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This fall, we are shuffling the cards a bit in the Premier League, which has been a symbol of excellence in Quebec’s ball hockey scene for many decades. We are excited to announce that from now on, it will be known as the Premier /Heritage League. Already gathering the best teams in the province and nationally, this change will allow us to stay on top of the game and spice things up!

In addition to the traditional teams playing in the Premier League, we will now include teams with players representing their cultural heritage, such as Greece, Lebanon, Haiti, and many more to come. By doing so, the league will become even more competitive and will allow the “Heritage” team to prepare for the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation ( World Championships.

It is important to mention that all teams will continue to be able to participate in the National Championships div. A-D ( by winning either Division A or Division B of the Premier/Heritage League.

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Sunday October 22

(6)Sportek vs Shockers(12)

Shockers continue to conquer adding 12 goals to their resume

It looks like no one will stop the Shockers, at least not in the regular season. Overall, it was just another day at the office for the division leaders, who presently dominate the goals for department with 41 in only five games. That's twelve more than the second place team .The Shockers controlled things-from the get go building a 4-1 first period lead. And if that wasn't bad enough for Sportek, the second frame wasn't any better having given up seven more tallies. The only good part of their night came by the final frame where they outscored the Shockers 4-1.M.Dubicki struck three times while C.Flikas and J.Sacco combined for nine points. It's scary to think that out of their twelve goals, T.Salberg and C.Debonis only combined for three. That just goes to show how deep they are up front with other players chipping in such as their captain J.Blackman and T.Debonis as both players were able to net hat tricks.

(1)Les Immigrant vs Lynx(6)

Lynx keep up the heat improving to 4-1

Two goals each-from their captain J.Lang and Y.Vanasse was more than enough in their bounce back win over Les Immigrant. The Lynx just came off a rare loss a week ago to the Shockers' and made sure to get back into good habits with this convincing win. At no point were the Lynx in any sort of trouble. Lang provided an early lead just over a minute into the contest, and U.Cruz doubled it before the period came to an end. Then, Y.Vanasse got in the act bagging two out of the four second period tallies for the Lynx. The score was 6-0 at that point and Les Immigrant knew they were out of it. However, they did capture one little bright moment that came very late in the game. A.Pederian had the satisfaction of spoiling A.Proulx's shutout with just over a minute remaining.

(1)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(3)

Captain P.Santullo check mate's Brew Crew in chess match

Considering how both teams play, and with the score tied 1-1 after two periods, it's almost a given that the next tally would decide it all. The question became who was going to crack it and when. It took just over the mid way mark of the third period for the Fatal Demons captain to seize the moment. P.Santullo came through providing the first lead of the night after receiving feeds-from M.Chenier and C.Fragkiudakis. The Brew Crew did attempt their comeback but kept running into a tight defense and an even tighter goaltender. M.Trivisonno guarded his cage stopping 23 of 24 shots. The only player to beat him was the Brew Crew's captain C.Palermo, who struck first in the match by the late stages of the opening period.

(2)Wild Dogs vs Team Cuba(6)

Team Cuba chemistry key to win over Wild Dogs

The one thing that the Wild Dogs did very well was their constant for check throughout the entire match. It was very rare that Team Cuba had the time and space that they would have liked to make things easier on themselves. But with a few key plays here and there, the goals eventually went in. Two of their six tallies came with the man advantage early in the game. E.Girouard struck first and S.Govas doubled the lead enabling Team Cuba to play with a two goal cushion. Still, the Wild Dogs weren't going anywhere as they finished the first period strong on a tally by M.Leduc. Unfortunately, Team Cuba was able to respond with two straight goals to gain total control of the match. No one scored more than once in the win which is a good sign for their offence.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Trivisonno of the Fatal Demons. The net minder limited the Brew Crew to only one goal on 24 shots en route to a big 3-1 victory.


Monday October 16

Dragons' finding their game posting two wins

Joe DeStefano and the Dragons meant all business on Monday night, collecting two regulation wins versus the Punishers. It was one of their strongest performances yet in large part to having all their elements in place. B.Barile played the role of a finisher riffling three goals while G.DeMarinis played the set up man collecting three helpers. The Dragons stormed off early making a big splash with four first period goals. Unhappy with the way things went, the Punishers had a chance to redeem a poor performance in the second contest. And while the effort was way better, the end result still favored the Dragons. This time both teams tightened up that saw limited scoring. G.DeMarinis and B.Barile each scored for a 2-0 lead right before M.Gagnon cut it in half with just over three minutes remaining. From-there, S.Morante made sure not to concede anymore goals and did so by stopping 17 of 18 shots. If the Dragons show up with this particular line up on a regular basis, they'll be in good shape no matter who they play.

