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Bramabulls winners of E1 Thursday division

Thursday April 19 (E1 Finals)

(6)Bramabulls vs Legends(1)  Game 1

Six different goal scorers set the tone for the Bramabulls

This contest lacked the intensity for the Legends, who seemed to be playing in quicksand. From-the get go, the Bramabulls made their opponent pay the price. They used their speed and pretty much did whatever they wanted with the ball. The score was already 3-0 by the eight minute mark of the opening frame. N.Sbarra used a precise slap shot on the power play that stood up for the winner. Knowing that the end result was inevitable, the Legends were stuck taking notes on how to address their poor play heading into game two. Nothing went right, and unless they figured out a solution, this series would lack the hype.

(3)Legends vs Bramabulls(9) Game 2

Bramabulls stick to same plan, Legends never had a chance

Even though they took plenty of time in the dressing room to tweak a few things, the Legends simply couldn't compete with a superior hockey club. The Bramabulls did the exact same thing like in game one. They were always first on the ball and often danced their way to completing pretty plays. Despite the lopsided affair, the Legends hung in there for about a period trailing only 4-3. But once the second frame hit, it was all curtains.  M.Testolina was a menace riffling four goals while M.Maggiore was next in line posting a pair. The Legends had only one good thing going for them, and that was their power play. All four of their goals in both games came with the man advantage. It was almost a given that the Bramabulls would prevail in the end. When looking at their roster-from top to bottom, nobody can deny that they are lethal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Anthony DiPerna and the Bramabulls for capturing the E1 Thursday division championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Testolina of the Bramabulls. Quicker than a jackrabbit, the Legends couldn't keep up with his speed. Testolina went on to notch four goals while creating constant chances.