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Wednesday June 16 Assadi Consulting Inc use quick start to secure a pair of wins over Armos Dominant at the start and disciplined at the finish ,the Assadi Consulting Inc got their way versus the Armos on Wednesday night. It really didn’t take long for the Assadi Consulting inc to set the tempo and dictate much of the pace to their liking. The game was 4-0 right before the nine minute mark with scoring efforts-from four different players. The Armos eventually stopped the bleeding with a solid response in the second period winning the frame on goals by A.Melkonian and S.Jankouzian. In hopes of carrying that momentum into the next game, the Armos failed to capitalise on some decent scoring chances early on. Those missed opportunities came to bite them when Y.Gazura tapped in a easy power play goal. From-there, the Assadi Consulting inc secured a second straight win adding two more markers while getting a 17 save shutout-from P.Assadi. (4)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Armos(2) (0) Armos vs Assadi Consulting Inc(3) Club Ecole Orient fend off resilient Snipers In what was anticipated to be a big match, the Snipers didn’t show up in the early stages of the game. It took just over five minutes in for the Club Ecole Orient to flex their muscles sending a clear signal that they were primed for the heated battle. They were clearly lethal-from the start getting a pair of points-from S.Harchi and by their captain F.Nasser. However, things did turn around as the Snipers adjusted their game by increasing the pressure which eventually resulted in back to back goals. Unfortunately, they just fell short but knew they had the opportunity to bounce back in the ensuing match. Both sides understood how important the first goal would be, and for a second straight game, T.Sakr put the Club Ecole Orient in front. The slight lead appeared to look more than enough for a team playing a tight defensive game. With every sign suggesting that the Club Ecole Orient would pull this one off in regulation time, it was the Snipers captain coming to the rescue. Ali Khanafer somehow beat the buzzer on a desperate play to send the game into a shootout. The shootout did however belong to the Club Ecole Orient with lone goals by A.Dessoureault and S.Harchi. Despite dropping both games, the Snipers know they can compete with their rival and will definitely look forward to the next time both teams face off with one another. (2)Snipers vs Club Ecole Orient(3) (3)Club Ecole Orient vs Snipers(1) S.O M.Kardum scores lone shootout goal to even series with SBS Trashers M.Kardum was the only player to find his touch in the shootout to help lead the Horsemen past the SBS Trashers in the second encounter. After a slow start lacking offense, the Horsemen came back with a little more bite in the second game trading four goals with the Trashers. And even though they took it in the end, the Horsemen felt it should have never got there. They were unable to preserve a two goal lead with just over five minutes remaining in the game. However, credit to the Trashers for never letting up getting a heavy response- from G.Bampos and J.Scalia. With both sides sending three shooters in the breakaway competition, the rusty hands of J.Scalia proved to be an awful choice for E.Panzera. Apart-from burying the winner, M.Kardum was instrumental in the second match as the sniper collected three points before ending it in style. (1)Horsemen vs SBS Trashers(2) (4)SBS Trashers vs Horsemen(5) S.O The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marin Kardum of the Horsemen. The Horsemen forward was a handful scoring once, setting up two goals before finishing it off with the lone shootout marker.