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Hello  to all,

          Registration for Summer 2019 ballhocket season is now open. 

 is offering 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 hockey both inside and outisde this                        summer.

          Here is the date for the rebate so take advantage.


  • Rebate of 100$ will be given to all teams who pay in full by  May 5.
  • Rebate of 200$ will be given to captaines who register 2 teams.

For any further information please call 450-963-0963. Thank you


The Nationals are back in Quebec in 2019.


Monday May 20

1 Timer take advantage of Les Unknown's short bench

Les Unknowns entered Monday night's season debut without many players-from their line up, and ultimately paid the price in the end. They did manage two solid first periods with the games levelled at one goal apiece, but the same couldn't be said for the second frames where the 1 Timer completely annihilated their opponent. This was perhaps to be expected as the games started to take its toll on a depleted line up. Already with a goal in the opening period, T.Daigneault bagged his second while setting up P-A Surprenant for an empty net marker. The second encounter saw J.Guye-Perrault take charge with three markers that included the winner. Both goals-from Les Unknown belonged to M.Morin as the only player to get the better of F.Koch. It wasn't the start they were hoping for but Les Unknown won't be too concerned knowing that they had key elements missing-from their line up.

(4)1 Timer vs Les Unknown(1)

(1)Les Unknown vs 1 Timer(5)

Golden Boys pull away late to settle score with 50 in 70

An unfortunate penalty call late in the game permitted the 50 in 07 to edge out the Golden Boys. The match was headed into a shootout until S.Petreccia struck late for his second on the power play. Even though they couldn't get it done in the first encounter, the Golden Boys had the right approach heading into the ensuing contest. It always helps when you have a dynamic duo creating plenty of fits for the opposition. K.Lisio scored all three goals in the loss with the help of J.Durocher's three primary assists. Both players didn't stop there as they made sure to continue their magic. After a 1-1 first period tie, the flood gates opened for Lisio, Durocher and the rest of the Golden Boys. The two once again combined in a big way that saw K.Lisio post a second straight hat trick while J.Durocher riffled a pair as part of a three point performance. Throughout most of the night, the 50 in 07 held their own expect for the final twelve minutes.

(4)50 in 07 vs Golden Boys(3)

(6)Golden Boys vs 50 in 07(1)

Excalibur salvages their night with a late push

With everything going their way for most of the night, the Fatal Demons finished flat conceding three straight goals to the Excalibur. Rather than keeling over, the Excalibur answered with renewed energy to split the decision on a solid effort. Plenty had to do with the play of R.Morne, who set up two teammates before netting the winner. The Fatal Demons looked better prepared taking the opening contest rather easily. M.Mignogna tallied twice while D.Galloro and B.Sansotta combined for four points. The same seemed to apply early on in the second match with E.Colella and B.Sansotta finding the back of the net. By that point, the Fatal Demons may have figured they were headed for some easy points. Sometimes teams tend to let go of the gas pedal, and perhaps that was the case for the Fatal Demons. Regardless the situation, both teams fought hard to earn respective victories.

(4)Fatal Demons vs Excalibur (1)

(3)Excalibur vs Fatal Demons(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Lisio of the Golden Boys. The highly skilled forward was absolutely spectacular in his season debut, posting a total of six goals and two assists.


Monday May 13 (Final)

