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Brew Crew winners of E Sunday division

Sunday April 22

(3)Brew Crew vs Shockers(1) Game 1

Brew Crew set tone, capitalize on power play in game 1

The Brew Crew administered a thorough whipping on their special teams to jump start the series. They scored twice on four occasions and squelched the Shockers man advantage killing off four straight penalties .By the end of the match, D.Verta and S.Fabrici took full advantage of the opportunities while the Shockers missed out on their chances. Verta went on to add his second late in the game to secure the win. The Shockers did have plenty of shots and chances only to hit a hot net minder. C.Muccino earned the victory after allowing only a first period goal by T.Salberg.

(6)Shockers vs Brew Crew(3) Game 2

Power play comes to life in must win game for Shockers

The Shockers struggled mightily with the man advantage in their previous game. But after making the necessary adjustments, the reverse effect happened. Even though the Brew Crew took plenty of trips to the penalty box, they were never able to kill it off. All six Shockers goals came on the special teams with the first five on the power play. J.Blunt made his chances count by bagging a pair. The story of the match however was no other than M.Blackman. He was able to once again put a fingerprint on the result by scoring while setting up four goals. This contest was close and leveled 3-3 until two late goals by the second period doomed the Brew Crew.

(1)Brew Crew vs Shockers(0) O.T Game 3

C.Moutafis caps off a thrilling final with OT winner

Everyone imagines scoring a championship goal at some point in time. It's the last goal scored of the season and its sets off a lifetime of memories. In tonight's case, C.Moutafis captured the moment as the only player to find the back of the net. Unlike the two previous games, both sides played a little more cautious trying to avoid going to the penalty box. As expected, the net minders shined and the defense was extremely alert in hopes of avoiding mistakes. However, no matter how careful a team could be, something is bound to happen. The overtime period was only 1:30 old when C.Moutafis lifted the hearts of his teammates notching the biggest goal of the season. This series had everything possible that you would expect- from two competing teams.  It had plenty of goals, lots of penalties resulting in special teams, solid defense and outstanding goaltending. And what better way to close it off by going the extra mile in a game three overtime. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Chris Palermo and the Brew Crew for taking it all.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Moutafis. His teammates won't forget that one single play that ultimately decided the championship.