(6)Dragons vs Punishers (3)

(1)Punishers vs Dragons(2)

Nightmares go to the limit twice to edge out 1 Timer

Even though the 1 Timer left the night with only 1 point, plenty of positives came out of it considering who they played against. The Nightmares till now have steamed rolled their way to the top but struggled against a resilient orange side throughout the entire night. The 1 Timer were seconds away from-forcing a shootout in the first game and dropped their second contest by actually reaching the breakaway competition. That kind of effort only goes to show that anything can happen, no matter who the opponent. Unfortunately, a late tally by E.Allen denied the 1 Timer to any points in the first of the two games. The second contest however went to the maximum limit where J.Rochon froze F.Koch with a quick release. That was the only shootout goal that went in after both side sent three of their most skilled players.O.Caillet out dueled F.Koch to earn the extra point having stopped all three breakaway attempts.

(5)Nightmares vs 1 Timer(4)

(4)1 Timer vs Nightmares(5) S.O

M.DelGaudio guilty of high way robbery, Anonymous get monkey off their back

After throwing everything including the kitchen sink, M.DelGaudio was playing like he was from-another planet in the opening game versus the Breeze Panareeze. Unable to crack the net minder, the frustrations just kept growing throughout the entire contest for the men in yellow. The Anonymous was able to benefit getting two key goals by S.Altine which proved to be just enough in a close 3-1 win. As much as that result bit the Breeze Panarezze in the rear, they had that second chance to bounce back. The key was to find a way to strike first and put the pressure on their opponent. After being awarded two power play opportunities, the Breeze Panareeze took full advantage giving almost no chance for DelGaudio to shine. E.Girouard and J.DeSua each scored with the man advantage while J.Pantelis capped off the night with back to back tallies. The Anonymous didn't make things easy which forced the Breeze Panareeze to play to its fullest potential. If not for M.Dagenais in the second encounter, the Anonymous may have escaped the night with two wins. Both these games were heavily relied on their net minders, who both did a brilliant job between the pipes to collect a win each.

(1)Breeze Panareeze vs Anonymous(3)

(0)Anonymous vs Breeze Panareeze(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marco DelGaudio of Anonymous. The net minder was simply sensational throughout both games and was the reason why his club cracked the win column on Monday night.


Friday October 13

(0)National vs Bijoux(7)

J.Beaudry, A.Tremblay, Bijoux riding hot streak

J.Beaudry made 32 saves, A.Tremblay struck four times and Bijoux look like they don't plan on losing a game this season. It's not like National can't score or create plenty of opportunities, but tonight they found themselves snake bitten by Beaudry and the Bijoux defence. A,Tremablay participated in every goal except for the first one where V.Coppola notched his first of two on the night. As much as National attempted to get back into the game, things only got worse with Bijoux storming back the other way. This is Bijoux's third game of the season that have allowed only five goals so far.

(4)Hawks vs Devil Dawgz(5) O.T

Devil Dawgz showing no quit against Hawks

It didn't matter how often they had their backs against the wall, the Devil Dawgz showed no quit in their overtime win versus the Hawks.Three times they trailed and three times they bounced back to send this contest into extra time. M.Archambault forced the sudden death with a hard low wrist shot leaving only 90 seconds to go in regulation. Then, what seemingly appeared to be headed for a shootout changed when V.Mancini scored a similar goal to beat Assadi down low. That was Mancini's third goal of the game. J.Constantin was also very productive collecting four helpers and the Devil Dawgz are glad to earn their first win of the season.

(10)HBHA Seniors vs Blacksox(1)

Seniors outmatch Blacksox in blowout

The Blacksox did hang in there in the first portion but were nowhere to be seen as of the second half of the game. Surely, it never helps when you're in the penalty box against a team that will almost hurt you anytime given the opportunity. The HBHA Seniors collected four straight power play goals, all coming in the span of six and a half minutes. That sequence summed up the match even though it was just shy of the mid way point. He didn't score but K.Papapostolou helped set up half of his team's goals. P.Lapointe, D.Andrade and the captain J.Konititsis each scored twice and the recent champs just ended a mini slump of two games.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Val Mancini of the Devil Dawgz. The forward caused enormous problems all game long striking three times that included the overtime winner.


