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E Thursday division

Thursday February 2

Third period explosion lifts Van Doos Hc past Snipers

(2)Snipers vs Van Doos Hc(6)

A two minute stretch early in the third period was what it took to separate the Van Doos Hc-from the Snipers. That little sequence saw a 3-1 lead morph into a 6-1 lead almost instantaneously. The outburst involved J.Liakakos, V.Singh and J.Tzanetakos taking turns finding the back of the net. It seems at times that anybody can make big plays for a team that doesn’t have many faults. That makes it hard for an opponent to find ways to slow you down. The Snipers hung in there for a very long time until that surge which left them to far behind for a miracle comeback. It’s a tough spot to play-from when a team builds that kind of momentum. Since its only a regular season game, there wont be much to dwell on if you are the Snipers. Sure, they would have loved nothing more than to defeat this very familiar particular opponent.

Horsemen turn the page after ugly start to regular season

(3)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(6)

The Horsemen may not have much to show for so far this season. They played only twice, but the results are below average at best. However, that changed for the better on Thursday night when they took on the Fatal Demons. Surely, it helps when you finally floor a complete roster by three rolling lines. The Horsemen used their artillery to their advantage, and made sure to apply some good pressure as soon as the ball dropped. The game plan was simple. Be first on the ball, and make sure to cover your man. Those two fundamental principles come a long way during an entire game. The Fatal Demons fell behind early, and were stuck trying to gain control of the situation. No matter how hard they tried to battle back, the Horsemen kept getting in the way, trapping the lanes while making sure the coverage was applied. And adding to that, M.Vinciguerra was sharp in net keeping the game honest. There was no doubt that this was a nice feel good win for a side searching for some confidence. All six goals came-from different players with J.Crivello credited the winner. By rolling three lines, the Horsemen got balanced contributions.

Brew Crew disappear after strong start, Armadillos show dominance in final stretch again

(4)Brew Crew vs Armadillos(5)

On Thursday night, the Brew Crew ran into a solid Armadillos hockey team. Despite a strong start, the Brew Crew dried up, and ultimately dropped the contest giving up three unanswered goals in the third period. In order to defeat the Armadillos, a full three period effort is required. Eventually, the Armadillos had no choice but to put it into gear. First, P.Legaots ignited a spark by bagging an early third period power play marker. Six minutes later, D.Andrade evened the score, and while this things appeared to be headed for overtime, J.Chiropoulos spoiled the moment for the Brew Crew by beating the clock by 15 seconds. There was no question the Brew Crew came out flat in the third period. They normally protect a two goal lead after two periods, but not this time as the Armadillos stormed back once more to earn a thrilling finish. This win is similar to their earlier contest versus the Snipers. Playing-from behind isn’t ideal, but its worked so far for the Armadillos. J.Kontitsis will take the win regardless. However, the captain would rather prefer playing ahead instead of having to come-from behind. For now, they’ll just take the points and adjust in the next games to come.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Vinciguerra of the Horsemen. After a very slow start to the season, the Horsemen put on a strong display on Thursday night to get in the win column. While many factors need to go your way, its safe to say that M.Vinciguerra had a major influence making enough key saves to earn the win.