less than 20 seconds remaining, M.Yeramian put the game to rest giving his club a sixth win in only seven starts.

Wednesday March 7

(6)Kentucky Blue vs Les Raymonds(4)

T.Oliveira keeps putting in the goals

If he keeps scoring like this, T.Oliveira may want to put his stick in a museum. The sniper had another major hand in providing this win over Les Raymonds. After scoring twice to get the ball rolling, Oliveira set up James Tutino while eventually netting his hat trick for the game winning goal. The great start got Les Raymonds off guard, who approached this contest with a defensive strategy with only seven players dressed. Despite their situation, they did manage a good fight responding with four goals from-different players.

(1)Underdogs vs Fat Roy(5)

Both teams clash in uphill battle

At this point in the season, the circumstances are quite simple, and that is to win. Both sides are in desperate need of points which made this match up more than a regular season game. And despite the situation, it did live up to the hype up until the third period. Fat Roy entered the final fifteen minutes with a slight 2-1 lead before pulling away with three straight markers. Two of their three goals came with the man advantage. C.Siconolfi and G.Lallis made sure to capitalise with the extra man, and M.Makaros confirmed all doubts when netting his second late in the game.

(4)Fat Cats vs Armadillos(5) O.T

G.Bouchard and Armadillos celebrate OT winner

G.Bouchard's goal 2:30 into overtime lifted the Armadillos to a wild 5-4 win over the Fat Cats on Wednesday night. That was the highly skilled defensemen's second of the contest. It came to no surprise this was going to be a wide open game with so much fire power-from both sides. The Fat Cats had the better start grabbing a 2-0 lead up until the Armadillos took over by the second period winning the frame 3-1.Both clubs later traded power play goals before entering the extra time. Apart-from G.Bouchard's two tallies, different players went on to score-from their respective sides.

(5)Hellfish vs United Arms(3)

Hellfish take significant lead, never look back

The Hellfish came out of the gate scoring two first period goals and never looked back as they earned a 5-3 win over the United Arms. N.Bourgeois was in giving mood setting up three different teammates. M.Kardum led the goal scoring department with two goals that included the winner just past the mid way point of the match. After finding themselves in a deep hole, the United Arms continued to work hard winning the final frame with a pair of unanswered tallies. This result keeps the Hellfish high in the standings as the only club yet to drop a game.

(6)Winterhawks vs RBK Knights(7)

RBK Knights hold up in crazy battle with Winterhawks

For both sides in need of points, playing defence along with discipline was out of the question in this contest. Whatever their approach was, the RBK Knights were the ones who benefited. The one good thing they did was to never falter their lead. However, they did play with fire several times that nearly came to bite them in the end. The Winterhawks did plenty of scoring on the power play. F.Raymond scored two out of the Winterhawks four power play goals while notching his hat trick late in the game. Despite the late push, it just wasn't good enough as they now find themselves as the bottom dwellers of the division. With the help of J.Constantin and P.Santullo's two goals along with S.Kalaydjian's four points, the RBK Knights escaped the cellar but are far-from guaranteed a spot with only two games left in the season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Shant Kalaydjian of the RBK Knights. By providing a massive four points, the RBK Knights earned a hard fought win to jump into a playoff spot.

Premier division

Monday March 5

(5)Red Lite vs Black Knights(2)

Y.Labonte third period hat trick boosts Red Lite over Black Knights

Y.Labonte snapped a 2-2 deadlock 1:15 into the third period and totalled three goals in that frame to buoy Red Lite to a 5-2 victory over their rival. Labonte had already scored once while setting up his clubs first goal of the game. He got help-from P-M Chenier and J.Provost-Blais as both players set him up twice. For two straight periods, the Black Knights held their own getting goals-from K.Kakivelis and C.Gingras. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't contain the high skill set of Labonte, who was simply unstoppable on this night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to the Red Lite centre men. Labonte carried his club providing points in all five goals that included four straight tallies.

E Division

Sunday March 4

(2)Fatal Demons vs Shockers(3)

Shockers seek payback versus Fatal Demons

The Shockers couldn't wait to get back on the court and settle what had just happened to them a week ago. After dropping a 10-8 result to the very same Fatal Demons, the Shockers took a different approach in this contest. By playing better defensively, they did a far better job keeping the ball out of their net with the sacrifice of limiting their production up front. One of the differences came down to the special teams. With both sides getting the opportunities on their power plays, it was the Shockers succeeding with two goals on only two chances. C.Debonis scored his first of two with the man advantage while T.Debonis bagged the other. The Fatal Demons scored only once on four opportunities and were forced to play from-behind for nearly the entire match.

(3)Lynx vs Brew Crew(6)

First period onslaught launches Brew Crew to 6-3 win

It certainly wasn't the start they were looking for. The Lynx stood still as the Brew Crew stormed out of the gate with five first period goals. It's not often that the Lynx had such a terrible period. The charge was led with the help of L.Verta, who participated in four of the five goals that included two markers. But the most critical goal came by D.Verta. The Lynx had a great opportunity to cut the lead in half but things only got worse with D.Verta scoring shorthanded. It's almost a given when a team like the Brew Crew carries a massive five goal cushion that there isn't much anyone can do. The only thing that really transpired after that was the frustrations- from both sides. Rather than the court being busy, it was the penalty boxes that carried the action. Both teams would meet again one hour later with the Lynx seeking to even the score.

(5)Sportek vs Team Cuba(4) O.T

Sportek rally to celebrate crucial win

The race for the final playoff spot is a tight one between Sportek and Team Cuba. Faced with practically a must win situation, Sportek made their valid attempt of a comeback and got there with three unanswered goals. First, S.Pinero narrowed the gap by one and then C.Flikas evened the score with half a period remaining. Unable to take advantage of a late power play opportunity, Team Cuba were stuck witnessing the dagger that set them back when M.Rosato scored in overtime. As disappointing as this loss came for Team Cuba, they still had a chance to redeem themselves and overtake Sportek in the standings an hour later as both sides would meet again.

(11)Lynx vs Brew Crew(2)

Lynx respond and annihilate Brew Crew

Despite taking the earlier contest, the Lynx proved to be too clinical for the Brew Crew. One of the things that came to bite the Brew Crew was their amount of trips to the penalty box. The Lynx made them pay with four power play goals that saw J.Mason strike three times. That was just three out of the snipers five goals. Just like what the Brew Crew did in the opening period of their first encounter, the Lynx did the same in the second period of this game. They out ran and out played the Brew Crew resulting in five goals for a 7-2 lead. There would be no way that the Brew Crew would have any chance by that point to make a game of it. Instead, they just threw in the towel that resulted in four more goals by the Lynx.

(3)Sportek vs Team Cuba(2)

Team Cuba fall short, season on life support

With their regular season on life support, Team Cuba had to endure another heartbreaking loss. This time, the game was decided by the third period when Sportek struck twice in a row to snap a dreaded 1-1 tie. M.Page and C.Flikas each scored during that frame that gave little hope for the comeback despite a late tally-from J.DeSua. Throughout both games, the chances were there but the bounces just didn't come. Also, it didn't help that P.DelliColli stood tall between the pipes. The net minder was good for both game s and especially in the second encounter making plenty of crucial saves. Both these results put Sportek in the driver's seat to making the playoffs as Team Cuba will need close to a miracle if they plan on getting in.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paolo DelliColli of Sportek. The net minder capped off a two game run with a masterful performance. If not for his great ability on this night, the uncertainty of making the playoffs would still loom for Sportek.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 2

(6)Devil Dawgz vs National(3)

National fall behind early, lose to Devil Dawgz 6-3

After dropping themselves in a 3-0 hole, National didn't have enough in the tank in the third period to make a game of it. They started off dreadfully against a club that just came off an encouraging win only a week ago. The Devil Dawgz got it done without a few key pieces which forced everyone to step up and play to their potential. With S.Sauk holding the fort between the pipes, five different Devil Dawgz players took care of the scoring. A.Guillaume struck twice for the win while M.Pinheiro continued- from where he left off a week ago by accumulating all three points for National.

(7)Stones vs Bramabulls(8)

Late push not enough as Stones fall to Bramabulls

A late third period effort fell short on Friday night as the Bramabulls held on to what was a thrilling hockey game. The Stones actually led after 15 minutes of play, but were nowhere to be found in the second period. They gave up four straight goals before realising that their alarm clock didn't work. Once they woke up, four goals went in and all of a sudden the Bramabulls were hanging on to dear life. If not for a big save at the end of the game-from G.Follano, both sides would have attempted their luck in overtime. Instead, M.Gagnon couldn't take advantage of a penalty shot, and G.Follano and the Bramabulls hung on for the victory. D.Vellucci and N.Cinquino potted a pair for the win while S.Frabrici rode a hot hand for the Stones netting a hat trick.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Scott Sauk of the Devil Dawgz. At no point did the net minder give any hope to National. His 21 save effort helped lead his club to big points to the standings.

E Division

Thursday March 1

(2)Werewolves vs Scorpions (5)

Big third period carries Scorpions past Werewolves

The Scorpions struck three times in the third period to lift them to a 5-2 triumph over the Werewolves. M.Cimenelli , K.Rose and M.Gil got the scoring done while at the other end of the court, P.Patel ensured the win stopping 24 of 26 shots. There wasn't much going on offensively for the Werewolves. They scored only once in the first and in the third with their captain K.Miraldo collecting two points and a pair of penalties just for good measure. The Werewolves know that they'll need players such as D.Traversy and J.Guerriero dressed in order to address their woes up front .For now, they will treat this as just a regular season game and not worry too much about it with plenty of hockey left over.

(4)Mighty Drunks vs SBS Trashers(5)

SBS Trashers did just enough to sneak out win

Whether they play a contender like the Bramabulls or a team without a win so far this season, the SBS Trashers need to work a full 45 minute game in order to get results. If not for a solid third period, this game could have gone in favour of the Mighty Drunks. J.Scalia seems to be rescuing his club on a regular basis by providing another the two big goals at crucial times. Both sides entered a dreaded 3-3 third period before Scalia and P.Hodhod scored only minutes apart. But the Mighty Drunks weren't done yet. M.Beaudry pulled his club within one and this game was still far-from over. By that point, the SBS Trashers made sure to bear down and defend properly till the final buzzer in order to sneak out the win.

(2)Carnage vs Bramabulls(10)

Offensive Bramabulls depth roll all over Carnage

Maybe the major reason why the Bramabulls are strong this season is because of their massive depth up front. With barely any weaknesses, most opponents will need to defend flawlessly while getting impeccable goaltending. Unfortunately for Carnage, they couldn't execute the right game plan in order to keep it close and have a chance. The Bramabulls had already put the game out of reach after one period with a 5-1 lead. C.Palermo led the charge riffling three goals while B.Sansotta and M.Maggiore were right behind him sparking two goals apiece.

(4)JLR Brossard vs Legends(6)

Fatigue hits JLR Brossard by third period

It's what normally happens when playing with a short bench. For two straight periods, things were fine for the depleted JLR Brossard that were up 3-2, but that all changed by the final instances. The Legends kept working and battling to the point that it was just a matter of time before taking over. M.Chenier, P.Santullo, and L.Dulcetta's two goals all came by the third period and the JLR Brossard felt that they just ran out of gas. Till that point, P.Assadi was stellar keeping the game very close. Despite the loss, D.Gagnon was very productive netting two goals and an assist.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joseph Scalia of the SBS Trashers. It's gotten to the point that the clutch forward will likely get his club that much needed goal. In tonight's game versus the Mighty Drunks, Scalia scored late in the second period and early in the third to help lead his team to a close 5-4 win.

