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Hellfish winners of F3 Wednesday division

Wednesday May 2 (F3 Finals)

(4)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(3) Game 1

Late Hellfish tally burns Kentucky Blue

There really wasn't much separating the two sides with everything being equal. But as time was winding down to its final seconds, the Hellfish cracked the barrier on a goal thanks to their captain. M.Zitella usually takes care of his clubs back end but tonight he brought it a step further by providing the go ahead marker that secured a 1-0 series lead. The Hellfish did a fine job limiting a solid offense like the Kentucky Blue to only three goals while shutting them out in the third period. The win came as expected for the Hellfish. They got balanced scoring and made sure to apply their defensive system to frustrate their opponent.

(9)Kentucky Blue vs Hellfish(5) Game 2

Desperate Kentucky Blue responds to adversity

It was a level of desperation that didn't show in the previous game for the Kentucky Blue. There will to win was obvious-from the get go and who better than their sniper to take charge and lead the way. This contest was only fifteen minutes old when T.Oliveira did more in that one period that most players would need a whole season to achieve. His three goals made the score 3-1 which helped enable his teammates to feed off and continue-from where he left off. The Kentucky Blue had a massive offensive output striking three times with the man advantage and never once let go of the gas pedal adding three more by the third period. By then, Oliveira added two more tallies to finish with five goals while R.Estrela was just as heavy in the action collecting an impressive six points. The Hellfish used their strengths to capture game one but weren't able to contain the Kentucky Blue's strengths in game two.

(1)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(0) Game 3

Hellfish regain identity to capture F3 division title

It was clear by now that both sides knew what they needed to do in order to capture the most important game of the season. For the Hellfish, they had no choice to erase what just happened and stick to their game plan while the Kentucky Blue would simply approach this contest like they did in the previous game. The question became which of the two systems would prevail?  After pounding the Hellfish with nine goals, the Kentucky Blue found themselves hitting a wall. The Hellfish got back to their old habits making things very difficult for their opponents while patiently waiting for an opportunity. Just over seven minutes went by when C.Dapoulias got the Hellfish on board. Still, the Kentucky Blue had more than enough time to respond but kept facing the same problems. At no point did the Hellfish break away from-their game plan which led to a perfect game for their net minder B.Berducci. This is the second straight series that the Hellfish needed a game three result in order to pass. When teams have their backs to the wall and somehow pull through, it just goes to show how good teams will find a way to win. In tonight's case and throughout the playoffs, the Hellfish was that team and deserved everything they accomplished. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Mark Zitella and the Hellfish for winning the F3 Wednesday division championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Dapoulias of the Hellfish. His game three lone goal made the entire difference in a series that could have easily gone either way.

Wednesday May 2 (F2 Finals)

(3)United Armenians vs Venom(5) Game 1

United Armenians dig themselves a hole, unable to recover

The United Armenians were hoping for a better start to their series with Venom. Unfortunately it wasn't even close as they fell behind 3-0 before finally getting on board. From-the get go, Venom showed that they meant business dominating the first two frames for a 4-1 lead. J.Quesnel scored twice during that span while J.Parisella and J.Courteau chipped in as well. Despite things not going so well for the United Armenians they did show signs of life early in the third period when they bagged their second power play goal. But the damage had already been done by then as Venom clamped down defensively and played out the clock. With this loss, the United Armenians will have a week to collect their thoughts, and will need to come out bold in hopes of levelling the series.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Julien Quesnel-Vinet of Venom. The slick forward got the ball rolling with the first goal of the night while adding his second as the only multi goal scorer.