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Premier division playoffs

Monday April 10(A Semi finals)

(4)Red Lite vs HBHA(3) Game 2 triple overtime

K.Kuczmarski’s tips winner, Red Lite outlasts HBHA

K.Kuczmarski’s goal, his second of the night, ended the marathon after nearly six whole periods of hockey. Kuczmarski received a perfect pass-from J.Daoust having to only re-direct it over J.Vrettis’s shoulder and under the crossbar. The HBHA found themselves in almost a similar situation like in game one by trailing against a side with barley two lines. However, they did manage to overcome a 2-0 deficit by turning it into a 3-2 lead by the early stages of the third period. The action kept going back in forth with the HBHA hoping to survive enough minutes to avoid a Red Lite equalizer. Unfortunately, the clock ended up being their worst enemy as J.Provost-Blais struck just in time to level the game and send it in overtime. That was J.Provost-Blais’s second of the contest. Neither side were able to get it done for well over two sudden death periods despite the HBHA having the extra bodies and legs favoring them. But when it’s against Red Lite, any team knows not to take things for granted. L.Augustin-Registe was vital in the series collecting both wins in net. The net minder played just enough games to qualify and made a huge impact which may question who they will start in their final round.

(2)Team Haiti vs Black Knights(3) O.T

A.Mezzagno sweet breakaway OT goal punches ticket to final for Knights

It didn’t matter that Team Haiti completely dominated the second half of the game with plenty of pressure and scoring chances. The Haitian side battled back and overcame a 2-0 hole with goals by Reginald Morne and C.Plaisir to put the Black Knights on their heels. P-O Girouard limited the damage by allowing only one third period tally that came on the power play. In hopes of riding their momentum, Team Haiti couldn’t afford to make any mistakes knowing that the next goal would surely decide their season. But hockey is a game of mistakes along with many other variables that can tilt an outcome in any direction. In tonight’s case, A.Mezzagano seized the moment after finding himself on a breakaway that ended the series on a sweet move that found the ball trickle through the legs of the net minder. The Black Knights didn’t play with enough consistency throughout this series but that can also be attributed to Team Haiti putting up a real challenge against an established hockey team. J.Velenosi and S.Sacco got the Black Knights off to a good start with first period goals before the game started to tilt in the other direction.

With both series ending in two games, the final is set up between two very familiar adversaries. The Black Knights will need to be better if they plan to defeat Red Lite in the final. That being said, Red Lite know that it won’t be easy if they don’t have the man power. For now, they got by the HBHA with barely two lines and unless they get the extra bodies, things will only be difficult for the legendary side.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to P-O Girouard of the Black Knights. If not for his timely saves, the Black Knights would have been stuck playing with fire in a third and deciding game.