F division

Wednesday February 28

(5)Hellfish vs Winterhawks(3)

Hellfish depth shows in 5-3 win over Winterhawks

They may have let in the first and last two goals of the game, but the Hellfish scored when it counted the most. A.Thifault tied the game 1-1, and added his second by the third period as the only multi goal scorer from- both sides. The Hellfish entered the contest with nearly all their guys. By rolling three solid lines, the Winterhawks were stuck playing on their heels for most of the night. They did get a couple of late goals by J.Lacelle and J.Blanchette,but the game was already put to rest by then.

(6)Kentucky Blue vs United Arms(2)

T.Oliveira and R.Estrela spark hat tricks for Kentucky Blue

It was a game that arguably two players outclassed one hockey team. Out of the Kentucky Blue six goals scored, only two players found the back of the net. T.Oliveira and R.Estrela competed with one another all game to see who would prevail in the goal scoring department. Both players scored power play goals as part of their hat tricks. The United Arms did strike early on to take command, but found themselves in a difficult bind as the game went.

(1)Venom vs Armadillos(5)

Sluggish Venom blown away by Armadillos

The Armadillos wasted no time taking over the match. Nevertheless, the contest was close for two periods until the third hit. S.Kipopoulos and P.Arkalis scored only three minutes apart and the Armadillos were confident that they had the game wrapped up. A.Jalilvand eventually ended the dry spell for Venom as the only player to figure out D.Mattar. This result just congested the standings even more with four team's only two points apart.

(1)Fat Roy vs Fat Cats(9)

Fat Roy couldn't stop bleeding-from the get go

It didn't take long for J.Mancini and the Fat Cats to get a strangle hold of the match. In the first five minutes alone, J.Mancini had already scored twice and J.Scalia notched the other advising that the Fat Roy would endure another long night. In hopes of slowing things down, the opposite continued to happen instead. The Fat Cats kept a full throttle pace by adding four more goals by the second that included Mancini's hat trick. Next in line was J.Scalia with two goals while four other players also got their names on the score sheet.

(5)Les Raymonds vs RBK Knights(4)

RBK Knights drop another close game

The RBK Knights have now dropped their fourth one goal game of the season. In tonight's case, they fell behind 3-0 and only got on board as of the 11:40 minute mark of the second period. And even though they took over from-there on, time became their worse enemy. This contest had some turning points with possibly N.Delia's shorthanded goal being the most significant one for Les Raymonds. The sniper scored his first of two in the disadvantage to put Les Les Raymonds up 3-0.Unable to even the score, the RBK Knights had a solid finish, and are still in playoff contention despite having only one point in seven games.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicola Delia of Les Raymonds. When given the chance, N.Delia will most likely hurt you. The sniper struck twice including a big shorthanded goal that ultimately doomed the RBK Knights in a close 5-4 win for Les Raymonds.

Premier division

Monday February 26

(8)Red Lite vs Team Haiti(1)

Red Lite blast Team Haiti

Red Lite ran roughshod over Team Haiti in what can only be described as complete and utter domination. It didn't take long for this game to get out of hand. By the time the first period ended, it was safe to say that Red Lite would walk away with easy points. Their 5-0 first period lead widened slightly by the second and got closed off by the third period due to the seven goal mercy rule. J.Bradley and S.Morello each potted a pair while P-M Chenier led all players with four points. Just prior to the end of the second period, P-A Plaisir gave Team Haiti some satisfaction as the only player to solve C.Lantin.

(5)P-Ball vs Black Knights(6) S.O

D.Duhamel leads Black Knights to shootout win over P-Ball

D.Duhamel came through to help the Black Knights pull out a close win over the P-Ball. The talented forward scored two goals and then tallied in the shootout. However, it took J-F Di Iorio's sick mitten moves that just wasn't fair for the P-Ball net minder to ensure the victory. Knowing that it would have been a difficult night with only three changes, the P-Ball did the right thing by consuming their energy early on that resulted in a 3-1 lead. The unfortunate part was that they couldn't hold off a determined side. The Black Knights had more than enough time to overcome the barrier and eventually did so to force the extra time.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Duhamel of the Black Knights. From-scoring twice in regulation time to adding a shootout marker, the Black Knights forward was instrumental for the win.

E Division

Sunday February 25

(10)Fatal Demons vs Shockers(8)

Fatal Demons outlast Shockers in high scoring affair

The goals kept coming one after another. A dizzying three periods of high temp hockey left the goaltenders baffled wondering how things got out of hand. Maybe for the Shockers, this type of style tends to work for them, but it's not in the nature of the Fatal Demons to play this way. But sometimes changing it up can work as it did in tonight's case for more conservative side. The Fatal Demons decided to play a run and gun style match and ultimately got rewarded by needing nine goals to hand the Shockers a crazy loss. A.Jalilvand, B.Deslauriers and S.Kouliers each chipped in with a pair for the Fatal Demons. As for the Shockers, M.Blackman continued-from where he left off adding three more goals after coming off a four goal performance only a week ago.

(4)Brew Crew vs Sportek(2)

Three goal third period powers Brew Crew past Sportek

The Brew Crew needed a big third period in order to maintain their perfect 4-0 record in the E Sunday division. The charge was led by M.Pace and L.Verta as both players scored three minutes apart for a 3-1 lead. When considering where both teams sit in the standings, this win was anywhere close from-being easy. P.DelliColli gave his side every possible chance to get in the win column as he constantly frustrated the Brew Crew to get on board. Unfortunately, he didn't get enough offense despite the late third period push. It took up until the mid way point of the final frame for A.Charest to finally solve C.Muccino.

(1)Team Cuba vs Lynx(5)

Lynx get goals-from 5 different goal scorers to top Team Cuba

Team Cuba know they need to make the most of every advantage if they want to be part of a playoff picture. After missing a couple of breakaways and unable to score on their power play, the result justifies why they sit at the basement of the division. The Lynx will constantly generate chances relying on their speed and tonight it showed again as five different players took turns finding the back of the net. D.Zabitsky scored late in the first period as his tally held up for the winner. Despite getting some decent chances, Team Cuba had the misfortune of hitting a solid net minder. S.Catalano allowed all but one goal when A.Latella beat him with a hard low slap shot.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Brian Deslauriers of the Fatal Demons. One thing's for sure, when a team scores ten goals and B.Deslauries is part of it, the power forward will definitely have something to do with it. Tonight, he racked up six points that included a pair in what was a crazy 10-8 win over the Shockers.

E Division

Thursday February 22

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Legends (5)

A.Pannunzio turns in quite a performance

A .Pannunzio put on quite a clinic on Thursday night, posting all five goals en route to a 5-2 win over the Mighty Drunks. The forward scored most of his goals mainly-from his slap shots. Some of his teammates argue it's his stick but Pannunzio just felt that he was lucky enough to get the opportunity. The Legends needed a few things to go right in order to grab the win. And while they got the offens- from one player, their net minding was just as important. L.Dulcetta, who normally plays as a forward did a fine job limiting his opponent to only two goals on 25 shots. Another reason that enabled the win was the lack of discipline by the Mighty Drunks. Taking two major penalties is just asking for it and the Legends made sure to capitalise twice with the man advantage.

(3)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(3) S.O

SBS Trashers rally in third to draw even in heated battle

For a regular season game, it sure had the making of what seemed like a playoff game seven final. Both sides battled extremely hard, from-blocking shots to grinding really hard along the boards. The Bramabulls did have control for a long stretch carrying a 3-1 lead but that all changed when J.Scalia took over. It seems like game in and game out the big number ten saves his best for last. Tonight, was no different with him bagging two third period goals to force the overtime. Neither side was able to get it done after that despite playing some time with only three players on each side. Since overtime solved nothing, both teams went the extra mile in the shootout only to see the goaltenders steal the show. R.Pampena and C.Muccino were stellar stopping all three shooters for their respective clubs.

(3)Werewolves vs Raging Rhinos(5)

Raging Rhinos use three- goal second period to edge out Werewolves

After battling solid to a 1-1 first period tie, the second period was hellish for the Werewolves. The Raging Rhinos got back to back goals-from D.Ramada, and two-from T.Angelis that put the Raging Rhinos up 4-1. G.Delia did narrow the gap twice but it wasn't nearly enough. N.Mauro remained upbeat all night in net to earn the win. Both of T.Angelis's goals came with the special teams. His first was shorthanded while his second was on the power play that held up for the winner.

(3)Carnage vs Scorpions(7)

A.Singh shreds Carnage with five point game

A.Singh motored the Scorpions to a 7-3 win over Carnage on Thursday night. Out of their seven goals, A.Singh had his hands in five of them that included a hat trick. In what was a very close competitive game, only tilted one way towards the later stages of the match. The Scorpions carried a slight 4-3 lead till Singh closed it out with two markers in only three minutes. F.Martin also scored during that span netting his second as part of a three point performance. All three of Carnage's goals came in a very short span of four and a half minutes. They got scoring efforts- from three different players that included power play goals by S.Giannoulakis and N.Katsifolis.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Pannunzio of the Legends. The Legends forward led the charge scoring all five goals making one look nicer than the other.

F division

Tuesday February 20

(7)United Armenians vs Armadillos(6) O.T

Pair of late penalties proves costly for Armadillos

The mixture of frustration and disappointment was palpable for the Armadillos on Tuesday night as a pair of late penalties ended up being the difference. Two out of the United Armenians three goals with the man advantage came late in the third period and in overtime. And in both cases, H.Jerjian with the help of Y.Derohannessian's two perfect feeds, ultimately doomed the Armadillos. This contest had what was expected-from the two sides with plenty of offense that kept the game springing back and forth. Apart from-setting up two big goals, Y.Derohannessian was primed-from the beginning collecting a total of five points. The Armadillos got some of their scoring done by J.Urquhart and P.Legatos as both players each scored twice in the loss.

Wednesday February 21

(1)Fat Roy vs Venom(2)

Two unanswered goals gives Venom win over Fat Roy

S.Simitsakos's first period goal may have given Fat Roy the lead, but that eventually changed when Venom responded heavily by the second period. K.Aruajo took charge with a power play goal, and S.Bentivegna followed up minutes later to put Venom in front for the first time in the match. By that point, Fat Roy had more than enough time to strike back and level the game. But with only eight goals for in six games, their offense took a hit once more. They did manage enough shots for the equaliser only to hit R.Ranieri instead of the back of the net. The win keeps Venom on top of the standings with twelve points in only five games.

(6)Les Raymonds vs Winterhawks(0)

A.Henein's hat trick lead Les Raymonds to 6-0 rout of Winterhawks

It didn't take long for A.Henein's goal scoring to take place. By the eleven minute mark of the first period, Henein bagged his second for a 3-0 lead before adding his third just shy of the mid way point of the game. Les Raymonds entered the night only one point up on the Winterhawks in what may be a significant result with both teams flirting at the bottom of the cellar. This win came with other factors as well apart-from A.Henein's goal scoring rampage. M.Deninno took control handling the back end that resulted in four points, and A.Mancini couldn't have done better denying every shot his way for the shutout.

