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E Division

Thursday March 16

Brew Crew overcome haunting thoughts as they hang on to tight win over Van Doos Hc

(4)Van Doos Hc vs Brew Crew(5)

The Brew Crew keep getting that start they want, but never quite the finish they hope for. M.Nardi was responsible for setting the tone right away feeding D.Verta and R.Mancini while netting one himself to kick start the period up 3-1. Again, the Brew Crew put themselves in the drivers seat. However, the Van Doos Hc were not giving up on the game after only the first period, and came out with more purpose scoring twice to even the score. The thought of letting another good lead slip away must have crossed the Brew Crew’s mind. Signs of good hockey teams are based how they react when put in a challenging situation. Even with those negative reminding thoughts, that didn’t stop them -from thinking ahead with an abundance of time left over. The mind set was simple, focus on your next shift, and try and get that next goal. Eventually, they got their first on a late second period goal by A.Belanger. Carrying a slight 4-3 lead heading into the final stanza, the Brew Crew couldn’t protect it long enough. It took only thirty seconds into the frame for G.Tsolis tie things up. At no point did the Brew Crew ever trail in this contest as they wanted to make sure to avoid repeating a total meltdown. By simply sticking to it, they were able once more to regain the lead thanks to M.Pace. Even if five minutes and change felt like an eternity, the Brew Crew were able to ride out the clock hanging on to a nail biter.

Armadillos pull off gritty win vs Fatal Demons

(4)Fatal Demons vs Armadillos(6)

It was an entertaining tilt between two very structured teams. You always want to get on board first when facing off against a side that plays a similar style. The Armadillos and the Fatal Demons can be stingy, but tonight they decided to open it up and have fun trading plenty of chances. Most of the action occurred in the second period with the Armadillos leading, than trailing 3-2, and regaining the tempo by getting the next two tallies. Up 4-3 heading into the final stretch, the Armadillos decided to get more serious by playing a smarter game without the ball. By making that a priority, the Fatal Demons took their chances, but were unable to convert. F.Moshonas was glad to see P.Musto and J.Chiropoulos bury his second for some breathing room between the pipes. On a night that the Fatal Demons could have used their top gun to gat some goals, M.Mavroudis decided to be in a giving mood setting up three different teammates. A.Argiroudis and M.Destounis complemented the line as all three players combined for nine points.

Snipers fall flat in must win game

(2)Snipers vs Horsemen(4)

Whatever thread the Snipers playoff hopes were hanging on by, the Horsemen took a pair of scissors to it on Thursday night. The Snipers looked ready by getting an early power play goal by Ali.Khanafer, but it was the Horsemen who looked like they were playing with a sense of urgency the rest of the way. The formula of rolling three complete lines is a formula that works for the Horsemen. The players played fast shifts, and because of that, they remained in full gear despite very few lapses. At worse case, M.Vincguerra was there making key saves. The Snipers fell behind when V.Pandza broke a 1-1 tie on the power play. From there, things kept getting better, especially in the second period where they added two more tallies. Both goals came-from the very same J.Crivello. The slick forward was on top of his game proving to be more than a handful for the Snipers defense. Now that the Horsemen built a comfortable 4-1 lead, the Snipers went into desperation mode knowing that their season was on the line. To their credit, they came out strong possessing plenty of zone time. As much as they tried to create chances, the Horsemen kept getting in the way making it very difficult for them to score. H.Awada did finally get one for the Snipers, but that was as close as it got.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joseph Crivello of the Horsemen. Three out of the Horsemen’s four goals stemmed-from the crafty forward. J.Crivello set up a tally before taking over in the second period bagging two big tallies.