(5) GK vs Black Knights (2) Game 2

Champions again GK claims another title

It was another celebratory night for the GK. A 5-2 win over the Black Knights saw the GK take care of business in two straight games to end their playoff run. Things started off well for them when G.Bouchard and P.Genereux each scored for a 2-0 lead. However, the win didn't come without its tribulations, as the end of the period belonged to the Black Knights. In the short span of only 30 seconds, A.Aubut turned the deficit into a tie. Despite the push back, the GK weren't phased at all. Clearly, they looked like they wanted it more by pushing harder to eventually regain their momentum. M.David snapped the tie, J.Bradley took advantage with a power play goal, and the GK made sure that the lead would be protected the rest of the way. No matter how hard the Black Knights tried to bounce back in the game, the offense just wasn't there. M.Fortin was perhaps the major reason as the net minder was sharp remaining flawless for over two periods stopping 34 of 36 shots. After sweeping the River Rats in their previous round, the GK showed once again why they are deserving by doing the same in the final. On behalf of and MBHL, congratulations go out to Dan Nguyen and the GK for winning the Premier division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Bouchard of the GK. In every aspect of the game, G.Bouchard made his presence count-from his sound defensive style while having the ability to create offense that led to one goal and an assist.


Monday May 6 (Final, second division)

LG HC pick up the hardware, winners of second division

When a team has that kind of fire power one must find ways to contain it while seizing their own opportunities. In both games versus the LG HC, the Yellow T-Shirts kept it close in the first periods but were unable to hold off the many weapons-from the other side. D.Bertrand took charge in game one netting back to back goals in a very short span to seal the win. The second match saw the game decided towards the end when once again D.Bertrand was able to put a staple on it for a late 4-2 lead. The Yellow T-Shirts knew that they had to stay on top of the LG HC by limiting their time and space. And in the large part they faired pretty well focusing on key players such as G.Pisanelli and A.Stamiris-from the back end. But when you have other threats that can hurt you it's almost impossible to hold off the pressure. The LG HC had the expectations to get this far and expected nothing less but to win in the end. On behalf of, congratulations go out to George Panagiotopoulos and the LG HC for winning the second division 4vs4 championship.

(5)LG HC vs Yellow T-Shirts(1) Game 1

(2)Yellow T-Shirts vs LG HC(2) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Dominic Bertrand of the LG HC. While the Yellow T-Shirts did an overall fine job containing key components, D.Bertrand was able to break away creating his own space along with a strong net presence. The natural sniper scored three goals at the most crucial times during the series.


Sunday May 5 (Final)

(4)Slayers vs Icons (6) Game 1

J.Mckenzie snaps third period tie, Icons take game 1

Despite squandering a two goal lead, the Icons put themselves back on track thanks to an early third period tally. J.Mckenzie came through during that time, and the Icons were able to hold off the Slayers the rest of the way. E.Girouard continued-from where he left off adding two more goals to his piggy bank. On the flip side, J.Desmarais had a multi goal performance as well .This game had the expectations of what was to come. Neither side conducted themselves as refined gentlemen. From-the drop of the ball, the series got real and mean which suggested for a busy night to the penalty box.

(6)Icons vs Slayers (7) Game 2

Slayers flip the script to even series

The Slayers were able to rebound-from their early loss, flipping the script against the Icons and delivering an important 7-6 victory. In classic Slayers fashion, the team refused to roll over as they fought back to force a mini game. This contest resembled the previous one in many ways but favouring the Slayers instead. Rather than playing-from behind, the Slayers stormed out of the first period carrying a 3-1 lead. Eventually, the Icons did recover and actually tied the game at four goals apiece thanks to a power play goal-from A.Stamiris. That tally came very early in the third period where the Icons hoped to take care of business. Unfortunately, they couldn't kill off a penalty that enabled A.Mirolla to capitalise for his second of the match. The Slayers would add to more by the time the game ended to force the most important game of the season.