(0)Underdogs vs Fat Cats(8)

Newly added J.Mancini makes splash for Fat Cats

In an already high powered team, the Fat Cats decided you can't go wrong with more offense. Tonight, they inserted J.Mancini to their line up, who showed that he fits right in the mix by notching a hat trick. The Fat Cats didn't have much of a difficult night against a struggling Underdogs side. But nothing was set in stone until a late second period goal by M.Mancini convinced everyone that this contest was decided. After building a 4-0 lead heading into the third period, the Fat Cats pulled way adding four more tallies that included two power play goals, and a 24 save shutout by their net minder G.Sangiovanni.

(5)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(4) S.O

Pendulum swings back in Hellfish favour

The way the first period was going, the Hellfish may have figured that their night was easier than expected. They scored three straight goals, two in which came by M.Kardum and everything appeared to be roses. But once M.Lepage struck late in the first period, the Kentucky Blue knew they had life. That tally was just the first of three more to come that eventually put the Kentucky Blue in front by the 12:30 minute mark of the third period. R.Estrela had set up two teammates before netting the go ahead marker that all of a sudden had the Hellfish wondering what went wrong. Still, the game wasn't over and the Hellfish weren't planning to go down that easy. As a matter of fact, they did it one better by tying the game late while taking it in the shootout. What made this result extra special was that M.Kardum was behind the madness. The clutch forward notched the equaliser for his hat trick while being the only player to score in the shootout.

(4)United Arms vs RBK Knights (3) S.O

United Arms win it on their fourth lead

Every single time the United Arms went up, the RBK Knights had an answer. Their most crucial equaliser came with just over a minute remaining in the game thanks to S.Katerelos's power play goal. It took a shootout marker by A.Tachejian to finally ensure the win for the United Arms. The RBK Knights have been playing way better as of late and felt they deserved better showing no quit in their game. And even though they came up short, they did manage their first point to the standings which may be a sign of good things to come. J.Constantin had two goals in the loss while G.Jerjian keeps showing his consistency by collecting two more goals for the United Arms.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Hovig Jerjian of the United Armenians. With timing being everything, the skilled forward not only tied the game late but won it by striking in overtime versus the Armadillos.

E Division

Sunday February 18

(2)Sportek vs Lynx(8)

Captain Jeremy Lang in full command with hat trick

The Lynx's lethal weapon J.Lang caused mayhem on Sunday night, scoring three goals as his club was simply too fast for Sportek. The legs started to show by the third period as five unanswered goals separated the two sides. D.Zabitsky was in on the action posting two tallies while many other teammates chipped away with points. For two straight periods, P.DelliColli exhausted himself keeping the game extremely close stopping 14 of 16 shots. By then, Sportek had no answer on how to slow down the Lynx's speed that never looked back collecting a second win in three starts.

(4)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(2)

Brew Crew down Fatal Demons with hard fought win

It had the kind of tough edge that both sides came to expect. There was no way that either team would dance their way to clean plays or easy scoring chances. The Brew Crew play a hard nose game and often get rewarded with tonight not being any different. After the Brew Crew built a 2-0 first period lead, the Fatal Demons knew they were in trouble despite the amount of hockey left over. They did get life when R.Ranieri finally got on board but that lasted only so long. G.Nehme restored the two goal lead only moments later with a crunching slap shot that S.Morante wished he had. Once D.Colatosti extended the cushion, this match was pretty much done even with a period remaining. The Brew Crew got scoring efforts-from four different players, and a 16 save performance by C.Muccino, who sit nicely with a 3-0 record.

(9)Shockers vs Team Cuba(5)

Team Cuba, no answers for M.Blackman's 4 goal madness

M.Blackman scored again, again, again, and again and Team Cuba stood there wondering how to calm down the storm. Unfortunately, the Shockers captain was at a different level tonight posting four goals in which his first three gave his club a 4-3 lead. It's one thing if it's one player causing havoc, but it wasn't the entire case in this contest as many players pulled their weight. Other notables included T.DeBonis and T.Salberg as both players combined for six points. Considering that many new faces dressed for a first time, Team Cuba fared well against an established opponent.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matt Blackman of the Shockers. The captain was definitely feeling it on this night, striking four times to help lead his club to a 9-5 win over Team Cuba.

Masters 35+ division

Friday February 16

(9)Chiefs vs Bramabulls(1)

Chiefs catch Bramabulls on off night

It was not a result that both sides expected. If there is any way to explain it, the Chiefs came out prepared with a full roster while the Bramabulls had some holes in their line up without key players. Regardless the situation, the game was quickly out of reach early on with the Chiefs exploding for five goals in only one period. D.Galloro and A.Zarzour showed again how threatening they can be as both players notched hat tricks. Adding to that, S.Pare took care of the other side of the court stopping all but one goal. The Chiefs made it a point to defend well and help their defence by rolling three centre men. With this result, every team has now suffered at least one loss.

(5)National vs Stones(7)

T.Settino, in a league of his own carries Stones past National

As good as T.Settino is, sometimes he just doesn't make it fair for anyone. The Stones largely beat National due to his incredible performance, striking four times while setting up S.Fabrici twice to get the ball rolling. His most impressive tally came in a shorthanded situation when he used the defensemen in front of him to riffle a wicked wrist shot that fooled F.Lamarche. While T.Settino and the Stones did their part, the National kept getting frustrated tying the game on several occasions only to keep falling behind. Despite the loss, O.Meilleur and S.Huard had solid games posting two goals apiece.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tony Settino of the Stones. Scoring four goals while setting up two markers, clearly makes him the player of the night.

E Division

Thursday February 15

(2)Scorpions vs Bramabulls(5)

Bulls bully Scorpions in second period

A line featuring J.Palmitano, M.Testolina and J.Morina accounted for plenty on Thursday night. All three players clicked well and had no problems finding each other that resulted in two goals only 30 seconds apart. The Bramabulls were only up 2-1 by that point before distancing themselves-from the Scorpions. Palmitano led all players with two goals and an assist, and C.Muccino had no problems collecting a win between the pipes. The Scorpions got their tallies-from F.Martin and A.Clark, who also collected a helper on Martin's goal.

(6)Mighty Drunks vs Werewolves(9)

D.Traversy & Y.Leroux go off combining for 8 goals

D.Traversy had a ridiculous five goal game, and Y.Leroux wasn't far behind bagging a hat trick. The Werewolves superstar went on a tear by the second period where he ignited four straight markers that winded S.Sauk and the Mighty Drunks defence. For a while this contest was close, until Traversy took matters into his own hands. The win puts the Werewolves in first place while the Mighty Drunks are still stuck searching for answers.

(3)JLR Brossard vs SBS Trashers(5) S.O

S.Hrivnak and R.Pampena lead SBS Trashers to shootout win

S.Hrivnak has fit right in with the SBS Trashers, using his scoring touch and solid presence. Hrivnak scored a goal and added the shootout winner right after F.Gentile tied things up late in the game. The JLR Brossard trailed twice but battled back to eventually take a 3-2 third period lead thanks S.Bentivegna's three assists. Neither side took leads after every period, leaving only the shootout to decide the winner. During that time, R.Pampena picked up the victory stopping two breakaways over his counterpart P.Assadi.

(4)Legends vs Raging Rhinos(2)

Legends three line energy delivers positive result

It's a formula that the Legends will use in their quest of making things difficult for their opponents. By rolling three lines, they are able to apply more grit, energy and toughness to get the lift they need. Tonight was a perfect example of how everything fell into place, especially by the third period where the legs were still there resulting in three goals. Nobody needed to be a statistical marvel as every single player contributed one way or another. Every line chipped in with a goal that saw M.Chenier get an extra one by opening and closing the scoring. And while their depth is extremely important, the Legends have the luxury of great goaltending as well. Unless there are abundances of rebounds, S.Morante will more often than not stop the primary shot.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Dave Traversy of the Werewolves. The Werewolves forward had an epic game striking four consecutive times as part of a five goal performance.

F division

Tuesday February 13

(10)United Armenians vs Fat Roy(0)

United Armenians bully Fat Roy again in 10-0 drubbing

G.Jerjian notched a hat trick, H.Jerjian buried a pair and the United Armenians took control-from the outset en route to an easy victory. J-F Aumais turned aside 23 shots to earn a shutout. Once again, all three lines were involved which has been a key success so far this season for the United Armenians. The depth has been helping a lot that has many players buying into a system and game plan. The match was just over twelve minutes old when half of the goals went in. It wasn't too long ago both sides met with the United Armenians doing more or less the same thing to their opponent. Knowing this, Fat Roy couldn't stop the avalanche early on which led to another devastating effect.

Wednesday February 14

(3)United Arms vs Winterhawks(1)

United Arms hold off Winterhawks in heated battle

The first goal of the game only came late in the second period shy of the buzzer. A.Belcher figured out F.Anctil by then, and the United Arms added two more by the third to capture the win. The game started to heat up by the third period with both sides taking their fair share of penalties. Unable to get anything by G.Follano, the Winterhawks only got on board once in the final frame period courtesy of S.Laramee. M.Boghossian and G.Jerjian got the United Arms other tallies with Jerjian securing the win on a late power play.

(3)Fat Cats vs Venom(5)

Y.Gazura four point night powers Venom over Fat Cats

Venom made sure that their power play unit measured up to its standards on Wednesday night. Already up 3-1 after two periods, Y.Gazura and A.Jalilvand took turns netting a power play goal each. That cushion was more than enough of a lead despite J.Scalia scoring twice in only a minute. From-the get go of the second period, Venom out matched the Fat Cats with two unanswered goals. M.Trivisonno allowed only one tally throughout most of the match before the Fat Cats lethal weapon buried a pair.

(0)Underdogs vs Armadillos(5)

Armadillos show no love in Valentine's rout of Underdogs

It was a night that the Armadillos did everything right. From-grabbing a 2-0 first period lead to riffling three power play goals and defending flawlessly to help D.Bourque collect a shutout, the Armadillos committed to a full 45 minute game. There wasn't the Underdogs could have done after finding themselves down early on. P.Lapointe helped set up three goals, and G.Bouchard along with S.Kipopoulos each scored twice that included power play markers.

(5)Hellfish vs Les Raymonds(1)

5 man unit clicks for Hellfish

It's not often that you'll get enough power play opportunities, but the Hellfish made sure to take full advantage in their 5-1 win over Les Raymonds. There was no doubt that their confidence and chemistry was on display as it resulted in three straight power play goals. But as much as their unit clicked, the Hellfish surrendered a shorthanded marker by N.Delia to put Les Raymonds back in the game. The lead was now cut in half with four minutes remaining, but the power play hadn't expired yet as C.Dapoulias delivered a sigh of relief regaining a two goal cushion. S.Monnet led all players with four points while B.Verducci was only four minutes shy of collecting a shutout.

(5)RBK Knights vs Kentucky Blue(6) O.T

Kentucky Blue emerge victorious in 6-5 overtime thriller

When the dust settled, the Kentucky Blue came out on top of a back and forth, electrifying, adrenaline pumping 6-5 overtime game against the RBK Knights. T.Oliveira netted a hat trick and was a big reason behind the victory. R.Montinaro may have gotten the most praise by riffling the overtime winner. This came as a frustrating loss for the RBK Knights, who felt that they deserved better. Despite being down, they never once let up turning a deficit into a 5-4 third period lead. Unfortunately, a pair of bad timely penalties led to an equaliser by the Kentucky Blue with less than five minutes remaining.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tyson Oliveira of Kentucky Blue. In what was an intense game with the RBK Knights, the sniper needed to be good and was bagging 3 big goals.

