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C Thursday Playoffs

Thursday April 13(Semi Finals)

(5)River Rats vs Legacy (8) Game 1

Late surge leads Legacy in high scoring affair

S.Robineault scored a highlight reel marker to cap a thrilling three-goal Legacy explosion Thursday night. The speedy forward was able to take off from the neutral zone and blast a slap shot while in motion to beat the River Rats net minder. Legacy ultimately won this contest in a short span of only three minutes. E.Lemieux had a two goal night that included a bullet-from the blue line. It wasn’t the goaltenders best performances but M.Dagenais was just good enough to capture a big win for Legacy. Both sides knew- from the early stages of the game that this contest was going to have its fair share of goals. The River Rats opened the first period up 4-3 that included one of two tallies by M.Dettorre, who used his explosive speed to find himself on a breakaway and beat Dagenais. Despite playing with only two lines, the River Rats still managed to score and generate chances but couldn’t address limiting the amount of goals that they gave up for a playoff game.

(4)Legacy vs River Rats(1) Game 2

Late surge leads Legacy in low scoring affair

M.Dagenais picked a good time to shine for Legacy. Surely enough the net minder wasn’t too pleased with his opening performance in game one but that all got erased by limiting the River Rats to only one goal in game two. For a second straight game, the third period came to hurt the River Rats once more, who may just have ran out of gas. Legacy played it smart by pressuring their opponents while patiently waiting for the opportunities to arise. Once the third period hit, the seed was planted for Legacy when J.Rochon snapped a 1-1 tie. Then, in the span of two minutes, S.Sacco extended the lead which surely suggested this series was over despite half a period remaining. Legacy wasn’t going to let a two goal lead slip away by rolling their three lines while getting the expected goaltending-from M.Dagenais. The River Rats did all they could considering the circumstances. For now, it just wasn’t their time as Legacy showed how determined and prepared they were for this series.

(4)Icons vs Northstars(2) Game 1

N.Pitsikoulis primed for the big games

There was little separating both clubs in the opener of this series. There were high end scoring chances, solid defensive plays and big saves form-both net minders. However, it took one particular player to put in that extra making the whole difference. N.Pitsikoulis seems to thrive every time the game is on the line. Like he’s done on a few occasions in the past, the Icons forward proved to be the difference maker by providing two straight goals. The Icons led 3-1 at that point which was just enough to escape with the win. A.Bitsakis was also vital pushing 25 of 27 shots.

(0)Northstars vs Icons(5) Game 2

M.Arkalis leads way with 2 goals, Icons punch ticket to final

When factoring that the Icons roll three lines and that the Northstars had two players playing for a third straight game due to the other division in progress, this result was already written on the wall. That being said, it did take up until the second period for the flood gates to open. The Icons put the series away by bagging four goals in that frame alone .M.Arkalis took the torch by riffling two quick goals for considerable 3-0 lead. The Northstars tried to battle back but felt that there wasn’t much they could have done. There mere 16 shots just wasn’t going to cut it as C.Stavriadis stood tall to earn the shutout.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nick Pitsikoulis of the Icons. His two goals in game one helped set the tone in the series for the Icons who now have a chance to take on Legacy for the C Thursday championship.

The final between the Icons and Legacy will be more than just a match. For many players involved in this final, it will be one that makes them turn off their phone, dim the lights and zone in alone. Both sides won’t be able to accept what the other will say when it’s said and done. The Icons want nothing more than to prove that they are the real deal as the best team of their caliber. But for Legacy, that claim simply won’t be acceptable. Both sides will need to convince the other that the end result will be decided on the court by exploiting each other’s weaknesses and working to their strengths. The Icons will rely on youth and possibly their best trio right now in C.Gingras, C.Stamadianos and N.Gilbert. As for Legacy, it’s not complicated. The veteran side has loads of experience, chemistry and the amount of bodies to match the opposition. If Vegas were to evaluate this series, it would be the equivalent of flipping a coin.