Wednesday October 11

(3)Hellfish vs Primetime(8)

Primetime offense blows up in high scoring win over Hellfish

Primetime's offense showed that it was in top gear, especially against a side that normally keeps their opponent in check. From the get go, the men in blue took the opening frame thanks to a late shorthanded goal by T.Shpindler that snapped a 1-1 tie. Then things continued to erupt as they notched three quick tallies to spread the game wide open. L.Haouzi used two power play goals and an even strength marker to collect another hat trick as part of a five point night. While the win will feel gratifying, the Hellfish can argue that many pieces were missing to their line up which clearly showed why they couldn't keep up.

(6)Bramabulls vs Armadillos(7) S.O

Bramabulls rally from- three goal deficit to force shootout

P.Koutsogiannopoulos netted the only goal in the shootout to lead the Armadillos over the Bramabulls. Down 3-0 after only ten minutes, the Bramabulls scored four in a row to grab a 4-3 lead heading into the third period. The final frame was just as wild as the previous two periods with the Armadillos edging out their opponent 3-2 thanks to a late tally-from their captain J.Kontitsis. With that goal, both sides played to a scoreless overtime leaving only the goaltenders to make the difference. And although G.Follano did his part stopping two of the three shooters, C.Stavriadis brought it a step further denying all three breakaway attempts by the Bramabulls. Despite the loss, the Bramabulls can only grab plenty of positives knowing that the Armadillos are most likely favourites to winning the division.

(6)Deadlast vs Les Raymonds(4)

Deadlast overcome slow start to earn win

Overcoming a sluggish start to the night, Deadlast battled back to eventually take the feud with Les Raymonds. It's never easy trailing 3-0 but Deadlast showed plenty of character knowing that the ammunition was there for the potential comeback. The turning point occurred in the second period where they rallied with three unanswered goals. Les Raymonds did level the game early in the third period but fell behind by the ten minutes mark when G.Demons broke the tie. K.Fiore added some insurance and was the only player to score twice for both teams. Its four games in and Deadlast have yet to concede a loss.

(0)RBK Knights vs Fat Cats(4)

Giancarlo Sangiovanni stops 25 shots in shutout over RBK Knights

The Fat Cats headed into the contest feeling pretty good and why not. Another win certainly helps as they now share an undefeated record with Deadlast in the F3 division. G.Sangiovanni denied 25 shots, J.Guerrero scored two goals and the Fat Cats now carry a perfect 3-0 record. What makes their record impressive so far is the amount of goals they gave up. They have allowed only three in as many games which is far better than any other team so far. The RBK Knights defended well over half the match but couldn't hold off long enough. The first goal only came as of the 9:30 mark of the second period courtesy of G.DeMarinis. Once that goal went in the Fat Cats knew they were on their way to victory.

(4)Horsemen vs Venom(4)

Venom offense freezes in loss to Horsemen

The Horsemen did plenty right in their double up win over Venom. They played with the lead and didn't concede a goal till the very late stages of the second period. And still it didn't matter as the Horsemen immediately regained a two goals cushion only 30 seconds into the final frame. Four different players found the back of the net that saw P.Sidhom credited the winner. Venom did eventually tally for a second time but that only came very late in the game. By then, M.Vinciguerra had done more than enough against a team that has plenty of fire power up front.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Giancarlo Sangiovanni of the Fat Cats. The RBK Knights fired 25 shots towards the net minder who was sharper than a ginsu knife.


Thursday October 5

(7)SBS Trashers vs Mighty Drunks(3)

SBS Trashers end scoring drought in thumping win over Mighty Drunks

After being limited to only one goal in two games, the SBS Trashers responded in a big way. P.Hodhod dressed for the first time this season and reminded all his teammates how vital he is on the court. The solid d-man produced two goals sharing his goal scoring output with Joseph Scalia, who had tallied the SBS Trashers lone marker in two games. The key was a quick and solid start to the night. The SBS Trashers stormed out of the gate building a 3-0 lead after only one period. Both sides then traded a pair of second period tallies right before the Trashers took the final frame with a shorthanded marker and a power play goal.The win came without their captain E.Panzera, who stood behind the bench making key coaching decisions .R.Pampena earned the win in net facing just over 20 shots.

(7)Raging Rhinos vs Werewolves(5)

Rhinos erupt with four third period goals to roll past Werewolves

After trailing 4-3 heading into the third period, the Raging Rhinos offence came to life striking four times in less than five minutes. The Werewolves had no idea what hit them and were stunned with the fact of trailing by three goals out of nowhere. The Raging Rhinos came out with sheer determination and never let go of the gas pedal before calming things down by the six minute mark. Y.Leroux cut the lead by two for the Werewolves with his fourth point of the night after giving a perfect pass to C.Siconolfi. It's a frustrating loss for a team that normally doesn't collapse in that kind of fashion. For now, they'll just look at it as an early regular season defeat with still plenty of hockey left over.