Premier division

Tuesday February 13

(7)P-Ball vs Red Lite(4)

J.Gagne paces P-Ball once again

There was hardly any surprise in the P-Ball's dressing room following the teams 7-4 victory over Red Lite on Tuesday night. It was not that they weren't impressed by the effort of their captain. It's just what they've come to expect. So far this after nine games played, J.Gagne is second in scoring delivering timely plays that keep leading into points. Although he didn't score in this case, the crafty forward helped set up four straight goals with primary assists. Some of the beneficiaries were S.Vanier, who scored twice in the first period and P.Genereux that completed his night bagging a hat trick. The P-Ball ultimately took the contest by the second period where they completing dominated the frame with three unanswered goals. It's already the fourth time both sides meet and the P-Ball may have gotten in the heads of Red Lite taking command of the regular season series three games to one.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Philippe Genereux of P-Ball. With timing being everything, P.Genereux struck twice at a crucial part of the game before ending the night off with a hat trick.

Masters 35+ division

Friday February 2

(4)Devil Dawgz vs National(9)

National make big signing of A.Paul, investment pays off

National stepped up their attempts to add a nice piece to the puzzle. With the addition of A.Paul , the already fast National got that much better and quicker on Friday night. There was no doubt that A.Paul would make an impression to his teammates and unfortunately even to his opponents as they stood watching in disbelief. The spark plug whaled away bagging three goals while setting up two teammates. But it wasn't only one guy demanding the respect as many others were heavily involved in the win. S.Hurad got the ball rolling with two first period goals, and his captain M.Pinheiro was productive collecting four points. Despite the loss, the Devil Dawgz did an excellent job with their five man unit riffling three power play goals.

(7)Bramabulls vs Stones(5)

Stones choke away 3-0 lead

It's one that will sting for a while. The Stones went up 3-0 after only twelve minutes and appeared to be in good shape despite the amount of time left over. But for the Bramabulls , they just took it one shift at a time that eventually turned into goal after goal before finding themselves up late in the second period. The comeback effort was led by A.Gendron, who struck twice in a row before completing his hat trick giving the Bramabulls a 5-4 lead early in the third period. By then, everyone had bought into the game plan for the Bramabulls and the Stones just felt they got rattled unable to stop the bleeding. They did attempt to narrow the margin when M.Gagnon ripped a bullet-from the point, but by that time it was little too late.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alex Gendron of the Bramabulls. With his team down 3-0, the Bramabulls forward sparked the comeback posting back to back tallies while snapping a 4-4 third period tie to capture a hat trick.

E Division

Thursday February 1

(5)Werewolves vs Legends(3)

Legends crumble in third period, lose to Werewolves

The Werewolves showed what a resilient team they are on Thursday night. They trailed for long stretches but felt confident that they can battle back with the amount of talent and experience they have. Their fight back spirit showed in the third where they ignited three unanswered goals. The comeback was driven by scoring efforts-from different players. Already with a goal, Y.Leroux tied it up right before J.Moreira put the Werewolves back in front. It wasn't like the Legends didn't get their fair share of chances and scoring opportunities. The problem for them was that they couldn't figure out L.Giannes enough times. The net minder battled every shot and stood in the way enabling his club to escape with the three points.

(0)Mighty Drunks vs Scorpions(8)

Scorpions score easy win over Mighty Drunks

With A.Singh and K.Rose combining for two goals apiece, this contest was over and done with by the second period. The Mighty Drunks had nothing going for them on this night, unable to score while getting out played for most of the match. The Scorpions would add four more tallies by the third with M.Gil striking twice as part of a five point performance. After facing 25 shots, P.Patel knew he had the win long before he picked up a shutout.

(0)Raging Rhinos vs Bramabulls(6)

Two teams with different priorities

It's sometimes normal for a championship team to be a little complacent. The Raging Rhinos entered this contest not feeling the sense of urgency they are used to which explained them getting blown into thin air-from a more determined hockey team. The Bramabulls, unhappy with last weeks result went to the well to draw a couple of pieces and add to their line-up. Just with the additions of J.Palmitano and M.Testolina, this club got that much stronger. Both players combined for seven points with Testolina leading the way with a hat trick. In addition to their onslaught, T.Karasek was among the two forwards bagging a pair while C.Muccino was brilliant in net stopping 25 shots for a shutout.

(4)Carnage vs JLR Brossard(10)

JLR Brossard pull away in third to leave Carnage in dust

Locked in a tight battle in the first period, the JLR Brossard broke it open as the game went on leaving Carnage far behind their rear view mirror. The collapse happened when Carnage took two straight penalties that enabled M.Gagnon and B.Barile to capitalise. Then, it was Y.Gazuri going at it for a fourth time getting the better of s defenceless B.Madonis. A big strength for the JLR Brossard is the luxury of having two very solid defensemen. K.Aruajo and M.Gagnon are primary quarterbacks for any team and the JLR Brossard are glad to have two players with such attributes. Both players each scored twice while combining for eight points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Luca Giannes of the Werewolves. If not for his exceptional goaltending, the Legends would have easily grabbed the win over the Werewolves.

F division

Tuesday January 30

(3)Les Raymonds vs Kentucky Blue(7)

M.Mercier hat trick, 5 points lift Kentucky Blue to 7-3 win over Les Raymonds

With M.Mercier and the rest of the Kentucky Blue's offense clicking, it hardly mattered who was protecting the Kentucky Blue's cage at the other end. The new addition made an immediate impact scoring three goals and two assist while James Tutino chipped in with a pair to finish with three points. The match was pretty close for a while but started to tilt when R.Estrela broke a 2-2 tie early in the second period. From-there, the Kentucky Blue added two quick tallies and Les Raymonds couldn't dig themselves out of a hole.

(1)Fat Roy vs United Armenians(8)

United Armeninans sharp and relentless in decisive win

It wasn't complicated, the United Armenians played a swift and vigorous game out shooting and out chancing the Fat Roy on Tuesday night. It showed-from the get go that in order for Fat Roy to compete, they had to try and keep up versus a team that wanted it more. With goals in every period, Y.Derohannessian took charge sparking a hat trick, and not far behind him were G.Jerjian and A.Melkonian as both players each scored twice. The only highlight that Fat Roy had in this contest was when M.DelGaudio launched a heat seeking missile-from the blue line giving absolutely no chance to G.Follano.

Wednesday January 31

(3)Fat Cats vs Underdogs(2)

K.Hrivnak's power play goal secures tight win for Fat Cats

With the Underdogs lone penalty of the match, K.Hrivnak took advantage of the situation putting the Fata Cats up 3-1 in the third period. The Underdogs did pull within one but time was against them as they had only two minutes to even the score. The Fat Cats got off to better start posting two straight goals by E.Panzera and D.Brunetti before D.David notched his first of two in the game for the Underdogs. Both net minders gave their clubs a fighting chance for the win that saw G.Sangiovanni get the slight edge over his counterpart C.Zebib.

(1)Armadillos vs Venom(3)

J.Vinet two goals key for Venom

Venom sought to impose their play versus the Armadillos-from the drop of the ball and got rewarded as they played a near perfect game. There were a few moments that this contest had its turning points, but the most likely one was when J.Vinet scored just six minutes in on the Armadillos power play. Then, if that wasn't enough, J.Vinet doubled his impact by striking late in the second period for a 2-0 lead. Till that point, M.Trivisonno and Venom kept the Armadillos off the score sheet with the net minder playing exceptionally well between the pipes. However, P.Scotti did eventually get to Trivisonno and the Armadillos were still in it with over ten minutes remaining. Even with that goal, Venom stuck to their game plan and made sure to manage the clock in their favour. J.Courteau took away the anxiety of any blunders by adding an insurance marker late in the game.

(5)RBK Knights vs Winterhawks(6) O.T

F.Raymond's hat trick powers Winterhawks overtime win over RBK Knights

Just how did a 2-0 lead play against the RBK Knights in this wild affair? Well, while the RBK Knights thought that they were in good shape, the Winterhawks were just getting warmed up. It wasn't till the early stages of the second period that they finally got on board. And once they did, the snow ball effect was in motion. Surely it helps when you have a particular player that's got the skill to do it. The Winterhawks seem to have that guy in F.Raymond, who pretty much did most of the work. The skilled forward opened the scoring for his club, and then set up two teammates before striking two more times that included the overtime winner. The frustrating part of this defeat for the RBK Knights was that they led 5-3 with only five minutes left in the game. M.Sciascia and S.Kalaydjian did more than their fair share in the loss combining for seven points.

(1)United Arms vs Hellfish(4)

Dominant second period gives Hellfish edge over United Arms

After a scoreless first period, the Hellfish made the second period count. M.Kardum scored just past the mid way point and added his second only seconds shy of the buzzer providing a 3-1 lead after two frames. By then, B.Verducci stood tall in net allowing only one goal and remained that way for the rest of the night stopping 27 of 28 shots. The Hellfish have the ability to shut teams down when they are ahead and tonight they applied it once more versus a side that surely had the legs and energy with their stacked bench. S.Balouzian was the only player for the United Arms to get the better of the veteran net minder.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Francis Raymond of the Winterhawks. What more can any teammate ask-from their go to guy. The Winterhawks managed to steal two points versus the RBK Knights because of F.Raymond, who was absolutely stellar collecting five points that included the OT winner as part of his hat trick.

Premier division

Monday January 29

(1)Team Haiti vs Red Lite(8)

Red Lite Handle Team Haiti with 8-1 victory

At one point or another, every Red Lite player was involved in the scoring. K.Kuczmarski was the only player to score twice as part of a second period explosion of goals. Team Haiti did keep it close early on and only found themselves down only 2-1 after 15 minutes of play .P-A Plaisir struck on the power play and Team Haiti hoped to build on it moving forward. But Red Lite wasn't in any mood of playing with fire, especially after getting rattled only a week ago versus the P-Ball. In order to avoid a second straight loss, the red machine put the pedal to the medal ending the night earlier than usual. The winning side would complete the evening after only two period s and change due to the seven goal mercy rule.

(2)Black Knights vs P-Ball(8)

P-Ball keep emerging as Premier division warriors

It's no secret to anyone right now that the P-Ball are that good. After dismantling Red Lite only a week ago with a 6-1 result, the Black Knights also felt what it was like being out done by a team running on all cylinders. With their constant ability to create plays and make the ball move quicker than a ray of light, the P-Ball couldn't be contained once more. J.Gagne, who makes the big locker room decisions showed how it's done bagging two goals as part of a four point performance. Not far behind him was K.Vincent, who also buried a pair and J.Pollak that scored a power play goal along with a pair of helpers. And although the P-Ball have their attack all figured out on a regular basis, they do have the luxury of having P-O Girouard as their goaltender. The Black Knights had only newly added S.Albert  get the better of Girouard, who beat him on both occasions.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to the P-Ball's captain. Jonathan Gagne shows why is a great leader not only off the court but on the court as well providing four points on this night that included two big goals.

