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E Thursday playoffs

Thursday April 13(Semi Finals)


 (3) Underdogs vs French Connection (2) Game 2                                                                                               Fadel Nassers two goal performance creates opportunity for Game 3

 With an entire week on their side the Underdogs took advantage to regroup and put together a successful game plan against a team that can score at will. As the game went on it seemed that the Underdogs were not taking advantages of their chances until the third period arrived. F. Nasser made it a point to score two late goals with less than five minutes to play to force a game three. With momentum on their side the Underdogs should continue to roll.

 (1) Underdogs vs French Connection (2) Game 3                                                                                                   Do or die as both clubs put everything on the line to make it to the finals

 With only one period remaining to decide the faith of their season and pick a club that would move on to the finals, both clubs put everything on the line. The French Connection made sure to take advantage early in the game by scoring to goals in less than a minute and a half. J. Farrese and J.F Leclerc were credited with the goals for their side. By the time the Underdogs got on the board it was to late for them to gain any momentum and scored an additional goal to tie the game.

 (3) Werewolves vs Deadlast (4) Game 2                                                                                               Captain C. Zafiropoulos lead by example notching a natural hat trick by the end of the second period

 C.Zafiropoulos has always been an experienced leader who always organizes and makes sure his team is rolling on all cylinders. Fortunately for him he did a bit more tonight scoring three of his clubs four goals to ensure his clubs ticket in the finals. The Werewolves made one last push early in the third period with the help of A. Zarzour and J. Guerriero who cut the lead to one, but J. Sanoudakis decided that it was time to shut the door and ensure the big win for his club by making huge saves until the final buzzer.

 (3) Bramabulls vs P.E.Y.O. (4) Game 2                                                                                               Late push by P.E.Y.O. ensures their ticket to the final

 From the beginning of the game the Bramabulls knew what was at stake as they built themselves a comfortable two goal lead entering the third period. As the third started it seemed that the Bramabulls took their foot off the pedal as P.E.Y.O. fought back into it to take the lead with three unanswered goals. P.E.Y.O. used four different players to complete the scoring as C. Gringras and B. Deslaurier did most the damage each collecting two points.

 (2) Street Ballers vs UHC (7) Game 2                                                                                                 UHC too much to handle for Street Ballers as they have an easy night

 From the start of the game it was obvious that UHC had shown up for one purpose only and that was to win at any cost. Several different players contributed to the win for UHC as R. Ranno and T. Beck each scored a pair of goals to help propel their club to a comfortable lead. The Street Ballers did put a good fight notching two of their own goals but the opponents were to strong offensively to contain.

As each E division enters the final round. The match ups are as follows:

 (1) Deadlast vs P.E.Y.O. (3) As two very experienced clubs go head to head in a best of three series either side can prevail, both sides are evenly matched as each team contains the talent, leadership, and willingness to win the championship.

 (1) UHC vs French Connection (2) The story of two strong offensive teams will be played out in this series. The main question will be who can contain the other defensively and reduce the amount of goals they can score. Both goaltenders will need to be at their best as any goal might be the game winning one.

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of Deadlast. The captain was only able to lead and efficiently manage his club to make sure they make it to the finals but he also scored three out of his clubs four goals to ensure the following.