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Le Rinque crowned provincial winners

Saturday September 25

Le Rinque crowned provincial champions

(6)Le Rinque vs dek Boucherville(4) (Final)

The stage was finally set for some of ball hockey’s finest talent to compete at its highest level in what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon . After Le Rinque edged out the Dek Lanaudiere by a slight 3-2 margin in the semi final round, Dek Boucherville was left standing in the way for the ultimate feat. Prior to the regular season and their playoff run, Le Rinque entered as the heavy favourites, and instead of folding under the weight of their own greatness, Le Rinque did exactly what was expected of them: They won the Dek Elite division. The players hailed the atmosphere in the establishment giving them that little extra adrenaline during the warm up that helped get them into the game. Once the ball dropped, Le Rinque managed to swat aside their opponent, their bugbear throughout the regular season but not in the final where Le Rinque were dominant for most of the match. Le Rinque’s depth and class proved to be too much in the end. Though Dek Boucherville made things difficult, Le Rinque were able to play around the Dek Boucherville controlling most of the play which resulted in a glorious finish. Many different players took turns finding the back of the net, an attribute that didn’t involve relying on any particular players, but that of an overall solid performance. Le Rinque have always been extremely good for a few years now reaching plenty of finish lines making tonight’s contest just another day at the office for Dahn Nguyen and his players.  In the end, the better team turned it up like a silver bullet proving once more that they are the real deal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Dahn Ngyuen of Le Rinque for capturing the Dek Elite championship, and to Jocelyn Decarie of the Dek Boucherville, who took charge running a highly skilled team.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Karl Leveille of Le Rinque. Leveille was a force throughout the season, and especially when it mattered the most during the big game.

With this victory, Le Rinque will be the top seed representing Quebec at the 2022 Nationals held in Hamilton Ontario. The CBHA and TC were present to select players for camp in October for next years(2022) World Championships held in Laval.