Masters 35+ division

Friday January 26

(7)Bramabulls vs National(3)

Bramabulls jump on National early for 7-3 victory

With scoring efforts from four different players, the Bramabulls caught National off guard barely twelve minutes into the contest. It was a lead that seemed comfortable up until National made a game of it with three straight markers. By then, the Bramabulls were still up a pair and made sure to erase any sort of doubt by striking twice late in the match. J.Morina and D.Lonardi each scored twice with the two players combining for seven points. Both teams converted on the power play as a few visits to the penalty box were made. G.Follano only let in his first goal towards the end of the second period when F.Metellus finally solved him.

(2)Stones vs Chiefs(4)

Chiefs edge out Stones in sluggish hockey

It's hard to expect any sort of quality when both sides show up with a very short bench. Basically, the game plan is simple and that is to conserve energy and wait for the opportunities to come. The limited action did go back and forth which was ultimately decided in the third period. With the score tied 2-2, the Chiefs took an early third period lead and just hung back forcing the Stones to make their plays. Of course that game plan helps when your net minder is sharp and gets the help of all five bodies in front of him. S.Pare, as long as he sees the ball, will more often than not stop them. Tonight, he showed his dominance once more allowing only two goals on 24 shots.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Stephane Pare of the Chiefs. Despite playing with only one change up, the Chiefs were lucky to have their net minder make the basic saves in order to get the opportunity to edge out the Stones.

E Division

Thursday January 25

(4)Raging Rhinos vs SBS Trashers(3) O.T

SBS Trashers scratching their heads once more

It was only a week ago that the SBS Trashers blew a three goal lead and lost it in overtime versus the Legends. Tonight, they blew a two goal lead before suffering the same result in the extra frame. The Raging Rhinos pushed the envelope late in every period to get their scoring done. E.Valiquette tied it up with only 50 seconds remaining and T.Angelis gave the Raging Rhinos their first lead when the game ended. His goal also came towards the dying moments, but that could have been avoided if the SBS Trashers didn't take an unfortunate penalty. Both sides shared balanced scoring. The Raging Rhinos scored twice with their special teams that included a shorthanded marker-from G.Vouloumanos.

(3)Bramabulls vs Legends(5)

Both teams buckle up in crazy third period action

After a low scoring 1-1 affair throughout two periods, both sides flicked the switch by the third. The Legends erupted with four goals to hand the Bramabulls a tough 5-3 defeat. There was no doubt that L.Dulcetta was the key reason for the outcome. The natural sniper went on rampage striking three times in less than five minutes. His scoring output however only began as of the 9:40 minute mark of the third period that included an empty net marker to seal the deal. C.Cardillo did help set up all three goals while F.Benhamadi got the ball rolling with the Legend's first two goals of the night. The one good thing that the Bramabulls did during the match was their ability to score twice on their only two attempts with the man advantage.

(6)Carnage vs Werewolves(4)

Werewolves not good enough in third period

Up 4-3 after two periods, the Werweolves couldn't sustain enough pressure to close it out. Instead, Carnage felt like they were on a roll notching back to back tallies to regain the lead. The difference maker occurred when P.Stroubakis took advantage of a power play opportunity. By then, the focus was to remain in control and to force the Werewolves to create their own chances. Despite having a full ten minutes to bounce back, the Werewolves simply couldn't get there. B.Madonis stood in their way and was good when needed to be at the right time enabling his club to prevail. P.Stroubakis tallied twice for Carnage while S.Laniel did the same in a losing cause.

(5)JLR Brossard vs Scorpions(3)

H.Merone scores 2 to lead JLR Brossard past Scorpions

The ship was sailing in the right direction for the JLR Brossard squad on Thursday night. H.Merone geared his club with two goals that included the winner on the power play. N.Goncalves assisted twice before capping things off late in the game with a shorthanded marker. The Scorpions fought back every time they went down but couldn't even the score. After facing 27 shots, P.Assadi pulled off the win with a very depleted line up in front of him.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Perry Stroubakis of Carnage. Not a bad night for the Carnage forward who piled on four points, two in which were goals that included the winner in a 6-4 win over the Werewolves.

F division

Tuesday January 23

Venom caught stranded with no more fuel in the tank

(4)Venom vs United Armenians(5) O.T

Having only two changes versus a stack army of players usually suggests the obvious. But not in this case for Venom as they played it right considering their status, at least for most of the game. With the score 4-0 and only half a period remaining, the engine started to show signs of choking. Once G.Jerjian capitalized with the man advantage that finally put the United Armenians on board, the stage was set for the comeback. Four goals had gone in by then that included a very late tally-from the very same

G.Jerjian. Then, with time winding down in overtime, the United Armenians used their killer instinct to put an end to Venom's misery. It was N.Chiminian's second goal of the contest that put the final dagger.

Wednesday January 24

(2)United Arms vs Kentucky Blue(8)

Kentucky Blue put up seven unanswered goals en route to blow out of United Arms

It was a slow start but a strong finish as the Kentucky Blue picked up an easy win on Wednesday night. After trailing 2-1 heading into the second period, the tides turned with the Kentucky Blue riffling seven straight goals. Tallies came-from James Tutino, who led the way with a hat trick while M.Lepage and R.Estrela were right there bagging two goals each. N.Torkian and M.Boghossian scored late in the first period for the United Arms. On their first power play attempt, James Tutino snapped a 2-2 tie just past the mid way point of the contest where it was all downhill-from there on for the United Arms.

(3)Fat Roy vs Underdogs(1)

J.Mckenzie's two goals power Fat Roy past Underdogs

J.Mckenzie scored two goals in the first period, and captain C.Zafiropoulos added insurance to capture a hard fought win versus the Underdogs. The Underdogs tallied once late in the first period and were unable to cash in the rest of the night. J.Sanoudakis felt comfortable with his defense in front of him allowing only one goal on 25 shots. Mckenzie got credited the winner on the power play with the help of J.Velenosi, who finished his game with two assists. One thing's for sure is that the effort level was high for the Underdogs playing with a stacked lineup. Unfortunately, they just couldn't get enough offense going on this night.

(0)Winterhawks vs Hellfish(10)

Hellfish inflict blowout loss to Winterhawks

The flood gates opened instantaneously for the Hellfish. A minute barely went by when C.Dapoulias opened the scoring. Then, only minutes later, M.Kardum doubled the lead and the Hellfish knew that there was no turning back. The score was already 6-0 after one period and only two players had the luxury of finding the back of the net. Out of the ten goals that went in, M.Kardum struck five times, C.Dapoulias notched four markers and E.Medrano got the single. It wasn't his busiest night but R.Ranieri did manage to keep a clean sheet by earning a shutout. The Winterhawks will have to put this one behind them and figure out what to do in a week's time to adjust.

(5)Armadillos vs Fat Cats(3)

3-0 early lead bites Fat Cats in the end

After only three minutes into the game, the Fat Cats strung three quick goals and the Armadillos felt rattled not knowing what happened. Despite the unexpected start however, the Armadillos barely panicked. Like experienced teams often do, they look ahead rather than behind and it showed as the game settled down. P.Scotti  gave something to feed off by striking late in the first period to cut the lead by two. Then, the tides started to shift by the second period where the Armadillos surged with two more tallies to force an even third period. The Fat Cats hadn't scored since the early stages of the game and wanted nothing more to add only one more tally knowing that it could have been enough. Instead, the opposite happened with P.Scotti striking for a second time. His goal came with only two minutes left on the clock which summed up a frustrated set of events for the Fat Cats.

(0)RBK Knights vs Les Raymonds(5)

N.Delia's hat trick helps Les Raymonds crush RBK Knights

N.Delia led the way with three goals and an assist as Les Raymonds were all over the RBK Knights. The men in blue put forth a solid performance peppering S.Sauk with 29 shots to go along with A.Mancini's shutout. During the first, N.Delia opened the scoring as of the 6:40 mark in what turned out to be the game winning goal. T.Spano and A.DeCarolis also scored for Les Raymonds, who kicked off their season debut on a high note.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jessie Mckenzie of Fat Roy. In the first period alone, Mckenzie did more than his fair share providing two big goals that ultimately made the difference.

Premier division

Monday January 22

(1)Red Lite vs P-Ball(6)

P-Ball feeling it with convincing win over Red Lite

The P-Ball once again received contributions throughout their line up en route to a 6-1 win over Red Lite on Monday night. G.Saulnier opened the scoring and added his second just shy of the first period providing a three goal cushion for a 4-1 lead. Despite the advance, there was no way that the P-Ball would calm down the action, not against a team like Red Lite. And although they slowed down on the scoring, they didn't allow their opponent to crawl back into the game. P-O Girouard had plenty of help -from his defence but still needed to be at his best limiting only P.DiGiacomo to get the better of him. The match was then summed up by the third period with a pair of insurance goals-from S.Bellefleur and S.Vanier.

(4)Black Knights vs Team Haiti(2)

Team Haiti fall in hard battle with Knights

It wasn't by all means a lack of effort-from Team Haiti in their 4-2 loss to the Black Knights. Both sides put forth plenty of pressure and kept the fore-check going to a high level which can only force errors to turn into goals. Unfortunately for Team Haiti, it was the Black Knights capitalising a little more on this night. Most of their goals all came by the second period with scoring efforts-from A.Mezzagno, P.Musto and D.DuHamel. By then, Team Haiti was only down 3-2 and had more than enough time to respond. Despite the constant attempt to tie the game, frustrations kept looming when G.Vermette stood his ground making save after save. The match was finally put to rest when J.Uppal fed a yawning cage late in the game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Vermette of the Black Knights. Remaining cool and collective, the Black Knights goaltender kept control of his cage and protected it just fine en route to a 4-2 win over Team Haiti.

E Division

Sunday January 21

(5)Fatal Demons vs Sportek(2)

Fatal Demons use 5 different goal scores in win

The Fatal Demons had a good start to their season with a 5-2 win over Sportek on Sunday night. Contributions came with the help of five different players that saw E.Medrano riffle the winner late in the second period. After their slow start, Sportek cut the lead in half when C.Flikas beat S.Morante by the mid way mark of the game. Both sides knew at that point how big the next goal would be, and with just five seconds left in the second period, E.Medrano grew the lead for the Fatal Demons. However, Sportek weren't done just yet thanks to a goal by M.Rosato. In hopes of carrying some momentum, the Fatal Demons crushed all hope barely moments later when A.Jalilvand regained a two goal cushion. Then, with only a minute and change left over, S.Koulieris put the final nail to the coffin.

(1)Lynx vs Shockers(7)

Lynx still feeling effects of championship hangover

Talk about a terrible start to the season after just winning the E Sunday division a week ago. Their dreaded hangover hit them hard against a team that wasn't messing around on Sunday night. Even though it's the first game of the winter session, the Shockers sent a direct message to the current champs. This contest wasn't anywhere close as it should have been and that's simply because the Shockers came out to play while the Lynx looked like they were sleeping. Apart-from a third period power goal by M.Barone, the Lynx had no offensive output. As for the Shockers, C.Debonis and J.Blunt each scored twice while D.Bourque excelled between the pipes stopping 19 of 20 shots.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Bourque of the Shockers. The net minder limited the recent champs to only one goal after facing 20 shots.

