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C Division

Tuesday April 11

(3)Capitals vs Bramabulls(2)

Bramabulls playoff hopes came to a halt after bad finish

Facing a must-win situation, the Bramabulls saw their playoff hope vanish at a terrible time during the match. A.Mirolla put the Bramabulls in the driver’s seat with an early third period goal, at least temporarily before one mistake led to another. The Capitals then responded with a power play marker by E.Lemieux and a go ahead goal-from C.Valois that occurred only four minutes apart. Although they still had time to bounce back, the Bramabulls started to lose sight at the end of the tunnel knowing the end was near. C.Mathieu battled every ball his way and made sure to allow nothing to help capture his clubs seventh win in only ten games. The loss means that the Bramabulls will be looking from the sidelines with the season coming to a close while the Capitals will hope to extend their momentum into the post season with only two loses all year.

(3)Legacy vs Smooth Sailors(5)

Sailors get goals-from five different players to topple Legacy 5-3

Legacy may have sighed some relief knowing that they clinched a playoff spot with the loss of the Bramabulls, but if they want to be effective moving forward, this result simply won’t help them. The Smooth Sailors, despite giving up the first goal of the game rebounded igniting three straight right before the end of the opening frame. The match went through a scoring drought in the second period which forced Legacy to change things around in the third. Whatever was said between the two frames ended up working for Legacy as they woke up-from the dead posting two straight tallies to even the score. But with the next goal being so crucial, J.Palmitano came to rescue his club once more by providing the winner with only five minutes left in the game. The power forward had a three point night and will be a vital piece to his club if they plan on making noise in the playoffs.

(3)Communists vs Bramabulls(1)

Communists finish season strong with 3-1 win over Bulls

The Communists did just enough to defeat a team that didn’t have much motivation. For them, it was all about keeping good habits going and being ready for the most important time of the year. With goals in every period, the Communists limited the Bramabulls to only one tally that came as the first goal of the contest. C.Stavriadis was able to put it behind him and watch his club slowly take control as the game went on. J.Adamou, P.Provost-Jarry and C-A Mayrand each scored in the win that helped secure a first place tie with the Capitals. However, it will be the Communists that get the top seed due to the head to head tie breaker. The Communists defeated the Capitals 6-2 and tied them 1-1 to get the edge.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joey Palmitano of the Smooth Sailors. With the game on the line, the sharp shooter snapped a late 3-3 tie as part of a three point performance.

Four teams will now clash in a best of three semi final round. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Communists vs Legacy(4) Legacy will need to get their act together if they plan on taking out the first place Communists. And while it’s easier said than done, a game plan will need to revolve around Joel Provost-Blais and their captain J.Adamou in order to have a chance

(2)Capitals vs Smooth Sailors(3)Both teams traded 6-2 results during the regular season. This match up will come down to all the little details necessary in a hockey game as both clubs are evenly matched.