(7)Chiefs vs Ottarks(9)

Ottarks pull away despite bad third period

At no point the Ottarks were itching to take a breather. Up until they notched their seventh goal, this contest was totally one sided. The Chiefs were completely outmatched trailing 7-2 with still a period of potential misery. However, things didn't end so badly in the end with the Chiefs doing most of their damage by the third period. Led by their captain, E.Gabrielli scored once in every frame for the Ottarks to lead all teammates in the goal scoring department with a hat trick. F.Remon and D.Guarnieri may have met each other for the first time and looked like two players playing together for their entire career combining for twelve points. As for the Chiefs, P.Santullo continues to roll as the captain buried three goals as part of a five point night.

(6)Bramabulls vs United Arms(2)

United Arms hang in there for two periods before sliding in third

Although this came as a loss, the United Arms did considerably well after last week's performance. Tonight, they brought the Bramabulls to almost the very end of the game before anything was settled. Both sides battled to a 2-2 draw after two periods leaving only fifteen minutes to decide the outcome. M.Maggiore didn't wait too long to break the tie posting an early third period goal. Still, the United Arms didn't go down that easy keeping the game very close up until the mid way point of the frame where the Bramabulls struck twice in only 35 seconds. M.Diaco was then able to put all doubts to rest for his club by bagging the games last two markers. A.Keuhnelian and Y.Ohanessian were the only two players to get the better of C.Muccino, who faced 20 shots to earn the win between the pipes.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Enzo Gabrielli of the Ottarks. The captain was really on top of his game collecting six points that included a hat trick vs the Chiefs.

Monday October 9

(2)Carnage vs Mohicans(12)

Depleted Carnage blown out by Mohicans

There wasn't much that can be said about this game except for the obvious. Carnage had only one sub against an army of youth and paid a heavy price in the end. The Mohicans were all about business getting every player involved in one way or another. The match was pretty much over after one period with the Mohicans up 6-2. X.Aubin, K.Gobat, F.Labrecque and their captain A.Daher each scored twice. Carnage got their only two goals by J.Madonis and J.DeMarco as the only players to solve S.Lachapalle. It may be only two games in but the Mohicans are looking good and hoping for a promising season with a 2-0 record so far.

Season Divisions Winter 2017
Other News
Premier division playoffs

Monday May 8(Finals)

(3) Red Lite vs Black Knights(2) Game 2

J.Bradley slams door on Knights with two third period goals

The Black Knights were firmly in control of Monday night’s game and seemed to be heading to an even series with Red Lite. That was, until the last eight minutes of the hockey game. That’s when Red Lite down 2-1, got desperate and managed to score two goals both by the very same J.Bradley. The Black Knights were clearly ready to start the night with two first period goals by J.Mandracchia and S.Nowakowski. P-O Girouard was in his zone and was playing lights out up until a late second period power play marker by J.Provost-Blais got the Red Lite on board. Still, the Black Knights were in control and had one period left to go with their slight 2-1 margin. But when you play Red Lite, and lead by only one goal nothing is in the bank up until the final buzzer. In tonight’s case, the Black knights saw their series take a turn for the worse by letting those two goals go in. Like old cliché’s they’ll have to take it a game at a time to try and bounce back. As for Red Lite, next week will be business as usual as they’ll try and put an end to the series.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jeffrey Bradley of Red Lite. In time of need, the forward struck twice in the third period turning a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 lead.

Red Lite A Division Champions

Monday May 15(Finals)

(2)Black Knights vs Red Lite(4) Game 3

Red Lite crowned again as best team in hockey

After only three games in, Red Lite defeated the Black Knights 4-2, to complete a three game sweep and win the Premier division once more. Despite a respectable effort, the Black Knights got deflated in the third period where Red Lite capitalized twice less than a minute apart. J.Provost-Blais snapped the dreaded 2-2 tie for his second with the man advantage, and M.David put the final dagger only moment s later, also for his second that surely provided enough of a lead with eight minutes remaining. Every game was close in this series but the Black knights couldn’t get that timely goal to get any sort of advantage. The saying of good teams always find a way to win surely summed up this series. Red Lite, whether they trail or play with a tie will more often than not find a way to get the job done. Once again, the ball hockey giants proved to everyone how good they really are by winning the Premier division. On behalf of, congratulations goes out to Carl Ghilarducci and the rest of Red Lite for capturing the A division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joel Provost-Blais. The forward scored back to back goals that snapped a third period tie along with providing an assist to finish with a solid three point night.

Note that both Red Lite and the Black Knights will be representing Quebec at this years Nationals. Red Lite will be classified as QB1 and the Black Knights will be QB2.The event will take place from August 7 - 13 at Saint John New Brunswick. 

