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Canadiens winners of Sunday draft division

Sunday December 3(Final)

Canadiens secure championship in  victory over Bruins

(4)Bruins vs Canadiens(7)

The atmosphere was electric as the top two seeds battled it out in a game that will be remembered for its intensity and plenty of action. It was evident that both teams were hungry for success. Since the Bruins had a depleted line up, a good start was important in order to try and avoid chasing the game. Unfortunately, they fell behind early, but kept the game extremely close ensuring that the championship remained within reach. The Canadiens worked to their identity keeping their opponent off the score sheet for a very long period of time. As the game entered its latter stages, the Canadiens continued to apply pressure capitalising on some important chances that saw G.DeStefano and G.Santacroce riffle their second of the game. The Bruins, battling fatigue and a shortage of players, fought valiantly to stay in the contest. Their goaltender made some remarkable saves, keeping hope alive for a comeback. Despite the Bruins efforts however, the Canadiens stood firm, maintaining their lead and fending off the Bruins offensive pushes. As the final buzzer sounded, the crowd erupted in cheers, signalling the Canadiens triumph and the clinching of the Sunday division championship. The trophy presentation marked the culmination of a seasons worth of hard work, dedication and passion for the game. On behalf of, congratulations go out to the Canadiens for claiming the Sunday Draft division title.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Tzouvadakis of the Canadiens. The championship title not only belongs to the Canadiens as a team, but also to the individuals who rose to the occasion when it mattered the most, especially their net minder that stood tall the entire time.

E Division and Open

Thursday November 30

A.Belanger shines with 5 assists and a goal for the Brew Crew

(3)HC Fennecs vs Brew Crew( 8 )

Despite giving up an early goal, it was the Brew Crew that owned the opening frame on four unanswered tallies. A.Belanger wasted no time making his presence felt using his vision to set up C.Magri and L.Verta on two occasions each. His offensive prowess was on full display adding an early second period goal before capping off his productive night with a late assist. The chemistry among the Brew Crew players was evident, as they seamlessly moved the ball and capitalised on their chances. The HC Fennecs found themselves on their heels, unable to contain the multifaceted threat that the Brew Crew posed, and perhaps more so A.Belanger. The Brew Crew haven’t been to pleased on their recent performances as the playoffs are approaching. Maybe tonight’s result will help them steer the wheel in the right direction as they look to be a respectable force in the post season.

Black Knights surge in third period, C.Gingras makes immediate impact with 4 points

(6)Black Knights vs Altius(2)

In a closely contested battle, the Black Knights emerged victorious in a thrilling matchup against the Altius, breaking a 2-2 tie deadlock with an explosive third period that saw them net four consecutive goals. The turning point of the game came with the remarkable performance of C.Gingras, who was able to snap the tie on the power play as part of a productive four point night. It didn’t take long after the huge tally for P.Musto to follow up. The veteran widened the gap by two before setting up D.Lombardi shortly after for a second Black Knights power play marker. The Black Knights found a way to change gears in the final stretch in order to separate themselves-from a well rounded a opponent. The Altius, would liked to avoid visiting the penalty box, but were stuck trying to kill off a pair of power plays. Unfortunately, they couldn’t win the battle of the special teams which came to hurt them in the end. It may have come in a losing cause, but P.Arkalis along with the help of A.Kobayati were clearly the Altius’s two best players sharing two points each.

Generals pull away in second period, claim regular season division title

( 8 )Generals vs Armadillos(5)

In a high scoring and action packed showdown, the Generals orchestrated a formidable surge in the second period to overcome the Armadillos, clinching an 8-5 triumph. The win propelled them to the coveted top spot in the division standings. The first period was marked by intense back and forth play, with both teams trading two goal apiece.  However, it was in the second period that the Generals truly came alive, turning the tide decisively in their favour. The three goal surge saw different players take turns finding the back of the net. The Armadillos did get the final word before the frame ended thanks to N.Kakouras narrowing the gap by two. In hopes of building off that late tally, the Armadillos were unable to make any ground with the Generals applying a constant wave of pressure. J-R Turgeon came up big posting back to back tallies while setting up J.Cote’s second late in the game. As they celebrated their victory, the Generals took pride in jumping a couple of spots which makes them the regular season division winners, giving them also a first round bye and a direct spot to the semi final.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Belanger of the Brew Crew. His offensive onslaught showcased a combination of finesse, vision and ability to score. Six of the eight goals scored by the Brew Crew stemmed-from A.Belanger, who will play a big role if his club is to go far in the post season.

As the dust settles on the E Thursday regular season, the anticipation for playoff hockey reaches a fever pitch. The final standings have paved the way for exciting match ups, with the Armadillos preparing to face off a very familiar opponent in the Brew Crew. The Armadillos will carry some unfinished business as they look to get some redemption against last winters champs. So far this season, the Armadillos have shown way more consistency compared to an average regular season by the Brew Crew. But playoff hockey is a different animal, and the Brew Crew look to play for the big moment. Although the Armadillos enter as favourites, this first round match up will be a dogfight. The other game will feature Rated R taking on the Krazy Train. This contest will be a test of limiting mistakes. Rated R have the structure and discipline to do all the little things right, and should be comfortable about their overall game. While the Krazy Train have the potential to do the same, they haven’t shown it enough throughout the regular season. If they could put it all together in a one game do or die match up, than anything is possible. Look for this to be a close battle till the end. The winners of this current round will face off against the top two seeds that will be watching-from the side lines. The Generals and the Fatal Demons skipped the first round for finishing in the top two spots with the Generals owning the tie breaker for first place.

Draft League Wednesday playoffs

Thursday November 29(Semi finals)

Thrilling comeback falls short as Oilers succumb to Senators

(5)Senators vs Oilers(4)

For a good solid 30 minutes, the Senators had everything go right for them as they built a nice 4-0 cushion. M.Estrela finished off a couple of nice plays, and M.Mascitto was holding the fort in net yet to concede a goal. However, the Oilers didn’t let the initial set back dampen their spirits. The mind set was simple, get the next tally and take it a shift at a time. Finally, M.Lauzon provided the spark for the Oilers that finally got his side on board. Although the deficit was still an uphill battle, the Oilers knew they had enough time to climb out of a hole. The team was able to rally together and apply a ton of pressure which put the Senators playing on their heels. With only two minutes left to go, S.Ouellette scored a fluky goal that put the Oilers within a shot away-from tying the game. There is no question that the Senators started to feel some panic and unease with still enough time for an epic collapse. But by remaining focused, the Senators kept their composure and simply defended well while patiently bleeding out the clock.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Monika Estrela of the Senators.  In the midst of an intense playoff game, M.Estrela brings her game to another level emerging as the undeniable difference maker netting two big goals and a crucial assist.

Rangers triumph in thriller as Hurricanes comeback effort falls short

(4)Rangers vs Hurricanes(3)

In a back and forth battle that had the players running on emotion, the Rangers made that one late crucial play that ultimately decided the fate of this series. The Hurricanes fought back a couple of times to level, but never had the luxury to play in front. The contest was dead even at three goals apiece with less than three minutes to go. Neither side wanted to make a mistake with so much on the line. That being said, something was to give, and that’s when A.Cavalieri seized the moment by snapping the late tie. Like throughout the entire game, the final minutes intensified even more as the Hurricanes kept making a push for a desperate equaliser. No matter how hard they tried to break the barrier, D.Apikian stood in the way making the big key saves that enabled his side to punch a ticket to the final.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Danny Apikian of the Rangers. In a game filled with heart stopping moments and late game heroics , goaltender D.Apikian stood tall between the pipes turning away shots while demonstrating remarkable poise under pressure.

The stage is now set for a highly anticipated final between the Senators and the Rangers. After both sides went through a heart breaking semi final round, expect the final to live up to the hype. Although the Senators wont match the Rangers speed, experience will side with the Senators as they’ll look to formulate a nice little game plan to keep their opposition in check.  The Senators and the Rangers will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. Hockey enthusiast can mark their calendars for what promises to be a memorable Wednesday night showdown between two formidable teams.

Draft League Tuesday semi finals

Tuesday November 28(Semi Finals)

Canucks dynamic duo T.Nardelli and T.Perluzzo shine in thumping victory over Penguins

(4)Penguins vs Canucks(13)

In what was expected to be a stunning playoff showdown between the Penguins and Canucks didn’t quite turn out that way. The Penguins carried their identity as a solid defensive team, but tonight looked completely out of sync unable to slow down a much more determined Canucks side. Things started to spiral into one direction once T.Nardelli got the Canucks on board. From-there, it was evident that the Canucks meant business. T.Nardelli and T.Perluzzo quickly established their presence on the rink, showcasing instant chemistry as the two caused fits for the Penguins defense and goaltender. Both players went on to combine for a whopping 14 points that saw Nardelli strike six times. Their ability to read each others plays and anticipate the oppositions moves created seamless offensive strategies that left the Penguins in disarray. The Canucks defense also played a crucial role in the victory, stifling the Penguins attempts to do anything right. For a game that had so much on the line, the Penguins couldn’t have picked a worse night to lay an egg.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Nardelli of the Canucks. The forwards impact was felt throughout most of the match keeping the Penguins defense and goaltender on high alert. By the time it was said and done, the sharpshooter bagged an impressive six goals and an assist.

Ducks soar to victory with team effort, B.Verducci stands tall in net

(9)Ducks vs Sharks(5)

From-the outset, both teams displayed a relentless determination to secure a pivotal playoff victory. The Ducks, however, proved to be the more cohesive unit, with  efforts coming throughout their entire line-up. D.Galloro led the charge up front with four goals while K.Tsoukalas buried three that included perhaps a game changing penalty shot goal. While the offensive firepower fuelled the Ducks success, goaltender B.Verducci stole the show with a remarkable display of skill and agility. The net minder kept the Ducks playing ahead by stopping five straight penalty shots. There was no question that those attempts were the defining moments of this game. The Ducks led 5-2 at one point, but the Sharks battled back to even the score on three quick goals. Once tied, K.Tsoukalas made sure to bury his chance on a penalty shot for the Ducks regaining the lead which translated into a surge for a strong finish for the Ducks. The Ducks defensive efforts complimented Verducci’s stellar performance , effectively limiting the Sharks scoring opportunities and creating turnovers that led to offensive chances. The teams commitment to a strong two way game was a key factor in securing their advancement to the final.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Ducks. The goaltender delivered quite a performance denying five straight penalty shots while making a bunch of key saves that enabled his side to keep playing in front.

As the Ducks and the Canucks prepare for the final, anticipation is high as both teams eagerly wait to see which side emerges as champions. The Canucks, led by the dynamic duo of T.Nardelli and T.Perluzzo will look to continue their momentum in one final game. As for the Ducks, its all about keeping it simple. As long as they stay focused and remain patient, than its anybody’s guess who will prevail. Expect both teams to leave everything on the court in pursuit of capturing the Tuesday Draft division title.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 27

Snipers and Assadi Consulting inc swap identical scores

As the tensions continued to run high with neither team carrying an edge, N.Goncalves delivers a late blow giving the Assadi Consulting inc a narrow 3-2 lead that  would ultimately hold up for the winner. Goncalves scored his second in what was a thrilling finish between two fierce rivals. Eager to even the mini series, the Snipers enter the second game with more determination. The two sides traded a couple of first period goals leaving more to come in an exciting final frame. A.Saleh snapped the tie just two minutes in for the Snipers forcing the Assadi Consulting inc to find an answer. The Snipers, known for their defensive prowess, immediately focus on protecting their 3-2 lead. They deploy a strategic defensive formation making it extremely difficult for the Assadi Consulting inc to find openings. At one point late in the game, the Assadi Consulting inc were awarded a golden power play chance along with the goaltender pulled to try and level. And rather than creating some high end chances, the Snipers kept getting in the way by blocking shots and trapping the lanes. C.Henriquez was barely involved in net thanks to his committed fleet in front of him.

(2)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(3)

(3)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

O.Wahid showcasing  unparalleled skill in Orients wins over the Hustlers

The first half of the game unfolds with both teams keeping it extremely tight. C.Stavriadis and M.Jobin have yet to concede a goal as both sides tried finding ways to break the spell. As the final frame began, the Orient finally got on board rattling off three of the games four goals. The key marker came by their captain F.Nasser as the d-man snapped a 1-1 tie barely a minute after P.Assadi got the Hustlers on the score sheet. The Orient went on to secure the win when A.Laramee fed a yawning cage. Fresh off a hard earned win, the Orient is determined to maintain their momentum heading into the second match. Normally, it’s the losing team that shows more punch in their game as they look for redemption, but that wasn’t the case with the Orient dictating the terms early on. The Hustlers felt stunned after finding themselves behind 4-1 after the first period.  It just seemed no matter how hard the Hustlers tried to comeback, the Orient looked a step ahead. They added three more tallies by the final frame with their usual suspects running up the score. O.Wahid was responsible for all seven goals that the Orient scored as the magician with the ball collected a whopping three goals and four assists. M.David and A.Laramee each scored twice, and M.Jobin was stellar once more allowing only three tallies in four periods.

(1)Hustlers vs Orient(3)

(2)Hustlers vs Orient(7)

Sharpshooters surge late in second game to salvage a point

A combination of stellar goaltending, ,solid defense and timely goals enabled the Degenerates to get the better of the Sharpshooters in the opening game. Scoring first proved to go a long way with J.Courteau scoring not once but twice for a 2-0 cushion. Although the Sharpshooters responded to cut the lead in half, the Degenerates were able to shut them down playing the clock to their advantage. The Sharpshooters felt they needed to get on board first in the ensuing game if they planned on splitting the night. And while M.Kardum accomplished that mission early on, the Degenerates still found a way to regain control and grab an eventual lead. At one point, they jumped ahead 5-3 on scoring efforts by J.Courteau’s second multi goal game and T.Settino’s key power play goal. The Sharpshooters appeared to be down and out knowing that a two goal deficit was an uphill battle to climb against a team that doesn’t give much. However, by pulling out their net minder, the extra space played a major factor as to why they bounced back with two late goals. The two sides would then test their luck in a shootout where neither team really got an edge. The Sharpshooters didn’t have their best two games, but showed a lot of character by battling back late. As for the Degenerates, apart-from that late sequence, the team played an all around solid two games.

(1)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(2)

(6)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(6) S.O

Peters remain searching for answers, D.Delaronde steals the spotlight on back to back shutouts

Its no secret so far that the Peters are currently facing a challenging time with their offense. In hopes of overcoming their scoring drought, tonight only made matters worse as they went empty handed in both their losses to the Dragons. The Dragons defense proved to be a formidable obstacle for the Peters attack. Despite concerted efforts to create scoring chances, the Peters find it challenging to breach the Dragons solid defensive lines and especially the goaltender. D.Delaronde was lights out stopping every single shot in four consecutive periods As long as the Dragons scored at least once, the net minder was comfortable in his abilities to make a difference. D.Lombradi and A.Ponzo got the two lone goals in the opener. As for the second tilt, P.Musto added a pair while D.Lombardi and B.Daniele scored as well. These consecutive losses without scoring may prompt the Peters to reassess their offensive strategies and make adjustments to overcome their current challenges. In a division where every team defends the way they do, scoring first will come a long way. The Peters may not need to bury many, but have to figure a way to get on board first.

(0)The Peters vs Dragons(2)

(0)The Peters vs Dragons(4)

Goaltenders dominance, Chris and Angelos Ekonomakis absolutely brilliant for their respective clubs

The match ups between the Classics and the Punishers witnessed and extraordinary goaltending display. If not for C.Ekonomakis of the Punishers and C.Ekonomakis of the Classics guarding the cage, the scores would resemble one of football game. Instead, the two were extremely dialled in making more than their fair share of jaw dropping saves. While the goaltending battle was evenly matched, the Classics ultimately secured both wins over the Punishers due to their way deeper bench. What more can you say about a player like C.Gingras that was involved in nearly every goal. His versatility was evident in his ability to adapt to different game situations. Whether its creating  scoring chances, playing a two way game, or contributing defensively when needed, Cingras has it all when it comes to a ball hockey player. There is no question that the Classics are a legit contender of the division. As much as A.Ekonomakis and C.Gingras are a major asset, the Classics have to much depth in their arsenal with players such as J.Gagne, K.Duplin, the Kakivelis bothers and that’s just to name a few. Although beatable, teams will need to play at their best if they stand a chance.

(2)Punishers vs Classics(5)

(0)Punishers vs Classics(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Dakota Delaronde of the Dragons. After capturing his first impressive shutout , D.Delaronde carries the momentum in the second match duplicating his efforts once more by going flawless the rest of the way.

Division 1 regular season came to an end on Monday night. With the top three seeds waiting for their semi final match, the fourth place Peters will take on the fifth place Punishers for the fourth seed in which the winner will take on the division leading Dragons. The other semi final game is determined already with the Orient squaring off against the Classics.

E Division and Open

Thursday November 23

Fatal Demons thrive in second period to edge out Generals

(3)Generals vs Fatal Demons(4)

While both teams testing the waters in a slow opening frame, it was by the second period that the Fatal Demons unleashed a relentless attack. They managed to thrive during that time scoring three crucial goals to pull ahead 3-1 at one point. The Generals knew they had to get that next tally in order to keep a close gap. Luckily enough, J.Brunet was able to provide it by the time the frame ended leaving a full 15 minutes of hockey to unfold in a tightly contested battle. After scoring the Fatal Demons third goal, T.Langiano wasn’t done yet adding his second on the power play that snapped a fairly late 3-3 tie. The Generals may have fell behind, but had enough time to equalise in what was a nail biting ending. If not for R.Ranieri coming through in the dying moments, this contest would have needed the extra time. Instead, the goaltender came up big at a time of need which enabled the Fatal Demons to squeak out a nice earned win over the Generals.

Armadillos go into cruise control in rout of HC Fennecs

(11)Armadillos vs HC Fennecs(1)

It really didn’t take long for the Armadillos to set the tone rattling off six goals by the time the first period ended. The HC Fennecs had no answers on how to slow down the attack which only discourages a team to taking a positive approach. The Armadillos continued to unload in the second period adding five more tallies to cap off the game due to the ten goal mercy rule. The one sided nature of the game allowed the Armadillos to experiment with different strategies as they prepare for a bigger and more tested playoff season ahead. Many contributed which came to be expected when scoring eleven goals. Led by their captain, J.Kontitsis found the back of the net three times while K.Koutsogiannopoulos and N.Chiminian each popped in a pair. The interesting thing about this contest was that the HC Fennecs struck first only 40 seconds in thanks to M.Boudjeltia as the only player to solve C.Stavriadis.

Krazy Train out of sync in deserved loss to Rated R

(5)Krazy Train vs Rated R( 8 )

The first period started with both sides working their power plays with Rated R escaping it on a 2-1 lead when M.DelGaudio buried his chance with the man up. As the game progressed by the second frame, the Krazy Train began to falter, making some crucial mistakes in their own end that turned into goals for  Rated R. P.Nackhle was instrumental bagging two big markers and an assist to help provide a 5-2 lead before the third period began. While the Krazy Train were stuck facing adversity, they tried to mount a comeback, but couldn’t make any ground with Rated R finishing off their plays. M.DelGaudio went on to add his second while P.Nackhle had more in him notching a hat trick. The Krazy Train couldn’t really do much when trailing because of how committed Rated R was  playing without the ball. And while F.Baratta wasn’t overly busy, the net minder made a few big saves at key moments to keep the lead going for his club.

J-P Moquin captures the moment netting OT winner vs rival Chiefs

(2)Chiefs vs Black Knights(3) O.T

In a thrilling match up between the Black Knights and the Chiefs, the game reached an electrifying climax as J-P Moquin scored the overtime winner , securing a 3-2 win for the Black Knights. The regulation time saw both teams engaged in a tight battle as expected-from two top teams going at it. T.Ferreira got the Black knights on board first, and was able to tie the game on the power play when the Chiefs notched back to back tallies by K.Duplin and E.Mavroudis. The third period remained close with neither team providing any slight edge. Perhaps, that was due to P-O Girouard of the Chiefs and C.Ekonomakis of the Black Knights standing tall in net. With that kind of goaltending, it takes a near perfect play or precise shot to find its way through. Since regulation time wasn’t enough for a winner, some extra sudden death time was required in order for something to give. The overtime period began with heightened intensity as both teams sought to avoid a shootout and secure the win in extra minutes. Eventually, a pivotal moment occurred, and that’s when J-P Moquin seized the opportunity to beat P-O Girouard for a rare time.

Rated R find extra gear by third period to complete a perfect double header night

(4)Brew Crew vs Rated R(7)

You would have to figure that the Brew Crew had the advantage entering the third period tied 4-4 versus a team that just played an hour earlier. Instead, it was Rated R turning up the intensity by finding an extra gear and enough fuel in the tank to down the Brew Crew on three unanswered goals. Sometimes, it just about playing smart rather than spending unnecessary energy. Rated R took the time needed to generate some opportunities while making sure to finish off their plays. It all began with T.Bozinakis breaking the deadlock tie for his second of the match. Then, just over two minutes later, P.Nackhle continued his impressive surge bagging his second accumulating his eight point in only two games. It was clear that Rated R had everything under control by then as they made it a point to eliminate any sort of danger-from the opposition. After playing six periods in a short period of time, Rated R may have been exhausted, but elated as they celebrated two very deserved wins.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Patrick Nackhle of Rated R. In a gruelling double header night, P.Nackhle had plenty to offer for Rated R as the forward was buzzing in both games collecting an impressive five goals and three assists.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday November 22

Senators defensive strategy pays off as they punch their ticket to the semis


(8) Senators vs Golden Knights (5)


The game plan going into this match-up was simple for the Senators.  Get in the shooting lanes and stay close and disrupt M.Lafleur of the Golden Knights. One of the key factors in the Senators' success was their strong team defense, which effectively stifled the Golden Knights' offensive efforts throughout the game. That’s exactly what veteran d-man S.Sicuso preached to his teammates and put into play for this contest. The Knights opened the scoring very early but couldn’t hang on as the resilient Senators battled back from two goal deficits and never relinquished their lead.  Despite their hot start, The Golden Knights just couldn’t manage any sustained offence as they found themselves facing a relentless Senators team that managed to turn the tide in their favor.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to M. Dasilva of the Senators also known as “Hands of Cement”. The veteran turned in a solid performance with his strong play on both ends and his timely goals helped propel the Senators to the semi-final round.


Hurricanes offensive onslaught too much to handle for the


(9) Hurricanes vs Blues (4)


They say anything can happen in the playoffs and it’s not how you start that counts, but how you finish. The Hurricanes finished last and were taking on the powerhouse Blues who finished at the top, but that didn’t matter on this night.  The Blues started the game on a strong note, taking an early lead, but the Hurricanes quickly turned the tide in their favor with a remarkable offensive surge as the they managed to mount an impressive comeback, scoring eight unanswered goals. Led by D.Lipinski, the Hurricanes' offensive prowess proved to be the defining factor in this game, as they overwhelmed the Blues with a relentless display of teamwork and skill.  The Blues fought hard to regain control of the game, but the Hurricanes' offensive onslaught proved too much to handle. 

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to D. Lipinski of the Hurricanes. The rugged forward was on a mission and was solid all night as he contributed an impressive five points, including a hat trick.


Ouellette and Lauzon too much to handle as Oilers take care of Stars


(6) Oilers vs Stars (3)


On a night where upsets were prevalent, you can add this one to the list as well. Right from the start, the Oilers displayed dominance, maintaining their lead throughout the game and leaving the Stars struggling to catch up. Leading the way was S. Ouellette, who showcased remarkable skill by netting an impressive hat trick and M.Lauzon who provided 4 helpers. Ouellette's three goals were pivotal in securing the win, and the team's overall strong performance kept the Stars at bay. The Oilers' teamwork and solid defensive play prevented the Stars from gaining momentum, allowing them to control the game and ultimately clinch the well-deserved 6-3 victory.  

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to S. Ouellette of the Oilers. The speedy defenceman led the way as he was all over the place scoring three big goals.



So now the Wednesday night draft league Semi-Final will be:


(1) Rangers vs Hurricanes (7) This game has all the makings of an offensive slugfest, with multiple game breakers on each side, which could be a nightmare for both goaltenders and a real treat for the fans!!


(5) Senators vs Oilers (6) These teams are well balanced, defensively stable and resemble each other. They’ll have to rely on a team effort and a balanced attack, and both have the ability to play well with the lead, so getting on the board early will be a key factor.




Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday November 21

Canucks comeback attempt falls short as the Sharks eke out a victory


(5) Sharks vs Canucks(4) 

In an intense ball hockey matchup between the Sharks and the Canucks, the Sharks emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win. The Sharks managed to build a substantial lead at various points in the game, showcasing their offensive prowess and strategic play, with the Canucks playing catch-up hockey throughout the entire game.  However, the Canucks were relentless in their efforts to stage a comeback, consistently putting pressure on the Sharks' defense and goaltender.  Despite the Canucks' determined push, the Sharks held on to their lead, securing the win in the end. G.Papadakis of the Sharks had a 2 goal performance, including the game winner.  Despite the losing effort, F. Bichara of the Canucks, bagged a hat trick but unfortunately, his outstanding efforts weren't enough to secure the victory for the Canucks. 


The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Georgie Papadakis of the Sharks. The slick forward has a knack for scoring timely goals and tonight contributed to the offense by notching 2 big goals, including the game winner.


Penguins turn on the offense and leave the Ducks in their dust


(11) Penguins vs Ducks(6) 

Heading into this contest, the Penguins were heavily favored, being the division leader, but the Ducks held their own for the most part. The game was close with its intense back-and-forth action, as both the Penguins and the Ducks exchanged goals, keeping the score tightly knit. However, the real turning point came after the 27th minute mark, when the Penguins seized control of the game, unleashing an unstoppable onslaught of offense. The Ducks struggled to contain the Penguins' relentless attacks, and the scoreboard soon reflected the Penguins' dominance. The Penguins' offensive prowess was on full display as they netted an impressive six consecutive goals, leaving the Ducks reeling. The Penguins built an insurmountable lead, with many players finding the scoresheet.Despite the Ducks' efforts to mount a comeback, the Penguins' defense remained resolute, thwarting any attempt to close the gap. 

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ara Kalaydjian of the Penguins. The gritty forward led the charge with an impressive 4 goal performance and was a thorn in the Ducks side form the drop of the ball.
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4vs4 Monday

Monday November 20

Punishers short bench dooms them as the Orient dominate.

It’s never a good idea showing up with a short bench, especially when facing a high-powered opponent like the Orient, who will make you pay dearly. They took full advantage of the Punishers short bench and the only reason this game was close was due to C.Ekonomakis, once again standing on his head making incredible saves.  From the opening face-off to the final buzzer, Orient showcased their prowess and skill, asserting control over the games right from the start.  Orient used their team speed to dominate as F.Nasser led the way with three goals. The Punishers did put up a fight and tried to deploy a defensive strategy, but fatigue and too much ball chasing ultimately came back to haunt them.


(2) Orient vs Punishers (1)

(5) Orient vs Punishers (2)


A.Ekonomakis rock solid goaltending completely stifles The Peters

It’s a known fact that the Classics can beat you in many ways with their numerous game-breakers up and down their line-up.  Tonight, they put on a defensive clinic led by their stellar goaltender A.Ekonomakis who made key saves and pushed aside wave after wave of The Peters attack. Not to be overshadowed, the Classics' team defense was nothing short of exceptional. Demonstrating cohesion, communication, and a relentless commitment to protecting their own zone, the Classics managed to stifle The Peters' offensive threats. The defensive unit worked seamlessly to disrupt plays, block shots, and limit scoring opportunities, ultimately providing crucial support to their goaltender.  The Peters are a veteran team and will need to regroup quickly, in order to end their current losing streak.


(4) Classics vs The Peters (1)

(3) Classics vs The Peters (0)


Assadi power their way through the Sharpshooters with their offensive firepower

In what should have been an evenly matched tune-up game leading into the playoffs, ended up being an offensive slugfest favoring Assadi. Assadi emerged victorious in both games, as the Sharpshooters simply couldn’t contain the dynamic duo of N. Chiminian and S. Kalaydjian, each recording a hat trick. Assadi’s transition game was fluid with plenty of help from the back end as veteran D-Man N.Kokovidis provided an impressive seven helpers for his teammates.  Assadi has been on a nice run as of late, clicking and building team chemistry. The Sharpshooters, on the other hand, will undoubtedly regroup, tighten up defensively and strategize to bounce back from these defeats in their upcoming games. Top of Form




(7) Assadi Consulting  Inc. vs Sharpshooters (4)

(8) Assadi Consulting  Inc. vs Sharpshooters (3)


Resilient Hustlers earn hard fought split with the Dragons.

In a match up that featured a team with a deep and full roster, the Dragons vs a team that had only one spare, the Hustlers managed to make it very interesting in earning a split. Even though the odds were stacked against them, game 1 saw the Hustlers open the scoring and then relying on overall team defense, repeatedly stifling the Dragons and with C.Stavriadis standing on his head. When you face a team like the Dragons, you know they can’t be held down for long.  They came out looking for revenge in game 2 and proceeded to overpower their opponent with their offensive barrage that couldn’t be contained with J.Scalia leading the charge with an impressive four goal performance.  Their short bench hampered the Hustlers but give them credit for splitting their double header vs a high-quality opponent.  Top of Form




(3) Hustlers vs Dragons (1)

(3) Hustlers vs Dragons (9)


The Snipers relentless style of play wears down the Degenerates

The Snipers are a tough team to play against, since they will chase down every ball, and apply constant forechecking pressure by grinding out balls in the corners.  Game 1 was a close affair, with the Degenerates storming back with two late goals courtesy of T.Settino, forcing a shootout and ending in a draw. Game 2 two was an entirely different story, with the Snipers seizing control early and never looking back. Displaying superior hustle and determination, the Snipers outpaced the Degenerates to the ball, consistently winning crucial battles along the boards and being first on the ball. The Degenerates never played with a lead and were overwhelmed by the Snipers suffocating playing style. C.Henriquez stood tall, turning away most shots fired his way and thwarting any offensive threats.



(3) Snipers vs Degenerates (3)  S.O.

(6) Snipers vs Degenerates (1)




The SalumiVino Player of the week goes to: A. Ekonomakis, who put on a clinic and stood on his head with his superb goaltending, limiting a high-powered offence like the Peters to just one goal over 2 games.






Draft League Sunday

Sunday November 19

 Bruins absolutely dominate from start to finish as they annihilate the Flyers

 (11) Bruins vs Flyers (1)


Tonight, the Bruins really showed why they finished first overall with a commanding display of skill and precision, as they routed the Flyers with a resounding 11-1 victory. From the opening faceoff to the final buzzer, the Bruins left no room for doubt as they unleashed a relentless high-powered offense that the Flyers simply couldn't contain. The Bruins showcased their offensive prowess with an impressive performance that saw six different goal scorers finding the back of the net, with Z. St-Martin leading the way providing a hat trick and two helpers. The variety of scorers highlighted the depth and versatility of the Bruins' offensive arsenal. As they often do, the Bruins dictated the pace of the game, leaving the Flyers struggling to find any footing and searching for solutions throughout the game.


The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Z.St_Martin of the Bruins. Throughout the entire season, his name has always appeared on the scoresheet and tonight was no different as he managed to add five points to his tally, including a hat trick.



Overtime heroics provided by T.Bergomi as the Canadiens punch ticket to Final

 (4) Canadiens vs Red Wings (3) O.T.


In a truly exhilarating and thrilling playoff ball hockey showdown, the Canadiens faced off against the Red Wings in a nail-biting contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats. This game featured 2 teams that resembled each other, loaded with veterans and so it was fitting that it went the distance. The lack of discipline by both teams was astounding, with so many penalties handed out. The game was characterized by relentless back-and-forth action, with both teams demonstrating their skill and determination. As the clock ticked down in regulation, the score remained deadlocked at 3-3, setting the stage for an exhilarating overtime period. Finally, it was T. Bergomi of the Canadiens who emerged as the hero, scoring the game-winning goal in overtime and securing the thrilling 4-3 victory for his squad.


The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to T. Bergomi of the Canadiens. He stole the spotlight and broke the Red Wing hearts as he scored his biggest goal the season thus far, propelling the Canadiens to the Final.



So now the Sunday night draft league final will be:


(1) Bruins vs Canadiens (2) Wow…get your popcorn ready folks! Good old fashioned Habs vs Bruins in a match-up that features the top 2 teams in the division battling for the prestigious title and ultimate bragging rights. This barnburner is a coin toss, with a slight edge going to the Bruins.  As they have all year, the Bruins will bring their offensive firepower to the table with a few gamebreakers in their arsenal, and the Canadiens will look to counter them with their strong team defense and counterattack. With so much on the line, getting the first goal will be imperative. One thing is certain is that in order to succeed, both teams will need to control their emotions, remain disciplined and stay out of penalty trouble.

E Division and Open

Thursday November 16


P.Chery’s late game heroics sinks Altius in back-and-forth thriller

In an intense ball hockey showdown and possible playoff preview, The Chiefs and Altius put on quite a show. The Chiefs emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win over Altius in a game that showcased skill, determination, and a flurry of action, particularly in the final period. Both teams displayed remarkable defensive prowess throughout most of the game, keeping the scoreline tight. However, it was in the third period where the action truly unfolded, with both teams combining for 7 goals, with none bigger than P.Chery’s 2nd of the night, breaking the deadlock and propelling his team to victory.  The late-game heroics of the Chiefs once again showcased their ability to perform under pressure and get results.

(5) Chiefs vs Altius (4)



Fatal Demons hang on for a hard-earned victory over the Krazy Train

Regardless of their position in the standings, when these 2 teams meet each other, it’s always an intense showdown with plenty of action. The Fatal Demons emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win in a game that showcased the competitive spirit of both teams, as they exchanged goals throughout the match. Despite facing a short bench, Krazy Train demonstrated their resilience and kept the game close. The score was tied heading into the final frame until the Fatal Demons broke the tie early in the third period, courtesy of M.Mavroudis, who came up clutch bagging both the go ahead goal and the insurance marker. The Demons then went into shutdown mode as they managed to limit Krazy Train's offensive efforts, securing their lead until the final buzzer.

(5) Fatal Demons vs Krazy Train (4)


Generals score early and use balanced attack to stifle the Brew Crew

Playing a team like the Generals requires an overall team effort and of course a good start, which wasn’t the case for the Brew Crew on this night vs a tough opponent. The veteran Generals quickly got on board with the game’s first goal less than a minute into the first period and they never looked back. Once again, the Generals showcased a well-rounded offensive performance, with five different players finding the back of the net. Their ability to spread the scoring load proved to be a key factor in securing the win. The team's balanced attack kept the Brew Crew on their toes, making it challenging for them to predict and counter the Generals' offensive plays. The Generals' solid defensive efforts kept the Brew Crew mostly on the perimeter, limiting their chances to penetrate and create high-quality scoring opportunities.Top of Form

(6) Generals vs Brew Crew (3)



Fatal Demons offensive firepower proves too much for HC Fennecs

Even though it was their second game of the night, the Fatal Demons displayed exceptional stamina, unleashing an offensive onslaught that left HC Fennec struggling to keep up and emerging victorious with a final score of 9-5. The dynamic duo of T. Langiano and M. Destounis played a pivotal role in the Fatal Demons' success, combining forces to accumulate an impressive 10 points. Ball possession was a key factor in the Fatal Demons' dominance, as they dictated the pace of play. Despite the loss, M.Jaffar of the HC Fennec put up an impressive four points, including a hat trick. The Fatal Demons are clicking on all cylinders heading towards the playoffs as they battle for top spot in this highly competitive division.

(9) Fatal Demons vs HC Fennecs (5)




Armadillos get goals in every period and easily dispatch the Rated R

The Armadillos faced off against Rated R, emerging victorious with a convincing 6-1 win. They asserted their dominance early and never trailed throughout the game, showcasing a well-rounded offensive performance. They managed to get tallies in every period, with goals coming from five different players, highlighting the team's depth and scoring versatility, with N. Chiminian leading the way adding with two goals and an assist.  On the defensive end, the Armadillos maintained a solid presence, preventing Rated R from gaining momentum and effectively shutting down their scoring opportunities.  Rated R didn’t help their cause taking several trips to the penalty box and allowing the Armadillos to capitalize on their powerplay.


(6) Armadillos vs Rated R (1)




 SalumiVino Player of the week: Patrick Chery

The rugged forward always brings his grit and intensity when he plays and tonight was no different as he scored 2 big goals for his team including the game winner in the late stages of the game.



Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday November 15

Golden Knights stage epic comeback to seal thrilling 11-10 victory against Hurricanes

(11)Golden Knights vs Hurricanes(10)

In a wild roller coaster turn of events, the Golden Knights overcome a 9-5 deficit to snatch a heart stopping 11-10 win over the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes stormed out of the gate building a 5-1 lead on the back of T.Nardelli’s quick hat trick and assist. The ball was finding the back of the net for the Hurricanes with alarming frequency leaving the Golden Knights wondering what was going wrong. Undeterred by the horrible start however, the Golden Knights regrouped vowing to turn the tide in their favour. Their pace really didn’t come into effect until passing the mid way point of the contest. Despite facing an uphill battle of monumental proportions, the Golden Knights did something remarkable by scoring at will showcasing incredible fire power coming-from all directions. S.Marricco  used his ability to protect the ball which resulted in four goals for the power forward. G.Lamothe was also involved in the action netting a pair while T.Angelis may have scored the games most important tally to snap a late 10-10 tie. It goes without saying that everyone on the Golden Knights team was instrumental for the comeback. The victory not only showcased the teams offensive firepower, but also demonstrated their mental toughness and ability to rally against the odds.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Angelis of the Golden Knights. With so many goals to go around, T.Angelis rattled off his second when the game was on the line with overtime looming only a few seconds away.

K.Olivera’s electrifying start paves the way for the Rangers

(9)Rangers vs Senators(5)

The Rangers exploded out of the gate in a hockey frenzy, leaving the Senators in the dust as they surged to a commanding 4-0 lead just passed the ten minute mark. K.Olivera set the court on fire setting the tone with three of his clubs four goals. The Senators wondering what just had happened, figured out a way to slow things down and start playing some hockey. They were able to get their offense going bagging four goals in the first half of the game, but couldn’t keep the Rangers off the score sheet as they barely made ground. Its very difficult playing catch up against a team that has the legs on you. The Rangers like using their speed ,and unless you play with the lead, its very hard to storm back-from a significant deficit. No matter how hard the Senators battled, the Rangers kept enough of a distance to play comfortably ahead. In the end , the electrifying start to the game by the Rangers proved to be the determining factor as to why they walked away with the win. M.Ferraro and M.Santoro scored two goals each for the Rangers while S.Graziani did the same, but in a losing cause.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to K.Olivera of the Rangers. His individual brilliance and ability to capitalise early on with four goals undoubtedly left a lasting impression to his teammates.

S.Tosi’s hat trick propels Stars in tight battle with the Oilers

(6)Stars vs Oilers(4)

In a closely contested battle that had the fans on the edge of their seats, the Stars emerged triumphant with a 6-4 victory over the Oilers. Its now reached the point that S.Tosi will always play a significant role for the Stars. The skilled forward has yet to have a let down game and tonight wasn’t different as he struck three times while setting up L.Cannistraro’s opening tally. The game was extremely close with both sides trading goals. Saving his best for last, S.Tosi scored twice in a minute to help maintain the slight advantage. The Oilers also pushed late, but were stuck trying to level only to fall short. J.Fidrilis carried much of the Oilers offense as the sniper cashed in twice while setting up M.Lauzon. While S.Tosi’s performance took centre stage , the Stars victory came as a collective team effort. B.Verducci made the saves at the right moment to earn the win over a solid counterpart in T.Sauk.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Sergio Tosi of the Stars. Tosi’s goals  served as a catalyst for the Stars, shifting the momentum in their favour and providing a spark that resonated throughout the team.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday November 14

Sharks triumph on a late strong push over the Ducks

( 8 )Sharks vs Ducks(5)

In a nail biting ball hockey showdown between the Sharks and Ducks, the Sharks emerged victorious with a hard fought 8-5 win. The game, marked by intense back and forth action, showcased the tenacity and skill of both teams, but it was the Sharks strong finish that ultimately sealed the deal. The Sharks saw their main gun take control. D.Greco was behind setting up six goals-from the back end that saw J.Tzanetsakos riffle a hat trick. The Ducks hoped to ride their momentum when B.Panarello ripped his second for a 5-4 lead with less than ten minutes to go. Unfortunately, some defensive lapses flipt the script in a very short time with the Sharks taking over on three consecutive goals if not counting the empty netter. It was a game that could have easily gone either way. Both goaltenders did their part, but it was M.Bouliane in the end that earned the win over his counterpart B.Verducci.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Daniel Greco of the Sharks. When you set up six goals in an 8-5 result, its because your doing something right. D.Greco kept finding the lanes making it easy for his forwards to bury their chances.

Penguins use timely penalty shot goals to edge out Canucks

(5)Canucks vs Penguins(7)

It didn’t take long for the Penguins to put the Canucks on notice. Despite falling behind 2-0, the Canucks fought back valiantly refusing to let the Penguins get away with the game. This kept happening for a very long stretch until a pair of unfortunate penalties enabled the Penguins to finally pull away. First, M.Zuccaro got the better of M.Rodriguez right before S.Kalaydjian demonstrated his skill set by also scoring on a penalty shot. It was clear that both those infractions came to hurt the Canucks in the end. Prior to the penalty shot goals, the Penguins carried a very slight 4-3 margin over the Canucks. The two sides played a very close neck and neck game that involved everyone-from their bench to have an input. Out of the 12 combined goals scored, neither team had a player tally more than once which only suggested that the effort was done by committee instead of a specific player or two. This type of game resembled more of a playoff encounter as both teams clashed in a hard fought battle.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Felix Koch of the Penguins. Well insulated with a solid defense in front of him, F.Koch adds that extra layer of bricks  which makes him very difficult to beat if you’re the opposition.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 13

Peters unable to match Orients pace

The opening game set the tone for the showdown, as the Orient displayed a formidable combination of precision passing and tight defense. It seemed no matter how hard the Peters tried to generate something, the Orient kept getting in the way by recuperating the ball or keeping it for long stretches. Enough ball possession by high end players will eventually translate onto the scoreboard. The Orient unleashed most of their tallies by the second period on the backs of M.David’s three helpers and J.Saydi’s pair of goals. With a chance for the Peters to redeem themselves in the ensuing match, the Orient proved once more to be a step ahead. This time, they converted three times in the first seven minutes alone with L.Bourgeault striking twice. Its very difficult to find answerers when the opposition limits your gaps and space. Unless the Peters found a way to score first in either game, these results were perhaps likely expected since they were stuck dealing with a shorter bench.  

(1)The Peters vs Orient(4)

(1)The Peters vs Orient(4)

Degenerates and Assadi Consulting inc go the distance in a double thriller

In a jaw dropping display of skill and determination, the Degenerates and the Assadi Consulting inc faced off in back to back games that pushed the boundaries of excitement. Both encounters were so evenly matched that regulation time proved to be insufficient to determine a winner, leading to consecutive shootouts where the Assadi consulting inc converted on one extra play for the extra point. The first encounter saw the Degenerates battle back-from a 2-0 deficit before A.Papazian decided matters in the shootout as the lone successful goal scorer. While much of the second game resembled the first one, this time it was the Assadi Consulting inc that fell down by a pair trailing 3-1. Since both sides were showing an incredible amount of resilience, it came to no surprise that the Assadi Consulting inc bounced back as well getting the games next two goals. Once again, the clock expired, and the two sides were stuck showing off their individual skill set going up against the net minders one on one. Unlike the previous shootout where R.Ranieri of the Degenerates and M.Melo of the Assadi Consulting inc stole the show, this time it was the players turn to shine. N.Katsifolis and P.Paikopoulos each buried their chances for the Degenerates while N.Chiminian and M.Tavouras did the same for the Assadi Consulting inc.

