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Bramabulls winners of Masters's 35+ division

Friday April 20 (Finals)

(6)National vs Bramabulls(2) Game 1

National draw first blood with game one win over Bulls

The Bramabulls talked at length throughout the course of the week on how to try and contain a team that's running on all cylinders. Unfortunately, it didn't translate in this particular game. National did what they do best and that is to utilise their speed. After a scoreless opening period, the game broke wide open with National capping the frame 3-2.Then in the span of only one minute, the Bramabulls knew they needed to rely on the next game in order to bounce back. C.Dagenais and his captain M.Pinheiro each scored during an early third period span to put the game out of reach. That was the National's captain second of the game as the only multi goal scorer of the contest.

(7)Bramabulls vs National(6) S.O Game 2

G.Follano plays for the big games, dominates the shootout once again

J.Morina ran slowly back and forth toward the net, showing forehand, then leaning quickly to the left to fake a backhand before slipping it right in the top corner. In what was a must win situation versus a solid hockey team, and with everyone eagerly watching what would happen, the Bramabulls star player was a big reason why this series got extended. As huge as that goal would appear to be, his shorthanded marker in the third period may have been the series saving moment. National had the championship in their hands up 5-3 while being on the power play only to see it slowly slip away.The Bramabulls would eventually level the game on a power play goal by their captain A.DiPerna. Even though a shootout can be argued to be a 50-50 situation, every Bramabulls player was confident enough that G.Follano would pull them through. The net minder can barely remember losing in those circumstances after being there many times before.

(0)National vs Bramabulls(1) Game 3

P.Charbonneau scores unforgettable championship goal

With overtime looming in a scoreless game three mini game, the Bramabulls d-man delivered a moment of brilliance that won't soon be forgotten on either side of the court. Smart players often know when to time an opportunity. Charbonneau snuck in just at the right moment when he riffled a precise wrist shot to beat F.Lamarche. The corner stone defenseman keeps showing how much of a complete player he is. It wasn't long ago that he captured a championship with Bijoux. Now,only a couple of months later, he's hoisting the same trophy in a different uniform. Throughout the entire series, P.Charbonneau was essential for what the Bramabulls have come to accomplish. Apart-from his series deciding goal, Charbonneau scored twice in the previous game while playing a sound defensive series. The Bramabulls entered the night as slight underdogs, but by applying their fierce competitive nature, it just went to show that anything is possible. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Anthony DiPerna and the Bramabulls for their incredible run.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pete Charbonneau. The Bramabulls couldn't ask for anything more-from a very vital piece. Charbonneau scored three big goals while making sure the opposition would struggle to get any when he was on.