Bijoux winners of Masters's 35+ division

Friday January 19 (Finals)

(2)HBHA Seniors vs Bijoux(3) Game 1

A.Tremblay scores when it counts, Bijoux in the driver's seat heading into game 2

The Friday night Masters's 35+ division kicked off on Friday night in what was bound to be a thrilling series between the reigning two time champions HBHA Seniors and Bijoux. While the expectations may suggest that the HBHA Seniors would be slight favourites, Bijoux felt they were ready for the task at hand. In the case of game one, Bijoux looked to be the better side protecting a slight one goal lead for most of the match. A.Tremblay, who had made the ultimate difference in the previous series versus the Hawks showed once again how clutch he was by providing a vital 3-1 lead early in the third period. That tally proved to be a crucial as it stood up for the game winner after D.Andrade pulled the Seniors within one.

(5)Bijoux vs HBHA Seniors(2) Game 2

Epic battle sees Bijoux dethrone two time champs, winners of Masters's 35+ division

After coming off a hard fought win, Bijoux have now done the double to cement a well earned championship. It was a frantic and electrically charged contest between the two clubs that went almost down to the wire. With each side playing it cautious to avoid making mistakes, K.Pimentel of Bijoux seized the opportunity late in the third period that cracked a dreaded 2-2 tie. By then, with only four and a half minutes to go, Bijoux knew they had their opponent. J.Beaudry and his committed defence simply shut the door and played out its final minutes to reach the finish line with the help of two empty net goals. The win came with an overall team effort that bought into playing for one another and not having to rely on any particular players. Entering the night prior to both games, the structure of both teams resemble one another in many ways. The goaltending was a wash between C.Stavriadis and J.Beaudry while the overall game plan focused on good coverage only to wait for mistakes to be made. With that being said, Bijoux timed their plays just right and made sure to take advantage when the opportunities arose. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Jonathan Beaudry and Bijoux for their incredible run to capturing the Masters's 35+ division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Beaudry of Bijoux. The net minder was as sharp as a razor blade limiting a potent offense to only four goals in two games.

With the Autumn 2017 season coming to a close, the Winter 2018 season began on the very same night. The Chiefs took on the Devil Dawgz in some early action with the Chiefs getting a slight 5-4 decision. This contest went back and forth for the entire match with both sides trading leads. The Devil Dawgz looked to be in good control after a solid second period up 4-3 but collapsed in one shift alone. Not known for his scoring, G.Pellechia tipped in the equaliser while ripping a bullet-from the point all coming within a 90 second span. Still, the Devil Dawgz had a great opportunity to level with Pellechia taking a four minute penalty. The Chiefs made sure to apply high pressure towards K.Araujo and A.Jalilvand to eliminate their blistering slap shots from-the points. After successfully killing off a long four minutes, the Chiefs came out with the close victory. S.Pare was most likely the reason why his club prevailed making saves at key moments during the game.

E Division

Thursday January 18

(6)Mighty Drunks vs Carnage(7) S.O

Mighty Drunks battle back in massive comeback only to fall short in shootout

After being embarrassed for nearly two periods,the Mighty Drunks fought back to even the score and send the contest into overtime. Sadly, Carnage were able to convert in the shootout and take the win. The first two periods was all Carnage and the Mighty Drunks had no business being in the game.Then, in the third period things changed drastically. Contributions came-from many different players which had only G.Khaznadjian score more than once. The comeback was partially attributed to the lack of discipline from-both sides but especially Carnage that allowed three power play goals. With overtime solving nothing, Carnage benefited on the Mighty Drunks untimely penalties. They were unable to capitalise on a five on three opportunity, but made sure to take advantage of having two extra shooters in the shootout round. P.Stroubakis was the only player to score in the breakaways by using a nifty move giving almost no chance to S.Sauk. The win came with an overall solid effort-from six different goal scorers.

(6)SBS Trashers vs Legends(7) O.T

Legends battle hard all night, win thriller in overtime

The Legends picked up a 7-6 win by erasing a three goal deficit in a very short span. F.Casacalenda tied the game late and P.Gervasi won it moments later for his second of the night. Both offenses were on display throughout the entire contest. Down 4-1 after only one period, the Legends felt that they didn't play bad but were sloppy at times that put them in a bind. Despite the bad sequence, the veteran side weren't planning to go away that easy, in fact they overcame the deficit towards the end of the second period with three quick goals. The SBS Trashers would pull in front two more times by the third period but kept getting answered-from a team that refused to die. The only time that the Legends took the lead was when the game ended at the 0:45 second mark of overtime.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pat Gervasi of the Legends. As a defenseman, P.Gervasi broke up many plays while contributing in a big way offensively with three points that included the overtime winner.

F division

Wednesday January 17

(4)Fat Cats vs Fat Roy(3)

Fat Cats use overtime magic to take down Fat Roy

Playing down for long stretches of the night, the Fat Cats saved their best for last. They responded accordingly each and every time, and tugged the rug from underneath's their opponents feet with an overtime goal. Already with an assist on E.Panzera's second tally of the contest, F.Gentile capped things off with the sudden death winner. Three times the Fat Roy led and three times they gave up the lead. S.Hrivnak collected two points for the win, and G.Sangiovanni kicked off from where he left off earning another big win between the pipes.

(2)RBK Knights vs United Arms(4)

H.Jerjian's late tally puts Arms over the top

Defence led both teams in the battle of the net minders on Wednesday night when the United Arms edged out the RBK Knights. The United Arms struck very late in the game with only 30 seconds left on the scoreboard. The winning goal came from H.Jerjian, and R.Kenadjian out duelled S.Sauk with the extra save. The United Arms weren't happy with the fact of giving up both their goals in a shorthanded situation. S.Kaladjian and S.Dimakos each found a way to create their chances and catch the United Arms power play off guard.

(2)Kentucky Blue vs Hellfish(5)

M.Kardum's hat trick leads Hellfish in 5-2 win over Kentucky Blue

M.Kardum made an early season impression bagging three goals for a hat trick. The Hellfish forward scored twice while collecting three points in the first period alone before completing his hat trick by the third period. It wasn't the kind of start that the Kentucky Blue were hoping for. They fell behind 4-0 and only got on board when B.Pereira scored two incredible goals with his patented back hand fake to get the better of B.Verducci. By then, the lead was cut in half and the Kentucky Blue were hoping to build off the momentum heading into the final 15 minutes of play. Unfortunately the offense dried up and the Hellfish put a stamp to the match when M.Kardum struck for a third time.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Kardum of the Hellfish. It's only the opening night of the winter season and M.Kardum seems to be in top form collecting four points that included a hat trick.

4 vs 4 Division

Monday January 15

Captain Hovig Garabedian's late tally caps a solid night for Immigrant

With the opening contest ending in a draw, the second game was decided when H.Garabedian scored late in the match to give Les Immigrant some early points to the season. Both teams traded plenty of chances in the opening game that resulted in a 3-3 draw after missing out in the shootouts. No one scored more than once, but S.Jamkouzian and A.Saglian did collect two points each for Les Immigrant while Y.Bernier and P-A Surprenant did the same for the 1 Timer. Less than two minutes was all that was remaining when H.Garabedian snapped a 1-1 tie to get the better of S.Koch. Despite the slow start, the 1 Timer won't be too concerned playing without some key pieces missing to their lineup. However, the same can be said for Les Immigrant as well, who were also short of regulars.

(3)Les Immigrant vs 1 Timer(3) S.O

(1)1 Timer vs Les Immigrant(2)

Pierre Boucher of Rebels responds in a big way after shaky start

After giving up six goals in the opening game versus the Walking Tall, P.Boucher was at his best stopping all 21 shots to split the miniseries. The Walking Tall came out flying in their season debut posting six goals that saw M.Ethier lead the way with a hat trick. Not far behind him was M-A Verville bagging a pair while L-P Beaupre notched the other tally en route to a 6-4 win.By that point, the Rebels took the opportunity to re set and try to even the score. And after making all the necessary adjustments, the game plan definitely worked. A.Dupuis struck late in the first period and the Rebels grabbed a vital lead that forced the Walking Tall to respond. Unfortunately for them, this contest wasn't like the previous one with P.Boucher stealing the show making one save after the other. The net minder felt the full thrust of the Walking Tall trying to get on board but would not succeed. Despite dropping the opening contest, the Rebels got some good looks from their captain D.Roy and his teammate A.Dupuis as both players each scored twice.

(4)Rebels vs Walking Tall(6)

(0)Walking Tall vs Rebels(1)

E.Girouard's late blast avoids the split

The Mighty Drunks came oh so close to trading three points with a very familiar opponent. The Hustlers will no doubt be the team to beat in the Monday night division but it won't come easy as they realized how close they came to losing. If not for E.Girourad's classic one timer late in the game, the Hustlers would have walked away with their heads down. Instead, they took the first game rather easily and exchanged one goal in the shootout to settle for a draw in the second contest. P.Chiotis felt it on this night as the veteran forward struck twice while setting up T.Bozinakis on the power play to cap off a 5-1 win. The second match saw the Mighty Drunks come out better prepared. They looked fine and in control for long stretches that eventually led to a 3-1 lead. But no lead is safe against the Hustlers, who rallied back with three second period goals to even the score. Neither side had any heroes on this night as different players went on to find the back of the net.

(5)Hustlers vs Mighty Drunks(1)

(5)Mighty Drunks vs Hustlers(5) S.O

Underdogs dry start leads to strong finish in battle with Jokers

The Jokers looked to have figured things out early in their 3-1 decision over the Underdogs .They landed nine shots on net that resulted in three goals just shy of the nine minute mark of the opening frame. By that time, the Underdogs only concern was to get on board. Led by their captain, J.Constantin spoiled D.Kelly's shutout late in the game while sending a message that his team would be primed for the next match. The Underdogs didn't have a great start in the second encounter but finished extremely strong winning the final frame with two unanswered goals. B.Cabral tied the game on the power play right before A.Zarzour sparked his clubs first lead of the night that held up long enough for the winner. J.Shisha and D.Kelly were equally solid in net for both games enabling their clubs to collect wins. It came in a losing cause but C.Daoud was productive notching both goals for the Jokers.

(3)Jokers vs Underdogs(1)

(3)Underdogs vs Jokers(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pierre Boucher of the Rebels. After a shaky start in the first game versus the Walking Tall, Pierre Boucher turned into a brick wall stopping all 21 shots to earn a 1-0 shutout win in the second contest.

Premier division

Monday January 15

(5)P-Ball vs Team Haiti(1)

P-Ball explodes for three goals in second and never looked back

The P-Ball continue to roll along, this time handing the struggling Team Haiti a 5-1 loss on Monday night. After a scoreless first period, things loosened up by the second where the P-Ball did most of their damage. Three goals went in only a span of five minutes that saw P.Genereux bury a pair while S.Deslauriers notched the other. Team Haiti did finally get on board courtesy of an early third period power play goal by C.Plaisir, but couldn't close the margin as G.Saulnier and S.Vanier put the punctuation mark with two late tallies. P-O Girouard was sound once more denying 21 of 22 shots.