(2)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(3) S.O

(5)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(5) S.O

Classics use defence and offense in both their wins over the Dragons

The opening game proved to be a defensive showcase, with both the Dragons and the Classics locking horns in a tight contest. The goaltenders on both sides signed up for their first game and did not disappoint with P-O Girourad getting the better of his counter part D.Delaronde. Each team fought fiercely for ball control, resulting in a low scoring affair. The Classics scored the games first two goals courtesy of A.Kakivelis and L.Velenosi while D.Lombardi struck late for the Dragons to spoil P-O Girouard’s shutout. The second game unfolded as a tale of offensive brilliance for the Classics. The Dragons initially matched their opponents intensity, resulting in a close contest throughout the entire first period. However, the Classics looked like a different team entering the final frame as they unleashed early on with three quick goals. By the time it was said and done, the Classics had scored six unanswered tallies to down the Dragons twice on Monday night. C.Kakivelis rattled of a pair in the first period while four different players took turns finding the back of the net by the second frame. The Classics double triumph against the Dragons not only demonstrated their versatility, with a tight defensive win followed by an explosive offensive showcase , but also highlighted the teams resilience and adaptability.

(1)Dragons vs Classics(2)

(3)Dragons vs Classics(6)

Hustlers bounce back after landslide defeat to Punishers

In a true testament to their character and determination , the Hustlers showcased an inspiring bounce back performance after suffering a landslide defeat in their opener against the Punishers. The subsequent game was a remarkable display of grit, teamwork, and an unwavering spirit that underscored the essence of sportsmanship. Unfortunately for the Hustlers, they put it all together a little to late into the season with the playoffs looming around the corner. The first game against the Punishers was a tough pill to swallow. Facing a formidable opponent, they found themselves on the receiving end  of a landslide defeat, a result that could have easily dampened their spirits. However , instead of letting the loss define them , the Hustlers felt confident about their chances and proved it on the court that they can defeat anyone.  If they could have applied the same competiveness nature-from the beginning of the season, they would have been in the conversation of a team competing for the big dance. Instead, a slow start coupled with some lack of urgency has them now looking-from the side lines.

(7)Punishers vs Hustlers(2)

(2)Punishers vs Hustlers(4)

Snipers stage incredible comeback to take points away of a sure Sharpshooters win

From-the opening face off, the Snipers established their control and never let up handing the Sharpshooters a thumping defeat. The win came as a collective team effort that saw six different players score. Apart-from A.Lepore’s power play goal, the Sharpshooters had nothing to show for offensively. The second game promised a redemption opportunity for the Sharpshooters, and they came out determined to make amends. This time, they made sure to get a better start with their forwards finally clicking. A.Lepore was the driving force behind much of his teams offense generating points on all six goals that helped M.Kardum rattle off a pair. With everything looking like a complete turn around compared to the first game, the Sharpshooters felt confident about their chances up 6-3 with less than three minutes remaining. They looked fuelled with desire in order to level the series. But as time was winding down, the Snipers orchestrated a series of electrifying plays that culminated in not one, but three late goals. What once appeared like a sure deal for the Sharpshooters, ended off with a sour taste despite tying the game after a shootout round. Talk about mental toughness if you’re the Snipers. Rather than packing it in, the approach of battling back was a testament to their never give up attitude and ability to elevate their game when it mattered the most.

(6)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(1)

(7)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(7) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jafar Hassan of the Snipers. In a stunning display of skill and clutch performance, J.Hassan emerged as the player of the night scoring two big goals and an assist that overcome a bleak 6-3 deficit into a tie game.

Draft League Sunday playoffs

Sunday November 12 (Quarter finals)

B.Verducci stands tall in net, Red Wings strike early and often to defeat Panthers

(9)Red Wings vs Panthers(4)

While many factors are required to obtain success, goaltending is right up there, if not the most important part of it. B.Verducci’s solid goaltending proved to be a formidable barrier against the Red Wings offensive efforts, making key saves early on to keep his side in control. The Red Wings played a tight game while patiently waiting fro their chances. Every so often, they would generate a great opportunity and capitalise getting a ton of balanced scoring. The contest was barely 22 minutes old and the Red Wings knew they had punched a ticket heading into the next round. The Panthers simply couldn’t get enough pace to mount a huge deficit. Despite their efforts, the Panthers were unable to overcome the Red Wings well rounded game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Red Wings. The goaltender exhibited an outstanding performance between the pipes enabling his side to build enough of a comfortable lead to securing an important win.

Kraken keep it close for half the game before Canadiens pull away on a tear

(10)Canadiens vs Kraken(3)

It was a game plan that the Kraken didn’t mind at all utilising going up against a solid team. The strategy was simple by trying to keeping it close for as long as possible. And for a large part, the Kraken were pleased on how things were rolling along. The unit was sound and alert defensively, the players would come back to guard their players, and P.Kassaris was making the saves in order to keeping the game close. However, as the game progressed, the Canadiens began to assert their dominance. Whether through strategic adjustments ,increased offensive pressure, or capitalising on the Krakens’s lapses, the Canadiens went on a scoring tear. Their skilful plays and cohesive teamwork allowed them to pull away, leaving the Kraken trailing in the dust. G.DeStefano, G.Santacroce, K.Trichas and L.Bavellas all potted a pair while A.Angelis quarterbacked the back end collecting four assists. The Canadiens are known for playing a style that doesn’t give much to the opposition. The Kraken, although knew this, couldn’t apply enough pressure in the second portion  to keep pace with the Canadiens.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Tzouvadakis of the Canadiens. While the offense wasn’t an issue, the Canadiens were glad to see their goaltender dialled in making a bunch of saves against a very respected attack in the Kraken.

Bruins advance on tight defensive effort

(6)Bruins vs Sabres(2)

In a compelling ball hockey contest, the Bruins emerged victorious against eth Sabres with a convincing final score. The Bruins showcased what was required in a playoff game. Every area was covered-from their top guns scoring, a  sound defensive effort and of coarse having A.Benedetto there as the last line of defense. A crucial point during the contest occurred when S.Vitai and M.Mosca converted only three minutes apart. The sequence put the Bruins ahead 3-1 which gave them the luxury of dictating the terms their way. Even though there was half a game remaining, the Sabres couldn’t figure out how to penetrate the Bruins defence, and perhaps more importantly A.Benedetto. Only three players scored for the Bruins with S.Vitali, M.Mosca and Z.St-Martin bagging two goals apiece. The three players created significant challenges for the Sabres defense, as they showcased skilful plays and accurate shooting to secure the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Andy Benedetto of the Bruins. You know you have a hand in it when allowing only two goals in a big playoff game. While A.Benedtto may be rightfully so to credit his teammates in front of him, there is no denying that he played a pivotal role in net making a bunch of key saves.

Flyers score 2 quick goals to turn the tide

(2)Blackhawks vs Flyers(3)

In a tight and intense playoff battle between the Flyers and the Blackhawks, the Flyers managed to gain an advantage on a pair of very quick goals. The Blackhawks had set the pace early on courtesy of E.Allen, but eventually fell behind when C.Roberts and O.Libbos converted only a minute apart. You knew that this was going to be a tight affair till the every end for how both sides were keeping up with one another. The two teams didn’t quite have their full line ups which forced the players to play smarter and be more aware on how to spend their energy. The Flyers played with their slight 2-1 lead until M.Destounis provided some breathing room by widening the gap. Still, time wasn’t yet an issue for the Blackhawks as they tried to battle back and  salvage their playoffs hopes of staying alive. G.Martuccio gave some light at the end of the tunnel as the young talent bridged the gap by one. By that point, the Flyers had just over two minutes to kill off the clock and secure a hard fought win. With B.Mourad determined to close out the assignment in net along with the Flyers battling hard to defend properly, the Blackhawks couldn’t make a last crucial play in order to force the extra time.  

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Brian Mourad of the Flyers. The net minders ability to make key saves under pressure and limit the opposing teams scoring opportunities was instrumental in securing a hard fought win for the Flyers.

The Sunday Draft league division has reached a thrilling stage as it narrows down to the final four teams, setting the stage for an exciting semi final round. The stakes are high as the four teams vie for a coveted spot in the championship game, where they’ll have the opportunity to compete for the ultimate title in the Sunday division. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Bruins vs Flyers(5) As the Bruins continue their quest, its evident that containing M.Destounis will be a key factor if they plan on advancing. That being said, the Flyers will have more adjusting to do going up against a heavy favourite. Right off the bat, the Flyers goaltending needs to be stellar, the defense has to be coordinated, and the offense should come naturally with Destounis navigating the forwards.

(2)Canadiens vs Red Wings(3) If the Red Wings don’t start strong like they did against the Panthers by building a lead, than look for the Canadiens to advance. The Canadiens are so sound defensively that the Red Wings have to play a chess match style in order to compete with them. As long as they hang around, then anything is possible, especially with B.Verducci guarding the cage.

E Division and Open

Thursday November 9

Generals jump in front early, Krazy Train unable to recover

(8)Generals vs Krazy Train(3)

The Generals wasted no time catching the Krazy Train off guard early to grab a 2-0 lead. J-R Turgeon scored both goals forcing the Krazy Train to wake up and get their mojo going. While things looked promising when J.DiMauro cut the lead in half, the Generals jumped ahead by two once more courtesy of M.Chenier’s power play goal. The Krazy Train attempted to rally in the second, but the Generals continued to dominate adding three more tallies. It was clear that a comeback attempt on a short bench was a tall order for the Krazy Train. Despite the circumstances, they did battle hard making plenty happen only to get snake bitten by P.Blais. Once you have a comfortable gap, teams tend to play a little looser and focus on trying to shut you down. The Generals simply played the clock in their favour before sealing a well deserved victory.

Rated R juggernauts P.Assadi, PNakhle and G.Pisanelli complete hat tricks

(10)Rated R vs HC Fennecs(5)

Rated R wasted no time asserting their dominance-from the get go. Payam Assadi rattled off a hat trick, P.Nakhle bagged a pair, and the HC Fennecs knew they were in for a long night. Precision passes, powerful shots and impeccable team work allowed Rated R to dictate the game. Although the game was completely out of reach, the HC Fennecs refused to back down and salvaged some pride. Y.Bouzidi was arguably the mastermind behind the third period surge. All five goals came-from Y.Bouzidi setting up the play that saw R.Belam and J.Moust cash in twice. Despite the late surge, the gap proved to wide too bridge. What’s worth noting in this win is that three players-from the same team scored hat tricks. With Payam Assadi finishing his assignment early on, P.Nakhle along with G.Pisanelli followed up collecting three goals each as well.

Armadillos excel on their special teams, Krazy Train go empty handed in double header night

(6)Armadillos vs Krazy Train(2)

When two solid teams face off against one another, many little details come into play. In this particular game, the Armadillos exceled on their special teams while the Krazy Train failed in that department. The Armadillos power play unit moved with precision and coordination, creating scoring opportunities that left the Krazy Train scrambling to defend. Three of their goals came with a man up while one was scored in a shorthanded situation when M.Arkails came down the wing releasing a hard wrist shot to beat G.Follano. The Krazy Train showed some promising moments early on peppering C.Stavriadis with a bunch of shots only to keep getting denied. After failing to capitalise on some decent scoring chances, the Krazy Train got into penalty trouble which ultimately doomed them in the end. G.Bouchard and M.Arkalis each scored twice, and C.Stavriadis faced close to 25 shots to capture a well earned win between the pipes.

Altius unleashes late surge in thrilling finish with Black Knights

(4)Altius vs Black Knights(2)

In a thrilling game between the Black Knights and the Altius, the fans were treated to an intense battle that remained neck in neck until the late stages of the third period . The game kicked off with both teams displaying solid defensive strategies and skilled goaltending. Both sides traded shots, but the goaltenders stood tall. J.Morina was the only player to score in the first two periods providing the Altius a 1-0 lead. The third period began with both teams pushing for control of the game. Still without a goal, D.Lombardi finally got to A.Mancini early in the frame to knot the game at one goal apiece. For a very good stretch, neither side was giving much wanted nothing less than to avoid a mistake. Eventually, the Altius found a way to break through first, and that’s when A.Kobayati snapped the late tie. Since the Black Knights were in desperate need of a response, the game opened up which enabled the Altius to take advantage of some open space. P.Arkalis widened the gap by two which appeared to seal the deal up until D.Lombardi riffled his second on the power play to pull the Black Knights within one. Unfortunately, the little time left over enabled J.Morina to bury his second in an empty net.

Fatal Demons erupt in third period to defeat Brew Crew

(4)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(6)

The first two periods were closely contested, with both the Brew Crew and Fatal Demons exchanging blows on the scoreboard. Each team showcased a tight defensive game and the goaltenders were put to the test with a barrage of shots. At this rate, it was expected that this contest was going to be decided until the final whistle. Instead, the Fatal Demons were able to unleash a relentless attack that caught C.Muccino off guard on a couple of hard shots. The Fatal Demons scored three goals in four minutes on efforts-from different players. M.Maggiore kept the Brew Crew’s hopes alive by closing the gap by one. After pulling their net minder for the extra attacker, the Brew Crew made a weak pass that got intercepted in which M.Mavroudis made sure to feed a yawning cage. The Fatal Demons were able to secure the 6-4 win on a spectacular third period run.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Timmy Langiano of the Fatal Demons. T.Langiano’s goals and assists came at pivotal moments in the game, turning the tide in favour of the Fatal Demons and ultimately earning him the player of the game.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday November 8

Blues and Golden Knights clash in roller coaster ride

(14)Blues vs Golden Knights(13)

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the Blues and the Golden Knights faced off in a highly anticipated ball hockey clash. From-the drop of the ball, it was clear that this was going to be a high scoring affair. Goals were exchanged at a rapid pace, keeping the scoreboard lit throughout the game. J.DiMauro and T.Nardelli wearing the Blues colors, were on fire. Their chemistry on the floor was undeniable as they executed precise passes and displayed incredible team work. DiMauro’s powerful shots and Nardelli’s finesse around the net left the Golden Knights goaltender scrambling. The game was so unpredictable that it needed every second of it to determine an eventual winner. Tied 12-12 with just over two minutes to go, J.DiMauro snapped the tie followed with a quick tally by E.Mastrosanti that held up for the winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jonathan DiMauro of the Blues. It was clear that J.DiMauro did pretty much what he wanted out there. Out of his clubs 14 goals, DiMauro participated in 11 of them to help lead his side in a wild affair.

Rangers save best for last riding three late goals

(3)Hurricanes vs Rangers(5)

What a comeback for the Rangers! The battle against the Hurricanes was intense, and the late game heroics surely had fans on the edge of their seats. The game started off as a tight contest, with both teams showcasing their skills on the court. The Hurricanes were putting up a strong fight, but the Rangers led by the stellar performance by Joseph Salvo, were determined to turn the tide. Throughout the game, Salvo proved to be a defensive powerhouse, breaking up numerous plays and thwarting the Hurricanes offensive efforts. His timely interventions and strategic moves kept the Rangers in the game when it mattered most. As the clock wound down, the Rangers found themselves trailing by a slight 3-2 margin. Then, in the short span of only four minutes or so, the game turned on its head with the Rangers striking late on three unanswered goals. Joey Salvo had evened the score, J.Gravel then provided the lead while M.Ferrara capped it off with an insurance marker. There was no question that it took a resilient team effort coupled with D.Apikian holding the fort in net for the Rangers late comeback.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Joseph Salvo of the Rangers.  Often neglected, playing well without the ball doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Joseph Salvo broke a bunch of plays that not only prevented scoring chances, but regained ball possession which is essential in a closely tilted battle.

Senators fall short to Stars after staging late comeback

(7)Senators vs Stars( 8 )

As the game unfolded, it seemed like the Senators were facing an uphill battle, but they showcased incredible resilience with a stunning late comeback attempt riding three straight goals. However, the script took a sudden turn when M.Sasso bagged his third snapping the late 7-7 tie. The back and forth nature of the game added to the drama, and unfortunately for the Senators, the Stars managed to regain the lead just when it seemed victory was within each for the Senators. While it goes without saying that you need all your elements in order to get the job done, the Stars were however glad to have S.Tosi and M.Sasso make a little extra noise on Wednesday night. The two were a force to be reckoned with as they both scored hat tricks being undeniably a big reason why the Stars got to the finish line first. It was an exciting tilt that had its ups and downs with plenty of drama. Although a disappointing way to lose, the Senators showed  great determination by never giving when the game looked to be completely out of reach.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mario Sasso of the Stars. No question M.Sasso was clutch on Wednesday night. Already with a pair of goals under his belt, the forward saved his best for last snapping a late tie to complete his hat trick.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday November 7

Penguins find a spark to overcome four goal deficit

(5)Sharks vs Penguins(6)

It didn’t take long for the Sharks to put the Penguins on their heels. A pair of quick goals by R.Santosuosso and D.Greco set the tone as the Sharks meant business to kick start their night with the Penguins. Even though the Penguins battled back to pull within one, the Sharks would continue to press and play ahead. At one point, they led 5-2 just shy of the mid way point of the game. Nothing seemed to be going right for a team that couldn’t get their offense going. Sometimes, it takes one big shift to turn the tides. With A.Martin and A.Angelis scoring a minute apart, the Penguins found renewed energy to suddenly pull themselves within one. The game went through a scoring drought for almost fifteen minutes which didn’t bother the Sharks so much since they were still ahead. But an unfortunate penalty by the Sharks enabled the Penguins to level when M.Zuccaro made sure to bury his chance. All of a sudden, the contest is tied with all the momentum favouring the Penguins. It took four minutes after the penalty shot goal for the Penguins to strike once more. This time,. B.Travisano found the back of the net giving the Penguins their first lead of the night. The Sharks, determined to salvage the game, pull their goalie for the extra attacker in the dying minutes. Unfortunately, the few shots attempts couldn’t get through the layers of players in front of B.Verducci, who stood tall stopping everything his way.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Penguins. It wasn’t the start he preferred, but the net minder stuck with it, and went perfect for over half the game which helped his club bounce back and mount a nice little comeback.

Ducks bounce back on game changing shift

(5)Canucks vs Ducks(6)

Slowly but surely, the Canucks came out showing more purpose and energy versus the Ducks. D.Carlucci and T.Perluzzo had each scored twice, and the Canucks looked in fine shape carrying a 5-2 lead. While everything appeared to be going according to plan for the Canucks, something needed to give for the Ducks if they planned on bouncing back. The Ducks were stuck trailing by three goals as they tried to figure out a way to get something going. As the game entered the 35 minute mark, the Ducks had a game changing shift scoring three markers in only two and a half minutes. The Ducks manage to break through the Canucks defence while winning some one on one battles that would turn into high end chances. All three tallies came-from the forward line.  Now that the Ducks pulled ahead 6-5, the rest of the ten minutes was focusing on playing a tighter defensive game. Every player understood their role to make sure and pick up a player. Adding to all that, A.Benedetto was there as the last line of defence making crucial saves. The Ducks didn’t have their best game, but used one big moment during the contest that turned the tides in their favour.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Danny Galloro of the Ducks.  With two big goals and a nice feed for the game winner, D.Galloro was a big part of the Ducks comeback victory over the Canucks.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 6

Pedram Assadi stellar goaltending enables Assadi Consulting inc to split their night with Snipers

The game began with high intensity, and it didn’t take long for the Snipers to make their presence felt. After taking a 3-1 lead, the first period concluded with the Snipers in control. They weren’t done yet as they made sure to play ahead despite both sides trading a pair of early goals. A.Sayed and N.Atoui each posted their second, and the Snipers were well on their way to taking the first encounter. With something needing to give, Pedram Assadi ended up being the reason why the Assadi Consulting inc split their night with the Snipers. The Snipers launched an early offensive onslaught, determined to replicate their earlier victory. However, P.Assadi made a series of incredible saves , denying the Snipers any confidence in order to try and battle back. The Assadi Consulting inc were up 4-0 at one point on a pair of goals and an assist by A.Papazian. Still without a solution on how to figure out the Assadi Consulting inc net minder, A.Sayed finally broke the curse on a late tally. With the Assadi Consulting inc’s defense holding up coupled with P.Assadi’s brilliant goaltending, the two sides walked away satisfied collecting a victory each.

(3)Assadi Consulting inc vs Snipers(5)

(4)Assadi Consulting inc vs Snipers(1)

Classics pair hard fought wins versus the Hustlers

In a thrilling pair of games, the Classics managed to secure hard fought victories against the Hustlers. The first encounter was largely decided on the power play with the Classics making the Hustlers pay on three occasions. The Hustlers only got on board late when the game was already decided. S.Athanasopoulos broke F.Gagnon’s shutout hoping to bring some inspiration heading into the second encounter. Unlike the first game, the Hustlers were determined to bounce back looking much crisper and focused to put up a better challenge. They never led, but kept bouncing back to even the score. S.Athanasopoulos was influential once more scoring back to back goals that would even the score 4-4 late in the game.  The Hustlers decided to make a courageous but perhaps costly decision by removing their net minder for the extra attacker. Surely, they are in desperate need of points to climb into a playoff spot, but the risk may have seemed to high with still enough games left in the regular season. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan with C.Gingras feeding the empty cage for the hat trick.

(1)Hustlers vs Classics(4)

(4)Hustlers vs Classics(6)

Dragons look flat in second match with the Orient

There was no question that both games were going to be decided late between the Orient and the Dragons. The opening game was marked by stellar goaltending between J.DeStefano of the Dragons and M.Jobin of the Orient. That being said, it was the Dragons offense that proved to be clinical as they got some timely goals by J.Mandracchia and A.Mirolla’s second to distance themselves early in the second period. Despite dropping the opener, the Orient responded with a renewed focus in the second game. Their offense and defensive efforts were more coordinated , and it showed right-from the start. This time, they took command building a 3-2 lead thanks to a pair of tallies by O.Duchrame. As the game progressed, the Orient only got better winning the final frame handily. If not for J.DeStefano guarding the cage, the Orient would have pulled away en route to an easier win. Instead, they used the lead to their advantage and played out the clock by dictating the pace. M-A DiStasio had strong finish bagging two goals with the help of O.Wahid, who continues to be a force accumulating a total of five assists in both games.

(5)Dragons vs Orient(4)

(2)Dragons vs Orient(6)

Punishers defeat Peters twice on the back of C.Ekonomakis

The Punishers entered tonight determined to make a statement. As expected, the games were going to be intense with both teams displaying excellent ball control and passing. P.Karvouriaris was one of two major reasons why the Punishers took the first game. The sniper collected all three points that included two goals. If your going to limit the Peters to only a pair of tallies, its largely because your playing tight defense, and more importantly that your net minder is in peak form. C.Ekonomakis showcased incredible agility, quick reflexes and ability to read the play leading the Punishers to a close 3-2 win. The second match up promises even more excitement. With the memory of their previous win fresh in their minds, the Punishers are confident, while the Peters are eager for redemption. Once again, C.Ekonomakis takes centre stage. His exceptional glove saves and quick lateral movements keep the Peters at bay. When your goaltender is keeping a lethal offense to only a pair of goals, your likely to pull away at one point. The Punishers had a strong sequence in the final frame collecting three big goals-from different players in order to secure a second win. Tonight, just goes to show that when you have a solid goaltender in C.Ekonomakis, a prolific goal scorer in P.Karvouriaris along with a solid supporting cast, your stapled as an automatic contender.

(3)Punishers vs The Peters(2)

(5)Punishers vs The Peters(2)   

M.Moisan late marker gives Sharpshooters the edge in two closely contested games

In two closely contested encounters, the Sharpshooters managed to narrowly edge out the Degenerates in the second tilt. The first game saw the Degenerates overcome a 2-0 deficit on goals by J.Melo which sent the game in a shootout where both sides settled for a draw. The second game proved to be just as thrilling as the first one. Again, the Sharpshooters were the ones playing ahead carrying a 3-1 lead at one point. Rather than throwing in the towel, the Degenerates stuck with it, and rebounded thanks to a pair of back to back tallies by D.Charbonneau. With the game hanging in the balance, the final stretch saw a thrilling exchange of chances and saves. Eventually, the Sharpshooters would catch a break when a miscommunication in the defensive zone enabled M.Moisan to capitalise. That tally came with about three minutes left in the game, more than enough time for an equaliser for the trailing side. The Degenerates couldn’t have ask for a better opportunity after being awarded a power play. After generating numerous chances, M.Vinciguerra stood stall making exceptional saves to capture a well earned win.

(3)Degenerates vs Sharpshooters(3) S.O

(3)Degenerates vs Sharpshooters(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Ekonomakis of the Punishers. His two victories for the Punishers against the Peters were a testament to the impact a star goaltender can have in a hockey game. The teams defense and offense were also crucial, but it was C.Ekonomakis outstanding efforts that sealed their triumph in both games.

Draft League Sunday playoffs

Sunday November 5 (Playoffs round 1)

Sabres out pace depleted Islanders

(2)Islanders vs Sabres(8)

The Islanders were stuck dealing with an unfortunate set of circumstances. Having only one player to rotate isn’t that right formula if your ambitions are to make a serious push. You always try to get that first tally, or at the very least keep the game as close as possible for as long as you can. The Sabres took nothing for granted and saw the opportunity to take advantage of a depleted bench. They took a 2-0 lead early on before F.Vitoratos struck right away to narrow the gap for the Islanders. As much as the Islanders tried to fight back, their lack of key players made it difficult for them to generate any substantial offense. The Sabres continued their onslaught-from there on building a broader lead that would ultimately secure an easy win. L.Bucci had a nice night rattling off a hat trick, N.Macri potted a pair and R.Testa was influential in net despite having the support compared to the Islanders.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Larry Bucci of the Sabres. With two of his three goals coming early on, the Sabres were able to set the path for a convincing win over the Islanders.

Predators kept battling back but fell in overtime to Kraken

(4)Predators vs Kraken(5) O.T

In a heart pounding do or die match up, the Kraken faced off against the Predators that had the fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams came ready with so much on the line, with the Predators constantly battling back to keep the game alive. It seemed like every time the Kraken would grab a lead, the Predators had an answer. They were able to level on three occasions, but never had the luxury to play in front. V.Romero kept his clubs hopes alive by levelling the game very late sending it into overtime. The tension on the court was palpable as the sudden death period began. The Predators had battled back throughout the game, and their determination was evident as they pressed for the game winning goal. However, it was the Kraken who seized the moment, and who other than F.Mastrocola to get it done. Any betting person would likely put a dollar on the Krakens top gun to deliver. When playing in a four vs four format, great players have the extra room to manoeuvre and create more space. Eventually, his time came, and the skilled forward buried his chance to send his club through to the next round.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frank Mastrocola of the Kraken. F.Mastrocola known for his clutch performances in high pressure situations, showcased his talent and composure when it mattered the most. The Kraken will move on to the next round thanks their top gun coming through once more.

Wild and Flyers engage in high scoring affair, M.Destounis seals the victory in overtime

(11)Flyers vs Wild(10) O.T

The game began with an explosive start that would continue throughout the entire game. It was one of those encounters that the goaltenders wished they were watching-from the sidelines. Goals just kept coming in as neither side really cared much about closing the gaps and staying back to defend. The Wild perhaps didn’t have much of a choice to take risks since they were the ones constantly trailing. To their credit, they had a response each and every time, but could never slow down the pace of the Flyers as they kept pulling ahead. Something that was perhaps neglected for the Wild, was the lack of attention paid to M.Destounis. The forward had way to much room in the offensive side of the court which can only be a recipe for disaster if you’re the defending side. Giving M.Destounis that much room will likely make any opposition pay a huge price. In the second portion of the game, M.Destounis had scored three straight goals for the Flyers before netting his clubs biggest one by the overtime period. The Flyers saw much of their goals concentrated on two particular players. While M.Destounis led the way on five tallies, D.Fortier was right behind him striking four times. As for the Wild, goals came by committee as they relied on everyone pulling their weight. Unfortunately , they just couldn’t find a way to play in front which could have maybe influenced the final result.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Marino Destounis of the Flyers. His exceptional performance, particularly his fifth goal in overtime, made him the undisputed hero of the night earning him the player of the game.

Panthers control tempo, Kings struggle to generate much up front

(5)Panthers vs Kings(2)

Controlling the tempo of the game with loads of ball possession will always come a long way. The Panthers owned that department in this playoff tilt with the Panthers, who kept getting frustrated as they lacked enough offense zone time to create much. The match did remain very close for a long period of time. The Panthers big goal came with fifteen minutes left when A.Gravel notched his first of two for a 3-1 lead. As much as the Kings regrouped to attempt a comeback, the Panthers ball control and defensive prowess proved challenging to overcome. R.Lendrum would pick up a loose ball to widen the margin, and the Panthers were well on their way to punching a ticket to the quarter final round. F.Vigliotti, although not overly busy, had to make some necessary saves in order for the Panthers to play in front. The Panthers exceptional ball possession and efficient use of their scoring chances were the defining factors in their 5-2 win over the Kings.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Freddy Vigliotti of the Panthers. Despite the Kings efforts to mount a comeback, F.Vigliotti’s consistent and reliable performance in net kept the Panthers in control. He provided his team with the confidence and stability needed to secure the win.

Sunday night concluded the end of the first round of the playoffs. Down to only eight teams, the quarter final round will take place this up coming Sunday. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Bruins vs Sabres(11) The Sabres are considered the underdogs as they’ll look to defy the odd against the first place Bruins. Its not like the Sabres don’t have the elements to cause an upset. N.Macri and C.Arnoldo put up goals on a regular basis while R.Testa has shown that he can be a key factor between the pipes. If they play with confidence and structure, than anything is possible .That being said, its no coincidence that the Bruins finished with only two losses, and will be a very difficult out.

(2)Canadiens vs Kraken(10) Here you have a case where the Kraken will have a difficult time penetrating the Canadiens defense. The Kraken have the offensive fire power to create chances, but they’ll be tested going up against a side that doesn’t give you much. If the Kraken fail to play ahead in this series, than it will likely favour the Canadiens with ease. Timely goals, defense first mentality, and solid goaltending by P.Kassaris are bare requirements if an upset is to happen.

(3)Red Wings vs Panthers(8) The Red Wings and the Panthers will face off against each other in what should be an unpredictable outcome. The seeding’s don’t apply in this one game do or die match up. Both sides are familiar with one another leaving a structured  game plan to perhaps decide the outcome. This series will come down to doing all the little things right. The Panthers are feeling confident coming off their recent win versus the Kings while the Red Wings will have all the motivation in the world to defeat an opponent that they don’t want to lose to.

(4)Blackhawks vs Flyers(5) Its simple, guard M.Destounis and you have a chance. The Blackhawks need to play it smart if they plan to advance. But to say guarding a top sniper is the way to go is easier said than done. Players like M.Destouins will no matter what find a way to score or make players around him find the back of the net. The Blackhawks will be stuck remaining aware of his presence throughout the entire game if they plan on moving on.

E Division and Open

Thursday November 2

S.DosSantos delivers final blow in comeback effort by Rated R

(6)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(5) O.T

It was a game that was marked with intense action, fierce competition, and a dramatic finish. Rated R raced off to the better start taking the opening frame 2-1. Eventually however, the Fatal Demons unleashed their furry collecting the games next four goals on scoring efforts-from different players. It was a momentum shift that continued for a very long stretch. More precisely, it lasted just shy of the mid way point of the third period The Fatal Demons felt they could do no wrong carrying what appeared to be a safe 5-2 lead. But Rated R known for their resilience, refused to back down . With a new found energy and determination, they launched a relentless offensive onslaught. One goal after another, Rated R clawed their way into the game leaving the Fatal Demons in total disbelief. It was an improbable comeback that turned the game on its head. J.Rabchuk was able to level leaving still plenty of time left over in the period. Unable to get it down in regulation time, Rated R still had the final say when their captain delivered the final blow. S.DosSantos came through once more for his club netting the games biggest tally to complete a remarkable comeback. In a dramatic and unforgettable match, Rated R proved again that they are a difficult out unless you play them till the final whistle.

Krazy Train get back on track with 10-0 rout of Brew Crew

(0)Brew Crew vs Krazy Train(10)

In a dominating performance , the Krazy Train got back on track with a resounding win over the Brew Crew. From-the very drop of the ball, it was evident that Krazy Train was on a mission. Their offense was able to click while the Brew Crew’s defense struggled to contain the onslaught of constant pressure. The Krazy Train won the opening frame 3-0 and continued to press as the game went on. Once they built a significant lead by the second frame, the Brew Crew didn’t have the motivation to compete as hard anymore. Two goals went in that shouldn’t which clearly suggested that it just wasn’t their night. Perhaps, the only little goal they had at one point was to at least get one by G.Follano. That being said, the goaltender was well insulated getting plenty of support-from the players in front of him. Despite the help, he did make some nice saves to earn the shutout. The Krazy Train won this game because everyone bought into playing for one another. No player really stood out as many contributed offensively. All in all, just a solid game for a team that needed  a step in the right direction.

Armadillos use strong third period to edge out the Generals

(7)Armadillos vs Generals(4)

In a highly anticipated and penalty filled game , the Armadillos took control and secured a 7-4 victory over the Generals. Both teams displayed a level of competitiveness that resulted in numerous penalties and power play opportunities. The game was marred by a series of infractions that kept the penalty box busy. The Generals may have had the better start grabbing the lead ,and never really surrendered it until the mid way point of the final frame. It was-from that point on that the Armadillos overtook control of the situation on a brilliant display of teamwork and incredible determination. While many factors need to go right, its safe to say that S.Athanasopoulos had a major pull on why the Armadillos stormed back to defeat a lethal opponent. With his deft passing skills and an innate understanding of the game, S.Athanosopoulos set up four brilliant goals while netting the game winner. His pinpoint passes and clever assists created shooting lanes for his teammates to easily find the back of the net. P.Lapointe and P.Arkalis each scored twice as both players combined for nine points. For two straight periods, the Generals held their own, but couldn’t match the pace in the final frame to keep up with a relentless opponent.

Chiefs playing a step ahead of the Black Knights

(3)Black Knights vs Chiefs(7)

The Chiefs are known for their exceptional teamwork and control of the game while the Black Knights are known for their resilience and determination. In this game, tensions run high as the Chiefs aim to assert their dominance, but the Black Knights wont go down without a fight. It looked as though the Chiefs would have a fairly easy night after a convincing first period where they posted three unanswered goals in which two came off the blade of K.Duplin. The Black Knights, undeterred by the Chiefs control, manage to finish off the second frame strong on two power play goals by A.Kakivelis and L.Velenosi. As the third period begins, the Chiefs showed why they are the real team to beat in this division. With precision passing and an unbreakable defence  that has P-O Girouard as the last line of defence, they pull away-from the Black Knights on three consecutive goals. Its safe to say that the Chiefs have no weaknesses with so many skilled players which makes them extremely difficult to beat. On top of that, they have that right player to take care of their team with J.Gagne being the leader in the room and on the court. Never taking a night off, the incredibly skilled forward displayed his talent once more scoring two timely goals while setting up a perfect feed for J.Girouc-Theriault to release a nice one timer.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sotiri Athanasopoulos of the Armadillos. His exceptional play making skills made everyone around him better, and as a result, the Armadillos defeated a strong opponent thanks to their top gun producing five whopping points.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday November 1

Senators triumph over Hurricanes on the back of T.Settino’s hat trick

(3)Hurricanes vs Senators(5)

Getting the games first two goals came a long way for the Senators close win over the Hurricanes. Although the Hurricanes kept pushing the pace going down without a fight, they just couldn’t get that extra tally in order to level. They narrowed the gap by one on three occasions on the back of Ari.Daghlian scoring twice. The pace of the game was relentless with both goaltenders doing their part keeping it extremely close. As good as H.Psaroudis was making plenty of key saves, the net minder didn’t have an answer on how to shut down T.Settino. The Senators got three of their five goals-from their top gun that undoubtedly made the difference in this encounter. S.Mascitto got credited the winner, and M.Mascitto allowed only three goals after facing 26 shots.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Settino of the Senators. The highly skilled forward shined throughout the entire match scoring three big goals to lead his club past the Hurricanes.

F.Bchara hat trick breaks 6-6 deadlock, Blues edge out Oilers

(6)Oilers vs Blues(8)

In a high scoring and thrilling hockey game, the Blues saved their best for last notching two big goals. It was clear that this game would be a goal scoring extravaganza. Both teams never let up displaying their offensive fire power burning the lights on the score board with a flurry of goals. The lead got exchanged a few times which suggested for a very unpredictable ending. With the game all tied up at six goals apiece with less than two minutes remaining, the Blues had the extra gear posting a pair of back breaking tallies. First, F.Bchara notched his third to snap the tie, and C.Arnoldo followed up in the dying moments to also complete a hat trick. The Oilers put up a great challenge, but perhaps didn’t get the memo on who to watch on the Blues side of the court. F.Bchara and C.Arnoldo have been lighting it up all season, and tonight wasn’t any different as the two players did more than their fair share to help secure the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Fadl Bchara. Known for his scoring ability, sometimes its when you put the ball behind the net that counts the most. F.Bchara bagged his third toward the latter stages of the game that snapped a 6-6 tie which ultimately held up for the winner.

Stars use late surge to down Golden Knights

(9)Stars vs Golden Knights(6)

In a roller coaster of a ball hockey match, the Stars orchestrated a breathtaking finish rattling off four consecutive goals to defeat the Golden Knights. From-the initial faceoff, it was clear that both teams were eager to assert their dominance. The game was showcased by a flurry of goals with both sides taking turns leading. It was see saw battle that had everyone guessing on who would score next. As the game progressed, the Golden Knights felt they were in a good spot when G.Lamothe buried his second for a 6-5 lead. But the Stars weren’t ready to admit defeat just yet. They intensified their offensive efforts and began a late game surge that would leave the fans in awe. In a remarkable turn of events, the Stars managed to score four unanswered goals, shocking the Golden Knights and the fans watching. S.Tosi was a big part of the operation netting two of those last tallies. During that mix, J.Bergola potted his second, and J.Musi had an incredible finish posting four markers. Although the Golden Knights put up a valiant effort, it was the Stars that emerged victories thanks to their late surge.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Joe Musi of the Stars. Musi’s four goal performance propelled his team to a thrilling victory. His goals weren’t just about quantity, but about turning the tide of the match and inspiring his teammates to raise their game to new heights.

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 30

Snipers respond with 7-0 thumping after dropping shootout to Degenerates

In order for the Degenerates to have a chance against the Snipers, they had to adopt playing a stingy man on man boring hockey game. Also, the importance of scoring first was vital if they stood any sort of chance. With D.Charbonneau striking on the power play, the Degenerates were now able to sit back and force the Snipers to open up. The strategy worked for as long as possible until a late fluky goal with a minute left forced the shootout. The Degenerates did finally take it in the end on a pair of tallies by J.Courteau and D.Charbonneau. The second encounter was a completely different story. It barely took any time for the Snipers to score quick and take over the game. This was the worse possible start to deal with if your the Degenerates. Already having to deal with a hungrier and quicker side, having only three change ups didn’t help their cause. Nothing really changed-from that point on with the Snipers always playing step ahead. Eventually, they scored a total of  seven goals without any push back ending the game earlier than expected. C.Henriguez wasn’t overly busy, but got credited the shutout.

(3)Degenerates vs Snipers(1) S.O

(0)Degenerates vs Snipers(7)

Classics triumph over Orient in two thrilling encounters

As expected, it was going to be close between the Orient and the Classics. In a pivotal moment late in the first game, C.Kakivelis seized the opportunity and delivered a game changing play. It should have been the Orient instead to break the barrier since they were the ones playing with a man up. Instead, C.Kakivelis defied the odds on an incredible effort to put his team ahead. That tally was followed up with another big goal by C.Gingras to help close out a nail biting opener. The second game was another thrilling match up between these two sides. Neither team lead after one which left a period for the Orient to try and even the night. Unfortunately, a bad start allowing two straight goals ultimately doomed them in the end. C.Gingras made the score 3-1 on the power play with about half a period remaining. The Orient didn’t back down however with O.Wahid responding almost immediately. The problem was that A.Kakivelis wasted barely any time to restore a two goal cushion that would ultimately hold up. Both games were close, but the Classics showed their ability to finding ways to win. After a huge shorthanded goal in the opener, the Classics made sure to capitalise in the second game on their power play chance using their special teams as a key reason why they edged out the Orient.

(2)Orient vs Classics(4)

(3)Orient vs Classics(5)

Sharpshooters storm late to secure second victory over the Assadi Consulting inc

Right-from the opening face off, the Sharpshooters seized control of the game. Their precision passing and sharpshooting abilities were on full display. They managed to score the games first three goals to set the tone. The Assadi Consulting inc were nowhere to be found until A.Papazian cracked the barrier late in the first period. In hope of carrying their momentum, the Assadi Consulting inc didn’t have enough influence in trying to shift the game. The Sharpshooters would win the frame anyway with D.Greco setting up all three tallies. The second encounter had somewhat of a different story line. This time, the Assadi Consulting in were the ones dictating the terms by playing ahead. Three times they led by two goals which looked to be just enough since time was winding down for the Sharpshooters. Just as it seemed like the game was going to be decided, the Sharpshooters pulled a rabbit out of the hat netting two late goals by the very same M.Kardum. All of a sudden, this contest needed a shootout to decide a winner. With all the momentum favouring the Sharpshooters, D.Greco and V.Orsini-Boyer made sure to bury their chances while L.Regis stood tall denying two of three attempts by the Assadi Consulting inc.

(3)Assadi Consulting inc vs Sharpshooters(6)

(5)Assadi Consulting inc vs Sharpshooters(6) S.O

Crazy finish has Dragons walking away with two wins over the Punishers

In the opening game of their matchup, the Dragons demonstrated their superiority over the Punishers with a convincing win. At no point did they stop their relentless attack in the first period striking five times. Goals came-from many different players with D.Lombardi being the only multi goal scorer. After taking an easy 7-2 victory, the Dragons looked to duplicate their efforts in the ensuing match. However, it didn’t quite turn out that way with the Punishers fine tuning their game and responding with a much crisper and determined effort. They led 3-2 after one period thanks to a pair of goals by B.Makris, and doubled their lead later in the second period when P.Karvouriaris scored on the power play. Trailing 4-2 with less than two minutes seems like an insurmountable deficit. That being said, the Dragons did have two power play opportunities in which they made sure to take advantage of. First, A.Mirolla cut the lead by one, and then, D.Lombardi was able to follow up equalising the score 4-4. If that wasn’t enough drama, the Dragons delivered the final knock out blow courtesy of A.Mirolla bagging his second. There is no question that the two sides will remember how this game went down. The Dragons ability to score three late goals and snatch victory-from the jaws of defeat will be remembered as a thrilling moment to their season. Unfortunately for the Punishers, like a bad indigestion, time will heal all wounds.

(2)Punishers vs Dragons(7)

(4)Punishers vs Dragons(5)

Hustlers miss out in opening game as they go empty handed vs Peters

The stage was set for an electrifying mini series between two teams very familiar with one another. Although both sides didn’t quite have their full line up, the games lived up to the hype anyway. After exchanging three goals each in the first period, M.DoCouto of the Hustlers snapped the tie on a power play goal to take the lead. The game continued to intensify as both sides knew it was going to be a nail biter. The onus was on the Peters to make something happen as they desperately searched for that next goal. Not only did J.Lulic eventually tie it, but scored two minutes after the equaliser putting the Peters ahead for good. The Hustlers weren’t pleased on how things ended. With the chance to even their night, the second game didn’t quite go according to plan. It was the Peters starting off on a bang posting three quick goals. The Hustlers were now stuck playing catch up throughout the entire game, and despite narrowing the gap a couple of times, they just couldn’t make enough ground as the Peters kept responding. The collective team effort that involved six different goal scorers is part of the Peters identity.  If your the opposition, its very difficult to contain a team that doesn’t really have a standout player. The Peters play a style that involves everyone which forces the opposition to commit as a collective unit if they are to stand a chance.