2017 Nationals

2017 Men’s A, Women’s A and Master’s National Championships – INVITATIONAL

The 2017 Men’s & Women’s National ‘A’ and Men’s and Women’s Masters National Championships will be hosted by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the New Brunswick Ball Hockey Association (NBBHA) in St. John, NB.

The Men’s and Women’s ‘A’ event will take place from August 7-13, 2017.
The Men’s Masters event will take place August 9-13, 2017. 

Please note that the 2017 tournament will be starting early on the 7th for both the Men’s and Women’s A Nationals and early on the 9th for the Men’s Masters. 

Lord Beaverbrook Rink (536 Main Street Saint John, NB E2K 1A1)
and Harbour Station (99 Station Street, Saint John, NB E2L 4X4)

August 6, 2017 8:00 pm - Hampton Inn



Team Slovakia Wins Gold Medal at WC 5vs5 in Pardubice,Cz Republic--

Team Slovakia Wins Gold Medal at WC 5vs5 in Pardubice,Cz Republic-- Three-peat: Slovaks win wild, back-and-forth final.Canada wins silver

Patrik Svitana’s power-play goal with 1:55 left in regulation time broke a 4-4 tie, as the Slovaks won a gold-medal game in which they blew a three-goal lead, then had to come from behind themselves. Michal Hrivnak of Slovakia and Danick Martel of Canada each had two goals and one assist in the game, which Slovakia won 6-4 to “three-peat” as Men’s Ball Hockey World Champions.


Svitana’s goal was the first in a tension-filled third period, but the way the game started, it didn’t seem like the third period would be meaningful at all.

Slovakia struck twice before the game was a minute old, and made it 3-0 by the 7:22 mark. Jaroslav Martiniuk got things started just 19 seconds in, charging through the middle and surprising Tim Barlow with a low shot to the blocker side. Then they went right back to the attack and the Canadians couldn’t clear the zone after Lukas Madera fired a shot off the goalpost, with Hrivnak eventually sliding the puck into the net with Barlow down and out. The third goal was on a slapper by Boris Oravec on the power play, and it looked like the game would become a blowout, with the many Slovaks in attendance going crazy.

Just 34 seconds after Oravec’s goal, Remi Laurencelle got the Canadians on the board, beating Petrik five-hole from the left-wing side. Then they went to the power play shortly afterward and it took them just 14 seconds to strike, with Martel firing a blast over tournament MVP Stanislav Petrik’s shoulder.

Barlow and Petrik, who both posted shutouts in their teams’ semi-final wins, had now combined for five goals against in less than nine minutes.

The game settled down for a time after the wild start, but a pair of Slovak penalties late in the second period opened the door for the Canadians to strike twice and take their first lead of the game. On a 5-on-3, Martel’s second of the game tied it, a one-timer set up perfectly by Victor Azevedo. Then 51 seconds later they scored up one man after some nice tic-tac-toe passing finished off by Marcus Power, which thrilled the few Canadian fans in attendance and left the Slovak majority in stunned silence.

They would have something to cheer about before the period was finished, though. With 1:10 left in the middle frame, some pretty passing led to Milan Rampacek firing a ball into the open side, with Barlow having no chance.

Slovakia went hard for the win in the third period, getting several great chances, but after a shaky start, Barlow was now playing great. However, back on their heels, the Canadians took three penalties in a row trying to contain the Slovak push. They had a two-man advantage for a time, and while still up one man, the ball was worked to Svitana at the point, who’s one-time blast went through everybody, and sent the arena into bedlam.

After an empty-net goal from Hrivnak, the Slovak fans, whose emotions had been toyed with all night long, could finally let loose and start celebrating. After the final horn, they serenaded their now three-time ball hockey champions with the chant: “Zlaty hattrick.”


Ian Moores (head coach of Canada): I think we had a great tournament. I’ve got a lot of respect for my players, the coaching staff and the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. We represented the country proudly and well. It’s disappointing to come fall short here today, we were tied coming into the third period, it could have gone either way. Overall I think we had a good tournament but going home without the trophy certainly sucks. I think the host committee did an amazing job here. The host city was great, the Czech Republic overall is a great country. They treated us with hospitality.

Jozef Ďuriš (headcoach Slovakia): We came into final with that, we want win it. We had great beginning, we caught Canada in first minutes off-guard, after them, we took the lead 3:0. But whole match was before us. That was confirmed, Canada turned around toi 4:3. But with enourmous will, enthusiasm and patience we turned the game in the end and gain the third title in the row.