(1)Icons vs Slayers (4) Game 3

Slayers carry good habits into game 3, crowned champions

The details of one pivotal play perhaps decided who was going to win this series. The Icons had control of the situation being up 1-0 while awarded a power play chance to double the lead. And rather than putting a strangle hold in the series, M.Dalessio came to rescue the Slayers on a shorthanded goal. Still, the game was tied and everything was still up for grabs. But if momentum means anything, the Slayers were able to ride it on that goal. It took three minutes-from that point on for V.Confuorti to come through and break the tie. Then, within less than two minutes, J.Desmarais secured all doubts providing a two goal cushion with only three minutes remaining in the series .As expected, this series had all the elements of what playoff hockey is all about. Sometimes it takes that one detail to make the whole difference, especially how close both teams match up. In tonight's case, the Slayers showed that they were deserving by overcoming a 1-0 deficit and never giving up on their journey to hoist the trophy. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Phil Kotsornithis, Josh Desmarais and the Slayers for claiming the D Sunday title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Josh Desmarais of the Slayers. In a series that went as long as it did, the Slayers had no choice but to rely on everyone pulling their weight. However, the captain did lead by example scoring in every game to finish the series with a total of seven points.


Tuesday April 30 (Final)

(3)Capitals vs Punishers (5) Game 1

Punishers jump start series on the right track

The Punishers took game one with a high tempo play that forced the Capitals to play from-behind for most of the match. The Capitals did get themselves back into it when J-S Pacheco and E.Lemieux scored late in the second period. In hopes of building off the momentum, the Capitals fell behind once more unable to contain J.Rochon-from finding the back of the net. Still, the Capitals wouldn't let up upping their tempo while pushing the play forward. The problem however was that the Punishers applied a suffocating style while getting sensational goaltending-from C.Stavriadis in order to preserve the victory.

(2)Punishers vs Capitals (3) Game 2

Capitals flip the script to force game 3

This time, the Capitals did the one fundamental thing they needed in order to give themselves a chance, and that was to play with the lead. J.Bourgaize opened the scoring shorthanded, and A.Boucher struck on the power play to put the Capitals in front 2-1. Half a game was still remaining at that point which would have been a tall order for the Capitals to hold off the Punishers-from the score sheet. Instead, they managed to gain a two goal cushion which proved to be significant in the end. The Punishers did battle back in the third when C.Gingras pulled his team within one. But just like the Punishers did in the previous match, the Capitals returned the favour by shutting the door the rest of the way. C.Fortin was busy facing enough quality shots and chances to steal the win for the Capitals.

(1)Punishers vs Capitals (0) O.T Game 3

C.Gingras scores ridiculous shorthanded goal, Punishers repeat as champions

It came to no one's surprise for how close this series was that overtime would eventually decide a winner. After the Punishers got caught taking a four minute penalty, A.Bitsakis bailed them out making one spectacular save look better than the other. The Capitals had four minutes of extra space to get their pay back versus the Punishers. And while the dagger should have been towards the Punishers, the Capitals were the ones suffering a serious blow. By finding himself open at about mid court, C.Gingras sprung in on a dazzling move that would have made the highlight of the season goal if a camera was pointing at him. It was a type of goal at a moment during a thrilling final that only he or very few can execute. The Capitals couldn't have picked a worse time to give up a shorthanded goal. Instead, they were stuck seeing a great opportunity vanish in an instant. Despite the tough ending, they knew that this series could have easily gone either way. For the Punishers, it was just business as usual. Their team was clearly built for what they achieved. Starting in net with C.Stavriadis and A.Bitaskis sharing the role.Adding to that, a defence that can provide all aspects of the game, and finally an offense that can hurt you at will. The Punishers showed once again why they are deserving of what they got. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Peter Chiotis and the Punishers for repeating as C division champs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Punishers. A familiar name that keeps appearing during the big moments, C.Gingras scored a highlight reel goal in a shorthanded situation to decide the C division title in overtime.


Monday April 26 (Final, first division)

Punishers, crowned winners of first division

Considering the kind of season the Punishers had, this end result came to be expected, at least for the Punishers. The first game was only decided when C.Gingras snapped a late 2-2 tie. The Communists played an all around decent game remaining neck in neck with their opponent. However, the same couldn't be said for the second encounter. Plenty of what went wrong early on was the incapability to take advantage of some glorious power play opportunities. The Communists fell behind early but had a chance to redeem themselves only to give up two shorthanded goals. Despite the amount of time left over, both sides knew the fate of their season. C.Gingras scored two out of their three tallies with a man short while M.Arkalis netted the other. N.Mackeen wasn't overly busy but made sure to keep the Communists off the score sheet until the game was already out of reach. On behalf of, congratulations got out to John Fidrilis and the rest of the Punishers for capturing the 4vs4 first division title.