(4)Hustlers vs The Peters(5)

(4)Hustlers vs The Peters(6)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Daniel Greco of the Sharpshooters. His outstanding performance, including six assists in two games along with a decisive shootout goal played a significant role in the Sharpshooters two wins over the Assadi Consulting inc.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday October 29

Kraken hit a wall after scoring games first two goals

(2) Kraken vs Bruins(5)

Just thirteen minutes in, and the Kraken paved the way for a solid start posting two big goals. The Bruins knew they had to step up their game before it got out of hand. Only a minute had gone by before M.Mosca delivered to cut the lead in half. For a good stretch, both sides kept testing the waters wanting to avoid any crucial mistakes. Eventually, somebody was going to get on board, and that moment occurred when Z.StMartin struck to even the score for the Bruins. The Bruins, riding high on their new found momentum, took control of the game when E.Grabrielli put them in front for the first time as of the 39 minute mark. Despite it being a one goal game, the Bruins took nothing for granted by adding two more insurance markers to cap off the night. All five goals came-from different players which only suggested a committed team effort along with solid goaltending presence by A.Benedetto.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Andy Benedetto of the Bruins.  His ability to keep the Kraken at bay for a very long period of time showcased his importance as a key factor why the Bruins defeated the Kraken on Sunday night.

F.Vigliotti stingy in net for the Panthers

( 8 )Panthers vs Wild(3)

The Panthers stormed onto the court with a fierce offensive onslaught. In the first portion of the game, they had scored five unanswered goals coming-from different players. Trailing that much without any scoring success, the Wild felt discouraged about their chances. In these types of cases, you keep it simple by searching for one goal. That moment finally occurred when M.Zuccaro beat F.Vigliotti for a rare moment. Yes, the deficit was still high, but at least it was a step in the right direction for the Wild. Unfortunately, they couldn’t really gain any traction as the game remained steady with neither side pushing the pace. The Panthers didn’t mind it all since they were the ones in command. Both teams went on to trade two goals each which didn’t change much in the end. The Panthers massive lead and ability to maintain control of the game ultimately led them to triumph over the Wild. 

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Freddy Vigliotti of the Panthers. F.Vigliotti displayed remarkable skills and composure, making a series of crucial saves to prevent the Wild-from mounting any sort of comeback. Allowing only three goals in a game with such offensive fire power on display was an impressive feat.

M.Paciencia rescues Canadiens from-relentless Predators

(5)Canadiens vs Predators(4)

In a thrilling and back and forth matchup, the Predators managed to tie the game twice after being down by two goals, only to ultimately fall to the Canadiens by a final score of 5-4. The Canadiens were quick to take a 2-0 lead on goals by G.DeStefano and M.Danesi. Knowing the importance of that next tally, the Predators made sure to get their first. Not only did they respond, but tallied twice in just over a minute to level. Sometimes you hope for a momentum killer when giving up a pair of tallies. In the case for the Canadiens, G.DeStefano was there again to put one behind A.Zardarian, and put his side playing in front once more. For nearly fifteen minutes, this contest saw the offense run dry-from the two sides. Finally, M.Paciencia entertained the crowd by providing the Canadiens another two goal advantage. Its safe to assume that the Canadiens learned-from their earlier mistakes to not repeat the same let down. That being said, history repeated itself once more with the Predators rising-from the dead. D.Melo and M.Porato each scored only two minutes apart. Since this game was a roller coaster of excitement with lots of unpredictable behaviour, it was anyone’s guess who would strike next. Luckily for the Canadiens, M.Paciencia was definitely feeling it as the sniper struck once more to give his side the lead for good. The Predators showed plenty of resiliency in their comeback back attempts, but it was the Canadiens that made that one extra play in order to secure the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Michel Paciencia of the Canadiens. Timing is everything sometimes. In this particular case, M.Paciencia scored two goals at curial points during the match to help provide a thrilling 5-4 victory for the Canadiens.

Kings kept it close for a while, but couldn’t keep up with the Blackhawks

(7)Blackhawks vs Kings(3)

The game began with both teams showing their determination to win. The Kings struck first early on with J.Bergola giving his team the quick lead. However, the Blackhawks responded swiftly with a flurry of goals. Three different players took turns finding the back of the net. The Kings appeared to be in a whole world of trouble until they caught a break when a penalty enabled T.Settino to narrow the gap by one. Still, the task became a challenging one for the Kings as they kept falling behind the eight ball giving up the games next three tallies. Again, different players lit the lamp for the Blackhawks, and the Kings couldn’t regroup and defend properly in order to keep the game close. By then, the Blackhawks had caused more than enough damage to protect their comfortable margin. Even though T.Settino buried his second, the Kings had already fell off a cliff and were in no position to overcome a team that didn’t give much. M.Mascitto made all the key necessary saves in order for his side to play in front. The net minder was stellar facing about 30 shuts to earn the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Mascitto of the Blackhawks. The goaltender demonstrated incredible reflexes, excellent positioning and a calm demeanour in the face of the Kings offensive pushes.

J.Testa spoils T.Sauk shutout, Islanders overwhelm Sabres

(12)Islanders vs Sabres(1)

In a lopsided matchup between the Islanders and the Sabres, the Islanders dominated the game, routing the Sabres with a convincing 12-1 victory. The only bright moment for the Sabres was when J.Testa beat T.Sauk on a penalty shot. Apart-from that, the Islanders owned every aspect of the game-from their offensive prowess to their quick recovery without the ball. At no point did they ever let up with so many players taking turns scoring. F.Bchara led the charge in that department riffling three for the hat trick. Next in line saw M.Kardum and F.Vitoratos cash in twice while many others chipped in as well. While the score may show a discouraging result for one team, and a promising result for the other, this game wont mean much in the grand scheme of things. The Islanders took this one handily in a large part due to their significant spares. Sometimes, the right available players at a random time will tilt the scales of a hockey game. The Sabres will need to simply put this one behind them and focus more on what’s ahead.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Fadl Bchara. Out of his clubs twelve goals, F.Bchara had a productive outing collecting seven points that included a hat trick.

Red Wings unable to recover after slow start with the Flyers

(7)Flyers vs Red Wings(4)

The Flyers came out swinging, putting the Red Wings on their heels right-from the start. In the first 17 minutes, the Flyers had tallied four times leaving the Red Wings in shambles unable to keep up. A.Farina did respond to narrow the gap by two, but that would be as close as it got for the Red Wings.  Even though the will and sprit to battle was there for the Red Wings, they couldn’t compete well enough against a side that had the extra gear. The Flyers saw their goals concentrated on three players doing most of the damage. M.Destounis ,C.Roberts and S.Kalaydjian all had two goals while M.Estrela and P.Santullo took care of setting up plays by collecting three helpers each. After facing 26 shots, M.Freda held his ground to earn a well deserved win between the pipes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Martino Freda of the Flyers. The net minder was ready-from the beginning when the Red Wings tried to stage a comeback. By remaining sharp and focused early on, the Flyers were able to build a cushion and never look back en route to securing a nice end to the regular season.

As the Sunday division regular season draft league came to an end, the anticipation for the playoffs began to build among the players. The matchups for the upcoming playoff season were eagerly awaited as the teams will be primed and anxious to kick off a more thrilling ride.   The top four seeds will get an automatic pass to the quarter final round. The match ups for round 1 are as follows:

(1)Bruins        first round bye

(2)Canadiens first round bye

(3)Red Wings first round bye

(4)Blackhawks first round bye

(5)Flyers vs Wild(12) Despite what the standings look like, both teams resemble each other statistically in the goals for and against department. The Flyers may have the tools up front to cause havoc, but the Wild have the defence to shut anybody down. As it often applies in important games, goaltending will likely determine the outcome. M.Rodriguez of the Wild will square off against M.Freda as the two goaltenders will be expected to put forth their best efforts so far this season.

(6)Islanders vs Sabres(11) The Islanders know what they are getting-from their young stellar net minder in T.Sauk. That being said, if R.Testa plays up to his capabilities, this series could be decided very late with no clear cut winner.

(7)Predators vs Kraken(10) The Kraken have the pedigree of knowing how to play in the big games. Since their offense wont be an issue, its how they commit to playing without the ball that will likely make the difference. Of coarse P.Kassaris has to be dialled in as the goaltender will also play a significant role for the Kraken. The Predators on the other hand, have plenty of skilled and experienced players that know how to manage a game. This series will likely be decided on the little details.

(8)Panthers vs Kings(9) The Panthers are way to familiar with the Kings strength. If the captain of the Panthers plays his cards right, then expect them to pass. While the focus will be on how to shut down the divisions top scorer in T.Settino, that theory would need to be put into practice which isn’t easy to do when a player has the ability to create chances for himself and others.

E Division and Open

Thursday October 26

S.DosSantos displays leadership and scoring prowess collecting hat trick

(7)Rated R vs Krazy Train(5)

Sometimes you just want to get off to a good start when two solid teams face one another. By keeping a much simpler game plan, Rated R made the right plays and benefited enough times to play ahead. As much as the Krazy Train tried to regroup, mental errors continued to plague their game. It wasn’t like they backed down or let go of the gas pedal. Rated R would always respond and keep a comfortable distance making the Krazy Train work that much harder. Its always nice when your captain shows leadership in the dressing and on the court. S.DosSantos completed his hat trick with great patience before ripping the ball in the top corner of the net for a 7-4 third period lead. Now that the Rated R had that much more wiggle room, the rest belonged to a great defensive structure to close the lanes, and more importantly P.Assadi making the timely saves. In the end, Rated R came out prepared while the Krazy Train played somewhat careless.

Armadillos pull away leaving Fatal Demons in the dust

(3)Fatal Demons vs Armadillos( 8 )

Both sides were determined to give each other a run for their money. The Armadillos did get the edge winning the opening frame 3-1 that included a huge back breaking shorthanded goal by the captain J.Kontitsis. The Fatal Demons did overcome the hurdle when M.Destounis scored on the power play to narrow the gap by one. As the period kept unfolding, the Armadillos started to assert their dominance striking twice before it was over. The 5-2 lead was never challenged as the Armadillos added three more straight tallies to put the game completely out of reach. While the Fatal Demons had kept it close for as long as possible, the Armadillos superior team work and skill ultimately proved to be the difference maker. Many contributed up front with J.Kontitsis and P.Legatos sharing two goals each.

D.Verta and M.Nardi combine for 9 points, Brew Crew thrive to defeat HC Fennecs

(5)Brew Crew vs HC Fennecs(3)

After trading a first period goal each, the Brew Crew showcased their strength converting three times in the second period to distance themselves-from the HC Fennecs. M.Nardi was having one of those nights that the opposition had no answers for. The forward was definitely on top of his game involved in all four goals that included a hat trick. To his help, D.Verta fed him three times while netting the other. The dynamic dup played a significant role in the Brew Crew’s offense combining for a whopping nine points. D.Verta wasn’t done yet adding his fifth point courtesy of a power play goal. Despite going dry up front, the HC Fennecs stuck with it and benefited twice due to their resiliency. S.Senoune and A.Ouchia each scored to narrow the gap by a pair, but it proved to be a little to late as the Brew Crew hung on to a 5-3 result.

K.Gamache sets up four tallies, Chiefs pace their way to down the Altius

(6)Chiefs vs Altius(2)

It was a win marked by balance scoring and outstanding play making skills by K.Gamache, who recorded four helpers. The Chiefs came out strong in the first period, taking control of the game on two quick tallies. Although D.Provots-Jarry did respond for the Altius, the game was ultimately decided by the end of the second when J.Gagne finished off a brilliant play. The Altius found it difficult to get much scoring done against a goaltender that practically covers the entire net. Unless its a perfect precise shot like in the case of A.Alfonso’s tally, P.O.Girouard will likely deny you. The Altius had their few chances to add more, but kept hitting a wall. The Chiefs well rounded performance and offensive fire power were to much for the Altius to handle in this game, and they emerged as clear victors with a 6-2 score line.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sergio DosSantos of Rated R. The captain stole the spotlight delivering a spectacular performance by scoring three big goals. 

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday October 25

P.Camirand scores hat trick late breaking 10-10 tie for the Golden Knights

(10)Oilers vs Golden Knights(11)

It was a game where no lead was safe, and where victory was earned through sheer perseverance and team work. As soon as the ball dropped, the game continued in a whirlwind of action, with teams exchanging goals in rapid succession. The Oilers looked to have things under control when D.Galloro went on a tear bagging three straight goals for a 7-4 lead. But since this was a contest that left their net minders out to dry, it wasn’t a shock that the Golden Knights responded with a strong message of their own. At one point, they led 10-8 with about seven minutes left in the game. You had to figure that the comeback and a two goal lead would go a long way if your the Golden Knights. That wasn’t the case, not in this particular game with the Oilers collecting the next two goals in which M.Valmora scored on a penalty shot to level. By this point into the match, both sides reached a fever pitch of anxiety not knowing what to expect as the two teams kept trading chances having to rely on their neglected net minders. With the game seemingly headed for overtime, P.Camirand got their first bagging the games biggest tally to snap a very late tie. That was the snipers third of the game, and it couldn’t have come at a better time to secure a thrilling finish.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Paolo Camirand of the Golden Knights. With the score tied 10-10, P.Carone rose to the occasion and delivered a remarkable hat trick.

Senators outlast Blues in thrilling match up

(4)Blues vs Senators(6)

In a closely contested and electrifying game, the Senators managed to edge out the Blues. Most of the scoring occurred in the first portion  of the match with the two sides trading goal after goal. S.Mascitto and T.Settino each tallied twice for the Senators while J.DiMauro did the same for the Blues. The Senators did break the 4-4 tie thanks to C.Nguyen being at the right place after receiving a nice feed-from T.Settino. Considering the way the game was going, more goals were expected to come with so much left  over. However, that wasn’t the case as the Senators defence tightened up, and M.Mascitto’s outstanding goaltending got into the head of the Blues players. The Blues were snake bitten unable to beat Mascitto for nearly half the game. His unwavering composure and solid goaltending skills proved to be the difference maker in this very close encounter. The Senators put the match away late when S.Sicuso tallied on a penalty shot.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Mascitto of the Senators. His solid performance in the second half of the game was pivotal in securing his clubs 6-4 victory over the Blues.

S.Tosi late hat trick propels Stars to 6-5 win over Rangers

(5)Rangers vs Stars(6) O.T

The Stars started the game with an explosive offense, taking an early 4-1 lead with two coming-from S.Tosi. It was a strong sequence that left the Rangers scrambling to catch up. To their credit, they remained calm and took matters into their own hands playing it a shift at a time. By simply working harder and sharper, the Rangers eventually got their tying the game thanks to J.Salvo. Just when it seemed that the Rangers had all the momentum they had worked hard for, R.Kilgour deflated it seconds later to regain the lead for the Stars. But this game was far-from being over as the two sides remained heavily engaged. The Rangers resiliency paid off once more when A.Cavalieri buried his third to level. Entering the late stages of the game, the next tally would likely decide matters. Sometimes it takes someone riding the hot hand in order to make the difference. With S.Tosi already supporting the offense on two big goals, the forward took it to another level by completing his hat trick very late in the game to snap the 5-5 tie.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Sergio Tosi of the Stars. His hat trick was a testament to his skill, determination, and ability to deliver when it mattered the most earning him the player of the game.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday October 24

Canucks celebrate on the back of M.Lang’s heroics

(7)Sharks vs Canucks(8) O.T

The game kicked off with a bang as the Sharks raced off to a quick 3-0 lead. The Sharks, known for their aggressive offense, quickly took control on scoring efforts-from three different players. Not to be out done, the Canucks calmed the Sharks fire power by slowly crawling their way back. It was clear that this game was going to be decided on some late significant plays. The contest continued to be unpredictable with the pendulum swinging back and forth. While it looked like at one point the Canucks were headed for a better finish, the game shifted once more with the Sharks making a serious late push . Their two last goals came on penalty shots by D.Greco and B.Travisano which forced an eventual sudden death period. In an astonishing turn of events during the overtime frame, M.Lang added more magic by riffling his third goal to complete a hat trick and provide a thrilling finish for the Canucks.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Lang of the Canucks. The forward plays like a train with no brakes making it very hard for any defence to contain. Tonight, M.Lang sealed the victory for the Canucks after a remarkable six point performance that included a hat trick.

Penguins solid defense shines in 6-3 win over the Ducks

(6)Penguins vs Ducks(3)

The Ducks really didn’t have a choice to play the patient game against the Penguins. Unable to match them on a run and gun style, the Ducks had to play back and wait foe some chances to occur. On the large part, the game remained very close which was exactly what the Ducks had hoped for. However, with the Penguins possessing two solid lines up front, it became only a question of time before something was to give. Both their lines had somebody take care of the scoring. A.Kalaydjian notched a pair on his line while Z.Giosi had another huge impact bagging a hat trick. The Penguins only really pulled away by the 40 minute mark making the score 5-3 in their favour. Even though time wasn’t yet a factor, the Ducks didn’t have the pace to match and climb their way back. Z.Giosi would eventually score his third, and the Penguins closed out a 6-3 win over the Ducks.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Zachary Giosi of the Penguins. The speedy young forward kept finding a way to break through resulting in three big goals for his club.

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 23

Hustlers sense of pride kicks in second encounter with the Orient

A late first period power play goal by M.David set the tone the rest of the way as the Orient handed the Hustlers an easy defeat to kick start their night. A.Fahra wasted barely any time in the ensuing frame to double the lead, and O.Wahid along with A.Laramee completed the rest of the scoring. The Hustlers struggled to get much going up front and only scored on a tip in goal by T.Bozinakis giving M.Jobin no time to react. After a disappointing finish, the Hustlers entered the second game with a new sense of purpose. Their offensive plays were sharper as more scoring chances were generated resulting in a 2-1 lead after one period. The Orient, refusing to back down having a deeper bench to rely on were able to take the frame by a slight margin to force an eventual shootout. This was an area that both goaltenders owned with M.Jobin and C.Stavriadis denying all three attempts. The Hustlers improved performance in this game was evident as they wanted nothing less than to go empty handed.

(4)Orient vs Hustlers(1)

(3)Orient vs Hustlers(3) S.O

Degenerates find their groove in second game to split with the Assadi Consulting inc

In the second game following an ugly loss, the Degenerates regrouped and refocused their efforts. The team put in the hard work that was lacking in the previous match and it paid off as they levelled the night with their opponent. The first game saw a lack of will and determination with the Assadi Consulting inc winning most of their battles. It was simply a game to forget for a side that didn’t have the will to compete. Luckily , there was a following match to erase a horrible finish. The Degenerates had a promising start that saw J.Courteau bury a pair. This time, they carried the lead which now forced the Assadi Consulting inc to open up. Far-from being over, the Assadi Consulting inc couldn’t have asked for a better chance to even the score. Down only 3-2 with a six minute power play, the chance of scoring was almost inevitable unless your goaltender is playing lights out.  R.Ranieri along with some nice defensive plays somehow killed off six long minutes to help secure the win. During that stretch, S.Marricco made a huge play to intercept the ball and work his way to feeding an empty cage.

(5)Assadi Consulting inc vs Degenerates(1)

(2)Assadi Consulting inc vs Degenerates(4)

Dragons outpace Hustlers in both wins

You can make the argument that the first encounter between the Dragons and the Hustlers was somewhat close. Both teams played through a scoreless first period, and the net minders were primed to make a difference. It was a game that required for either team to score first, especially the Hustlers having to deal with a shorter bench while playing in their second game of a double header night. Unfortunately for them, Y.Derohannessian got their first, and the Dragons went on to add two more goals to sum up the victory. Hoping to recover for a better outing, the Hustlers saw A.Mirolla take center stage further solidifying his reputation as a goal scoring machine. Its pretty safe to say that one player was the downfall for the Hustlers hopes of taking at least one win under their belt. A.Mirolla took charge-from the get go scoring all three goals in the first period alone before adding his fourth later on. However, the Hustlers didn’t quite pack it in as they snuck up the Dragons necks netting two consecutive goals to even the score. It seemed no matter how hard the Hustlers tried to grab an edge, the Dragons would take over instead. Once J.Mandracchia converted on the power play, the Dragons never looked back adding three more insurance markers. D.Lombardi decided to take a different role by setting up a bunch of goals rather than scoring.

(5)Dragons vs Hustlers(1)

(7)Dragons vs Hustlers(3)

Peters execute well to oust the Classics in back to back wins

In the first game , the Peters faced off against the Classics with a clear strategy in mind. Right-from the opening draw, they displayed exceptional coordination and execution. Their plays were crisp and they capitalised on scoring chances with precision. Its not like the Classic didn’t compete. The problem was that they woke up a little to late after the initial damage had been done. J.Lulic scored three highlight goals  while M.Richard buried a pair. The Classics had a different start entering their game. They managed to pull ahead 3-2 after the first period feeling a lot more confident about their chances. Unfortunately for the Classics, the second period continued in the same vein, with the Peters maintaining their level of execution. Their plays flowed seamlessly, and they continued to capitalise with J.Morina netting a hat trick along with M.Argiris posting back to back tallies. The Classics, despite their best efforts, found it challenging to break through the Peters defense to try and narrow the gap. The Peters were overall more engaged as a unit while the Classics looked to be a step behind at times.

(5)Classics vs The Peters(7)

(3)Classics vs The Peters(7)

C.Ekonomankis had his hands full but delivers in net for the Punishers

The Punishers took on the Dragons in what was expected to be a fierce battle. The first encounter ended up being a high scoring showdown that had the Dragons up 5-4 with less than two minutes remaining. As time was winding down, the Punishers refused to go away getting a huge equaliser by P.Karvouriaris . If that wasn’t enough, C.Stamadianos scored seconds later, and the Dragons couldn’t believe how they let this one slip away. The loss was so demoralising that they suffered a very bad start in the ensuing game. The Punishers took advantage of a wounded team by striking three times in the first five minutes alone. H.Angelov would add his second by the end of the frame, and the Punishers looked like they were headed for an easy win. C.Ekonomakis was largely the reason why a team like the Dragons have yet to score. The goaltender was simply that good denying many high end chances. That being said, there is only so much you can do. The Dragons trailed 4-0 and have yet to figure out Ekonomakis as time was winding down. It took a power play goal by D.Lombardi to finally break the spell. That single tally erupted a dormant offense to catch fire as the Dragons scored two more times to pull within one. The comeback was so crazy that A.Mirolla nearly completed it if not for C.Ekonomakis denying him point blank. Out of nowhere, the Dragons came to life, and would have perhaps gotten a better fate if there was a little more time left over.

(5)Dragons vs Punishers(6)

(3)Dragons vs Punishers(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Ekonomakis if the Punishers. Making a bunch of crucial saves throughout two games enabled his side to grab a pair of nice clean wins over a very lethal offense.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday October 22

Kraken hit a wall, Kings pull away on four unanswered goals

(3)Kraken vs Kings(7)

The game started with great excitement as the Kings took control-from the beginning. Down 3-0, the Kraken needed a spark to stop the bleeding. Finally, C.Decotis and C.Pirone each scored, and Kraken crawled their way back into it with a full twenty minutes to play. Once the Kings started to feel the pressure, and resurgence by the Kraken, they stepped up their game and took over with four unanswered goals. Two of those tallies were converted on penalty shots with the Kraken taking untimely penalties. A.Daghlian and T.Settino made sure to capitalise during the breakaways which alleviated any added pressure for the Kings to close out the game. The Kings took this one by committee with seven different goal scorers, and S.Sauk being a part of it as the goaltender was sharp beaten only three times.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Scott Sauk of the Kings. The net minder stayed focused under pressure, and the Kings pulled way thanks to S.Sauk keeping the Kraken at bay throughout the entire match.

Blackhawks click late to defeat Flyers

( 8 )Blackhawks vs Flyers(6)

Although the score remained close, the Flyers always played ahead as the Blackhawks were stuck chasing the game. It really wasn’t up until the last ten minutes for the Blackhawks to flip the script and take over on five quick goals. That’s when M.Kardum placed himself in his sweet spot riffling a total of four tallies by the time it was said and done. The Blackhawks looked like a car idling for most of the match before finding that extra gear late in the game to blow past the Flyers. E.Allen had provided a huge penalty shot goal during that stretch giving the Blackhawks their first lead of the game. There was no question that goal fuelled his bench to thrive for more, and complete the mini comeback by finishing off strong. It may have come in a losing cause, but M.Saia and M.Destounis did all of the work up front for the Flyers as both players combined for five goals with M.Saia credited the hat trick.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Marin Kardum of the Blackhawks. When it was time to get serious, M.Kardum got to work scoring a total of four goals  that clearly had an influence on the final score.

Sound defense pays off again for Canadiens rout vs the Islanders

(3)Islanders vs Canadiens(7)

For how well the Canadiens are playing so far this season, you have to figure they are coming in with a game plan. It showed-from the opening face off as they executed it almost flawlessly maintaining control for nearly the entire time. They managed to pull ahead 3-0, and only conceded one of their few goals when G.Lamothe finally got to M.Tzouvadakis. The Islanders didn’t have an easy time trying to break through the Canadiens defense. As much as they tried to create the lanes, someone was there to cut the play and regain control. The Islanders weren’t out of this by any means trailing only 4-2 at one point. Unable for the Islanders to make any ground, the Canadiens started to add some insurance late in the game where they posted four tallies to secure another victory. G.Santacroce knows how to utilise his speed as the quick forward bagged two goals and an assist. The Canadiens essentially took this contest like they’ve done with their previous wins. By playing a structured defence style, allowing goals will be limited while the offense  will come naturally.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Tzouvadakis of the Canadiens. The net minder exhibited skill and poise between the pipes giving his teammates all the confidence that he would pull through and make all the necessary saves.

P.Stroubakis taps in overtime winner in thrilling affair between Wild and Predators

(7)Wild vs Predators( 8 ) O.T

From-the very drop of the ball, the fans were treated with some exciting hockey that was just to unpredictable on where it was headed. First, it looked as though the Wild were in command mounting a 3-1 lead on a strong effort by J.Terrigno’s two goals. The Predators kept it close by trailing, but couldn’t really get much going up front. However, that eventually changed by the 39 minute mark where they finally got the ball rolling. Finally, they had found their rhythm and the offense started to click riding a strong sequence that saw them in front when D.Melo took a fairly late 7-6 lead. The Wild looked to be in shambles after playing a solid game for most of the match. They couldn’t figure out a way to slow down the Predators relentless onslaught as the game was winding down. Trailing only by a goal, the Wild needed somebody to step up, and who other than J.Terrigno to rescue the situation. The forward was definitely feeling it on this night as he was able to score late and send this contest into overtime. When getting to this stage of the game, the odds are of a coin toss on who would prevail. The Predators got their first thanks to P.Stoubakis tapping in his own rebound  after receiving a nice pass-from M.Porato and J.Tynes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Porato of the Predators. M.Porato’s remarkable play and his five point performance highlight his skill, vision, and ability to make a difference on the court. The Predators got to the finish line first with M.Porato being a significant piece to the puzzle.

Red Wings secure victory with stout defense

(3)Bruins vs Red Wings(4)

The Red Wings demonstrated their defensive prowess right-from the start of the game. They effectively neutralised the Bruins offense, limiting their opponents to doing much up front. Its not like the Red Wings were outgunning the Bruins offensively, but they did have the luxury of always playing ahead. The Bruins had tied the game twice on goals by Z.StMartin and E.Capalbo, but could never jump ahead as they kept hitting a wall toward the opposing net. B.Verducci is hard to beat, and unless you get him good, nothing will go through him unless he’s feeling tired. Tonight however, he looked to be in fine form limiting a strong attack to only three goals. As long as the Red Wings grabbed their slight lead, the chances were good that they would close out the deal. M.Salerno would make the score 4-2 favouring the Red Wings which just held up for the winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Red Wings. In a game that needed your last line of defence to prevail, the Red Wings were glad to see B.Verducci do his thing . The Bruins usually score more, but not on this night with B.Verducci dialled in stealing the show.

Panthers fend off Sabres

(5)Sabres vs Panthers(7)

The game lives up to expectations as the Sabres and the Panthers engage in a nice exchange of momentum swings. First, it was the Sabres dictating the terms grabbing the better start leading 3-1. Then, it was the Panthers turn to take over as they went on a tear notching four consecutive markers. The Sabres looked lost at times as they tried to figure out a way to regain some sort of control. L.Bucci did end a log scoring spell to narrow the gap by one. Unfortunately for the Sabres, they couldn’t push the pace long enough as the Panthers responded as well courtesy of T.Longhi. The two sides would go on to exchange one goal each which played in the favour of the Panthers emerging as winners. With the help of S.Kalaydjian’s hat trick along with A.Gravel’s two tallies, the Panthers were able to escape with the narrow 7-5 win over the Sabres.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Sevag Kalaydjian of the Panthers. Prior to the game, S.Kalaydjian was pressured to score at least three goals for the Panthers in which he just made it in time on a late empty net marker to cap off the win.

E Division and Open

Thursday October 19

S.DosSantos patented slap shot provides OT winner for Rated

(4)Rated R vs Brew Crew(3) O.T

It was an intense evening at the venue as the Brew Crew and Rated R clashed in what was a thrilling contest. Neither side gave an inch and the two goaltenders never flinched until something finally gave. M.Pace loves to get into the dirty areas as the gritty forward slid toward the net to tap in the games opening goal. Form-there, the two sides started to find open areas, and goals came at a constant rate. The Brew Crew carried a slight 2-1 lead heading into the final frame, but found themselves trailing when D.Bertrand completed his hat trick on the power play. However, that didn’t stop the Brew Crew-from battling back. By applying an aggressive fore-check, M.Nardi forced a turnover, and R.Mancini was there to bury his chance. Now that both sides squared things off, a potential overtime period was left to decide matters. The sudden death period began with both teams fighting hard, neither willing to back down. Then, a four minute penalty by the Brew Crew opened the door for Rated R to seize the moment. Having that kind of room with plenty of time left over is a recipe for disaster. Rated R moved the ball so well that once S.DosDantos had a clear shot, the captain made the best with his wicked release giving the Brew Crews net minder no chance whatsoever.

Armadillos experience overwhelm HC Fennecs in 10-0 thumping

(0)HC Fennecs vs Armadillos(10)

In a lopsided match, the Armadillos dominated the HC Fennecs with a resounding 10-0 victory. The Armadillos displayed their prowess on the field, leaving the HC Fennecs struggling to keep up. It was a commanding performance that showcased what an experienced skilled hockey team is capable of versus a team that’s not seasoned yet. After carrying a 3-0 lead heading into the second period, P.Arkalis took over practically on his own scoring all three goals in that frame alone for a natural hat trick. While its expected for Arkalis do put up some nice numbers, S.Kipopoulos decided to be part of the conversation as well. By watching some clips of Connor Bedard,  the veteran forward took notes displaying flashes of the young and rising star. Kipopoulos scored two nice goals in the final frame to put an end to an easy win. Despite not being a significant factor, C.Stavriadis was busy enough to record a 27 save shutout.

Altius take over in third period to down Black Knights

(2)Black Knights vs Altius(6)

It was a great start and an even better finish as the Altius had no issues taking care of the Black Knights on Thursday night. D.Provost-Jarry made an immediate impact scoring twice in the first period to help provide a 3-1 lead. Something needed to give in order for the Black Knights to have a chance at climbing out of their deficit. That moment did occur thanks to S.Racicot narrowing the gap by only one. Still, the Black Knights had some work ahead of them despite trailing by only one goal. The Altius weren’t giving much out there and felt confident about their chances for how well they were playing. As much as the Black Knights tried to fight back and even the score, the Altius were simply to strong on this particular night. P.Arkalis had set up J.Bradley before adding two more tallies to complete another productive game. P.Arkalis’s incredible third period display, with all three points was a testament to his exceptional talent and game changing abilities. The Altius played a near perfect match by not allowing much defensively with M.Melo as the last line of defence while getting the contributions up front to solidify the win.

Generals hit their first wall, Krazy Train prevail

(6)Krazy Train vs Generals(4)

In an electrifying showdown, the Krazy Train saved their best for last notching two third period goals to hand the Generals their first loss of the season. The Generals overcome a 2-0 first period deficit scoring three in a row before the first period ended. All three tallies came as wicked slap shots with J.Brunet striking first followed with P-M Paradis netting a pair. The Krazy Train kept showing their tenacity and resilience to keep battling hard. As long as they played with that much determination, the Generals were forced to try and slow down the Krazy Train’s pace. It almost seemed like it was a question of time before they would take over. With the game all tied up after two periods, the Krazy Train  work etiquette came into play in the third as they rattled off two unanswered goals to gain control of the match. The Krazy Train understood the offensive threats-from their opponents, and made it a point to defend properly while relying on G.Follano to make the big saves. Adding to that, J.Morina and J.Teresi were the back bone controlling the centre positions as the two players owned both ends of the court.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Arkalis of the Altius. After playing in an earlier match collecting a natural hat trick for the Armadillos, the skilled forward was just getting warmed up playing a major role in the Altius’s 6-2 win over the Black Knights. Arkalis went on to collect another four points earning him the standout player of the night.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday October 18

F.Decoster rescues Golden Knights on a pair of late goals

(8)Golden Knights vs Senators(7)

The game kicked off with the Senators looking a bit sluggish, at least in the first twelve minutes where they gave up five goals. Eventually, they found their footing and the tides started to change. They managed to get some balanced production and tie the game up 6-6 by the 32 minute mark. It was clear that the momentum was favouring the Senators up until that point. S.Mascitto had scored twice, and T.Scarpelli was a thorn up front sparking the offense with a total of five points. The game was a roller coaster ride with no clear indication of where it was headed. The Golden Knights F.Decoster, who had been relatively quiet, suddenly came to life, scoring two clutch goals to put the Golden Knights ahead for good. M.Danesi did narrow the gap late in the game for the Senators, but time ran out as the Golden Knights hanged on for the win. The victory was led by B.Travisano, who tallied a hat trick, M.Lafleur’s and C.Pizzuto’s three points apiece along with F.Decoster’s two big goals toward the end of the game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frederic Decoster of the Golden Knights. Sometimes, its when you score that counts. F.Decoster picked the right moments to notch both his goals that snapped a 6-6 tie giving the Golden Knights the slight edge in the end.

Rangers rally with four straight in double up win vs the Blues

(4)Rangers vs Blues(2)

They held their ground, and they held it for a very long period of time. The Blues looked like they could do no wrong by not only playing ahead, but defending exceptionally well for at least 30 straight minutes. A.Kaladjian scored first right before F.Bchara doubled the lead on a penalty shot. Maybe it was just a question of time for a team like the Rangers to strike. J.Salvo finally ended the spell, and the Rangers looked to build enough rhythm  taking control of the match. Four different players found the back of the net in a short span of only six minutes. The Blues defense seemed to falter unable to stop the Rangers relentless attack. With the score now 4-2 in favour of the Rangers, the Blues pushed hard in the waning minutes of the game to try and mount a comeback of their own. However, the Rangers goaltender D.Apikian stood tall and made critical saves to preserve the lead.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Danny Apikian of the Rangers. Allowing only two goals is quite impressive in the Draft league. D.Apikian was razor sharp, solid and ready to perform enabling his side to overcome a hurdle and rebound with a resounding win.

Stars use 4 unanswered goals to down Hurricanes

(5)Hurricanes vs Stars(6)

It was a game that featured a dramatic turn of events. It was the Hurricanes that began with a stronger punch playing ahead with a 4-2 lead at one point. F.Tannous got the ball rolling making an immediate impact scoring two goals and an assist. The Hurricanes were looking in fine form with all aspects of their game working. Then, something changed, and the Stars had other plans on where this game was headed. With sheer determination and unwavering teamwork, they mounted an extraordinary comeback. It took only five minutes for the offense to ignite. S.Tosi and L.Cannistraro caused most of the fits for the Hurricanes defense as both players lit up sharing four points each. It was evident that the Hurricanes were stunned seeing it all unfold right before their eyes. In hopes of trying to stop the bleeding, and regain focus, the Hurricanes had to deal with another burden. This time, goaltending proved to be an issue with B.Verducci showcasing his composure, crucial saves and ability to remain calm in net for the Stars. The Hurricanes, after scoring four goals in the first 27 minutes, couldn’t beat B.Verducci enough times as the Stars closed out the deal on a character win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Stars. His performance was undoubtedly a highlight of the game which enabled his side to come-from behind and steal the contest vs the Hurricanes.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday October 17

D.Galloro sets tone right away with natural hat trick, Ducks feast on some Shark fin

(10)Ducks vs Sharks(7)

It was a game that will be remembered as the Danny Galloro show. The Ducks superstar delivered a remarkable performance, displaying his incredible scoring abilities by putting five behind the Sharks net minder. Sometimes, its when you score your goals that count . In this particular matchup, D.Galloro took control early netting a natural hat trick only five and a half minutes into the game. Both teams went on to trade plenty of chances as the game kept shifting back and forth. Every time the Ducks thought they had a reasonable gap, the Sharks would respond and keep it close. It was a game that featured a scoring frenzy that kept going on until the final buzzer. The goaltenders were extremely busy, but B.Bellini stood tall outlasting his counter part. In the end, the strong start provided by D.Galloro’s hat trick proved to be the difference in a game that was fairly close.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Danny Galloro of the Ducks. No doubt  he was a big influence in why the Ducks edged out the Sharks. After bagging an early natural hat trick, the sharp shooter added two more to cap off an impressive five goal game.

Penguins pull away after an early close encounter with the Canucks

(13)Penguins vs Canucks(3)

In what happened to be a lopsided tilt, the Penguins asserted their dominance over the Canucks, defeating them with an emphatic score of 13-3. Although the game remained close for a while, the Penguins pulled away with a series of unstoppable offensive plays. The game began with both teams trading goals, and the Canucks initially gave a good fight. They managed to hang in there for a good half of the game. Then, they must of hit a flat tire as the wheels stopped rolling. The Penguins on the other hand were no where close to slowing down as they kept scoring making it difficult for the Canucks defense and goaltender to keep up. Many put up some nice offensive numbers with Z.Giosi rattling off four goals. M.Zuccaro set up many plays collecting a goal and four assists while M.Estrela was equally productive accumulating four more points to her piggy bank. The Penguins took this contest handily on a few reasons, but predominately because of there solid d-core. By breaking up a ton of plays, offense is always generated, and the Penguins had more than their fair share to score a bunch of goals.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Pascal Bolduc of the Penguins. The solid d-man was one of a few players on the Penguins back end to dictate the terms. His defensive awareness along with his quick and smart decision making enabled his teammates to have an easier time converting simple plays into scoring chances.  

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 16

Peters comeback late to secure two clean wins over the Orient

The Peters came out strong right-from the start. After scoring twice in the opening frame, the Peters continued to press adding two more tallies to hand the Orient a very rare defeat. It was an effort expected to have every player chip in one way or another . Notably, the most impressive part of it was C.Fortin shutting the door for two consecutive periods, something extremely difficult to do versus a charged offense. The second match was a lot more thrilling with the Orient determined to make a comeback. They may have given up an early goal, but that didn’t stop them-from surprising the Peters defense with the games next two tallies. F.Nasser and J.Saydi finally solved C.Fortin, and the Orient played in front entering the final frame of the night. Its almost unthinkable to shut the Peters down for an entire period if they are the ones  that need a goal desperately. The Orient may have needed the approach of trying to increase their margin. Instead, M.Richard eventually tied things up, and this contest was headed for a dramatic finish or a shootout. Unfortunately for the Orient, a late play in the dying moments saw M.Crialese complete a mini comeback securing two clean wins for the Peters.

(0)Orient vs The Peters(4)

(2)Orient vs The Peters(4)

Punishers secure dominant win, but Classics retaliate with resounding victory

In a highly anticipated matchup, the Punishers faced off against the Classics in a thrilling mini series. It wasn’t up until the second period that some fire works occurred. The Punishers turned on the switch rattling off four goals while anchored by their net minder R.Ranieri keeping the Classics at bay. The game was one sided enough that left the Classics looking for some redemption in the ensuing match. It showed that the Classics came into the second contest with renewed determination showing unwavering commitment to respond and even the score. Their flawless performance was displayed immediate as they dominated the first period alone with six unanswered goals. O.Valiquette and M.Mavroudis struck for a pair, and K.Duplin was feeling generous setting up many plays that resulted in three assists. The Classics continued to show no mercy into the second period ending the night earlier than expected when O.Valiquette completed his hat trick. This time, S.Morante stepped up in net earning a shutout.

(1)Classics vs Punishers(5)

(7)Classics vs Punishers(0)

Dragons outmatch exhausted Peters in back to back losses

In a challenging matchup, the Peters faced the formidable Dragons in a double header of ball hockey games. Unfortunately, the Peters struggled to keep pace with the Dragons relentless energy and skill. The Dragons set the tone right away scoring three times in the first period before adding two more makers with their special teams. There was no question A.Mirolla was a driving force as the power forward did it all by bagging a hat trick while setting up S.Hrivnak’s winner. The Peters understood that they needed to play in front if they stood a chance at evening the series with the Dragons. To their credit, they accomplished that mission after one period carrying a slight 3-2 lead. When two high end teams that are easily comparable go head to head, endurance and stamina often play a significant role. As much as the Peters displayed the will to battle, they just couldn’t keep up long enough against a fresher side. The Dragons showcased their superior effort overpowering a fatigue side that simply couldn’t keep up. In the span of two and a half minutes, J.Mandracchia, A.Mirolla and S.Hrivnak all scored, and the Dragons stapled a pair of clean wins over a top contender.

(5)Dragons vs The Peters(1)

(5)Dragons vs The Peters(4)

M.Arkalis snaps late tie for Hustlers, Punishers respond with 5 unanswered goals in second match to even series

In the first matchup of this exhilarating hockey game , the Hustlers faced off against the Punishers in a game that was decided toward the end. P.Nakhle got the ball rolling for the Hustlers with two goals in the first period while the Punishers scored by committee with T.Therrien providing a 3-2 lead. The Hustlers however, responded with character as they evened the score thanks to T.Bozinakis. It was clear that both teams were pushing for the win. It was only a question of who and when. With just under two minutes remaining, M.Arkalis came up clutch giving the Hustlers a narrow edge in the series opener. You always look to continue good habits after taking the first encounter. On normal circumstances, the team that just lost shows more determination entering the ensuing match. And although the first period saw both sides trade plenty of chances with lots of back and fort action, the Hustlers escaped the opening frame up 3-2. Then, barely two minutes in, T.Bozinakis converted on the power play followed with P.Arkalis netting a hat trick. Talk about putting yourself in the drivers seat if your the Hustlers. Not only did they lead 5-2, but the Punishers were hitting their eight period in only a couple of hours. The Punishers knew they had quite a task ahead of them. Despite being down by three, the Punishers refused to give up even in the face of exhaustion. They somehow lit up like wild wire scoring goal after goal leaving the Hustlers in total shock and disbelief. P.Karvouriaris had a major hand as the sniper scored twice while setting up three goals in which C.Stamadianos benefited twice. The Punishers did something remarkable by overcoming such a hurdle and will be remembering this game as a defining moment in this regular season.

