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4vs4 Monday
Monday June 21 Orient stunned by 1 Timer but adjust in second match to even the score The 1 Timer were rampant against an opponent who thought it was going to be easier than expected. They played the way they wanted, always dangerous on attack while getting a great performance-from one of their top guns. M.Carpentier was able to score three goals against a well organised and lethal side on the night. Its safe to say that Carpentier deserved the limelight leading the 1 Timer to a hard fought 4-3 win over the favourites. With the first game out of the way, the Orient felt the indigestion of a burning loss. The sensation so overwhelming that they made it a point to dictate the pace. And it showed within the first period where they stormed out on three goals coming in different situations. A.Fahra opened the scoring early, M.David then doubled the lead on the power play before netting his second shorthanded. This was definitely the start F.Nasser expected that helped salvage his team three points. (3)Orient vs 1 Timer(4) (1)1 Timer vs Orient(5) Bad Guys inc hold off Punishers after blank sheet They didn’t generate many goals but one single tally was just enough for the Bad Guys inc to even the score with the Punishers. The first game was ultimately decided in the second frame on three unanswered markers by the Punishers. K.Kakivelis was busy stopping 20 shots for the shutout while M.Gagnon’s ice breaker held up for the winner. Eventually, Kakivelis was figured out when J.Cardinal beat him by the six minute mark of the second match. The Bad Guys inc knew this was going to be a dog fight till the very end. Unfortunately, they missed the clean sheet with just over a minute remaining when K.Kavan levelled for the Punishers. However, the end result did go there way thanks to a thrilling shootout. J.Mandracchia and A.Lepore figured out a stubborn goaler and G.Barkley stopped two out of three attempts to secure the win for the Bad Guys inc. (3)Punishers vs Bad Guys inc(0) (3)Bad Guys inc vs Punishers(2) S.O Excalibur defeat HC Jokerit in low scoring affair Game style and pace are everything in a hockey game. Both teams played a similar style that signalled strong performances- from their net minders. E.Parent of the Excalibur and H.Correia of the HC Jokerit were sound between the pipes enabling their club every chance possible to steal the game. As good as they were, neither side got the edge, at least not in the opener. After drawing 2-2 with both teams trading a shootout goal, the Excalibur capitalised and got the breaks they worked for in the ensuing game. V.Mancini made the score 1-0 and A.Toure doubled the lead early in the second period giving plenty of breathing room to E.Parent . The veteran net minder knew for certain that the win was inevitable despite the amount of time left over. (2)HC Jokerit vs Excalibur(2) S.O (2)Excalibur vs HC Jokerit(0) Flood gates open for Hart Foundation after narrow win over Orebro HC Normally back to back games have similar storylines, but that wasn’t the case between these two sides. It took one single goal by T.Oliveira, a twelve save outing-from P.Delli Colli, and a disciplined man on man game-from the rest of the Hart Foundation to barely take a 1-0 result over their opponent. After prioritising defence to grab the win, the Hart Foundation changed it up in the second match creating a lot more offense. So much that the Orebro felt they couldn’t compete anymore like in the previous game. The goals came and came fast that only one period was required for the seven goal mercy rule. T.Oliveira was the only multi goal scorer and P.Delli Colli did earn one of his more easier shutouts. (0)Orebro HC vs Hart Foundation(1) (7) Hart Foundation vs Orebro(0) The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Maxime Carpentier of the 1 Timer. In what was a difficult task for the 1 Timer, M.Carpentier helped his team celebrate a big win thanks to an outstanding three goal performance.