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4 vs 4 Monday

Monday April 17

Les Yables ready for the real deal

Les Yables produced dominant performances in both their wins over the Jokers on Monday night. The first match saw balance scoring that included three goals in the second period but the second match was outdone by D.Marcotte , who ignited five markers for a 8-1 victory. The Jokers struggled to get any sort of scoring done except for one time. J.Blouin struck early in the second contest only to see that momentum fade away by the end of the frame .M-A Gervais had a multi goal night and J-F Simard remains in fine form allowing only one goal. Every game, Les Yables seem to have every player step it up as their resilience to battle hard makes them incredibly hard to beat. The Jokers found this out first hand and will need to figure out ways to adjust knowing that the playoffs are just around the corner.

(4)Les Yables vs Jokers(0)

(1)Jokers vs Les Yables(8)

Close for one but outdone in the other

If Carnage can keep their games close against a team like Venom than anything can be possible in a playoff round. But with the second contest ending in a landslide, does Carnage have what it takes to endure a best of three series against some of the powerhouses in front of them .The first match was close due to B.Madonis standing on his head. Venom only scored twice with efforts by P.Scotti and M.Dalpe. However, despite the low 2-1 score, Carnage only got on board when it was too late. A.Kalaydjian spoiled R.Ranieri’s shutout with only one minute remaining. The second encounter was where Venom showed their true colors. With four goals in both periods, the offensive machine woke up. E.Girouard, P.Scotti and M.Dalpe all scored twice while R.Ranieri was steady giving up only two goals on 22 shots. The scary part in all this was that Venom took the game easy without two very key snipers. B.Deslauriers and J.Courteau took the night off as both players will be focusing on a bigger task ahead of them.

(1)Carnage vs Venom(2)

(8)Venom vs Carnage(2)

P-A Surprenant at it again, 1 Timer wins and settle for draw to end season

In hockey, if you have someone who can score at will while playing smart defensively, than anything is possible. The 1 Timer are very glad that they have P-A Surprenant to their line up as the power forward seems never to disappoint. In tonight’s case, the solid number 7 netted three out of the four goals en route to a 4-1 win. The 23rd Hour knew that they were missing out to enter the playoffs but responded in a positive manner to end their season. Led by their captain, P.Salvo played it out till the very end providing his clubs first two goals. That lead held up for a very long time, up until the last 90 seconds when who other than P-A Surprenant came through to spoil the parade .Both sides tried to get it done in the shootout but the net minders stood tall denying two of three attempts. T.Daigneault scored on breakaways for the 1 Timer while C-P Sleedge got the better of F.Koch.

(4)1 Timer vs 23rd Hour(1)

(3)23rd Hour vs 1 Timer(3) S.O

Strong finish for Team X

Team X closed out the regular season on the right foot and who other than against a team that’s suffered only one loss all year. The Punishers may argue the fact that two key pieces were missing but Team X were in a similar situation without a few bodies as well. The game was meaningless for both sides in regards to the standings but Team X wanted to carry some good habits with the playoffs looming around the corner. If not for a late goal by M.Baccari, Team X could have walked away with six clean points. Instead, the veteran side took the opening game in a shootout while shutting out the second contest by a 3-0 score. A.Zarzour was the only multi goal scorer netting back to back tallies in the second encounter. The shootout win came thanks to a pair of successful breakaways by J.Pantelis and S.Sicuso and of course by the net minder P.Assadi, who had a very good night.

(4)Team X vs Punishers(3) S.O

(0)Punishers vs Team X(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Marcotte of Les Yables. Marcotte led all players scoring five goals and an assist in two games for Les Yables.

With the top seven out of eight teams advancing, the Punishers made the regular season count as they’ll skip the first round and get an automatic pass to the semi-finals. The first round matches are as follows:

(2)Venom vs Jokers(7) The Jokers will have their hands full is an understatement. K.Langlois will feel like the target in a firing ranch and unless he gets the proper support from all four players in front of him, then their season will end early.

(3)Les Yables vs Carnage(6) Les Yables are younger quicker and can score. Carnage will need to tighten up and play very boring hockey while hoping to get their chances on timely plays. They do have a sniper in Marco Pace but is that enough to sustain the endless pressure that Les Yables will put forth.

(4)Team X vs 1 Timer(5) Two teams very familiar with one another will battle it out. The 1 Timer will use their speed and look for P-A Surprenant in his office to do most of the damage. It’s up to Team X to continue and play a solid man on man coverage and wait for their opportunities to arise.