(4)Hustlers vs Punishers(3)

(5)Hustlers vs Punishers(7)

Sharpshooters out gun Snipers in second encounter after both goaltenders shine in opener

The first game started with both teams playing a tight defensive role. So tight that neither side figured out the goaltenders,. On one end, M.Vinciguerra demonstrated incredible agility and reflexes while on the other, C.Henriquez was equally sharp forcing a scoreless draw into a shootout. Both teams did end up exchanging a goal each in the breakaways which still left no winners. Heading into the second encounter, the storyline was much different as both teams started to click offensively. M.Kardum was determined to do something by notching two first period goals giving the Sharpshooters a narrow 2-1 lead after a period. Its not easy breaking through the Snipers defense, but the Sharpshooters found the lanes and enough space to create chances resulting in three more goals. Their key moments occurred early in the final frame where M.Moisan and J.Teresi capitalised for a sufficient 4-1 lead. With the way M.Vinciguerra was dialled in, the Snipers couldn’t break through a solid goaltender enough times as the Sharpshooters held on to the victory.

(1)Sharpshooters vs Snipers(1) S.O

(5)Sharpshooters vs Snipers(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Mirolla of the Dragons. Anthony Mirolla’s exceptional eight point performance across two games showcased his incredible offensive talent ,unselfish playmaking, and a pivotal role in the Dragons two wins over the Peters.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday October 15

Kraken use strong start to outlast Sabres

(7)Sabres vs Kraken(10)

It didn’t take long for the Kraken to kick start their engine and set the tone for the match. Barely thirteen minutes had gone by, and the Kraken had already built a massive 6-1 lead. The top line produced at a rapid rate led by F.Mastrocola, C.Decotis and C.Pirone as all three players clicked combining for a ton of points. While the contest appeared to be spiralling out of control, the Sabres managed to regroup playing a more determined game. They found their offensive groove and fired back with C.Arnoldo striking on four occasions. The Kraken may have taken their lead for granted as they started to ease up enabling the Sabres to bounce back and narrow the gap. At one point, they came as close as a three goal deficit. By then, the Krakens defence tightened up, and P.Kassaris made some key saves in order to keep some breathing room separating the two teams. F.Mistretta was also a major player in the win collecting six points that included a hat trick.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frank Mistretta of the Kraken. His offensive prowess was on full display scoring three nice goals along with three helpers.

Wild stage epic comeback but fall short to Bruins

( 8 )Wild vs Bruins(9)

In a roller coaster of a game, the Wild staged a remarkable comeback, only to narrowly lose 9-8 to the Bruins. The game began with the Bruins asserting their dominance, scoring early and often. S.Vitali scored twice, and Z.StMartin was just getting warmed up making plenty happen. The Bruins looked like they could do no wrong leading 6-1 by the mid way point. By then, the Wild were facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit. Something had to give. Two of their next goals came on penalty shots by J.Terrigno and M.Zuccaro. Maybe that was the spark they needed as they continued to rally with a remarkable resurgence that eventually saw this contest levelled at eight goals apiece. The Bruins looked in trouble unable to stop a snow ball affect that kept growing. In hopes of catching a break, the Bruins were awarded a late penalty shot in order to try and regain the lead. That’s when the spotlight of the game hit with A.Passarelli seizing the moment delivering a dramatic game winning goal for the Bruins. His clutch goal snapped a late tie for a team that should have never been put in that situation. Credit to the Wild for never giving up in this contest after a horrendous start to their night.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Zachary StMartin of the Bruins. He keeps showing that he could score and make players around him better. The skilled player doesn’t take a night off as he was able to produce once more scoring three times while setting up three tallies.

Blackhawks overcome slow start, secure thrilling victory over Islanders

(7)Islanders vs Blackhawks(11)

Twenty minutes in, and the Islanders had the Blackhawks exactly where they wanted them. The 4-1 lead lasted for at least six minutes leaving the Blackhawks scrambling to get their act together. Sometimes it takes that one goal in order to start the ignition. That moment came when M.Kardum beat T.Sauk past the mid way point. Then, the furious comeback started with the Blackhawks scoring goal after goal. Their passing precision and relentless pressure wore down the Islanders defense, resulting in a complete turn around. The Islanders just couldn’t withstand the Blackhawks fore-checking attack. E.Allen’s ability to cut plays and generate chances up front contributed significantly in his teams comeback victory. The Blackhawks had many inspired players chip in with G.Martuccio  being part of it with five points and T.Angelis converting three times for the hat trick just to name a few. The Islanders couldn’t figure out a way to slow down the momentum generated by the Blackhawks. Unable to adjust, they suffered a discouraging defeat.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Errol Allen of the Blackhawks. His leadership-from the back end and his ability to kick start his teams offense played a pivotal role in this particular contest.

(6)Canadiens vs Flyers(5)

Canadiens hold on to tight knitted battle with Flyers

The game was a nail biter never slowing down filled with exciting plays and intensity. The Canadiens, led by some key components, put forth a remarkable effort on both ends of the court. They displayed a combination of solid defense and efficient offense to claim the hard fought win. Its always nice to have a player like T.Bergomi in your line up. The steady defenseman played a crucial role in stabilising the defense, trapping lanes, reading plays while disrupting the Flyers defense with some nice accurate passes. M.Paciencia was glad to receive some nice feeds as the forward cashed in three times. Apart-from the early stages the game, the Canadiens always played on a narrow lead. The Flyers were simply not going away and kept battling back making the Canadiens work really hard to maintain control. K.Aruajo pulled the Flyers within one with more than enough time left over. The problem-from there was that the Canadiens made it a point to close the gap and defend tighter. Adding to that, M.Tzouvadakis stayed firm in net making sure that nothing would get by him. It was a spirited fight-from the two sides that saw the Canadiens barely hang on to a very close encounter.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Bergomi of the Canadiens. When you have a player like T.Bergomi on your team, you’ll likely have a very good chance to win a hockey game. What more can be said for a player that knows how to defend, win one on one battles, and make the correct play in order to start off the attack-from the defending end of the court.

Red Wings pull away on a flurry of goals

(7)Panthers vs Red Wings(10)

It was a game that featured plenty of goals and a ton of end to end action, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats. Many led the charge in the win for the Red Wings. You can make the argument that M.Salerno put some extra mustard to his game as the winger buried three for the hat trick along with an assist. While the Panthers fought valiantly and displayed their own offensive prowess, the Red Wings managed to maintain their lead by capitalising on scoring opportunities and showing their resilience on defense. The Panthers struggled to defend properly enabling their opponent to pretty much get their way. Scoring wasn’t really the issue as they put seven behind the Red Wings net. It was on the flip side of the court that didn’t go accordingly to plan. In the end, the Red Wings offensive surge proved to be the difference maker, allowing them to secure the 10-7 victory.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Max Salerno of the Red Wings. His ability to score three goals came to no ones surprise. M.Salerno has always had the nose for the net and tonight was just another day at the office for the sniper.

J.Melo’s timeout helps Predators overcome daunting 6-1 deficit

(9)Predators vs Kings( 8 )

In a remarkable display of leadership and strategy, Jason Melo’s timeout proved to be the turning point for the Predators in a thrilling comeback. The Predators were facing a daunting 6-1 deficit against the Kings, but Melo’s decision to call a timeout had a profound impact on the game. He was able to recognize that something needed to change if they had any sort of chance. Once his side regrouped by playing it a shift at a time mentality, the Predators looked like a reformed hockey team. They all rallied together getting overall balanced scoring except for maybe B.Freitas-Pereira, who went on a tear producing five points that included a hat trick. What’s actually worth noting about this game is that the Kings scored all eight of their goals in the first half. It’s  almost like a high end sports car rolling top speed ran out of gas in the middle of the highway. The Predators on the other hand fuelled up to the rim and used every ounce of their energy in order to stun the Kings. While its incredibly impressive to overcome a five goal hole, the Kings have only themselves to blame for allowing such a meltdown, especially with a ton of experienced players.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jason Melo of the Predators. You have to be a leader to stop the play and calm things down when your team trails by five goals. By simply reassessing the situation on a positive pep talk, the Predators did something remarkable on Sunday night by pulling the rug right under the Kings feet.

E Division

Thursday October 11

M.Mavroudis hits his target three times in the second period, Fatal Demons outlast the HC Fennecs

(4)Fatal Demons vs HC Fennecs(2)

The first period saw a strong defensive performance-from both sides. Goaltenders made impressive saves, and the teams defensemen prevented many scoring opportunities. M.Bahabi was the lone scorer providing the HC Fennecs a slight 1-0 lead. It didn’t take long after for M.Mavroudis to get the Fatal demons on board. That was just the beginning for the Fatal Demons top sniper. With his side trailing 2-1 by the five minute mark, M.Mavroudis took complete charge bagging two straight markers right before the period ended. The HC Fennecs trailed for the first time in the match leaving a whole entire period to bounce back. Despite their relentless effort, R.Ranieri wasn’t having it as the net minder thrived denying every single ball his way. The Fatal Demons were awarded a great opportunity to double the score on a four minute power play. With that kind of room out there, it was only a question of time before M.Destounis capitalised. Although only a two goal lead with half a period remaining, the HC Fennecs had no answers on how to breakdown a defensive structured team.

Generals make Brew Crew pay on their mistakes

(3)Brew Crew vs Generals(8)

Right-from the first period, the Generals came out storming with three goals. It didn’t help that the Brew Crew took a pair of trips to the penalty box. You don’t want to give the Generals more room than they have to. With so many high end talented players, your asking for trouble if you’re the defending side. The Brew Crew perhaps knew this already, but were stuck anyway trying  to overcome a massive hurdle. Rather than improving in the ensuing frame, things only got worse with the Generals adding three unanswered goals. The massive 6-1 lead was to much to overcome for the Brew Crew despite riffling a pair by the third. In the end, the Generals offensive players were in fine form again with J-R Turgeon rattling off a hat trick while J.Brunet and M.Pinheiro were good for two goals apiece.

Armadillos, close to completing miracle comeback, Rated R sweat out the win

(6)Rated R vs Armadillos(5)

At the rate of where this contest was headed, Rated R likely felt they were on their way to an easy win. And why not after popping four goals while not conceding one for nearly two full periods, especially against a depleted Armadillos line up. However, the Armadillos refused to go away quietly mounting an incredible comeback. They clawed their way back into the game finishing off a strong second period with two goals. Unable to feed off their momentum, Rated R responded instead with a pair of quick tallies to regaining a four goal lead. Payam Assadi had just completed his hat trick after setting up a pair of teammates. You would figure that Rated R had learned their lesson by regaining control of the situation. That being said, a furious response by the Armadillos had them in panic mode once more with L.Panetta leading the charge on three consecutive points. All of a sudden, the Armadillos were breathing down their necks with still enough time for a miracle ending. As much as the Armadillos displayed great resiliency, time wasn’t a luxury they had. Rated R were able to handle the late pressure by simply defending harder while knowing Pedram Assadi was there to make the last few saves.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Manny Mavroudis of the Fatal Demons. The power forward stole the spotlight, especially in the second period alone where he riffled three consecutive goals for his side.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday October 11

J.Teresi delivers for Rangers close win over the Golden Knights

(6)Golden Knights vs Rangers(7)

In an intense showdown between the Golden Knights and the Rangers, fans were treated to a thrilling match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The Rangers managed to edge out the Golden Knights in a back and forth action that showcased the true spirit of the sport. Both sides never gave up on any play which only suggested that it would take every second available for a winner. While everyone was dialled in doing their part, the Rangers did have an extra special tool in their bag of tricks. J.Teresi was the undeniable hero of the night, securing his hat trick, more importantly the game winning goal. The Rangers and D.Apikian had the difficult task of shutting the door for a good ten minutes. The net minder remained focused and determined to go flawless in order to secure a very close battle.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Joey Teresi of the Rangers. The smart, intense and very crafty player delivered an incredible performance scoring three big goals that included the winner.

Blues erase deficit on 3 quick goals

(3)Oilers vs Blues(4)

The game began with the Oilers making sure to eliminate the high powered Blues to get going. And for a good portion of the game, they did just that with the help of T.Sauk making the big saves. The Oilers scored the games first two markers and were doing a lot of the little things right before this contest took a complete turn. Unless you commit to a sound defensive game the entire time, the Blues will likely flip the script and make you pay. That’s exactly what happened by the mid way point where a ticking time bomb went off causing a major impact on the direction of this contest. In the very short span of only a minute and change, J.DiMauro scored twice, F.Bchara provided the go ahead marker, and the Blues found themselves playing up out of nowhere. Despite the sudden collapse, the Oilers didn’t back down and kept battling back with numerous chances to find an equaliser. Unfortunately, after some decent attempts, they just couldn’t get that last tally as the Blues defense and goaltender held strong celebrating the sound of the final buzzer.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Fadl Bchara of the Blues. With goals hard to come by, the tall sniper still found a way to bury a pair which was ultimately the difference maker in a dramatic hockey game.

Hurricanes display remarkable resilience in their overtime win over the Stars

(3)Stars vs Hurricanes(4) O.T

For well over 36 minutes, the Stars could do no wrong. After all, they scored two goals by R.Kilgour and A.Hughes to grab the lead, and relied heavily on B.Verducci to hold the fort in net. However, the Hurricanes were undeterred, and kept battling back. D.Lipinski finally broke the barrier, and B.Monette followed up five minutes later to even the playing field. The Hurricanes had hoped to build off their momentum in search of the next goal, but that belonged to the Stars instead courtesy of G.Charron. With only four minutes remaining, the Stars hoped to close out the deal for how well they defended prior. Instead, an unfortunate penalty led to a huge opportunity for C.Doulis to convert. This is one player that you don’t want to face if you’re the defending goaltender. C.Doulis exhibited sheer mastery in the penalty shot which often leaves goaltenders wondering what they could have done better. With that crucial tying goal, the Hurricanes gave themselves a chance in the extra time in search of their first lead of the game, which eventually came thanks to C.Fournier.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to C.Fournier of the Hurricanes. C.Fournier’s  clutch play in overtime secured a nice come-from behind win for the Hurricanes. His overtime tally came after setting up two earlier goals to get the ball rolling for his side.

Draft League Sunday

Tuesday October 10 (Draft Sunday division)

Canadiens rout Kraken 8-1 in great defensive game

(1)Kraken vs Canadiens(8)

The game was marked by exceptional defense on the Canadiens part, as they stifled the Krakens’s offensive efforts throughout the entire match. The Canadiens got off to a strong start, scoring at a decent pace to take an eventual commanding lead. While scoring wasn’t an issue, it was the defensive part of their game that really shined. The Kraken normally get a few goals with a bunch of high end players up front. However, they couldn’t get much going against a committed strong defensive core. All four defensemen broke up plays while able to clear the ball and send their forwards on the counter. The scoring was balanced with many contributing. The only highlighted moment that the Kraken celebrated on this night was when they spoiled M.Tzouvadakis’s shutout with just over two minutes remaining. Apart -from that, the Canadiens played a near perfect match.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Tzouvadakis of the Canadiens. Allowing only one goal in the Draft league is quite remarkable. If not for one late play, M.Tzouvadakis would have collected an extremely rare shutout against a side that’s known for lighting it up.

Flyers overcome slow start to defeat Islanders

(5)Islanders vs Flyers(8)

The Islanders came out of the gate strong, taking an early lead with a couple of quick goals by C.Khoury. They were more engaged and got the Flyers off guard. However, the Flyers weren’t about to back down. They regrouped after a slow start and made some better decisions going forward at both ends of the court. Their offense began to click, and they started finding the back of the net with greater frequency. Goals were being scored by committee with O.Libbos collecting four points and N.Libbos bagging a pair. B.Travisano and T.Perluzzo had solid outings as well as the two clicked sharing four points apiece. As the Flyers continued to build their lead, the Islanders ran into trapped lanes where they had a hard time creating much. They did manage a pair of late tallies, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Omar Libbos of the Flyers. The forward played a crucial role his  teams victory, scoring two timely goals along with a pair of assists.

Sabres go on a tear riffling 5 goals in under four minutes

(9)Sabres vs Kings(4)

After testing the waters in the first fifteen minutes, the Sabres turned on the switch rattling off five quick goals as they relentlessly attacked the Kings net. Their precision passing, speed, and shooting accuracy were on full display leaving the Kings shocked unable to stop the bleeding. Its not like they relied on one or two dominant players as many took turns finding the back of the net. A.Zakarian did have a more productive game by the time it was said and done. The power forward scored twice while setting up two goals. It was clear that the scoring spree affected the Kings in the grand scheme of things. Unable to get things going after that, this contest was left running at an idle pace with not much going on the rest of the way.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Alex Zakarian of the Sabres. A.Zakarians’s well rounded overall game played a role in the Sabres 9-4 win over the Kings. The forward collected a pair of goals while setting up his teammates on two occasions.

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 9

Assadi Consulting inc bounce back after dropping shootout to Snipers

Dropping the opener in the first encounter didn’t sit well with the Assadi Consulting inc. With the chance to rebound and even the series the, Assadi Consulting inc came out with more purpose putting constant pressure on the Snipers defense. By simply applying a hard work etiquette chances were created and the Assadi Consulting inc had a strong final period to level the night. N.Chiminian upped the ante heating up when it mattered the most. The forward scored twice during that span to complete his hat trick while setting up S.Kalaydjian. As the games went on, the goaltenders on both teams made incredible saves keeping the games tight. The Snipers won the opener in a shootout thanks to N.Atoui taking the role as a goaltender. His natural position is as a player but the Snipers needed to replace their current net minder with someone. Luckily enough, Atoui was able to deliver giving the Snipers almost two possible wins. As for the Assadi Consulting inc, Pedram Assadi inspired his side by playing a tighter and sharper game in net. In the end, two good teams split their night.

(4)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(3)

(3)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(5)

Degenerates look to get back on track as they down Sharpshooters in both games

Both teams came onto the court with a clear focus on shutting down their opponents offensive threats. The Degenerates defense was air tight, with their players blocking shots, intercepting passes and making crucial poke checks. The key was to eliminate the Sharpshooters active defense, and box down all four players trying to convert on a play. By remaining patient, the Degenerates made the best with their few chances . S.Marricco had two big goals in the first encounter and another in the following match to kick start his forwards. Its not like the Sharpshooters didn’t have some decent chances. The problem in part was that R.Ranieri was playing lights out in net. The net minder battled every shot and often made that second save on some rebounds. Ultimately, both games ended with the Degenerates getting back on track on a pair of gratifying victories. Their strong defensive games and outstanding goaltending performance were the key factors in their success against an active Sharpshooters team.

(1)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(4)

(1)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(3)

Classics tweak their second game but still fall short to Dragons

The anticipation was palpable as the Dragons faced off against the Classics in a highly anticipated ball hockey showdown. The Dragons came into the game with an air of confidence, and it didn’t take long for their skill to shine through. Their passing was crisp, and defense impenetrable. J.Mandracchia led the cavalry as the skilled forward was a burden for the Classics collecting five points. With the Classics determined to make a comeback in the ensuing match, the game promised even more intensity. They definitely put up a better fight, but couldn’t quite get the start they hoped for. The Dragons built their lead forcing the Classics to play catch up once more. This time however, the Classics kept breathing down the Dragons necks as they kept battling back only to fall short. Adding J.Gagne to their line up will help put the Classics in a serious contending role when all their key players show up. Tonight, the crafty forward collected a hat trick while K.Kavan was productive as well accumulating four points. As for the Dragons second encounter, Y.Derohannessian, J.Mandracchia and S.Hrivnak all shared four points each.

(2)Classics vs Dragons(7)

(6)Classics vs Dragons(7)

Peters Outclass Punishers with exceptional ball control and passing plays

From-the drop of the ball, it was clear that the Peters were on a mission. They displayed exceptional ball control, dominating the possession with pin point passes to quickly gain the upper hand. Up 3-0, it looked like this was going to be a very long night for the Punishers. However, it didn’t turn out that was as they fought back netting a pair of power play goals to suffer a 6-3 defeat. Most of the second game resembled somewhat the first one with the Peters getting the upper hand. The Punishers kept it closer by tying the game 2-2 early in the second period thanks to P.Sakaris. In hopes of trying to keeping it close, the Punishers fell behind the eight ball once more giving up three quick tallies in which two came by M.Argiris. That sequence stapled both wins for the Peters as they easily controlled the mini series by keeping the ball for long stretches. The Peters play a style that doesn’t rely on any particular players. For how well they move the ball around, and utilise all their players the same way, it makes it very difficult for any opponent to formulate a  working game plan.

(6)The Peters vs Punishers(3)

(5)The Peters vs Punishers(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Rino Ranieri of the Degenerates. His exceptional goaltending skills made him the undeniable star of the night and a key factor in the Degenerates successful campaign against the Sharpshooters.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday October 8

M.Rodriguez holds the fort in net for the Wild

(3)Kraken vs Wild(6)

The Kraken couldn’t have asked for a better start scoring the games first two goals. However, their lead was eventually answered as the Wild slowly crawled back into it before leaving the Kraken in the dust in the last portion of the game. The Wilds offense came alive on scoring efforts-from six different players with S.Boulerice leading the charge with four points. As much as they tried to get anything going up front, the Kraken were stuck dealing with M.Rodriguez being in the way. The net minder’s crucial performance played a major role as to why the Wild came back to defeat the Kraken. M.Zuccaro was also a contributing factor setting up three teammates for the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Miguel Rodriguez of the Wild. After a slow start, the Wild got their act tighter and were able to defeat the Kraken thanks to their goaltender standing tall the rest of the way.

Canadiens come out on top in goaltending duel between M.Tzouvadakis and F.Vigliotti

(4)Canadiens vs Panthers(3)

The game was a nail biter , with both teams putting up a strong fight. Perhaps the key moment was when G.Bergomi was able to snap a 2-2 tie which positioned the Canadiens to dictate the terms their way. With the game being extremely close, and with plenty of time left over, that next tally was going to be crucial. It took about ten minutes later for T.Angelis to strike for the Canadiens and provide a two goal cushion. Since this contest was tightly contested, scoring didn’t come easy. That’s attributed to M.Tzouvadakis goaltending abilities being a major reason for the Canadiens along with F.Vigliotti doing his part for the Panthers. Although the Panthers pulled themselves within one, the goal came a little to late as the Canadiens were able to ride out the clock.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Tzouvadakis of the Canadiens. Tzouvadakis had a commendable performance in net making critical saves in a game that could have gone either way.

Red Wings race off to strong start, Blackhawks unable to recover

(7)Red Wings vs Blackhawks(4)

The Red Wings got off to a blazing start, establishing a dominant position early on. M.Valmora was the mastermind behind it setting up all three goals that saw L.Bavelles benefit twice. It looked as though the Red Wings were in for an easy ride. That couldn’t be further-from the truth as the Blackhawks finally decided to play some hockey on a heavy response. Finally, they kicked it into gear and got some scoring done of their own. The problem was that they just couldn’t equalise at any point with the Red Wings responding as well. T.Salvadore scored his second for the winner, M.Valmora finished off an astounding five point game while B.Verducci was sharp earning the win net. The Red Wings early momentum and quick striking proved to be the deciding factors in this contest. It was an exciting game that saw both teams giving it their all, but the Red Wings strong start and ability to maintain their lead earned them the well deserved win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Valmora of the Red Wings. Out of his clubs seven goals, five of them stemmed-from M.Valmora, who was a thorn for the Blackhawks defence and net minder.

Predators put it together a little to late, Islanders hang on

( 8 )Islanders vs Predators(6)

In an impressive display of offensive fire power, Frank Vitoratos had a standout performance for the Islanders, scoring an astounding  four goals in their game against the Predators. The Islanders dominated the early stages of the match, building a commanding 7-1 lead by only the mid way point. At that rate, it appeared that this game was over and done with for how lopsided it became. Most teams will throw out the towel by then, but that wasn’t the case for the Predators as they decided to stick around. Slowly but surely, they crawled back scoring plenty of times to making the final score look respectable. Three of their tallies came in the last seven minutes, which by then the Islanders were still in total command of the situation. M.Porato carried much of the lead scoring three times in the loss.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frank Vitoratos of the Islanders. There was no question F.Vitoratos played a major hand in his clubs 8-6 decision over the Predators. F.Vitoratos went on a tear rifling four tallies all coming in the first twenty two minutes of the encounter.

Bruins stage late comeback to stun the Kings

(7)Kings vs Bruins( 8 )

In a jaw dropping hockey match, the Bruins staged a remarkable comeback, stunning the Kings with an unforgettable 8-7 victory. The game started off with the Kings setting the tone firing on all cylinders that led to five goals in only eleven minutes. T.Settino was in full force bagging an early hat trick and assist. You would figure a 7-5 lead with only six minutes to go would be sufficient. Instead, what was a promising start ended up being a disastrous finish for the Kings. The Bruins roared, growled and clawed their way back late on three consecutive goals by different players to mount a stunning comeback. Their late game surge and ability to capitalise on scoring opportunities allowed them to snatch victory-from the brink of defeat. S.Vitali and, Z.StMartin and M.StMartin were the engines that drove the comeback as the three players combined for a whopping thirteen points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Simon Vitali of the Bruins. Never giving up and showing a ton of resilience, S.Vitali was a big reason why the Bruins defied the odds by erasing a late deficit . Vitali went on to collect five points that included four helpers.

Flyers never in any danger despite final score

(4)Sabres vs Flyers(6)

Despite giving up an early goal and three late ones, the Flyers were never in any sort of danger going up against the Sabres. They scored six in a row and G.Kanaras was unstoppable going flawless for nearly forty straight minutes. As expected, M.Destounis influenced the offense setting up three teammates while netting one himself. The Sabres kept getting frustrated in their attempt to battle back only to keep hitting a wall. Eventually, they got to the Sabres net minder three times at a point where the damage had already been done. Despite the Sabres late surge, the Flyers massive lead proved insurmountable. The Flyers defense and goaltending held strong in the closing minutes , ensuring they secured the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to George Kanaras of the Flyers. His ability to stay focused and make key stops was instrumental in securing the win for the Flyers.

Open and C division

Thursday October 5

Brew Crew pull away in third, Armadillos offense runs dry

(1)Armadillos vs Brew Crew(4)

As expected, the match up between the Armadillos and the Brew Crew was going to be close, and very low scoring. Goals were so rare that only one went in after two periods courtesy of D.Verta’s power play goal. Both teams didn’t give much out there, and the outcome remained uncertain for quite a long time. Then, an early third period goal by C.Moutafis forced the Armadillos to get something going as they continued to struggle on how to figure out C.Muccino. The goaltender was in full form likely thinking of a shutout since the Armadillos have yet to beat him. Unable to hold a perfect sheet however, C.Muccino finally caved when S.Simitsakos scored by the nine minute mark. The score was 3-1 in favour of the Brew Crew by that point and were able to put it away on D.Verta’s second only moments after. Such closely contested games often highlight the competiveness and smarts of the two teams. That’s not to forget the goaltenders as they did more than their part for keeping it close.

Fatal Demons torched by Generals

(4)Fatal Demons vs Generals(14)

In a lopsided game between the Generals and the Fatal Demons, the Generals built a massive lead during the first period, setting the tone for a one sided contest. Their early offensive outburst allowed them to establish a commanding advantage over the Fatal Demons, paving the way for a rout in the subsequent periods. The passing plays were connecting effectively leaving almost no chance on how to defend. Even by trying to read the play, the ball moved too quick for the Fatal Demons defense to anticipate. And its not like the focus could have been on certain players to neutralise. For how well rounded the Generals are, everyone is a threat. Apart-from one single player, every other Generals scored at least one goal. It just goes to show how balanced they are. The final score reflects that they are the real deal, and perhaps the team to beat in a young season so far.

D.Delaronde instrumental in net for the Black Knights ( Open division)

(1)Chiefs vs Black Knights(2)

In an intense ball hockey matchup, the Black Knights narrowly secured a victory over the Chiefs with a final score of 2-1.The standout star of the game was undoubtedly  D.Delaronde, whose exceptional goaltending skills played a role in his teams success. Throughout the game, both teams exhibited tremendous effort and skill on the court. The Chiefs fought hard to break through Delaronde’s defense, but were met with exceptional saves time and again. The net minders ability to keep the opposition at bay proved to be the defining factor in this close contest. On the offensive end, the Black Knights managed to capitalise on their opportunities with D.Greco and S.Racicot finding the back of the net. J.Gagne did tally for the Chiefs, but Delaronde’s steadfast goaltending prevented any further scoring -from their side. In the end, the Black Knights defended very well while relying on their last line of defense to edge out a dangerous opponent.

HC Fennecs show no quit as they fell short to Krazy Train

(9)Krazy Train vs HC Fennecs(6)

Throughout the entire game, the HC Fennecs showed their tenacity by refusing to give up, even when facing a deficit. They continuously fought their way back into the game showcasing their offensive skills and determination to narrow the score gap. On the other side, the Krazy Train proved to be a formidable opponent, maintaining their lead and responding to the HC Fennecs comeback attempts with strong offensive plays of their own. There was no question that J.Morina was a huge part of it all as the skilled forward made plenty happen out there producing a ton of nice plays that resulted in six points. The Krazy Train scored three goals in each of the three frames while the HC Fennecs had their best moments by the third netting half of their tallies. T.Foura was their key element striking three times in a row for his club. Despite the HC Fennecs valiant efforts, they were unable to completely bridge the scoring gap, and the Krazy Train were able to hold off a very resilient hockey team.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to D.Delaronde of the Black Knights. In order to allow only one goal versus the high powered Chiefs, its because your goaltender is playing lights out. The close 2-1 win was largely due to Delaronde being brilliant in net for the Black Knights.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday October 4

Oilers pull away after see saw affair with Rangers

(4)Rangers vs Oilers(7)

In a heated confrontation between the Rangers and the Oilers , both teams were engaged in a relentless offensive exchange, trading goals back and forth. The game remained closely contested with neither team willing to let the other gain a significant advantage. Each goal was met with a swift response-from the opposition, showcasing their offensive prowess. However, as the game progressed, the Oilers managed to breakaway-from the deadlock exhibiting a surge in their attack riding four consecutive goals. A.Farina had tied the game at four goals before adding his second late to cap off the win. M.Lauzon and M.Scarpetta also scored twice in the victory while S.Ouellette and J.Fidrilis shared three helpers each. The Oilers ability to pull ahead and maintain their lead in the second portion proved to be pivotal for their success. Also, it did help having T.Sauk protect his cage as the net minder stood firm allowing only four goals.

The Allo mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tyler Sauk of the Oilers. The goaltender stood tall helping his team maintain the lead, and ultimately emerge victorious after a very strong second half of the game.

Blue overwhelm Hurricanes in thumping

(11)Blues vs Hurricanes(4)

In a dominating performance, the Blues overwhelmed the Hurricanes with an impressive 11-4 victory. The Hurricanes, unfortunately, struggled to contain the relentless offensive pressure-from the Blues, and their defense was breached repeatedly. The Blues exhibited exceptional teamwork and precision, especially how well F.Bchara and C.Arnoldo connected up front. Bchara had another productive night striking five times while C.Arnoldo had his usual hat trick. Perhaps the real story behind the madness was the play of J.DiMauro, who had an astounding eight point performance. DiMauro did everything right-from breaking up plays to making the right pass that often resulted in high end chances. The Hurricanes simply had no answers on how to slow down the big three .Maybe a little more focus could have slowed down the damage, but the Blues were still a step ahead overall and would have likely taken it anyway. S.Sauk, although not overly busy faced his fair share of shots denying most of them.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jonathan DiMauro of the Blues. No question DiMauro had a major impact in the onslaught. While able to defend like a rock, DiMauro was the catalyst behind the offense producing a whopping eight points.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday October 3

Ducks progress after slow start in wild affair with Canucks

(12)Ducks vs Canucks(10)

It was one of those games that neither side knew where it was headed. The contest was marked by a series of momentum swings and exciting plays that kept both bench’s wondering what was coming next. The Ducks showed remarkable progress throughout the game, steadily gaining control as it went on. Every time the Canucks would score, the Ducks had an answer. Eventually, the Ducks finally gained a lead forcing the Canucks to reply in which they did almost every time. The only time this contest was secured was when the Ducks scored two very late goals where they made it a point to defend well and run out the clock. F.Bchara was the Canucks top gun as the sniper whaled away posting five goals. The Ducks had many players collect a few points each, but with E.Commisso leading all teammates with three goals and three assists. In the end, a bad situation for the defenceless goaltenders as they were stuck  enduring a long and difficult night.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Enzo Commisso of the Ducks. His scoring prowess played a crucial role in his teams success, contributing significantly in this very high scoring affair.

Sharks offense wakes up late in close loss to Penguins

(6)Penguins vs Sharks(5)

In an explosive start to the game, the Penguins stormed out of the gate, building an impressive 4-0 lead. Their offense came out firing on all cylinders, taking advantage of scoring opportunities and leaving the Sharks playing catch up-from the very beginning. The Penguins early dominance in the game showcased their offense fire power led by S.Kalaydjian, who collected three of the four points capitalising on the Sharks’s lapses. For well over half the game, F.Koch was outstanding in net denying every single shot he faced. However, time would eventually catch up to the Canucks defence and net minder as the Sharks finally woke up and got the ball rolling. D.Greco decided it was time to mount a spirited comeback attempt by being a lot more engaged. In the final 13 minutes alone, the Sharks went on a tear scoring in succession where they were just a shot on net-from tying the game. D.Greco converted on three Christmas presents with the Penguins taking unnecessary penalties. In hopes of getting that last chance to even the score, the Penguins eliminated as much time and space to protect their house and close out the deal. If this contest had a few extra minutes, the Sharks may have completed a massive comeback. Instead, the slow start proved to be costly.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Felix Koch of the Penguins. Keeping the Sharks off the score sheet for 30+ minutes is quite a feat. In order for that to happen, its because your goaltender is primed and ready for the challenge. The Penguins were able to squeeze out the win in large due to F.Koch making a bunch of key saves.

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 2

Hustlers put up valiant fight before running out of steam vs Peters

Despite their limited number of players on their bench, the Hustlers put up a strong fight throughout the entire game forcing it to end in a shootout. For how well rounded the Peters were, they should have taken it in regulation, but managed to grab the win anyway by converting twice in the shootouts thanks to M.Crialese and J.Correia. Entering the second game, the Peters took care of business almost immediately when J.Correia and J.Forese scored only seconds apart. It became evident that the Hustlers were struggling to keeping the same intensity as the previous match. To their credit, they stuck with it and made sure that the Peters worked every inch of the court. Once M.Lastoria and J.Lulic widened the gap, the Peters were well on their way to securing a second straight win. The Hustlers gave it their all, and would have loved nothing less than to have some of their key elements in the line up. For now, its just a pair of regular season losses that will soon be forgotten.

(4)The Peters vs Hustlers(2) S.O

(5)The Peters vs Hustlers(2)

Degenerates cant match pace with Snipers

The Degenerates had a hard time matching the Snipers in both their losses on Monday night. In both games, the Snipers controlled the tempo and dictated the flow of the play. That’s what happens when your simply a step behind chasing players rather than controlling the play. Even if your boxing out the opposition, it becomes only a question of time before something is to give. The Snipers never let go of the gas pedal and were finally rewarded on a huge second period where they scored three unanswered goals. A.Saleh was the catalyst behind that stretch bagging two straight markers right before J.Hassan capped it off late. You hope for a good start if your the Degenerates entering the second match. Unfortunately, it took barley two minutes for H.Awada and Ali Khanafer to score and put an immediate strangle hold on the game. You never want to be stuck playing catch up versus a side that suffocates you without the ball. No matter how much the Degenerates tried to battle back, a Snipers player would be there in the way. They did manage to narrow the gap thanks to D.Charbonneau, but that barely lasted on two quick responses by A.Sayed and J.Hassan. The Snipers had eight minutes to kill off-from that point on where they easily played out the clock to their advantage.

(4)Snipers vs Degenerates(1)

(4)Snipers vs Degenerates(2)

M.David’s driving force helps Orient down Punishers in both games

While it can be argued that many have an incredible skill set between the Punishers and Orient, its safe to say that M.David brings it to another level. His exceptional skills on the court were on full display as he played a pivotal role enabling the Orient to capture two wins with a depleted line up. Since the Orient didn’t have all their elements, players like M.David and W.Ozair got the extra playing time which may have gone against the Punishers as the two combined for a ton of points with plenty of plays stemming-from both of them.  The Orient don’t seem to have a fault as they have all areas of the court solidified with the right group of players. That’s not to take away-from the Punishers, who didn’t make things easy by all means in both their loses. The first encounter was fairly close with the Orient taking it by a narrow 5-3 margin while the second one could have gone either way needing a shootout to decide matters. D.Koutavas will be a great help for the Punishers as the steady d-man was steady producing four points. Goaltending these games aren’t easy having to face players that can pick corners with high velocity shots. Luckily the two sides have that area covered with C.Ekonomakis guarding the cage for the Punishers and P.Lefti for the Orient.

(5)Orient vs Punishers(3)

(6)Orient vs Punishers(5) S.O

Assadi Consulting inc rebound in final frame to avoid second loss to Sharpshooters

The Assadi Consulting inc had a rebound game after their initial loss to the Sharpshooters. The first encounter may have been disappointing for them, but they were determined to bounce back and prove their capabilities with a renewed sense of purpose. It wasn’t really till the last period where they put it all together. Down 4-2 with some hurdles to overcome, the Assadi Consulting Inc simply stuck with it and finally got there thanks to a late desperate play by N.Kokovidis sending the ball toward the net. At least they never packed it in having to suffer an earlier loss and a horrible first period in the second game. Maybe the Sharpshooters got a little to complacent since everything appeared to be rolling just fine. Unless you keep the pedal floored the whole way through, certain teams will fight back and overcome deficits like in the case of the Assadi Consulting inc. They may not have won in the end, but at least they didn’t enable the Sharpshooters to defeat them twice.

(4)Sharpshooters vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

(6)Sharpshooters vs Assadi Consulting inc(6) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew David of the Orient. His remarkable talent and contributions on the court were instrumental in the Orients two victories over the Punishers. David led all teammates collecting an impressive eight points.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday October 1

Kraken pull away late to defeat Blackhawks

(11)Kraken vs Blackhawks( 8 )

As likely expected when a game ends with such a high score, both teams engaged in what was a spirited affair. May players contributed on the score sheet showing their capability of generating a ton of offense. For a very long stretch, this contest was up for grabs until a late surge by the Kraken put them over the top. Their strongest moments occurred in the last ten minutes or so with C.Cusson stringing back to back tallies to complete his hat trick. A big driving force for the Kraken was the consistent smart play driven by C.Decotis. On nearly every shift, Decotis made something happen whether it was his for checking to recuperate the ball or simply making the right play. There weren’t many dull moments as both sides played with intensity, making it an exciting game for the few that were watching. Ultimately, the strong finish enabled the Kraken to edge out the Blackhawks in a high scoring game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Decotis of the Kraken. His ability to do all the little things right often pays off. Tonight, the skilled forward produced many big plays that resulted in a bunch of points.

Despite valiant effort, Flyers fall short to the Bruins

( 8 )Bruins vs Flyers(6)

The Bruins stormed out of the gate on a bang scoring four consecutive goals by only the ten minute mark. It was a kind of pace where you’d figure would end in a complete landslide for how one team was ready and dialled in while the other have yet to sip their coffee. That being said, the Flyers caffeine intake started to kick in, and all of a sudden there was an actual hockey game going on. The Flyers went on a tear rattling off three straight goals to finally enter the competition.  Form-there, they just kept responding the Bruins goals with tenacity and determination, frequently narrowing the score gap. While the spirited fight was there for the Flyers, they never quite made it in time to even the score. The Bruins were always one step ahead and made sure to secure their slight lead despite a push back. Unfortunately for the Flyers, they couldn’t get there in time as the Bruins rode out the clock to secure the win. M.StMartin led his teammates with four points, Z.StMartin followed up a point less while E.Gabrielli and S.Vitali shared two goals apiece.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Andy Benedetto of the Bruins. The net minder, apart-from a shaky stretch was a rock for his side enabling them to play with a lead throughout the entire match.

Melissa Barbiero comes up huge notching overtime winner for the Canadiens

(4)Wild vs Canadiens(5)

In a thrilling overall match up between the Canadiens and the Wild, Melissa Barbiero emerged as the hero scoring the game winning goal to secure a 5-4 win over the Wild. The game was a roller-coaster of events for the two teams. Goals kept getting traded giving no indication on who would prevail. It was a contest that featured exiting plays, strong goaltending and intense back and forth action. As the game finally entered overtime, Melissa Barbiero capitalised on a critical scoring opportunity, finding the back of the net to seal the win for the Canadiens. Her heroics were met with jubilation-from her bench, as they celebrated a hard fought win over a tough opponent in the Wild. It was a type of game that saw both sides having to grind it out with no real massive point getters. M.Danesi did howver have a strong three point game for the Canadiens. In net, M.Tzouvadakis was able to get the win over his counterpart B.Verducci as both goaltenders gave their side a legit chance to win the game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Melissa Barbiero of the Canadiens. Her clutch performance in the extra period showcased her ability to rise to the occasion when her team needed it the most.

Panthers thump Kings

(4)Kings vs Panthers(14)

In a one sided and high scoring affair, the Panthers dominated the Kings, securing a resounding 14-4 victory. The Panthers offense was firing on all cylinders while the Kings  struggled to keep pace in this lopsided matchup. The Panthers offensive onslaught was relentless, as they continuously found the back of the net throughout the whole game. Conversely, the Kings had a tough time containing many of their opposition and struggled to create scoring opportunities of their own. Often, this happens when a team is overall quicker than you as ball possession becomes the pivotal reason as to why games get out of reach. The limited amount of ball control was evident for the Kings as they spend their time chasing rather than dictating the pace. Overall, just a bad night for a side that has the potential to do more. The Panthers had a bunch of players occupy the score sheet with A.Gravel leading the charge with seven points. Other notables include L.Katsifolis, S.Sicuso, M.Chenier and Melissa Barbiero just to name a few as they all chipped in with a bunch of points as well.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Freddy Vigliotti of the Panthers. Regardless who would have been the goaltender due to the lopsided score, F.Vigliotti needed to be good early on in which he was allowing only a total of four goals by the end of the game.

Predators establish early lead, Sabres respond a little too late

(9)Predators vs Sabres(5)

By executing their game plan effectively, scoring multiple goals and controlling the flow of the play, the Predators couldn’t have asked for a better start. They displayed solid offensive and defensive play, making it challenging for the Sabres to generate scoring opportunities. Scoring efforts came-from P.Stroubakis, who buried a pair and M.Kardum that was able to find the back of the net on three occasions. Everything was going perfectly for the Predators until the Sabres finally woke up on a late surge. They managed to make the game more competitive, but couldn’t gain enough ground as time was winding down. The Predators early lead proved to be enough to secure the victory. The final score reflected the Predators dominant play for most of the game, even though the Sabres made a push to narrow the gap.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Vince Romero of the Predators. After getting his first goal, V.Romero went on to set up three more tallies to merit the honour as his clubs most valuable player.

Islanders cruise in easy win over Red Wings

(9)Islanders vs Red Wings(5)

The Islanders barely wasted time to get the ball rolling versus the Red Wings. They scored almost at will while limiting the Red wings to only one goal in 42 minutes. T.Sauk was seeing and saving everything in sight as the net minder remained stubborn in net frustrating the opposition. Apart-from C.Pizzuto scoring twice, the Islanders got balanced scoring in this tilt. The Red Wings were no where to be seen up until a time when it didn’t really matter much. They scored four of their five goals in the remaining minutes that included a nifty penalty shot marker by M.Russo. That was his second-from a side that had issues burying their chances. The late surge may have shown some character  throughout their bench, but it came way to late. L.Folini needs a better pep talk the next time the Red Wings enter the dressing room.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tyler Sauk of the Islanders. In a less urgent situation, T.Sauk gave up his goals very late when the game was put to rest. Prior to that point, Sauk was practically unstoppable making save after save that left the Red Wings stuck searching for answers.

