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Brew Crew winners of E Thursday division

Thursday April 27 (Final)

Armadillos rout Brew Crew in game 1

(9)Armadillos vs Brew Crew(1) Game 1

If game one is any indication of where this series is headed, than the Brew Crew might as well just pack it in. S.Simitsakos had a hat trick, P.Lapointe cashed in twice, and F.Moshonas couldn’t have asked for a calmer night in net allowing only one goal on twenty shots. The Brew Crew never had a chance. They thought they started off well getting the games first goal, but that was just an illusion as the Armadillos smoked them out of the water the rest of the way. C.Muccino was stuck enduring a difficult time in net as he saw nothing in front of him working. Probably by the five minute mark into the second period did the Brew Crew start to carry the thought on how to adjust in game two. The Armadillos ran up the score making it 6-0 by then, and were no way going to falter such a massive lead. Without out much going for nearly half the game, the Brew Crew had to figure things out in a hurry if they planned on sticking around long enough.

Brew Crew flip the script to even series with Armadillos

(4)Brew Crew vs Armadillos(0) Game 2

On the heels of a disastrous opener, the Brew Crew knew that they had to change something in order to compete with the Armadillos. And what was impressive about it all, was that the Brew Crew bought into a game plan that proved to go a long way. There was no question that they wanted have a good response. What perhaps helped their cause was that the Armadillos started to get frustrated and paid too many trips to the penalty box. The Brew Crew not only scored twice with the man advantage, but had the luxury of playing enough minutes with a man up. Its pretty amazing how-from one game you give up nine goals while in the following encounter you shut the door completely allowing nothing to get by you. That’s attributed to a strong belief that your able to put a bad performance behind you and feel confident in your ability to bounce back. Also, add the fact that the Brew Crew are sound defensively when they need to be backed with the help of their last line of defense C.Muccino. Somehow, the net minder registered zero goals against him versus a team that generally has no issues scoring. All in all, the Brew Crew had the right mentality heading into this encounter knowing that they can control on what’s ahead rather than dwelling on the past. Now that this series is all tied up, the two sides had one more step ahead in what is expected to be a grinding end to the night.

Stunning final moments has the Brew Crew pull off an incredible finish as they claim the E Thursday division championship

(2)Brew Crew vs Armadillos(1) O.T Game 3

In one of the craziest endings you’ll ever see, the Brew Crew trailing 1-0 late in the game scored seconds later to even the score before notching the overtime winner only fifteen seconds into the sudden death frame. It took the combination of C.Moutafis and B.Sansotta to send the shock waves into their entire bench as the two complemented each other on both goals. B.Sansotta was able to even the score, and eventually win it in overtime thanks to C.Moutafis feeding him twice. Talk about a fairly tale ending if you are the Brew Crew. From-seeing your season nearly coming to a close, and to it suddenly turning into championship material is quite surreal. Its obviously shocking for the Armadillos who felt they had it all under control when J.Chiropoulos got them on board first with just over three minutes remaining. Even if killing off three minutes seems likely in most cases, all it takes is one big moment during that stretch to turn things around. The Brew Crew to their credit never kept their heads down and made sure to push the pace in search on an equaliser. Surely, they got their almost immediately to give themselves a chance knowing that the next goal would decide the two teams fate. Any time you enter a situation where the next shot on net can decide your season, you want to make sure to  throw as many balls toward the net when you get that chance. In tonight’s case, the Brew Crew got their first on a quick break which is all it takes when the stakes are this high. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Chris Palermo and the rest of the Brew Crew for taking this one home.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Bruno Sansotta of the Brew Crew. In the Brew Crew’s most important moments of the entire season ,B.Sansotta not only evened the score late to keeping his team alive, but managed to bury the winner early into the overtime period to help claim the E Thursday division title.