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4 vs 4 Division

Monday June 11

Hustlers pull it off in second contest after drawing even with the Punishers

Even though both sides couldn't get it down in the first encounter it became quite clear that the Hustlers would eventually walk away with the extra points. Their tactical battle came into play by the second game. A.Stamiris and T.Bozinakis each riffled canon bombs only a minute apart and the Punishers knew they were in a whole lot of trouble. Just to make matters worse, S.Govas put the final dagger using his patented wrist shot for a three goal cushion. The Punishers fought hard in both games overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the opening contest to force a shootout. They did have the miss fortune of going up against C.Stavriadias, who was absolutely stellar making one big save after the other.

(5)Punishers vs Hustlers (5) S.O

(3)Hustlers vs Punishers (0)

Maxime Beauvais, timely for the Dr Block

Maxime Beauvais was just what the doctor ordered for the Dr Block. In the dying moments of the second contest, Beauvais was able to not only tie it but win it in the shootout. He was the only player out of the five combined attempts-from the two sides to score. The first match up was nearly a carbon copy of the second one with both sides drawing even .Surprisingly enough, neither team was able to win any frame. Two goals were traded in the first period of the opening game while both sides exchanged one in each period of the second encounter. This was a duel that the net minders needed to be on top of their game. R.Pelletier of the Dr Block and M.Melo of the Mighty Drunks gave every possible chance for their clubs to take the win or wins.

(3)Mighty Drunks vs Dr Block(3) S.O

(3) Dr Block vs Mighty Drunks(2) S.O

Corporation chemistry kicks in early for two wins over Carmoni

As the game got underway, it was clear that the Corporation were bringing the energy and jump required to defeat Les Carmoni. Every single player was on the same page making lots of crisp plays resulting in a total of eleven goals in two games. The first one ended 5-0 with L.Dias stopping all 18 shots. Finally, Les Carmoni would get on board to tie the match 1-1 until a late first period bullet by D.Ramada regained momentum for the Corporation. That tally sparked four more to go in by the second period to close off a solid display. It's not often to have every single player score on the same night but the Corporation were able to do it in this case with their seven players dressed.

(0)Carmoni vs Corporation (5)

(6)Corporation vs Carmoni(3)

Heart breaking loss carries over for Vitamin C

Unable to recover-from the opening contest, the Vitamin C were nowhere to be seen by the second game. The 1 Timer kept the pedal to the medal and out duelled their opponent 6-2 right after taking a close 4-3 win. T.Daigneault and his captain J.Dias took care of the scoring notching two goals in each in the first meeting. The second game saw J.Guye-Perrault lead the way with three goals that included the winner. This was a good bounce back night for the 1 Timer after suffering a pair of losses only a week ago. The same however can't be said for the Vitamin C, who collected four out of a possible six points last week against the Chic Choc.

(4) 1 Timer vs Vitamin C(3)

(2)Vitamin C vs 1 Timer(6)

Close but just enough for the Degenerates to prevail twice

A win is a win no matter how slight the margin of victory. But as much as the Degenerates may blame themselves for not being fine tuned and crisp enough, lots of credit does go to the United Arms who made things very difficult in both matches. The first game was only decided because J.Pantelis was at the right place at the right time to snap a very late 1-1 tie. As for the second meeting, both sides opened it up a little more but the game was just as close with the Degenerates playing with a very slight lead. Q.Joseph collected three straight points while S.Sicuso eased the tension providing a two goal cushion late in the game.

(2)Degenerates vs United Arms(1)

(3)United Arms vs Degenerates (5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jason Dias of the 1 Timer. The captain was at his best on Monday night providing two big goals as part of an overall four point performance.