Open and C division

Thursday September 28

Chiefs hang on to nail biter vs Altius

(3)Altius vs Chiefs(4)

Despite finding themselves scrambling for a pair of goals, M.David and P.Arkalis were able to overcome the deficit to put the Altius in an advantageous position. However, their celebration was short lived as C.Gosselin responded immediately with a quick counter attack. The Chiefs not only took the lead with half a frame remaining, but managed to hang on to their momentum, eventually securing victory in a tightly contested match. It was a game filled with excitement and rapid shifts in fortune, ultimately favouring the Chiefs for their second straight win of the season. A big part of the win could be credited to P-O Girouard. The goaltenders skills and quick reflexes were instrumental in thwarting numerous scoring chances-from the Altius. Its not to say that M.Melo wasn’t as crucial for the Altius on the flip side of the court. The difference was simply that P-O Girouard was busier in net facing a ton of high end chances. Captain J.Gagne helped set up three teammates for the win while M.David was the Altius’s top performer bagging two goals.

J-R Turgeon posts 4 for Generals season debut win over Rated R

(7)Generals vs Rated R(3)

It took some time to get it going, but the Generals eventually got there by the end of the second period. It was during that late stretch that this contest had its defining moment. The Generals got goals by M.Pinheiro and J.R Turgeon to take a commanding 4-2 lead heading into the final stretch. From-there, they unleashed an offensive onslaught striking three more times to put the game out of reach. Its worth noting that J-R Turgeon had a massive impact in determining the score. The forward was on top of his game riffling four tallies along with an assist. Unable to hang in there long enough, Rated R just didn’t have the same kind of rhythm to sustain a full out game. The Generals have a load of talent that had Rated R no answers on how to slow them down. For now, its week one only, and S.DosSantos will soon forget a meaningless game that occurred in a young season so far.

D.Lombardi contributes significantly with 5 points for Black Knights

(7)Black Knights vs UW(3)

While the scoreline remained tight in the early stages, it was in the second period where the Black Knights truly erupted, putting together a dominant performance that left the UW struggling to keep up. In a five minute span, the Black Knights scored three goals to build a substantial lead. The UW did get that next much needed tally that come on the power play by J.Saydi. With the next goal being so crucial, A.Sayed was able to provide his clubs second power play goal to tighten the gap by only one. The Black Knights started to feel the pressure-from a team that seemingly put it together. Unfortunately, the momentum was cut short when S.Racicot regained control for the Black Knights by regaining a two goal lead. That tally left over six minutes to play where the Black Knights displayed their composure and determination to close out the game. Both sides had their power plays work in full swing trading two goals each. C.Ekonomakis was strong in net stopping 30 shots and allowing only three to get by him. But the bigger story of the game was the significant impact put forth by D.Lombardi. The power forward showcased his scoring ability once more by rattling off a hat trick as part of a five point game.

Fatal Demons hang on after strong start

(3)Krazy Train vs Fatal Demons(5)

A slow start by the Krazy Train found themselves constantly playing-from behind. As much as they tried to bridge the gap, the Fatal Demons maintained their lead throughout. Its always a challenging position when playing-from behind. And while finding themselves down 5-1 in the third period, the Krazy Train fought hard anyway scoring a pair of goals close the gap. By this point, time wasn’t a luxury they had as they were forced to pull out their net minder for the extra attack needing still two goals with little time left over. They did manage to control the play while attempting some shots toward R.Ranieri, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The Fatal Demons defensive strategy proved resilient, making it difficult for the Krazy Train to create enough room out there. In the end, the Fatal Demons came out stronger, and used the lead to their advantage the entire time. T.Langiano had a multi goal game while M.Mavroudis was playing the nice guy by setting up three teammates rather than scoring.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to J-R Turgeon of the Generals. His offensive prowess was simply unmatched scoring an astonishing fours goals and an assist.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday September 27

P.Camirand an absolute force striking 5 times for the Golden Knights

(6)Senators vs Golden Knights( 8 )

It was a game that displayed both sides trading goals as it kept going back and forth. Ultimately, the Golden Knights used their extra gear toward the end resulting in a close 8-6 victory. While both teams had the quality to carry a good chunk of the offense, its safe to say that P.Camirand  had an incredible night on the court. P.Camirand was a handful throughout the entire contest posting an incredible five goals and an assist  as he played a pivotal role to why his club got the better of the Senators. The Golden Knights used both their lines to their advantage. M.Lafleur used his wicked wrist shot to bury a pair. As for the Senators, it came to no surprise that T.Settino had an input collecting four goals that included a hat trick. Tonight’s difference was due to the fact that the Golden Knights had a little more balance up front which came into play.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to P.Camirand of the Golden Knights. Camirand  undeniably merits the honour after scoring five times along with an assist.

Blues wave of success finally comes to an end vs the Hurricanes

(10)Hurricanes vs Blues( 8 )

The Blues suffered their first loss of the season as they faced off against the Hurricanes, ultimately falling short with a final score of 10-8. Both teams came out strong trading a ton of chances as the game kept going back and forth. The offense was relentless as both goaltenders felt the pressure to perform under extreme circumstances. While the divisions scoring leader C.Arnoldo kept his pace going by adding four goals for the Blues, it was the dynamic between D.Lipinski and B.Monette that really stole the show on Wednesday night . The two players were definitely on top of their game practically involved in every play as they shared a whopping six points each. Sometimes, finding a turning point in such a high scoring affair can be arbitrary, but it can be argued that giving up three late goals by the Blues proved to be the difference maker.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Benoit Monette of the Hurricanes .His ability to find the open space and make the right play, resulted in B.Monette collecting an impressive three goals and three assists.

G.Charron riffles hat trick, B.Verducci shines in net for Stars win over Oilers

(3)Oilers vs Stars(6)

The game was marked by tenacity on both sides, with the Oilers showing resilience by repeatedly fighting their way back into the match. However, the Stars managed to maintain their lead and secure the victory. A standout performance came by G.Charron of the Stars, who posted an impressive hat trick. His scoring prowess and offensive contributions played a pivotal role his clubs victory. No question he was a big difference maker since the final score was relatively low. When allowing only three goals at this type of competition, its because your net minder is dialled in. B.Verducci somehow had enough energy to put out a brilliant display of goaltending in his second game of the night. A strong goaltender can be the backbone of a teams success and is responsible for making huge and timely stops when the games are close. Luckily enough for the Stars, B.Verducci had the will and fight in him to collect a well deserved win between the pipes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Guillaume Charron of the Stars. G.Charrons’s contribution not only energized his teammates but also had a significant impact on the final score.

Draft League Sunday

Tuesday September 26 (Sunday division Draft League)

Strong start propels Bruins in high scoring tilt with the Panthers

(9)Panthers vs Bruins(12)

In a thrilling game between the Bruins and the Panthers, it was the Bruins that got off to a fast start setting the tone for the entire match. The game turned into a high scoring affair with both teams lighting up the scoreboard. Some players stood out for the Bruins with F.Bchara racking up four goals along with E.Gabrielli, M.StMartin and S.Vitali doing damage as well collecting at least four points apiece. Forced to play catch up all game, the Panthers got their act together when it was a little to late. Luckily they had M.Chenier doing his thing as the sniper was dominant scoring an astonishing five times. The Panthers also had L.Katsifolis, S.Gravel and M.Estrela support the offense collecting a bunch of points as well. Despite their best efforts, F.Vigliotti and A.Benedetto were left with little support-from their players in front of them having to face a barrage of shots.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mathis StMartin of the Bruins. His impact came a long way creating plenty of space that resulted in a nice five point night that included a hat trick.

M.Zuccaro plays hero in overtime as Wild edge out Red Wings

(4)Wild vs Red Wings(3) O.T

Despite stringing a pair of timely goals by M.Salerno, this game took a dramatic turn once it went into overtime. The Red Wings couldn’t carry the momentum long enough as it was M.Zuccaro who clinched the victory giving the Wild the slight edge. The Wild couldn’t have asked for a better start rattling off two quick goals-from S.Smith and G.Demos by the five minute mark .M.Russo did respond shortly after, and this game went on a scoring drought where the goaltenders took over. For almost 30 minutes, M.Tzouvadakis of the Wild and B.Verducci of the Red Wings were the reason why neither side had an advantage . The two goaltenders stood out contributing intensely making plenty of crucial saves. Finally, something was to give, and that’s when M.Salerno broke the spell by riffling two big markers for the Red Wings. Unfortunately, once they hit overtime, M.Zuccaro decided the outcome giving the Wild a hard fought win that resembled a playoff style game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Zuccaro of the Wild. M.Zuccaro solidified his status as player of the game by delivering the games biggest goal.

Predators hold off late surge, hang on to defeat Blackhawks

(4)Blackhawks vs Predators(5)

The Predators managed to hold off a late surge-from the Blackhawks to secure a narrow 5-4 victory. D.Melo had a standout game charging the offense with a spectacular hat trick. This contest looked like it was going to favour the Blackhawks easily up until a late surge by the Predators sounded the alarm bells. E.Allon made sure to convert on a penalty shot, and J.Musi narrowed the gap by one leaving all but a single minute for the equaliser. In their attempt to extend the game, the Blackhawks finally ran out of race track as they just fell short in the end. A.Zardarian had some moments of brilliance as the net minder kept his side playing with the lead. P.Stroubakis and M.Papadakis were contributors as well collecting three points each in the win. It was a difficult night for the Blackhawks having to many regulars absent-from the line up. Considering the situation, they did a pretty good job hanging around till the very end.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mary Papadakis of the Predators. Whether it was through scoring a goal, providing a pair of assists, or playing smart hockey, M.Papadakis efforts were instrumental in her clubs close win over the Blackhawks.

4vs4 Monday

Monday September 25

Snipers grinding effort propels them twice over Sharpshooters

Both games as expected were intense and tightly contested. Although the Snipers had a little more breathing room in the opener, the second one needed every inch of the court in order to pair wins over the Sharpshooters. The victory only came in its final minute when A.Sayed broke the late tie. With the Snipers its all about playing by committee. They display excellent teamwork and coordination, allowing them to create enough scoring chances while applying a suffocating style when playing without the ball. The Sharpshooters actually played up leading 3-2 with less than a frame remaining. Unable to close out the deal, the Snipers were the ones who had the extra gear, and pull out a pair of grinding wins. You almost need a full out effort with a deeper bench if you plan on beating them. The Sharpshooters could have used that extra piece required in order to at least split. For now, they’ll deal with it since its only week one of the regular season.

(4)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(2)

(4)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(3)

Classics bounce back after tough opening game with Hustlers

In the first game between two familiar opponents, the Hustlers came out stronger, and were able to outlast the Classics by a narrow margin. While many contributed offensively, M.Arkalis arguably provided his clubs biggest goal as it stood for the winner. However, the Classics weren’t deterred by the initial setback. In the second encounter, they regrouped and carried a much urgent response. The Classics offense clicked harder with K.Kavan and M.Mavroudis netting a pair each. Since scoring wasn’t much of an issue, the Classics also exceled on their own end of the court by tightening up and making it harder for the Hustlers to maintain their offensive momentum. As the night progressed, it became evident that the Classics found their rhythm. With both teams splitting, the series now hangs in the balance as they’ll be eager to claim victory in their next showdown.

(5)Classics vs Hustlers(6)

(6)Classics vs Hustlers(3)

Dragons and Orient entertain in a an evenly matched mini series

In an action packed back and back games, both the Orient and the Dragons brought high octane offense to the court, resulting in a pair of games that ultimately ended in ties. In the first encounter, both teams demonstrated their prowess with an incredible display of offensive skills. Goaltenders were incredibly busy facing a barrage of shots that were nearly impossible to save. Despite the intense back and forth action, neither team could gain a decisive advantage, and the game concluded in a well-deserved tie. The excitement didn’t stop there in the second tilt. Fast-paced transitions, pinpoint passes, and accurate shooting were the order of the night. Goals continued to light up with both sides trading two power play goals each. The defense and more so the goaltenders tried their best to contain the offensive onslaught, but it was a challenging task. Somehow, neither side could have gotten it done for a second straight time which suggested for another evenly matched contest. Points were widely spread out with so much fire power to go around. Its worth noting that O.Wahid of the Orient made his plays and tallies look like a  magic for how patient and crafty he his. The forward produced five points along with a pair of spectacular goals in the two shootouts.

( 8 )Orient vs Dragons( 8 ) S.O

(5)Orient vs Dragons(5) S.O

Assadi Consulting inc respond with a much better outing in second encounter with Degenerates

Unable to string a pair of solid games together, the Degenerates looked flat entering their second match vs the Assadi Consulting inc. The Assadi Consulting inc were able to bounce back, especially in the first period where they sent a strong message on four unanswered goals. N.Kokovides had major hand setting up three teammates while P.Assadi was sharper in net frustrating the opposition. The Degenerates still felt they had a chance despite a mental breakdown. The mind set was to get one and take it-from there. Eventually, they started to click and actually made it very interesting after posting back to back power play goals to pull within two. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get there in time as the Assadi Consulting inc fed an empty cage to close out the game. M.Tvaraonas had a second period tear scoring all three goals for his club. N.Chiminian had a very productive two games collecting seven points. By applying some simple strategies and determination, the Assadi Consulting inc got the final word in their split with the Degenerates.

(6)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(3)

(4)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ozair Wahid of the Orient. His ability to navigate effortlessly and evade defenders with success was on full display Monday night. The skilled forward collected five points along with a pair of nifty shootout goals.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday September 24

Red Wings shine with three breakaway goals

(7)Kraken vs Red Wings(10)

In a thrilling match-up, the Red Wings clashed with the Kraken in a high-scoring affair, ultimately emerging victorious with a final score of 10-7. The Red Wings showcased their offensive prowess, capitalizing on three penalty shot goals throughout the game, demonstrating their exceptional skill and strategy on the court. Both teams fought hard, displaying impressive efforts, but it was the Red Wings who prevailed, securing a well-deserved win in this exciting encounter. A good portion of the offense was generated by L.Folini, who led the charge up front collecting five points. The goaltenders didn’t always get the help they deserved, but battled hard anyway to try and keep their clubs in it. In the end, the Red Wings made a few extra offensive plays to grab a nice victory.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Livio Folini of the Red Wings. His standout performance contributed significantly for his teams success.

Bruins storm out of gate on four unanswered goals

(2)Islanders vs Bruins(6)

The Bruins showcased their strength early in the game, demonstrating a formidable start that kept the intensity high. A.Benedetto was exceptional making crucial saves that limited the Islanders to only two goals on 25 shots. The Islanders faced a tough challenge against the offensive prowess of the Bruins, struggling to breakthrough their defense and find the back of the net consistently. Despite their efforts, they were unable to match the scoring output of their opponents. S.Vitali and S.Dansereau had a multi goal games in the win, and the Bruins scored two of their six goals on penalty shots by E.Capalbo and E.Gabrielli. In the end, the Bruins offensive performance and solid goaltending proved to be the deciding factors , leading them to well deserved win against the Islanders.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Andy Benedetto of the Bruins.  After facing 25 shots, A.Benedetto was rock solid allowing only a pair of goals.

Canadiens use strong start in double up win over Sabres

(3)Sabres vs Canadiens(6)

The Canadiens got off to a blistering start, netting three early goals that set the tone of the game. Their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities and establish an early lead showcased their offensive firepower and solid team work. The Sabres on the other hand, faced an uphill battle-from the start, but continued to compete with determination throughout the game. It wasn’t up until the 22 minute mark when C.Arnoldo scored his first of two to finally get the better of D.Geishecker-Cote. Unfortunately, the  Sabers attack couldn’t match the Canadiens on this night.

The Allo mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to D.Geishecker-Cote of the Canadiens. The net minder was on top of his game making one save look nicer than the other.

Wild rely on balanced soring in thumping of Blackhawks

(6)Blackhawks vs Wild(14)

What stood out in this matchup was the Wilds’s ability to spread their scoring throughout the game. Their offense didn’t rely on a single player, showcasing the depth and overall teamwork. The balanced scoring approach made it challenging for the Blackhawks to defend against a variety of threats on the court. S.Boulerice and J.Bergola led the charge with five points each, N.Faria and M.Zuccaro shared four points a piece for the win while E.Allen and M.Caruso did their part in the loss combining for six points. Its evident that both teams contributed to a thrilling game that highlighted the fast paced and unpredictable nature of ball hockey. While players were having fun trading scoring chances, the poor net minders were left behind hanging  having to face a ton of shots.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Miguel Rodriguez of the Wild. His team may have left him out to dry at times, but that didn’t stop M.Rodriguez-from battling hard between the pipes to earn the victory.

T.Settino racks up 7 more points, Kings outlast Flyers

(7)Flyers vs Kings(11)

In a high scoring showdown, T.Settino continued to shine as a scoring machine, amassing an impressive seven more points to his already stellar season total. In a game where goals were plenty , the Kings managed to outlast the Flyers 11-7. Settino’s outstanding performance undoubtedly played a significant role in the Kings victory. His ability to contribute both goals and assists showcased his versatility and skill on the court. One thing this contest didn’t lack was plenty of action. If you like goals and plenty of plays, this was a gem to watch. However, if your into a tight defense game where the goaltenders shine, than you got ripped off at the door. The two goalies could have used some help, but S.Sauk was glad anyway to record the win in net over D.Apikian, who was left out to dry.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Settino of the Kings. The forward scored a hat trick and provided four helpers to lead all players in the points department.

Predators display resilience in comeback win over Panthers

(6)Panthers vs Predators(8)

Resilience was shown by the Predators as they mounted an impressive comeback against the Panthers. Despite facing a an early three goal deficit, the Predators rallied with five unanswered goals to secure a memorable victory. The Predators showed their determination to adapt to adversity. Their offense came alive with a relentless surge on the backs of V.Romero’s consecutive goals, and play making skills by J.Melo, who set up four tallies. The Panthers, who started strong with a three goal lead, were unable to withstand the Predators relentless push. The comeback victory served as a testament to the unpredictable and thrilling nature of this particular contest. B.Freitas-Pereira had a major hand in the win collecting four points while A.Zardarian made a couple of key extra saves to out duel his counter part F.Vigliotti.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jason Melo of the Predators. Cool calm and collective, J.Melo never panics making key essential defensive plays while also contributing the other way resulting in four points.

Thursday division

Thursday September 21

Chiefs rout UW in season opener

(11)Chiefs vs UW(1)

The Chiefs controlled the play early and often against the UW netting two first period goals to get the ball rolling. The deficit wasn’t a concern by that point, but the UW did want nothing less than to get that next tally. The problem with that is if you miss on your execution, the Chiefs will exploit your mistakes and make you pay. Five minutes into the second period had gone by, and J.Thibodeau buried his second for a commanding 5-0 lead. That sequence spelled the beginning of the end for the UW. It seemed no matter what they tried, it just didn’t work. They did finally get on board when J.Hassan beat P-O Girouard. Apart-from that, the offense remained dry while the defence struggled to contain a high octane offense. Many took turns contributing which came to be expected with the Chiefs rolling only two lines. If someone did stand out, P.Genereaux was that player. The forward was unstoppable collecting a whopping seven points that included four goals. This was a type of match up that needed the UW to try and strike first while committing to playing a tighter game. By falling behind, things opened up for the Chiefs as they demonstrated what a lethal force they are when given the extra space.

Brew Crew collapse in third, Fatal Demons mount incredible comeback

( 8 )Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(5)

They fell behind 4-2 after two periods, and the Brew Crew had laid claim to this match. But the Fatal Demons focused on details, and they took this game back with a smart, structured and clever game plan. The Fatal Demons looked like a different team entering the final stretch. With their back to the wall, they looked more tenacious and preyed on the Brew Crews mistakes. Too many things went wrong for the Brew Crew in that final period. How does a team that prides themselves on playing well without the ball give up six in a single period alone? It’s a question that they’ll need to figure out and adjust. When you have a team on the ropes, you have to put them down. Luckily enough this isn’t more than a regular season game that will be forgotten soon enough. While you can try and pin point a few turning points, perhaps the biggest one was when the Brew Crew took some late visits to the penalty box. The game was tied 5-5 before M.Mavroudis snapped the tie on the power play followed with G.DeMarinnis doing the same to close out the deal.

Krazy Train storm back twice but fall in overtime to Armadillos

(5)Krazy Train vs Armadillos(6) O.T

Overcoming a two and then a three goal deficit against the Armadillos isn’t the easiest thing to do. The Krazy Train did make a pair of spirited comebacks,  especially in the third period where they rattled off three straight markers to help send the game into overtime. M.Argiris scored twice during that span giving the Krazy Train a legit shot at tying the game. With their net minder pulled for the extra attacker, the Krazy Train got there just in time to force a looming sudden death period. While things looked promising after riding three consecutive goals, an unfortunate penalty by the buzzer set the stage for the Armadillos to get that final glorious chance and end it. Playing four versus three on the power play is a recipe for disaster if your the defending team . The Armadillos put their main guns on their power play unit and it became only a question of time before they would convert. That being said, it didn’t come easy by all means. The defence were trapping the lanes while G.Follano stood on his head to keeping the game alive. Then, an innocent looking play turned into a couple of lucky bounces, and P.Arkalis was there to bury his second for the winner.

Stunning comeback leads HC Fennecs to overtime win on goal by T.Foura

(6)HC Fennecs vs Rated R(5) O.T

One thing we know for sure is that the HC Fennecs have heart, and plenty of it. They mounted a stunning third period rally before T.Foura celebrated by netting the overtime winner. No question there was a great sense of belief after finding yourself trailing 4-1 at one point. By sticking with it, they got some big goals taking it a shift at a time. The crazy part about it all was that the HC Fennecs grabbed a late 5-4 lead and were all but three seconds away-from claiming victory in regulation time. But with V.Pandza delaying the process, Rated R scored to live another day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the ending they had hoped for with the HC Fennecs getting the final word. Surely, the HC Fennecs are proud of what they accomplished by overcoming a hurdle. And yes comeback attempts happen often enough in hockey games. But in normal circumstances, teams need to be able to close out late leads. Rated R have only themselves to blame for letting this one slip away despite the HC Fennecs showing no quit in their game. The good news is that its one week one of the regular season which wont overly concern S.DosSantos and the rest of Rated R.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Arkalis of the Armadillos. Look to your big guns to get it done. It wasn’t a shook that P.Arkalis was going to be a major player as to why the Armadillos took the opener on Thursday night.  Already with an earlier goal, P.Arkalis capped off the night by getting the games final touch in overtime.

Endurance Cup

Winter 2023

Ball Hockey Tournament at Centre SportXpo de Laval

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Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday September 20

Resilient Oilers end Rangers winning streak

(7)Oilers vs Rangers(5)

The buzzer sounded, and T.Sauk celebrated in a mixture of joy and exhaustion. Determined at the start, and dominant at the finish, T.Sauk lifted the resilient Oilers past the undefeated Rangers on Wednesday night. When facing a challenge to go up against a team that’s been riding a hot hand, its all about how you answer that matters. The Oilers responded with a strong message of their own that they can feel proud about for how they won this game. It wasn’t up until the 42 minute mark of the contest that they finally played in front thanks to a go ahead marker by M.Scarpetta. While many factors are required to get the job done, there was no question that S.Ouellette had a major influence . Five of the seven goals stemmed-from S.Ouellette as he set up four tallies while scoring one as well. Of coarse goaltending is always a must in order to prevail. After facing his fair amount of shots, T.Sauk battled every ball limiting a high powered offense to only five goals.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tyler Sauk of the Oilers. He was able to stop a barrage of opportunities, and always kept his side in striking distance before finally playing in front where he took care of the rest to earn a nice win in net.

Senators fall in some back and forth action with the Blues

(6)Senators vs Blues(8)

Though tempted throughout a back and forth affair, the Blues refused to let their head to head with the Senators slip out of their grasp, downing them 8-6. The Blues didn’t quite get the start they wanted trailing early on 2-0. Rather than falling into a deeper hole, F.Bchara responded almost immediately which fired up his bench for more to come. Through out a very good stretch of this game, the two sides kept going back and forth with no real indictor on where it was headed. Things were dead even at six goals a piece by the 30 minute mark which suggested for many more goals to come. However, that wasn’t entirely the case as things started to really calm down. Although the scoring was very limited, the Blues got a pair of extra goals by M.Petracca and C.Arnoldo that went a very long way. The Senators never appeared to have issues scoring until the last twenty minutes unable to get anything by S.Sauk. The Blues were able to buckle down and protect a very slight lead thanks to their strong defensive play and solid goaltender. There was only so much T.Settino could have done for the Senators bagging four of his clubs six goals. On the flip side of the court, the Blues got more balanced contributions, but with C.Arnoldo adding a little more mustard to the offense by riffling a hat trick.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Arnoldo of the Blues. For C.Arnoldo’s standards, it was just another day at the office as the veteran sparks another at trick.

Stars give up to many in a row, blitzed by Golden Knights

(10)Golden Knights vs Stars(4)

It was decisive , quick and one sided. The Golden Knights didn’t take the Stars lightly and it showed as they ran up the score with almost no resistance. Everyone wore them down with depth and speed. Many chipped in offensively keeping up the intensity and focus the whole way through. The Golden Knights actually found itself down 1-0 early when R.Kilgour scored for the Stars, but the rest of the night belonged to the Golden Knights as the surged with eight unanswered goals. P.Carone found the back of the net three times, F.Decoster and G.Lamothe followed up with a pair each while M.Lafluer had a nice night as well collecting five points in his season debut. It just was a night to forget if you’re the Stars. Goals were hard to come by, the defense struggled and the goaltending didn’t quite get the support he needed.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mathieu Lafleur of the Golden Knights. Known more for his scoring touch, M.Lafleur can make plays as well by setting up four goals as part of a five point night.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday September 19

D.Greco, J.Tzanetakos dynamic duo dismantles Canucks

(9)Canucks vs Sharks(14)

Every time teammates D.Greco and J.Tzanatekos were on the court, there was no ignoring their magic which was on full display. They both play a similar game for how well they see the court. With D.Greco looking to be the play maker, J.Tzanatekos showed what a great finisher he his. The Sharks scored a ridicolous14 goals that saw J.Tzanetakos strike six times to cap off a productive nine point performance which was a point more than D.Greco, who collected six assists. While both players excelled, the Sharks had a good supporting cast to help compliment the dynamic duo. Playing a tight defensive game doesn't seem to be any part of the Sharks make up. As long as they continue to score at will, defending will be more of an issue for the opposition. The Canucks like to play a similar style like the Sharks, but they don't have the fire power to match, at least not in tonight's case. So by playing a run and gun, back and forth twisted game, the Canucks couldn't recover in time despite battling back. It really became an issue on how to address two particular players which ultimately made the entire difference.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Jimmy Tzanetakos of the Sharks. When a player is riding a hot hand he becomes almost unstoppable. The forward was able to tear it up by scoring an impressive six goals as part of s nine point display.

Ducks rally-from 3 goal deficit but fall short

(5)Ducks vs Penguins(6)

The Ducks spotted the Penguins a three goal lead, battled to try to erase the deficit ,and then the club saw its losing streak extended to three games. A very poor and sluggish start was the downfall for the Ducks despite rebounding for a ten minute stretch. One strong sequence just wont cut it. The Penguins came prepared barley wasting time to putting a pair behind the Ducks net minder. S.Kalaydjian was the mastermind behind it all as the forward had an incredible night cashing in four times by the time it was said and done. Scoring in bunches often comes with some help, and S.Kalaydjian was glad to have his brother A.Kalaydjian and line mate M.Estrela support him. The trio were at their best causing plenty of mayhem that saw all three players combine for thirteen points. Somehow the Ducks had found themselves in front 5-4 when N.Macri buried his second with only ten minutes remaining. And rather than building off that momentum, the Ducks couldn't put together enough of an effort to ride out the clock.


The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Monika Estrela of the Penguins. She may not have found the back of the net, but the sneaky forward was the catalyst behind setting up five goals in order to get the offense going for the Penguins

4vs4 Monday

Monday September 18

Deeper Orient roster outlast Classics in season opener

Despite a closely contested first game, it was just a question of time before the Orient would overwhelm the Classics. The first encounter was closer than it should have been with the Orient edging out the recent champions in a shootout. The Orient were deeper utilising tier overall speed that had them keep the ball longer. If it wasn’t for S.Morante making a ton of key saves, the Classics would have been blown out of the water. Instead, they hung in there for as long as possible, and managed to force a shootout thanks to a wicked shot by M.Mavroudis to tie the game. Entering the shootout , both goaltenders were the real story with M.Jobin remaining calm and collective to deny all three shot attempts. The Orient did take it in the end when A.Laramee patiently waited out Morante on a hard wrist shot .Looking back, the Classics were content to go the distance with a much more prepared club compared to their anemic roster. You almost sensed that the second encounter was going to be an issue for the Classics since they looked to be hanging on chasing a quicker opponent. To their credit however, they stayed neck in neck for a good solid period until the flood gates finally opened for the Orient. Once O.Ducharme made the score 3-1, the journey was over for the Classics, who simply couldn’t keep up anymore. A.Laramee and J.Saydi riffled a pair each while M.Jobin made it look easy earning a shutout.

(2)Classics vs Orient(3) S.O

(0)Classics vs Orient(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Jobin of the Orient. Unless it’s a precious shot, you’ll likely not beat the Orient net minder. M.Jobin allowed only two goals in four periods while denying three straight shootout attempts.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday September 17

Flyers prevail in wild win over Kraken

(9)Kraken vs Flyers(10)

No doubt, the Kraken and the Flyers decided to trade chances on Sunday night. Sure, it was exciting for the forwards as they ran up the score by utilising all their weapons up front. On the other hand, the goaltenders were the ones paying the price having only themselves to rely on. No one knew where this thing was headed with so many twists and turns. When teams combining for nineteen goals, some players will stand out more than others . For the Flyers, S.Koulieris and D.Fortier had productive nights sharing hat tricks while F.Mastrocola did the same but in a losing cause. Trying to find turning points in this type of game is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You really cant point at anything in particular that would have shifted the tides. It came down to who have the better finish since both teams kept outdoing one another with no direction. In the end, M.Destounis scored perhaps the biggest goal of the game that stood up for the winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Steve Koulieris of the Flyers. Despite being out of the loop for a while, the forwards hasn’t forgotten how to score and produce points by notching a hat trick and three assists.

Sabres outlast Red Wings in high scoring affair

(12)Sabres vs Red Wings( 8 )

It’s a game of mistakes, and there going to be chances. The Sabres and the Red Wings danced throughout the entire game never taking a shift off that had everyone expose the defenceless net minders. Both goaltenders knew they were going to be in tough as the shots and high end scoring never ended. The Sabres were a little more in control of the situation since they managed to play in front. Its seemed every time the Red Wings would battle back, the Sabres kept enough distance ahead by responding. Offense was widely spread out-from the regulars while the spares between S.Kavaldjian and C.Cusson did damage combining for five goals. Momentum didn’t apply much in this contest with neither side able to pull stay consistent long enough. Due to their better start and ability to answer back, the Sabres did just enough to hold on to a high scoring tilt with the Red Wings.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Nick Macri of the Sabres. Hard to contain, N.Macri will always be involved, and tonight was no different as the power forward collected five big points to help lead the way.

One to forget for the Canadiens as the Blackhawks cruise for easy win

(0)Canadiens vs Blackhawks(12)

It was a case of two badly mismatched teams as the Blackhawks ran circles around the Canadiens in what ended as a massive thumping defeat. The Canadiens struggled to get the ball out of their end throughout the entire game as the Blackhawks kept up the onslaught extending their winning ways. Its very difficult to pin point any positives if your the Canadiens. At least if they could have gotten one by G.Follano to say that they spoiled the shutout. In reality, the only positive was when the final buzzer sounded. Sometimes, things just don’t go your way no matter how hard you try. The Canadiens did have some chances and decent moments but couldn’t convert having to go up against an established net minder in G.Follano. Its very possible that this may be the first time that a team has been shutout in the  Draft League. The league manager will need to very the archives if its happened before. Regardless, whether it did ort not, its very rare and difficult to do. Credit to the Blackhawks for keeping a very clean score sheet.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to G.Follano of the Blackhawks. Although he didn’t need to be at his best, G.Follano did do something remarkable by not allowing a single goal in a format that’s extremely difficult to do.

Islanders battle back late , pull off thrilling overtime win

(9)Panthers vs Islanders(10) O.T

During the most of part regulation time, the Panthers couldn’t get over the hump of playing in front. Then, that finally changed when A.Albot scored on a penalty shot followed with a quick tally that provided a two goal lead with less than six minutes remaining. Finally, the Panthers broke the momentum, and shifted it their way in what appeared to be a perfect time. You almost have to feel like you let this one slip away if you’re the Islanders, and why not since you were in control for nearly the entire game. This become a test of character on how one team is to respond when having their backs to the wall. And while many would have likely packed it in, the Islanders had a different approach, and that was to battle harder in which they did by getting two late goals. Once T.Scarpelli bagged his hat trick to pull his side within one, A.Kavaldjian brought it a step further by netting the equaliser right before ending it in style with the overtime winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claude Kfoury of the Islanders. Never once did C.Kfoury take a shift off. His pace and determination to win the game came a long way leading all teammates with six points that included a hat trick.

Strong start propels Bruins past Predators

(5)Predators vs Bruins(12)

The Bruins got off to the start they wanted and never looked back en route to a convincing win over the Predators. It wasn’t up until the fifteen minute mark that the Predators were able to finally stop the bleeding. Although it looked like the damage had already been done with the Bruins up 5-0, the Predators showed immediate signs of  life on three quick goals. Out of nowhere, they caught fire and looked to build of it. Unfortunately, the Bruins weren’t impressed as they went back to their good habits by taking over for good. The offense rode in harmony with many contributing. M.StMartin didn’t score but helped set up five goals. E.Gabrielli, M.Porato and  Z.StMartin all chipped in with a pair while A.Benedetto rebounded after a shaky sequence to get the job done in net.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mathis StMartin of the Bruins. Feeling generous, M.StMartin enjoyed moving the ball to his teammates that resulted in him collecting five nice assists.

Kings use strong finish to down Wild in overtime

(7)Wild vs Kings( 8 ) O.T

It took a while to get going, but the Kings eventually got there as they barley edged out the Wild in overtime. The better start did belong to the Wild as they got most of their scoring done in the first portion of the game. M.Moison and M.DiNiro scored two goals each, P.Carone was lighting it up with four points, and V.Orsini was doing his part in net making the key stops. It’s not like the Kings were in a huge jam, but something had to give. Eventually, the tides started to shift and things were slowly falling into play. That’s when their top guns took over with T.Settino leading the charge with help of a  natural goal scorer in S.Marricco. The catalyst and motor behind the structure of the team is T.Settino, who always makes that impact . After setting up three goals while netting the equaliser, T.Settino made a huge play in overtime by using his back hand that barely touched S.Marricco as the ball trickled behind the goal line.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to T.Settino of the Kings. Unless you pay very close attention to him throughout the entire game, the highly skilled forward won’t ever be denied and provide a huge impact for his team.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday September 13

Golden Knights stuck enduring a thumping vs Blues

(8)Golden Knights vs Blues(15)

From-the drop of the ball, the Golden Knights had no time to settle and conceded goals that that kept coming in waves primarily stemmed by C.Arnoldo , T.Nardelli and K.Labelle. The three were the main part of a flowing attack that never slowed down accumulating a whopping 18 points combined. The Golden Knights struggled leaving to much open space that enabled the Blues to walk in at will. Hesitant and indecisive in defense, they turned over the ball a little to often, conceding territory and possession. They did hold their own in the first portion that had their offense keep pace, but were nowhere to be seen after the mid way point. The Blues just kept pushing the pace with no limits in sight. It got to the point where the Golden Knights didn’t have the will to compete anymore knowing that this was a lost cause. P.Elizardo occupied the attack for the Golden Knights with five points while some of the spares contributed as well with P.Carone, M.Moison and D.Morrone doing their part. It wasn’t about the offense for the Golden Knights, but more so their play without the ball.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Nardelli of the Blues. Leading all players in the points department, T.Nardelli had a field day collecting an impressive seven points that included a hat trick.

Rangers erase three goal deficit to top Senators

(4)Senators vs Rangers(5)

The Rangers took advantage of a late collapse by the Senators netting three consecutive goals. The two goal deficit was put almost immediately in the rear view mirror for the Rangers as they found a momentum swing that was to much to handle for the Senators. And who other than your top goal scorer to get things going. S.Todd needed less than a minute to string a pair of goals to tie the knot. Things did settle down as both sides took a cautious approach since the game was all evened up. As the game was winding down to its final minutes, M.Ferraro seized the moment by bagging his clubs biggest goal. The tally came with only three minutes left in the game in which the Rangers tightened the gaps even more making sure that the Senators would not get to B.Mourad. The net minder had an incredible second half going flawless for over twenty minutes. The Senators caused most of their damage in a short four minute span where they tallied three times. Apart-from that, the offense remained dry as they struggled to get much going offensively.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Brian Mourad of the Rangers. With his club trailing by two, B.Mourad felt confident that the Rangers would pull through knowing that he could make all the necessary stops in order for the comeback to happen.

Hurricanes spoil 4 goal game by J.Fidrilis with 7-4 win

(4)Oilers vs Hurricanes(7)

Its unfortunate to have a four goal game and your team falls short in the win column. With the help of M.Lauzon feeding him on each play, J.Fidrilis was the only player to find the back of the net for the Oilers. It just goes to show that hockey relies on all your elements in order to get the right result. The Hurricanes looked for balance, structure and an overall team game in order to defeat the Oilers on Wednesday night. Starting with their goaltender G.Kanaras standing firm to E.Allen doing his usual breaking up plays while joining the rush, many players chipped in that involved six different goal scorers. It wasn’t really up until the twenty eight minute mark that this game tilted in one direction. That’s when M.Kardum snapped a 3-3 tie with his first of two followed with goals by B.Monette and P.Desforges.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to George Kanaras of the Hurricanes. After some back and forth action with both sides trading three goals a piece, G.Kanaras decided to tighten the screws making it that much harder to be beaten.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday September 12

Sharks topple Ducks in high scoring affair

(11)Sharks vs Ducks(10) O.T

The Sharks threw everything they had at the Ducks early on, and luckily enough A.Benedetto stood his ground keeping the score low . If not for his key stops in the first portion of the game, the Sharks would have had a feast eating the Ducks alive leaving all but their beaks on a platter. Instead, they managed to weather the storm, and were able to avoid a disastrous start. Its not like the Sharks didn’t let up or slow down the pace. The difference was that the Ducks started to be more engaged as both sides went on a tear exchanging goal after goal giving no indicator on where this match was headed. On the large part, the Sharks played ahead up until a strong sequence that saw the Ducks grab a slight lead. But for how the game was going, this contest needed every available second in order to see who would come out on top. You have to figure on normal circumstances that scoring ten goals in a game is sufficient for a win. Not in this case with the offense rolling on all cylinders for the two sides. With regulation time ending in a stalemate, the two teams tested their luck in an overtime sudden death period. The Ducks had some early chances to convert, but couldn’t close out the deal as the Sharks had the final say when N.Macri buried his second for the winner. A bulk of the Sharks offense were concentrated by D.Greco, J.Tzanetakos, M.Porato and S.Panetta as all four players combined for 23 points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Daniel Greco of the Sharks. Looking to get his club back on track, D.Greco occupied both sides of the court back controlling the back end while providing a ton of help to his forwards.

F.Bchara late goal lifts Canucks over Penguins

( 8 )Canucks vs Penguins(7)

It doesn’t get much more clutch that what F.Bchara pulled off with just six seconds in the game. Both sides had to be convinced that overtime was needed with the match winding down. As long as you have enough time to take a shot on net, anything can happen. The Canucks found a way to create that last opportunity in which they made the best of to stun their opponent. And why not that it was F.Bchara to close it out. The power forward had a strong night leading his teammates with four points. Similar to the previous game between the Ducks and the Sharks, this contest had its crazy twists and turns with no indication of where its headed. Both sides kept going back and forth trading plenty of chances that could only suggest for an insane ending. Apart-from F.Bchara causing mayhem, T.Nardelli, S.Smith and M.DiLena had their hand in it as well combining for ten points. As for the Penguins, the trio between A.Kalaydian, S.Kalaydian and M.Estrela showed  flashes of  brilliance as all three players connected sharing eight points.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Fadel Bchara of the Canucks. In  a contest that could have easily gone either way, F.Bchara made the games biggest play to help capture a close 8-7 win over the Penguins.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday September 10

Kraken stage late comeback only to fall short in overtime

(8)Kraken vs Panthers(7) O.T

The Panthers were one shot away-from authoring an incredible comeback. Unfortunately, some missed opportunities saw them fall short when F.Mastrocola caught F.Vigliotti off guard on a quick and deceptive release. Its never easy falling behind early by at least a three goal gap. That didn’t stop the Panthers-from battling back as they slowly started to put it together. Five of their seven goals came in the last twenty minutes with Melissa Barbiero sparking much of the offense. The shifty and gritty forward scored twice while setting up M.Chenier, who had an offensive output as well collecting four points. It showed that the Kraken had the confidence as the game went on. And although they just fell short, they never gave up mounting a nice little comeback in the end. All you can ask for when reaching overtime is to try and catch your break before your opponent. The Kraken did have some opportunities but couldn’t connect on that final dart. Instead, it was the Kraken getting the final word thanks to their top gun. F.Mastrocola led all teammates with three points while many chipped in with at least a pair.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frank Mastrocola of the Kraken. In a neutral zone battle for a loose ball, F.Mastrocola was able to get a nice swipe at that ball that had enough momentum to find its way behind the goal line.

Floodgates open in Kings blowout win over Islanders

(6)Islanders vs Kings(13)

It was a relentless, merciless 20 minute effort that featured an abundance of goals securing a 13-6 win for the Kings. The outpouring of offense spilled onto the court as if someone had dropped a handful of Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke: one after the other. The Kings just let it flow while the Islanders maybe couldn’t keep up anyone after a good stretch of a neck and neck battle. The craziness began in the last twenty minutes, and who other than their catalyst to get it all going. If thirteen goals are to go in, and T.Settino is in the roster, than expect him to be the main fabricator of the offense. He collected eight points sending one perfect feed after another that saw Georgie Papadakis benefit four times. This contest had a tale of two stories. With the first half seemingly close, the second portion was far-from it with the Islanders falling apart unable to contain some of the Kings top guns. There was no question that the temporary additions of C.Lato and T.Nardelli had an influence as well as both players connected naturally creating a ton of plays.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Georgie Papadakis. Her instinct of knowing where to be around the net paid dividends as the sniper buried four goals that was part of a natural hat trick.

Canadiens blitzed by Red Wings

(5)Canadiens vs Red Wings(10)

The start looked promising for the Canadiens when T.Acheson got them on board early. Then, it all fell apart as the Red Wings strung together eight in a row to put this contest completely out of reach. The momentum building process lasted for nearly the entire game for the Red Wings. They found themselves up 8-1 with about eight minutes remaining. Both teams knew this was over and done with despite the Canadiens waking up late on four tallies. The Red Wings kept the Canadiens in their rear view mirror with good defense and continuous offense that never took a shift off. Everyone looked comfortable out there feeding off a balanced attack. The forwards connected not needing to rely on any particular player while B.Verducci was dialled in for nearly the entire time earning the win in net. Overall, a good outing for one side, but not the other as the Canadiens will need to figure things out in order to put up a better challenge.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Red Wings. It wasn’t his best game, but it was good enough as the net minder needed to be early sharp early on which enabled his side to build a nice and comfortable sufficient lead.