(5)Red Lite vs Black Knights(4)

J.Daoust beats the sound just in time

1.7 seconds on the scoreboard stared directly at every Black Knights player when J.Daoust crushed the night with a hard wrister late in the game. Prior to that point, and for most of the match, the Black Knights played a hardnosed game making life very difficult for Red Lite. And while things appeared to be going fine, the Black Knights couldn't hold up long enough. J.Daoust helped rally his troops scoring twice in a fairly short span that included the dagger prior to the buzzer. In between both his goals, C.Ghilarducci benefited from a power play that levelled the game at four goals apiece. The one major mistake the Black Knights did on this night was allowing their opponent to work their five man unit. On only three attempts, Red Lite made the Black Knights pay every single time. It wasn't the most pleasant way to lose a game, but the Black Knights could take plenty of positives despite the let down. They added some more artillery to their line up with players such as C.Gingras and K.Kakivelis that will only improve their club moving forward.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Daoust of Red Lite. Game in and game out, Red Lite have been spoiled for years with such an asset. Still going strong and showing no signs of any glitches in his game, the veteran forward was clutch once more providing two big goals at crucial times during the match.

Lynx winners of E Sunday division

Sunday January 14(Finals)

(7)Lynx vs Brew Crew(3) Game 1

Offensive onslaught helps Lynx crush Brew Crew

It wasn't up until the second period that the goals came in a blazing pace. The Lynx turned a slight 1-0 lead into a massive cushion that included two back breaking shorthanded goals. With so many weapons that can hurt you on any given night, J.Mason led all teammates with three markers that included a perfect one time giving no chance whatsoever to C.Muccino. The Lynx moved the ball very well and showed incredible chemistry throughout the entire contest. The Brew Crew had nothing going for them, looking slow at times but managed to finish off strong thanks to a pair of late tallies by S.Lodico. Y.Vanasse was also vital for the win as the d-man produced two goals as part of a four point performance. As bad as most of the game went for the Brew Crew, their strong finish may be the only hope of confidence heading into game two if they plan on stretching the series.

(5)Lynx vs Brew Crew(4) S.O Game 2

Brew Crew squander two goal lead twice in heartbreaking fashion, Lynx celebrate with joy

After submitting one of their worse defeats of the season, the Brew Crew shook off some rust and appeared to be much better in game two. The offense was rolling, the defense was making plays and it appeared that the Lynx had finally been found out. At 2-0 and 4-2, the Brew Crew had only five minutes to kill and force a third and deciding game. Instead, P.Stroubakis and J.Mason had just enough fuel in the tank to bury a pair of late goals that eventually forced a shootout. Still, the Brew Crew weren't out of it yet but didn't feel good about their chances despite it being a coin toss situation. Out of the three attempts taken from both sides, R.Beaver was the only player to get it right. The Lynx forward shot first and squeezed a tight wrist shot through C.Muccino, who wished he had it back. Once that goal went in, S.Catalano knew that this contest was up to him in order to succeed. And the net minder didn't disappoint as he stood idle denying three breakaways making one save better than the other. It's never an easy thing to overcome two goal leads twice against the Brew Crew, but the Lynx showed that it was possible as they wanted nothing more than to avoid a game three. From rolling two dynamite lines, to their four mobile defensemen and a magnificent goaltender in S.Catalano, the Lynx are finally recognized as the best team of the E Sunday division. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Jeremy Lang and the rest of his troops for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Santino Catalano of the Lynx. The goaltender was the back bone of this series, with a great start in game one to an even better finish in game two, where he stole the show denying three shootout attempts for the championship.

Punishers winners of 4vs4 division

Sunday January 14(Finals)

Punishers stampede their way to glory

F.Russo's game winning goal of the first game, and S.Bentivegna's back to back tallies in the second contest couldn't have come at a better time for the Punishers, who showed why they are deserving of the 4vs4 Monday division. The Dragons barely let the opening encounter slip away, but were nowhere to be seen in the second game where the Punishers were simply too good. Once Bentivegna struck on the power play for the 3-0 lead, the writing was written on the wall. C.Retsinas went on to add two insurance markers and P.Stamkopoulos had a near perfect night allowing only one goal in both games. The Punishers came out hard from the get go, and once they turned the screw, they literally blew past the Dragons. When looking back at how the Punishers started their regular season, no one would have thought that they would reach this potential height. But as time went by while tweaking some adjustments here and there an average looking team turned quickly into a sleeping giant.  John Fidrilis knows what it takes to win a championship as the captain has put together plenty of success in the past. On behalf of, congratulations go out to the Punishers captain and the rest of his club for winning the 4vs4 division.

(1)Dragons vs Punishers (2) Game1

(5)Punishers vs Dragons(0) Game 2

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Stamkopoulos of the Punishers. After yielding only one goal in two big games, there was no doubt that Peter Stamkopoulos was up to the task earning a well deserved title.

Venom winners of F2 division

Wednesday January 10 (F2 Finals)

(5)Venom vs Horsemen(2) Game 1

Venom surge by Horsemen to grab early series lead

A better start to the night definitely helped Venom get the better of the Horsemen. But despite being up 2-0, the Horsemen eventually overcame the deficit striking twice in just over a minute. The question at that point became how Venom would respond after playing a near perfect game for nearly two periods. That question was quickly answered thanks to one of their snipers .With the second period winding down, J.Courteau gave his bench plenty to celebrate by providing a huge go ahead marker. Although it was only a slight 3-2 lead, Venom was committed to grinding out the win. J.Quesnel-Vinet and Y.Gazura went on to add insurance, and M.Trivisonno made all the necessary stops to earn a gratifying victory.

(4)Horsemen vs Venom(2) Game 2

Horsemen refuse to go away

So how exactly did the Horsemen bounce back once again after being own 1-0 in a series? It was only a week ago that they pulled the rug from under the Armadillos feet with two incredible wins. With that being said, the Horsemen knew they weren't done, and pulled off another remarkable performance to level the series. This time, M.Vinciguerra out did his counterpart stopping nearly 30 shots that had only Courteau beat him on Venom's two lone goals. After somewhat of a slow start, the Horsemen only got on board as of the five minute mark of the second period. Once P.Sidhom cracked the ice, two more goals went in by the end of the frame and Venom knew they were in trouble. M.Mamoulides added some breathing room with an early third period goal which proved to be more than enough to force a third and deciding game.

(4)Venom vs Horsemen (0) Game 3

Pendulum swings back to Venom, winners of F2 division

Even though there was only five minutes for this game to start, both teams felt the intense anticipation knowing that 15 minutes or more would decide it all. With the first goal being so important, J.Quesnel-Vinet beat everyone to it by the five minute mark .The Horsemen had enough time t bounce back but only found themselves dug deeper when B.Deslauriers doubled the lead moments later. That tally may have turned this series into a virtual wake for the Horsemen, who knew that the odds were clearly against them. Just to make sure and erase all doubts, J.Courteau once again got his name on the score sheet providing a stapled 3-0 lead. Deslauriers went on to feed an empty cage and M.Trivisonno was sharp once more turning aside 8 shots for a shutout.

Both teams put forth a great performance that needed a mere 15 minutes to decide it all. Despite falling short, the Horsemen had a memorable run ousting the Armadillos with back to back wins, who had never lost till that point. But tonight the storyline belongs to Venom .M.Trivisonno was really tough to beat and J.Courteau rode a hot hand scoring at least once in all three games. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Mike Trivisonno and Venom for capturing the F2 Wednesday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Trivisonno of Venom. The net minder was cooler than ice on this important night capturing two massive wins that included a game 3 shutout.

Masters 35+ division playoffs

Friday January 5 (Semi finals)

(5)Bijoux vs Hawks(1) Game 1

Bijoux send early message with Hawks

It was a dominating performance by Bijoux Friday night in a best of three series with the Hawks. The men in red would score two in the second and three in the third while limiting their opponent to only one goal on 21 shots. It was evident that the Hawks didn't play in a while which resulted in some mistakes that would ultimately hurt them in the end. Although Bijoux may argue not playing in a while as well, it surely didn't show in their game. Four different players found the back of the net that included S.Vitai's second in an empty cage. The only positive the Hawks took in this contest was when E.Girouard finally solved J.Beaudry late in the game.

(8)Hawks vs Bijoux(7) S.O Game 2

Hawks pull off incredible comeback to force game 3

The Hawks were shaking with excitement after pulling off a massive comeback to level the playing field. After being down 5-1, the Hawks showed no signs of being able to muster much offense against J.Beaudry and his troops. Then, suddenly, came a massive comeback that forced a shootout. Much of the scoring came from no other than the lone goal scorer of game one. E.Girouard rolled up his sleeves and went to work riffling four rockers past Beaudry. But, the biggest tally may have been from K.Tsoukalas, who also riffled a blistering slap shot that tied the game at six goals apiece. That was the defensemen's second goal of the contest. Still, the Hawks weren't done yet if they planned to extend the series .P.Assadi had to endure the pressure of going through the breakaways with an established counterpart. After both net minders denied two out of the first three shooters, the shootout extended three more rounds till A.Zarzour put a nail to it. The crafty forward finally got it right on his third attempt with a brilliant fake to beat out Beaudry, and P.Assadi was stubborn between the pipes allowing only one goal on six breakaways.

(3)Bijoux vs Hawks(0) Game 3

A.Tremblay, Bijoux weather the storm long enough and get rewarded

The way game two ended, Bijoux knew the importance of the first few minutes heading into game three. Once things got settled down, both sides were tentative on avoiding as many mistakes as possible. But mistakes are a huge part of the game and eventually somebody would capitalise. The match was winding down to its final minutes when A.Tremblay pounced on a loose ball in front of the net to beat Assadi up high. That goal forced the Hawks to pull their net minder for an extra attacker. Unfortunately, the gamble didn't pay off and Bijoux knew they were heading to the final when P.Charbonneau fed the empty cage. The Hawks looked somewhat brutal in the early stages of this series, but they managed to turn it around where they were a coin toss away for reaching the final for a fifth straight season.

(6)HBHA Seniors vs Stones(3) Game 1

Quick start propels Seniors to double up win over Stones

The HBHA Seniors rode a fast start to a convincing 6-3 win over the Stones on Friday night. G.Vouloumanos made the score 3-0 before J.Pizzuco got the Stones on board. It wasn't the kind of start that the Stones could have afforded, not against a team like the HBHA Seniors. In order to have a chance, everything had to go well from the get go. The captain J.Kontitsis led the way igniting the first tally while completing his hat trick in an empty net. With this loss, the Stones had to face the adversity of trying to bounce back versus a heavy favourite.

(2)Stones vs HBHA Seniors(6) Game 2

Determined Seniors blow out Stones to hit familiar territory

There was no hesitation for the HBHA Seniors to get the ball rolling in game two. Similar to the opening game, this contest was lopsided early on with three different goal scorers igniting before the end of the first period. And while the game was far from over, the Stones knew there wasn't much light at the end of the tunnel, especially without three major pieces out of their line-up. They did however battle and got rewarded winning the second period 2-1, but that was as good as it got. The HBHA Seniors closed off the series with a pair of third period markers by P.Koutsogiannopoulos.

With the Masters 35+ division down to only two teams, a best of three series will decide the fate of the top two clubs of the division. The slight edge will go to the HBHA Seniors as they'll attempt a third consecutive championship. But it's not to say that Bijoux can't pull it off. Both sides have the goaltending and the hockey smarts to take it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alexandre Tremblay of Bijoux. The series between the Hawks and Bijoux was ultimately decided when the Bijoux forward scored with only two minutes left in a third and deciding game.

