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4vs4 Monday

Monday January 30

 Gingras, Karvouriaris put on a show against Assadi Consulting Inc

 C.Gingras and P.Karvouriaris combined for 23 points on Monday night, basically controlling both games for a pair of easy wins. What makes them scary is that they cant even be contained if you pay close attention to them. You almost have to be a mind reader in order to anticipate a play coming through in order to try and intercept it or just cut it off. If they come down on a 2 on 1 , the damage is done. If they play with a man right in front of them, they’ll create the avenues that will find each other almost every time that usually generates a high end scoring chance. The Assadi Consulting knew this going in, and didn’t have the answers, at least not on this night. No doubt the two players are great hockey minds. They are incredibly strong on the ball, and they are moving at full speed. There is almost nothing you can do when they are coming toward you expect to collapse down low, and hope they miss the net or have the net minder make a big save. Its just to say that it will take a near perfect defensive game in order to slow them down. Tonight, the Assadi Consulting inc were out of sync for a second straight week. Payam Assadi will need to take the bull by the horns if he expects his club to compete with the big boys.

 (8)Classics vs Assadi Consulting inc(1)

 (6)Classics vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

 Branditscan hitting their stride on a pair of nice wins over the United Arms

 It looks like the Branditscan are starting to find their mojo. The club finally picked up a pair of wins after a slow start to their season. Many of them stepped into their roles and it showed-from the get go in the opener when D.Seguin and J.Molloy scored barely six minutes into the game. After grabbing a 2-1 lead heading into the final frame, the Branditscan took nothing for granted making sure to play a full out game in which they did adding four more tallies. D.Seguin added his second, and N.Francis quarterbacked the back end making a ton of plays that helped create the offense. The captain set up three goals along with D.Seguin, who had a very productive five point game. When coming off a strong win you want to keep  good habits going, especially knowing that your opponent will put a lot more into it. Although the United Arms looked more engaged, they still found themselves playing-from behind early in the second period. D.Seguin had scored a beautiful shorthanded goal to take the lead, and buried his second shortly after S.Balouzian got the United Arms on board. Up only 2-1, the Branditscan didn’t give the United Arms much race track as they kept playing a sound defensive game. They did get a golden opportunity on the power play as the game was winding down. With a chance to put it away, N.Francis made sure to seal the deal on a one timer that was fed-from D.Seguin, who accumulated three more points to solidify a second straight win for the Branditscan.

(6)Branditscan vs United Arms(3)

 (3)Branditscan vs United Arms(1)

 RCGT Knights respond with character win after being humiliated in opener to Snipers

 The RCGT Knights were keen on delivering a response. After suffering a humiliating defeat to the Snipers in the first encounter, the second game saw a completely different RCGT Knights hockey team. They showed their character right away, and gave it their best the whole way through by holding the rope. J.Morina was the mastermind behind a furious start as the quarterback helped set up three quick goals that saw M.Guarnieri benefit twice. It looked very clear that the RCGT Knights weren’t plan on giving an inch. Apart-from F.Nasser scoring fairly late, the rest was a near perfect display for a side that just came off a lopsided affair. The Snipers proved that they are a force to be reckoned with when playing at the top of their game. The evidence was in full display as they handed the RCGT Knights a 5-0 thumping that saw Ahmed Saleh notch a pair while M.St-Laurent was there to deny a lethal offense to record a shutout. Unable to carry their good habits, the Snipers felt the rude awakening when the second game was said and done. Sometimes that will happen to a club when coming off a easy win. Teams tend to get complacent, and end up paying the price.

 (5)Snipers vs RCGT Knights(0)

 (1)Snipers vs RCGT Knights(7)

 Degenerates somehow force shootout after a thumping loss to Brodie Boys

 It wasn’t even close. For the entire portion of the first game, it looked like a very good hockey team going up against a side that put on ball hockey gear for the first time. The Brodie Boys used speed to their advantage, and the Degenerates were stuck looking like spectators as the goals kept going in. Its not the easiest thing to adjust after a seven goal mercy with barely any time to wonder what went wrong. That being said, there is way to much experience to sit back on and dwell at what just took place. The Degenerates got some help with the addition of M.Pinheiro which stabilised two lines. Still, the task was a tall one, but some responsible defense along with timing your offensive bursts can come a long way. The Degenerates managed to hang in there in the second game which turned into a barn burner. With neither side getting it done in regulation, the Brodie Boys got the slight edge in the shootout thanks to a pair of beauties by L.Velenosi and A.Pietracupa. On a few occasions, the Brodie Boys missed out on closing the deal in regulation time. They always led, but couldn’t quite put it away. M.Pinheiro was a huge asset for the Degenerates as the forward collected his clubs last four points that included a big set up play for C.Stamadianos to even the score late.

(1)Degenerates vs Brodie Boys(8)

 (6)Degenerates vs Brodie Boys(7) S.O

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Seguin of the Branditscan. There was no question that the Branditscan got back to their winning ways thanks to their skilled forward. Seguin had a monster night collecting a total of eight points.