M.Saia 4 goal game holds up for Flyers close win over Predators

(6)Predators vs Flyers(8)

The Predators didn’t quite get the start they hoped for. Although they battled back to making it close, it just wasn’t enough in the end. In part, in can be argued that M.Saia had one of his better outings as the forward was unstoppable bagging four of his clubs eight goals. If anyone has a scouting report on how to handle the Flyers, paying close attention to M.Destounis is a bare minimum required. Its very difficult containing a cerebral forward that has the skill set to make plenty happen. So for M.Saia, its always pleasant knowing that the passes will get through along with the rest of his teammates. The Flyers were able to put themselves in a good position due to their rapid start. They led 4-1 after twenty minutes, and made sure to never surrender their lead. Three of M.Saia’s goals all came passed the thirty minute mark of the contest. With the game still up for grabs for the Predators, M.Saia made sure to seal it on a late tear.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Matthew Saia of the Flyers. It was a nice night for the tall lanky forward who tallied a bunch of goals that helped his side collect a fairly close victory.

Wild run out of race track after late push

(6)Wild vs Sabres(8)

It was a little to late for the Wild as their comeback attempt fell short. Scoring four of your six goals in the last ten minutes just wont cut it after a disastrous sequence. The Sabres had their best moment in seven minutes where they reeled off four tallies to find themselves up 7-3. The lead appeared to be comfortable enough to ride out only twelve minutes. However, that didn’t slow down the effort put forth by the Wild as they battled back to eventually pull within one. That tally left more than enough time on the clock for an equaliser. Five minutes is a long time when teams trade the amount of goals like in tonight’s case. You almost knew someone was going to score before it all ended. And while the Wild hoped to carry their momentum, A.Zakarian was able to calm the storm by posting his second goal and fifth point of the game. The power forward was a force up front creating a ton of problems for the Wild’s defense. Other notables include L.Bucci, C.Arnoldo and J.Pendino as all three players shared three points each.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Alex Zakarian of the Sabres. If anyone up front is there to make a difference for the Wild, A.Zakarian is that player. Tonight, he played to his identity by being heavily engaged throughout the entire time that often comes with a reward, which was collecting five nice points to his piggy bank.

Goaltending duel to the wire, Blackhawks edge out Bruins

(4)Blackhawks vs Bruins(3)

Strong goaltending played a crucial role in this matchup between the Blackhawks and the Bruins. Usually you see offensive explosions when it comes to this calibre, but not in this particular game that featured A.Benedetto of the Bruins and S.Catalano of the Blackhawks. The two were sharper than any razor blade that cuts easily through flesh. It looked as though neither side was going to score for how long this tilt remained scoreless. And its not like both sides didn’t generate their fair share of chances. The problem was that neither goaltender was flinching as they kept making save after save. Eventually however, something had to give, and that moment came when the Bruins were awarded a penalty shot. Just passed the mid way point, C.Doulis disrupted the pattern on a clever fake to beat S.Catalano on a perfect wrist shot. Finally, somebody scored, and this contest took a different identity as both sides started to figure out the goaltenders. Six of the seven goals all came in the last eleven minutes with the Blackhawks riding a strong finish that saw them eek out the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Santino Catalano of the Blackhawks. With plenty of action in front of him, S.Catalano wasn’t phased stopping plenty of shots in what was an incredible goaltending battle with A.Benedetto.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday September 6

Another hat trick by S.Todd leads Rangers past Hurricanes

(6)Rangers vs Hurricanes(3)

S.Todd had his second hat trick of an early season, and the Rangers outlasted the Hurricanes 6-3 on Wednesday night. The sharp shooter is surrounded with a nice supporting cast, especially J.Teresi who brings his game to another level. The Rangers utilise speed to their advantage which makes it hard for the opposition to keep up at times. Overall, the Hurricanes hung in there for a while but couldn’t catch enough breaks to give themselves a legit chance. Much of their limited offense stemmed-from E.Allon and M.Kardum. Unable to capitalise on a few breakaways, M.Kardum kept hitting a wall in B.Verducci. The net minder never flinched denying enough high end chances which kept the Rangers in position to close out the game. Everything went right for a team that had the quality up front to produce along with a goaltender that stood tall allowing only three goals on thirty shots.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Hurricanes. Some incredible timely saves played a major factor as to why the Rangers were able to edge out the Hurricanes.

Oilers show fight in 2 goal comeback in overtime loss to Senators

(5)Oilers vs Senators(6) O.T

The Oilers injected life into a lackluster game with a lively end to its Wednesday night overtime loss to the Senators. They scored two very late goals by J.Valicenti and L.Dalessio to force a sudden death frame. Unfortunately, the late surge was punctured in overtime when S.Settino found a wide open T.Scarpelli to bury his winner. Prior to that moment, the Oilers were hitting themselves in the head after seeing M.Scarpetta somehow miss a wide open net to end the game. Luckily this was only a regular season game an not a do or die playoff match. The Senators looked to be the ones playing with rhythm and more cohesion. They never seemed to be playing with any sort of adversity since everything was sailing just fine riding a lead for nearly the entire match. That was up until a three minute hiccup toward the end of the game set the alarm bells. If not for some luck, the Senators would have been in disbelief wondering how they let this one slip away. Instead, they caught a break, and made sure to finish when the chance presented itself.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Settino of the Senators. If someone was to have an impact in this type of game, T.Settino was going to be that player. The forward did what was expected of him producing four points that included a perfect pass in overtime to end it.

Blues pull away late in high scoring affair with Stars

(7)Stars vs Blues(10)

It was everything a clash between these two teams with back and forth action, plenty of goals, big saves and a roller-coaster ride of emotion. Unfortunately for the Stars, they came up on the wrong side of a 10-7 score against the Blues. It was a game that could of gone either way with both teams playing well enough to win. Ultimately, it was decided in a three minute span as of the 38th minute mark. That’s when the Blues put into sixth gear scoring three quick goals by T.Nardelli, P.Labateya and C.Arnoldo. The crazy momentum shift couldn’t have come at a better time for the Blues, who made sure by then to play cautiously without the ball. While the goaltenders weren’t pleased on how both sides approached this, the forwards weren’t complaining as many produced heavily. The Blues had C.Arnoldo and J.DiMauro share six points a piece while T.Nardelli, P.Labateya and F.Bchara combined for ten points. As for the Stars, R.Kilgour, G.Charron and S.Charron did their part collecting three points each.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Arnoldo of the Blues. Known more for his finishing touch, C.Arnoldo could play two sides of the game as the sniper was feeling generous setting up five goals while netting one himself.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday September 5

Penguins take over on five unanswered goals to hang on in close win over Sharks

(5)Sharks vs Penguins(6)

Sometimes you don’t get off to a strong start, but its how you respond that matters. The Penguins learned their lesson by applying themselves harder after an early deficit which eventually turned the tides in their favour. S.Sicuso started the trend scoring his first of two with his second providing a 5-2 lead. In just over sixteen minutes, the Penguins went on a tear netting five straight goals that had the Sharks wondering what was going on. Finally, they stopped the bleeding, and responded with some pressure of their own and narrowed the gap within one at one point. Eleven minutes left over was more than enough time to try and even the score. Both teams kept pressing hard, but it was the Sharks that needed to get their in order to level. Despite some numerous attempts, the Sharks couldn’t answer F.Koch as the Penguins hung on to a nail biter.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Felix Koch of the Penguins. With the game on the line, often your goaltender needs to be there for his club. F. Koch had a strong final stretch protecting a very close one goal lead that enabled the Penguins to hang on and defeat the Sharks.

Ducks kept battling back only to fall short vs Canucks

(9)Canucks vs Ducks(7)

The Ducks battled a strong offensive team, but it was enough in the end. It seemed every time they would pull within one, the Canucks would respond next and stay ahead. Both side knew that nothing was going to be settled anytime soon as they kept trading goals leaving their goaltenders out to dry in muggy conditions. The forwards on both sides of the court struggled to come back and help the defense which created plenty of odd man rushes. With that much time and space coupled with the fact that the goaltenders were overheating, plenty of goals were expected to occur. It became a question of who would generate more scoring chances. The Canucks were able to make a few extra plays that  essentially made the difference in a close high scoring affair. M.Braun notched a few beauties for a hat trick while many others chipped away getting their goals by committee.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Braun of the Canucks. Although the Canucks scored many by committee, M.Braun did have that extra gear up front generating a big hat trick for his team.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday September 3

Kraken outlast Predators in last stretch of the game

(11)Kraken vs Predators(7)

The Predators let down tier goaltender, and let down themselves. They struggled to consistently challenge the Kraken letting a close game deteriorate into an 11-7 shellacking. C.Cusson had an incredible start posting the Krakens first three of four goals. After some back an forth swings, the Kraken outlasted the Predators in the last portion of the game where they bagged four tallies by the forty minute mark. G.Charron used back to back goals along with an assist to start a contagious trend that saw A.Amicone collect his fifth point to lead all teammates. It was just a matter of not keeping up long enough for the Predators. Much of their offense was widely spread not needing to rely on any particular player. For a first game of the regular season, both sides have plenty to feel good about as they seem to have the ability to score. Maybe giving up eleven isn’t ideal, but the Predators wont be overly concerned as they’ll find ways to adjust.  

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Angelo Amicone of the Kraken. In a productive five point game, the forward made plenty happen up front by feeding many teammates while finishing off a pair himself.

Wild put up a fight but couldn’t catch Islanders in time

(6)Wild vs Islanders(9)

Trailing throughout the entire match, the Wild never surrendered by battling back only to keep falling short. There was no question that the early 3-0 deficit didn’t help their cause. It seemed as though they only woke up when they were down which came to be a little to late in the end. Both sides kept trading goals-from that point on which never enabled the Wild to catch an equaliser. They came as close as trailing by one when R.Beaupre scored passed the mid way point. The Islanders started to feel the pressure and responded almost immediately thanks to J.Choudhry’s second of the contest. G.Lamothe scored right after for the Islanders, and the Wild were now back in the same spot having to overcome another hurdle. Unfortunately, they just catch up or make any sort of ground with the Islanders always finding a way to play in front. T.Scarpelli was buzzing all night creating chances that resulted in three helpers and a goal.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Scarpelli of the Islanders. He’s the type of player that never gives up on a play. And when you play with so much energy, results will come automatically. The forward led all teammates accumulating a total of four points.

Bruins overcome slow start to down Canadiens

(5)Canadiens vs Bruins(9)

Some sloppy early minutes didn’t effect the end result for the Bruins on Sunday night. Sometimes its just about finding your groove and rhythm before things start to fall into place. That was clearly the case for a determined Bruins side that eventually took over and handed the Canadiens a hard loss. While a solid supporting cast is always essential for a successful night, it helps when you have a high quality line clicking on all cylinders. The trio involving Z.StMartin, M.StMartin and S.Dansereau proved to be a handful for the Canadiens defense as all three players combined for a whopping sixteen points. The three were all about business in their season debut showing plenty of character. It speaks a lot about a team when they fall behind and battle back to earn the win. The Canadiens couldn’t have asked for a better start to their night building a 4-2 lead at one point. Maybe they needed to be a little more aware of the imposing threats coming-from the Bruins trio. Since the scouting reports have yet come out, the Canadiens only found out the hard way which was a little to late.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Zachary StMartin of the Bruins. While all three players merit the honour, Z.StMartin did lead the group scoring twice along with four assists.

Kings attempt to shake off poor start not enough as Red Wings pull away

(8)Red Wings vs Kings(3)

The Kings were pinned down early in this one, and didn’t seem to have any answers on how to slow down a massive surge that saw the Red Wings all over them in the first sixteen minutes alone. M.Salerno was part of the onslaught netting two quick goals only seconds apart. It appeared as though the Red Wings were going to embarrass the Kings before it was said an done. Any why not when building a 4-0 lead just sixteen minutes in. Then, out of nowhere, the script flipped and the Kings rattled off three consecutive goals a couple of minutes apart. What once looked like a smooth pavement for the Kings turned into a three lane street of potholes. All of a sudden, they hit a bumpy ride unable to steer themselves in the right direction. All this madness occurred just prior to the twenty minute mark of the game suggesting for more wild and crazy things to occur. With so much unpredictability ahead, this game returned back to normal in the Red Wings perspective. They calmed matters down, and approached the rest of the journey with a lot more caution  which denied the Kings-from scoring again. With one goal leading to another, the Red Wings strung four in a row to cap off a decent night to their season debut. M.Salerno made an impact with four points, L.Folini wasn’t far behind with three points while B.Verducci had one shaky stretch to earn well deserved victory between the pipes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game to Ben Verducci of the Red Wings. Sometimes its how you respond as a goaltender. B. Verducci wasn’t pleased for about two minutes, but that didn’t stop him-from bouncing back riding a clean sheet the rest of the way.

Sleeping giants Blackhawks over power Sabres in thumping

(11)Blackhawks vs Sabres(6)

Jumping off to a 2-0 lead was almost an illusion for how things turned out afterwards for the Sabres. Maybe the Blackhawks didn’t set the alarm clock on time. Once M.Baumgartner broke the barrier by the nine minute mark, the rest was curtains for the Sabres. They scored five times before the twenty minute mark and only slowed down a little since they felt comfortable on how things were playing out. The Sabres were fortunate to have M.Chenier dress as the forward caused plenty of mayhem bagging five of his clubs six goals. Maybe if they had two M.Cheniers they would have had a chance .It was clear that the depth chart favoured a well rounded Blackhawks side. With M.Baumgartner having a major impact with four goals along with the father son tandem between J.Martuccio and G.Martuccio sharing four points apiece, the onslaught was too much to handle for a team that played on its heels. The good news for the Sabres is that this game doesn’t have much implication since its only week one of the regular season. There will be plenty of time to move things around and adjust for a much better path ahead.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Michael Baumgartner of the Blackhawks. Its always nice to start off your season with a bang. The forward showed his ability to find the back of the net four times that helped pave the way to a convincing win.

Panthers save best for last as they pull away-from Flyers

(3)Flyers vs Panthers(9)

For a very long stretch, the Flyers were able to hang around with the Panthers. Tied 3-3 passed the mid way point isn’t a bad deal for either side with plenty of time left over. The Panthers did seem to apply more pressure due to their speed and felt it was only a question of time before they would jump in front for good. Not only did M.Chenier break the 3-3 tie, but was able to bury his second shortly after that provided a lead that was never faltered. There just was no stopping the Panthers by then as they overwhelmed a Flyers side that had no more answers on how to stay competitive. One good play led to another as the Panthers kept pushing the pace leaving the Flyers in the dust. A.Gravel provided two quick insurance goals before adding his assist to complete a very productive four point night. While the offense got into gear, F.Vigliotti signalled his team that the net minder was there to bail them out going flawless for nearly half the game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Freddy Vigliotti of the Panthers. Confident he was going to get the job done, F.Vigliotti didn’t miss a beat in his season return by stopping 22 of 25 shots.

Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday August 30

M.Lauzon timely hat trick sparks Oilers past Golden Knights

(5)Golden Knights vs Oilers(8)

M.Lauzon wasted no time making an impact on a timely offensive explosion. Just when it looked like D.Galloro was heating up providing the Oilers there first two goals, M.Lauzon took the torch bagging three in the span of only nine minutes. That onslaught put the Oilers up 5-2 by the mid way point of the game which now forced the Golden Knights to figure out ways on how to respond. Rather than sliding into a deeper hole, the Golden Knights adjusted and battled hard but were unable to make any ground. J.Choudhry and P.Elizardo each scored twice for the Golden Knights as both players will be expected to perform on a regular basis. Tonight was a case of a couple players able to make a huge impact early on with D.Galloro and M.Lauzon combining for five straight goals. Since its only the first game of the regular season, the Golden Knights will be intent an avoiding an early let down as they look to bounce back in their next game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Lauzon of the Oilers. It was three straight goals that couldn’t have come at a better time. In only nine minutes, M.Lauzon completed a hat trick that helped put the Oilers in the drivers seat.

Rangers pull away on a sufficient lead

(4)Stars vs Rangers(6)

For a while, this thing appeared to be close, but the Rangers eventually got their legs going and the Stars started to dim out. They turned it up as of the twenty eight minute mark where the fired on all cylinders riffling four quick goals. S.Todd was the heavy roller collecting four straight points that included a hat trick while J.Teresi was right in the mix accumulating three points. Falling behind 6-1 is no doubt discouraging if your on the losing end. Sometimes, teams just don’t have the will to battle anymore. However, that wasn’t the case for the Stars who continued to push and carry good habits despite knowing the end result. To their credit, they scored the games last three goals on efforts by R.Kilgour ,S.Charron and S.Tosi to keep the end result very respectable. The Rangers were clearly the better of the two sides in the first portion of the game owning every aspect of the court. For nearly thirty five minutes, B.Mourad had surrendered only one single goal that came on a penalty shot. Still very early in the season, the Rangers are looking fine with their young group of players.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Brian Mourad of the Rangers. You have to be doing something right if you haven’t conceded a single tally in thirty five straight minutes. B.Mourad was seeing and challenging the ball every single time which made scoring extremely difficult for the opposition.

M.Mascitto solid in net for Senators win over Hurricanes

(6)Senators vs Hurricanes(2)

M.Mascitto looked like a brick with no cracks on Wednesday night. As the Hurricanes attempted there fair share of shots, two things were happening at the same time. First, the Senators would capitalise slowly at a time, and M.Mascitto was stopping everything in sight for a very long stretch. It wasn’t up until the thirty minute mark that a rare seam opened up for B.Monette to finally score for the Hurricanes. By then, the Senators felt comfortable about their game carrying a 4-1 lead despite giving up one more tally by E.Charbonneau. The Hurricanes did manage to pull themselves within two with still ten minutes to go. Unfortunately, two quick tallies by T.Settino and T.Scarpelli summed up this contest as the Senators simply rode off the clock to earn the win. M. Sasso and N.Tsirmbas shared three points reach in the win while M.Mascitto was rock solid making plenty of nice saves.

The Allo Mon Cocco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Mascitto of the Senators. His torrid play in the first thirty minutes enabled his side to build enough of a lead that they would not falter.

Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday August 29

T.Nardelli, F.Bchara and M.Braun line clicking quickly in season debut

(5)Sharks vs Canucks(11)

It really didn’t take long for T.Nardelli, F.Bchara and M.Braun to display some fine hockey as a trio on Tuesday night. The three had seventeen points among them causing instant havoc-from the time the ball dropped. The Sharks may have struggled to contain them, but kept the game very close for about thirty minutes. Up until that point, the Canucks carried a slight 6-5 lead before taking over on five unanswered goals. While the Canucks felt comfortable as the game went on, the Sharks started to cool off unable to beat C.Malkoun. The net minder went through a stretch of twenty four minutes without conceding a goal. Its difficult to start off a season when not knowing how everybody plays. While the Canucks seem to have that instant chemistry, the Sharks will eventually get there by making some simple adjustments. They showed tonight that they can score, but struggled on the defensive end of the court, which is an area that can be addressed with the right leadership.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Chris Malkoun of the Canucks. After some crazy back and forth action that appeared to be getting out of control, C.Malkoun helped stabilise the entire situation by going flawless in the second portion of the game.

Ducks find instant chemistry in rout of Penguins

(2)Penguins vs Ducks(10)

Offensively balanced, defensively stalwart while backed by S.Catalano in net, the Ducks quacked their way to an easy win over the Penguins on Tuesday night. It takes time to build chemistry, but the Ducks displayed that they know what needs to be done when competing. If its not one line producing, the other will fill in the gaps making sure to ride a smooth rhythm. S.Kalaydjian showed his ability to find the back of the net by riffling a hat trick. Insisting that he made a pair of nice passes, B.Panarello recorded two helpers-from the back end as part of a solid core of defensemen. The Ducks did a fine job on both areas of the court to separate themselves-from the Canucks. Often, they had a flow to their game by finding one another that resulted in decent scoring chances. And when playing without the ball, they made it a point to keeping their opponent to the outside while feeling comfortable that S.Catalano was there to make the save. Its likely never happened that a team has shut out the other in the Draft division, but S.Catalano came close enough with only eight minutes on the clock before conceding his first of two tallies. To sum it up, a strong opening night to the season for a well rounded team.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Santino Catalano of the Ducks. It wasn’t a game that he needed to steal, but S.Catalano wasn’t far away-from recording a shutout which is unheard of to do in this particular division. The Penguins only got to the net minder by the forty minute mark which game on a penalty shot.

Classics winners of 4v4 division

Monday August 28 ( Final )

Classics extends series of championships after shootout thriller

As playoff hockey goes, it just had about everything. High-energy, end to end action, big saves and three full out games along with a shootout that had one team joyful while a heartbreak for the other. The Snipers had a dream start to their night up 2-0 in the first encounter until some penalty trouble eventually shifted the game in the Classics favour. They had given up four straight goals before attempting a late comeback when A.Saleh scored on the power play to narrow the gap by one. It was just a little to late as S.Morante and the Classics shut the door to pull ahead in an important game 1 series lead. It was a kind of loss that the Snipers knew they deserved better. Since it takes two games in order to reach your ultimate goal, the Snipers regrouped and made sure to continue working hard knowing that they could even up the series.  Talk about a response. Game 2 wasn’t even close as the Snipers imposed their will winning many one on one battles that eventually translated into goals. They had scored five times in the first period alone getting contributions throughout their entire line up. The Classis did slow down the bleeding in the final frame, but couldn’t make any ground as they prepared mentally for a third and deciding game. When reaching this stage of your playoff season, resiliency ,the no quit fire, and the insatiable desire to be a winning club was at the heart of both the Snipers and the Classics. Both sides were so evenly matched that some unpredictable detail needed occur. Since neither side edged the other out in regulation time,  a dreaded shootout stood in the way of glory or despair. If there is one player in these big moments you look for to make the difference, that player is C.Gingras. Its gotten to the point where the predication isn’t really a prediction anymore on if he’s going to score. Its more a question of how. Of coarse he finished off a beautiful move to slide the ball right underneath the Snipers goaltender. And since he was the first player to shoot, the Snipers had three attempts while hoping no other Classics would capitalise. Unfortunately, the pressure was perhaps to overwhelming as all three players got denied going up against an experienced, poised and solid goaltender in S.Morante. Prior to the shootouts, the Classics had the better chances in the five minute sudden death frame, and could have easily ended it if not for C.Hernandez making some brilliant saves. The goaltender gave his side every chance possible to dethrone a dynasty team that was on the verge of capturing their fourth straight title. As much as this feels like a let down, the Snipers have nothing to feel bad about as they threw it all on the line giving it there all. Sometimes, the ball just doesn’t bounce your way when you need it the most. Kind of like losing a coin toss for how well matched both teams were. In the end, the Classics made that one extra play to decide the outcome of a thrilling series. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Pat Santullo and the Classics for capturing their fourth straight title.

(3)Snipers vs Classics(4) Game 1

(8)Snipers vs Classics(4) Game 2

(2)Snipers vs Classics(3) S.O Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Classics. He is that player that will win you a series. Even though the Classics have their steady depth chart with many nice pieces, C.Gingras will influence the final outcome. He almost never got off playing entire periods breaking up so many plays that turned into high end chances. Tonight, he collected seven points while being the only player to score in the breakaways that ultimately led the Classics to another championship.

Black Knights winners of Dek Elite

Thursday August 24 (Final)

Black Knights dethrone GK Lite on back of J.Crivello double OT winner

(4)Black Knights vs GK Lite(3) OT(2)

The GK’s bid for a third straight title was denied by the Black Knights on Thursday night. It showed-from as soon as the ball dropped that the Black Knights didn’t want to sit back while applying an aggressive fore-check. And when they needed a save, F.Gagnon was there to back them up. The Black Knights owned much of the first period scoring three of the four goals by D.Lombardi, P.Abandonado and S.Racicot. They played a period expected of a team eager to end a series. The GK Lite had some scoring chances, but F.Gagnon kept standing in the way. While the first period was a step in the right direction, the final frame had a different story line. This time, the GK Lite were the ones that played with more urgency with their season on the line. As long as they got the next goal this contest was far-from being decided. Eventually, they got their thanks to G.Lubwele narrowing the gap by one right before K.Kuczmarski tied the game a minute later. Once the equaliser came, the two teams played the edgy ,defense stingy style that often wins championships. It came to that point in a game where neither side could have afforded a mistake. Luckily enough, the goaltending did not disappoint with F.Gagnon and P.Caouette keeping their clubs in it. The Black Knights and the GK Lite didn’t just need one overtime period to decide matters, but a second one before something was to give. There were enough big chances for somebody to play the hero. As long as both sides kept finding ways to generate a shot on net, something was bound to go in. That pivotal moment finally came courtesy of J.Crivello, who made sure to bury his chance and end the stalemate in what was a grinding and thrilling hockey game. In the perspective of the GK Lite, it may have felt disappointing knowing they were right there for a third straight title. The GK Lite didn’t relinquish their grip on the title without a fight. They never quit and left everything on the court which is expected-from a side with a winning pedigree. But tonight did belong to a side that’s just got accustomed to one another in a very short period of time. While many know the Black Knights have been around for several decades, 34 years to be exact, this particular group are fairly new to an ongoing legacy. It just went to show by putting together the right pieces along with the proper guidance anything is possible. Congratulations go out to the Black Knights for winning the Dek Elite Championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fred Gagnon of the Black Knights. Facing the GK Lite as a goaltender carries a ton of pressure. That being said, F.Gagnon was dialled in-from the very beginning making a bunch of key saves to help lead his team to a well earned victory.

Black Knights winners of Dek Elite

Thursday August 24 (Final)

Black Knights dethrone GK Lite on back of J.Crivello double OT winner

(4)Black Knights vs GK Lite(3) OT(2)

The GK’s bid for a third straight title was denied by the Black Knights on Thursday night. It showed-from as soon as the ball dropped that the Black Knights didn’t want to sit back while applying an aggressive fore-check. And when they needed a save, F.Gagnon was there to back them up. The Black Knights owned much of the first period scoring three of the four goals by D.Lombardi, P.Abandonado and S.Racicot. They played a period expected of a team eager to end a series. The GK Lite had some scoring chances, but F.Gagnon kept standing in the way. While the first period was a step in the right direction, the final frame had a different story line. This time, the GK Lite were the ones that played with more urgency with their season on the line. As long as they got the next goal this contest was far-from being decided. Eventually, they got their thanks to G.Lubwele narrowing the gap by one right before K.Kuczmarski tied the game a minute later. Once the equaliser came, the two teams played the edgy ,defense stingy style that often wins championships. It came to that point in a game where neither side could have afforded a mistake. Luckily enough, the goaltending did not disappoint with F.Gagnon and P.Caouette keeping their clubs in it. The Black Knights and the GK Lite didn’t just need one overtime period to decide matters, but a second one before something was to give. There were enough big chances for somebody to play the hero. As long as both sides kept finding ways to generate a shot on net, something was bound to go in. That pivotal moment finally came courtesy of J.Crivello, who made sure to bury his chance and end the stalemate in what was a grinding and thrilling hockey game. In the perspective of the GK Lite, it may have felt disappointing knowing they were right there for a third straight title. The GK Lite didn’t relinquish their grip on the title without a fight. They never quit and left everything on the court which is expected-from a side with a winning pedigree. But tonight did belong to a side that’s just got accustomed to one another in a very short period of time. While many know the Black Knights have been around for several decades, 34 years to be exact, this particular group are fairly new to an ongoing legacy. It just went to show by putting together the right pieces along with the proper guidance anything is possible. Congratulations go out to the Black Knights for winning the Dek Elite Championship.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fred Gagnon of the Black Knights. Facing the GK Lite as a goaltender carries a ton of pressure. That being said, F.Gagnon was dialled in-from the very beginning making a bunch of key saves to help lead his team to a well earned victory.

Krazy Train winners of E Thursday division

Thursday August 24 (Final)

J.Russo imposed his will with 2 big third period goals, Krazy Train jump ahead in series

(3)Rated R vs Krazy Train(5) Game 1

J.Russo relishes playing for the big moments. After accumulating a pair of assists, the power forward was a major reason why the Krazy Train took a commanding lead in this series. His first of two tallies came on the power play reacting with no hesitation to catch F.Baratta off guard while his second was even more masterful finding himself alone to finish off a nifty move. Prior to those set of events, the two sides were evenly matched trading two power play goals each with neither side ever playing with more than a two goal cushion. The one advantage the Krazy Train took with them was to force Rated R to respond each and every time. At no point did Rated R have the luxury of playing in front. Despite coming back on three straight occasions , they just couldn’t find a way to jump ahead. Sometimes all it takes is that one big play to decide matters as the game starts to wind down. J.Russo was able to provide it on the power play to snap a 3-3 tie, and the Krazy Train never looked back en route to an important game one victory.

S.Sauk gets hot at right moment, Krazy Train crowned winners of E Thursday division

(2)Rated R vs Krazy Train(5) Game 2

With a mix of speed, high end talent, and an outstanding performance by S.Scott guarding his cage, the Krazy Train earned every bit of this championship by knocking out Rated R in two games. Like the Krazy Train fully expected, it wasn’t easy. The Krazy Train took nothing for granted by getting the better start. At one point, S.Marricco scored his second to provide  what seemed like a comfortable 3-0 lead by the four minute mark of the second period. There was no question that Rated R were on the ropes with so much work , effort and bounces required in order to make a serious push. The mind set had to remain simple by taking it a shift at a time. As long as they got the next goal, things had the potential to turn around. That break  occurred early in the third period when P.Doulis finally got to S.Sauk. Now that they ended a scoreless drought, confidence started to trickle down their bench with plenty of time left over. The next step was to try and cut the lead by one in hopes of having enough time for an eventual equaliser. With the Krazy Train complicating matters by taking a pair of late penalties, the door was wide open for Rated R to bounce back into the series and potentially force an overtime. Payam Assadi took advantage of the extra space by netting a power play goal. All of a sudden, Rated R found themselves one shot on net away-from mounting a much needed comeback. They still had almost two minutes to get there while being awarded another power play chance. As they tried to move the ball well enough to create some available lanes, M.Crialese was able to break up a play and send the ball right into the empty net notching his first of two empty net goals. Seeing the first empty net goal find its way in sent a sigh of relief for a side that was carrying a ton of weight on their shoulders. The Krazy Train motivated each other to try and become champions. To do it after a sub par regular season with only two wins in nine games is pretty special. The successful run was marked by a few factors with goaltending playing a major role. With S.Sauk being your goaltender, you never know what your going to get. Sometimes he looks like a flop, and sometimes he can be your best piece of the puzzle. At a time when it counted the most, S.Sauk delivered making a bunch of key saves that enabled his side to build off it. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Rino Varr and the Krazy Train for winning the Thursday night division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Scott Sauk of the Krazy Train. Sometimes its all about timing. The Krazy Train went on to take both games in the final thanks to their exceptional goaltender. S.Sauk faced close to 50 shots in both games denying most of them which gave the confidence to his side to get stronger as the series went on.

4vs4 Monday semi finals

 Monday August 21 (Semi finals)

Classics top Degenerates after tight knitted series

The Classics got some timely goals in their tight semi final series with the Degenerates, and when the goals weren’t coming, S.Morante stood tall. The goaltender came up big in the opener enabling M.Mavroudis to score late in the game that broke a 1-1 tie. The first encounter felt like a chess match as both sides made it a point to play a sound man on man game. Now that the Degenerates were stuck playing catch up in the series, a good start was something they hoped for. This time, they scored first, and eventually built a nice 3-1 lead thanks to J.Courteau and D.Charbonneau. By then, they were just passed half way to achieving their goal to force a third and deciding game. The Classics did catch a break shortly after due to an unfortunate tripping call. Needing to crawl back into it, T.Langiano tapped in an easy tally after receiving a perfect pass by T.Karvouriaris. That goal only fuelled C.Gingras to even the score seconds later. All of a sudden, this series went into a critical state for the Degenerates, who almost had no more margin of error. Since the two sides didn’t finish it off in regulation time, a dreaded shootout stood in the way of an extended series, or an exit by the Degenerates.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t catch the break they needed in the breakaway competition with C.Gingras scoring a spectacular goal along with S.Morante denying three straight attempts.

(2)Classics vs Degenerates(1) Game 1

(4)Classics vs Degenerates(3) S.O Game 2

Dragons implode in game 3, Snipers mount an epic comeback

This was not merely a loss, it felt more like a reckoning. It was that stunning, that unlikely and that disheartening. A Dragons team that had the horses and a commanding 3-1 lead in game three was humbled and humiliated in an eventual loss. To think that a 3-1 lead with less than five minutes to go somehow vanished out of thin air. While many can argue that the Dragons blew it, plenty of credit has to go the other way with the Snipers never giving up on their plays. And who better than your captain to take the bull by the horns. It took only thirty seconds for Ali Khanafer to snipe two incredible goals that evened the score 3-3. Despite letting go of such a lead, you need to be able to answer adversity, especially with the character players of the Dragons. Instead, it only got worse with J.Hassan providing the Snipers a huge go ahead marker. The Dragons were now forced to pull out their net minder for the extra attacker as their season started to fade away. Unable to get anything much going, J.Hassan won a big battle behind the net to bury his second in an empty cage, and ultimately put an end to a wild and thrilling series. It happened, crazy as it seems, the Dragons are off to wonder why and how they collapsed after a grasp in this series. On the flip side, the Snipers played to their identity which is to play for one another with plenty of heart. By never giving up on plays, those moments in a game add up, and eventually get paid off.

(3)Snipers vs Dragons(4) Game 1

(3)Snipers vs Dragons(2) Game 2

(6)Snipers vs Dragons(3) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ali Khanafer of the Snipers. In what appeared to be a bleak situation for the Snipers, Ali Khanafer erased all doubt by providing two spectacular timely goals which helped send his club to the final.

The defending champion Classics will now have a date with the Snipers in the Monday 4vs4 division final. A big part of this series will depend on how much space the Classics can create for themselves since they will have a Sniper constantly fore-checking them. That being said, the odds area always good when C.Gingras will be logging in the minutes playing-from the back end. The Snipers will need to be aware of his presence the entire time if they are to have a legit chance. Difficult to predict, look for a very close series.

4vs4 Monday Playoffs


Monday August 14 (Quarter finals)

Classics use some extra key plays to outlast Country Club

Patience, solid goaltending and timely goals drove this series in favour of the Classics. The first game was dictated by both goaltenders S.Morante and M.Dupuis keeping their clubs in it throughout the entire contest. It was one of those games that who ever scored first would likely win. The Classics were able to get their before the Country Club thanks to M.Mavroudis, who not only broke the barrier but was able to bury his second on the power play to put the opposition on the ropes. The Country Club felt they didn’t play poorly enough not to challenge the heavy favourite Classics in the ensuing match. This time, they had their offense more engaged as they were able to tally three times in the first period alone but weren’t able to create a gap with the Classics matching them. One thing you don’t want to do when the games are on the line is taking visits to the penalty box, especially against the Classics. The Country Club may have shot themselves on the foot in the final stretch where T.Karvouriaris made sure to capitalise with the man advantage. Now that an experienced team like the Classics grabbed the lead, the Country Club knew their season was on the line as the walls were slowly closing in. No matter how many attempts they tried to get at least one, the Classics defence stood in the way along with the last line of defense S.Morante making all the necessary saves.

(3)Classics vs Country Club(1) Game 1

(5)Classics vs Country Club(3) Game 2

Degenerates thrilling comeback stuns Brewers  

Comebacks are difficult at any level of competition, but they are even more difficult in the playoffs against a team built on the back of defensive stalwarts and backed by solid goaltending. Already trailing 1-0 after a heartbreaking opener, the Degenerates found themselves in a deeper hole down 4-1 in the second game. The Brewers knew that they should have held on to the game by just keeping it  simple. While the entire situation felt dire for the Degenerates, the mind set remained simple by playing it a moment at a time. All you can control is getting that next goal. S.Marricco was awarded a penalty shot toward the end of the opening frame and made sure to score what felt like a must goal. After pulling off a brilliant fake to narrow the gap by two, this series was far-from over with an entire period to play.  The Degenerates entered their final stanza with the right mind set which was to continue working hard knowing that they had the personal to stage a miraculous comeback. In the span of about ninety seconds, the tides turned on a dime with J.Courteau and M.Chenier finishing off a pair of nice plays. All of a sudden, the Degenerates rose-from the dead and were now the ones in control of the series despite if being far-from settled. By that point, you keep relying on momentum if your the Degenerates or a break landing in your favour if you’re the Brewers.  In this particular case, momentum was yet to slow down as P.Paikopoulos continued the comeback by finally putting the Degenerates in front for the first time during the game. His late tally helped even the series forcing what would be a hard fought third and deciding mini game. Often, the winners of the second game have the higher spirits entering the final stage of a series. And why not when you just came off a win. The positive energy felt throughout the Degenerates bench was evident that it translated on the field. Every single player was dialled in and extremely focused on trying to do their part. It didn’t even take long for their key moment to arrive. Two minutes and change into the mini game, S.Marricco used his strength to get that first needed goal. Even though there was a ton of time left over, the Brewers just couldn’t get enough good chances in order to level. The Degenerates made it a point to play defense first while knowing C.Stavriadis was there to close out the series.

(2)Degenerates vs Brewers(4) Game 1

(6)Degenerates vs Brewers(4) Game 2

(1)Degenerates vs Brewers(0) Game 3

Snipers met with no resistance in sweep of HC Jokerit

Scoring only one goal in four periods just wont cut it. Yes, the HC Jokerit had to keep this series as low scoring as possible, but they just couldn’t slow down a side that’s seasoned to make a serious push. The Snipers are at a good place after proving they are a top contender for finishing first in the division. These results are to be expected when a team shows up full pin game in and game out. They barely have any weaknesses with a balanced formula that works. The forwards will wear you down, the defence never gives up on a play and finally the goaltending by M.St-Laurent often doesn’t disappoint. The HC Jokerit had two poor starts which ultimately gave them no chance. In order to defeat the Snipers, you almost have to score first or keep the games close in order to catch an eventual break. Unfortunately, nothing went right in both games with the Snipers jumping out of the gate. Five different goal scorers were a contributing factor in the opener while A.Saleh did manage to score twice in game two. This isn’t a side that you try and contain one particular player. The Snipers rely on hard work and balance to get their point across. With this being an easy series sweep, the Snipers will need to expect a much more difficult challenge ahead of them with only four teams remaining. For now, they’ll take the week to enjoy a well earned series.

(5)Snipers vs HC Jokerit(1) Game 1

(6)Snipers vs HC Jokerit(0) Game 2

Dragons pull off improbable comeback win vs Sharpshooters

Up 1-0 in the series, and finding yourself leading 5-2 into the second game of the final period points to a well rounded successful night. The Sharpshooters were well on their way to upsetting the Dragons and punching a ticket to the semi final round. Everything was going according to plan. They came-from behind to take game one, and were seemingly the better of the two sides showing plenty of energy and pace to their game. To think, they needed eight more solid minutes to play out the clock nursing a three goal lead. Then, the wheels fell off, and the Sharpshooters hit a massive ditch unable to recover. Knowing that the Dragons have the fire power to score at will, the Sharpshooters may have gotten a little to complacent without the ball which set the stage for an incredible comeback. The Dragons scored five goals in that single frame alone that saw Y.Derohannessian complete his hat trick. Similar to the previous series between the Degenerates and the Brewers, the Dragons fed off their momentum heading into game three. Its during those moments that you expect your top guns to step it up a little more. Since anything can happen in a shortened mini game, you need to apply your very best in order to make the difference. And while the Dragons worked hard collectively to capture the win, J.Mandracchia was a huge part of it scoring two big goals while making a perfect pass for Y.Derohannassian to tap in the winner.

(3)Dragons vs Sharpshooters(4) S.O Game 1

(7)Dragons vs Sharpshooters(5) Game 2

(3)Dragons vs Sharpshooters(1) Game 3


The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yerik Derohannessian of the Dragons. It took a miracle, but the Dragons somehow stormed back to steal this series against the Sharpshooters. While many factors need to align, its safe to say that Y.Derohannessian’s timely goals was a major reason why they reached the next round. The shifty forward scored three goals and one assist in game two before tapping in a huge game winning tally in the final moments of game three.

Off to the final four with four solid teams remaining. The semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Snipers vs Dragons(4) This series will come down to how the Dragons offense will need to try and break down the Snipers defense. You don’t want to rely on comebacks against the Snipers if your the Dragons. The space will be limited, and the one on one battles will be much harder. The Dragons may have the offensive upside entering this series, but the Snipers do have that wolf pack mentality on playing a complete overall game. Difficult to predict a winner, this one will be decided on who limits mistakes.

(2)Classics vs Degenerates(3) Two teams that are no strangers to one another want nothing less than to prevail. Both sides don’t need any scouting report on how they play. This series will be determined on who is better at executing their plays. The Classics will depend on C.Gingras, M.Mavroudis and M.Destounis to occupy the offense while the Degenerates have more than their fair share of firing power up front.

E Division playoffs

Thursday August 10 (Semi finals)

Horsemen give up late goal before losing in overtime to Krazy Train

The Horsemen are done, with an offseason to think about their failure to close out the deal that was right at the palm of their hands. All it took was the combination of scoring in the empty net or killing off 36 seconds. Neither happened, and the Krazy Train used an incredible finish to stun the division leaders. Ali Khanafer struck first in game three of the mini game with a huge power play goal for the Horsemen. The full fifteen minutes wasn’t enough with the Krazy Train not hearing the bell just yet. After finding themselves up for a power play chance coupled with their met minder out for the extra attacker, the Krazy Train were able to keep their season alive thanks to J.Russo before providing the final dagger on some what of a lucky goal by M.Richard in overtime. Anytime you get to that point in a series, any shot on net will do. The Krazy Train often played-from behind in all three games of this series. They managed to overcome a slight deficit in game one on a strong third period finish. Game two saw the Horsemen play with more urgency with their season on the line. Two of their five goals came on the power play by M.Kardum while M.Vinciguerra was as good as you can expect-from your net minder. Since both sides split, it came to no ones surprise that this thing was headed the distance. There are many small turning points that are often out of your control when playing in an evenly matched series. So many things are required to go right with the element of luck. Whether its your power play, stellar goaltending or simply avoiding mistakes, all those basic elements add up in the end. Unfortunately for the Horsemen, they couldn’t make that one extra play in order to avoid a heart breaking finish.

(3)Horsemen vs Krazy Train(6) Game 1

(5)Horsemen vs Krazy Train(3) Game 2

(1)Horsemen vs Krazy Train(2) O.T Game 3

Rated R hold off Fatal Demons to reach final

It was as close as you can expect-from two teams that were willing to grind it out all night. Game one gave no indication on who would come out on top. Goals were hard to come by as you would expect -from these two stubborn teams. Neither side wanted to stumble in the big moments with the clock winding down. Eventually something was to give, and who other than arguably the most dangerous forward of the division. In the short span of only thirty seconds, G-C Pisanelli was able to decide the opener on two brilliant goals. The Fatal Demons now had their back firmly pressed against the wall. P.Santulllo’s team responded with a solid effort, one peppered with desperation and urgency to keeping their hopes alive. There was no real let up as a pair of timely goals by T.Karvouriaris and T.Langiano gave just enough offense to eke out the win. Of coarse adding to that, S.Morante was definitely dialled in as the net minder faced his fair share of shots only to get beaten once. The minimal required task of bouncing back was checked off for the Fatal Demons. As many would perhaps expect before the series began, a third game was going to likely decide a winner. Since time isn’t a luxury for any team, scoring first usually comes a long way in a shorten fifteen minute game. Rated R exceeded that plan by riffling four straight by the twelve minute mark. Talk about a comfortable lead if your any team trying to close out a series with only three minutes left on the clock. That being said, the final score indicates other wise as the Fatal Demons made Rated R sweat by bagging three straight markers in less than a minute. J.Bolanakis was there to set up A.Zarzour twice along with F.Casacalenda. By that point, Rated R had all but eleven seconds to kill in which they did despite nearly giving up a shot on net. For a game that had no business being close, drama still found a way to get involved.