(3)Punishers vs Communists (2) Game 1

(6)Communists vs Punishers (1) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Punishers. It's practically a safe that C.Gingras will get you that big goal. In tonight's biggest games of the season, the talented forward was clutch netting the winner in game one while bagging a pair of shorthanded markers in game two.


Friday April 26 (Final)

(1)Devil Dawgz vs Brewers(3) Game 1

Brewers use three third period goals to top Devil Dawgz

Facing the top team of the second division, Friday night provided another tough challenge for the Brewers, who have been heating up after their sweep with the Pillows. While both teams entered the final frame scoreless, the Brewers were the ones to break the barrier on three consecutive goals. G.Lemire, T.Adamacopoulos and G.Bakas all scored while P.Paikopoulos tallied late for the Devil Dawgz. The Devil Dawgz felt they played well for two straight periods which simply wasn't good enough. That being said, B.Tzavaras took the time to address the necessary needs heading into game two.

(3)Brewers vs Devil Dawgz(6) Game 2

Devil Dawgz bounce back to down Brewers in Game 2

The Brewers weren't able to respond to the desperation that the Devil Dawgz set forth in this important contest. Clearly, they knew that a major push back was to be expected, and while they couldn't t weather the storm, the Devil Dawgz would ultimately prevail in the end. The importance of scoring first is so incredibly vital when it comes to playoff hockey. The Devil Dawgz made sure to get on board early to shift the pressure the other way. After grabbing a 2-0 first period lead, A.Jalilvand notched his second right before J.Constantin provided a four goal cushion. By that point, there was almost no way the Brewers were coming back. The only positive that they took was that T.Fernando participated in all three tallies. Even though it wasn't enough, the Brewers hoped to feed off the momentum heading in what would be the biggest game of the season.

(1)Brewers vs Devil Dawgz(2) O.T Game 3

A.Jalilvand's slap shot delivers final blow to series, Devil Dawgz crowned champions

The drama of sports is real and true. Entering their most important game of the season, both sides put everything they played for on the line. And for how close it was, neither team was shocked that extra time would decide a winner. The Devil Dawgz did strike first very early on but couldn't protect it as T.Fernando came running in riffling a hard wrist shot to tie the game. Just prior to the dying moments of the match, T.Fernando missed out on a glorious chance to end the series. Instead, an ensuing overtime period set the stage for another big moment in the series. Thirty seconds was all it took for A.Jalilvand to riffle a perfect slap shot that found its way to the back of the net. The Devil Dawgz knew that any shot on net could work, and why not since it could decide a championship. They managed to find a way and get their first. For how close this series was, both teams showed that they were very deserving. But with championship games leaving room for only one team to prevail, the Devil Dawgz were glad to be on the winning side of it. On behalf of, congratulations got out to Bill Tzavaras and the Devil Dawgz for winning the Masters 35+ division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Austin Jalilvand of the Devil Dawgz. Whenever he gets the chance to shot it, odds are good that his wicked slap shop finds the back of the net. The Devil Dawgz were able to celebrate an incredible run thanks to their sniper.


