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4vs4 Monday

Monday March 13

RCGT Knights add depth in thumping of United Arms

There is no question that the RCGT Knights got that much stronger with the additions of D.Galloro, F.Dominianni and J.D’Amico. The three players will blend in just fine as it showed in both games versus the United Arms. Throughout the first half of the opening contest, the RCGT Knights were met with some resistance as the two sides traded a pair of goals. It took an eventual stretch of only two minutes for the RCGT Knights to run up the score on three quick tallies. J.Morina notched his second right before J.Prevost put his side in the drivers seat by striking twice in only twelve seconds. The strong finish didn’t stop there however with the RCGT Knights doing a bulk of their damage early on in the ensuing match. Five different players scored in the first period alone with S.Sauk turning aside the few shots he faced to keeping a clean sheet. B.Gabriel would finally score getting to the net minder early in the period with both sides trading a pair of goals. Despite the amount of time left over, the game remained idle with both sides knowing that the end result would favour the RCGT Knights.

(4)United Arms vs RCGT Knights(9)

(2)United Arms vs RCGT Knights(8)

Branditscan hit a wall they didn’t expect

Sometimes it just doesn’t go your way. The Branditscan are one of the hottest teams entering tonight’s match up with ETNA. This was a perfect measuring stick for the two sides to see where they stand in a very competitive division. Everything pointed and suggested that both games would have been decided fairly late. Instead, it just ended being one of those nights that everything went wrong for one team. ETNA to their defence, did their part showing no signs of taking a shift off. They won a fairly close opening game that saw their special teams work with a shorthanded marker by M.Rosato and a power play goal by J.Alfieri. You almost had to expect that the next game would see the two teams battle till the very end. Amazingly enough, things really got bad for N.Francis and his group. From-the drop of the ball, ETNA took over right away riding four first period goals. M.Alfieri fabricated much of the offense netting two tallies while setting up M.Calabrice. In hopes of rebounding after a forgetful frame, the Brnaditscan didn’t have much to show for despite finally getting to P.Delli Colli. M.Alfieri would go on to complete his hat trick, and J.Pimentel added two goals to complete a statement that ETNA mean business this season.

(5)ETNA vs Branditscan(3)

(8)ETNA vs Branditscan(1)

Assadi Consulting inc bounce back to level with Dragons

The Assadi Consulting inc hope to build off a rare win on Monday night. Statistically, the season hasn’t been kind to them having barely anything good to show for. There start against the Dragons was just a reminder that something needs to give if they plan on doing anything right. After dropping the opener 5-2, the question became how does a team in shambles respond. The odd thing about it is that they have way to much quality along with chemistry to be a bottom dweller. Those attributes were finally in full display entering the second game. The Assadi Consulting inc showed a lot more conviction almost immediately winning the opening frame 4-3. Still, nothing was set in stone as it took another solid frame in order to defeat a team like the Dragons. This time, they made sure to eliminate the threats while waiting for their chances to come. M.Tvaronas broke out with a an incredible game scoring his hat trick to put the Assadi Consulting inc in front 5-3. Playing ahead is always nice, but closing out a game is also an essential part of it. Rather than enabling the Dragons to battle back, the Assadi Consulting inc knew what was needed in order to protect their lead. M.Melo being a big reason was sharp in net allowing only a very late goal by J.Scalia. The Dragons did have time for an equaliser with the extra attacker. The problem was that they let T.Bozinakis clear the ball-from his own net without anyone protecting the Dragons cage.

(5)Dragons vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

(4)Dragons vs Assadi Consulting inc(6)

Close for one game, Degenerates grab two wins after lopsided affair in second match

It could have gone either way. With both sides trading chances, this contest came down to some key plays that made the difference in a close game. The Degenerates used a strong second period when D.Charbonneau riffled his second followed with O.Valiquette providing a two goal lead. Not to be outdone, the Diabetoz Angels decided to hang around when J.Zervakos narrowed the gap by one with still three minutes left over. You knew by then that the Diabetoz Angels were going to put on some serious pressure, especially after pulling out their net minder. As much as they searched for that much needed equaliser, R.Ranieri remained composed in net not giving out to many juicy rebounds. The house was well protected, and the Degenerates played out the clock to their advantage en route to a nail biter. Normally games tend to remain close between two teams that just came off a hard fought battle. And for a decent amount of time, that appeared to be the case even though the Degenerates led 5-3 after one. It was by the second period where this contest spiralled into one direction. O.Valiquette scored two quick goals to earn a hat trick, and S.Marricco was able to close it out bagging a pair in only thirty seconds. Apart-from that last period, the Diabetoz Angels played very well despite missing two major pieces. These results wont concern them at all knowing that they will bounce back on a full roster.

(3)Diabetoz Angels vs Degenerates(4)

(3)Diabetoz angels vs Degenerates(10)

Snipers edge out Country Club in high pace action

There are different ways to win hockey games. In the case for the Snipers, special teams was the determining factor in the first game while winning in the breakaway competition gave them a slight edge in the ensuing match decided in a shootout. Three out of their four goals came with the man advantage. H.Atoui scored two quick goals with the man up followed with H.Salman doing the same to help provide a 3-1 lead early in the second period. The Snipers went on to add another tally by A.Saleh which proved to be more than enough  to solidify the victory. The Country Club knew to try and avoid taking penalties in hopes of splitting their mini series with the Snipers. They still took one in which they were unable to kill off, but that wasn’t the real issue. At one point, things appeared to be grim as they found themselves trailing 4-1. But to their credit, they stuck with it, and were able to mount a nice comeback. C.Payette notched his second, J.Carriere pulled the Country Club within one, and finally J-S Lowe was there to bury his second which ended up forcing the shootout. Even though the end result didn’t quite go in favour of the Country Club, they still can take positives- from this game. There never quit attitude gave them a fighting chance which is all you can ask for as a team.

(4)Snipers vs Country Club(2)

(8)Snipers vs Country Club(6) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matt Tvaronas of the Assadi Consulting inc. Sometimes it just takes a spark-from someone when your team is struggling to win games. In the second match versus the Dragons, M.Tvaronas gave his side a huge boost scoring three big goals that led to a well earned victory.