(3)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(1) Game 1

(1)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(3) Game 2

(4)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(3) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Frank Baratta of Rated R. You need your most important piece of the puzzle to deliver. F.Baratta is a warrior in net battling every ball his way looking like someone on a mission. If he continues this way, Rated R will have a strong shot at winning it all.

The E Thursday division is now down its final two teams. Expect an even match up with star power up front along with a structured defensive game. F.Baratta has shown that he’s ready for the challenge which will force S.Sauk to be at his best as well as he’s shown before in the past. Rated R and the Krazy Train have delivered there in the post season thus far, and there’s every reason to believe it’ll  continue until the victory lap.

4vs4 Monday

Monday August 7

P.Delli Colli posts incredible goaltending for Sharpshooters split with Classics

The shots would not stop coming at P.Delli Colli of the Sharpshooters. With the Sharpshooters having to deal with a way shorter bench, the pressure was clear on the net minder to make up for some tired legs. It went without saying that the challenge would be a difficult one for the Sharpshooters in order to split their night with the Classics. Struggling fatigue after giving it all in a loss makes it that much harder for ones spirit. That being said, all six players along with P.Delli Colli stepped it up by never giving up on any play. While goaltending wasn’t an issue with Delli Colli stealing the show, D.Greco and J.Tersei were the engines powering the forwards as the two d-man caused plenty of havoc making one brilliant play after the other. The Sharpshooters did most of their damage in the first period of the second game rattling off five goals. They almost had no choice but to take a lead rather than being stuck chasing the game. Instead of making life easier on themselves, the Sharpshooters played with plenty of fire before it was said and done. Its already a travesty to take one penalty against the Classics, but two is almost a death sentence. Somehow however, the Sharpshooters did the improbable by killing off two late penalties against the divisions top power play unit. Sometimes a little bit of luck with the sound of the goal posts ringing a couple of times is what’s required in order to take down a giant. In tonight’s case, the Sharpshooters put together a masterful performance grabbing at least one win versus the Classics.

(1)Sharpshooters vs Classics(3)

(5)Sharpshooters vs Classics(4)

Degenerates stuck coming back twice after slow starts to Country Club

They weren’t pretty starts, but the Degenerates pulled away with an earlier win while testing their luck in the shootout of the second encounter. Twice they fell behind 2-0, and twice they managed to overcome the deficits before finding themselves in front. Unlike the first game, the Degenerates weren’t able to lock it down in the second tilt. A slight 3-2 lead got answered when G.Dumont one timed a pass to beat C.Stavriadis low in the corner of the net. From-there, things only got settled in the shootout where F.Proulx made no mistake to finish off a nice move. The Degenerates had the opportunity to put the Country Club away after missing out on some decent chances. Luckily enough M.Dupuis was there to keep the margin low enough as the net minder stood firm at crucial moments during the game. Most of the goals were spread out by both teams, but S.Pilot did perhaps have a little more of an impact for the Country Club as the solid d-man provided a total of four points.

(5)Degenerates vs Country Club(3)

(3)Degenerates vs Country Club(4) S.O

Dragons making a statement for looming playoff season ahead

For a rare time this season, the Dragons had almost all their players show up. And while the Brewers could have used their top guns, both games indicated how much of a gap there was between the two sides. Everywhere the Brewers looked, a danger presented itself. Its very difficult having to focus on trying to slow down many players that can hurt you. M.Carpentier, Y.Derohannesian and J.Mandracchia scored seven of the eight goals in the opener. The second match saw the very same M.Carpentier notch his second hat trick while Payam Assadi matched him sparking three goals as well. Discouraging as it was, the Brewers didn’t have much to play for on Monday night. Unfortunately, they were stuck going through the motions of having to deal with a prepped line up while dealing with significant holes on their roster. This wont matter much for a team that’s seasoned to play post season hockey . When a complete line up, the Brewers are always a difficult out.

(2)Brewers vs Dragons( 8 )

(2)Brewers vs Dragons(9)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paolo Delli Colli of the Sharpshooters. Contrary to his team name, the goaltender was the target instead having to face a ton of shots only to keep denying a high powered offense. The Sharpshooters stole the second game versus the Classics on a very short bench while on the back of Delli Colli.

The Monday 4vs4 regular season came to a close on Monday night. The first round will feature eight teams in a quarter final round. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Snipers vs HC Jokerit( 8 ) It will take many things to go right for the HC Jokerit. At the very least, every single player will need to step up and contribute by committee. They do have the speed, endurance and a deep bench to compete. The problem is that they are going up against a team that’s well structured that doesn’t give you much. As long as they can keep the games close enough, than you never know, but do expect for the division leaders to pull through in the end.

(2)Classics vs Country Club(7) The County Club are all to familiar with the threat on the other side. Knowing C.Gingras who recently was a Country Club teammate, the strategy will come down to how to slow him down. S.Pilot will have a huge task ahead of him as the d-man will swallow a ton of minutes by trying to neutralise an ex teammate. If M.Dupuis stands tall, and the Country Club play a sound defensive game, the Classics may have a hard time escaping this series.

(3)Degenerates vs Brewers(6) Both sides wont have a choice but to floor a deep roster. The Brewers will need their key forwards to show up while the Degenerates are expected to have all their elements in play. If that’s the case, this will be a very grinding series that can tilt either way. Goaltending needs to be sharp as well limiting trips to the penalty box.

(4)Dragons vs Sharpshooters(5) For how deep and talented the Dragons are, many will expect them to pull through. That being said, the Sharpshooters may have the most impressive back line in the division. Led by their assumed net minder P.Delli Colli taking care of the cage, the Sharpshooters may have two of the top active defensemen of the division. D.Greco and J.Teresi will quarterback, dictate and help provide all the offense that is required in order to win. Their big challenge will come down to how to slow down players such as J.Mandracchia, M.Carpentier and Payam Assadi just to name a few.

E Division

Thursday August 3

Fatal Demons put up a fight but fall short in shootout loss to Horsemen

(4)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(5) S.O

That is what you get when you cant score against a side that played the trap throughout the entire game. The Fatal Demons worked a simple but efficient game plan to remain neck and neck versus a deeper bench. Although they never had the luxury to play in front, the Fatal Demons were able to tie the game on four straight occasions only to drop it in a shootout. The Horsemen had many chances to put this thing away but kept getting trapped trying to dissect a very structured defense. They could have regulated matters in regulation time if they could have killed off twenty more seconds. Instead, the extra attacked provided the possession required in order to generate once last attempt at evening the score. That’s when M.Mavroudis benefited on a nice feed in front of the net-from C.Stamadianos where the forward re directed the ball right behind the Horsemen’s net minder. The two sides went through a cautious overtime frame making sure to avoid any costly mistakes. With neither side able to get it done, a three man shootout was all that was left over to maybe determine a winner. Only one player scored out of the six total attempts. V.Pandza came through as the Horsemen’s captain capped off a solid regular season by netting the shootout winner.

Rated R nip Krazy Train in overtime

(5)Rated R vs Krazy Train(4) O.T

After a thrilling back and forth affair, A.Stamiris scored his second in overtime to provide Rated R an exciting end to their regular season. It was one of those games where the two sides had their strong moments along with some let downs. Its expected for it to be this close when teams are evenly matched. Often, it comes down to mental mistakes or simple bad bounces. The Krazy Train were able to force overtime thanks to their relentless power forward. S.Marricco notched his hat trick to level the score with just under five minutes remaining. Just like in the previous encounter, this contest also needed the extra time before it was settled. Once teams hit the sudden death frame, its all about trying to seize the right moment while avoiding to be responsible for any blunders. In tonight’s particular case, A.Stamiris came up big once more by netting the winner. The active d-man also scored his clubs lone goal in the third period before bagging his second for the winner.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andrew Stamiris of Rated R. Twice he delivered at crucial points during the game which enabled his side to edge out a close 5-4 overtime win.

One season ended, and another one is yet to begin . The E Thursday division will resume next week with all four teams battling it out in what will be a grinding best of three playoff series. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Horsemen vs Krazy Train(4) Yes the Horsemen finished first with seven wins, and yes the Krazy Train are in fourth place with only two wins. If both teams come with a full line up, then take those stats and shove them in a shredder. Once the ball drops, none of it will matter as both sides will have to battle it out and go through the motions of what it takes to win at this stage. The Horseman will have their hands full on defense as they’ll try to contain a bigger and perhaps a more lethal offense. A few factors will need to come into play for the Horsemen if they are planning to move forward. All three lines have to commit on playing well defensively, mistakes need to be limited, and M.Vinciguerra wont have a choice to continue playing well in net like he’s shown all season.

(2)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(3) It will be a coin toss series that have so many good elements about their overall game. The way both sides play collectively while having some special talented players suggests that anything can happen. The depth will be there, fire power up front wont be much of an issue and neither should be the goaltending. Like in most match ups that don’t have a clear cut front runner, the little things will play out over the coarse of a lengthy series. That involves winning the one on one battles, limited trips to the penalty box, and of coarse the goaltender that shines his leather on a consistent basis.

4vs4 Monday

Monday July 31

Degenerates bounce back to split series with Classics

While the Degenerates didn’t play bad by any stretch, the bounces just weren’t their in their opener with the Classics. The games were going to be close as expected leaving all but some little details to make the difference between winning and losing. In the case of the first encounter, T.Karvouriaris finished off some key plays scoring a pair that included the winner with only three minutes left on the clock. The Classics scored four goals in the 4-2 win that saw C.Gingras involved in every single tally. The second game didn’t quite shape up right away for the Classics as the Degenerates took it them early on three first period goals. Getting the faster start was essential in order to salvage their night. Despite being up by three at one point, this contest was far-from over with the Classics starting to put on the heat. F.Casacalenda scored a late tally on a desperate shot to pull his side within one. With a chance to even the score after pulling out their net minder, the Classics had more than enough time to try and bury the equaliser. Two minutes feels like an eternity if you’re the defending team. And as much as the Classics were putting on some serious pressure, the Degenerates made sure to trap the lanes and pounce on the loose balls while heavily relying on C.Stavriadis to make the saves. Unfortunately for the Classics, the goaltender was up for the task, and the 4-3 score held till the end.

(4)Classics vs Degenerates(2)

(3)Classics vs Degenerates(4)

Snipers respond with character win after a slow start to Dragons

The Snipers were keen on delivering a response. After putting forth a dud in a lopsided set back, the Snipers showed what they are all about by handing the Dragons a 5-2 loss to split their night. The first encounter could have been closer if the Snipers knew how to contain a known threat. J.Mandracchia proved to be a handful as the forward continued his tear collecting a hat trick as part of a five point performance. Two of his tallies came shorthanded where the Snipers should have taken advantage of their power play. Since nothing went well for a team that’s barely shown flaws so far, the Snipers had a chance at redemption after a poor start . Everyone on that bench knew that they would be more determined for a better outing. By far they came ready to play showing a lot more urgency and resilience. Although it wasn’t anything convincing, the Snipers played ahead after the first period ended and never looked back by shutting the door the rest of the way. Ahamad Khanafer provided a huge insurance marker while M.St-Laurent stood firm denying a high octane offense.

(6)Dragons vs Snipers(2)

(2)Dragons vs Snipers(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Theo Karvouriaris of the Classics. Often timing is everything when games are extremely close. The Classics took the first contest thanks to a pair of key goals by the steady D-man, who excelled on both sides of the court throughout the two games.

E Division

Thursday July 27

Fatal Demons and Rated R remain knotted after see saw affair

(5)Fatal Demons vs Rated R(5) S.O

Giving up a pair of early goals for Rated R was a sign of worse things to come having to deal with a very short bench along with the fact of missing their top guns. For over half the game, they couldn’t score and looked like they weren’t for how sound the Fatal Demons defense was playing.  Rated R needed the coin to flip knowing that a two goal deficit is within reasonable range. By taking the patient baby steps approach, M.Timeo was finally able to get them on board. Not only did they break the barrier, but managed to end the frame stronger than expected by bagging two more tallies. Out  of nowhere, Rated R found themselves ahead entering the final stanza. Despite the let down, the Fatal Demons were able to put it behind them quickly as they searched for that next tally. First, G.DeMarinnis potted his second to tie the game, and K.Araujo eventually regained the lead for the Fatal Demons by capitalising with a man up. Now that the script flipped in favour of the Fatal Demons, Rated R were now the ones chasing again. This time however, it looked as though the Fatal Demons learned-from their previous mistakes. They took all the necessary measures in order to neutralise the opposition. There was no question that the Fatal Demons were on the verge of victory as the single digits on the scoreboard started to click downwards. Unfortunately, one last play by Rated R spoiled their mood once more when the captain S.DosSantos rescued his club with only six seconds remaining. With the pendulum swinging back and forth, this contest was never ready to have a winner. Neither overtime or a shootout was enough to decide the outcome as both teams were stuck settling for a tie.

Horsemen hang on to edge out Krazy Train

(4)Krazy Train vs Horsemen(5)

It wasn’t their best start to the night, but the Horsemen adjusted and made sure to be the better side by the time the game ended. Both sides were able to capitalise on the large part with enough scoring chances to go around. Krazy Train got a few going early on riding three first period goals. R.Varr led the front scoring once while setting up C.Lato and J.Melo. The Horsemen trailed only 3-2 after the first frame which didn’t cause much concern since they were playing the right way. It was just a question of time before they would take control and matters into their own hands. That become apparent in the second period with D.Greco scoring on the power play followed with H.Atoui providing the Horsemen a 4-3 lead on a precise shot. M.Mamoulides was then able to widen the gap by two which barely lasted as M.Cerrone replied quickly for the Krazy Train. By this point, nine minutes to play gave plenty of time for this contest to shift back and forth. Instead, goals seemed to be harder to come by as the net minders made sure to  remain engaged knowing how important that next tally would be. And since both S.Sauk and M.Vinciguerra did their part, the Horsemen were the ones in position to  dictate the terms. They did play with fire in the last couple of minutes by taking a penalty. The Krazy Train had a great chance to even the score after pulling out S.Sauk for the extra attacker for a six on four advantage. Unfortunately, nothing came of it as the Horsemen trapped the lanes while relying on M.Vinciguerra to make the timely saves.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Timeo of Rated R. After netting a pair of tallies during the game, M.Timeo kept showing off his skill set by notching a nifty shootout goal.

4vs4 Monday

Monday July 24

HC Jokerit unable to penetrate the Brewers trap

You would have to figure that its an advantage when you’re an army of troops versus a side rotating only one single player. In normal circumstances, the games would end favouring a younger, quicker and more intense side. Not in tonight’s case however as the Brewers used their smarts, experience and the commitment to play lights out without the ball. Although the first encounter was decided in the shootout favouring the Brewers, it was the second game that saw the stingy defense frustrate the HC Jokerit. At no point were the HC Jokerit able to break down the Brewers defense and more importantly the goaltending. M.Tzouvadais enjoyed the lockdown mode in front of him as the net minder felt dialled in making the first key stops. The Brewers scored twice in the opening frame thanks to A.Papazian and G.DiZazzo. Once they pulled ahead, the HC Jokerit were stuck chasing the game in which they just had no solutions on how to dissect a well structured opponent.

(3)HC Jokerit vs Brewers(4) S.O

(0)HC Jokerit vs Brewers(2)

Undermanned Degenerates no match for Snipers

Going up against a stacked Snipers side, the Degenerates did their best considering the circumstances . Surely, the poor start didn’t help their cause, but they managed to bounce back and force the Snipers to earn every inch of the court. The loss didn’t take away any hope of rebounding into the second game. The Degenerates did the right thing by getting on board first on a strong individual effort by L.Folini. Since scoring chances were going to be hard to come by, the Degenerates had to stick to playing hard without the ball. On the large part, they kept the Snipers to the outside, but that game plan could last only so long. They were almost forced to try and get that second goal.  Unfortunately some missed opportunities saw the game tilt the other way. The Snipers eventually got on board early in the second period when H.Awada finally got to C.Stavriadis. From-there, Ahmad Khanafer would double the lead, and Hadi Khanafer would put the match away leaving all but three minutes on the clock. Tonight was a prime example of needing all your elements if you think you can compete with the Snipers. Unless you come prepared, chances are that you’ll find yourself on the short end of the stick.

(5)Snipers vs Degenerates(2)

(3)Snipers vs Degenerates(1)

Sharpshooters and Dragons split after wild finishes

The Dragons did their best due to their empty bench. They managed to take an insurmountable 5-2 lead with half a frame remaining. But the Sharpshooters stormed back with three straight goals after pulling their net minder for the extra attacker. With D.Sarno netting the equaliser fairly late, the momentum was clearly on the Sharpshooters side. It looked like this tilt was going to be decided in a shootout as the clock kept ticking down. Since hockey can be cruel at times, J.Mandracchia was able to beat the clock by only two seconds to provide a wild and crazy win fro the Dragons. Despite the heartbreaking let down, the Sharpshooters appeared to be the more engaged team because of their deeper bench . It would only make sense that they would overwhelm the Dragons heading into the second game, especially after jumping off to a 4-2 first period lead. Everything pointed in the direction for a bounce back game for the Sharpshooters as they had total control of the situation. That’s unless you find yourself taking some unfortunate penalties. Two lengthy visits to the penalty box enabled the Dragons to crawl back into the game. First, G.DeMarinnis narrowed the gap by one, and then J.Mandracchia was there once more to help provide the Dragons another big goal. All of a sudden, the game was dead even at four goals apiece with enough time for another tally. The Sharpshooters didn’t seem to learn-from their mistakes as they kept shooting themselves on the foot by taking another late penalty. Talk about being handed the game on a silver platter if your the Dragons. That being said, the Sharpshooters were able to kill off the last two deadly minutes and take their chances in a shootout. Once they got to the breakaway competition, D.Greco stick handled his way to victory as the only player to figure out the goaltenders. M.Vinciguerra earned the win in net denying three highly skilled players. Both games had the drama of daytime soap operas with so many twists and turns.

(5)Sharpshooters vs Dragons(6)

(5)Sharpshooters vs Dragons(4) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Mandracchia of the Dragons. If J.Mandracchia played like a human like the rest of the players on the field, the Dragons would have no chance at competing with a deeper Sharpshooters team. Since he isn’t your average player, the highly skilled forward was simply uncontainable scoring a total of six goals and two assists to help collect four out of a possible six points for the Dragons.

E Division

Thursday July 20

Horsemen surrender two goal lead but win it in overtime

(2)Rated R vs Horsemen(3) O.T

After jumping to an early 2-0 advantage, and then squandering the lead, the Horsemen did get the final word by securing the win in overtime.  Everything was hunky-dory in the first for the Horsemen. V.Pandza and H.Atoui had each scored, and M.Vinciguerra was rock solid stopping his fair share of shots. The pace of trying to hang on to a two goal lead with Rated R putting some serious pressure can only bring you so far. Eventually, they were able to convert on their chances with both goals coming by their captain S.DosSantos. The game was knotted at two goals apiece entering the final stanza. Both teams were in a similar situation missing a few players which forced them to be a little more cautious while obliged to make some quick line changes. Since both F.Baratta and M.Vinciguerra were really the main reason why this contest remained low scoring, neither side got it done in regulation time. It took some extra space in the sudden death frame for the Horseman to seize their opportunity and cap it off early on a quick passing play.

Depleted Krazy Train no match for Fatal Demons

(2)Krazy Train vs Fatal Demons(10)

In a word, the depleted Krazy Train falling by a landslide to the Fatal Demons was expected. This was a type of game where the Krazy Train had to keep things very simple. Some patient hockey coupled with solid goaltending could have perhaps given the Fatal Demons a better challenge. Instead, the bad start only made matters worse for the Krazy Train as they were stuck playing behind the eight ball. It was one of those cases when trying to dig out of a hole that you only keep falling in deeper unable to climb out of. The Fatal Demons kept pressing and never slowed down creating a huge gap. Many contributed with J.Bolanakis, K.Araujo and M.Destounis all cashing in twice. The Krazy Train failed to convert early on simply because M.Rodriguez was ready for the task. The net minder blended just well making all the necessary stops in order to help provide a well deserved win.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Miguel Rodriguez of the Fatal Demons. In his season debut with the club, the net minder did not disappoint allowing only a pair of goals while making some key early saves.

4vs4 Monday

Monday July 17

Snipers use size advantage to winning the one on one battles vs HC Jokerit

The advantage of being a bigger and more seasoned team will always come a long way. The Snipers had all the necessary ingredients in order to defeat the HC Jokerit on two occasions on Monday night. Granted, the first game was a low scoring affair, but the score doesn’t really indicate much with the Snipers dictating most of the play. The second encounter proved it with the Snipers able to capitalise on most of their chances They built a comfortable 6-0 lead after one before capping off the night without any resistance. Many contributed offensively while M.St-Laurent was calm cool and collective allowing only one single goal in four periods. The HC Jokerit actually had a decent start despite unable to score. They carried the play and generated some chances only to be snake bitten by St-Laurent. The problem was that they couldn’t continue the pace long enough as the Snipers started to take over and overwhelm the HC Jokerit due to their size and ability to protect the ball.

(2)Snipers vs HC Jokerit(0)

(9)Snipers vs HC Jokerit(2)

Degenerates recover after slow start to Country Club

They played it right-from the start and got rewarded. The Country Club applied a simple plan by waiting for the Degenerates to make a mistake. Once they forced some turn overs, the odd man rushes started to pile on, and the Country Club benefited twice on goals by S.Pilot and J-S Lowe. Playing ahead is always a huge advantage since it forces your opponent to take a lot more risks. For nearly the entire game, the Degenerates were unable to solve M.Dupuis at any point. The net minder kept making save after save while time was starting to wind down. Then, a quick release by J.Courteau cut the lead in half, and the Degenerates knew they were one shot on net to forcing a shootout. The extra attacker definitely came into play as S.Marricco finished off a play to tie the game with just over twenty seconds remaining. And while the County Club hoped for better in regulation time, they did have the final say by taking it in the shootout. F.Proulx took a page out of Nikita Kucherov’s shootout goal to fool C.Stavriadis as the only player to score in the breakaways. The second game saw a different story line. This time, the Degenerates played in front, and used the lead to their advantage. The only time the Country Club got on board was late in the game thanks to S.Pilot. By then, the Degenerates had built enough of a lead to split their night.

(3)Country Club vs Degenerates(2) S.O

(1)Country Club vs Degenerates(4)

RCGT give Classics run for their money after receiving a 7-0 thumping

You are the defending champs, and you just handed the last place RCGT Knights a massive blow ending the game early in the second period due to the mercy rule. There was no question the Classics had a strangle hold going into both games.  And while it was expected that a similar fate was to repeat itself, the RCGT Knights loosened the grip and came out to play. They were able to find some answers giving the Classics a real run for their money. The fact that they came out to compete after an embarrassing finish said a lot about their character. Goals started to come in, the defense was a lot more structured, and T.Sauk wanted nothing less than to bounce back making some brilliant saves. This contest was only decided very late when C.Stamadianos broke a 4-4 tie with less than thirty seconds remaining. To think, only one shot on net was the difference between winning and losing for a side that didn’t have much expectations going up against the division front runners. The RCGT Knights may have lost, but could take the second encounter as a win for how close they got. C.Guerin was the catalyst behind their offense scoring three goals and an assist. As for the Classics, the number 97 filled every column of the score sheet as C.Gingras was his usual self collecting points on all five goals.

(0)RCGT Knights vs Classics(7)

(4)RCGT Knights vs Classics(5)

Evenly matched Sharpshooters split their night with the Brewers

Both games were that close. The two teams kept trading chances forcing the goaltenders to come up big every time. While M.Vinciguerra captured the first win by denying two shootout attempts, S.Orazio was able to return the favour for the Brewers in the ensuing match. The second game had its moments as both sides battled hard with plenty of intensity. Sometimes, by giving too much may result in some penalty trouble. Plenty of minutes were played with an odd amount of players on the field. The Sharpshooters scored a shorthanded goal thanks to D.Sarno, but it was the Brewers that owned the special teams department with D.Verta converting with the man up and a man down. Another key play came by T.Michalidis, who ripped a perfect slap shot that just got by the Sharpshooters net minder. That tally made the score 4-2 fairly late. Although J.Teresi did respond for his second shortly after, the Brewers would sum it up when G.DiZazzo fed the empty cage.

(4)Sharpshooters vs Brewers(2) S.O

(3)Sharpshooters vs Brewers(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Danny Verta of the Brewers. In a close tilted affair with the Sharpshooters, D.Verta scored a big shorthanded goal along with a power play marker collecting a total of four points in both games.

Draft Tournament

Draft Tournament July 15, 2023

Oilers edge out the Flyers 7-6 in the draft tournament finals 


Oliers get out of the gate early taking a 4-1 lead, 3 of those goals coming off of the stick of T. Nardelli.  The Flyers managed to come back in this game making it 4-4, but in the end Oilers take it home 7-6.

Oilers got 2 goales from E. Charbonneau and T. Settino while leading the way for the Flyers was D. Greco 3 goals and T. Angelis 2 goals.  Shout out to both R. Testa and P. Kassaris on an excellent tournament.

Thank you to all who played, reffed, worked, or came to encourage see you all next year.

E Division

Thursday July 13

Rated R shows resiliency on limited roster

(2)Krazy Train vs Rated R(4)

Throughout every period, the intensity ratcheted up, and Rated R were able to stun a Krazy Train team that felt should have done better. It was one of those games that proved by playing hard and confident will bring you a long way. Rated R entered tonight’s tilt without many key components and somehow managed to compete with a deeper Krazy Train team. It looked like resiliency was engrained in their identity. Of coarse goaltending has to play a main factor as Pedram Assadi faced the challenge by limiting only two goals after receiving some lethal scoring chances. As long as the game remained close, Rated R smelled blood knowing that the game was there for the taking . Their best moments occurred in the final stanza winning the frame on three consecutive goals. Its not a coincidence that G-C Pisanelli was honoured the player of the night only a week ago. In all of his clubs four goals, the highly skilled forward was influential once more setting up three teammates while netting one himself.

Fatal Demons score 4 unanswered goals in double up win over Horsemen

(2)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(4)

Despite being down 2-0, the Fatal Demons never really needed a wake up call. It wasn’t like they weren’t doing the right things in order to battle back. The only difference was that the Horsemen capitalised on some chances, and that M.Vinciguerra was there to save the day, at least in the first half of the game. When your caught chasing your opponent for some ball possession, it often becomes only a question of time before the other team will find the lanes or the right scoring chances in order to get on board. The Fatal Demons barely took a shift off-from the drop of the ball, and eventually found their scoring touch once M.Mavroudis finally figured out Vinciguerra. There was way to much time left over to try and defend if your the Horsemen. They almost had no choice but to try and get that next goal. Unfortunately, the tides started to really shift when A.Argiroudis  evened the score later in the second period. Still, the game was close entering the final frame which should have suggested for an entertaining finish. However, only a minute had gone by for K.Araujo to provide the Fatal Demons its first lead of the night. Now that the Horsemen found themselves behind, something had to give if they planned on evening the score. That opportunity came mid way through the frame when awarded a power play chance. Not even an extra man on the playing surface amounted to much. The Fatal Demons did an exceptional job keeping things to the outside which made R.Ranieri’s night easier than it should of. Eventually, N.Katsifolis drifted off to the other side of the court, and capped off the night on a nifty move to slide the ball right under the Horsemen’s net minder.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pedram Assadi of Rated R. Battle tested throughout the entire three periods, the net minder was focused and firm allowing only two goals against a highly skilled opponent.

4vs4 Monday

Monday July 10

Country Club settle for split after giving up late tally

The Country Club had all but 37 seconds to even their night with the Brewers. With their goaltender pulled out for the extra attacker, P.Karigiannis took not one but two hard shot attempts before ripping a cannon to even the score. The ensuing shootout wouldn’t settle much with both net minders stopping every single attempt. M.Dupuis shared the tie in net with his counter part M.Tzouvadakis of the Brewers ,who was just as sound in what was a low scoring affair. The Brewers had the overall night advantage after grabbing the earlier win thanks to their special teams. M.DelGaudio scored a power play goal, but it was C.Siconolfi’s shorthand marker that ultimately made the difference. That goal put the Brewers in front 3-1 with just hand full of minutes remaining. S.Pilot did strike shortly after for his second to reduce that gap by one, but that was all they generated as the Brewers went on to feed a yawning cage on two occasions to close out the game.

(2)Country Club vs Brewers(5)

(2)Country Club vs Brewers(2) S.O

Sharpshooters adjust in second game despite dropping the shootout

Sometimes its better how you finish than rather how you start. The Sharpshooters didn’t have much to right home about after a very slow start to their night. The Degenerates caught them off guard, and handed them a thumping on scoring efforts by five different players. Sometimes you just have to write off a bad performance and use the right mind set heading into your second match. The Sharpshooters took the right approach knowing that they are confident in their abilities to respond. This time, the tables were slightly turned as the Degenerates found themselves trailing rather than playing ahead. Luckily enough, the deficits were only by one goal which didn’t alarm the panic button to go off. That being said, the end result was somewhat of a heat breaker if you were the Sharpshooters. Six little seconds was all they needed to kill off in order to capture the win. Instead, a desperate shot managed to find its way through traffic, and C.Lato was able to force the shootout for the Degenerates. The breakaway competition didn’t really matter how it ended as both sides did most of the main work prior. But for statistical purposes, the Degenerates did win that department on goals by T.Settino and S.Marricco while C.Stavraidis stopped two of three attempts. Both wins came as a collective team effort with on one having to stand out more than the other.

(2)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(5)

(4)Sharpshooters vs Degenerates(5) S.O

Classics depth overwhelm Dragons

For a rivalry match up, both games didn’t live up to the hype. The Dragons had no choice to have all their reinforcements if they stood a chance at competing with a deep Classics roster. All they could have done was to try and slow them down while keeping the game as close as possible. Unfortunately, nothing went right, and the Classics simply overwhelmed them on a pair of easy wins. It didn’t take much for the Classics to jump all over the Dragons errors. With the first game decided rather easily by a 5-1 result, the second match did have the Dragons put up more of a fight. The problem was that they were stuck chasing the entire game. At least they did find their scoring touch with G.DeMarinnis striking twice along with Y.Derohannessian scoring on the power play to narrow the gap by one. Unable to carry the momentum, A.Kakivelis cut it short by responding almost immediately for the  Classics. There was no question that tally discouraged the Dragons, who couldn’t bounce back as the Classics put it away on a pair of empty net goals.

(5)Classics vs Dragons(1)

(8)Classics vs Dragons(4)

RCGT Knights run out of steam after some back and forth action with the HC Jokerit

It came as an incredible win for a team that didn’t have much expectations riding only one change up to their bench. The RCGT Knights were understaffed while going up against an army of well oiled runners. You would expect that the RCGT Knights had no choice to build a lead if they had any hope of stealing a game. Somehow, they defied the odds by overcoming a 3-1 deficit before forcing an eventual shootout. No matter how you want to look at it, the HC Jokerit needed to do a better job at not enabling their opponent to bounce back.  The overwhelming body count of players versus a depleted roster should have translated into an easy win, especially after being up. But the RCGT Knights went about their business and kept pushing the pace in hopes of getting rewarded. To their credit, they had a huge second frame posting four goals while edging out the HC Jokerit by the shootouts. C.Guerin and D.Tzimopoulos combined for nine points in the win, and T.Sauk was influential as well making enough key saves along with stopping both shootout attempts. While the opening game was somewhat of a let down for the HC Jokerit, they did get their act together in the ensuing match. This time, they grabbed a lead, they built off it, and never allowed the RCGT Knights to respond. J.Grant and B.Grant each scored twice while H.Correia went on to record an easy shutout.

(6)HC Jokerit vs RCGT Knights(8) S.O

(4)HC Jokerit vs RCGT Knights(0)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Dino Tzimopoulos of the RCGT Knights. Playing practically the whole time while contributing with five points along with the shootout winner as a defenseman says something about you performance. The veteran was a major reason why the undermanned RCGT Knights stole a game on Monday night.

2023 World Masters to be held in Buffalo, USA

The ISBHF and USA Ball Hockey are excited to announced the host venue of the 2023 ISBHF World Masters Championships, held between August 30-September 3, 2023.

The Men’s & Women’s Over-35 event will be held in the RiverWorks Complex, in Buffalo, NY. 

E Division

Thursday July 6

G-C Pisanelli incredible goals lead Rated R past Fatal Demons

(7)Rated R vs Fatal Demons(5)

Its amazing how G-C Pisanalli is able to pick up speed to separate himself-from being closely checked. Even though you tell your players to stay close to him, Pisanelli is just to fast in order to keep up with when trying to contain him. Two of his goals mirrored each other that would have easily made the highlight reels. By cutting-from east to west near the offensive blue line, the skilled forward was able to position himself for a hard and precise wrist shot that had R.Ranieri guessing both times how it went in. Its always nice to have some unique talent when teams are evenly matched. The Fatal Demons were stuck with a slower start, but managed to hang in there making Rated R work for their money. The problem sometimes is that one player makes an entire difference. Apart-from his two brilliant goals, Pisanelli set up Rated R’s first three tallies to help get the ball rolling. A.Stamiris struck twice, Payam Assadi made three sweet passes, and F.Baratta battled through some nasty heat in order to capture the win in net.

Ali Khanafer five point night stands out in win over Krazy Train

(9)Horsemen vs Krazy Train(4)

Many things need to go right if your going to defeat the Krazy Train. Some bare basics involve a strong start, solid goaltending and a collective team effort. In Thursday nights 9-4 win, the Horseman checked all three boxes in order to accomplish their mission. It was one of those games that the lead was never safe if you were the Horsemen. The Krazy Train kept responding narrowing the margin so close only to keep falling short of an equaliser. To their credit however, the Horsemen battled through the push back by simply making the best of their next shifts. Surely it helps when some players step it up. With Ali Khanafer registering five points, and M.Kardum finding his scoring touch, the Horsemen got the necessary production up front in order to keep playing with the lead. Even though the score suggests for a one sided affair, this contest was extremely close until the mid way point of the third period. The Krazy Train just didn’t have the man power to keep up long enough. Despite losing the game, R.Varr and his troops aren’t overly concerned as key players were absent.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to G-C Pisanelli of Rated R. It was simply a masterpiece performance by the Rated R’s winger. After setting up three straight tallies ,G-C Pisanelli froze time and space by bagging two identical goals.

4vs4 Monday

Monday July 3

M.Carpentier unstoppable as Dragons beat Country Club both times

When certain players are at their best, they become nearly impossible to stop. M.Carpentier proved it on Monday night as the power forward had the Country Clubs defense wondering on how to contain him. The Dragons scored a total of twelve goals in both games with Carpentier potting eight of them. It was one of those cases where one player was highly influential in determining the results. The Country Club were able to go head to head with a stacked Dragons team only to be beaten by one particular player. Things looked fine early on with G.Dumont scoring two goals to put the Country Club in front. Once the second period hit however, M.Carpentier and the Dragons decided to take over, and the Country Club fell a short step behind unable to recover. B.Daniele was also a nuisance using his incredible reach advantage to help set up six goals while netting one himself. When the Dragons come out fully loaded on a deep roster along with P.Assadi doing his part in net, look out if you are the opponent. It will take a collective team effort along with solid goaltending and perhaps a specific game plan in order to defeat them.

(2)Country Club vs Dragons(5)

(3)Country Club vs Dragons(7)

Brewers use two late tying goals to salvage point with Degenerates

Just when the Degenerates hoped to close out their second game, the Brewers fought back twice to even the score. Nothing was close to being decided as both sides battled to a low scoring 1-1 game heading into the final stanza. At one point, the Degenerates got their chance to pull ahead on a lengthy four minute power play. If not for G.Platanitis, the second encounter would have resembled the first game with the Degenerates scoring a multiple of goals. Instead, the net minder gave the Brewers all the outs necessary to try and even the score. Eventually, T.Settino managed to snap the 1-1 tie leaving less than two minutes to kill off. The slight lead didn’t last long with N.Chiminian using a hard low wrist shot to beat B.Bellini short side. Both sides must have been thinking that a shootout would stand in the way to determine a winner. But ball hockey can be crazy at times, and tonight’s ending was a perfect example of it. It took about thirty second or so for no other than S.Marricco to regain the lead for the Degenerates. The power forward had just scored his fifth of the night, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Surely the two sides must have felt that this game was in the books with so little time left over. By then, the Brewers had only a few seconds to try and put a simple shot on net and hope for something good to happen. To their credit, they did just that with A.Papazian picking up a loose ball that somehow found its way behind the net. Somehow, a late 1-1 tie turned quickly into a 3-3 tie in what was a thrilling ending to an unpredictable game. Nothing much transpired in the shootout except for the two goaltenders stealing the show. All six highly skilled players got denied unable to find any openings.

(6)Degenerates vs Brewers(3)

(3)Degenerates vs Brewers(3) S.O

HC Jokerit put forth much better effort but still come out short against Classics

The second game felt like progress despite falling short for the HC Jokerit. This time, they were able to generate offense scoring six times after being held to only one goal in the earlier 6-1 defeat. S.Amaral was the real menace for the HC Jokerit collecting a hat trick while setting up J.Grant both times. Unfortunately, they just fell short after some wild back and forth action. Its understood that hockey is a team game, and that every moving part has an influence on how things shape out. And while the Classics have a well rounded team, they do have a deadly weapon at their disposal. Its safe to say that both wins stemmed-from C.Gingras’s incredible skill set. If he isn’t taking you one on one , he will make you a perfect pass. Or if he isn’t using a perfect wrist shot with a player in front of him, he will turn an innocent play into a scoring chance. No matter how hard you try to play him, he will find a way. Maybe the HC Jokerit didn’t pay enough attention on guarding Gingras. You wont keep him off the score sheet, but you can limit the damages. The Classics scored a total of fourteen goals in both games. And guess what? Gingras had his had in thirteen of them.

(1)HC Jokerit vs Classics(6)

(6)HC Jokerit vs Classics(8)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Maxime Carpentier of the Dragons. He might have been in a little funk, but that all changed on Monday night as the power forward broke through scoring a whopping eight goals in both his clubs wins.

E Division

Thursday June 29

Rated R battle back on two late goals, but fall short on D.Greco’s fluky winner

(6)Horsemen vs Rated R(5) O.T

Rated R injected life when things were looking bleak on two late goals only to find themselves on the short end of the stick. The two late tallies did come with an extra player on the field courtesy of J.Rabchuk and M.DelGaudio. That surge was then punctured by last weeks hero. By racing into the open space-from his own end of the court, D.Greco slid the ball on a deceptive shot that had P.Assadi moving into the wrong area of his crease. That’s what happens when you throw the ball toward the net with the goaltender unable to track it. While the ending of this contest had its thrilling moments so did most of the encounter. Both sides kept trading chances while taking some visits to the penalty box. Rated R had a great opportunity to put a serious strangle hold in the first period after being up 2-0 along with a power play chance. Instead, M.Merone scored shorthanded, and the Horsemen were right back in it. Even though the score suggested for a very close game, this contest could have easily spiralled out of control if not for M.Vinciguerra . The Horsemen net minder had a busier time compared to his counter part Pedram Assadi. If not for some jaw dropping saves, Rated R would have walked away with an easy win. It was one of those games that may have been frustrating for Rated R, but not disappointing as they did plenty right only to hit a wall in net.

Big second period lifts Krazy Train to win over Fatal Demons

(5)Fatal Demons vs Krazy Train(8)

Perhaps, its no coincidence that when the intensity ramped up on Thursday night, so did the Krazy Train’s play. Admittedly, they did not get off to the grandest of starts as they trailed the Fatal Demons early in the second period. But when the urgency started to ramp up , the Krazy Train began to perk up, outscoring the Fatal Demons on three consecutive goals to end the frame strong. Its the kind of momentum you want heading into the final stanza. Although only a two goal deficit, the Fatal Demons didn’t quite have the extra step required in order to battle back. Giving up two power play goals didn’t help either. J.Russo toke advantage late in the second period scoring his first of three goals on the night with the man up. S.Marricco netted the other power play marker for his second. The Krazy Train use a relentless fore-checking style which forces the defence to make quick decisions. Even though the Fatal Demons are pretty secured on their back line, its very difficult to keep making the right and quick decisions every time. J.Russo and S.Marricco will often put that kind of pressure to cause the turn overs, and it showed as the two players did most of the damage combining for five straight goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Johnny Russo of the Krazy Train. By pressing the way he does, the power forward will often make you pay. Tonight. J.Russo went on a late tear scoring three goals to help decide a fairly close game.

4vs4 Monday

Monday June 26

Sharpshooters take advantage versus depleted RCGT Knights on two blowout wins

It was no surprise that both games weren’t going to be close at all. The Sharpshooters showed up in full gear while the RCGT Knights were stuck having to rotate only one player to their bench. And as expected, the two games ended in a landslide. Players don’t have the motivation after falling behind by a few goals early on. The Sharpshooters got the starts they wanted, and kept the ball for as long as possible resulting in many chances. Nobody had more than two goals in the first 7-0 thumping. In their second game, D.Greco and P.Carone did collect a pair each while many chipped away. The RCGT Knights didn’t have anything home to right about expect for maybe C.Guerin scoring his clubs lone tally to spoil one of two shutouts by P.Delli Colli. Basically, the RCGT Knights were punished for their lack of body count which just wont cut it at this level.

(7)Sharpshooters vs RCGT Knights(0)

(8)Sharpshooters vs RCGT Knights(1)

Late comeback win by Brewers evens series with Classics

Sometimes, all it takes to win a game is a well timed response, and a powerful celebration. After dropping the earlier contest 6-3, the Brewers looked down and out for as a second straight game trailing 3-1 by the mid way point of the final frame. The Brewers were on the brink of coming out empty handed, but that all changed in almost an instance. It took only two minutes for three straight goals to go in that involved all hard and precise shots. A.Papazian riffled his second, A.Angelis capitalised on a turn over using a perfect wrist shot, and finally D.Verta blasted his without hesitation. Out of nowhere, the Brewers were playing ahead. That sequence did hit a wall when T.Karvouriaris responded moments later to even the score. Since hockey has its twists and turns, the game was now up for grabs with time winding down.  It was really a question of who would get there first. In this particular case, the Brewers found a way to jump back in front on another blistering slap shot, this time by L.Bavellas. Two minutes of playing time is an eternity when trying to kill off the clock versus the Classics. To their credit, the Brewers committed to getting in the lanes where they had to block shots by putting their bodies on the line. Eventually, they killed it off, and took the satisfaction of getting the final word versus a lethal opponent.

(6)Classics vs Brewers(3)

(4)Classics vs Brewers(5)

Dragons bounce back after dropping shootout loss to HC Jokerit

As long as the HC Jokerit use their speed and quick pace, they’ll often be fine and compete with anyone. Defeating a team like the Dragons isn’t an easy feat. However, the HC Jokerit believe in their capabilities, and were able to take the opener thanks to a lone shootout marker by S.Amaral along with a stellar performance by H.Psaroudis, who denied three high end players in the shootout. Not much changed heading into the second tilt. The HC Jokerit continued to push the pace and benefited four times in the first period to take a slight 4-3 lead. Everything was going according to plan up until the Dragons decided to get serious and turn it up. All it took was for three players to start clicking and reveres the coarse of this contest. Y.Derohannessian was perhaps the catalyst behind it all as the slick forward scored two timely goals as part of a four goal splurge. During that sequence, Payam Assadi and S.Mirolla were there to complement his line mate by chipping in with a pair of points each. Throughout three entire periods, the HC Jokerit did an overall fine job competing with a side that can burn you at will.

