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Draft League Sunday

Sunday January 23(Quarter finals)

 Team Purple race out to incredible start, Zafiropoulos tandem cause fits for Team Blue’s defense

 (8)Team Purple vs Team Blue(5)

 It was a start to the game that Team Purple demonstrated how much more they wanted this compared to Team Blue. Despite getting the memo on trying to contain the Zafiropoulos tandem, Team Blue looked disinterested on trying to contain the two snipers. C.Zafiropoulos had already collected a hat trick by the nineteen minute mark, and went on to add his fourth later on while A.Zafiropoulos notched two consecutive goals in a very short span. It was an impressive start to the game no matter how you look at it. Building a 6-0 lead in a must win situation says a lot about a team that was primed and ready to play. However, it should never have gotten to a such a wide margin if you are Team Blue. Whatever the reasons, this was simply a poor start that lasted way to long despite plenty of time left over. Overcoming a 6-0 deficit crushes any hopes of crawling back into the game. Even though they did try to battle back by posting five goals, the damage had already been done.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of Team Purple. Look to leadership for good results. C.Zafiropoulos led in many ways by inspiring a strong message before the game started, and backed it up by bagging four big goals.

Team Brown stubble early, Team Pink use strong start to advance

 (5)Team Pink vs Team Brown(3)

While its often how you finish that counts, the same couldn’t be said in this context. Team Brown saw their playoff run come to an end because of their poor start to the game. They gave up four goals in the first twelve minutes alone, and couldn’t quite catch up by the time it was said and done, despite playing much better afterwards. Team Pink built a cushion that they were able to fall back on when Team Brown rallied to try and catch up. Goals came by committee with efforts-from five different players. It was Peter Stroubakis’s tally by the twelve minute mark that held up in the end. After facing 25 shots, G.Kanaras was also influential in the win making a bunch of keys saves. Team Pink couldn’t have asked for a better outing on Sunday night. The way they managed it-from the beginning proved that they are a worthy playoff team that deserves to advance.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to G.Kanaras of Team Pink. Look for your goaltender to deliver in the big moments. There was no question G.Kanaras was a big reason why Team Pink are advancing. The net minder was focused, steady and ready to play allowing only three goals.

Team Red take back and forth thriller vs Team Black

 (6)Team Black vs Team Red(7)

 It was one of those games that both sides had no idea where it was headed. Goals kept pouring in, leads kept changing and penalties kept occurring. It almost came down to who would shoot last would prevail. With the contest deadlocked 7-7, J.Testa benefited-from a golden opportunity when awarded a penalty shot. The forward made sure to bury his chance, scoring his second of the game to put Team Red back in front. Still, five minutes was left over in a game that time didn’t really mean much. The problem was that Team Black started to feel the pressure as their season was winding down. And despite putting it all on the line by trying to even the score, S.Catalano stood tall denying every attempt his way. Not even C.Stamadianos could have figured him out by that point after accumulating four tallies prior. At the end of the day, it was one of those games that needed every single moment in order to decide a winner. For Team Red , they were just glad it was them on top after a very crazy finish.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Luca Porfido of Team Red. His three timely goals came a long way in what was a tightly knitted high scoring affair.

Front runners Team White yet to take a night off

 (9)Team White vs Team Green(3)

If there was any doubt as to who the team to beat in the division, Team White put that to bed on Sunday night. Fuelled by impressive performances by N.Macri, R.Tanous, S.Fraga in which all three scored two goals each, G.Villeneuve is perhaps the bigger story. The net minder is simply that good, and unless you beat him on a precise shot he will likely deny you. Team Green saw it first hand as they only solved him three times with M.Destounis collecting two of the three goals. If the goaltending was average, this contest was going to be much closer, but likely favouring Team White due to their overall balance. At no point was this game ever close with Team White making the score 4-1 after only twelve minutes. Not only did Team White win a hockey game, but they made it look easy. Confidence is definitely brimming for a team that will expect nothing less than to go all the way.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the games goes to N.Macri of Team White. The win came due to many reasons, but N.Macri did do his part right away scoring twice while setting up a teammate for an immediate 4-1 lead.

This concludes the quarter final round which leaves only four teams in the Sunday night Draft league. The semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Team White vs Team Red(6) Team Red have to approach this challenge by keeping the game very low scoring. You almost cant get away by trying to beat G.Villeneuve many times. As much as it may take a boring game plan, its likely the only way that they’ll have a chance at causing an upset.

(2)Team Purple vs Team Pink(4) The threats seem to be coming-from the same places over and over if you are Team Purple. If Team Pink are able to contain some fire power than look out if your are Team Purple. This will be a classic match up between a side that relies on everyone to produce if your are Team Pink while Team Purple will keep looking for the Zafiropoulos tandem to continue scoring.