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Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday August 2

Team White make heroic late comeback but fall in overtime

(6)Team White vs Team Purple(7) O.T

Team White was able to force overtime thanks to a pair of late goals-from Jeremy Provost, but ultimately fell in the end when A.Porfido rattled off his second of the game. The momentum kept bouncing back and forth with neither side ever able to pull away. Team Purple appeared to have some breathing room when A.Porfido made the score 6-4 with only five minutes left in the game. Still, Team White kept pushing and got rewarded because of their never quit attitude that resulted in two late markers. After their crazy finish to the game, the stage was now set to see who would grab the victory. Already with three helpers, S.Fraga sent the ball toward the net where A.Porfido was placed just at the right spot to tap in his second and secure a close 7-6 win for Team purple.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Angelo Porfido of Team Purple. His two key goals that included the overtime winner helped propel Team Purple to edge out Team White in what was a close back and forth battle.

Team Yellow getting heavy production by A.Gold, A.Zakararian and P.Desforges

(6)Team Orange vs Team Yellow(10)

Team Yellow dug deep into their three main guys to get most of their scoring done on Tuesday night versus Team Orange. A.Gold and A.Zakaraian each had hat tricks, P.Desforges chipped in with a pair, and all three players combined for an impressive 15 points. It certainly went Team Yellow’s way as they took command of the game which put the onus on Team Orange in order to find solutions. They did have some spark plugs in their line up as well with D.Lipinski leading the charge on a hat trick along with B.Monette and W.Mendoza creating offense combining for five points. The problem for Team Orange was that they were stuck chasing the game which creates plenty of risk for the opposition to come back and hurt you on odd man rushes. Team Yellow made the most of their chances every time they would come back on a counter attack exploiting a defenceless net minder. B.Verducci , to his credit did make plenty of stops to keep the contest respectable, but there is only so much your goaltender can handle.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Alex Zakarian of Team Yellow. Zakaraian was able to create plays by setting up three teammates while finishing them as well on a hat trick.

Team Red had no answers for dynamic duo M.Dearing and R.DiMarco

(1)Team Red vs Team Black(7)

M.Dearing and R.DiMarco put on an impressive display of playmaking and goal scoring for Team Black’s convincing victory over Team Red. The two players were difficult to contain due to their speed and ability to create a ton of chances. Team Red was stuck trying to slow them down, but were unable to as the game slowly kept tilting to one side. Both players collected four points each with M.Dearing taking care of the scoring on a hat trick while DeMarco was behind setting up three goals. K.Ferreira tallied Team Red’s lone marker to narrow the gap 2-1 in Team Black’s favour. This contest was ultimately decided ten minutes after that point where Team Black used three consecutive tallies for a sufficient four goal cushion. Its rare that a team allows only one tally in this sort of format. After facing just over 20 shots, A.Michailidis was near perfect conceding only one goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to A.Michailidis of Team Black. Beaten only once, Michailidis was sound between the pipes enabling his players in front of him to play with enough confidence that led to a well deserved win.

M.Lang responds immediately to secure close win for Team Green

(5)Team Blue vs Team Green(6)

Team Blue certainly had their moments as they kept battling back all game long only to lose it at the end where this game should have reached overtime. Even though they came out short, they do have plenty to feel good about for how hard they worked in order to give themselves a chance. E.Pouliot and F.Decoster each scored twice, and C.Arnoldo struck very late to even the score for Team Blue, which unfortunately got a quick response by M.Lang, who by then had tallied the games last goal to secure a wild finish. That was Lang’s second of the game sharing a similar performance with P.Santullo and M.Saia as both players also bagged a pair. Team Green carried the advantage of playing in front, but where never able to separate themselves with a comfortable margin throughout the entire contest. In the end, they did make that one extra play that decided this  contest.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Mike Lang Team Green. They say timing is everything, and M.Lang was just where his team needed him to be in order to decide a dog fight extremely late in the game.