Thursday April 25 (D Final)

 (5)SBS Trashers vs Job on Demand(4) S.O Game 1

 SBS Trashers come-from behind to shock Job on Demand

 The SBS Trashers rebounded-from a dismal start to stun the Job on Demand. The Job on Demand entered the series with a dangerous offense and a suspect defensive game. You almost can never go wrong when being up 3-0 passed the mid way point of a game. What started as a statement for the Job on Demand turned into a message -from the SBS Trashers. Giving up four straight goals in a playoff match is something that is simply unacceptable. Rather than shutting down their opponent, the Job on Demand kept the mentality of trying to run up the score. The comeback charge was led by Joe Scalia and A.Gentile as both players each scored twice. The SBS Trashers thought they had this wrapped up in regulation time when J.Scalia tallied with less than two minutes remaining. Unfortunately, one miss hap led to a costly turn over that saw G.Pisanelli take advantage with only 3 seconds on the clock. Luckily enough for the SBS Trashers, an ensuing shootout went in their favor. A.Gentile was the only player to score while R.Pampena locked up the win denying three straight attempts.

(5)Job on Demand vs SBS Trashers(6) Game 2

 Job on Demand relive nightmare, SBS Trashers crowned champions

 There is nothing that's going to sugar coat this monumental folding of the tent by the Job on Demand. It's barely acceptable to squander a massive lead in one game, but to do it twice, they'll have only themselves to blame. For a second straight time, the Job on Demand built a three goal cushion on to see it vanish into thin air. Now that's not to take away-from what the SBS Trashers accomplished on this night. There is something that's quite remarkable when a team is able to overcome such a deficit, especially twice in the same night of a final. F.Gentile and Joe Scalia were a big part of the comeback effort netting two goals apiece. However, the key goal did come-from A.Gentile, who riffled a beauty with just over a minute left on the clock. Clearly, the Job on Demand didn't take notes on how to address what happened to them earlier, and in the end, they blew a glorious opportunity to take this series. Instead, the acolytes belong to the SBS Trashers, who showed that they believed in one another. Never did they once give up, making one shift count more than the other. The SBS Trashers kept a positive mentality, and in doing so, got everything they deserved. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Eric Panzera and the SBS Trashers for claiming the D Thursday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Gentile of the SBS Trashers. After collecting three points in game one, A.Gentile finished off the series in style by riffling a beautiful rocket that gave P.Assadi absolutely no chance.


Wednesday April 24 (E Wednesday final)

(2)Bramabulls vs Left Wings(3) Game 1

Left Wings top Bramabulls in tight affair

The Left Wings stressed calm and composure heading into their final with the Bramabulls. And by the time game one ended, the first part of the mission was accomplished.   J.Adamou, V.Ladouceur and M-A Morin all scored and B.Verducci was again exceptional earning a close 3-2 win. The Bramabulls found themselves trailing 2-1 after one period. Considering how easily they can score, that small deficit didn't worry many of the Bramabulls players. But it seemed no matter how hard they tried to bounce back, things just weren't working out for them. Instead, the Left Wings widened their margin and had the luxury of playing with a two goal lead. The only time the Bramabulls potted their second came towards the end of the contest where they just didn't have enough time to even the score.

(4)Left Wings vs Bramabulls(5) Game 2

M.Detorre hat trick levels the series for Bramabulls

M.Detorre had a hat trick, A.Mirolla netted the winner and the Bramabulls gave themselves a chance to extend the series with the Left Wings. Desperation kicked in right away with Detorre striking twice by the five minute mark of the first period. The Bramabulls understood the importance of a great start. Rather than playing-from behind, the Left Wings were now the ones caught chasing the game. They did however pull within one after a dominant second period. Unfortunately for the Left Wings, the Bramabulls regained their momentum early in the third period on two goals in what appeared to be enough. That was until V.Ladouceur and T.Kyritsis responded with two consecutive tallies only to run out of race track.