E Division playoffs

Thursday December 21(Semi finals)

(3)SBS Trashers vs Bramabulls(5) Game 1

Bramabulls feeling pretty good in series opener

The Bramabulls went on top early in the first period and sustained pressure to take a 5-3 win over the SBS Trashers in game one of the semi finals. They were clearly the better side for the first two periods getting contributions from four different goal scorers. G.Pisanelli added his second early in the third period and dominated most of the match collecting four points. The quick start has allowed the Bramabulls to play with the kind of controlled aggression that brings out their best and quit chasing the game while closing things down in the final 15 minutes of play. Despite the loss, the SBS Trashers had the better finish with the games last two goals hoping that it would spark some confidence for game two.

(6)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(5) S.O Game 2

Bramabulls outlast Trashers in multiple shootout rounds

Every time the SBS Trashers went in front, the Bramabulls responded. Unable to distance themselves by grabbing leads on three different occasions, the SBS Trashers left the fate of their season on a breakaway competition. It seemed like nobody wanted to win this game. Both net minders faced an abundance of attempts and were near perfect almost every time. It wasn't until the seventh round that C.Fragkiudakis of the Bramabulls and Joseph Scalia of the Trashers finally got to the net minders. After both players scored, the madness continued for several more rounds with R.Pampena and C.Muccino dominating their respective cages. But eventually something had to give. It came down to the fifteenth round where C.Fragkiudakis took a deep breath and challenged R.Pampena for a fifth time. And when he finally exhaled and scored, the Bramabulls outlasted the SBS Trashers in an epic finish.

(0)Ottarks vs Raging Rhinos(6) Game 1

Raging Rhinos trounce Ottarks in dominant effort

Neither team likely expected this kind of a result. Things appeared to be going according to plan after a scoreless first period but that all changed by the second where the Raging Rhinos crushed the Ottarks with five unanswered goals. Nothing went right for the Ottarks. The Raging Rhinos were clearly fired up sparking four tallies in only four minutes. J.Hlopasko opened the scoring and added his second to mount the massive lead. In hopes of finishing the game strong to carry good habits into game two, the Ottarks failed to solve N.Mauro, who was brilliant earning a 20 save shutout. J.Tzanetakos closed off the scoring with his second by the early stages of the third period.

(10)Raging Rhinos vs Ottarks(7) Game 2

Run and gun battle works better for Rhinos

At least the Ottarks tried something else after a dreaded affair. However, they couldn't out gun the Raging Rhinos in what was a staggering messy game. A.Angelis struck once in every period while seven other players each scored to get the better of S.Morante. The Ottarks trailed from the get go but kept it respectable with the help of two shorthanded goals. L.Dulcetta made things interesting bagging three quick markers by the third. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and the Ottarks will be looking from the sidelines while the Raging Rhinos staple their ticket to the final.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carmen Muccino of the Bramabulls. The net minder helped save the day avoiding a game three by allowing only one goal on so many attempts.

The E Thursday division is now down to a pair of deserving teams fighting for the title. Both teams showed why they should be where they are because of their structure and deep line up. The key elements for success are quite simple in this particular case, and that is to avoid mistakes while trying to win as many one on one battles as possible. Sounds easier said than done but both sides will put it all on the line in hopes of escaping as winners.

F division, playoffs

Wednesday December 20(F2 & F3 Semi finals)

(1)Bramabulls vs Venom(8) F2 Game 2

Venom furious response levels series

Venom got their swagger back in time to save their season. M.Trivissono defended his team after last week's collapse, and backed it up with 24 saves to hand the Bramabulls a humbling 8-1 loss. It was a complete effort-from a team that was clearly energized. After grabbing a 2-0 first period lead, the snow ball effect was in motion as Venom cranked it up adding three more goals by the second and third periods. J.Parisella struck three consecutive times while five other players scored to beat a defenceless G.Follano. With this kind of result, Venom showed plenty of life and felt confident entering a game three mini game.

(2)Venom vs Bramabulls(0) F2 Game 3

Venom's pedal to the medal keeps Bulls in rear view mirror

There was almost no way that Venom would let this opportunity slip away. And they realised it when J.Courteau found the back of the net only 90 seconds into the contest. Venom was intent on continuing from-where they left off and got there by applying the same focus and determination. M.Trivissono was stellar once more denying all 9 shots his way. After setting up the first goal, B.Deslauriers fed another perfect ball to J.Quesnel-Vinet, who secured the series with a two goal cushion. It was a night that the Bramabulls had nothing working for them up front. Apart from J.DeSua's lone tally, no one else was able to score in back to back games.

(4)Horsemen vs Armadillos(3) F2 Game 2

Armadillos, no solutions for T.Mader

The Armadillos seemingly relentless push to the final hit a speed bump on Wednesday night as they suffered their first loss all year. Surely it takes many things to go right for winning this game for the Horsemen, but they can thank T.Mader, who absolutely brilliant riffling all four goals. The Horsemen took control as of the second period where they doubled their lead 4-2.Despite being down, the Armadillos saw this story all over again and played with fire once more only to get burned this time. D.Andrade sparked some life to cut the lead by one, and with still over nine minutes remaining, the division leaders finally hit a wall. M.Vinciguerra appeared to be very ready on this night facing 28 shots and wasn't done yet as a big game three ensued.

(2)Armadillos vs Horsemen(3) F2 Game 3

Horsemen stun division with upset win over Armadillos

Doing it once is quite a feat, but repeating it f or second time is quite remarkable. Unless the Horsemen were playing possum with the Armadillos, this result shocked many including the Horsemen. But regardless what was in front of them, the Horsemen knew they could have done it, especially after coming off the win only moments ago. They jumped off to a 3-0 lead getting goals from S.Zermalias, V.Pandza and G.Giannakis. That surge appeared to be more than enough considering there was only five minutes left over, but it wasn't the case. The Armadillos put a quick scare by striking twice in only a minute. However, that was a close as it got and the Horsemen pulled it off handing the heavy favourites two consecutive losses.

The F2 Wednesday division is now down to only two teams. Venom will take on the Horsemen in what will be a heated battle. With Venom rolling on all cylinders with their explosive offense, the Horsemen will need to repeat what they did versus the Armadillos in order to have a chance.

(5)Primetime vs Fat Cats(6) F3 Game 2

Déjà vu only a week later, Primetime seek therapy

How did Primetime blow two major leads only a week apart is a question that will haunt them for a while? For most of the match, just like in the previous encounter, Primetime looked like the better club, defending well, making the right plays and scoring when it counts. Tonight they carried a 4-1 lead at one point and a 5-3 lead with less than four minutes remaining. Then, in the blink of an eye, the nightmare returned. The Fat Cats rose-from the dead posting two very quick goals courtesy of J.Guerriero and S.Hrivnak to send the series in a shootout. By that point, it seemed that the script was already written for J.Scalia. The Fat Cats anomaly keeps defying the odds. After scoring twice in regulations time, J.Scalia once again provided a huge goal in the shootout that ultimately broke the tie. As harmful as both results were for Primetime, Armen Kavaldjian and the rest of his club did a fantastic job pushing the Fat Cats to the limit.

(2)Hellfish vs Deadlast(6) F3 Game 2

Deadlast roll past Hellfish to hit familiar territory

There wasn't much more the Hellfish could have done in this series. Deadlast was clearly the better of the two sides and it showed in both games. The contest was however close for well over two full periods up until the last five minutes where N.Gikas and J.Pantelis collected their second to secure the result. K.Fiore may have netted the key goal of the night. With the score tied 2-2, the solid defenseman snapped the tie and Deadlast never looked back. B.Makris faced 26 shots allowing only two goals and was flawless by the third where the Hellfish attempted a comeback.

The F3 division final will feature the Fat Cats taking on Deadlast. Both sides came off different scenarios in the semi finals. The Fat Cats relied on late moment dramatics while Deadlast had control of their situation. The Fat Cats will need to be very attentive to Deadlast's quick forwards. If they figure out a way to contain that part of the game their chances will be good, if not, look for Deadlast to prevail.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Trevor Mader of the Horsemen. Sometimes it takes a memorable performance to help shift the tides. The Horsemen were able to oust the Armadillos in part because T.Mader scored all four goals in game two to help set up a do or die deciding match.

Premier division

Monday December 18

(1)Team Haiti vs P-Ball(6)

Late start hurts Team Haiti

Not having your goaltender ready on time can never be a good thing. Team Haiti went down 2-0 due to team goals before starting the match with a man short. They could have taken the approach that the game was levelled but it didn't really matter as the P-Ball erupted three times by the end of the frame. P.Bibeau started it off followed with the captain J.Gagne and G.Saulnier getting the better of M.Dorismond. In hopes of at least spoiling the shutout, C.Plaisir ripped one past P-O Girourad who was flawless till that point. That goal left half a period which was simply not enough time to overcome a four goal deficit.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to P-O Girouard of P-Ball. Even though he played only two periods, the tall net minder was brilliant allowing all but one goal on 15 shots.

4 vs 4 Division playoffs

Monday December 18(Semi finals)

Breeze Panareeze suffer double collapse to hands of Punishers

It just didn't matter that the Breeze Panareeze grabbed two sufficient leads in both their games, because in the end, it was the Punishers that prevailed. Up 4-1 early in the second period, the Breeze Panareeze seemed destined to grab a 1-0 series lead. But with a resilient group of guys refusing to call it quits, the Punishers reeled off four straight markers to stun their opponent. The comeback effort was led by four different goal scorers that included the winner by F.Russo. The second game really put the Breeze Panareeze to the test to see how they would respond. And considering how poorly the first game ended, the men in yellow quickly but it behind them with two quick goals. By that point, the question became can they protect it for one more period and avoid another devastating collapse. Unfortunately it was ground hog day all over again. The Punishers did the exact same thing by erupting with five straight tallies to close off the series and put an end to the misery. M.Gagnon had a big game bagging two goals while C.Gingras matched him with a pair as well that included an empty net marker.

(4)Breeze Panareeze vs Punishers (5) Game 1

(5)Punishers vs Breeze Panareeze(2) Game 2

Nightmares endure two bad dreams

With the first game evenly matched, a shootout was needed to see who would come out on top. T.Tsarouhas of the Nightmares and B.Daniele of the Dragons each scored for their respective clubs to prolong the breakaway competition. For whatever reason, the Dragons waited for a fourth round before sending B.Daniele to take another shot at it. And why not since their highly skilled player struck for a second time forcing the Nightmares to score on their last potential chance. G.Lallis was their last hope, and despite his efforts, S.Morante wasn't interested in continuing the merry go round by denying the corner stone defenseman. This proved to be a huge result as the second game tilted more towards the Dragons side. After setting up two teammates, B.Daniele summed up the series with a blistering slap shot-from the neutral zone. The Nightmares had over eight minutes to crawl back into it but found themselves suffocated against a committed group of guys. The Dragons defend better than anyone and tonight they applied their style taking away any sort of time and space-from the Nightmares. S.Morante was once again stellar limiting a potent offense to only one goal on 15 shots.

(4)Nightmares vs Dragons(5) S.O Game 1

(3)Dragons vs Nightmares(1) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Biaggo Daniele of the Dragons. If not for his two shootout goals in game one, and three points in the second game, the Dragons may have potentially been spectators for the final.

Both the Punishers and the Dragons carry an ace in the hole for their clubs. The Dragons have B.Daniele who will change a game on a regular basis and the Punishers have that player in C.Gingras. There isn't much of a difference after that as both sides are balanced in every position. Perhaps it may come down to goaltending. So far P.Stamkopoulos has proven a lot for the Punishers while the Dragons know what they are getting in an established S.Morante.