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Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday March 15

Stars kept pace but unable to make ground versus the Senators

(9)Senators vs Stars(6)

Its what you come to expect when two teams are creating a ton of offense. Goals will go in, and the net minders are stuck with the burden of trying to keeping them out. Even though the defence did there part by playing a sound game, there was way to much back and forth action for this to remain low scoring. Add the fact that the Senators have C.Arnoldo to their line up. If teams don’t know his tendencies, they’ll end up paying the price in the end. The sharp shooter knows exactly where to go with his instinct to finding the right spots to bury his chances. In a 9-6 high scoring win versus the Stars, the veteran tallied four times that included three straight goals at  pivotal moments during the game. The one major advantage that the Senators had going for them was that they were able to always play in front. Often, the Stars would try to crawl back by narrowing the gap only to see the Senators respond almost immediately. B.Sorice could only do so much as the skilled forward rattled off a hat trick as part of a five point night. While C.Arnoldo is deserving of what he brought to his team, F.Decoster was just as influential bagging a hat trick.

The Allo Mon Coco Sth-Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Arnoldo of the Senators. The forward was in full force netting four of his clubs nine goals to help lead his team to a nice opening win to the season.

Ducks falter lead and lose in overtime to Hurricanes

(6)Hurricanes vs Ducks(5) O.T

After a pretty decent start to their season, the Ducks saw a two goal lead evaporate in a 6-5 overtime loss to the Hurricanes. Even when leading by a pair, you just cant give the other team a chance to respond and battle back. And while its easier said than done, the Hurricanes got there due to A.Angelis’s two big shots-from far that gave G.Karnaras no chance. This contest went back and forth with the pendulum swinging a few times. The Ducks looked to be in good shape carrying a 4-2 lead. Then, three goals in only five minutes flipped the script giving the Hurricanes their first lead of the night. Rather than riding out the momentum, it was the Ducks turn to score on a nice passing play to level the game. After a few twists and turns, extra time was required to see who would prevail. The two sides went at it for a few minutes with the action going back and forth until something finally gave. That’s when M.Musi sprung a hard pass-from his own zone to find a wide open B.Freitas-Pereira. With that kind of room, the forward made sure to bury his chance despite G.Karnaras getting a piece of it. That was his second goal of the game and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Allo Mon Coco Sth-Dorothee player of the game goes to Brandon Freitas-Pereira of the Hurricanes. His second goal was clutch, ultimately deciding a very close encounter that could have easily gone either way.