(1)Left Wings vs Bramabulls(0) Game 3

Left Wings claim E Wednesday division title on G.Gaitanis power play goal

It didn't matter how they got it, or who got it, as long as they got it done first. Both sides fully understood the importance of striking first in a 15 minute mini game to decide matters. After taking an unfortunate penalty, the Bramabulls had the challenge of killing off two crucial minutes. The problem however was that the Left Wings were committed to make their chance count. When you have J.Adamou quarter backing a five man unit, the odds are good that a quality scoring chance or chances are on the way. G.Gaitanis is no stranger to finding the back of the net and made sure to bury a golden opportunity after being set up by Adamou. The Bramabulls did have enough of time for an equaliser but kept hitting the same problem like in game one, and that was running into a solid defence and stubborn net minder. As expected by many, this series had the potential to go the distance with all three games decided by only one goal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Nick Sotiropoulos and the Left Wings for claiming the E Wednesday division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ben Verducci of the Left Wings. When it comes to the big moments, the Left Wings felt comfortable relying on their goaltender. Verducci was stellar throughout the entire series and what better way to summarise it on a 1-0 shutout victory.


Wednesday April 24 (F Wednesday final)

(6)Fat Roy vs Horsemen (5) S.O Game 1

Back and forth action goes to Fat Roy in shootout

Though tempted throughout a back and forth affair on Wednesday night, the Fat Roy refused to let their head to head with the high energy Horsemen slip out of their grasp. This win featured almost everything you could ask for in a meaningful game. From-the get go, both teams were off to the races generating plenty of scoring that can only give goaltenders fits. Despite the high octane offense, a 45 minute game still wasn't enough to decide a winner. The pressure would eventually take place in the shootout where both net minders had a chance to steal the show. J.Pantelis was and is always a logical choice when it comes to the breakaways. The Fat Roy forward collected two assists during the match while netting the lone shootout marker. On the flip side, the Horsemen had three attempts to get at least one but failed to solve J.Sanoudakis, who finished strong to collect an important victory.

(3)Horsemen vs Fat Roy(4) Game 2

Unlikely hero G.Lallis leads Fat Roy to glory

G.Lallis doesn't score many goals but prevents many for how sound he plays defensively. But G.Lallis made this rare one count more than your average tally. For a second straight game, this series appeared to be headed for a shootout,that was up until G.Lallis riffled the winner with only ten seconds left on the score board. Fat Roy knew how important it was to try and win this game. So with the score tied 3-3, they were firing on all cylinders making sure that the Horsemen don't get any sort if life. P.Elizardo and N.Gikas were also vital for the victory as both players collected three points each. In a series that could have easily gone either way, Fat Roy kept showing their never quit attitude that helped decide it all. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Costa Zafiropoulos and Fat Roy for capturing the F Wednesday division championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to George Lallis of Fat Roy. Of all the players throughout the Fat Roy line up who can ever score a huge goal and win a playoff series, G.Lallis isn't the first player that comes to mind. But when his team needed him the most, G.Lallis came through providing perhaps the mast important tally of the season.

Season Divisions Summer 2019
Other News
Black Knights Division Winners

April. 22, 2019

Black Knights finish in first place in Premier division.

     Congratulations to the Black Knights who edge out GK to claim #1 seed in the Premier division.  The Black Knights will face either GK or River Rats in the Premier finals.



Ball Hockey Quebec

The Quebec Ball Hockey Association is rebranding!
Today we present our new logo with a new name: Ball Hockey Quebec

In this new logo, we see the famous orange ball representing the sport of ball/dek hockey. The province of Québec is represented by the fleur-de-lis, and its classic form was deconstructed by detaching a petal from the flower to resemble the shape of the ball. The three shapes are surrounded by a circle representing all 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 leagues and players under the banner.

Stay tuned for more information from the official governing body of ball hockey in Québec!

2019 National Mens B, C, D and Womens B Championships

The 2019 Men’s B - C - D , Women's B National Championships will be hosted by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the Quebec Ball Hockey Association in Montreal, QC July 18-21, 2019. Please NOTE that teams need to be prepared to start at 8am on Thursday, July 18th.  Please plan to arrive Wednesday July 17th so you are ready to play.

Ball Hockey World Championship Košice 2019