(6)HC Jokerit vs Dragons(5) S.O

(5)HC Jokerit vs Dragons(7)

Country Club finish strong to salvage their night with Snipers

Up until the final frame of the second game, the Country Club seemed a step behind having to deal with a relentless opponent. The Snipers meant business right away as they stormed out of the gate running up the score on five first period goals. Five different players found the back of the net, and C.Malkoun wasn’t overly busy thanks to his sound defence. The bad start did leave the Country Club in a bit of a shock for what just happened. Even though the hill was to high to climb, they did send a strong message that things weren’t going to be easy the rest of the way. N.Smith collected a hat trick in the loss, and the Country Club wanted nothing more than to reset heading into the second game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the start they wanted as the Snipers took charge on two goals in only a minute span. N.Atoui and H.Salman got the better of M.Dupuis capping off another solid frame up 2-0. Still, the lead wasn’t an unreasonable one to overcome if you’re the Country Club. It really came down to how they wanted to approach the situation. To their credit, they kept working at it knowing that the game was still up fro grabs. All they needed was that one tally to spark life throughout their line up. Since he was riding a hot hand, it was only fitting that N.Smith would be behind it all as the forward helped set up G.Dumont before bagging the equaliser with only 30 seconds left in the game. That late tally helped the Country Club salvage their night by taking it in the shootout. G.Dumont was the only player to score during the breakaways while M.Dupuis stood firm denying three Snipers.

(7)Snipers vs Country Club(4)

(2)Snipers vs Country Club(3) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Samuel Amaral of the HC Jokerit. He’s fast, shifty and highly skilled which explains why S.Amaral had a total of seven points that included also the shootout winner in the opening game.

E Division

Thursday June 22

Horsemen recover after poor start

(6) Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(7) O.T

For prolonged stretches Thursday night , the Horsemen let the Fatal Demons run circles around them. Actually, more so Y.Derohannessian causing havoc as the forward kept sneaking his way behind the defense resulting in a first period hat trick. Though, the Horsemen recovered with some solid play down the stretch. At no point did they ever lead expect for when it mattered the most, in overtime. All it took was two brilliant plays-from the very same D.Greco. First, the d-man anticipated cutting a pass which sent him home alone to finish off a nifty move to tie the game late. And then, D.Greco put the final finish on a somewhat fluky goal by trying to pass the ball which hit something on its way before trickling behind the goal line. Prior to the strong finish, the Horsemen looked lost without the ball and let the Fatal Demons take advantage almost every time. The only way they were able to recover was due to their extra pace which enabled them to dictate the play. The Fatal Demons were hanging on to their slight lead, and had no other option but to wait for some counter attacks. It just went to show how a shorter bench in muggy weather can slow down the pace of a team. Maybe a  couple of extra players would have changed the tempo of this game. However, that wasn’t the case as the Horsemen worried about their own situation by taking advantage of a tired opponent.

G.Pisanelli late response lifts Rated R past Krazy Train

(5)Rated R vs Krazy Train(4)

No one could have really known where this contest was headed with both sides all tied up 3-3 heading into the third period. At first it looked as though the Krazy Train would pull ahead after being awarded a lengthy four minute power play chance. Instead, it went the other way with S.DosSantos loading up a cannon ball-from his hockey stick giving the net minder no chance unless it him directly. Since the game kept going back and forth with plenty of action, it come to no surprise that the Krazy Train found a way to tie it late thanks to their captain R.Varr finishing off a nice passing play. His tally came with less than two minutes remaining which more often than not should suggest for some extra time. Nope, that wasn’t the case as G.Pisanelli killed the momentum once more by bagging his second shortly after giving Rated R a lead that they would not falter. The Krazy Train did apply some late pressure after pulling out their net minder, but couldn’t beat a very combative F.Baratta. Despite whoever won this in the end, this contest had everything you hope for in a game consisting of speed, great plays at both ends of the court along with stellar goaltending by B.Bellini and F.Baratta.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Daniel Greco of the Horsemen. It took two very big plays by D.Greco to turn a late one goal deficit into the eventual overtime winner.

Hurricanes winners of Draft division Wednesday

Wednesday June 21(Final)

Hurricanes out pace depleted Stars to earn championship of Wednesday Draft division

(6)Stars vs Hurricanes(10)

In sport, playing in a final is the pinnacle, but losing a final is awful. They say there are no prizes for second place, that’s not entirely true, but a silver medal isn’t much of a consolation. The losers would often prefer to be forgotten. However, this particular final should have both sides be proud of what they achieved. Of coarse if your the Hurricanes, the accomplishment of winning three consecutive playoff rounds as the underdogs is a feat in itself. The Stars, although falling short did a fantastic job pushing their opponent to the limit having to play with no changes to their bench. They did the best thing by starting the way they did. Nine minutes in, and the Stars stormed out to a 4-0 lead. Despite a ton of time left over for the Hurricanes to regroup and finally start playing, the Stars now had the luxury of conserving there energy. The question became how long can they hang on and make things difficult for any sort of comeback. As time continued to unwind, the two teams started to sense that the tides were turning simply on how much more ball possession the fresher Hurricanes side was getting. With T.Angelis having the time to shoot the ball more and  more, chances started to occur, and the Hurricanes would eventually start putting up the numbers. You sensed that the anxiety was creeping in for the Stars, who couldn’t slow down the pace brought forth-from a more committed side. More specifically, they couldn’t contain N.Macri. The power forward took over by using his strong front net presence which translated into five consecutive goals. It seemed no matter how the defense tried to slow him down, N.Macri would overpower them while using his quick hands to bury his chances. There was nothing that the Stars could do as they were stuck watching in disbelief. Even though they trailed by a pair with some time left over, they wanted nothing more than for the clock to hit zero. The Stars were completely spent, gassed, tired unable to keep up anymore. To their credit, they gave the Hurricanes a real fight for their run, and could have gotten their if not for a depleted line up. But tonight the praise belonged to a team that finished second to last in the standings that was able to prove all the critics wrong. The Hurricanes had a phenomenal run winning two of their three rounds on incredible come-from behind victories while knocking out the first place Golden Knights. On behalf of, congratulations go out to the Hurricanes for winning the Wednesday night Draft division.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Nick Macri of the Hurricanes. With his team looking down and out, N.Macri provided much of the support for the comeback win by netting five straight tallies to overwhelm the Stars defence and net minder.

4vs4 Monday

Monday June 19

F.Proulx  late tally leads to shootout win for Country Club sweep over Sharpshooters

It was a game that they hoped to capture, but unfortunately the Sharpshooters were stuck enduring two straight losses versus the Country Club. Seven little seconds were needed to kill off for the Sharpshooters opening game to kick start their night on the right foot. Instead, F.Proulx took an innocent shot toward the net, and the game was decided in a shootout where the Country Club took it in the end thanks to C.Gosselin’s lone tally along with M.Dupuis stopping all three attempts he faced. Since the game went to the wire, the second tilt suggested for another very close encounter. However, that wasn’t the case with the Country Club appearing to have more energy and pace to their game. It looked more like the Sharpshooters were a step behind trying to gain some possession. With S.Pilot netting back to back tallies to finish the frame strong, the Country Club knew they had this one in the bag for how much constant pressure they were applying. J-S Lowe would create a bigger gap right before feeding an empty net to put things out of reach.

(3)Country Club vs Sharpshooters(2) s.O

(7)Country Club vs Sharpshooters(1)

Strong final frame fuels Brewers to take down HC Jokerit on two occasions

You often want to save your best for the last. That was exactly the case for the Brewers pair of wins over the HC Jokerit. After a period of relatively a close game, the Brewers found their gear in a two minute span with N.Chiminian and B.Burns converting for a 4-2 lead. You don’t want to fall behind when playing a team like the Brewers. Once they take the lead, they’ll suffocate you by eliminating time and space. The second encounter had a similar type of storyline. The only difference was that the Brewers led slightly after the first period. Then, N.Chiminian used another key goal early in the final frame followed with A.Papazian widening the gap moments later. Similarly like in the earlier contest, the Brewers relied on another strong finish by boxing out the HC Jokerit. The only player they had a hard time with was A.Alfonso, which creates problems for every defense and goaltender in the division. The highly skilled player did all he could collecting six out of a possible six points for the HC Jokerit.

(2)HC Jokerit vs Brewers(4)

(4)HC Jokerits vs Brewers(6)

Degenerates and Classics split after two close encounters

When your the team to capture the first of two wins, the mind set is to go for the kill in trying to sweep the mini series. The Degenerates positioned themselves with that opportunity, and nearly got their if not for a late serious push back by the Classics. After failing to convert on a four minute power play chance, the Degenerates had about four minutes to kill out the clock carrying a 4-2 lead. Up until that point, they did an excellent job containing the entire squad, especially C.Gingras, who can change the game on a dime. The problem was that how long can you keep him in check. The answer was not long enough as he collected three straight points turning a deficit into a lead. Out of nowhere, the Classics were now in front for the first time in the night. The lead left less than a minute on the clock, which was killed off when M.Mavroudis fed a yawning cage. Overall, the Degenerates did a fine job containing a lethal offense. C.Stavriadis was sharper than razor blade, the defense was highly committed to winning lots of battles, and finally the forwards scored when they had to.

(2)Degenerates vs Classics(1)

(4)Degenerates vs Classics(6)

Snipers force Dragons to earn every inch of the court

It wasn’t perfect, and it didn’t come easy, but the Dragons managed to squeeze out a pair of close wins over the Snipers. This mini series looked like could have been a complete miss match for how deep the Dragons were compared to an undermanned Snipers team. When playing with less players, you have to play a certain way. And to the Snipers credit, they did a more than exceptional job keeping both games going till the very end. The first contest was only decided in a shootout after M.St-Laurent of the Snipers and P.Assadi of the Dragons kept a perfect score sheet. The Dragons did however get the edge on shootout goals by Y.Derohannessian and J.Mandracchia. Hoping to carry their momentum by rotating more players, the Dragons continued to struggle on how to figure out the Snipers coverage along with M.St-Laurent protecting his cage. Both sides were deadlocked 1-1 with time staring to wind down. It almost looked like a second shootout game was looming since the defense kept it stingy. Then, Payam Assadi cracked the code breaking the tie, and J.Mandracchia followed up on two quick tallies to avoid the breakaway competition. While the Dragons are glad to get some results, the Snipers should take the mentality of being proud of what they put forth having to deal with missing players versus an established hockey team.

(0)Snipers vs Dragons(2) S.O

(1)Snipers vs Dragons(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pedram Assadi of the Dragons. Needing to get back on track, the net minder helped provide two wins for the Dragons by allowing only one single goal in two games that included a pair of shootout saves.

Kings winners of Sunday Draft League

Sunday June 18 (Final)

Kings rout Islanders, winners of the Sunday night Draft division

(17)Kings vs Islanders(5)

The Kings poured in the goals Sunday night to hand the Islanders a heavy defeat with an astounding 17-5 rout to claim a well earn championship. The onus was on the Islanders to get the better start, or to try and hang around as long as possible if they had any sort of chance. Instead, they had the worse possible start, of because of it, the Kings cruised the rest of the way. The Kings had much more space, and were able to take advantage superbly which only breaks your opponent as the goals kept pouring in. Only sixteen minutes had gone by, and C.Decotis was able to rattle off a hat trick to provide a 6-1 lead. Despite the amount of time left over, no opponent will be able to overcome such a deficit against a side that doesn’t give much. Your only chance is to  play a sound defensive game and keep it close as long as possible. The Kings learned their lesson-from last weeks poor start, and made sure to not repeat it again in their most important game of the season. Once they built their momentum, there was nothing stopping them. All that was really left over was to patiently bleed out the clock and hit the buffet table. While it was expected for many to chip away when scoring seventeen goals, F.Mastrocola and C.Decotis are the fuel that runs the Kings offense. Together, they combined for a whopping thirteen points. Its not a coincidence that a team with only one loss all season made it this far. The Kings are built with a ton of experience for playing together which explains the chemistry and the will to play for one another. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Sandro Fabrici, and the rest of the Kings for winning the Sunday night Draft division.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the night goes to Claudio Decotis of the Kings. It wasn’t a game that needed anyone in particular to make the difference, but C.Decotis did set things in motion by creating some early offense which trickled down throughout his entire line up.

E Division

Thursday June 15

Krazy Train out muscle Horsemen on backs of S.Marricco and D.Lombardi

(7)Krazy Train vs Horsemen(4)

It was all going fine until the last three and a half minutes of the game. The Horsemen often played ahead, and stayed engaged with their opponent making them earn every inch of the court. Ali Khanafer made an immediate impact collecting two goals, and the Horsemen looked to have everything going for them. Then, S.Marricco happened, and the Horsemen got runned over by a freight train going at 100 miles an hour toward the net. In the short span of only two minutes, the power forward rattled the Horsemen on three straight goals. No matter how you try to contain a player sometimes, there isn’t much any defensemen can do. In order to try and slow down S.Marricco and D.Lombardi, who also notched an earlier hat trick, it all comes down to how to position yourself without the ball in order to try and stick check them. If you get to close, they will over power you and finish the job. Both players were a nuisance all game long and the Horsemen paid the price unable to stop them. These are lessons that will be taken at a good time during the young season. The Horsemen didn’t quite have all their guys like the case for the Krazy Train, but will be very competitive when flooring a complete line up. Even though they lost, this contest could have gone either way which is a good sign for V.Pandza and his troops.

S.DosSantos snaps third period tie to outlast Fatal Demons in penalty filled game

(3)Fatal Demons vs Rated R(5)

It was not one that you would bring a copy of to your next Pee Wee practice as an instructional how-to. But it was highly entertaining. And ultimately, Rated R eked out the win thanks to their captain S.DosSantos snapping a third period 3-3 tie. It was a penalty packed game in large part due to the lack of discipline-from the two sides along with some internal drama. It was almost like watching a soap opera at times. After all the smoke cleared, Rated R were glad to escape with the win. The Fatal Demons never led, but managed to even the score twice. K.Kavan had scored late in the second period before tying the game early in the third courtesy of a power play marker for the Fatal Demons. Considering the body count miss match, the Fatal Demons were able to keep up versus a stacked opponent. It become only a question of who would capitalise on their chance since time was winding down. In this particular case, S.DosSantos came through for his side after receiving a nice feed-from G.Pisanelli. Rated R would ultimately put the game to rest shortly after when E.Caccavale added an insurance marker.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sandro Marricco of the Krazy Train. Just when it looked like his team was down and out, the power forward took over on three late goals to flip the script on its head.

Draft League Wednesday playoffs

Wednesday June 14(Semi finals)

Full of confidence, Hurricanes down division leaders to advance

(6)Golden Knights vs Hurricanes(7)

Playoff success is an extremely difficult thing to obtain, and once you’ve got it, its even harder to sustain. The Hurricanes entered the post season viewed as a team that probably wont accomplish much. They finished almost in last place, and were facing a team that barely had foes during the regular season. Take all that’s happened in the past, and put it in the garbage bin because the Hurricanes are proving that it isn’t a fluke that they just took out the Golden Knights after winning only a week ago versus the Ducks. You have to wonder how a team with a back line consisting of T.Angelis, J.Teresi and K.Labelle along with a sound net  minder in B.Verducci had the type of regular season they did. Whatever the root causes were, it doesn’t matter anymore as they just climbed the ranks as a side that can be crowned champions. Tonight, they showed a lot of heart, and a ton of resilience by often winning the one on one battles. The Hurricanes made it a point to always play in front since the Golden Knights kept battling back to even the score. At one point, it looked like this contest was headed to overtime when T.Settino bagged his hat trick late in the game. Unfortunately, one bad break shortly after saw K.Labelle take advantage with his second to put his side in front for good. So many things went well for a side that never gave up. The defensemen were supporting the offense, N.Macri was a force that kept finding his way to the net, and finally B.Verducci had to make some remarkable saves in order to keep his side playing ahead. Just like a perfect storm, things appear to be falling into place for the Hurricanes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Kevin Labelle of the Hurricanes. Not only did the d-man notch the huge winner toward the end of the game, K.Labelle was breaking up so many plays that turned into an offensive transition for the Hurricanes.

Stars resilience keying playoff success

(5)Senators vs Stars(7)

Hanging around. That’s something the Stars have done in recent games due to a very short bench, weathering pushes, erasing early deficits and generally finding ways to win. Tonight was the latest example, as the Stars were stuck rotating one single player having to go against a side that’s very complete with speed. The Stars looked to be in tough falling behind on three straight occasions, but still managed to respond every single time. You always want to try and play in front when your bench looks like an empty parking lot. Once B.Sorice potted his second to even the score 4-4, M.Braun barely wasted time to put the Stars in front 5-4. Surely the lead was promising, but the game still have twenty minutes for plenty of things to happen. However, the Stars understood the situation they were in, and made sure to adapt to it. B.Sorice played his role the way a two way centre man needs to when occupying both sides of the court. He made sure to hang back and support the defence while breaking up plays to generate the offense. By playing caution and simply waiting for their chances, the Stars scored the games next two goals thanks to G.Charron and N.Boctor. It was apparent that the Senators kept getting frustrated unable to generate in close scoring chances. They had no choice but to shoot-from far while hoping something would go in. The problem with that plan is that T.Sauk has eyes of an eagle and the agility of a cheetah which makes it extremely hard to beat him. There was no question that the goaltending played a huge factor in this result. He may not have been happy to lose the game, but S.Sauk was definitely proud of his son on the flip side of the court for outduelling him.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Tyler Sauk of the Stars. It was a game that your net minder needed to be sharp and stellar. With the Stars having to deal with a very short bench, T.Sauk delivered keeping a very good offense to a limited amount of goals.

The D Wednesday Draft division is now down to its final two teams. Despite the Stars having a better regular season record, this final is shaping up to be tightly fought. B.Sorice will be the catalyst behind the Stars offense and will chew up plenty of minutes since they are undermanned. The Hurricanes will also be without some key pieces, but have shown that they have the will to compete after eliminating two teams so far. It will come down to a game plan-from the two sides on how to try and neutralise the oppositions threat. Since both teams wont have their full line up, smart and quick changes is essential, and of coarse goaltending will play a huge factor as well.

Dek Elite

Tuesday June 13

F.Gagnon posts shutout as Black Knights edge out Team Greece

(0)Team Greece vs Black Knights(2)

F.Gagnon gave the Black Knights just what they needed on Tuesday night. The net minder stopped every shot he faced, and the Black Knights couldn’t have played a better sound defensive game. Clearly, it took a hard, grinding, effective effort against the rival Team Greece in order to defeat them. While the goaltending was exceptional-from the two sides, the limited offense came in the first period by J.Velenosi and J.Mandracchia. The Black Knights had the luxury of using the lead to their advantage by taking less risks. With Team Greece trying to open up a little more, they just couldn’t find a way to penetrate the defense along with F.Gagnon, who was stellar stopping some high end chances. In order to blank your opponent at this level, it takes everyone to support one another while buying into a game plan. The Black Knights seemed to have the confidence as the game went on by doing all the little things right in order to capture the win.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fred Gagnon of the Black Knights. The goaltender held his club in it needing only one goal for how stellar he was recording a well earned shutout.

4vs4 Monday

Monday June 12

HC Jokerit tighten up after getting shelled by Sharpshooters

The beauty of playing two games in a row against the same opponent is that you can forget a terrible outing and adjust better to salvage your night. Although the HC Jokerit fell twice in the loss column, the second match resembled nothing like the first encounter. This time around they were smarter with the ball and more engaged defensively making sure that H.Correia got all the support he needed. The 1-1 finish needed a shootout where the Sharpshooters took it on goals by D.Greco and V.Orsini-Boyer. While that game went the distance, the first one was a complete domination by the Sharpshooters. At one point, they scored three goals in less than a minute en route to an easy win. M.Moisin, V.Orsini-Boyer, K.Cazeneuve all scored twice while D.Greco backed the offense on three helpers and a goal. The HC Jokerit got their expected production by A.Alonso, who participated in three of his clubs four goals. P.Delli Colli had his hands full in the second game having to kill off an important penalty along with two shootout attempts. 

( 8 ) Sharpshooters vs HC Jokerit(3)

(3)Sharpshooters vs HC Jokerit(1) S.O

Classics forced to settle for a split after convincing opening game with the Snipers

Polar opposites. That was the best way to describe both games that took place between the Classics and the Snipers on Monday night. After earning a big 5-0 win to kick start their night, the Classics dropped the second encounter in a similar fashion. Of coarse you would have expected C.Gingras to get the ball rolling for the Classics. By the time the first period ended, C.Gingras converted twice to put the Classics in front 2-0. Both his goals came with the help of M.Destounis, who often proves he can be just as threating at times. The lanky winger produced four points along with Gingras to help blank the Snipers 5-0. The shutout was credited to S.Morante after facing nearly twenty shots. Entering the second match, the Snipers clearly weren’t pleased on how things ended. For a solid period, they stayed neck and neck with the Classics tied 2-2 after the first period. Even though they didn’t have an advantage by then, one single frame was still available in order to split their series. As the final stanza started to unwind, it was evident that the Snipers wanted it more. Maybe it was desperation of trying to return the favour or maybe the Classics were running out of steam. Whatever the reasons, the Snipers played with much more purpose as they steamrolled the Classics on four unanswered goals. Hadi Khanafer scored twice during that stretch while M.St-Laurent stood his ground in net shutting the door against a potent offense.

(0)Snipers vs Classics(5)

(6)Snipers vs Classics(2)

Country Club surge with a pair of wins over the RCGT Knights

No question the Country Club had an edge on the way they played both games versus the RCGT Knights. They were balanced and it showed. When everyone is in the right spot, it makes it easy to play that way. The Country Club were connecting, defending and pretty much dictating the pace throughout the entire four periods. After taking the opening tilt 4-1, the Country Club took a wild first period up 5-3 before tightening the bolts in the final frame. What makes both results gratifying is that the Country Club don’t rely one any particular player rather than depending on each other to get the job done. Also, its nice having M.Dupuis as your last line of defense. The net minder is a gamer and gives his side always a chance to win hockey games. Although four different players scored in the first game, N.Smith did have his fingerprints on all four goals. As for the second encounter, F.Proulx tallied twice while J.Boudreau, N.Smith and R.Salera collected three points each.

(4)Country Club vs RCGT Knights(1)

(6)Country Club vs RCGT Knights(4)

Brewers adjust after slow start vs Dragons

The Brewers didn’t get the start they wanted in their first encounter with eth Dragons. Some limited scoring and the presence of D.Lombardi of the Dragons summed up the story as to why they lost. The sniper produced three goals in the second period to help solidify a 4-2 victory. Its not like the Brewers don’t have the artillery to not produce. Sometimes, it takes a few shifts to get going which was somewhat lacking in the first game. Once they reset heading into the next encounter, a different Brewers team was able to flip the script and return the favour to the Dragons. D.Verta and N.Chiminian made much of the noise as the two players proved to be a handful for the Dragons defense and net minder. The two forwards shared four points each imposing their will throughout the entire game. G.DiZazzo used a big shorthanded goal to put the Brewers on board and even the score 1-1 rather than risk falling behind by a pair. From-there, the Brewers started to take over adding three more tallies before the first period ended. With momentum clearly on their side, the Brewers never gave the Dragons a chance to battle back.

(4)Dragons vs Brewers(2)

(3)Dragons vs Brewers(7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicolas Smith of the Country Club. In his teams two wins over the RCGT Knights, N.Smith fuelled much of the offense participating on all four goals in the first encounter while adding three  more points by the time the second game ended.

Draft League Sunday playoffs

Sunday June 11(Semi finals)

Kings overcome early deficit to advance in final

(7)Kings vs Kraken(4)

The Kings certainly weren’t at their best early on, but managed to escape anyway by eliminating the Kraken on Sunday night. Scoring three goals in the first twenty minutes alone put the Kraken in the drivers seat despite plenty of time left over. The key for them was to try and play in front rather than chasing the game going up against the heavy favourite Kings. It was the type of start required in order to have a chance if you’re the Kraken. But winning a hockey game at this stage of the season entails a lot more than just a strong start. In order to close out a team like the Kings, you need to continue to do all the little things right. Some of those details require defending well, solid goaltending and capitalising on more chances. Unfortunately, some missed opportunities along with some hiccups in their own end of the court came to haunt the Kraken in the end. The Kings were able to calm things down by calling a timeout. At 3-0, they used the pause to regroup, refocus and just go back out there and chip away. That message to calm everything down proved to be the antidote for the Kings to pull off the comeback in their 7-4 win over the Kraken. Something had to change, and it definitely did when J.Cerrone coupled a pair of goals in only three minutes. Eventually, the Kings would level when A.Carelli scored after being awarded a penalty shot. Now that the game was all tied up at four goals a piece, both sides along with the packed crowd felt that the Kings were going to take over. It looked more and more like the Kraken’s offense was stalled like a rusty Ford Pinto. All it took was a couple of minutes after for S.Fabrici to help provide his clubs first lead of the game. The slight 5-4 lead turned into a two goal cushion courtesy of F.Mastrocola, and the Kings would never look back en route to a hard fought victory.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Johnny Cerrone of the Kings. When things aren’t going your way by trailing 3-0 early on, sometimes it takes that one tally in order to spark your bench. In the case for the Kings, J.Cerrone did one better by bagging two quick goals to put his club back in it.

Islanders pull through in thrilling high scoring affair versus Blackhawks

(9)Islanders vs Blackhawks(7)

Someone forgot to tell the Islanders and the Blackhawks to bring their defense and goaltending on Sunday night. The two teams had a goal scoring frenzy that lasted throughout the entire game with no one really sure how it was going to end. The contest needed for E.Nardelli to bury his second in an empty cage in order to determine the outcome for the Islanders. You normally expect this in a regular season, but the two sides decided to trade chances since the offense was rolling. No one really led the charge in that department for the two teams. The Islanders saw B.Monette, T.Passarelli and E.Nardelli notch a pair each while G.DeStefano was the only player to score twice for the Blackhawks. Just when the Blackhawks thought they had something going for them when Ari Daghlian levelled by the forty minute mark,the Islanders would immediately respond with two quick goals by T.Passarelli and B.Monette. Still, the game was far-from over despite little time left over. M.Danesi was able to pull the Blackhawks within one after awarded a penalty shot. That goal left over three minutes on the clock, enough time for a shot on net to even the score. The Blackhawks would have no choice to pull their net minder for the extra attacker. In hopes of catching one more break, it was E.Nardelli closing the chapter by feeding the empty net.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Tristan Passarelli of the Islanders. The young forward proved that he likes the big moment with so much on the line. His two goals and two assists led all players helping send his team to the final.

With the regular season champs advancing along with the Islanders out lasting the Blackhawks, the stage is now set to see who will take all the marbles. Many will predict the Kings for coming out on top simply because they dropped only one game all season long. That being said, the Islanders want nothing more than to prove that they are the deserving of the two teams. Teams that are under the radar and have gotten this far is because they are doing many things right. The Kings will need to continue and put forth their best hockey in order to take them out. If they play to their identity, and get the necessary goaltending by S.Sauk, then they’ll likely prevail. The Islanders have now one more step to prove everyone wrong, in which they  have the confidence going for them after playing some incredible hockey in recent weeks.

E Division

Thursday June 8

Horsemen win by committee to kick off regular season

(3)Rated R vs Horsemen(7)

Just when it looked like the Rated R were starting to find their groove, the Horsemen had a response riding three straight goals right before the second period ended. A 2-0 lead right past the four minute mark of the opening frame put the Horsemen immediately into the drivers seat rolling three solid lines. Defensively, they didn’t give up much, and M.Vinciguerra was there anyway to make the saves. However, the Rated R did back out as they scored twice on goals by D.Kanastamaris and G.Pisanelli to even the score. The Horsemen weren’t pleased, but felt they had the tempo going for them, and it was just a question of time before things fell into play. As soon as J.Teresi regained the lead, the Horsemen added two more tallies before the second period was over. Although no lead is ever secured, the Horsemen felt very good about their chances for how well they were pushing the pace. The effect of the three lines makes a world of difference since everyone comes out harder knowing that they have enough time for a breather. Rated R didn’t have much room to do much in their effort to battle back except for a power play goal by P.Doulis, which just wasn’t enough. This came as an encouraging win for a team that had to assemble plenty of new faces into the line up. With nobody really standing out, seven different players found the back of the net, which suggests that the Horsemen are well balanced.

Fatal Demons win seesaw game on a crazy finish

(4)Krazy Train vs Fatal Demons(5)

The Krazy Train knew they had a tall order in trying to defeat the Fatal Demons on Thursday night. Unless you manage to grab a lead and adjust to a certain style, it becomes very difficult to challenge with only two change ups to your bench. The Krazy Train couldn’t quite grab that start and fell behind 3-0 by the mid way point of the match. Any betting person would have kept their money on this one unless you figured that the Fatal Demons were going to prevail . And although the end result favoured P.Santullo and his club, the Krazy Train did something quite remarkable by overcoming such a deficit before finding themselves ahead thanks to C.Lato snapping a 3-3 tie. His goal came with only four minutes left in the game. The Fatal Demons couldn’t believe what had happened with a deeper bench and the fact that they led 3-0 at one point. You had to figure that the Krazy Train were going to close this one out after an incredible push back. Instead, hockey games often throw you curve balls, and tonight’s tilt was a perfect example of it. It took only seconds after for Y.Der-Ohannessian to even the score. Then, with what seemingly was headed for overtime was cut short thanks to G.Demarinis beating the clock by half a minute. Out of nowhere, the Fatal Demons crushed the Krazy Trains momentum, and took over right on time to erase what was going to be a tough loss. While the Fatal Demons were glad to get the end result, R.Varr and the Krazy Train will be very pleased for how well they responded on a short bench.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gino DeMarinis of the Fatal Demons. With his side stuck enduing a sudden collapse, G.DeMarinis immediately put the Fatal Demons back on track by setting up the tying goal while providing the game winner only moments later.

Draft League Wednesday playoffs

Wednesday June 7(Playoffs round 1)

B.Sorcie puts stamp in round 1, carries Stars to semi finals

( 8 ) Stars vs Oilers(3)

B.Sorice’s fingerprints were all over the Stars 8-3 win over the Oilers giving them an unstoppable push into the next round. The centers brilliance was on full display having to do it with only one spare to their bench. It showed that he and the Stars were determined to defeat a younger and quicker Oilers team. Things weren’t really settled until a seven minute stretch where B.Sorice decided to turn it up bagging three consecutive goals. That sequence put the Stars up 6-3 with less than twenty minutes remaining. Since they had the shorter bench, it was all about coverage-from that point on. The Oilers couldn’t find enough open lanes since they were trapped having to deal with a player in front of them. Eventually, the Stars would put the series to rest on a pair of late goal by G.Charron and M.Braun, who had a sound defensive night collecting two goals and an assist. But the real story was the presence of B.Sorice, and what he brought to his club. By the time it was said and done, the skilled forward produced a whopping four goals and two assists to help lead his club into the semi final round.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Bruno Sorice of the Stars. The forward was able to raise his play by making plenty happen out there accumulating points on nearly every goal his team scored.

Ducks blow late lead, Hurricanes desperation kicked in just in time

(3)Ducks vs Hurricanes(5)

Up 3-1 over the Hurricanes with only five minutes to go, the Ducks seemed destin to take out the Hurricanes and punch a ticket into the next round. But a quick release by A.Farina along with T.Angelis netting a pair of quick tallies turned into a collapse for the Ducks. There was no question that the Ducks had their opponent on the ropes. Up until that point, they played a sound defensive game while getting stellar goaltending by G.Kanaras. Maybe all the Hurricanes needed was that one goal in order to spark their bench. Once A.Farina narrowed the gap by one, the Hurricanes went into full gear in search of that next tally. Surely, they ended up getting there by pushing the pace. It seemed as though the Ducks ran out of gas with so little time left over. Losing in such a fashion isn’t easy, but the Ducks don’t have any reason to keep their heads down. They played it right-from the beginning that lasted nearly the entire game. At certain points when they were up 3-1, they missed out on a pair of golden opportunities to widen the gap. Instead, B.Verducci was there to keep it close, and the Hurricanes fed off it eventually on a strong finish.  

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Angelis of the Hurricanes. In a fairly low scoring game, goals are hard to come by, but T.Angelis was able to score three of them which were extremely vital for his team to move on to the next round.

The Draft Wednesday division is now down to its final four teams. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Golden Knights vs Hurricanes(5) In order for the Hurricanes to have a shot at taking out the Golden Knights, it will require for everyone to buy into a focused coverage game. That’s at the very least since it will also take a jaw dropping performance by B.Verducci to steal the show. The Hurricanes have some nice pieces that can produce, but can they defend long enough against a well rounded Golden Knights offense ? Time will tell.

(2)Senators vs Stars(3) The Stars most likely wont be able to cut it this time with only one spare against this opponent. At the very least, they’ll need some more pieces in order to keep pace with a fast and lethal Senators offense. If both sides come full pin, this series will be a close one to call. B.Sorice is riding a hot hand and the focus will be on him while for the Stars, a close attention needs to be paid on the quick and deceptive shot by M.Lafleur. Definitely a game worth watching.

4vs4 Monday

Monday June 5

Closely matched games end in shootouts between Sharpshooters and Country Club

The Sharpshooters came up short in both games to try and close it out against the Country Club. S.Bourdin was able to score with just over a minute left in the first game to level, and G.Dumont evened the score in the second encounter toward the last portion to send the contest for a second straight breakaway competition. Neither team came out victorious as both sides traded a goal apiece. However, the second time around, the Sharpshooters did manage to edge out the Country Club thanks to D.Greco’s finish along with M.Vinciguerra denying all three attempts. Throughout most of the four entire periods there weren’t many notable differences between the two sides. One can argue that the Country Club had a little more ball possession which made sense going up against a shorter bench. The two goaltenders often enough made that first save which took a rebound or a screen shot to beat them. M.Dupuis along with his counterpart M.Vinciguerra did there part in net enabling their clubs to get the edge over the other. Overall, just an evenly matched night between two teams that didn’t really have an advantage. The Country Club relied on some balanced scoring while the Sharpshooters looked to their captain P.Carone to take care of the scoring. The sniper had a solid outing bagging three of his clubs six goals.

(3)Sharpshooters vs Country Club(3) S.O

(5)Sharpshooters vs Country Club(4) S.O

Brewers get back on track to defeat the RCGT Knights on two occasions

The Brewers achieved a pair of desired results to get themselves in a better frame of mind after a bad start only a week ago. After edging out a close encounter in the shootout, the Brewers had a very satisfying finish scoring three unanswered goals in the final frame to beat the RCGT Knights for a second time. N.Chiminian had collected two earlier points before scoring a hat trick and an assist in the second match. The Brewers knew that they were going to cash in having some very skilled players in their line up. Some key additions along with sticking to a game plan came a long way. Everyone was activated, from-the defence to the forwards and the goaltending by G.Platanitis. In the perspective of the RCGT Knights, when looking back at this, only one really bad period stood in the way. The Brewers had that extra stride in the final stanza that gave them the edge in capturing two straight wins after being blanked only a week ago.

(3)Brewers vs RCGT Knights(2) S.O

(6)Brewers vs RCGT Knights(2)

Degenerates rout Dragons in back to back games

There are a lot of small details in a hockey game that can go for you if you come prepared. The Degenerates understood the challenge ahead of them, and had no choice but to buy into playing a near flawless game. First and for most, box out your opponent and then make the best with your chances while hoping that C.Stavriadis will bail you out. For the entire four periods, the mission was accomplished as they did what they needed to do in order to defeat a strong opponent. It helps having players such as O.Valiquette, J.Courteau and S.Marricco to occupy your offense as all three players proved to be a burden for the Dragons defense and net minder. The three players did most of the scoring combining for eleven goals. While the offense was in full gear, the defense did a fine job staying with their man while breaking up many plays. And finally not to be forgotten, was the stellar goaltending display put forth by C.Stavriadis. Overall, just a good night of hockey for one side and not for the other. That being said, the Dragons were without some scary key components missing. Once they sign in to play, the dynamic of the team will change and so will the end results.

(6)Degenerates vs Dragons(2)

(7)Degenerates vs Dragons(2)

Snipers put defense first, M.St-Laurent stellar blanking out Classics in second game

The Snipers play a defence first system, and prove of it was their ability to shutout a team like the Classics in the second game. Prior to the 1-0 shutout victory, the two sides went back and forth in the opening contest trading goals, and were forced to try and decide matters in a shootout. Still, no one was able to edge out the other as only M.Destounis of the Classics and F.Nasser of the Snipers got the better of the goaltenders. The second encounter got a little messy with the two teams taking some trips to the penalty box. Normally, the open space would suggest for some goals going in, but that was far-from being the case. With both sides playing extremely well on the defensive side of the ball, it was only a question of time before the ball would end up in one of the two nets. In this particular case, Ali Khanafer was that player to crack the barrier on a power play goal. The captain was having quite a night bagging two earlier goals before netting the lone tally to help defeat the Classics. In order to shut out a team that has C.Gingras in it, your goaltender has to play a major role. M.St-Laurent was brilliant keeping a clean score sheet in what turned out to be a satisfying night for himself and the rest of the team.

(4)Classics vs Snipers(4) S.O

(0)Classics vs Snipers(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicko Chiminian of the Brewers. A huge part of the Brewers offense came-from the heads up plays of N.Chiminian. The forward was involved in nearly every goal to finish off with a total of six points.

Draft League Sunday playoffs

Sunday June 4( Quarter finals)

Favourite Kings outlast Wild in high scoring affair

(11)Kings vs Wild( 8 )

This was one series where the regular season standings really didn’t mean much. Even though the Kings captured top seed of the regular season while the Wild were stuck in the basement  with only one win to show for, both sides knew that this wasn’t going to come easy, especially if you were the Kings. The two sides kept going back and forth throughout the entire game which explained why this contest wasn’t settled till the very end. It was very difficult to play a structured defensive style with so much fire power up front. The Wild have a lethal unit when M.Destounis is on with anyone playing by his side. The Wild saw their top got get practically involved in every single goal expect for one accumulating a whopping seven points. As long as the game remained close, the Wild felt good about their chances. P.Santullo levelled the game 8-8 by the 33 minute mark for the Wild. The Kings must have felt the pressure of trying to overcome some adversity since they were the ones holding a near perfect regular season record. It was a question of how a team deals with having their backs to the wall, and how your top end players react knowing that they need to make the difference. To the Kings credit, C.Decotis and F.Mastrocola proved to be gamers when things were on the line. While it was A.Carelli perhaps notching the biggest goal of the game to snap the tie, F.Mastrocola went on two add a pair of insurance markers to solidify the win.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Claudio Decotis of the Kings. He may not have scored, but C.Decotis made many players around him find the back of the net. The forward kept making the right and simple pass that led to an impressive seven point night.

Blackhawks remain hot as they make it two playoff wins in a row

(6)Panthers vs Blackhawks( 8 )

There’s never a bad time to go on a hot run, but there might not be a better time to gain momentum if you’re the Blackhawks. For a team that looked like they lost confidence dropping four straight that saw three end in a landslide and turn it around by winning two in a row is quite remarkable. Maybe it was just about getting organized and playing with more purpose. The Blackhawks have the right attitude in the locker room to address what needs to be done. Then, it becomes a question on if they can execute it on the field. For a second straight playoff game, it doesn’t appear to be a coincidence anymore that they mean business when the games count. They made it a point to start off on a bang bagging five goals in the first fifteen minutes. Although the Panthers weren’t impressed and bounced back with a pair to narrow the gap by one, they couldn’t get one more in order to even the score. Instead, it was the Blackhawks turn to take over on goals by E.Gabrielli, E.Colella and Gabrielli’s second that came on a penalty shot. By then, the Blackhawks built a fairly comfortable 8-4 lead in which there was almost no way that they were going to let it slip away. There are to many old school experienced players on the defensive end along with a dialled in A.Zardarian protecting the cage to ride it out. The Panthers did attempt a late push on a pair of goals, but the damage had already been done. Again, the Blackhawks played a simple meat and potatoes style game that didn’t require any fancy Dijon mustard or drinks prepared with mini umbrellas in it. For them, it was just about getting the job done.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Mario Danesi of the Blackhawks. Not only did he buy into the game plan, but M.Danesi added more spice to his game scoring twice that included a penalty shot goal along with a pair of helpers.

M.DaSilva plays overtime hero, Kraken move on after marathon finish with Sabres

( 8 )Sabres vs Kraken(9) O.T

Back and forth they went, the Sabres and the Kraken playing a game that seemed destined to have no end while leaving legs growing wobbly with each passing minute. One has to wonder how do two teams trade eight goals during a game and then go through a scoring drought in the sudden death frame that lasted about a half hour. Then, add to the fact that overtime is played four vs four which is open for more scoring chances with the amount of room available. Maybe the answer to that is the commitment of two teams that wanted nothing less than to make a mistake while playing their hearts out. Of coarse goaltending is a huge factor as well. With M.Rodriguez stuck facing shots coming-from nearly everywhere along with J.Sanoudakis forced to remain focused for the Sabres can explain why the crowd got their moneys worth. For anyone watching-from a distance, you felt that the Sabres were the ones that may have escaped with this win due to the extra ball possession primarily because of their deeper bench. The Kraken looked a step behind, but made it a point to simply follow their player and wait for a chance. After going through a gruelling half hour or so of relentless hockey, that moment finally came when M.DaSilva picked up a rebound and used a sweet back hander to  bury his chance. The Kraken could have avoided all this if they could have killed off 19 seconds in regulation time. Instead, P.Desforges riffled his second late, and the Sabres had some hope of passing though this round. Credit to the Kraken for just sticking with it however. M.Rodriguez was stellar in net facing a ton of shots, T.Settino finished a 75 kilometer tour de l’ile prior to the game, and looked like he could have done another, and finally the rest of the unit that kept battling until it was all said and done.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Marc DaSilva of the Kraken. His heroics late in the game enabled the Kraken to move into the semi final round. M.DaSilva was at the right place and at the right time to decide a thrilling overtime period.

Predators fall apart late, Islanders save their best of last

(10)Islanders vs Predators(7)

Up 6-4 with about fourteen minutes to go, the Predators must have liked their chances of advancing. And why not when you have M.Braun leading the charge up front with four goals, and B.Verducci standing firm between the pipes. Then, all that changed as breakdowns with a lack of focus started to happen for the Predators. Its as though they deviated-from a game plan that was working smoothly. Surely, you can give all the props and credit for what the Islanders did in the latter stages, but that doesn’t excuse such a massive let down if you’re the Predators. Sometimes, things just fall into play when desperation kicks in. There was no question that the Islanders dug deep inside as a unit in order to flip the script and rattle their opponent on the games next six of seven goals in such a short span. It wasn’t like it took one single player to do it on his own rather a collective group that was totally in sync. T.Passarelli did have a nice little stretch scoring once on a penalty shot followed with a couple of more points. Prior to the big response, E.Nardelli collected a bunch of early points before adding his second for the game winner. Definitely a nice way to close out a game if you’re the Islanders, who quietly keep advancing into the next round.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Emerson Nardelli of the Islanders. Highly involved in the Islanders offense, E.Nardelli kept making a ton of big plays that resulted in a productive two goal and three assist night.

The Sunday night Draft division is down to its final four teams. The match ups are as follows;

(1)Kings vs Kraken(9) Look for a chess match between these two teams. Both sides will pay close attention to each others threats while using a bunch of shot attempts to get the offense going since there will be little space to make some plays. The two goaltenders will be busy and need to be up for the task if they plan on reaching the big dance. M.Rodriguez will need to duplicate another brilliant performance after an enduring series with the Sabres while S.Sauk will have his hands full as well trying to slow down players such as T.Settino, L.Bavellas and S.Sicuso just to name a few.

(4)Islanders vs Blackhawks(7) Here we have two teams that know what it takes to win hockey games. The Islanders may be a little more well rounded up front, but the Blackhawks have a nice solid back end that can tighten the screws defensively. If both goaltenders play up to expectations, than expect this one to be very close with no clear cut favourite.