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JLR Brossard winners of E2 Thursday division

Thursday April 19 (E2 Finals)

(2)Scorpions vs JLR Brossard(4) Game 1

J.Pantelis restores confidence for JLR Brossard

Escaping the first period up 2-0 in a playoff game can never be a bad thing. M.Gagnon scored both goals, and the JLR Brossard were feeling pretty good about themselves. Then, in only two and a half minutes, those feelings disappeared. The Scorpions battled back getting goals-from F.Martin and A.Singh where all of a sudden this contest was up for grabs. That's up until a late second period tally by J.Pantelis re stored the lead for the JLR Brossard. Knowing that the Scorpions had the ability to come back, the men in black made sure to tighten up while relying on their net minder. P.Assadi knew that he had to make nearly every save possible in order to earn the win, and he did just that to take a 1-0 series lead.

(8)JLR Brossard vs Scorpions (5) Game 2

JLR Brossard save their best for last, crowned E2 champions

It wasn't going to be easy but the JLR Brossard found a way to be the better side in the end. This contest could have gone either way with both teams trading five goals each after two periods. A pivotal moment that may have ultimately doomed the Scorpions happened late in the second period. Rather than going up by a pair due to a power opportunity, they allowed the JLR Brossard to level the game on a shorthanded marker by S.Bentivegna. That goal sparked plenty of fuel and motivation for the JLR Brossard, who were all over the Scorpions in the last fifteen minutes of play. Already with two goals and an assist, J.Pantelis kept his foot deep on the peddle that resulted in two more tallies. Both games were extremely close after two periods. It was by the third and final frame that the JLR Brossard separated themselves-from the Scorpions. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Pedram Assadi and the JLR Brossard for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jimmy Pantelis of the JLR Brossard. The crafty forward came through once again when it mattered the most. He scored a total of five goals that included the winner in game one to help lead his club to glory.