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D Wednesday division

Wednesday March 15

Altius grind down Legacy

(2)Legacy vs Altius(4)

Legacy know that they can give anyone a run for their money. In hopes of proving that on Wednesday night, it was the Altius that found a way to win instead. Games between these two teams will always remain close when flooring a complete roster. So when two sides appear to be evenly matched, it often comes down to the little details that lead to the big moments in a hockey game. For the Altius, a late first period bounce back tally-from P.Arklais followed with a huge power play marker by M.Arkalis was  all the offense required in order to get the end result. For sure it isn’t easy limiting a team like Legacy to only a goal if you don’t count the late tally when they pulled out their net minder. In order to keep them off the score sheet, it takes a committed effort with the right elements like in the Altius case. On top of that, it helps when J.Vrettis is on top of his game as the goaltender was definitely dialled in making all the necessary saves. K.Kuczmarski provided some good offense setting up three goals while J.Adamou and D.Provost-Jarry collected two points each.

Punishers third period explosion sinks Azzuri

(2)Azzuri vs Punishers(9)

The Punishers entered the final period of Wednesdays contest against the Azzuri with the game hanging in the balance. The Azzuri have struggled to keeping the games close long enough, and tonight they hoped to have changed that against the Punishers. Unfortunately, the Punishers sent an emphatic message by exploding for seven goals. Of coarse your usual suspects got in on the action with P.Karvouriaris, C.Gingras and M.Mavroudis combining for five goals. The trend of allowing rush chances has been an issue for the Azzuri, who couldn’t address it in the final stretch. Unless they convert on there chances by taking risks, the Punishers wont miss on their counter attacks which is why this contest spiralled out of control. You almost have no margin of error going up against the Punishers. The Azzuri did an overall fine job for two periods, but its just not enough to get the right result.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to John Vrettis of the Altius. Yes, the Altius can beat you with there loaded line up, but goaltending is always a major reason for success, especially when facing Legacy. The net minder kept them to only one goal until the final minute when the game was already  unofficially decided for the Altius.