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Draft League Sunday

Sunday March 12

F.Mastrocola sets the path for Kings on two quick tallies

(3)Predators vs Kings(6)

The Predators looked to be hanging in there with the Kings for a good solid twenty minutes. They trailed only  2-1  up until F.Mastrocola got that freedom and space to bury two consecutive goals in only forty second seconds to put the Kings up 4-1.This is one team that you don’t want to dig yourself too much into a deep hole. Spotting the Kings a three goal lead despite plenty of tie left over will take nearly a miracle if you plan on coming back. There is to much years of experience-from a side that knows how to close out hockey games. The Predators saw it first hand unable to get much done. V.Romero did find a way to create his own chances by bagging two of his clubs goals, but it wasn’t nearly enough. They just weren’t able to gather enough momentum no matter how they tried to battle back. For a very long stretch, the Kings went scoreless as they focused more on keeping the ball away-from their own net. Eventually, they closed it out on two late tallies by A.Carelli and A.Amicone.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Francesco Mastrocola of the Kings. Up only 2-1, the Kings put themselves in a comfortable position thanks to F.Mastrocola’s two quick tallies.

Panthers beat Wild in crazy high scoring game

(8)Panthers vs Wild(7)

You can say that both sides were very good at scoring goals, but not so much at defending. The poor goaltenders were stuck enduring a long night unable to know where this wacky back and forth contest was headed. Goals were going in at a rapid rate while leads kept getting traded in what was a see saw effect. The Wild were hoping that there seventh goal of the game to making it 7-6 with ten minutes left would be something to build on the rest of the way. Unfortunately, that was the point where they just hit a wall . Not only did they stop scoring, but ended conceding two straight markers to flip the script once more. It was J.Melo’s tie breaking marker with just over three minutes remaining that ultimately decided the outcome. It was one of those games that had to many turning points or none at all depending on how you look at it. It seemed that the team who would shoot the ball last would end up winning. Although he may have preferred a tighter game in front of him, M.Freda had a stronger second half allowing only two goals to help his side squeak out a tight one. Neither team had many big influencers except for a couple of players with the offense widely spread out. M.Kabassakalian was productive accumulating three goals game in the win while C.Arnoldo led the Wild with four points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Kabassakalian of the Panthers. Even though many contributed, M.Kabassakalian still had a major hand in this one providing three out of his clubs eight goals.

Blackhawks allow seven straight goals in thumping loss to Sabres

(4)Blackhawks vs Sabres(8)

In the first twenty minutes, the Blackhawks and the Sabres looked like they were going to push the distance in order to figure out a winner. And while the Sabres continued to play to their liking, the same couldn’t be said for the opposition. The Blackhawks all of a sudden looked like a team playing sloppy defense while caught on their heels the rest of the way. They gave up seven straight goals before finally scoring twice at a stage of the game that didn’t matter anymore. In nearly every single goal, C.Zafiropoulos had his hand in on it. Teams have yet to figure him out as he once gain cashed in four times while setting up three teammates. For sure he will tell you that it takes a good supporting cast in order to be productive. The Sabres have a nice mobile defense that can distribute the ball to the forwards. And since C.Zafiropoulos knows exactly where to stand to receive a pass, the sniper is ready every time to finish off a play. Other notables includes his son A.Zafiropoulos, who scored twice, and M.Chenier as perhaps the play maker that helps create a ton of chances.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of the Sabres. Scoring four goals and three assists will take your team far in a game. The Sabres won this contest for a few reasons, but there was no question that the veterans seven points had plenty to do with it.

Bruins overpower the Kraken

(5)Kraken vs Bruins(11)

It was a quick start, and an even better finish for the Bruins on Sunday night. Carrying such a team name carries a lot of weight and pressure to perform. Tonight, they played to their identity, and looked to have their way against a side that may have been a step behind. The Bruins won many of the loose ball battles which translated into a ton of chances. Many players took advantage with K.Labelle leading the way on six points followed with N.Macri, T.Scarpelli, A.Zakarian and M.Valmora combining for 17 points. Its not like the Kraken didn’t have their chances. The problem was that they were stuck playing-from behind trying to chase the game and couldn’t really catch up. Five different players scored in the loss. The stage was set early with T.Scarpelli posting two quick goals. Once the Bruins took off, the Kraken couldn’t catch them having to endure a difficult night.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Kevin Labelle of the Bruins. With many players chipping in, K.Labelle led the way up front producing six points that included a hat trick.